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. ; v -vv ,
' '.. . ..
HAWAIIAN GAZETTE, FRIDAY. MARCH '29, 191 8. -SEMI-WEEKLY; ;v;7vV ' ' J ; ' "
i; J
Friday morning,
march i9; mi w:
g I 1 " J I 1 1 ' '''' II ' i 'i 4g I
By PRESlfitNT WllJSOftiU J If
ina InsanH Chances ,'' '
HK AMociated Press jjlespitcli, carried iiyhe
"JL- T .AdtirtUer Yesterday, rrkor.riin?. thai th no-
i A f V J?Ii VI ' ' JfteMf Ban, Jrancisco have uftdt .the names c(
not Winy 'fortUhat1 by-)producUi I; v. V. plotter in Honoluluought to open the
can come out of a war.&ut, if this country cilnjeyes of tome local residents, whi'fcontfiiie,to act
as if this war could not ih anyway; touch liawatt.
Many cannot grasp, tbe , Wea that this port is an
Hnpbrt'ant cine in tfanpiclfic: ttade and that the
learn something' abut saving out of the war it
will be worth' the cost' of the war, I mean the lit
eral cost of it,' iin money and rtiourcea. K';'-
I supe 'wi'ieaf tittu fy$r?4ttoti
more than' we ate now about to spend. ''We have
not known that there was any limit to our resourc
es; we are now, finding out that there may be if
we are not careful, 'if a '.V.-', EiV'
One of the infest Interesting things to me about
the recent loantAhat have been floated is the extras
ordinarily larg number of persons' who have in
vested. i The number o investors in securttiep be
fore these, loans,. Were made was -comparatively
small remarkably small,' considering our popula
tion and its' wealth and it has swelled to the' mili
lions, to" almost one-tenth, I believe, of the popu
lation of the country. ' That is an extraordinary
circumstance,' and it may have some very fortun
ate results. ' , .
But the thing that you are undertaking ia more
intensive and in a sense more important still. ' If
is the matter of small savings, the detailed thought
of the matter of preventing waste and managing
some kind of .accumulation from day to day,' that
will fall to you; and 1 want to say that I for one
warmly 'appredatr the 'number of volunteers ' of
, capacity and experience; who are coming to bur as
sistance at this-time doing things as interesting
and important as this. t- . J :
.;r-w:s. s. -Secretary
Daniels Today
THE presence" of Secretary of the NavyJose
pbus Daniels in the reviewing stand as 10,000
'" tative at the parade, was -fitting; ays the. New
York Tjrues., ,Mr, Daniels today is recognized as
jinet officer wliohas risen to. a great hierg
by preparftigllie vavjr. Jor 'war. ?Incr has
j 1 T
a caDi
ency by preparmg!l Bvy. 16r war. "There .has
not been a reflcctioii; on the sea service since a
state of Wacitli tjermany -wai declared, tiot even
a suspicion of incompetency., ,'
Secretary v Daniels Au$ clai4ied!. unprecedented
achievements fr the navy" department,' btat not one
of themjias.f cjff Wsays "thai
the com pit merit of hlpftha(s risen' i6t 1,000, includ
ing auxiliaries AubmaHne i coasers, and patrol
boats ; that the Sailors, are equipped to the last but
ton J that of guns and ammunition -there is no lack,
jjstru'c.tioji tr cppJjngof Abei JJoQ)toIti.xter'
fronts would fc a stroke of good tbustrles tor the
Kaiser. . , V !
:Fir, reasons hestjenown to the authorities, the
nWof' more than one frustrated attempt to "pull
omething off m this city has' been suppressed.
It is" not reasonable to suppose, that the continued
attempts) such as there undoubtedly , will be,' will
f he equally met by the authorities unless all the
agencies for our protection, work together and all
loyal citizens maintain themselves on. guard.
; We are the nhject of plotters, just asjs'ew York
is and as many other points throughout the' coun
try. A blow struck against Honolulu would be
more effective than one against Tahiti or Fanning
Island, and we all know how' Papeete was bom
barded and how the cable station at Fanning was
wrecked. The Huns who 'threw shells into that
undefended .South Sea' town and who -robbed the
Fanning station of ;is; supply'of -.money would
bombard Hilo with eual pleasure of liy' Lihue
undeY. (ribute. Lacking .warshipis VorV. Jhe Pacific,
'.hey are as ready to; fait back eporivdynarrj jte' and
abotage here as thcythave. been tb use these at
many other places during' the past four years.
AVeare blind fools'if . we a fail "to .regard the
repeated warnings We-have retefved,'''' Ve are
guilty of being accessories to treason when we fail
adequately to guard our . powder magazines, and
our kerosene storerooms and tanks.
That' permission was granted this week an
alien rCtiemy to sail front this port in charge of a
veseWaf)able of being turned into a supply ship
for lifpsible raider was," in our opinion, an act
of folly; jtverything surrounding the building and
the OMtfijtting of the schooner Puck has been sus
picious, even though so' reputable a citizen as
Marston Campbell has been associated with the
work. ,.Pne good, name' like bis might easily be
Used t camouflage an infinite amount of dirty
Work. -" " ' ' . V'
but surolusl that desfroyers . are going( into the
water in record timev" and.', thitf Amiril' Siwij's
doing great service wkh bis flottJla in the "barred
zone," there are people; .wbo askrf s tfis the Joy
sephus Daniels whom evcrvDodY.was abusing two
years ago for naval deficiencies, and for not seeing
the shadow of war that wa cast far over the
lantic, coming nearer every day-?'
There was a transformation, it is true. But the
fact is that Mr Daniels was 'much underrated. b
his critics- Personal peculiarities, an unconven
tional way 6 )1jfj pnd jdolngf things, a certain
crudeness k? vjawi rmitiTjie8, were "magnified to
his discretlirr ArneaH W wa9 sound,' and his de
votion lfpWbfJpf'Tind dutr'was demonstrated.
Ferhapk(isijnj)t;haye vton,.but he had com
mon, sew1! 'Mr rnrrtcHout that he had that su
preme, and by no means common, gift of knowing
the value of his advisers and trusting them. Also
Secretary Daniels realized hie own limitations,
and was well' a ware Ahaf His knowledge of naval
matters left a great deal to be desired. Anybody
who takep the trouble to read the Secretary's an
nual report., in 1914 autl the succeeding years will
see that be was growing into an able and respon
sible -head rof the naVy. ' 'Anybody1 who reviews
the careers of his lieutenants must conclude that
he selected dependable and accomplished men and
gave them a free hand. '
, Mr. Daniels js now, known to be one of the
most competent members of the cabinet. He was
once rated as an unpopular secretary by the ser
vice.' Naval officers no longer talk about his tem
peramental unfitness for the post and smile at his
hobbies, nor berate him for meddling with the
morals of the navy. He has won favor in all ranks.
He has become a fighting secretary,- w hich is to
say that he has become popular.
W. S. S
Yesterday, in New Jersey, a tremendous explo
sion destroyed lives and property and set back to
a degree the chances America has of winning the
war. Does that mean anything to Honolulu' It
would if we were ha.f as wise as our success in
sugar production indicates. Today, despite warn
ings, our water front is only half gnardedf witti
guards without authority in law to take the least
actionem an eme'rg'ehcy 1 T 'H r'"',
Attention has been called to the fuct that the
Bishop Estate, ' L."I. -McCandless and other large
landowners have many tracts of taro and rice lands
growing weeds and producing nothing but seeds
of weeds to damage cultivated lands adjoining.
It would be a patriotic move, and good business
as well, to offer these lands to taro and rice plant
ers on easy terms, for a share of the crop, or, even
rent free for, the Deriod of ihe war.. There should
be no land today capable of producing f'ocd allowed
' , The Puck may be the harmless carrier of fire
wood1 the owners claim. , She also may not be, and
why should werun the chances of the. jatter?
Alien enemies here do not have toj engage in lines
of trade that permit them to .carry on Hun 'side
lines if they so desire. ,:-:''
And what we have permitted with the Puck
we permit with a number of other things. 'A few
days ago a murderous-minded youth had access
tQ .'tdre of high explosives on KatlaJ, IFeNinly
attempted to blow up seven or eight womeii.scttopl
teachers, but if he c6uld 'secure dynamite caps
and fust for , his little prank, why could Jtot ,somc
' fCW. V,- secure a supply from the saw' place, for
At"Uhe'srtiflori'of one of bur'oil tinkB.?.; !
v. lw 'I?? wo Accessary that we be unjusf'to.' the: alien
enemies herCf but it is equally unnecessary thai
ft we be unjust -to ourselves, and we are unjust to
.purseivea wnen we take sucn chances . as perrott-
timj ah ahenwned, alien-built, alien-manned ship
to sail ifito'the high seas, at a time when the; au
thorities on the Coast are towing one captured
raider into port and announcing that other raiding
parties are "being organized on the west coast of
Mexico. .Ve are taking chances with our water
front,. with our water supply, with the health of
ihe community, and every chance we take appears
cither to say e or to make a dollar. '
When some drunken fool curses the President
we have a fit of indignation, but when some sober,
calculating Hun appears in our midst we go out
qf ' Our '.way to. grant him special favors to show
tVOr&rs TtetlteA a rHiient head
qflartrra yUrday. 1(oiH .Washington
(iroHMit tint LUnt.-'lrvhi,?' C. Chrr
wartk, 1 (Mir al Corp, to th rank of
raitni. ' H hat tx-ca tao-riuty (!"
uinruetor .part irfi tarry
6o'rR DnnAan, of Olaa, la rshrtr4
It (he Young Hotel,: i - v vV-'
Mr. and Mr B. P. L wr reiura t
ing riaamngor ou tha Maaos Jrtrday.
M'ri. j'oKB.'Watrrhoaa ; tVtora
( aaBnjti'ortUh ah6a A-Wray.
.', i. B, BlarKhrtr v rVttftn"l Ifroiif
buainraa Mf to baa Frsneiaeo' taatot-
;!y")'-.'.t - :.'-'
: Cti: Jo9d aa fc'tftntsVotfcrr
tar: Miruo1 Mleld)r fro'aa . Sa
Fmntrttro.,1 , ': .-: . "y.v?-";. K ,
' fa-'Joaothai vliVt rasj f'
Honolulu VMtrrday oa tha V4ot froM
ta mainland.7 . ' '.v.
Aftr a hort fcuKiaeiii' tHp'to tha
BaalnUnd -rred Jl. Waldroa ratnrnad
o tha Maaoa ymtorday. j
) I..A!-Vf(fi.ira,'i"oll ljnJ'ekttl.''
aaa of Jfona, kad Mra. MeQoii, ar
jueata at the Tooaf Hotel; , ,
MIm Uarihall and alias 'plain i .Wt
on, rrrrnt arrirals from .Vaneoavar
kra regtatered at the Tooni) HoteL. ; -
E. A. Kaudxfa and A. f.jKaudaf
wcra i arrivala, (rbm Kitoal . yeaterdky.
Thry are guata at. tho Toaarf Hotel.
, '.eflas Barak J: Vfatklna, of Oakland,
Cfalifornik, wko arrived on tk klanoa
yesterday, la a goott at tb Yeuag Ho
tei :-: ;, :. .
,Mr. Patrick Oleaaon', wife, of the
derrtity hifth-akerlff, a returned from
a 'U of. eevftat month in. the aain-
land, jv-r;.wi;.'t,hv'f.Viv',
. Charle 8.' "Lneaa, f? rW k4 beeni
da the niatfiUnd for aeTcral week pur
ehasuig cattle f kia-ipnrh owHkai
returned on tko Muoa.'. ''t'
"J. W."Rni4t,- wfU kaoW ittor
mty of Hilo,. who (ai teen oa tie, main
land i for ;th rat'- two montW 'i ,
gueat at. the Tonaf Hotel.
la euatody of Detertlve PerRt. Mike
Burke, of; tha Hb Traneiefto olle do
partment,; William Taylor,' waatod for
embekxlement.tatbe. Bay City, waa
taken back on the Sonoma yeiterdatr
J, Vf, Hawea, of New York; who hU
been midinj at, the Youn Hotel for
the paat two mootka, retorhed home
ta the Honoma Uit eight, aeoipanled
by .hi two niece, .Miaa Marjorio and
Miaa Ella fhaitfi. j,-
'.; A T. - Oilme n . ken 1 of II r. a nd Wrv
Joaepk Oilman, ia now In Ftane with
the Gae and Flame ; Corpa. littert
were received from klm yeaterday by
hia wife, who ia aeeretary to 'A. I
Caatlo of tie Red Oroaa. ' . '
; w. a. k
VvBy r, ' Maana , from Han, Frpi-W,
Mr. V. h. Anstw. ( karlea K- Braaiwkled.
4. . Illa-kiiliir. ll Alt Ontta, Mnj.
Klrk.rrt Cnlta. Ml lorthr Cole, VW-,
faraenter. Mra. J.. ' w. V"P" "'T
Alia inina. .nr- v 7 "T, V
runn. W. P. Kaallub, Mr. W, P. KaHt(.
J. A. KuuvlaL J'. KlUirerald Wra. M P.
Qur "magnanimity." What we are displaying in
actuality, is only our gullibility and our lack of
ality to. grasp the fact that we are dealing at
war with a nation that snaps its fingers at honor
and exalts treachery and lies into virtues
- V w. s. s. ...
The editor of the Kauai Garden Island is no
pacifist.' At least he hurls a few shells over into
the Hilo newspaper lines and has his periscope
out waiting for the replies. Says he: "The Hilo
Pos.t-Hersld has a new head. It. has needed a new
Kea'4 'fQ''sdine .time past." No sooner did1 this go
hissing oycr Oahu in the direction of Bvfon Bay
than this came from his second barrel : ..'The. Hilo
Tribune has an editorial headed : 'Wanted: Lead
ership,'. This for the Tribune seems particularly
apropos." - Qne would almost believe that Mditbr
rtlwIiKu' nn lilr l.ici iKl.. '.'.lit.-. ' '
t.-vj t
t f ''fworry about whether the British line will
rfwd or not, but get busy. If you are a woman,
rekHlflle.lVwf the Red' Cross for more workers
anil-respond 4o it, even if it interferes with a dress
maker's date or a bridge tea. If you are a man,
bny some more Thrift Stamps or start in getting
ready to sign up for a gmd block of Liberty
Bonds. All the worrying you can do will'help not.
at all, but your work and your dollars can,
Special Federal Agent Treadway of San Fran
cisco;' before whom Secret Service Agent MofTUt
at Xcbmaelu
PufrbendeiT entfnie of . thirteen
,mhtka ieack were .ha nd'ed out yriter
flay morning 'by Jodfte'Harry Irwin to
E. JLbaaado, t liKtrecO, and M.'Jom
roif, . They were found' guilty of illeg
ally Bhlng on toe premier of 8. M.
i'..':.''v;:,c , f . '-.I
Dr. Herbert Cfemqarha, rharged with
employing nvlieenaed deatixta, had bia
raae' committed to tko e.irruit court yes
terlay morning. Ieonard and Ohear,
hia two 4iaitanta, charged with ra
tlnrag dentUtry .without a license, alao
had. their Vaiwa. committed to the hik
er tribnaab' r . .
Jamea King. American, and Ak
YoonrChlieae; firemea oa the later
Iiland rteamer Kilauca, are at Queen 'a
Hoapital,'. auffcring from aevere borna
tkey received , in-a. ."flare back" of
one of the. furnace of tke ateamer that
occurred on the trip to Honolulu y
terday; f' ;.' Y' '-' .' ' '"
rifceldo' Amado, a Filipino, waa fined
$109 in tko police ' eourf : .-yexterday
(Darning for Aault and battery oa one
Martia Vorong.. Ia an argument over
the owncmhip of S ahitlAmado pune
tnated hU aid. of 'th,'iN.bate. with
acellon of .iron'pipi whirt reaultecT In'
a broken nrra' for Yoronp.
Bond In thesium of 12600 w filed in
the circuit court yeeterdayfor the re
Mae -of . I)aid 'huick a youag man
well known, in athMetie circle, who waa
ipdicted' by the grand jury Friday" on
a chdrge of kaaault with intent to com
m oiwrdfr.'J Iia bondamen are Walter
F. Dillingham .and Will P. Thomhe. W.
T. Garden I repreaetotiag Buieli.v ":
So.' information whatever kaa. been
reeiVd . at jfrnartment fceadqunrter
concerning' enotker training eamp for
omcer ,tw bo located at Tfehoneie: Bar
racks. ' or -t any other- poet here, fol
lowing -the 'eoooluaio of. the preaent
camp nest .month. '.Hajor iWernam,
chief .of. ataff,' aaya no plana are turo
jected for aucb a camp.; . r
W.. O. Bmltk. teatiaed - yeaterday in
tko etrcnit -court before Jodgo C W.
Aahford eoneerningtae mental atate
of the Jate Queen I.iliuokalani at -the
time .. k executed her will and the
Lilinokalaat true. The teatimoay wn
give iu connection wHb the litigation
over l tli 5UB ' orate. : The witnesa
will, be ennm examined tnia moratng.
-Aitet diaoounting a"prcTioo action
for debt -agaimtt H. X.'Painon, tko
8chiimaa:'Carriagei Company yeaterday
a led a new ttitt to recover ::m blh
tbe complaint allcjreaifeprceeata the
value 'of goods delivered and eaah ad
vanced to Paxson, W formerly ' wa
vite president ' and general manager of
the- company. The Boyai ' .Hawaiian
GaragfKafldtTtirtop'nirA Cmpany are
aamed nialiece. ---
J' Director .of fki Vii'$tMlil
Ina ComrJany ycatM-daV , efeetetf ' FV, J3.
Iliily to . uec(, H, ' fci U Castle a
a: member .of tbo, "boalJ.-, D. CoV
lins waa narawl' eerclarr to aurceed
J. Harris1 M acKenxie, who retiiitned. re
cently. The aocretarywilI aervS witkf
ou pay and will ai M-otoek.sTui-fer
agent beginning April I' whn' th1
present. - ofliee. of the company in the
Hawaiian Trust building will be closed.
tsefurosa' llafoog.va 1'orto Klcaa wo
man,' waa sent over to-the. county Jail
for a period of six montho-yaterday
by Audgo JIary ,Irwi; -j 'Aeeording'to
ih .tefctimony '; of i.tlieewao Iusicctor
VV. H. Jiuttoo,. the woman has made , a
pravtfse of selling botrre :. to soldiers,
nanirroflageA: .in', soils water bottles. Ajt
the tinvo f lierf arrest, it U charged,
he waa tdHng "a brisk bustoeiis ped
dlinjf gin at 10 yr bot,' the eon
tents being s very inferior quality of
gin, at tha. ' - " i . . '
In verifying. nil the published' termt
of the preoideiitial orAer making Oahh
Orv with oflielar eoplea which, ho hat
roceived, Tnited Htatea District Attor
ney H. cJ.Huber is still at a look as to
the exa'et ftatu of breweries in this
inland. Their right to manufacture
beer is unquestioned, but upon Srst ex
amlnnt ion of the oflcial copies of tht
order Mr Huber is unable to see the
exact means they are to employ in dis
posing of (heir produet. '
The decision of the United Htajei
Court of Appeal in the case of Caro
line J. Robinson . versus Lorrin A.
ThurHton and John D Paria, executor
under the will of the late Elisa Koy,
was filed yesterday' in the office of the
circuit , clerk. , As' stated in The Ad
vcrtier at the time the 'decUloa wa
given, the 'rdlingi of the circuit court
here and the territorial supremo court
are reversed and the ease'" remanded
to the olreuit "court, first circuit, with
iustiuctiona to enter judgement for the
plalntinT. ';" " '.' 4 : ' i,
No trace lias yet been fyund of tbe
man who. broke intd the. roaidense of
.Sain, Walker, Nuusnu Valley, last Fri
day night. The- burglar entered . the
houiio through' a window and stole fifty
five dollaro but overlooked 'J iuantltr
of valuable iewelty which-Va easily
aereawble. ' It i believed ' . that the
home, of CJ. IL..Obu-waa: entered 'on
the same Might, Wjnilow waa found
pried, open tko. -rear -at tk""reideoo.
Aa'yet no eluea .bsvojbean diacov'efe.d
to lead to the arrest the Marauder,
T.U ' Vk. ........ kAA l.llll - . . tk'M
" -vpv . v. - ""-fL,-. Tsn.' tin
Young -Hotel. waa foona guiJUj of-eM in ykuUlmt, ., Mr.. IL
. . 4 11 . J , . . . .
pesxienuBl or nv poimrp rroni-inc jiu
te company in he .police court yes'ten-.
dor mornuiir. It davuloped tliatfa
shida, the, JapiMieae t,o whom lupont
claimed to nave given tne money, testi.
Nad (hat no aucb, transaKtioa was made.
The jiice were of the opinion that
Yushida has skipiie.t to' llilo and tele
grains ,wr " to that City for bis
arrest He had not t tiircity, now
ever.- and voluntVcred bi testimony
when be became arqunintod - with the
facts through the press. .Attorney l.or
rin Andrews lo taken on. appeal in
tbe ease -'' " . '. -
I I By ,f ar. (ho most iconspicnoua object
f-ja tk ftnkt
f last f week brought a (lerman wearing, an "iron
ff roVVlng, ii'$Ud.Ct,he init as ,a upct . and' ciiif-
i 1:- uit.iiakV...ii.ui.i iu.u ... ... . - 1 r . ..1.1 1.:.. , f .j. 1 '' ' .-n
tunc iuic 11 mere van ve itmnn nyonowHling iu I Mtic; .xiw iiiijj-l- 1
cultivate itv:.-r.ff'Cl-;. ' ' ;v v Ueariiig h,U "iron (
Wander if Carl 4u Ri w , still
crews'' rine? " O r I
move tbo cause. VI tba world vet
to et a tiild.la one, day. Tb Jgna,
tort t - W. CROV it 1 oti each box.
Msnufditurtd-, fy ibt'TAftlS MHW-:
INtt CO-,'.St,'"iiiia,.U. S- A.'-'".';-
'." ' !' :.;v. ':. :' '.'.'''. ' -
rWuHdM. Mnu Blanch KWcher, . Mrs. C.
w l -.kI w Omm. lira. K. W ureesv
sTd aottrr. Mm.- fatrj.-h
NMM uniuaieii. ir. r.. o. -
Hrsne. Mbw rrtsabHw' Jom.. . XOoaOf
nceL C. : iodd, Mra. A. B. Jone. A.. IT
kBiMtn, J4. Ay Llu d.-Ham . K. Ulnakolo,
linl-Tf . W, lacn. W. It Matot. Harold
a. MatMin, T. IL Murray, raul Marvin,
m. i-aul 11. Marvin. Mra. Julm H. Htf.
.Mr.. A. Msthe. Mrs. 3. U, Mrirn,-Jack
Ktxklwakl. fant t, Ptm-I, .).
Mn. C. H., BowelT. . M.. (teaweU.. J. .
Kllvn. MU Har. &. tUTens Mrs.
thaw Niaw. Sire. C. W- W -Vr Mv
it. K.-Tllilwts and child.. 'J---1- Won
Mrs. la rah J. Wstklns, . Mn. John .It ater-
linuw-. Fred I..-. Waldrc.'C. v. ytniiiam
y. Ilughcs. ; i,'.1''
r air. rwiusa irora tvui. .v -Oji.
Wlh-ox, . . faxson, Mra.. A. Rlch-h-r
sud lufsnt. A. J. Howard. Mrta.WV
I'nall and Inrsnu Miss M. vanrv, m.'
i-ba. K. U. Wnrrwll, P. Stance. MfS. r.
Olrvln, M. Wlcbke. MUs K rVRllora. 1.
Kauisainr. A. n. reicrs, wbi. m..
Pong. IT. Kawahara, N. Imafnlt.
v w. a..fcv-- ,
Hy sir. Hinma for Kan Kranolaoo. Marca
JnUua W. Asch, Mr
uid Mn. G. J. llader. It. B. Bird, u. v.
Uarkc Mir. and Mrs. Ar t.'lapu,' M.X
A. Tog-swell, Mm-. CwM.,- klW . IWM
Mr. . r. K. VH
j. J.. 4.urle. Mr.
and Mm. .ThuuaH. IlarkM.. t. ,it fW-
Cold. Mr, r,
miii, Mnv W; C. Krans,
Mrs. M. -al. tt
Mr. and Mm. -J. M. Uarcta. J. vama.
Mra. 4J. I4. WUHwt Mra, M. UcllimWT
mm, Mr. anu Mrs. i. . ir. it.
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IrfT. BiMboii A. W. Uwuard. J. A. Mw-auta.
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Marllu. M. '. Mcvera, Mlaa C. Mlharh,
Mra. J. A. Mrm. Dr. aud Mra. I. W. Mine
and two rhlldim. Mr. and Mra. W. 'U.
NATdt. MUs llirlcn 1'OHton, Mrs.' l. H.
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Mia Ullle L. MUi'k. Mr. and Mrs.rO. C.
Hlt. Dr. A. C SU-vepa, Mlaa K. Hmlth
Miss M. Hmllli. Mr. snd Mrs. W, B. Water,
anu. II. M. Whitney, Mr. and Mrs. C. I
Wight, Mm. K. U. Willis, J. r. Wood,
Mra I. M UnnilrnlT Ulaw KathdrtlM) let-
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Master Cheat kaia. Mailer Cboarfhaitt. Ms
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. hie
-' ' twawsawsjiwasaas
Srnn Croups m Taken Stf ' i
ehoMkor . of thr (2m.o1
vehere tho helct-tite'Mraft fcWlVlhftera
4r located ia a bio; ateel safe, placed
A a,,woo.le pottostilL aad uttpodnft 3
tae center of the bail, ad Innovation
whiek IvrrteiliktelT letartod romors of
aa Impenilinjr cull by the, war depart'
keen . ltnwsli S Vt 3 tf s" flmfi
rt Wat sip(tetel tfTCapt. fu Ooodinjr
Fiat, aejoetivo. draTt 6IHcerf by Bum
ereiihilw'iaitnrfrwt'lke bAo(tkatra
safe . whs tlael , thet so, audilenly t4
loM the fnal necessary to pay off tbe
Mil incident to calllne oht 'Hawaii's
dratteea.for immadiate ervie,.j , .
No, -tkat was Juat pilly Hooga'
Idea' said Captain field, "and la In,
tended for tbo socnro protection of. Out
valuable, records, .waster order sheet!,
pevtnita -aad other record which can
not be., replaced If they -abould , meet
with' accident. y. ''-.;.-,
' Aa'to the dratt'CsptaJn rield.aaiJ
yesterday that absolutely, no informa
tion, nan Been received -at 'hia office
from .Washington -aoneernlnf tho. date
of the call, but quoted from official ad
Vloe Just ; received from Waihl ngton,
ata;-.-,,i.V f ' V'yZl ' ' '
J.'Tbfeliar oeen a'.jrrekt deal of
pecnltirfny lo ho pre eoneemlnaj
1i't been termed Mho date of the
hext1. draft. -Atatoattatery wekt an
nouncement bav been ronde and thee
ainouncedient, tbeln; mere jfucsaes,
karj 'remind ia aa nnrest and nneer
talnty anidVig thk draftees." .'
' The announcement from Washington
addsi that -"hs-a matter, of fact .the
atte. ofv preparedneaa of tho army to
assimilate recruit Varies from y W
daylknd from week to week and the
tnost.Kicntiflc manner of recnjitlns; the
foreeo will bo to withdraw them from
civil Mf aa fast's they eaa be assimi
lated' by the Arntr. and no faster. Ae-
eordiaa" to thia plan, men - Will be-jn-
quctc-j lata ythe service la very small
Itroupa-apportloned among the various
States from. - wek: to week , or from
month 'to- month aJthcy are needed.
Bxplauu iutaatlos i .' ' . y
t"ln. Order to distribute the burden
equally -over tha vajrious Hta,te, how
ever, it la necessary to make arithme
tical computation of tho ahar of each
State aad it ia not practicable to make
these computation- for such, snudlnunv
Intra. . : For mere bookkeeping facility,
f nerciore, it is necessary to assume a
total f. eonkiderablo aiae and to ap
portion it among the neveral states aa
taetr. immediate Durdea-. This total -is
railed . national quota and the various
share are- ealtcd atate Quota.. The an
nouncement of the quota does not mearn
Schema Unearned Cy Federal
flffiHato ilcn InelnHaO fAn-
b L Vt"1 nuw iiiyitiw6 vvh
tht,iny auok area! anmbe of pien will
be cane .tomllltnrn.aonii. at once
arid.'Tndced, has 'no aecesiiary relation
to 'the date of call, for -the tcason that
aontntly changing situation .ranees
change in 'the -kiimber. of men who are
tO'be callod tto tko, color. 'J''' -r
"XX. U .unwise ia attempt to make
a,forec.$'st of the anatber of men that
wiri'U 'entleiJ t qndit! military
liervice Ja. advanoe' of the devilopment
of tho'whole 'totnpleif problem of sup
plV anA traasporlstidn;.. - It i also nn.
wise, to make p)b)i aaoooeirementa of.
kpeelDe.riguras-which might aerv the
enewi? as precise basis, for de,termi
ine tna plans tpr military particlpatlpo
of the Nation In thin war.. It la necos-
sary, however, to conrpoa the present
unrest sad uncertainty by some public
announcement .and -for this reason the
following la authoritatively stated.
Kx 'Quota ' '., ..,'
. "The next nationat quota wilt be an
nouncad . and apportioned among ' the
sever! State aa aooa aa pending legia
latioa ; authorising . change In the
bssia.of. eoaipnUkiea in enacted by eon
tress; . This Wialatioa hah been passed
bx the annate and favorably reported
I ' 4 1 . , t - . . ...
vf mi omise wuiirwrv commiiiee.
r i"Tke"irrabeT-that will be assumed
as taI for oomptrtaflon will be 800,
ftAft. wbieh is well witkln the authorixa
tion of tlauao of 'aeetioto 1 of the
Relectiye Borvieo Act of a aecobd in
rrement of 600,000 men, increased by
tho Meruit training fnita'authoriceil by
ebtuaa 8. of said Hectiea 1, and by tbe
special and technical troop authorized
by section S f aald Act. - v
cannot now b aanounced what
tbo total number to bo sailed to tho
color each month will be, but it may
be atated that- no more men will be
called thaa fan be properly aeeommo
datod and promptly assimilated.
' "To sum ur. it mav be said that
there tvill be no sudden withdrawal of
great' number of men from the rank
or inrtnstry and wgrreulfure during the
coming summer but' that men will be
nrawn.. ii triaiiveiy : small groups
throughout the, year ia.aueh a war a to
create the . least possible- interference
with Mustry and agricnltur. , Men in
ucirrjeii cmsara as wen aa men in
CluW I ovJU ibo, selected In-MrnyH'um.
bar's either (en wecount of their special
torJiai'hl;qualIQgatiea or, for the pur
pose of sending them to ar.koola where
they Vill given aa opportunity o
acquire ancn quauaeattqna. " '
- At a vneetirfg f ,tbf Madera fold
Mining Company director held Tuea
dsv it waa decided to snnoint a mm
mittee .compose. 0 Alslaniler -.,'Mot'
riaon aad CUrcnc Olson to (nvesti.
eat the Sales of 'treasury stock hi
tween thai tiidat 'nfliitki; ra.iair. Uit 4Ua
(mrjoadip: rtable to-.tb; toccipt of- the
enlikv whlvb told of the run at tbe
min'o; . ' '. .''
, ,11. Conkling waa named secretary
to aueeaed Hania Mackenzie and F,
JK. Haley wag .elected: director to fill
th vacancy) caused by the resignation
from the. board of H. I.. Castle.
;-;, . '.1 , w. a s. .
1 v :.... ,V'-'TpT.IH., : .
A good niaoy people think rheuma
tism cannot bo cured''.' without taking
nauaeoua aaadieibo. Cbaniberlaia I'aiu
Italui maaeaged thoroughly into the akin
has cured far more rheumntisin than
aky Internal' rem sity i' existence-hud
IVo relief quicket.VT-For aole' by all
dealers.' ilenson giiiitb ik Co., Ltd
reTaooflht To Have Sold Pass
es To Nipponese Who Posed .
:i rU LKtIy. BrovVrt Brother'?
'Through, the'.' hrrest of a 'Japanese
anted K.1 Xfatayosa "nf ln Tranelsto,
who Waa neither entitled to entry Into
the mainland nor to permission to leave ,
Honolnlu, . federal operative have un- ,
covered what i believed Jo be a plot '
on g big icalo Dot -only, to evade tbo
draft bot to get Japanese. U tho main'
land in eontraveotion of the, so-called '
'.; (Gentlemen's Agreement. ; . '
I be return of Matayosa to Honolulu
on the Hschem har revealed tha- fact
that he bbtataed hi steamship ticket -
on the President .-four l weelca- ago
through; the use of .Fjllpino draft
passes. A thorough investigation of
the fatt rn which Hi' (roedinc Field.
elective, draft . officer, ' and United
rraiea 'Attorney uober were engaged
11 -day yesterday, resulted, .la the af
reet of .a Podro. and William Flores,
bofh registered on Maul -who are be
lieved to have been implicated la this
and, other attempts to furnish Japan
ese with thV'opportunity of getting to
the; mainland under falser annual and
evadins- the supervision of the. 'local
Japaneiie' eonMlateV -'' ---i
Foaed as FlUpfao ' .
Matayoea-waa held at Anirel Island
when it waa suspected that be waa
traveling.. under false colors and waa
not a Filipino aa he represented him
self to, be.' Captain Field said yeiter
dsy'.that it. is a possibility that mMy
other Japaneae have reached the. main
land through a widespread schema-"3!4
which has been worked, bv Filioino -
draftees,. .. , ,
United States Attorney ' Hober said
vea'terHav Alt' ftVarill rmitii. a tv.a.i.
bility thnt'-.tbe J Japa-Bpse is, as he
claims, a drsftco, hod, 4 hat 'bis return
to Honolula) by immigration authorities'
reanlted merely from aStinxup of the
registration jpasses. He said a -eeareb '
will have" toie' made tbroogh the rec
ord on Mnul .before ' any eoncluidon
may be rewekdd oa tbe subject.
Draft Paper Shuffled
. Jn addition to tbo two Filipino who
are now locked up at the city Jail, at
least a'doren more Filipinos were exam
ined by Mr.- Huber yesterday; AH thoae
whose. draft 'paper bav bceome baf
fled in me mysterious manner claim
ed that they -were unaware of the cir
cumstance -aqd that i was purely acci
dental. None of. these ia being , held by
the police except the Japanese and the :
two-FiMinoa?!! J " '
. It ia believed that he apparent fraud I
la lea an attempt to get Japanese out
of the draTt ia thia islatid than a bold j
scheme to , defeat the. gentleman's
agreement Whereby Japanese are barred (
Dy Japanese taw from going to the
mainlaad. jA part of thii agreement
tbe locatyapaneae consulate 1 required
by the Japaneae government to give its
sanction to the departure of only such
Japanese as come, within the atringent
rules of tbe agrcewent. In. tha light of
the protest frp'in in& Japanese embaasy
at Washington to the as' of native
bora Japanese in tho American draft
the matter takea on a fresh signifi
cance. It ia likely, from this turn of
affairs that foreign-born Japanese who
are ia tho draft ia, .-Honolulu! would
have less reason to evade the, draft
here than to gain access to. the main- .
bind in attempting such a scheme.
Traffic la Paanee
'Officials believe that tb'ei entire ap
parenf 'plot of tbe Japaneae had Its
origin in the desire of wily Filipino to
realise something on their draft passes.
That they found ready customers ia the '
Japaneae to whom they were offered a i
a means of gaining admittance to the
mainland Is' considered plausible: ' All !
kba Filipinos examined yesterday wore I
decidedly of the. higher class, and Cap
taia Field believe that a plot of tk
magnitude that ia suspected would have .
several of thia class of Filipino at it
head, j
.80 far no definite information hs
been aeeured of other eaaea of attempt-!
eil frauds It la believed, however, that
so iroldeo an opportunity to cet around
the federal regulations would not navel
been missed either by Filipino or Ja
paocae viho mivht be aware of tbe Pos
ibility. The . . likelihood of rapid
growth of such a .device, demonstrates
that a large plot has either been nippedl
in tne-Dud-or eisw that'll bda been go
ing1 on anceosaf ully for aom time.
'ft 'lVli
McCaidless WW AlsQffave plant
f((n(j Dne,, Quarter, prop petum j
T'wcnry flve'airVe of fine agricu
tarsi In mis .011 oe windward aid
Oahu will be plarad at the disposal o
Hawaiians who desire to raise vuge
tables and product wbicb -will aid ij
tbe niovententito produce greater crop
or tuese commoilitioa this year Inn:
before. ,L.'r.. Mc(ndlesa made thil
offer ' to the Food ConimiasiOo yeatei
ilr, i-Canilleas will not only !
awe lus .ncreaga named ror mis pu
pose, providing the land are takeu l
UawaJian...b4l will give an aiioquuil
water eurruiy ror ganlep uiuts aud w
plowhe nU; '-kiff only In' retu
a rqwartett of ,the,eitiit oAtbe farm
rarm tor wnatayer outlay or ex tie n
b may bs put, to. ' ' . '
aifcnte' for Hawaii. Aavt., .- ;
( - );:,i-. v
1 j y

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