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i viiriinAi aitrVftrfii inWiri 'lgliiWViln:ti':'' r'..'.-' aSftl. : " 1 i; :;. JiiiTrrirr.T iTlnitfn nrWinii ilrWrrlrv-I"
ii.iiTrii .rir Ti Mini
'; ' EWry&fl ' I'sTipfrcceJt Suf
r.antf T4t Price War Been -
r)nk rnfTc nor..
.ill im I. inr
imi -n hi? una .
Taxes Must Be Afldea to ouerihi-r.,.iiti -h,.r (.. .x.rt n-ur,. hv
cosu ana uioa ana forro
v . Jniirationi rr ttat this w ill b
Vf tha'MaaiU that. Mjet. ot?
. raner ii maauea to mm wiu
U-.' ftaaarj i.''Thai faliaf aright
om ii tfie iapa' oi 'a tgitf prtia
i-a, j'.' A. t r'u 1 ..
might eom, ltf arV through lowar
tfifH rtM. T tiling U Krtowg
taat itawait. to'gitW witV Uialaiaai,
i. .n.t 4.
la being d.aeriminatftd agalaat la rar
' -M :Ua CUUh hat ' rta . FUcCa, Xbaa f What thay Wri for the aeaaon previ
' Jpiiriki, '. V;V t owil! having fneMpaaad-Yon B3,W0
J'.'Etarrtaiaa haa aooa u but a- Jon reported, Varch 15, to the prewnt
'.lu rfk. il,f.i ria af aiort taaa -124,000 to... "".l;
WAft.Wti 'fifth. -rt'vawaiawaltmg ahlp-f
proauaaai ia.the.augar, tadurtry .have . on the Brut da of th. moath are
. , Ttceivtly, ekvrbaw-4 theia. Tteaf of' thj
mtuatioV 'aaJ 'Uiey 'giv. Hhvt'i, Vo
w-i-i .-' .3t--
": CupWaaant Bnrpriaaa ?. ; '
TJ Whea iMT lMrWYaf od4.tio.
.v' art 'lei;l 'tt " vJUB - W; Jotohd "tb.t
fcaMV ti -atarafi'iart )ibot . fifty
; tjerte.t higher Uaa they, vrtta b "the
prt aar perto4. rritieally everything
; that 1. require La .higher. yjijili tT
bonua .will '.ot- atr-Urge 4a' t
yrar thhagea.d. vrifl V fi; ex-
ee of .. thoae; hat prrvaitod before
' thrf bntbfehh of tTie'varThe'aeveiaa
'; fa tM oohaa VriH aot, however; toike
" ,nia; th. i.areaeaa. la ft?eihtt rt
.. Th'4 t'rja, af reiiMa alw.i. larir..
".To baa i I'Mwiciaco ' Th, 'irat,-' witV, te
billet tadiag u ad'U.mora thaa
-ouble. thai f Jat: yaV JU - to
.YpfK. ahipmenta the rate. U atill great
1 a!mariVla';lM'Wtaliit itIU
iol ba Iwtt'wid, a lalf..UAeaa great
km. If wtaa . . . t . 1 1 k.
,.FaaFra.eiio.U.uU.ba. ,The Jt waa
a to Wide try' ateatoe'r .a4 by tail
U will to StC3; -l. other wiwdaihe
ffrrtlrht' to .New Tork U ansra thai 4
hWnt at mtaaa ai ur'ii, "' '7 "" i-t -A.
' Bbc. re Aore tb.a three tiaee
ah iith .; thisj-; were ajr? the tHra yar
KriexL. Fertijizpi; has beej. mora tit.. 1
irbltL 'The 'sam. ji true wttH rolled '
t r , rley ' m ttaeh- ifo4..i with fuel
. .. iUv Vamfpeee;-i.aY. aomtet ahao.
Po it te all the war .loag the Uoeu ' It
V see how coats' have' liefe.eed
. ; 1 rak fortV''.h lifty aThat; aa aalnV
: -v;:;. iu ma : w-v
; J ifa this d(x-a'nit innlude taxes, ipne
Y)ktatiaa'jea.pay -ha!i 'figbiraA that
, - it. war taaea witt amoaat ta ISO h ten,
J, ' anther ,irnr thij war: tajce. eeA
-1 . R igher. v.1here' la ' i 'eehf '."pound U.
J oAats lBtit'pHjri- One eonip.ne-Vill pa?
5a fealerat Ui'ea .tbih tarn tike?
- ' : N. , aa', aaiM-h a. if fedar.1 i.xea. paid TaM
' . nounted to. Ih the f.ee.of aoel
r htaggerihr flgnre IWa eaV W- !ily
v V hme; eoacttiain.. dividnhda will bare' to
... t b.v?lra)J-ally enl. VT
' 'th'a'lOlt arop ud not feel tha At-
f aWeat h Hwati 'as itl this Vakh erbp.
It. wa planted n. lB15, The,' fertjlfrer
Ha oil bougftt that' year helped rVo
rmtatt'tha water -far brrgaWea, Tie
ItAtm, . . !
lOtS Jaboa eoMa were lowers
. ''This tear 'a Won waa nliuitrit In 1
wVea eoarh Were not so ahrh as la L
he. eoarh Were not so hia-ti .a la 191 1
- so neoct ynr t oosta vrlB Vaeven
, high? yn h tfir it will have requir
' eJ" for ita" growth rwo" yea'ra of hial
.''": wK'.'y' -' . gl
i.'VTerHtarm taxes 're a bo higher a.ad
; ' jthc!, the, eomnanUa nuat meet. , Valun'-,
c. " tary' eontrioplioaa fo the 'Tted 'QroVa
'. - -ate? JkAif Mhia4e by iost 'af l'e'4uv
. 't-aniea. ThrPtb, taking-.very thing
, . inte eoosycieritlon, has grown te nor
' :. rljons proportions. -
letfa tt Sat . '.
i , ' 3ftgh''-priaea f?r raw sugar would
' h ft tha oqly out jfor .thepro
s' ' durera of, the Territory-. ' JxtWtt fright
re. I reafenrttioii of the ol' ' til,
. ; ,woul4 rp sjme but not enough, It
;S- ta i. urged Ihatjjit tha eampaaiW
1 1 far,Va 4h,e will lave smaller tsxea
t. P435. Tie. but that aIll not help
., . )tb,e, stockholder. The eoa.ts .re away
.. ;ttaa. .-..-
j Ffttt the rixlag. of auav PVf
V;' Hawaii hd tha henelj; of ,proUtiTt
iarJU. 0V aix af n nr. for Haw.ii
jaol,fiTa aij.n.t ang.r for Caba New
...;;CiJm fata, .t, Sant aytar ehila llawa
,' . .bays, the a4'Ve freight ratea hf $de4
t)ifl a laiVng ta.,'M4 9m M"
i ? . r . aiil aeeea, WofiM. taaaa. TuJ. ha, a)
; h.yat at it uhder h'o sew. state of
'0(liXrf.tJr - .i, '. ( ;, , ., i. ... .
-.! Ija"l.iae .planter are ao( a.p.trio
K Xfcer ari trdnji dfl. Jha pari
, , 1.4 want to 3e U, bu yvv Ara. more
any more clearly seeing, th6uu aa! yejj
V;. thfer -ieerl .areteraUy Ja "ailaae ar
, ery, rly,JfiRt tbeuba. & the
Fprtp Eiaa, Jrr9weta aava' y tha heajt
. , bf.U andfr.,tha aew. regim.,.; ..
, ; ,.,:iTiaa,,4f.-ttaUi i th 'Urt that
' T??7VA .a h"7 .'pa angar.
.; ; . ltr. tawri.. agent for tha, shiptiaa
Voard on Kaa.l, recently submitted to
the konrt a irarosa1 for tha examptioa
of KawiUwlK whatf, h '
WQYWeJt'WiJUtuo,:lhe Pait Tin
pys Hae Beeji Better BuJ
There Appear Accumulation
Bhiiinpnt tn th purt 4rn dan have
igo'na foVwrd iior Vtliidiy Wqd thu
(ffnrrl ofrr movfmfntt lit nation in
litore'ftrorttfcle. cxcpptins onW Mstr
To rfr'r thfT k .'luff the Txluidt
1 '':..iTJ?rs y.
in known. Tbfe 'himiit have hfi
Dipil in various rloaitM of vrraapla. two
j (joinjf in tow V Th the OttU.
Monrrh. towixl b
muiwrrn, w pt-ins IlrfniP. tR-
the Oregon, aUo tfw- '.
f p, tOTt, took 300 tm. of WnU'ta
n toil inatniirn In
tngar. j- , . ...
J thla f ,b 0950 tana .of
' E,'r" ' tha ftartiai.t; 5oo
1 tons of anar tb Mononcahpla. Tha
;telv known to bo gMng by war of th .
, biL ( TTioro rai.r fcc-ot)
' iSt
othora lntr pat
t at thin tiaio.
"r f'""i w Wfoaa or mora mf
j,. ,., w ft t.B . .
to be fnrnJahed by tba Variooa .jtenrica
' W repreat.tatlvr Vf the .hipping
1 board aa aoo attar that date aa prae-
UfAlile. . Theae mav be available bv the
ehd f next Week or it majr be .' few
0ya -longer: Theae ggurea will make
pbeelble eoiiaperiaoa '-a. -vnth the .rat
of Vareh an') it 'eaaj be the. determin
ed If sugar. la piling ap In storage and
to what extent.' : .- ,
Lait figorea of the later-Island com
pany. ja au(?r i, .waiting ahipment
Showed ' g5.Sf hags, , 428S tons, on
Kaaai'and 284,8S5 bags, 14,204 tone on
Hawaii. ,. ; ; . e .,; .. ,
V, ' V . .-
piiaToboDble Its
ejj (ft AJeyaiice
borne improvements that have been
planned by plantations and sugar torn-
panics in 'the Islands re being tempornr-
lly abaadoned or behl in abey.nee at
the preaent time berauae, it is aaidl it
th. aatfertaintr which attaches to tha
securing of .the materials and the m.
e.Bl.ary at the time desired. This is
oceaaioned by the eongeatio. la the
great, aaaaufarturie on the mainland
..d tha giving of preference to orders
Vfhbh ar. essential to the government
On t the meeting of ita most urgent
heeds. ..J;; .
.. V71C instance or tue Holding in SDey
ante.of important improvement, was
roeeotly le.rued. This is tUe proposed
Brrr Qetrie.nl generator which the
BfTaui- Agricuitural had determined to
install, .It w.a uij at the agency of
tha company tbia week that it had bee.
determined to undertake nothing in the
lil )6f the improvement at this time
because of th uncertainties which . at
aoheL - ,
.X'h. plana of the Maui company con
templated, the doubling of ita present
electrical equipment, it one of th
&rt,'. probably the first of tb Island
CpmiMluia to install au electrical gen
erating system.
GriTvan Sailox Did Not Git False
'"Papers In Honolulu
itt V-.Yp 9olt, tbe Honolulu consul
fun. HjlLiua, 4epio empbuticlly that
faal 9ten, the niiivteen-year-old Uer
mJia kallbr taken from the- schooner
Obien, got his finuilulent papers, on
which be used to pose hm a Outch eiti
kea, from' the oftiru of the Diitch cvn
halat here.
' Cnit Utea Marshal J. J. Hmiddy
waa respo.atble fur the setiod pr'ttt
ev:WedMesday in The. Advertiser that
hleetea had secured his papers front the
Konohilff Pntrkconaul. '
r; 8ul4dy.,ra firing out the . ittforma
rloa gafdiug the discovery of the
tw Germs. saiUira, aaid that Hoetes
hhd gotte. the liUh papers he carried
froWr th Uouolnlu Dutch consul. This
(tatement waa rua.le without qualin
eatloa act is though tha evidence had
bA's;urv by the marshal' staff.
According to. Oonaul von' Holt there
If vie reeoed of aui'h papers being ix
sned in his olUce, ami he haa been io
(orad, 'he savs, by the navy- inteJli
gene (Bers, who really apprehended
wo Oerm.a sailor on the iUsm jpl
soo. that ao such pupers were fouud.
Consul van, Wit s'l'U tat h was
told the two (iermaii aailora aecured
their false .nidsvits of Holland .ml
Norwegian (itiaeuahip iu Bouth Auieri
; ,'' " " :
Vlltll L11UIIL. Ul L-L.L
n vt rL-.. n
nsa.Ml rWl'VUJi-Ulfl VVHipdliy rjC" and the tendency of the cane
lerl TA Walt Bricailii nf " Put anore land In com which
i' . i n V ivl . i- ' a ready sale, and other stap
. riCSCni Uncertainties nnd cotton.. man who haa
VJ&W club house and restaurant and group Of employes of Laupahoehoe Sugar Company Mill,
IN at Papaaloa. In the group of employe fe J. ,Tait, fc. WeslcotV j.' Oliver; W. itawkina, k
FrSa,.W.,McKenle, W.' Rattray nd I J, $teari ' v. .; V?;
N EW OELEANK, Vareh Con-
tinued very excellent Held weather sad
repnrta that thete was a . probability
that the 1018 ' acreage would ,ba-ie
than 1V17 furnlahed, Ue. chief., topio
' of tntereet frona the planUtiooa.iR-hH
week jut .ied.-Aa ta Ihe (Lrat, propos
ition there is ho eonfUrtiin,4be eeporU
but na to the qtiestion of 1914 iaere.aa
, there 1 a divereity of Opinion: A,A jery
, prominent Ft. Mary, planter said wed;;
neaday that it looked to him. a. if there
' would be less .crecge i. cane this yea
because or tne price regulation of sugar
growers to
lea like rica
tonv beep
IdenHfln with fhn aniriii Itiftiiatrt- m
the' river" pnrlah'e'a reported tha; same
tmdenry in, his jiertion ' exeeit tHnt i.
hia eaae ri.-e Is the favorite Subetirute
for Vngar rune, lfe a.id that .large
aumbnija'af the rilsnlers wer. nuttlnd
all of their back lnnds i. rice .lota the
river and In the rbntiguou siiear phr-'
lehes. I'erhafs the moat prominent
rir fnetor in New Orjeana, ho.wevei-,
tfrfputee theae statements; saying that
ail of hia client have increasal thcJr
run Ihnda an. I tliat inrreaaed aerugo
ta k ia oneral all over the suger. dis-
Itiict. There, the (mention atanda now.
fi.fl Tr.i j
A coHference of the agrieulturai lax-,
tereata of l.ouiaiana was held in New
OrleaiiH during itie paat week'for the
purpoae at hringlng about . eommunity
of iiitercitii nuiuiiu the various hrsne.lwa.tH uuamituia. i .
New sumiMckiti's ExicVflfibW
.N i-nv
YOKK, March 8 Jfha " .later
Siiear coiumittee during tud
week hn arriinged for the pur-
i-hoHC o(
of Culm
to prev
approximately 0,0d0 long tons
Tliene purchases, in addito.
"in sales of Cuba. for-JXar;h
liipmeut, I, ring the total arranged, for
by the committee , l0Be to lSSlboO tona.
- i iu uiutc awouy Jiow,
OOp ton, of Oubaa in iarch, tii leaf,
the purchase of another 6J,000 Hn t
be arranged f , . by the cohimittee dtlf
i7)g tjlie bnlaiiee of the molk..;& ad
dition to the purrJiBjivs of Cuba the
committee alao reported he, sales of
about 41.1100 bugs of Torto Kico. and
some 7500 tna of full duty sngars. The
lattft fuvefisses were all llo6ted to
Canadian refiners. v $.;
The shipping aituation shows sflme
improvement from the condition ')
vailing bjHt wek. The withdrawal, af
the Dutcb HtHBiuora which were assiga- j
ed ti the Cuoa sugar carrying trtvdVi
ruiisniert',1 a (iieturiimg factor a. week
ago in in reality ,,t causing s inch
trubU u wua expected that time.
The joint coiumittee on West Jodie,
Transuorlatiun aeems to hav., oi'Ces
fully met tbii unexpevtd- disarrange;
uieut of tonnage facilUie. gome iwelv
steamem. it ia n potcd, have beea. with
drawn by the Dutch iovernment l but
it i understood that their placei hiv
SAN Fh.N('Is(i, Mirct IVtU
SUUuhI report to
totkbpldora of Jh,
hi "ii c-utjii r i oiujiuuy, recently-made
by 1'reanlent I', (j. Drcscber, ah,0W. .t
net profit for the year' opetf tioua, ojf
!Ml,li:S, nl h credit-baUnaa, at! the
end of the year of r.W,70S. Tb. eeni,-
recently- made
pany hiirveKted ftd.ooO tona of 'beets
from li'ilin
ere lnml.i
tea, lit i i.ercent of which
nui'U or leased bv tha coat-1
1 J
i.nv ' "T.
etW'it.i i
'. .:,c:; .'.''J.'l V' V;
of agrie.ltar.1 endeavor (in. tbi 8tntA,
The ceaferenee .waa. largely attandstl
and, ihjo.14 result in a general strength-"
eni.jr of ,thsv.4(iciiltural fares of the
Btatee .nda-in theit, development .long
all? liM.a.o ilCba ,ihvcment - haa- -at Ita
bead'OBi..,repr1.t.tiva vsug.t men
Uke. Ed wt4nj,CMlcbaux, Weary. Qua;
guierif Si and. , great his sy ; ot hiws. " ' V.
Washed , Sugar . -. ,. j, .,, . .t , , j,'. . . . - ' . t i
- .The intem.tional sugar ommittee)of -?
reflilnra. ia nojleratund ta. be irenarinff I
. sebodule, for washed aiigar asd up
on the grade of the sugnr ."4 aot eal
fulated to; give tha kame. price' to the
maker .of rough wsshed sugar ".thilt is
paid toi (he moo(ar,torr Kotigij-elass
claxifieds, j-il. itolph'is said t ave
adrla6d. certain laisiana planters tiiut
such tw8 .the Jlriej ( actio. vhlch- Jlh.
committee : bad ' mapped .t foV itaelf
in. regard, to sUcu; sugan an the eum
snitee, illd ao want'.tbi Loiiisisn. eorp
psay' tliat V maklpg ra( plarified, tiiid
aot short order wanned sugar, to be 'at
hllt.feufpl that the" wilt pot be giyaa.
a differential fair enough to eneouraue
and i n.ot diajonrage ita production Dn
the' other hand, ,M;.' qlph ;ia. atdd o
have; tojd them , that, .the coneera that
Biakes Uo crude 'washed sugar. sAlcH
some did make rnat:sessea and which
they sold at tha same price as re.1
nlarifleds, will aot- be, permitted' to sell '
their interior ools at the sam. price
as- the good clarjiieds are. sold, , The
deleilg of this prica schedule for , daft
ds have not vet been out toaether.by
fen filled with bottoms of equal ton
nage by th shipping' board. .-t,i
'' The forwarding of West Indiad sugar
VP to the present timhUai exceeded
cx)cf tat ions", and ther is every rehson
to, believe that the movmfit of raw
for the month Of March" Will b in ex
ceas of February '4 tonnage, . Accord
ing to the latest figure bbtain.ble; the
The exact figure is reported to be in
excess of 63?M) tU tip ta Febrh.ry
Jg,."; fJf C I by ' f vr.
V One development f . tha iweek haa
been the announeenient by the inter
na tionsj sugttf tommitte of a reduc
tion, of A eentf .pry hundred pounds for
Porto .Bu'.n auger; for, Jlew Orleanitf
placing these sugar on"1-' basis , bf,
6.P45 cents, Slid ef foll duty paying
sugars to the-same Teflidng point; frbm
4,749 cent to 4.8)9 enta ev L I , JTies
adiutman ia prA vverf mada. nees.
nary ia order to, equalise the. cost price
to refiner to that p Cub, which have
been pld,. it (w,-Prl-ei,aVi-W5
f U f . t. .X,..U ,.unde,rtoo4 this
dju,tmut yHl hav to bemade oa all
Pprto Bico and fv&.'i u,ty paying ugars
that have been .hipped to Kef Orleans
duriua the nreeeat erop1 season and
Ipravwusly p.id fo. A la tha aoarse of
settlementf'nd on mil Sugara-.f ir f d-luS-c
V lUvery. . r Je ' ; -' ''' - i
Ml ITniraraal, 61 Mfx.icO City,
mates that : the fcubar ,rr foh tBl.
ffaj, i'n' i frit? dr;vW W'ui
bj.,00 fef'in..,t5i t)?e;epuWie
ot . Mexico wiU har to imparl 90,000
tons of forelga siigar during the year.
No oftirisl government .atatlstlss' .. of
Mexico auaar . production ar
T:.!i. - i i . ." r .. . ...
IrH. .i
fK'& , H I,
ioihi romm iTf on .nen inuit iniui- . -
portatlon. haslie.nblli tb"( taV ff!le i " -,". ",a" th
goal it tWfifa ioAi-pi 'saga-, .napved ft4 ' 0rmae-Anii
or earitn iie , duriened ' bvi hl.ceh ' 1. 1 ad btill other Getmai
ly .i
. V, .
: U ihdV ii hf tha jiomfort a.d the.
. pleasures of , ita employe; Latipa
Hoehoe Kugar Coinpany Juitrteeh-'
tya Completed a.d equipped for iti
emplnyas at FapaaJoa, Hawaii,
wh? re 1 located the'eomp.ny mill,
a club house and ri atanrant, erect
ed st . cost tif $5000. This plan
tation is how ono,of:. tha-best
equipped1 so far s , care, for tht
comfort- of. Its employes goes, of
any plkntatio. 1. the Inland a.
Within this fine hew elub house
. ther6 is a billiard rom, reading
. rooui. gufKt or living rom, Which
Is especially rosy; ' dining room
aal dressing room! with shower
i bathift'.'. i . -
. ' j. Alongside the elub house the
romjiuny has put in a fine double
conerete tenuis court. '
The tiew elub House is a home--like
yiuue; -aiid tho employes are
- finding much enjoyment, iu th
comfort and pleasures it h.a to
P?er- .
tit - 1....V I.'. .11, ..-v
lion ot NatioaaWY v lray
fr,ove Highly imp,or.tant
,&hV ' effect vil tie reorgaiiixatio.
of H. Hack f el .I A Company halV on the
retaining: of Official and Htgne -employes
of sugar compiiiies ahd plasta
tlons vhU'n ne company eontriila or
represents! This is a question that ha
been frequently' aafed recently,'' The
reorganisation is to bis completed On
April 80. ' ..i.-..'.'-- ?
. ...... . .
40 the tluckfeld controlled com-
re are soverat
loan m.nagera
i ior- fleraiss-
American higher employes. - As to tnoat
of these there has been heard ao charge
M .dlalhytfty; Thre have ecentjy J
lieen beir9 rumors .thuf; two chaK n
Kauai -were eumlng; bu( denial af, any
intention or knowledge of such change
was mad h present officials of the
'company pn Wednesday.'' .,.;
' The'mer fact that a rnnn is Germah
ia, la, those' daya, sufficient to give rise
to rumors that hi services ara, to ba
djspened aith. There is a grofing
feeling that, 'when in a higher oapae-Ili-.
Oermhus sjioutd at least, be vdoaely
whKhe,dj' o matter whether they may
nave or may hve not violated any aea
timents which might be considered die
loyal. This e'an hanllv be considered
unnatural -whiri it li remembered it,
undoUbteilly to Amerluud wculd le.'p4aA
mi tied to hold a high and responsible
poaitlun Iu (lermany st this time. ; ... , .
iflluieaf is strong: ,4t' is uuf9rtu
pte for, employe ko have heretofore
been trusted and for alert who have
heretofore enjoyed th confidence of
their associates that thoir nativity
bu!d end to destroy that trust and
cotifideoce, but it is nun the lea iyiU
praL - f such persons have to go it will
b,their, misfortune. . ' '.,' '.'
,. her. if. Ittlei livelihood but that t,be
new djirctorate, .w-lien It taVeaioWcf,
Till cause a pretty thorough nvitic;
t ion to tie made and - that w here 'Buy.
grouud for eh.nges' Is 4 fpu.il tbos
thaager will be aiadc.' . i 'v,
i '.' ft V a, i :j';: j IX. ' r ',
t. 1 j . . .
ap 1
"' 'v '' '
ti i vet
lllflBMlllB M M W W K M M I i T sL
v ti: . ii, - W
Next.Montfts Estimates Will Tell
wnetner . urought pamage,;
; ' flgd'res Can Be Re4uber'..-
t . in. K ,'vVi:' ;
April ,.rop - estimnts .will, toon be
forthcoming sod, they. arc aslied with
ft great dehl of Interest, especially front
those pUntatioh. oa Maui tad Hawaii
ib'al, .were seriously affete4 f jth.
d reiight and where the earlier estimates
were far below "tie crop "of laat yf.r.
i Expert, sugar taea have said 4ht con
ditio., are BO .bn6rmil that this Is
one -of the most . diflarult year, they
havi ever ..known . Id." figure .'as .sugar
Crops. There are likely to be incidents,
(her any,- where a.rjy estimate -wifl
b eonside'rabiy txtteeded b actnal re
sults and there may- be expected other
Instances were exactly tha. reverse sit
uation Will develop,, . j - ,k ' ;'
i Thus far, ba abate af tha1 plant Itlohs
that were affected by the drought, the
sugar content has be ft below the eon
aetvativa ertimafea that were' mad Ih !
October... The eaoe- has put on mo,cb
growth and has; benefitted In that Wai
front. the stornfs and 4h4 rains; . The
present Is considered the turning point, j
It is believed that the growth which 1
th drought retarded- bad. A aw been
made, up about .. far as may be and
that from this time rf the soerose con
tent will Increase. .If this prove, to
b the. case those;. bUatatidits' WUl tat-h
or exceed the eatim.tea ,bot, the poasl
bilitv 1. there that la some' Instances
the hoped for gai If sucrose content
will not come. '' :
On Hawaii, In the vicinity of Hilo
epeer.lly the leaf hopper is pl.yrng
eonsiderabl .hatoc , Conditions are
probably o wots tha. last year,' gen.
erally, bat they, are ao better -and the
neat I certain to, cause ..considerable
loss in crop e. a nombef of planta
tion. 'While the Oetober-.( estimates, were
considered eonservttlye there hfcvc
bees Instance, wher. the figured driven
la tha aonnsl report to the stockhol.l
efs .materially red deed : those preliati
nkrr shiriplng figures. There have been,
a . few- instances, , on the other h.rid;
where there were increase ta the liter
estlm.teiryrvevt the earier lna. At
estimate wbnld ymsk . considerable
total thefe'asa er the Oclober estl-
mates but present ppinioa Is that there
will not be any very Jmiyvrt.pt; Increase
hown when next niokth' figtirea" arc
L. fi. fiewioia, at, an tffaie puraer on
phe of ha first ,jpuee steamer an-
gaged ill the Japan California Vun, for !
Bom time pan the aiUut to William i
Averv.iA. th. 8aa.Fmneie.a manairn.
ihent Of the Toyd jclaen Kaish inter-!
est, is ta be the Manager of the Hond-
tula, o Alee of that company: which will
oe opened in the young Hotel fcbopt
July, 1, it 1s said.
' Bomls if as one of the trio bf popu
lar. 'parsers : on th . throe , Japanese
steamers vrhic,h cemprd the fleet p.
the trnpaoifle on several year ago.
im u uli
T ate4twa.'vrer Edlll Robert and aupplementary fwd prodneHOn pro
taeev Ooodrinh. A three) have .i.e. ' f"' UweJ 0,1,ly tbe 1 ni,f ,t,,"
held, office and .cxecutir position pf . DPftine.t of Agriculture joins in the
tie. rpoeaibllity with the Japhdese i !'" 'ojj; larger domestie sugar
company " . -' j production. The . prograio makes the
Cstle Cooke, agents for 'the-Toy !l,wiul recommendations on this
Kisea Kaiaba at present, believe li will P0,1,-, ". , . ...
take tl 'toentS'ahardwork.to tura the 1 Effor nho'1 u m8'le t0 ''tln
local bosineu over to the ateamer com-' tJ,!,'4'rc'1K! ,u'r '"M ",l u,tftr
pany, when- th. sep.rate dffice U bpe.ed , ocU' lk",reas tbM1? ,
in Honolulu. ' " V- 4 " ' . - ' thM '"l w 1 aatablMhad
r. n .-t..j.. ri.it- a I Br necessary to sound agricultural
fln&'hiri V""' f (-.fctory
the' Korea Mara a to the anmber of
pasegr the bd. tkkb ttonti HonoluJd
r.-r -TT r-T"Y f r", ."Vn- '
t t.b tjoatt. , The advfee re -x,
pected today, when the many booking
for passage to Baa Francisco will be al
io t ted; : .-..- i , is y .-.. :,;.
t?00il,,A? -..TW;K?flfiltabU the public t. conserve .till fur "
snip. or n ruMire .re i Ccporyco; xa ,
um .uMirp (vkv'v vy
hey arWiao for the .tam.
new passenger carrier dded
""V - ..'.-'
goou, a inoy ar also xor to .ifa.n.r
r.e.ein, new
to the Mataoh ,
', For the firat.tlm wooteai haye apter.
d the Audubon ugair. chool at I)uis
ikn. State Dnlversity- twa yeung la
dies having matriculate for tt aecond
term.,' Miss Daisy Inca Greenwood of
Wit ' Castl; ' Lt:, shd Satis Xtmlsa
Btes. of Detroit, Mici,hava anvlled
for Mie-furt fve-yeaf ypuras, ad fter
fn WrtrtMit; hrf p.reu. , Utit, -, vaotd
of IsAigai dhaniista!' ItV 3reaw6od
will assist her father, a prominent
plantar of White CasUv Aaetheriiow
vation was the entrance. at the begin
ning of thtahr-y;r,y Voefi la the
CoXlege of .'grlijuUurb, , . One . of the
young women will take the entire
The Audubon, ftugar hol 1 unique
in that It graduate avone all over
th. world if prastlslnar theif profession.
Dr. C, t iToates, the da 0 the eehooi:
has estabUbe( .wonderful lep.f.triM
W the Inittit'.tJjDn.. oven which h pri.
i,lc i-Ko other school iq . the' world
has - the.- uma mok.' and' it foVrnft
students bold Import nt- positions in
every part of th worm,.
U: J.
1 1
CbnslrucUve Work For the hand-'
'i ling of Jhs Year's. Sugar If-;
'( - jCrop Thought Ended , j v
X v M-wawaaBi
Leaves. New,. York To Spend
Month In His Home In Califor
nia: Jo Vi,sit lew Orleans ;
. ' NEW YOS,,, March 9 Although
ao oflfielnl . .announcement h." beeh
issued by the international sugar com
mittee .regarding its recant or . further
activities, indications are at hand that
the committee. '..ha; pructically com'
pleted it constructive program for th
1917 lPld . erop ' season, i Facta About
Sugar report t -r' -
BxttlaJi hfembert Depart .
' . That such i 'rh. raVe is borne out by
th knowledge, that Ht Joseph Whito
Todd' and J.-fiamWy Drake, th twe
ucrtihcrr of th committee representing
the British 'Royal "Commissio. on th.
ftiig.r Mupply, had recently left New
York.- The Interests Jbf the commission
durirlg their absenoe will be looked
after by J, F: Bruce of the Royal Bank
6f Cadadit.i'-Jt -I' understood that both
Bir.dosejih White' Todd and Mr, Drake
will return! td this eoustry later tn the
year, uitlesw'the War should happen to
end, In order to participate i. arrange
ment for the, purchase of the 1918
1919 Cuba. crop. ,
., In addition to the departure of the
two English members of the committee,
Chairman George M. Rolph left New
York on Thursday for a months vaca
ting. He will spend moat of hi time
at bis home in California. On hi re
tain trip ta the Eaat sir, Rolph will
make a atop at. New Orleans, when, he
will Confer with John M. Parker, Fed
eral Food Administrator for Louiaiana,
and a committee composed of planter
knd dealer. of ithe state . to . plana
to' bei put l&tuffect.e,overing the m.r
ketiitg t.tha.l9Jaji19 crop.
air. Tare well Dinner
rCa Uoiiday f this week . disner In
honor of Mr. Rolph pas given by rlir
Joseph Whit Todd, at which all of the
v ; members pf the committee and
their wives, Mr.. and Mrs. lioisce Have
m'eyer gud Mr.' Rolph' daughter Dor-'
Pthy ' Were presen'. During the dinner
Hjr Joseph White-Todd . presented to
, jt Mr. Rolph aailver (oving cup 6a' which
was jHscnned: , .
" Mr., George, llorriaon Rolph from
Mr, Joseph White Todd.' Bart-; . aou
i-onir of a very -delightful intercourse,
October,. 1917 March, 19iy
With Its constructive program com
pleted the activities of the Internation
al sugar coimavittee for' some time to
nii.lll K aialaLv dmlnUlrtlv anil
largely aindethe control of (Secretary
E. H. Keeley, ; formerly vu-.e president
tP; me VDicago, .M-iiw.u.ee .no
pa"1 Railroad, who although
vtotisly ludentined with the
nrit pre
sug.r in
duatry, 1ms, since I tie appoi.tment on
February -8. woa' the confidence and
esteem of tha-'trndeJ
w ava
WAStftNOTOX, Febrnsry 20 In its
luhltlllltM Cw ailttar Inj.ln.li n iat.
ghum, corn and cane . syrup, uiapla
product and honey cau and should be
increased. Sorghum syrup, it is point
ed out, may, be produced la. .early
every state Iq the Union, and increased
wrliis4l nal 4 ana,kitm a am-ka.4aa '' avAi1,l
tF the Wg.r ..upply in t
,veiau, tfr tran.portatie
. .. " ,
I tibial Mstoativ I
tk1F th r mmiiy in th( for, mant
BVelaUe, for transportation to .ur sol-
. NEW ORI,E.Wfl,.t.ouisian., March
4 The St- Gabriel Sugar Company,
Inc.. with eapltal of 156,000, has filed
i charter of incorporation at I'laqne
mine. Alfec E Beetle! is president of
the company; Frank; J. Falson, vice
presides t,' and J. B. Ie Blanc, secretary
and treasury., (The .company will take
evfs the 1 Alcede,, "hnigle the Laurel
Ridge (wioty, i announced, and
will-remove t)t . from j Whiteea
Point' hear' t. Qabiiel. 1 The
sue 10 a
fq He' eneeriiiff.'worh ha been let
to C. 0. Feltief. .There ia at preaent
I no factory in the Ht. Gabriel section,
lU. .1.. Cj .,... ,,, .
jiiu iuc couipnoy, wuirn win opersie on
the eo-bperatlve plan, haa already from
10,000 ti.U,0Q0tona, of cane in sight
for the 191ft- grinding and ia planning
to extend its ofieratlons.
' n V-
A better 'laeilisino can. not be made
than Ohaniberiain ' Cough Urmeily. It
relieve, th lungs, opens the secretion,
aid. expectoration .ml .agists Nature
a reatoriug the system to . healthy
Condition, . Beaides, it contains no opi
ates .ad Is perfectly fcnfe to take. For
sale by nil donlens, Benson Smith ft'
ik Ud.j.ag.u 'fo', UawaiWAdvt. '
, ;,,,!'l,ii, )illj,V.,' .'' .' . '
'fktr;vi yivr.o .l'f.i. 'ti. 1. ' , , ; ' .' .
i' li.,
' t

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