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i .1 H, .' ...
... i. . : '
,.r., r. .v
1 m
! I,
Hi Tnini
'; KAlm
' " ' 1 f ' '
Peterson,, Pognef,"Bni2H Snhth and Mip&AcioQg
lienor Men, With Kannh), Uweloi, Sccitc tiirk,
' 'Sinekmt' tevBnnn, Ting, SiWlini
Haiiohno NeirBy
, 0
, 0
. 0
. 0
Kamehameha . . .
Mills Behool
8t. Louis
Hito High
Military Academy
McKinley High .
n n
No kitencbolMtie rcorA broken.
: Oa :Iatrehohutle rword tied
Half-mile ;elayr Punaheo, 1:36 4-5;
forttur veroril. Puliation, U3fi 4 5.
W. I. .
t : -
Mile Ban Kaauh (Kamehamx
hi), rat. Tiate, 4:55 8 5.: Simon
ton (Punaou). Porbea (Hilo), Bow
era (Punahon). ,
210-Yard low Hurdtoa Mahikoa
(Punaheu) firat. Time, :27 8-5. Me
Onlre (Kamehanwha), ' . B. Bilva
(Hilo), Aarona (Kaaiehamaba).
820-Yard Daaa Amithn (Puna
hmi), firat. T'mp, -.23 15. In Bun
Hoe (St. Looj), Tang (HUo), Chang
Kloag (Milla).
440-Yard Jtoa Smith (Puuahou ) ,
firat. Time, :45. Kanalnlu tKame
bamcha), Todd (Kamehameha), Ka
la wo (Kaaehamrha). n
100-Yard Pah Pogue (Punahoii),
firat. Time, :10 f 3. In Boa Hee
(SU'Louie), Kaa Leong (Milla),
Tang (Hilo).
v Half-Mile Bun Uloa (Kamrba
meha), firat. Time, 2:08 8-5., Hitch
eeok.(Puaahoa), Biagtehurat (Puna
aou), Tom Tim, Fook (MUla),
Hal MlU Aelay Pnnahou, firit
Time, .1:38 4 5. . Milla, Kamehameha,
Hilo. Winaerai Pogae,- Poepof,
WUlje, Smith, r r ' , v
Pole. Vault J'eteraon (Pnnahou),
firat. ...Height, 11 ft. Colejhan (Ka
aiehameha). 10 tt. 8 lav Harver
(Pnnahos); WUIia (Punahon).
7 Broad Jump--Kan Laong (Milla),
first. Diatanee, 80 ft. 4Vin. Pater
ok (Pnaahou), 1 ft. Okamnr
(Puaakott), IS ft, t PvfM ?u.
Babon). 18 ft ia. . !
, hot.Pu--Clxk (Kamehameha)
nrw, vinuci, iv. m in. minw
has (Bt Louie), 43 ft. 2 4n. Kan
haae (Kamehameha), 43 ft 2 ia.
Lylcate (Punahou), 43 ft. 1 in.
- High Jump Peterson and Pogue
(Punahon), tied for flrnt place.
Heisrht 5 ft 5 la, Loiit (St. Loula).
fit ft. 4. ia Kan Leon (MiUi).
w. . a.
ill Punahou yesterday and
lt was
Kameltajstcba -was foreee to take a Had
Seeond place ia the 1M8 Inte rseholastie '
track And field meet at Alexander
Field. Punahoii turned the tables on j
her athletic rival in no uncertain man-
Her and carried off thr major honors in
S wsy that left no question but that .
..th Buf and Blue men had it easily on
riae jwauni viuru.
Before the meet KamShameha waa
seeerded a slight edge on Oahu College,
aunoocn mere were many wao ieu inai
" ' .4Vwl,fc Mills, St. Louis snd Hilo High
, I .putting points in certain events, ru-
. " jXfnborx stood the better, chance of com
v . -.".Actilk ....m ..L.n. 1,.. .k- K. with
kfsty margin of twenty-five points
ijis something the most optimistie
'. packer of the old Lower Manoa institu
tidtti would not dare predict.
EvSryehiBg Turned Out Kicaly
If. was a beautiful aternoon, sunny
to tie point of actual warmness, clear
snd 'aettain. A erowd of easily five
tbonaAn.it fans watched the proceedings
from sloped banks maaka of the
track tad around the latter. The events
were ros) Vsff without any tediousneaa,
Snd ths (rtBeials in charge are to be
' eomplimeud on their work. The Ha
waiian Ba4 furnished topical and pa
trkrtio muais onfil Loader Baker ad
nis musicians oeeame so intereatea in
the proceed Vgs that they forgot they
were on tk tb. However, and it teems
to have bees ii or the first time in Ho
Bolulu, when the band at the conclusion
of the pre grant at ruck oqt into the in-
. TU Calif Rmmin
A Boon to
Jt .
Sysua Builds it"
Mild liver Tonic and Laxative
Fins Kidney and BUddsf Remedy
RemsrksMs Blood Cleanser
J C Kbwuiw tmi MhiM Alsnsai
..til fa-utf.(. uuU Hsntsttua
Mures. BK.M H.. NM, A sent
.-. KakauUke and Hint
, 1
1 0,
3 a t 3 S 9
1 1 s 3
-5 5 s a a
1 ft 5 4 5 0 8
7 0 0 5 4 0'
0 1 2 0 0 1 1
.1 2 3 0 0 3 0
0 0 1 2 2 S 0
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in I
n ii m
npiring strains of toe "Star Spangled
Banner" thr sight waa an interesting
one. The vast eoneoarae stood at at
tention, facing the -band daring th
ploying of the National air.
' ' I want The Advertiser to give John
Rollins every bit of praise for tk
showing of Punahon," aaid Frank E.
Mid luff, eoaeh of the .Baff tad Bine.
"He, more than I, kaa borne the brunt
of the work daring the past few try
ing weeks of preparedaeaa. "
"I think that Coaeh Midkiff is
worthy of the greatest praise for tht
way he has rounded our Pnnahou ath
letes into ehampioaahlp form," aaid
Rollins. .
Alphonae-Oaatoa Atsjtods
This seems the keynote prevailing at
the Oshn College athletU emp. TraiB'
era, coaches, athlete and si) were ap
parently all working to aoiunsa eaJ
that of victory. Toeit Meeeta ia their
reward. '- ' '
A lot of crediW afioutd be aets out
to the Hilo High. , aehe) . athlstee fa
their participation vthis Hst, thf
first time aa . outside ' tshiad high
echeol lean baa- pStilelpated ia aa Ia
terseholastio moet hrre. Mngejt Pres.
eott Afoo and the other gallant ath,
letea who traveled two hundred milet
to Honolulu just to show that they were
Kpnd fellows, . are deserving of al'
praise. '
The showUf the Hilo High mads IS
yesterday's meet waa a good one, sad
it will be aa, incentive to the Sam
school for greater efforts nest fear. It
will also be an incentive, eventually, is
having Maui Snd Kauai ioia the nserrj
throng'-on track and field "when the
next Iateracholastie meet la bold her
a year hence. ;
Hilo JA Very Nicely
Hilo.' the aeeond eity of the Terri
tory; should be proad of Its young ath
lews sad saoaifl encourage tnes mort
fad more. The time may com when
Hilo ma be able to send bars a tea
that ' will make the beat ia HoaolftU
bristle to keep honors at home. Compe
tition never hurts, and the better th.
outside islands show ia Oahu meets sf
this kind the bettor it will bs for thr
sport all around. ' .
- There were, a nu-nber of surprise!
yesterday and Pogue furnished one ia
the finals sf the very first event ob hs
program the 100 yard dash.! In this
stent there were three preliminary
heats, so great was the number of
tries. These heats resulted aa fellows )
First hpat Fong (Hilo), firat, tit
ilO 4-5; Ho (Mills), second; Oksmar
(Punahou) third.
Weeond heat van Leong (Hills),
grgt time :10 3 5; Tan- (Hilo), second.
, No thJrd pitee ukfn.
J Third heat Iu Bunn Hee St. Louis').
flrtt( time .j0 3.9, he loafing oa the
ioh with hs.rr) v anvhod in sitrhti Fo-
(Punahou) sefond. No third plaes
j, rf
When the finsl heat
was run It was
a pretty race. Pogue of Punahou Just
barely won first place from Iu Buna
Hee of St. Louis, time, :10 1-8, one
fifth of a second slower than the time
made in previous meets by MeKenair
of Kamehameha, Rice of McKinley
Manoha of Kamehameha, aad Lai Tins
of McKinley. In yesterday 's . race ' Is
Buna Hee was given second place; Kaa
t-eong of Milla third, and Tang of. the
ni'o Jiign loiino.
In the pole vault, the' aeeond aum
her on the program, Peterson of Puna
hou won firat place, he going aver the
crossed oar si eieven reel iiai wunpvr.
p0rtunity. It was a hard Sad
,.nin mni; .-,;, .-a .ln Pta;
son wss down for future efforts ia other
events for Punahou he sHlovrSdt H,
Fasaoth's record, also of Punahou, pf
11 feet snd 4 1 i inches to remain. Col
man of Kamehameha won seeoad plaes,
beieht ten feet and eight inches. Mar
vev and Willis, also of Punahou, finish
ed in third and fourth places, tbs evsnt
giriag the Bun und Blue team eight
points s gainst Kamehameha s three.
Kanujhft Too Oood in Mils
Th. mil rsee, with a large field, no
trials being needed, was a pretty one
with Kannhs of Knmehameha having
pretty nun his own sweet little way
H finished first eauilv in 4:65 3-5, the
record being still hi'ld by John Watt,
of Punahou, 4:44 4 5. Young Himonton
ran well, but was no match for Kami
hn. and finished s poor seeond, but hi
three points added considerably ts
Punahou 'a total. Forbes of Hilo came
in a fair third nl Kowers of Punahou
mad fourth i'U in good shape.
Kills School fhone brightly i th
next event, the hrond jump. In wbiek
the sneedy end athletic Ivan Ion
landed ia first place with a distance
of f feet snd 4' inches. ' Punahou '1
point record fattened, however, for th
B"ff and Blue captured the xt three
places, which gave Punahou sis points
mnJ'J 's'. .ttt.i-nk' v. .i.a4
ssas la first. ..Kamehameha. was 'Or
wber i , aightt-? PetersoiH 1 feet)
Jkasjiitra. 19 feet,. 84. Inches smd Po
rue Jt tt and Incksa. IaI Tian.
MtKlnli' itill kolds thf :reeord M
feet.sni.8U .tnche, .V 'i
Fans BV MsHAoa)- : . , . Pt ' :? .
: TH ZW-ysra: low kurdloa furniahefi
aaother. srprlae, for Pnoahom sfo first
btsee, whea AH th dop kad poiated
to KAmeknisha as th wlnser of ths
event, Twfli trial keaU wee rqulrd
before the.fiael-Srfort wei made '
First , ksat H Vnbikosv (panahoti),
first, tlms' -5f -Ah JPook-. Hilo-),
secwhd; UviJTe&aira XKejnehameha),
third. . :S. ; . w,
Second ; tsat-r-A roaa ' (Km h am .
ha), firsts time ci .l'9;'WiUut (Puaa
h, ' seeoad, ; and B. . B. , 81) vs, (HUo),
tArrav .3 , :
Final hal Malik
f alike (Punafcotj),
till held by.Thsnv
I): Srflsrti H. Me
time (27 8 R: rrd
Goir (KsJnshameha), second; E.-B.
3Uva. (Hilo),. third, and Aaron Ka
meaameha V ert. ,
Hanohano war tis surprls ia the
shot put. n 'riving Bt.' Louis Collsg
second plaes.' H;. Clark of Kamehame
ia won firwt rlacS, bis distance being
14 ff aad JH inches, Bill Iatnaa 5
record (Pvnaltsv) nniaining at 49 feet
tad H rnehes.Haaohano (Bt. Louis),
wcond, 48 (set and tH Inehes; Kan.
bane f KamehBanehe); . tklrd, 43 'feet
nd iMbss, and Lydgwt ' (Pananou),
foartk4 feet smd obs i nek.'
"Bnaar .ia4 ':WmM opsj
The iJftirird.Aswyequifwd wl pr
Mminary kSals befoTs th final run was
Tiade. In Jonk He was tk favorite,
but "Butn'V Smltk again ' sprang a
urprlss.t .. V
First keat Tkng (HUoJ, first, time.
:24V4? Aaroni (Kamehameha), second
nd Searl. (Military Academy), third.
Second beat I u ', Buna ' He (St
ruis), first, Ua :S4 4-5, nnd bs load
ing again on' the. Job; Chantf Klong.
(MSUs), sesokd and Smith (Punahon),
Final hsat Smltk (Pnnahou), first,
me, :II 1-5, Jaseor Hill held by
Thomas Horn (Bt. Xuis), S3 flat pin-
tqnn Hen (.Bt. Louis) aeeond; Tan
hiio), niMi, ana 1 Unnng , KJong
Mills),, fourth. , !' '
Buss", Smith wns again tke heir
n the 440 yard run.' There was big
eld. H sllowed Kanslulu of Kane
anveba tS'aeC tk. a for ornetiealh
he wkole distance and when, the time
a me the "Baas' ' bnaaed alonir mer
41y aad finlsjied. fasily In first pjaee
'!, 54 flat, record still held by How
ard Smltk f tke same old BuxS" sf
Punaho), 58, ttk Kanalutu (Kame
tameka) anwhea a poor-secondt Todr
Kamehameha), .third, and Kaiawe
(Kamehameha); fourth " The Kant
'.earn, kowevef ,- gstkered .in six to Pun
boa" fit 4alnts n . this event.
Tigk' fvaaf tl. Ts Fmns ;
Pnnaknn tarried - off Just honors ir
he bigb Jumn and & ellnefi' matter?
nad(4 it n. -l tor firaf v ad smsV
laces. Petersen and' tfojrue (both
npakou) tied at S feet Sad 5 inehes
be Inte rseholastie record still remain -nj.ta
the nsm f HJ Faasotb (Puna
Sen) "5 feet sad 8 Vi inches t C. Lai'
Bt. Loots), third. tn AS Lsonr
(Mills, ourtB.'
KAsaehameha won premier honors Ir
he BSOystd run, for Uwslon Was tf
tke gums snd there was 'no beating hi ir
at this distaaee. There1 was in th
vsat al0 a big field and tha lad'
baiieked tip very niceiy ontil near thr
Inisb when large spaces Happened $
'ween the" rbanera. Uweloa (Kama
ameha)r first time, 2:08 5, reeore-
till keld . by . P. DeveriU (Punahou)
1:08; Hitch eock (Pnnahou-),' seeond:
Hiaglehurat (Pnnabou), third, and Ton
N rsok'fMiUs), fourth. - . tV
Mt,Th half mils' relay brought the af
raoaw athletic proceedings . to 1
lose., Kamehameha was tha favorite
i'ut Punahou again spilled the bean-
tad wen out, with "Buez" Smith, th(
Bu8 snd Bluf last relay mas. euttfar
down a big Jsad snd winning handr
danra, :i.
Ons SMofl Tied
Wblle no records were broken yes
order, in this event a tie waa record
-;d and Punahou tied herself at that
he time, before snd after, 1:38 4-5
'anahou, first; Mills, second; Kame
hameha, third, snd Hilo, fonrth. , N
ther teams competed in this event.
Runners for Punahou Pogue, PoCpoe
Willis and Smith: Mills Charts Ho
Chuck Ah Fong, George Qoo and Kas
yeong; Kamehameha Kanslulu, Hohn
H. MoOuire and Todd; Hilo High
Fong, Tan, Ah Foo and Ah Fook;y
In yesterday meet the points were:
First place, five; second, threes third
two, and fourth, one. Punahon -won
even first places, four seconds, three
'birds aad four fourths; Kamehameha
hrs firsts, three seconds, three third
no two fourths; Mills one first, ons
eeend, one third, and three fourths;
At Louis no first, three seconds, one
third and no fourth; Hilo no first or
iesend, three thirds and two fourths.
Hon on. bis nnd Other Mention
The Honolulu Military Aeedem nnd
a number of athletes competing: al-
Ihsugh th Kaimukl institution failed
to make a place among the four award
ia any event.
v McKinley waa. altogether' absent
front the meet, although quite . n nana
be of the Black snd Gold men had
bn in training for quite some time
past and expected to be la the -run
nlag yeaterday.
It has been common report recently
that Couch Brier has been, as a rule
either slow in making the entries for
hi school or, on the other hand, fall
ing altogether to send in his list to th
officials of the snterscholastio League,
Referee I'rof. I). I.. Crawford.. ,v
Game Committee Brother Elmer,
Frank E. Midkiff. F. W. Darnell, W.
W. Brier, A. K. Wyman, E. G." Bartlstt
Clerk cf Course Dr. A. L. Andrew!.
Assistant Clivks af Course Harry
Denisoa and K. I.. Bryan.
Starter- Fred Ohrt.
Scorer -RoUnd Tboman
Field .liidKH - Lionel V. Brash,
George C. Bromley. H. J Wentxel, K.
T. Pong, H V. Kong, K. L. Wong.
Trsck .tnd'Hs -Dr. A. I.. Dean, Prof.,
Vaughan MarCaughr-v. l.lcut. J. H B.
Pratt, Jr.. I)r I,. K. Case, Harry
Timekeeerh -Prof. J. M. Young.
Prof. A. t Keller, H. N. Mosher, C. A.
Inspector - A. K. Larimer, Noimnn
King, R. Ai, H. Kanakale, D. Uaysel
den, B. Y. Ing. K. C. Loo.
nnhhTfS; iPfiiinrns I'mrnvrn ptm tfnl nu onrnui nnr
Arm and -Navy Officials Now .
WorKInrj OriTireat June cupping lening now. He and
.'iXiymkana jShlprnatet Wer0 Rescued ,
, Plans fd tk bfg amusement program' ' ' Clippings fi?nVaa Eaton pAfrSttell
kt the TerritorlaV JTnlr probably will ing tf tha ssenn nf ths srevr the
take definite iri this week. Colonel wrecked Stesmsblp Pathfladsr In mid-
Behflia, ' - wham . Brigadier-General
Wisser has appointed to take charge pf
tbs arm v 'a oartieirmtion. has named a
eommittee of sfficers rspresenting every
Dost-on Oshn. and Cnotaln Clark, com
manding- the Pssrl Harbor naval sta
tion, has selected 1' Lieutenant Corey,
assistant surgeon "in the nsvy, to repre
sent that branch of the service ia as
sisting the Fair commission to prepare
Its eard of Sport aad other events for
the sis day gymkann.
At Colonel Behofield's request rne
post commandsra have assigned the fol-
lowing Office r to serve on hi commit-
tee: Maj. Claire B. Bennett, Second
Infantry, Fort Bhafterr kfaj. W. W.l
hicks, vonsr-'AiTuiery uorpe, ton w
Kussy: vspt .rnest J. carr, Twenty-.
fifth infantry, Behofleld; Cnpt. W. B.l
and Capt Geo, W. Wilaon, Department,
Hospital, rorf Bbafter.
Mai. James D. Dougherty, 6f General
Wisser's staff, has been assigned by the
department eommander to serve as Col-
onel Behofield's asslstsat and slao as
member of tha committee.
At a meeting- of th eommittee r'rl
day in the office of the constructing
luartormaster, attemTed by Lieutenant
Corey of the navy,, and by Chairman
Angus and H,T. Age of the Fair com-
mission. tJolonol chofield appointed I
uaptams u-arr ana wiison to serve on 1
special aub-sommirtee on athletic (
event - VfWk these will be Lieutensirt
Corey, representing the nsvy, Maj. L.
M. Juda of the national guard, and a
civilian member t be named later for
the Fair commission by Chairmaa
Angus, "' ,;. ." .
This eommittee is to take charge of
ths purely Athletic feature on ths pro
gram, arranging for track nnd field
a vents.' -A second meeting is to be held
Wednesday, when details of thS spec
tacular spectacles and athletic events
may toe determined tentatively.
n. a. -.
Once Gave President Roosevelt
; Lessons on Boxing :
XOBK,i March , 85 Asso
ciated ' Press) -Prof. Miks'. Dono
van, tha soM aUhlstie Instrnctor,
disd yesUrday aXtvFrsScis Ho-.'
pUaV this sity, (from a aenU at
tack of pneumonia frdm which be
bad been suffering for several '
.weeks. .-. .. ....
Donovan was on of the bast
known authorities on athletics ia. ,
ths. country, specialising On the
boxing game. At one time ' be
wns famed sst a middleweight
boxer. He,'wii or'a long, time
Instructor at toe York Ath-
.Iefie Cinb. " .
A life long frisbd knd adviser
of the lste John;L. SulUvsn, Don
ovan was 'the first' man to predict
that Corbett would 'defeat Sulli
van. He odes-stood four rounds
before John L altbongn- th Ut
ter, who was ' than in the" height
of bis boxing esreer, did., all' he
could to knocV Donovan out. .
Mike Donovsn was a familiar
figure sbout Washington, D. C
during the time CoL Theodore
Roosevelt was President He gave
Boooevelt boxing lessons at th
White House and It is said that
the deafness which the Colonel
contracted in one ear was the re
sult of sn accidental blow from
Donovan's fist
w. a. a.
After Unina elated far a week at the
order of Food Administrator Child for
selling white flour without the rsouired
accompanying substitutes, U Ah Leong
was able yestsrday morning to movs
his surplus merchandise out onto the
sidewalk as ia bis custom. Apparently
he had spent the week, in acenmulnt
ing an extra aupply of potatoes, flour,
onions and other things, for h cele
brated his restoration to grace by oc;
eupylng rather more of the sidewslk
even then he usually does. And, ss i
also usual, ths Done turned their,
blind eye toward the infraction of
t'smanssassssp " .
et IIM a OMrm U
Specific )
tnlastiw SWMsX Tsstlsnas smsipssln sash astUa,
leiu in hn 'k b all Cseui, 1
Souls - Ua4. 11. X. WO.
Charles Zeigenfu$s Sends friends
oea. wfter drifting. . or tw week
Ka ifttls food and waiter have been
rveivB - bot bt irisnas . or - vnaries
Zelganftass, who wns aboard . ths ill
fstsd vessel.
v isigenfn'ss,' until Hhr yiarir sgo,
was, tvsidsnt of Honolulu,' where he
spent most of bis youth. At various
time he waa In ths-nvrer ff the Hs-
nolnln Immigration station) the Young
Hotel and at sS angins room nann oa
later Island, vessels.' Hs is a soa of
Ben 2oignfs, nt one tints City editor
T th HonoluU Republican.'
ThS.neant of the wrecking of the
ratannaer ana tae etpeneness of the
srsw is given as follows: - :
Tbs srew and officers of ths Ameri
strong, adrift on their disabled vessel
in told oeean, with food and water es
WuSted. were all ssvsd and their vesse
towed iato tke Bermuda Islands by the
British steamship Baron Jedbrough, sf
tetr those on ths disabled vessel bsd
given np.all nope of belna saved.
Res ens a TbrUUnc One
. Captain Bailie,-of the rescue ship
told a thrilling tale of rescue at sea
after all the food on th Pathfinder
bad been exhausted, even to the re
serve stock In tke lifehonta hnnar over
ths. disabled vessel's aide.
The Baron Jedbrough had an event
fni voyage herself, ksvisg crossed the
danger sons, where the submsrinei
were active, but rsn fast saough ts
avoid torpedo attack. Wkea five days
ont Captaia Bailie sighted what he
thought to be. n low lying hulk. A
heavy sea was running, and in tbs dls
tsnce the disabled stesmer .. appeared
bsdly awnah.. Seeing th men eomprts
lag tha sV of th vessel huddled to
gether on . the deck, the Bsron Jed
brough's epucse waa changed at oner
toward the disabled craft, which proved
to b toe rathflafier, with her propel
ler ton. . , -
,Fr three days the Baren Jedbrough
stood, by. tha disablefi vessel before ss
aistans eoold b given, owing to thf
stormr Weather and high seas, f inally
a Uisboat Wah . lowered, and at grest
risk to their own lives the crew tough
their way through ths high sess to the
disAbted steamer and made a hawsri
fsvstria order that the Pathfinder might
b taksn in tow. The rescue erew fonn
ths Pathfinder's men in n pitiable son
dltlSn. Their food and wnter were
grms, snd the-men had resigned them
selyesf.to whs seemed certain doarn
They(,wera'olioglng to the rigging, ash
inc. fox food, aad so exhausted , that
Uisyould hardly stand. Tha Tense'
Was,' belsg constantly swept by .'high
seas, , as aha could hot keep steerag
waV. , A stsyaall had bsen broken but
to keep thq vessel's head to ths wind
when the propeller broke' off, but thlf
bad. been blows away, and th Teasel
wss rolling. In the trough of tha .ssas
' Ths Baron Jedbrough towsd . thf
Pathfinder 1800 milts from where, sh
t was Picked ud to the Bermuda Islaads
Duriag ths voysge a Lassar sailor died
.from the effects of exposure 6a the
. save washed deck.
1 The Pathfinder left the Mediterrna
nan several weeks sgo for ths United
Ststes'nnd encountered stormy weather
from the start. Ten daya after pass
inn Gibraltar she was caught in tht
teeth Of a northwest gals and .while
( ths storm wna aevereat tks ' propeller
I was lost, leaving ner 10 unit at iar
' meter of the winds. Wireless calls for
I help were sent out every day, but no
1 vessels responded, fesrlng it might be
a deeov eall from s German submarine
The Baron Jedbrough was ont of the
ordinary trade routes wknn .Shs picked
up the Psthflnder.
w. a. a.
BOSTON, March ii Francis B,
1 Bayre President Wilson's sou iu law
i hns sounded a warning her to the
A nierieen' church. H declnrcd that
1 "The times sre calling for the Ameri
can church to assure a spiritual jean
erahlp to fire and vitalise rellgiea in
every part of the world
"We are at a time when American
democracy, faith and right of Small
nationa and belief in the brotherhood
( man are about to sweep over the
whole universe," be declared. "Will
it be-- Socialism consuming the world,
or Christianity f. It ia for ths church
Americs to say,"
Checks ant airsst
I fever, croup, AGUE.
, Th. r.t lsm4y known for
jcouoas, colds.
I Hols Maaetarn,'
1 J, T. UsnroT, UM, UsMS, I
),. I,
This Dutch Steamer Will Con
tinua Voyage To Orient Whiles
Ophir is ksp Held Here
As predicted by, Capt. W. Beyer, mas
ter of tk vessel, and others, instruc
tions were received yesterday osnrnlng
y the naval authorities to release ths
Dutch steamer Oranie, seised on th
previous day. .
Bo far as could ba ascartalaed no in
struetions war scat 00 1 front Wash
netoa regarding ths C-pbir. bonnd from
th Orient for San Francisco, which
has been., held tiers sines a we ago
Thursday, nnd tbs final decimos re
garding th disposition of this vessel
is "I much, in doubt ss on ths day she
was tassn over by the American gov
eminent. . .
Tke prompt relesse of the Or.ini,
which is bound for Java, with many
Dutch colonial officials aboard, is be
tirved to ba dne to a previous uuder-
ttnndlng between thf American find
Holland governments. The taking oxer
f the vessel here. Thursday was only
In sceord with ths general orders is
sued regarding the Dutch stesmert, it
is thought
The uranje took aboard supplies and
bvnker coal yeaterday and la scheduled
to sail for ths Orient at seven o'clock
this morning.
An indieation that it may be the in
tention of the government to obtain
eontrol of the Ophir wns shown when
she wns moved from Pier 17, where shs
had been for over a week, to the naval
slip. The transfer of the vessel from
the territorial to the federal pier was
tot made nntil yesterday, although she
tss seised by the navy department
twenty-four hours before.
w. a. a.
Third Liberty Loan
Is To Have Own
Distinctive Flag
WASHINGTON, March 6 The third
Liberty Loan, which will open April
8, ia to hsve a distinctive flag of its
Bed border, white Interior field, with
three vertical blue stripes this is the
design for the honor emblem which will
Lc t-estowed on each city exceeding its
quota of sales of Liberty bonfle. If n
city doubles its quota, s stsr will he
added to its flag and a trehliag of the
quota Will be recognized by two stars.
Among other features of a system
)f honors devised for the third Liberty
Loan and announced - today by Secre
tary McAdoo, ia the plan of giving a
window card bearing a reproduction of
the flag to each purchaser of a bond,
knd of establishing pstrols In each
sommunity or orgsnization of any kind
to bear the names of subscribers.
As a means of meeting the situa
tion at the German Lutheran Kchool
at Libue, which has been the subject
f eomnlaint, due to the alleged open
disloyalty of a teacher employed there,
it has been auggested that Richard II.
Trent, as distortion of alien iroXrty,
Sss sufHeient power to set, as the
school is located on ground owned by
the Lihue Ilantation, which ia con
trolled by Hackfeld and company. In
bis espaeity as rustodinn of alien
property, the bead of the Trent Trust
company has ample power, it is said,
' take over the school and direct its
future activities, or close it altogether.
Miss Maris Ileuer, whom1 suspect
ed pro-Germanium brought her under
firs some weeks ago and forced her to
lesve the College of Hawaii where she
waa an instructor, is the teacher under
criticism at Lihue. It is alleged that
ah has refused to condurt the daily
flag drill, has refused to touch the
American flag aud has been guilty of
other acts that have tried the patience
of loyal Americans at Lihue and on
the islsnd of Ksusl.
w. 0. a.
Msiov Phil Rberidan. who died
Wsshington last month snd who was
stationed at Krbofteld Barracks up to
1913, wss the only son of a famous of
ficer in the Civil Vnr to be on duty
In Washington for the war with Ger
many. But there are two grandsons of
grest generals who fought more than
fifty years ago doing service for the
time being in Washington where are
'he workings of the great war center.
They are the grandsons of Grant and
I e. and it is constantly a matter of
plonsant and interesting comment to
find how constantly their nainos are
It was only a few weeks ago when
the members of the executive board
of the Chevy Chase Club were passing
upon i-sndidutes for admission.
"And who are the nextt"
"Grant and I.ee," was the answer.
"It seems to mo." the chairman com
mented sugoly, "that I've heard those
two names before."
w. a. a. -- -
The athletic committee of the Maui
County Fair and Kasing Association
will meet at seven o'clock tha com
ing Wednesday evening nt the Grand
Hotel, Wiailuku, to take action on pre
paring for tha 1918 baseball season.
Street Reports Say Some Phaic ;
.Investigation of tbs .affairs' of - Ma
dera Oold Mining CdtnphA)' $t,f
an end. are indications (Hat Vtrewt- ra
ports point to, ft isirs4 tkaitka
directors send an .jndeyendset ranlag
eagineer to lnVeatigate-and"repdrVcrh-ditions
a the property that a ArrsstSr
b sent to-participate W.thS manag
mnt and thara ara heard reyortk that
ths grand jdry may bs asksd to. Intaav
tiagt sow c An stock ,AaJA '
HsroM K. Lv Castle is reported to
bav resigned from ths dlrctorat of
th eompmay and .'his, resignation win
be considered at the esme . meMlne
v.hlh will-1 consider, that. 'of J. Hsrii-
son MncKsnviSL is toongac- sar.
Castle la .displekisd aA tha snpWaaant
notoriety whkh tha eosnpan . has. rev
esntly had. - I .
The proposal to isead at 'engineer Is
to get a. report from, Perhata different
angles on .the Gambretia snd Josephine
shafts of tks company. ad, tha ebafae
Ur of the are and quantity of 'deposits
In sight" --' - '.- f !
Ths other proposal ia. for Alexander
Morrison, one of the-, director, to go
to ths property and, Joia Vfee-Psl.
dent and Oeneral MAaaget Ohanks, la
the management of th affairs 6f th
8UOAB lAOTORa, nWrmffff sljNfl
F 1 Plsntaioti Compass .-' ,
Wsllukn Asrlcnltnral Co., Lti . '.
Apnkaa Buga fjo., Ltd.' .
Kohal. Bngnr Company -
Wahlawv Water Conipany, Ltd
Fultoa Iron VOrki, Of St Lui '
Babcoek Wilcox Company :
Green 'sFoel-Economiser ComisnJ .
Chns. C. MoOrs AvC JEAgiket
. ' ' ii1 . ' t 1 11 1 .'r'
- . "A. ' ... if..
It is matter of. national top.
portance tha evsvOw iatfuUl
aave all we can. 'Sttrt ay
ingi bank iccotinV xt lnriUit
ig war bond. Every pAf-if
take portion' of ynr arhingl
and add it io jroW, Aavitigt.
Vou will e tfitcniridfidwtth
the rapidity of lw growth; :
AQf- vsxtaxst : . v'.f '
10 oi ptposrrs v
Corner Fort and Merchant-
from Montreal to Liverpool,
London and Olnsgos) ln tae
and 8t .tawrwaca outa
d-. .
O0A8T VT0 '
By ths popular PriaersS'".'
8t earners from ' Vnneouvsr.
Victoria or Bsattle.
For full Information analr ts
Theo. H. Daries & fJiC'ttd
Gen 1 Agents, Caaadian-PaUfla Sr. Co
Coiiifflissiop AltcKint5
Ewi Plantation Cor
Waialua Agricultural Co,,' Ltd. '
Apokaa Suges Co., Lid. . ;
I'ulton Iron Wnrk of 81. Louis
Blaks 8tsm Pomps
Western Csntrlfngsls
Babcoek A Wilcox Boilers
Green's Fusl Ecoaomiaer
Marsh Stsam Pumps
Matsoo Navigation Co.
Planters ' Llns Shipping Co.
Kohale Sugar Co.
Busunsas oards.
chinery of vry deceit ption asade t
Issued Tussdsys aad Friday
ij-luterod at tbs Postoffles of Honolulu
T. H., a srond-la mattrt )
Par Tsar , v to
Par Year (forsigs) ..... SUM
Payable Invariably ic a aaa.
Castle &Cooke
... - . 1
, 1 '
: . t v" '

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