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';' - - ' ' - "v.' '- " ' ". " ' i ' "' r " '.; r'-v ' " '' t
, .. ' " . : . i -js ' y,- , - . ,. " . . . i .' . s ; ' 1 ' 1 . , ',
v'---;,v vAv- i-Vvt :r 'fAv-- Hawaiian (jAftrfe:'i
Mf gi
a5 guuauiuw rui Hiicai
t ' $9W U o IpnetJbktdlfpr nJ ryed to ti army
! ;.; Loy'g Bakery M rfud to tk tananaa (ronj the Terrfi
r ; Por rip bananas auch 'af wera ffere to thj bakeries ajt
one ent ai. powia during jWPa, Caiapajgn',f w9
sents- ponn4 is now, asked. v(v; (.rv,. ' . ,v..
-.i Qren bananas are nqwr sold t marketing divisip'by
the poqnd instead of by the bunch as had been the previous
custom.. ii, .. . yj' . v-' v-; j-, . T " '''
"vCompIaints are rifethat tt U ' lmoa impossible 'to 'get,
rMX g.99d bananas except' at a, very. Jiigh figure and that ixv
fedor bananas sell .considerably higher thai formerly.'as hih
a: a v. a.: " ..L l' 'ii-.iJ. ' . r
"T V4 vv" MR y' 7 fflMi ftUqe, ago, ., jf..
.''laaolulaDyiUiealc'ft' tv,aol
iU'aak'.'J.,. i,hif ia tha qttioiT that
many M mw kliig tbamaalvM when,
thay not the prleta they are charged
for tha banana, th maet common of
h.oma growa fruit. They; will aik'tt
nipra 1olty when It bwohien jreneralr
known that the array has "rut out
tha nfta 'of the'HaUble ubtltttta-'
bread hook had . learned to baka
Wauea tbe'roit of tht baaannl waa
floahled to it, and that bnkartM tra T
fnalag'thr fruit at the double edat tt
ated from them. " .
Orowara Say "TJnproflUWe" ' '
A. the , Territorial Marketing Divl-
' aioa yetterday it wu learned that the
price of ripe banana had been doubled
anj( that thia waa done under lnitroe
tiong .from the growera. It waa (aid
A. f. Campbell had told them the grow
er eoull-a9t profitably ripen tha ba'n
nai ud well tbem at tha prir for'
which they bad formerly been furnish'
ed. It waa also learned there that tha
army had prompt) eeaaed. t plnee or
dera When the hew ifrice waa annhtiaei
44' that the "management 'of ' Levi's
Bakary had aald It would fake nf more
the green fruii but It waa ol4 by
the pouod Instead of by the bux-iil
TVia waa done, it waa said, to do away.
With h hsgRling aver aisea of buaebea
and price. It was eonatdered fair."' It
waa alao id at the markeUng ilivialoA
that be Kreen banana had been- oag
ing, in' about normal in quantity and
generally . fair quality but not f the
quality sold during th ''Et a.Banada
Campaign 'fl
x.InvMtigation yeaterday at a number
of. store ahowed bunches of the better
grade aad rartetie of fruit that eould
formerly' Baa been purchased at 'tea
cent selling at fifteen and twenty cent
a band. Toe merchants aid auoh baa
anf m'aearca. It is the small pur
chaser who- la the aulferer in this re
syocf for'nbf' all families ean utilise
a hundred pound'.' pr ' ! even a Ifty
pound bunch bf fruit. ! Besides, if tbey
try to, they tonat get it to their home,
which adds to the Met. ' '
.When" seen yesterday A.. J. Camp
bell referred The. Advertiser to the
banana committee .".of the Vigilance
Corp witi whom,, he ai4, 1 b had Just
had S meeting: ' It waa therefor evi
dent Ifhitt 'an investigation. o( the Ho
ktion W- that; body i In, progrew.
Outstanding ricta T '".
'banana at two cent a pound,'
Ka 'lhrnltTan Daw '
'' if 't ri.l.LZLf LI.' -v- I dntstandlna' fie
for a neriod of tn 3n t u l.j r. . Meantime the" faot stand out
ing 'lHvtRioa explained thia by aatins t' ,?" JrP vvfte' the army and
thl 'm ot. t.' t.i'S.l I the bakertei have been doubled aad
banana offered. ,:''r ;' ' ' ' .' . . 4W aVt UeuSvhu baaaaa
Weahtlme Honolulu "folk tiara iVa Wi ij elnitBrv f hekt.1": J ;
holding p nd hnggmg the fond delu-l V Th! "l1? he ,l;kEt ,g ood
Ion that there haOeeiJ fouua a sati-1! H'V01! M'aCA-V " Bfnaaa
J , "Vf mwwihw VU1CV wouiu
obl ' the Islands' to iubstantUlly id
wnen were wa no a v nibble freight
space, for shipping banana a few week
ago, the ery webt tip that the fruit was
coing to waste. ''Honolutamv were Jisked
toe come' to the rescue and prevent a
woeful Inea.'.' Ifhe bariana'cominlttee of
)fh( tVlgllanee Corpe" took it tip and
started Campaign. : The Boy Scout
were, called on, and, ai they alwky do,
did yeoman 'serVlce. Beiident of the
elfy responded aplendidly' ' v
WeV Penund Oreat4 ' ' ' ,J ,
n the Vigilance CWrp undertook
thet-Et S banana campaign" tt wa
ajatured that if the home demand were
created the" grower would eee that it
wa kept aupplied, would meet the new
demand flrat and in preference to aliip
plng., Tha demand was,, created. fb
f ubIU eame te the resau of the banann
grower.' ow )anana are Ing ahif-ped,-,
again and , the question ia- being
asked Are we being treated right
s,nd petting- what was promised wbqa
di4. .pur part f ' ' ' '
When thf arVangcment for' th dis
posal of, bananas was made by the eom
tnittee of ,tha"Tlgilance Corps it was
fcarnod that the shlps' received niaity
ftve cents a bunch at the dork In Hobo
lulu. It w figured that one dollttr a
bunch wouli met the added cost of
handling locally, delivery , and Other
aurh posts. '"That iithe pVu'fc at whiuh
they were sold' at that time and never,
if pan said at the mirketlng diviipn,
bn suck a fin claa' or' grade of fruit
been 'een: thre M ' Wtt ' seen at that
tint. . ''' '. ' " '
anina Bread Come '
'It wa tq the height of the "Eat a
Baaada Canji.aigh "' that announeeqient
wail made of the (nventloh df fedipe
for! making banana br tad add that the
new; product appeared On the market.
New Of thia apetea in wheat eervi
tion wfi sent to th malnlnqd; and cre
ated quite a sensation hi the niaihlund
pre. '
' Xt Ah marketing' dlvlron it wa
Sid tnat the green fruit ia belug sold
at the 'eld price' of one ceat a pound.'
at which rip fruit waa formerly sold
to the baker. The trouble was, it' was
said, that each one tried to 'paa the
bur(.'.' on tl0 Ubjeoi of ripeuiog.'JTba'
hakara Claimed, they had net the apd
aud facilities ahd It would require toe
many liunche' on, 'hand at a time to
get the reqniaite quantity of evenly
ripened banana. The division had not
the requisite space' and the grower
claimed that to riieh then at the
grovet warranted a: higher charge. The
fact remf.ined the new price make' sub
Btitute Mhava(lable.
Retail frlce Higher ' '
Teddler and small dealers claim they
now have to pay a higher price for the
green' fruit than formerly" arid offer thli
a the 'excuse for aellfng an inferior
lrade and ma!ller hand of fruit for k
flime. rormerljC good .fruit tnd b . fair
sited hands' Soul. 1 be Weenred for spch
"small 1 change-1'. V ' f " '; i ,
polling Method Changed, " ' ' r k: "
At the maraetingiuviaion It waa said
Camnaliti. V "
C "Tke; amall dealer saJ" tb "peddler
are' eharglng more than they did before
the canrpaigoJ 'Thejf btiv' by the pound
lnteaa;of by tbe"b5nch7 ;.v;
' Banana; Vonsumera, are aake if they
he ve ' nof deliberately ' ' boosted the
price 'dnthemsetves.'' , .'f r"
ticonatUf Sngesed '. -" '
William H. Hoogs' auggcat that ex
port; of banana should be 'under li
eenle Of the 'Terrttoriaf Tood Commia
loa snJ that "that bolfy should make
sure S' sufflclen aljftpty ' of grade re
qqired 1 temaft at' home ' before iueh
export liceriae ' Be -Jrrarted. - 'He main
tain fhi'tgtWnieht made with'the Vig
ilance Corjia f Lbt beintf' lived up to.
"i nnni fpimi i:nn
Fourteen ArrDischaroed 'and One
? HunWpdSWpfefi, Wi
CHICAGO. Mareh Wr(Aasociated
f '.-- CompUlnte ajjaiusli fourteen
K.&t MlsVp?br "M ia-
dnri,l JVoikea ;, tk). World were
diamUsed yesterday oa, motion of the
prosecution, tha prosecutor saying .that
in these ease he-did 'not have sum
olent evidence "to-envTct. 4-
''The temaining' IW I.W-.W. defend
ant will: go. 'to trial bn- Moridav.
AjMingi'tkni'iB' Wiflia DuHayWood,
the 'se'ereUr'y of tbe' ersahitetlon.'1 ' '
-Tlnere is a 'Vsafamount'of docq
mehtafy evideac whie the'preeeeu
tion wirl present hk these eases, a large
part Vf HeoBslsHng tf books and
reconls which' were seised in raids.
The dflnastarv, hhyged with
oimpiracy to interfere with the oper
atldns' ef 'the. government 'la.' the con
duct of the1 war and the machinations
re asserted td have extended prac
tically front oeeaa to ocean" end from
Boundary to oouadarjr. ' (
QUEBEC, Vrh 20 (AssocUted
Press) Berious disorder, occurred yes
terday when pblic end a large erowd
of civilians clashed, 1 l affair -ap-prenehlng
the 'dae of a serious riot.
11 Wblle'apprebending deserters the po
lice were attacked 'by those whn are
opposed to; universal jeervtce. ' Others
joined the erowd and. elded against the
police." Foori'thcrewae a general m
lee and the''recrVe ha14'to be called
there bad been so increase in price of, out before the disorder were quelled.
of! Bar Association
A-ii .
With Some Mtemberi Refusing To
"Vote,' Organization Backs Him
Foe Place gn Supreme Bench
Vacated By Quarles
1 Judge John tfatthewmsn, formerly
Judge ot. the circuit court at Kailua,
Hawaii, wss endorsed yesterday by the
Br Association of Hawaii to fill the
vicancy caused ,by the resignstion of
Judire' U: Y. Queries from the supreme
court f JlawaiL , V ; ,
TTie reeommemlatlon wan cabled last
dght td the President, attorney general
Delegare "TCalanlanaole and ,He com
mittea on judiciary affairs of the Uni
ted ftata enate.
."TheTote wa not unanimous. Rome
member who did not vote naid they
had already gone on record la approving
the' appointment of other member of
the legal fraternity and had forwarded
letter to the Washington government
giving' the name of their selection. '
torn Wouldn't Vote ,
AOcprge A. Davis announced long in
advance that he would not vote, as he
waa 'on record by the letter route a
having' endorsed some one, whom he did
not neme. He said that he would walk
out of the room before the vote was
takea, so ae to have no part in the pro
ceed laps. With this, Jnd;e Pa vis walk
ed out of the door, turned nrnund and
-eupld a chair juitt vacated near the
poor. V
Judge E. M. Watson did not vote,
and when W. B. Castle arose and said
he had ' at one time voted in a non
partisan way : for endorsements, and
had named Mr, Watson for a judgeship.
h bad hoped that Mr. Watson wonld
have votid ' for Judge Matthewmnii,
a a' member of the association, unlet
he bad 'private reasons. Judge Watson
remarked that he, too, had already sent
fo Washington pivinr the nam
Of bis Candidate, and therefore, eould
not vote for this reason.
Urged, Salary Boost
'.judge' PavU before lesving the
room, said that he was a member of a
committee 'to recommend the raising
f aererie of judire. The committee
bad performed it duty and the recom
mendations had gone forward to Wash
ington, and he ked to be discharged.
The report wa accepted and the com
mittee discharged by president John
Catheart.. , - '
Judge D, L. Withington made a mo
tion to adjourn, but a several of the
members' wanted to make speeches, no
action, wa taken, whereupon Judge
Washington said that one of his reason
for asking an adjournment was to go
to a 'children's exhibition at a theater
where "Mutt and Jeff'.' were to be
seen, but be felt,, after all, that .the pro
ceedings . were developing ia uch a
way that he would withdraw hia motion,
a "Matt and Jeff" were being put in
the shade by hi fellow lawyers.' Thia
sally we too much for the legal fra
ternity and they adjourned Instanter.
- ; w. s. s. .
Jpdge Roasts ;Men
If Unif
Shabby Pdtnotism
. 9 r ft-, s,.
Is Informed that - Majority of
Army Officers Ray No Regard
To Hoqybc Rules Nor Care For
National Necessity.
' ' '. ' '
"I have been told' that many of the
officer at the local army post, particu
larly the officer of 'the Fourth Cavalry,
are paying no attention whatever to the
requests of the; government regarding
meatless days, wueatles days or any
other daya," says Judge C. W. Ash
ford. "If what I am told is true,. I
want to go on record' a saying that
such disregard of the national neces
sity of our leaders in uniform is out
rageous. "We are told by Washington of the
need for conserving food for our Allies
in Europe and for our force overseas!
we are urged to go without our usual
foods In order to show' patriotism. Are
we to understand that this deprivation
is intended only for civilians, or is it
that the civilian are supposed to be
more patriotic' than army officers f
"For my part, I see no good reavon
whatsoever why I should save in order
that some officer at an Oahu post should
revel. It la a mighty poor eitiaen and
a mighty shabby patriot who takes ad
vantage of the fact of an army com
mission to show a selfish disregard of
the urgings of the food administration.
, "We are accustomed to look to our
army officer for wxamplea in patriot
ism. Now, from what I am told, the
biggest example they are setting today
is ia hogging what really patriotic civ
ilians are trying to lave to help win
the war."
v. s. a.
In an attempt to try to save his in
terest in the Agaasia from confiscation,
because the vessel has been seined as
a suspected German raidsr with eijiht
German aboard, F. C. Wheeler of Ho
nolulu will leave for the Coast on the
next steamy available. He reiterated
yesterday that he did net believe
Maude Lochraue, the woman to whom
he had consigned hi interest in the
vessel so it could be sold, was a part
ner to the Agassi German plot. Wheel
er thinks the woman was dispossessed
ef control of the ship,' either by a
P.. ."Z! ;
PAZQ OINTMENT ie guaranteed to
pur bUnd, bloedjag, Itching or L0.
trudlng PILE9 in to 14 4j or
money refunded. MsnulactuieU by
thetARlS ML-XllKBCO.,SCZ,ui,
0.6. A- ..
Vcst Kna Board's1
Not Comprelieiided;
Examiners Had Tickets Giving
v Wears and "Transportation. To
. Registrants and Ytt Receiyei)
, financial Aid From plaitatypAl
Vtlti.tbirty"eeate allowedor'' 'iacb
registrant flnhlly cIsKnifteit, hnd with
tranrlatioa tickets for registrants
to go to and from examination places
the selective draft board of Honolulu
Js'Ss-yel unable fo comprehend why' tye)
west Kona examining board bad re
course to asking for traveling expensee
for the board from the plantation in
that district. , K - '
, JBoth-th thirty-cent allowance ticket
and ) 1he transportation paateboatde
were aent te the West Kona board by
Gapt. Jt,, Gooding Field, selective draft
chiefs exactly, k ha sent them to Mil
ther board, alt of which have made
use of them a provided by the Provost
Marshal General's office at Washington.
"The. Jocal boards here hair madk
eof Wth meal and transportation
tickets, -particularly in Bdard No.2
district 16 bring men here for physical
examination !frm Kahukn, Vk4 and
other but Wing' places," said Captaif
field. "The West Kona board, wad
the name privilege, but we have had ae
reports, a required under the selective
draft boaVd, that these permits" iter,
ud t all," be eontinue.l. ' t -
' I' feomequestlen ha arisen regarding
the tomprnsatioQ paid to member of
local' Xenytion-' and district board in,
this .territer'y for work done ia connec
tion vrftk the selective service draft.' '
"The Krdnous labors of the member
of ' thane boordr. necessitating' careful
and' exhaustive wort, and late kdursy
have becat performed , gratuitously; 'sad
with ti ))e.aUd apirit of patriotism.
"E)tcirtiQh, however, hs been taken
by the -WeatvKdna Hraft boarH, -who
(infortuiftlely made a poblie statement
to' tha effect that the plantation wore
standing their expenses. " '":""'
A th THrOvost marshal general de
pends largely oa the patriotism of the
membursOf-the' . various exemption
board, the Governor of Hawaii inter
viewed W. O. Smith a to the feelihtt
of one of th agents of a company Of
which Mr. Bmiti-wss a director, 'and
,wtao WaS. also' a Member of the Wess
Koha ' boavd on th matter of tack
mpensatijen. Thia ipterview resulted
La Mr'. Smith!' infomlng' the member of
this board that "gratuitous work with
considerable expense i sought by the
government. I did not understand at
first that expense paid was the point
at issue.' '"' ;
"In all ease where it Would work
a hardship to call for gratuitous ser
vice of any of the member of the ex.
amption board,"; the government has
provided ser expense- allowance of
thirty cents for each 'registrant who had
been ' Anally ' classified by" the'' Board.
Repeated request for such a reckoning
by the West Kona board have ' been
made from 'the headquarters of the se
lective draft,' but without response.
Had these "estimates" btee 'received,
there would have been no necessity for
this Board having to ealt' upo the
plnntntlpns te defray any part of trav
elling or other expenses of its Owmbcn.
It might be stated that it kaa been the
.lesire of the selective service draft of
ficials of tha territory 'to. establish a
record for Hawaii, in the matter of not
elaimiug any compensation for' services
rendered by any of th anmbeTa f its
local aud district boards. ' '
The West Kona 'beard aanounced
recently that 1 order tfc secure a prop
er arrangement for the handling' ef
cases in West Hawaii, with the. exam
ining renter at Kona and' registrant
to appear before it from ', Kaa ' and
North and South Kona, they eent .'rep
resentative to Honolulu to ask for cer
tain compensations and privilege. ' oil
the grouml that it would V 89 imposi
tion upon registrants to compel all of
tbem to go to Kona, givuig up two Or
three days' work time, while the auto-'
mobile expense would be heavy It
was announced that the request woe
turned down, whereupon, It was report
er that plantations bad offered to aid,
as a patriotic effort on their part, the
patriotic officials of the distrtr '
Now, Captain Fiold explains that the
West Kona board had both' meal and
transportation ticket. A bunch of
ineu could be rounded up and 'With a
transportation ticket, take an automo
bile and go from one section of tho
coast to Kona, and then. return. The
amount would be entered' upon the
ticket and paid from Honolulu upon
presentation. Meal ticket Wefe pro
vided for the care of the men while
eu route
Captain Field says that large num
bers of tickets have been Used on C-xhu
by registrants issued by the local board
The tickets were originally provided
for mobilization ' purpose ai'd ' ' this
word, wherever it appear, i 'marked
out. It is possible that in the event of
early mobilisation of Hawaiian regis
trants, these transportation and meal
permits are here in such quantities
that they will be used, also for the orig
inal purpose.
It was reported yesterday around the
streets that 50(H) men are to be called
into the Island draft, but this was pot
confirmed at either army headquarters
or the selective draft headquarters.
The rumor was based on another 'that
the army department is preparing sup
plies for the draft quota, or in prepar
ation for troops that may be called
from other places and sent to Hawaii
for trainiug. No credence is placed' in
this report at either headquarter.
Kmperor Yoshihito and the Enipreaa of
Japan have contributed 6,000 Yen, 'or
$2,500, to the Japanese Charity Ho
pital of Honolulu, which is uow under
Rev. Q. Motokawa, who is now in
Japan, and is making a canvass for
funds for the hospital, cabled the
above news to T. Iwanaga, vice presi
dent of the Japauese Charity Associa
tion. ' ' ,
This i said to be tha first time that
the Kmperor and Empress of Japaa
have ever' contributed' fund toward a
private enterprise la a foreign country.
As Result of Puck Incident Dras
tic Restrictions Are Pced Ori
Sailings and Arrivals V ; '
Federal Officials Hold Cortfefenqe
' and Decide on Greater Care
Regarding All Local Craft
Hereafter all water craft engaged In
the inter-island trade will have to be
granted permission by the customa of
ficials to sail and all the officers, mem
bers of the crews and passenger,' will
be eubjeeted to the same inspection, ex
amination and surveillance by aavaiW
telHgeoce officers as that given on
transpacific vessels. v
'. The customs officers are to make th
dxartilnation of the shirts and csriroes
'carried, and the intellimce'-officer'
wm examine tne crews and passenger,
which is the same war time rule now
enforced with the larger vessel;'"'
' While official clearance papers will
probably not be given to the inter-island
Craft in sailinir for an islsnit nirt K.
cense no system of inspection at 'the-,
nori or destination has been arranged
for, in effect the island craft will have
to clear" a do all other ships,' and
will not be permitted to sail by the
custom and naval authorities,- unices
they do o.
rack Cauaee New Rule
.'. Xgialibn over the sailing on Monday
t'ftemoon of the' motor schooner Pack
for Kallua, Hawaii, with Diedrlch Doel
rer, ad alien enemy and one ' of the
owner of th-vessel aboard; 1 known
to bare resulted In this urtic control
of the Island craft being taken, ' al
though no official admission' is-tnOda
LJafr thi i true. v.-.-p
Announcement of the new harbor
ruic wa maue yesterday following a
conference of the local executive of
three ; federal branches of the govern
ment,' the eustoms, department of jus
tice sd 'navy departments. ' ' '
' i PVeeetat at this conference were Cant.
lOeorgo K Clark, commandant of thf
Pearl Harbor naval station; S. C. Hu
ber, "United States attorney; Malcolm
Franklin 'end Bnymer Sharp, collector
and deputy collector of costoma. The
conference waa held in the office of the
United States attorney.
' When Collector Franklin made public
the agreement at the conference of the
three department he' said It wo in
order to gain- just as com plot control
of Island shipping as' is now exercised
over ' transpacific ships entering and
'clearing 'from this harbor.' He would
not admit that the departure of the
Puck with- an -enemy alien owner wae
the cause of the Conference, although no
denial of this we made by him. 1
Wont Clow Cbeck? Hereafter (
.Other familiar with the purpose of
the W rfclen'etfmlf; that the comment
crested by the 'Mailing f the Puck wa
responsible 'f Of r the new rules testab
lished. The action taken was entirely
'n the Initiative 'of the eustoms and
navy mea, with the advice of the Unit
ed States attorney, and withant pecitlc
orders fr6m Washington to do so.
Marstoo Campbell,' president of the
South Kona Firewood ' and Shipping
Company, which-' operates the Puck,
while giving out fdr.bobllcation a state
ment affirming-' the Motor schooner1 1
to be nsed only for' the legitimate pur
veys of Inter-Island trade, frankly ad
mits that be 'belibve ' the agitation
i raised over the sailing' of hi company's
vessel is responsible for the new cus
tom and naivy harbor regulations.
In explanation of the action taken at
the conference Collector Franklin said:
"We are determined that no ship
hereafter is going to get out of this
harbor without' Our knowing the per
sonnel of those-' aboard, ' th port to
which she is going and th kind of car
go carried."
Sampan 8nbJfct to Btilea
rlaiupans, he said, could and pr'.bably
would bo compelled to undergo the same
examinations given to' otheT Island
used vessel; The rales 'are to apply
to the ships of the Inter-Island Naviga
tion Company, the Oahu Shipping Com
pany, the Young Brothers' tugs and
launches, all small craft, including
freight aud fishing sampans, and such
vessels ss the Puck operated for what
ever purpose in the Island service.
The island vessel will be subjected
to the same eh inspection upon ar
rival as are the bigger vessels, but this
will be only when it i determined or
desired to mak sueh examination.
District Attorney Explain -.
Passing of th buck regarding the
sailing of the' Puck' M6nday with an
enemy alien aboard and virtually in
control of tha ship, despite tha theo
retical control of. the captain, brought
it back to the district attorney yes
terday. 1 '
When told this, the United State at
torncy volunteered the suggestion that
pe'rhaps Ooelvers' position aboard the
vessel was annlugona to that of an
owner of a private yacht, "He and
his (fiiests are neither passenger nor
members of the crew, but are permitted
to travel on the yacht I would say
that loelvors' being aboard the Puck
was something the sarne."
He reiterated In exnlunntlon K nf
course Doelvora could not travel on the
I'ui k as a passenger, because, she hail
uu pHHsenger license and not as an of
ficer or member of the crew because an
alien enemy.
"Within the Law"
but as regard the sailing of the
Puck he insisted that everything was
accordiui; to law. Both he and Marshal
J. J. 8middv referred tn Iha
the vessel hud been registered and en-
rolieii at tne customs house and in
spected bv federal shin's Inuiinr.
and also that there wa no enemy alien'
Ip'the crew. ;" t'""- " ."''
rrverytning about tne Phrk sailing
l ;.i..,rll!ni tn tha law II II., I... T
He was reminded that It was because
everything waa "within the law" and
still n-neiy alienv eoabl sii a a
guesi on a vessel of which he wa
a partial owner that there had bee
caused so much unfavorable criticism.
Tee dWrtet at torn v. however", made
it evident thnt he thought his nowcr
was limited to that defined by1 Isw,
whatever th circumstances, and he.Wa.
powerless to pretext what mlghtibi'
potential danger.'unles the law de&ned
thb'remedy. fcVg,
Campbell Also Make Explanation -
In irivinu mil a ilifaihanl lh
Puck last night, Marston Campbell.sai.l
that a an.An-rican eitfv.sql Ie,1wfi4
,Tiiiny wun iw new Vg'
uisiions wnich are to be enforce.! by
th - custom ami navy officer, f The
Wp being taken, he thinksls , gdod
one, sdhI that in getting such ; regula
tions estsblishetl a goo putpose bad
bee served by the press anitation over
nd Shipping
Hooolelu, Usrrh M, J18.' ,
I AJex. 4 nlwln. Ltd. ...
Utt ttae 4 C.J i 7
4i nti ' r
Kws flsnteMo Co.
HsU Mus;. l'. .
Haw. A civil, ro ,
lLsw, l,m tk Mug. ...
HW. Susar r..w
Monoks Huft-sr i'o , .
Mos.uuu Hacse ce ,
BiMti..n hu J'lsat
South Konn Kirewootf nn
Comnanv. -
"the above company is a Hawaiian
corporation, organized under th lawsfj!'
01 irrnmrj or tiiwafi, ana i en
gaged ia the shipping business, primar
ily for carrying firewood eut on the
land at Atlka, Hawaii, under lease' to
the corporation.
" HI8TORY. Messr. Knaark and
Doelvers in the latter part of 1917 se
cured certain leases from a Mr. Den in,
Owner of lands st Alika," Hawaii, which
Conveyed certain righu to Messrs,
Cnsack and Dockers for the (jutting
and removal of firewood.' The'bnsiaeM
necessarily required means of transpor
tation. They entered luto a contract
with Peter Puck of Honolulu for the
construction of a power schooner which
Wo constructed on the Ala Moana
Road, Honolulu, ami was engrned and
fitted up in Honolulu Harbor.
'".There are certain laws and require
ments of the federal government cover
ing inspection before the vessel eould
be placed In commission. All of these
requirements were complied With ' and
the vessel passed and given the neree
sary permits to carry freight to Kona
and way porta.
""CREW. The crew of the motor
schooner Puck consists of the follow
' V Captain, George L. P. Covell, Amer
ican citioen; formerly first mate of the
. "Pirst Mate, Harry Baling, American
ei'tlsen ; formerly rigger in the 'Inter
Inland Steam Navigation Oe. 1
i.;" Second Mate, E. Kicheye, Japanese.
Chief Engineer, Joe Miller, Amer
ican ' eitisen; formerly with the Oahu
Shipping Cdmpany. - ' "
'"Assistant Engineer, Charley Qo
hler, American citizen; formerly with
the Oahu Shipping Company.
" Four Bailors, Japaneee. - '
"One cook, Japanese.
"There are no German or other alien
enemlea In the crew.
"WORKMEN. In the forest and at
the landing at Alika vher are no Ger
man or other aliea' enemie employed,
alt of the labqrer being Hawaiian and
Japaheoe, as ire' the- foreman. , ! '."The
general manager of she work ftf Alike
ie Mrx Dealt, jv American eitisen, and
owner of th land. ' y.v ' " v
' " RELATIONS. Thle company ho
no', contract or' business relations with
'ft Bolte or with any company in which
ne u interested, nor nai nr. uoite any
interest as stockhoUler or otherwise in
the company. '' '
' PASSENGERS. Tha' ' motor boat
Puck is net equipped nor licensed to
carry passengers, - nor 'does tele com
bsny intend to engage Iannis, business.
Mr. DoelVer'Ws granted permission
by the proper 'aathosltiee to take pas
sage on the Put-k to thw' lands' ot the
company at' Alika for, the purpose of
Superintending certain work and 'will
return at 'an early date.
" AUTHORITY ' Mr. Doelvert can
not give to the eaptaln of the Puck
any order changing the ffestlHutlon bf
the vessel. The captain i the chief
authority aboard 'hii vessel, and hit
instruction are to procce'd to his destin
ation, stopping at way porta along the
Kona eoost and te enter Net port other
than the above-except - in, stress. f
weather or accident.''
" KXPLOSIVE8. ' The term "ex
plosives" in general in the ease of
vessels refer to gasoliae, distillate, al
lied product aha lime,' and no vessel
loaded with stteh.' "freights ean carry
passengers, The uck1carrylng no pas
sengers Is under the law entitled to car
ry such freight.
and spotting powder and allied prod
ucts, nifro glycerin ad dynamite can
not l carried by the Puck, as the in
surance coverih'g' the) vessel 'does not
permit her carrying this class ef cargo.
"It was Unfortunate that the term
'explosives' was used in the advertise
ment in the local paper.'-'' Those en
gaged in the transportation of freight
and in the sale ol gasoline sod dis
tillate are thoroughly familiar with the
term and ita e. The Pack will not
nor has it intended to carry-any pow
der, dynamite, nitro glycerine or any
similar product. ' "'
"PERSONNEL. Mr. Knaack is un
der the present conditions called an
alien enemy as he is of German birth.
Mr. Knaack came' to the Island the
first time in 1910. He lost tie Vlfe and
returned to Germany with her remains.
In 1011 he returned to the islands and
declared hia intention of becoming An
American citizen, and he la unable to
complete his citizenship on account of
the war.
"Mr. Doelvers is also called an alien
enemy. Mr. Doelvers declared his in.
tentloti to becdme an American citi
zen in 191.1, snd ha been unable to
complete his citizenship by reason of
the war. '
"The secretary of the company is
Mr. J. J. I.ecker, a resident, of the is
lands fer -forty year and. sn Ameri
can citiy.cn.
"This statement has been referred to
W. 1.. Stanley, attorney for the cor
poration, who is thoroughly familiar
with all proceedings' from the inception
of the project to the present date and
approves the same.
"The fcwuth Kona Firewood and Ship
ping Company ha conformed with ail
of the requirements of law by the fed
eral ami Um iiI authorities, and will con
tinue in all of its operation to abide
by and comply with any and all regu
lations that may be made by the fed
eral authorities, the navy, collector of
customs, the sbrveyor -of the pott ifnd
harbor uutser.
"President, South Kona Firewood and
Shipping Company," : ,
' 'i:.v: . '!"' : 'S ,..w : '
Kaloa tiusar Co.
McMro Suusr Co,
yann nofsr Vo. ,.
Ola kng-sr Co.. IA4 .,,.1.
(I no mea aar Co.
hisiibaa Bu.i Ptaiat. Co. .
Psetnc Bsr Mill
Psla f'lanl. Co..i .n...
Pefieekeo Hnfsr Co..,,....
Pioneer Mill Co. .......4,
Hsa ( .rl MllUaa C....
Walshia Atrctl. Ce. .....
Wollusu Hug Co. . ',
EnOan Met. Co;, .' ....
, 1st Issue Asse W Pi.,
2nd Issne 1'slrt t'p . ...
Halk .r. l, Co Pfd. ...
Irslkn K. P. CoYoia,.
Haw. Con. R. 1 A
Ilsw. Coo. Hj. ' B
Saw. Con. Kj. Com. .....
awsllsa KleettOe CO. .j.
Haw. I'lnvaiuile Co. . ....
non. a a ii. r.. ttd ..
Hon. iiss Co., lAi. . v
Hon. H T. L. C. ......
Inter-lstsml H. N. Co.,,..
Mutual Telephone Co. ...
Qsbn R. U Ov.
Fsbsns- HnhKer Co
Bvlama-Dlnilln;, Pdu. ..-
nsm (NO M.r.Tj.....
Tonjoag disk Rnbaat Co,
V"- - BOND lijt
Bhoh W. 1. D. mat'1.'....
Hamakna Hitch Co., .
Hsw. W Hr. 5 4.;...
Hsw. rr Co., As
Haw. Ter. Ret. 1000. .
Haw. Tot. psb. Imp.:
Usw. Ter. Pub. Imp, 1
4 4wrte IMMlUt
Hsw. Tcrr'l WjL .,.....
Illta Qs Co.. tZ VI ...
nnUM eu. I'o., VL ,
Hoa. as Co.. Ltd., Os ..
Ksnal II jr. Co. Os.
Manna I. D. SV4 ......
Mi-ltrrd Hn. c, te. ...
Mut. Tel. OS , .........
Osh R. A L. Co,.
Oahu Ku(. Co.,
Uta Sua. Co.. 0 .....
Psclfle tTuano t. Co,
sa Carlo MlllUg, .
l aw
. 1 .
. I..
Mi :
oisa. 10. 10, an, so, as; Ptoas, 10,
. boako iuu
Kb sale...- r ry-xYK ;; . ".'
rjOAJl 4)C4TATldNt V ''v r
. Jaaasry t, mi -'
) saslrsts et ( sd.tsssr). '
Parhr ' ". . . ...... , - t
.a: C,ent'-(for-Haw.) Suoar .009
-ia - Bcauacav ovoTATiOMa .-'.
. .'. y Mhr. Mi IUU ; i,".''' ' '' ,
mnganore ... ....'',.," 40 81
Nsw Xerk.uViV,y;j...,r, a.U
Thee will ' be no' se-ilo this Bx
chabge until Monrt-April 1, laie. . .
I raw yc?4 sheets:
a t""' 1 it i i in 'uMi.'iii n
B1KW vnp v uMk oa :
rs Followlas; are the -opealng and .
closing. qasutUHt stock. ia Ui MW
York Usrket,, Mierdsr. ' . TT. .
n n in 'ii n .i i',"B
SO pan.
Aaesiraa Hairsr u . .....
Aiaaaa Mol
L.WMAml,- T.l AV BB1-I
haltluwr sV Ohio
Hetblehem BtsM. "K"
Cailfnrsrta tMroleas
Central i-wther f,,..,,
Canadian Pacific
.'J,v,., '...-,
t'olo. Purt A Ira ,
Crtielbl Uteel JZ.,.....t..
.h HK' Cane,, ,
Rrle oAuiison' '.
Unerat Ulectrlc ; ,
(lwierl 'Motora('(now) ...'..
Ureat Northern. Wd. .....
miernariooal IKlrXer
IniluMMsl. Aroeho H- . .
Kenpecott Copper
lH-unsylvania 'V
jujr onsoiLiered
Ueadlua cbaimoa '. .....
UefiubUc Irua common
Hon I hern Pacific .-
i nireu mates itubber ,
Tssss ou . n.
riilun I'si'llie . .......
Cartod HUtea ateof .'.,
i inn .
Western Valon ' ( . .
t EX-dtvMena. ' t Uouotd,
." .. - . .
User br tU,uBhsu dt are;
, Taos- Wednea.
. of ar
. . l.W -
.. .40
.. -20
.. .07
.. :JH
.. M
.. MM
.. .TO
4 0
Bin Lede
Kmiiia .'opper
iroin lilossom .
Jim Hutler
.leruuie Vrds
Mnrsh ..
Mlilwent OIL cumuiua .UU
Mol Her Lrfxle . M
Usr RercMhm , 4.ou
KeMi-ue KUla OH
itez cons, i
Ktcbinond Copper . .
Hllvor Kin .,.
'I'ouooah ialtenslpn .
Tsnltlinne . ..' ,
Wllbort . ...........
Kerr Lsks
H-l ,
CreMHon (told ........
-1 i
1'errectiun Tire snd Hubber
w. a.
BAN KANCIRrtiriurc. 'tfUlAssoetat.
rd 1'ressi .)owta as the onvulu sad
i-losliitf ittatlons nt sufar sad oilier
stocks In I bo 8a rrauctius market rrs-
lerds :
I to
:: ioS LB
.. ..10
.. 0.14
.. 4 00
Haw'n Coiu'l
Ilawallsa ttuaat Co. ....
Ilonnkaa fMliar ..........
liilrb-lnsott (titaar Co. .
Oabo. .Huar t'H.
(hw Sunr Co.
Onuiii.-a ftuaar Co.
PaauhaU Musar Co, ...'.,
U..unll.lH lUl
Ku.ls Copper . ....... ..4..
.iw. .'
R.l :
lit. r
' 4 ' '
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