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v , V.' -.'"' -..( ' WHOLE NUMf.r.R 4723,
Li LJmMmERMAMimi.s & J
'':mmTcnci Drwc Progress It T Jay Upset
-', VV-AVitrVAonahe Entire Front 'VffW'
' '.'''. i'r " i!- .'"' t . ' 1 ' 1 11 . '. ' "'x
EOXDON, March 2D-:(Associated PressJSlowly BsSumliig'tlitf-.shapi. of ,k grfat
plowsharej the German drive in Picardy has come almost to a halt, except at
v . - the" very tip, which is driving orward more and more slowly: r . v' . v
;1:1- V There were two' notable battles along the front yesterday, one in the south, where
, ) ' , ; the French scored deeply against the Crown Prince, and 1 the othci on , the extreme
mir'-:; noltn ot, tie, limit of the German drivej on th Scarpe Uiver, where the Germans launch
m. : ' ' e ncw against the Britisb-''::!;;-';;.;;S;';?,';v; j, ' . ... ?" . : v mm.
' '.fc? r' -The' fighting on the French sectors was savaee. the French renellinff the' Germafi
-; ; N- thrusts, near. Montdidier with .bayonet charges, hacking the attackers tjlown and driving
S. ; J c, them back with heavy losses- mr'rxi.-m,-' : v"'-' v v."
-':;';.i.'-''-'''.,v v-'---.V-f .FRENCH LAUNCH BIQ ATTACK -'vV '';tv '' V:,'''
. , ' V;, gicm cKui vi me uajr w iuu3..cuiur, uowever, was un . uuensive oi.ine Jr rencn
f-v along, a .ten"; kilometer front between Lassigny and Noyon,, an' offensive that carried
I- r ; v? them forward to a depth of more than two. kilometers. Numerous -German prisoners
u-mmvrp taken and the ground regained, wasjsafely consolidated.' ' v;,:f -r;' t -' ? ,
i :;7 ; s This drive against the southern ilank of the Germans and the establishment of
in their lines is regarded by many a? the first blow in the Allied fconnter offen
ti ive and the 'AUied world is waiting anxiovuly. for, news of further successes in that
':: '"..'::- :.;:is-.-,";,;. .deep significance "Gf maneuvers m:.-.?'.;. -m'.'''' '-;v,v,a
mmf 'Tie facithat the drive has cut a deep notch into the Germdn 'flauk'and progressed!
v;.?'':'.MpW1yA throwing, the Germahs, there into confusion and driving them bdek lit hurried, ii4
: ::.p. , comcd 'retreat,' may .indicate ;tha.t.Uie. great ..oirens.ive
planr.od will be struck within the next three days at latest,
'Uiki ...'"""""r nlvnrc cf the FxQjiqh aithis jvint might' rec
v s , suit in; Uo oci turning' of., theu-whpe"GermanV plan,' and
VHng about the jnauguration of aft allied blow along the
'- ):'C;:SAYi:VANKEES N-IT 1 'Wfr.
i ' . ? v 'V j Berlin ilatnis lh official despatches dealing with this
'-Vi'yTOch-fttrpke. at Xoyon thit thd Allies have brought to
m wiarJ.thir'gtrategiQ. reserves'?, and that this counter has
i v ) been, easily-parried by the Crown' Prince.- The further
" : m tlfilm H made that American divisions', were among the
v . unit brought into, the fight at this point:. - ; l Vs.'
':mmm: -M-'V':-. ' BATTLE BEFORE ARRAS ;;''-'':.;.V'; -; "
.'"'i,t"::-V The. fighting on the Scarpe is along a front of about
''' .ten miles. f rori Gavrelle, three miles north of the river, to
'; Boyllc?, about vti miles sGuth of it I The line between 'these two
V , -, '.-''pointi' runs .some four miles to the east of Arras This latest drive
is on the farthest north" Of the battle line as it developed in th first
.'-.' v great drive more thart a reek got the new front showing that 4ur
. ;.'r jng the eight jslys of incessant slaughter the Germans have been able
. " to gain bnjyboiitTWo-mlles;:;.;''.;-;.7.' ;fKr.':. m'h
The'Cvjniatti preceded "this -new attack by -a hurricarfe bom-
ibardmentl.of the ' British . trenches following -which the infantry
prang to the frotft, preceded by1 tanks. ,: The, fighting- along the ten
. miles was' carried on at a furious Tate during the day, with the Ger
man waves breaking at most places tnd gaining ground somewhat
A In others. - At td point, however, havt the British budged !mor than
; few: hundred yards, theif resistance being desperate. ; ' A;
' A, Field Marshal llaig, repprtihg officially on this; action, telegraphed
last niehtf Aftef an all dar battle north and south of the Ancre.
.With the defenses before Arras the eWereejiter."the:,BHUh''havtJ
sis ctiihi
-Av;A-' --i' tm
Official. Bulletin Asserts Losses
' Are Only Normal Except m
Vf ' r j'At Some Points:
Presi) jClIm f continued uo
wr volc'4. i th ofticUl . tnnotuicfr
mt of fbe dy ' flgKtin'g yeiterdif,
irkea : fffloUl rpHi - wid tiiat:'fi
erowa'frinV fpree had UVeo. Koai
didir ; thlrtV-MTii c.' mlt , )Kom fit.
Quentitt. .It ; Mlr to Gemaa Iowa
wer Wall withia 'tb )lmit of rxpeaU
tioaa. . Thm . wer aoitaa viUl polnU,
it. admttud, wara loasa wara la X
eoaa af the normal bat it la aaJd tht
minor . aacualtiea jnaVa up from aiztjr
to enty percent of tkoaa inaamd. .
The advance of tba crown prince 'i
force araa aaid to hay ra&ehed Pierre
pont, four pUaa. nortkwaat , of Koat
didiar.V.v - ,4 ' ...'; .
Oongntidataa propps'v ; ; i
. Th luUer bat sent a mawaga to th
ohief of, 'the JCrupp gna worka eon
patnlating him oa .the tueeeea of the
big gua arhich baa been bombarding
Wria from. the foraat of St. Oobaia.
"By tnia bombardment . of Paria at ,a
range of lOd kilometers the new gun
aaa aiooa ,inn teat," tba kaieer
anr aeeurer bat a "new papa
fam" la the hintorr of th Ki
VAP H INOTON, March v 2 ( Aww-1
eUtnd I're(i)Ther hf 10 eium forf !
ennui alarm. bua I the ffronnd '
that has taken and i aow, bi-lng 1
bnlJ br the Ocrman,V an id Maj: Gen.1
Pton C. March Vnlu.l 8tntea chief!
of stair in an official statement which
he issued laxt nifi(r Whatever sae
riCica ot men 4h. aituatioa .demand,
that sacrifice th 'Allies or ready to
mot.. They will thi through and
they will win,' aald. i' '
Major General Mareh aaid' that no
advicea have been received front Gen
eral IVmhlnji telling of aar; Ameriean
pcrticipatioa in the battl. ,' ; -Imtnensa
ZxMaefl ' s k' '! . ' ' V t : .
Militurv oflirisls ! plaee the losses
for the Germans it the first six day
fighting at 400.000, and assert that this
is a conservative estimate. : la the opin
ion of these experts th expected coun
ter of the Alliee it being aold back to
give tlie cnemf time to farther wear
himself ooti Everybody in official cir
cle hopes that Amerieaa forces will
participate in this counter,' and it ap
pears to be the general . opinion that
they will.' Therein a deep nested con
fidence in the final ontaome Of this the
greatest engagement of tho war,
Despstrhes of - yesterday aaid , that
Am'ericuB artillery, bad .quickly sraoth-
j . . . .. I r 1
" ,, rT . . .
OantalUea Announced.- M. . v.. , :
Casualties aa annnnua'ed by : to 'war
department yrnterday afteraooa told of
one killsil and four mifsing in 'action,
one: killed by accident, ( on died of
wounds, 'sixteen died of eickness, n
severely .. wounded 'and , tventy-nlne
alightly wonnded. 1 ; , . V' -V' ,
Paris, detipatehoa teeeivad .yesterday
th long distance rifle which and
been employed 'against Paria-had boon
directed . npon eosst ptiints and had
there rlnimed tweuty : otlmT. '..'''
'.Tha,dBSjkt,'ii3 11' cKiiod .n 'in
terview with a--woiimiBii i ronoh.oUiner
who .bad rftnuwii ,rom iHcardy- and
who i praised the Aalor of . America
foroo. -. B is report aaying that
"although they are so Mrtl that bind
I If
W E A K EN M A C H I i I E S
I ' ' v,
' Chief of SUIT At WaRliinrton.
of trarf af , they bar worked. , lib
vtMrtai.'1 '.., '-' 1. : ' ,:' '
tM- Mafdaitd. V'..t5i; ;V.'f
" French qfiielal connected with ' th
embassy her tall of reports which thy
bat oiTd -which say tba. Germans
-stood (;aiast the wall and shot a ehap-
Foilnd Nereksafv For finvprntTibht To
fr y Commandeer PlahW
f Old Force With New :
Camouflaged iiracejs bhown lo Izz
j i;,; Ijelay Following Disco verLi vj; '
'-v' .v ;;y-f.'. ; :, - ;-:
V WASHINGTON, .March ;29-7(AssociateI Press) Pernicious
and insidious machinations of enemy plotters froift within have.
wormed and eaten' their ways, into the very heart of industries which '
are of the most vital interest to the United States, into plants which
are being devpted to the preparation of the country to fill its part
in the war, where war materials are being manufactured; even into ,
so loyal a concern, ar the Curtiss airplane manufactory so that it is
necessary; fojrrthe' government: to commandeer that plant in orjj'er
to scotch, out the snakes that have secreted themselves among t!;e
empIoveaCv These plottings have endangered and perhaps have taken
the lives of patriotic men who.have; volunteered their services' hi
the aerial army which the United States is training to seize control
of the air for'the Allies from Germany; .'v . '. : , .
im'mm gives optical demonstration rmm: :-';
V These Tacts Senator Overman' told and demonstrated t6 the eves
of his startledcolleaeues in the United State's senate vesterc'iv He
V .i'-V-'-. 1 explained the occasion fnr delava'in.thei trirnino nut (J r,l
. IthAt" nT-int anil !nferllfia!lif fi'.rrt tth r- nlinta ImwIiici. -.f -
lain and two nuus. navlncr no heed to
the "clerical cloth of th one" aor the
religion garb and Uvea of th, orbers.
, Other, Pari maasaire . told of ..th
finding of Qermaa spies in British uni
form and ritbia th British lines who
wor " attempting '. t creat confusion. ,
,They wr given. a rum bead ourt
martial 'and war shot. - v i
Socretary f .War ' Baker will on'.
tino bis investigation further.' H
yesterday arrived ia - Pari n(t It is
. ... . : .7 'nl hi vartlelri-llinr,to ,n nil-,A CtiWa ..
iranaa iroaf looDserve tne war ia nat . r- ; . . , " . . o "M"rvt im. nu
t neater. i . i ; .
Italy 1 Thratnd. -',-, '
1 1 .... ... . , . , -4 .4 . ,
offeBKiv fc-aUit (.th Italian front by vic snu waaniuincsj n juirca, ana pernnps ti.e int i
b. Ati4toMMi .rmy ' w-ocrii;,he .gaVe' jnaV eplaiti.: cuu.-e of. Some of the L,i .
rXrV.:r'rle" that have occurred to Sriators. in training i t t
tAntrtaa .Army divisions bad arrived
and war, being distrlboUd "along tbe '
Italian front further indicating th om i
BMneemeut of th expected offensive In
that theater as soon a. it weather' would
permit. - The despatch e denied that
th French, and British, forces which
bar been cooperating with 4hAIlia
on that front had bees withdrawn;.'
CS 1.0111
. wi
-1 -:vi- .
beaten oflf the Germans, with heavy losses to the enemv.'
. A?' From British, headquartersrcorrespondents, report that it is no
; , lis Jret determined whether this attack is a Serious effort on the. part.
v V- of the German general staff to occupy Arras or whether the attack
;:; ; Jh lxtn l.unche(l to. divert attention from preparationstd resume
.5 'M' heen the main battle south of the Somme. In the attacks
-r'!v.V' upon the Scarpe. seven German divisiohs were engaged, i"';-'.':v';;"-
';:f:y, , ':':V f ' "BRITISH REGAIN GROUND t'yj.v&'-f.
' '". K. ; 'Sojith-of Albert, on the Ancre "Rivef, the, Pfitjh made1 Mcjl
' : ' w. attick upon the Germanirdriyine therit tiack for some distance and
, .., .reestablistiing the British line at Chipill." Theel fesulu
;terday's cperations along the BritlsR'rbn't jsl that the. rnianslltsl
, : much more ground than they lhedwbile the British took numer
t 6us' prisorters ind some machine gun i U-vv,' V i Y't . ;
V Frorrf Beaumont to Hamel the lines are deadlocked, 'with the
- Vppposing'forces so close ha't'ane :
' Thtxi'$A been. aininuan'ce .pi the "firf if fighting,..'w'th
tle German vflyers losing in the Juels t aiotrt ther rate of two to
one,; . During .'the. da twehfdurHtiit,
; destroyed, .with e.ight others being driven pack out; of .control Ni'net
tejn British machines are missing."' ; . V-i t ! . .; . ;.; .
HALF BltilON i:3RE OF " v:
1 W4BHINOTON, March " 38 W (Ofli
elal) 8ertary AicAdoo today orderad
th fssuane, of an , additional $50O,
000,000 in certificates of indebtedness,
maklav a total of SJ.4flo.Ouo.ouo in ad
VS0 f, h third liberty Loaa nest
; WAJSinNGTON, Warck 18 (Offl
eial) It wa announced today tbat
throughout 'the country parade and
other aelebrations, will open th eaav
paign on April 8 for tha third Liberty
Loan,7 which la th first anniversary
of, Amrio' ontranc Jat tfea w,ar
m'i;mrim';:' m--':im-
-derv Imperial thank."
a. a.
y. .;
. fight
weeoina Victory It Scored Bv
' ) i . vs wa pos vnmv i, - y
f !-:.,.v' -.'.."V.Vtf
r LONDON, t Mareh ' 8 (Associated
fres)Depatches today t tb' war
ofRo from Qaaeral Meade, epromandlng
th British troop advancing" ia tho Hit
area of Mesopotamia, .tell , of Y weep
ing: viotory won on .this front. ', h ,
i Tb-ntlr TurbUh fore lb: thi nart
of MePDo.tsqia ha been captured, or
destroyed and th Turkish power her
bd.t .Tb British took 3000 Pri.
PKTBOOBAD, Mareh J8 (Associ
td Press) The eaptur f tb piaok
Sea sort of Odessa from t German
by tb Bolbbevikl forces i onfirmad.
ustro-Uungariaas advancing on the
astra froat ar wtthia forty mile of
- V
Later Japan Will Turn Over Two
'Hundred, Thousand Tpnt ;
f More of Nevy Ships
' WA8HJNQTONV March M-i(Aiwoei-ted'
PressAnaonncement wna mad
by tha' warl board ' yesterday of the
new arraagement with , Japan. . This
ws th formal annonncement by the
board, nd gaver detail ' which bav
heretofore, bee ' absent in-'. tb n
noondements mad from Japan and in
tbia eouatry. ,t,-. , -n. ... .
Under i the :aew shipping - arrsnge
ment t)i . United t a tea. la- to Niun
at pnoe, one hundred thousand ton of
hipping, deadweight,"' Thi . will ' b
composed f twlv .temer. tbat ar
to be trped over immediately, Jn re
turn for steel to b given in th pro
portion heretofore , announced .
- Negotiations r' ,nOsr proceeding
for the transfer of two hundretk thou
saptf tons, .'dead weight,, more shipping
which wil) be of nt)w.eonstractWo ana
to b turned over upon tb snms term.
:' I i'i ' i ' w '- '.. .
i &kN FBANC18C0, March E-(Offl-eial)
Admiral Buaukl and tb other
visiting ' Japanoa ; navy ollloor;, were
honored goests today' at- k- bug, baa
3 net, The"- friendly 'relation between
span and America were referred to by
alt tb' speakers, .vlncluding, Mayor
Bolpb, 'A orchestra played th Japaa
a aad Jtmeriea aational anthema aad
Japanoao and American flag wsr con
spicuous in th decerationa. The dinner
observed tb United Stat food regula
WASHINOTOK, Marcb 18 (Aaso
ctated Press) President Wilson today
igned tb bill just passed by congress
which pave tb wir for ti sal of
(rerman property and permita th gov
arnment to aoqulr tb Hoboken pier
formerly i0wnd 1 by' the Uamburg
Aa)rtean and ortb ,.' Qermaa , Lloyd
line. ; - j , m. ;. V ' v:''-.''V '
, it , A-J,m :.,:,. '
mmm: v.-m.y'
For the First Tinw In Many Years
No Profit Is Shown For , ' .
:rmm Period of Month
WiASHlKGTON,- -March v .Aaso
dated Press) J-For,th first month la
msiy year tho railroad of th coun
try wer operated at a loss in January,
th first month of th government con
trol, of railroade. . ; ' ''"
Boveral reason ar given by rail
road men for thi.. One f the moot im
portant U th terrible weather condi
tion which prevailed and which, for
period f day at a tlm prevented th
movement of freight and of train of
any kind. Thi reduced hauling capac
ity resulted in reduced revenues. , E
pen sea, too, were greatlv iacreased," "
. Tbia deficit appear only in the East
ern " railroads, the jtera and tb
Bonthorn road hvlg beea operated
with 'profit. ;.. ''.'.".,'; -yjm '
WASB3N0T0N',. March- 88 (Offl
eial) Director ' General . of , Bail way
MeAdoO today agreed to a government
loan t th New York, Now Haven
and Hartford railroad of . 4S54,000
for en year at 6 percent . from . tb
i500.000.000 - railroad dministration
fund. Tbe loaa i3aiA! fieri Irefaad
ing a debt du AprU JS...,, ,v
.,:. yS'S ;',"' -i ( , -,.' -..',
. WA8HINQTON, March l8-Aiocl-atod
Pre) Oea. Leonard Wood, who
recently returned ; froa tb i f etra
front, i awaiting physical examination
to determine whether be will retura to
France. Borne of the general ' f Heads
are apprehensive that he will not h
returned ,to active duty. -,'
VfABHWOTON, Mareb " t-(OtH-clal)--Tho
anarin eorp recruiting sta
tion were today ordered tojresum re1
cruitlng April 1 for ntiliring tbe train
ing facilities which ar beeomintr avail-
le by tranafer of trained man over-
Nine Americans Will Soon Depart
V For Great Critaln and Francs '-'
v:v ;i- Viiin Credentials,
jrttEVSYOlBK, Mareb - d-i.aaor,
ted . Press) To make know to the
labor .'arganiiatione of ' Great Britain,
Franc aad Italy the positio which la
beea assumed by. organised labof 1 th
United States relative to th. War for
uwiikukj aau u srevii proeesnuon, i .
a delegatioa of aln labor badsra, each 1thus d'scovered.
oeanag proper credential from the
Amerieaa Federatioa ' of Labor, will
shortly all' for Great . Britain "and
Europe, it . was announced Tterdy
by th American Alliance, f Labor for
Democracy: of which Samuel Oompers
I the president as be n aiso presuunt
Of th Amerieaa Federatioa of Labor.
Th' mission of thi delegation will
be to tell organised labor of Great Bri
Uia aad Franc that, organised labor ia
tbia country is fully committed U th
proseeotion of th war to a successful
conclusion and why it will act eoafar
with the representative of labor of
ny enemy country nor participate la
any conference at which tueb enemy
country may. be represented by labor
delegate.' ' 'j ..'. . r..,
Th endlng pf tb mission, It U ex
plained, ia ia response to th repeoted
invitation which have beea. eatended
by tb labor 'organisations' of Kurop
to Bamnel Gomper personally to meet
with them and to confer b the positina
of labor of the associated nation which
ar at ar with Germany.,, ' ,.
In the Bfjiate yc&iwiv,' v i. . ..u r
Overman exhibited s lr.J Lracer
whicK had been taken from a Cur
tiss flane. The metal had wheen
cut nearly through and the cut
had been camouflaged with lead.
In- this instance the machine
weakened by' the defective brace,"
had : fallen when it was ' being'
tested. An investigation had foU
lowed which revealed the. weak
ness, and its cause , Further in
vestigations Iollowed and ptlier
weaknesses in the. parts of other
E lanes and in parts that were to
ave been adjusted to clanes were
v..il'i '.' i ..J.'iv 'f;-.'i if
' 'M-' ' ' ' ' ''
NEW YOBK, March tS (Omclal)--Tb
United Bute Btoel Corporetloa '
report,, i made bublie today. shows
L$1,6830S,9H of gross busines dnring
llQlT.akiW la 11, IUII T7I .n. Vn
tb J81S, buaiaoas, - Tb war aad In
come taxes -of 'this eempaay tje
timatad at 223,eO0,OQO thi yr. ,.
, Then Bethlehem' vtcef ' Company re
port 4433,808,750' worth of order' a
baad at th tading of tb year, a com
pared with lU3,87,2t9 at tb end of
1915.. . ,;..',' ' ...,,,;..
-WASHINGTON, Maroh ttAuo
elated Press) All railroads war to,
day v ordered to advaac their clock
one hour next Bundsy1 morning at two
o'clock, la aeoordana' with th aew
aational; "daylight aavtBg'V taw.
two months Lost ,
, In this way delay of two '..
months followed and tiurinjj tlfat
time the irispectorsV found still
other weaknesses,' all manifestly -r . .
occasioned by. .enemy : plotters , " J
agtinst.the success of, the Unite4 ..
States aviation, program' and the, ,'V
fives of the aviators. " , .. 1 ...I
' Sufficient evidence tcjt present
charges against any one employe
could not be obtained during this
investigation : Senator Overman !
said, and 1 no arrests had been '
made; bu jt. h&4 become evideut ; J -that
there was but one cburse to
b : pursued ., by ; the . government ' ;
and that, cp.urse ,yra$ to comman-. '
deer; the plant, discharge every
employe arid replace the old ,
force witfi new workers in whbra ,
the government might enjoy a'
eotiSdence 'which it could v not ,:
feel in the employes of the fac
tory during th priod when tb weak-' '
.bad beea eaaioned.
Baaator Overman' demonstration by ''
mean of tb camouflaged brace, coupled
with ble word' a h exptainnd tb "'-!
eeriouaneea of tb aituatioa and tba ?
evidence of the . wide apread plotting
of ehemies, areated a tremeadou ea '' '
aatioa' ia tb- senat. V .-. -v "
He aaid ao reflection wa Intended
H be east upon th ownere end th
maaagement of.th plant aor th loyal
worker wnom aa.wa confident aonati.y
tuted practically ' all of the workl n '
force.' Tbe "danger rae tker and it '.
must b met. It shewed some of tho ' ;
diffleolties, aom of tb cauae for delay
wbieb tb government Wa called upon
to meet la It effort to speed np prb- '
paratlons - and.' to , properly equip H f.
foreea' ,,. ; - -. r..1:.
v.Word received from Fort Vfortk ye. '
terdsy told of th death near thtfre of
Bobert Garwood, of New York City, '
a member of the British Boyal Flyiag '
Corp. Garwood was billed in an air- ".
plane accident, the forty-fifth to )
cur .ia Amerieaa , aviation , training
rampa' v ''.. 1 i, ,', ''.
At av t
''7, -'
': 'V ..'
,'t v
x r
I i- '.

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