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M a bVIUl, il IV I i IA 11 WMU..M iu .si-.; I.. II VI V I
ASH IXGTGN JlArch 7 ( Ashocla tHt rrewHWUtieNtte ri, --Uftj? of,
fenaive is iipparenll slowing down and Jbsing .tti'oinentuiij, tstf$ndii$
indications that 'the Allied are almost mcnared to launch a ahrr fatten rIi-h
as smashing in "its nafurri aV the mighty thrust of von IIin4enl)iirg has-been.' , i'.
n . For tiiis.drivv agalnt'thr pefnian line the Entente .will use tho rekerve arinif oiC
'. gahtzwl and prepared Under the directions of, the hupteme var f ouhcil,'Ah army which
;, will le neither CrlUFxc or American, but '.the (Xrand Army of the Allies. K'Yv
r.:j, be struck, against the Huns ia erident, but
v.- Just yhen and at jus yhatolnrof tlie western Jlne Js ftoVkuowh except tb those. triOY)
' t in the maoy.army corpi to llirhssi - ' 'm :
wiultn upon his . lines arid Berli n trertff.e.tultan tly that
the second phase of the bffehsivd 1ia begilu; Is -afvparent
from the despatches .from both the'iBcitishanit:(lcrniau
headquarters that the Germb! WoVtv fs'itackeriinff;'' ;tn-
stend of anming in a ,wie? sweeping front the German
effort is' hmr drawing dowjn' yj i single wedge directed at
a point south w Aibwt& v r
The' tip this wedg0 is-
ij, inn. me urjit;rv vuurtH uie vteruiiuis u wiaen mi8 1 v MpiUTCU TVmie Advance AlOnQ
' wedge have resulted in 4estitf the fact that yon, Hipdeti-i j.Widff Front Is Reported By tha
burg hag sacrified whole hrigades 6efore;the British, fir in h's des-. ' Qepn yyar'Qce
perate efforts, "' .' t- v'ij- VtVi-i-,';''f;4'' . '"' '-:. '"' '' -'.'-' - " L !-'
The Germany' j-e drawin'.rcserve.4pTth tofttifiuatiottofither''?62! Wareh 87 (AMoetatvS
offcnRive from every section of their western front and -weakening
many points' of their 4ihe in order i6 carrythrougb wha he bawp
started in their drive, for' the Channel ports. ConMrvatweL'ieati-'''
mates give the German losses s between ten and twenty jwfterit l '
their whole fore , engaged. .Already nearly twenty divina'li I
had to he withdrawn for reorganisation, while many of those-Ueft
in the fighting have been decimateA. 'The Germans are now using
seventy divisions iri their.line'i ' ' .
General Haig, in his official despatches states that the Germans
are pressing the baule along1 the whole front south of ; the 5omme,
while a fresh off erosive' ; has 'been Btarted in the neighborhood f
thaulnes. f : ., ,,K
Correspondents, at British ' neadquarters report that , the Ger-
mans nave launcucu anomcr icrruiq jissanii aione a jme, routfnjY ir" "."'T
from Hattett'doftrtownieVejmncCJi
miles directly west tf Nesle. Farther! hohh another offensive has lOnarter
been started, south of Suzahhe'i ui'b ia'mtieh. leu poweVful than .
the drive south of the Somme and jr being undertaken jprobably for
strategic reasons and to noi(T tP4ntJsW J,eiwrtre '
drawn to the assistance Of the Jferise alonrf th,IIatrenc,Roye 2- " wtm Bua. from the
i- ' ...... i., '1'v1fJv;v?A'.V',-c', ' - " aMonaeoa that .,aw phaa of
ljne- ?rf::TWi"i'?-. ' . ' offeoalve iu beea strMd?o both
1 .. ;ALLlES"l!Nfj60l SHAPEL mVVV '' " k' the Sodub where the eaeiny
1 he Allies ire pTObablVflOW.
advance of the Gernian.n airiry; time since the.ffenstve'started, ,nJww u-et.; ObctUb, e
say the.reportsarom &
ucauijuarii-rs is uui imuunini fvenw wii icaa soon 10- a Betterment
of the. position of th Allted.. arnjie
man onslaught; V-
The-German's art fighting 4gaint time.: QatHe first oay pf kbt 1
t battle' the 'German reserves were reduced to fiftv-tWo divisions.
great battle' h
. .
aii niMKice of toe power.oi tne
aim uii me -acvtjiiu juijr, (h anu WKti fucn nwssca xanKS were many.'ahooid ditat J
tiie attacKs maae, trty- of-te"se ttinaRg, rve divisions were. m '"?. 'nvhlli
thrown aeainst the Allied line.'': A ." . . v " '. ' : i " P.ft la MmU iw
to which tney'iare been subjected,. js. the complete mashing of a :
German attack about villeK;JIefe.the British held heir ar.
tillery hurled back the Teutpii advance entirely A; f . .
i i - . . 1' -T '
A Reuter's despatch declare that the British, a exacting the
very heaviest toll of lives from the German armies, While withdraw- j
is voluntary so that the British cart maintain an Unbroken front.
To fill the gaps caused by the British losses, the British author
ities have decided ,to place the'Te'ertiitin machinery in motion at
once throughout the country. The miners have placed their unions
at tlie disposal of the recruiters. ' .' ;.' v
Paris reports the evacuation
French taking up strong pbsifidits
where they haye driven back the, repeated efforts of the Gerrtiann to
H is estimated:baeroMc!eri)a i jofiiei'rs (tliat since 'the 'cjffepsive
ww launched, on Thuidayhritisb jtad. Frenth. flyer' have shot
down one hundred and thirty. '
An official statenieht issued it :AVahhig)trnJytsfeTdVyv hy
war department says that Ceiariy's'M'reme
western front are,
1 front art rtMtaino- h dt
of the AniJhafflftaerimet.
vr, ui. iinaiirjiiicii, (
Thi official- siatement on the War also makes furttcrxp!ana'
i..n of h4 faV Uf claratfoiji thatAmefican regiifieht Were thrown
.ack atvChauny .iiltl Qi'a'qlHei is thoogiTt that 'these were en'-
War dewrtrflint that the
ing AmeVkM afipa'liorf irf the. fight "i;efcr
gineers wlio1 bivh bterf'perfornSiig perilous
at llip frrmt, It i all.A K
rr J, T, Vr ; 7- u ,
larly at the battle-of Cambrai -last
rifles and fought bravely'.' ." -
. General Mafcb, .chief "of
uu ui ivijuiicu iiic panicipauon pi'mencai troops in the
name, i ne pinciai.s are muchgratitied Oyer tji6 despatch frpm Brit - '
ish army headquarters saying: "The American engineers-v again
in fierce conflict, where they have done excellent work mf
tatlo'V, : ,'',.' - . t .' ' .v
1 lie German Josses are fonservatlveli' itimnto4 tk.n
100.000 a-day, tbis estimate beinfe
mission now, here,. The. besVGerrnait IviSons have been decunttt,.,
though thrsl'real defentf U thf'AtU4ft'Ul W achetlwitb-'- i1 rr2T1,.',,S:rfi,l-'J ,?ti'f,!r!'wMh' J-CW-ntJ nWnwarrbVlKi'lAdinlr,af. w.a"lo1 ve 1 introduced b thd prosecution' as evVanVo'
Strong AHied rerves'waltirl; the' offlcer. deace agaloatth defendanl. enme from , rinlaud ami wa.Tak'n br hOm5
. . vr .vVr'A- "I ; ' ' -v mhfl.j:A4vf, It.-'-t.9rm woJ:l Jt?mwt)bMmUn. ,tba rew were iavedfthe offlca.of the secretary of stale,. 1 treat a neutral akin. Y ' "
j Almost Reached Its
being driven foiai-d slow. I
wetter, ableTto .contest -1 he-further
apd to the stemming' of the Ger-'
. .. - '
UHf laft,,!? Bpltfc I T;ne pounding
yesterday" of ' Noyon, -With -the '
' on; tfic left tai)k of the Oise, i
o - rot - (iiw Icc.q 'Kr.l.l.'. .i , -a
!' ...
c - . .. . , ; ., 1, . .
battle despatchies mt-;
:r to Untted States n-
nprllmiK t.
uprri;u.j o.-'l '
"7 ..wwwnerni sunn
year dropped their tools, txk
v' h , ..'.'
stated today rthaGeitara. 'Per -
by members of the Allied military
Limit - y , i !
I nilUOAllLI UUil J : J
t W tm, nrriT m i trt'i
Hundred Tanks., Among Booty
l',")-rA ral Bnouomet
r'M on th
TT' ". of mMy new
ff'f.W tjr-,h
101, th n vWd ni wVe" 'i'
mw j t 6tnid 1 potitloni t
Biacket, Brekx and fitaja1if V
German. a( ;awi!jtkf BTttWl
from tkeM places. . . ,"5V, "4
.' ?Otr -araiii are now ataxdiB(( )
hMhti porta' of Neon,M aaVt: Ike xf
Jal. annoaaeeaient .T.'Wa iara'.eac
i turefl Bomv, BUucoBtK'i4VeilcrsV
GrevUlera; trie , am .iltramyiL, aiKl
ginniair of th battle, linety-tkrw
. reoort. from CUrnun" aoJkd.
kanonneea the eaptoae of Li
J?",..Ro?J "d Noyona ud deeiawa
iK T ooVtauiVu" .omS
Germain are tow before Albert.
man great, BBMqtiarterg nate bee:
moved to
M . 1.
that eonter, -Cleer to the
VorWaerta. la ita toMe 6f Batnrdsy,
M military party tit wemuh
I"8!!!1 i-tMigt wo oo jhe
mn 'inn ami mt'inM "tha nmm.
' onerotu peace
i thi fighting
the 0rmn
ipra, "Bovertheleaa, after tbia lht we
wiU ba ther i the poaltloa bot with
jUroatBd oar mc o hia bretat.
AnthlrW rwaraj.JIw. ooly
a a '. peaceful-; ana elf goveroipff
wstfeWMyW-. . .n-fytr ''" p
r'r'-lT,iXl ; '
WA8HIK0TQK, : Jvfrh 8ft-Ue-ciated
I'reu) Uwn the reeommeBd-
a turn of the. war departmeut, Senator
vnamoeriain, .eaairman -r th ilitiry
affaire committee of the aenare, Uxlay
latroduied . teaolution Mo lnirmlt
American military and natal foreea to
,nn Awiee. uenerai l-ertliinc -ha tug
the KPated that the Unired fltatea hft
honor Oa .the, Freaeh and Britieh.
' an m ' T
. . - - ... v. u,
VSHIMiTONr Varah SO (Official)
The o.di.ane bureau BunpUn,-ek the
virt.iul romiletioa iof aixieeb large
Ameni-on plenu for the manufacture
f Zm. TZoZw
ti o .fr aumrrotiit; other great war
- J" - """ - i.i
Di.KM!KOT' Iiimt
' omflB often bf'n,Bevoujnd da
i(inleoti- VbeB tkfc Ji diie'l.
.l :H fi
Tabkt,i TUeni ire aT tskt
win 111 1 yuur 11 iiiiu,:
If von Hindenburg ; Succecdi In
"i, France Another Drive InT ,
Italy Will Corned r ::'
- v ii ". ' i
WASHINGTON, , Mare 'Cfr'Am
elated . Preaa) There were ..only - the
oaofcl. artillery rtucln and. patrol elathea
leng th Italian front yaeterdayV jm
eordiBg to om advisee received at
M Jtaliaa embasny, but the nigrnvtre
not Jaekijig. that Ifaa Aurtro Germane
r rlnma.to roBm no offeniivD on
thle front -; ' .
OerrAnn"rnbfir,:. formerly" ib
iVvrUi.mitiiii4r- of wtr, In . quoted
illlrlUw KFtyiii;' .that the rnption
'ot the : A0trl' .(Tnrtiv lMat the
,t aetiaa v haei n tlowelyj' buuirt ' tip
wita.taa mttn of the. Crt-rmna 8ri
nt.prwacaV-'. - . ;-'..'A .';.(
It. that. offrni p niu-eeed hit oy
r.lt enitiktJT to do, 'the. aet move
.III w. . j...-. i .1.
w p. "vn' nni,,Tr II iiv iihi
& V- i't'
TOKIO, March ifi (pel Cable J'a
wal) T Shinpo) VWoha" iVnfotou,
minister o foreign ITair,'jn ftddrem-'
ing bnth hour of the Jepahene diet
teda.r. announeed that Japad ibat''-
yet deid.l to tW an opeit etaad
isainat- the Kunmaa MaxlmaliHta ' in
vteatera Liberia, and that, the govern
ment hae not an yet made up its mind
ta mobllite an armr for artion in W-
TOKIO, Hareh 2) (Hwlat CiabWto
Xippu Jijl) A iMTltent Tumor pr'
yaila in taia rity thnt Viiwonot l Mo
toiio, milliliter of foreign fclfaira, la
about to rwlgn bii portfolio'It la pn,
deratCMMl that hii rxxignAtion 'win be
Kntronnced -mt tn ad ioiirnmrat . f the
i .TheJoaiB2 f eremoor of the diet trill
tak (jlao oil- - Wedneadity ' ' moVslng.
wb'Tr Empiror Tothihlto will be prea-
Mt,"y tv'1 vy , t. .
; VUcooTit T. tlpnida, Jafnnime faibaa,
radoa to RiiMia wao ft Pftrojfrsrt a
fewriweWaairo' with- thr ' rpreaent
uvea or toei Aiiirt, m rxpcti to ar
rive l Toiio t hi eVeniag Hie reporr
, tboBtiKsUa-Hiberian aitaatiqn and
"rtooounendatio anoad.intarVMt.
nieii n Huwtia to protect, WbM-i'ron"
j-remier iraacni wur juve,eoeaiter-
4bl - weight 'An , Miapia'K Jtfpan 'a. jPira'
Wward SnMhCi. ! 1"
ATHENE, March. .7--AaaoolateJ
Preae)Tbe budget bommrttee ofpaclia
heat baa voted agalnat granting Former
King Conatatine peaaida of half a
million ', drachma.,'. The, peawon wa
rromUd Contantiho,' en recemmeada'
ion of the Allies when., he wai dethrone
ed and, t oread ta leave'. Oreeee.
8TOCK"n()LM, Tareh. ((Amo.Is
U Preim) After weeha of civil war
'are betweea . the Kiwis V; " red
'niarda and ,'hite ; gnaAK' the
'reta" have beu dofeated .in a bat
M In which tbf li( front 'wa . broken
l'bey 'Bve loeig awpthward "hi a panic.
!iniul ban leO jorple.d Ity thi-
- wairea . injTrmi . , .aiana(meo
. trdr.kn
and" other' anpniiea,
k opt.Binpy. prieonera-r'
WIARHINaTOlf,' Mar'oh : 86 (Ao
elated Preu) Knlgn Blehard Dele
hasty, V. 8...N., of Boa'tpwa killed
today while flying at teaiacola,' t'lor
ida, ta a aeapfane. " '''
"Blue" Spells Mean
Bad Kidaeys?
4BIue," worried, half-nti-k people
noum rin-i out ine cause or tneir trou
bleu. Oftwn It i merely- faulty kldne.v
action, whick allowa .tbe'.bhiod to uot
loaded up with ioiona that Irrtttfte Ur
ncrvee. BneUnehe, beadacbea,' dizziocto.
ao. Niiuoyuig oiauaer, Trouble! art
added proof that the kidney. neel
help, i'i.0 Donn'a Backache '"lfldnev
I'illn. ThouMuudi thank-thm for relief
fron) juet ut-n iruulJlc. . .' -"
When Your Bark la Lume-Hitmnm -
beriho Naino." (Don't Umpty auk for
a ttldnf-r reuiedv-ak dlnHtK-tl for
rpoan 's Backai-be Kidney I1H and Uh
no, ouicri. -utio .(JvliVu!
I'llla are aold by aj druccUtaaml to;
beoptjre; or .wtlf I mailed' en-roeeipt of
nriininii rnn ru imn
rtTOiun run umm
No Possibility of Governor, Being
ncuuiiHiidieu out Migm do aiv
i flowed To Go By Default
Bill Providing Bone Dry Prohibl-
iioo For Hawaii sure of Pa$--
t:. i.afje By Big Majority- ;
-'''Tter" ' only nn pokeible rbance
tat I.nejoa 11 1'iukbam will' remain
(loverrior of the Territory1 af" Hawaii
tiit another f6iir er anil' tht i
Ihronch a dpfmilt in the N na otl iteed la
lemma or .ecrptary I .one to) mat a.
reommtindation favoring ,7 another
,.V:.w,dfclare4 Dr. H. W. .Ooodbue;
waen 11 ,M,ermM off the. . H. Wanoa
yesterday, follow ini. a trin- to the
rtpital of more than three iHontli!
.tVirtBdupmtiaiment had bea made
dndiri politic) ond;tioue Vhlch pre
vnTled la Wanhintoa while i'w'as there,
laow be a private ciliam," he added.
mow ina Viovnrnor 1'iakham wbald
Ityetor (.qntjhiic wi.l that from all aa
evraneea ,trhich be received from See
"riHaryIjiae and otlirra iheee' waa 'do
Sppkreat hHeh in the making of the
now appointment, but eonditiena which
have obtained tfnee that time make
mm apprebennlvo that the matter .may
poaibly be allowed to go by default,
X4&" thit of Tavor ' '.,.'.' k'jV.
MI, know that Preaident." : forilaon
would not oppono the candidate whom
necreiary LJine told me he would rec
otnmeud. but I know that the dlnnonl.
tion of the. rrcHident to abide bv Mr:
ane'a judgeiucnt without reaervatioa
baa nndereooe a rhanire.' and hlm mv
freeult iu the matter being allowed to (to
V Hofai.lt ' r... 1 ju " ' .7
- TV Vi i I iffimlnli tm n.m- .rkl.V
fnam baa diatinetly placed, himaelf out
or. ravor at the Capitol through hii
fttHurc-to follow the Preaideo and for
weaknemi on the aubjecta of .temper
ane and vice. Doctor Goodhue said he
K.waa aot .at liberty to name the man
wnom,ne wan told in Confidence would
by recommended. s , 1 : 1 . .'
No,opffOT Link .
, "It w'aj aof MeCaadleae, : of that
much I ena ensure the oitiaene of Ho
mrtvlnvM mnjr aay that both t. S.
Uotebiaa aad Dr. J. U.' Raymond are
promining caudldatea, although Qod
know there are few reaidenta of Hone
Lfor -iho oJBc,"!ha eaSdk n "-.
Dot tot Goodl) an tay that tbe aoaate
bill making the Territory dry fi
July TJ aaaured of paaaage'by an pver
whelming majority.. After a three
week '. canvaaa of aenatora on the aub
jeet be encountered, only one, Senator
Weelta'of vMseeeehuietts,. who would
BpR.promliw.faU mpwort (for it; Sena
tor Oliie Jamea and .Lodge, fTom whom
hf bd 'ew.pe.ot0d aorrte opooaittoBi both
gava anaotauoe. fhajt they will vote and
work for ti Haaag. ' :'' r
OrdjO, .'Dry Order? K ''
"'7oct'ot.'ft'obdhue: -la jilnht over the
medd ttwtem qfihieh attended hia ef
forts M'rthe )UH)rtqnktioo. for Hobo
lulu.(t'waa nly aftee -repeated eon
f croiicee with ITrneJdeiit 'Wileon, Hert
tnrb?p Baker', Lane and Daniela and At
torneyr Qentral Gregory' that he re
helved amraWUat a means of eat.
ting the aieaaure-iato action had been
arrirod at.: although there Wae never
aay bfcpoalttoa to it after he ilatod
eonditions, tlmt obtained here.- Within
twenty dqy after he received aarar
anee frerp the tips bf Preaident WUsnn
himself hei.waa able to "cable the tid
nga of the soecraa of his efforta to Ho
nolulu.., He
' was, also laatrameata), iu
'naeVtiea with Senator Morrii Hhcp
pard mt, TexaVla secorjn nimirar reg
illation fot Rnn Antonio, Tea, wliich
he visited before, reaching Waebingtou
uu A which be found to bo in a" more e
rioiis condition than Honolulu.
Booaevelt'la WUUng ' '
"I see one great political certainty,
a result of my audieneea with mem
ber of coajreee. Which I believe is not
fully appreciated la , Hawaii," said
Doatur'Ooodhae ."It la, according to
my oervatioh, a 'foregone' conclusion'
thut Theodore Roosevelt . will be the
ltKt RepiiMleannndtdata for the Pres
i.icticy. BothvRpubllcass and Demo--rats
ar certain of it, and when I vis
ited thberoe.of Mr.-Reesevelt in New
York,,pos bis' larlthtloB, I put th
Butler' t . him directly. BV told ine
lefinhely that U be ia nominated for
iBiIeMdenewy the Bepublican party
l.e nJl aecepS," . ,',;."? .
Doctor Goodhue e arrival in Hono
'ilia e ro delayed d nccennt o' an auto
mobile MCeidept; which Occurred in 8an
Prancisee, which, laid bim up in a hes
.ital for two weeka-with hnrl sex and a
'iinlpc4tioa,,j;; v .
r- w. a.
.N KW TOIIK, March 8-- ( A soc in ,
led'TressTr-Tbe America a coniaiittce
ou Armenian and pyriaa relief report
J todav that the February re-mpts
wnreSflsrl, making a total to dtu
oMa0,l8 . ' ,
w a.- a. -
XOSnoXMaikh aJfAociMed
PKioi)-vTfo .heiMw's and Firenmu'R
I'niona 6t England have decided th-it
;heir mem here shall refuse to soil mi n:iv
ship conveying delegates to the propos
ed Ittler-Allied labor conference in the
United Stgtea.
.- a. a.
i.tVWDlrTH, Vasaaebusetts. Wau-h
E(-r-(Aso.lated Press) The
P ass bf lX)cal For tif icatloos, , Docks
Government Buildings Eouna
' On!le:W;;;Men Who Are:,
SAN FRANCISCO, March 27 (Associated Pra)-Pdcl
'.Ryan's saloon in Honolulu is the rendezvous of a gang 6f ,
frfy-Vf. plottew'who'au.bifive.to haya befit. conspiring .ther'. : .
against the United' States and . in the interests of .Germany,, ac .
cording to evidence now In the hands of the San Francisco polic
and federal authoritiea. ';' 7 : ' 'I'S
t- John Clover a mess boy dod James Jarmick, a' waitef, "Wert'":'-'
arrested here yesterday iand taken from a steamer which wa on
the point of departing (or the , Antipodes..,. They ' vrefe , searched
a'rtcl there was found on therh plans of the docks, fortifications and J
government building of Honolulu.; V !';,.,;v '
.Ir addirton' th officer dc6vertd on the perions cthe juro H
'arretted'. Uat ot'MmeVvtW.. W..:enjMnieil'.' of t 'Arneric
Who are plotting irt Honolulu -against th United States', and work.' ' .
'gfof the success Xf Oermahy-in thd:;wiaU'',f'N.iV;:. .
. Clover and Jarmick had also lisu of all- shipping Vhgage4 l
th Pacific trade, and mp of Honolulu upon which a saloon was .
indicated marked "Paddy Ryan. '"$Vx'Y4- V .
Th two pritoner had likewise a note' Insffuctinif - th
"comrades to meet at 'Jfcyana'.H
-The police said last night that the lists 'in the possession of '
the prisoners would undoubtedly cause further" arrests.'; "Accordine? '
to them, Glover represented
rvir mont '':;
At Ryan's saloon lat; nlftrt rrank
kaowledga af either of the two men arrertea m Baa rtandsco, taotjigk for all ,
a knew they mlfUt baye visited tat saloon, as many men .employed in. the
ataaaaae4. V -.v V--' -1 '. "'''' 1 v -. .
'Bnh I have saver beard any t'.W. W. taui around liara, be iMded. " '
I sad, wovld have Uuwwn oa wnoaver ntteretf tt, aa I have thrown oni mA
Wm'ma4e pre-Oertaan atatemetrta,". .. , . , x'- t ' ' r''"-;-'-
... United SUtaa Attorney B. X Rnbetf aald be bad received na adriaae fmW
the nainland ss ta W. W. acUrJtUa In
vwn.aai, ' . - v :,r ; 1 .,'', " t- '-.'
'':J l ovldent, bowever, from the Aaaoclated Preaa doapatch that b tieataf
Z. W. W. and Ban ermsplratora la Hoinolula has bwen uncovered, and rapid de
vampmenta taay b eyerud when the names on the list of "oomradea" taken
from the mma arrested la Baa rraoclaco are forwarded to this city. ,1
. It may be boUd' that on the same day the two alleged plotters were arrest
d la Ban Frntiaoe,' a- tremendous explosion destroyed groat warehouse, trv
Jersey City and endangered the entire Hudson waterfront, . ' .-,
' HoBQluln has had na such disaster yet. . . '..,', vy .-.'. - ,
American gumier? shell huHs
, . dOrpFflVTOlVM 01IGERf.mtl.S0iL
: .VASHItfU rON" Marrb- AW
rlated,'real-. American ; ahella kwva
forced the Germane to- e vaeute one
of Jhelr. depot feints within their ewa
territory, according .to oiBcial , reporta
rerVived ,fren the Amerleao front ta
Prance last Bight. This avaetiated point
ia the town of Biqheeourt, two .miles
with the tlerman borders east of Lune
ville, oa the. Saarbarg railroad.- ,
. -There 'wae a Uvefy'- artillery duel
along thje neetor el the Lorraine' .front
yesterday, the Germaa -batteriew open
ing upoa jbe Americans with musUrd
gas' shells, 'Which they dropped Into the
America a IrheO at tthe rate of tea . an
hour.1 The. American gunners took wp
the ebsUeage. replying with a aurrieaha
of 'gas shells, . which demolished seg
Bents' of, the, German defenses, 'and
drove them back beyond range fif th
fta.:, ts-J ''' '' krT.
This duel was maintaiaed do ring the
r s unye Most
ni . ivovv 1 nnn
V MWf . JUWfla.,i
WASHINGTON, March :'6-(OrH
eial) JBeeretary. of the Treamiry Me
Adoo today aonounced further details
of the third Liberty toan, which will
be launched en April 0. This loan
will be for three billion dollnrit at four
and a quarter percent interest.
It la noted that the credits to the I
AlUea now total M,,6)0,nK). j
Further ,eah in required so as to
permit the L'alted. states to coutioue
it loans during the summer at about I
five hundred million, dollars monthly.
, The previous first and second loan,
which were respectively at three and a
half and V;fout percent interest, are
convertible Into the new Wsuej but the
third loon 'wi)l ot be convertible into
nnv further issue
Secretary sMe Adoo '
eluded: ' ;
statenient' rtiir
"Great events are now happening In
rrauee WPtcb suuat ,0re every Amen ,.
can soul . wlta .. new rieternumuion. to I
furnish atll the' dollars and resources'
needed te ead Oermaa militarism. l)c
feat faces the Kaiser., Lot us hasten j
it Dy asserting America's nugbt witn
increaseo vigor in concert
gullant comrades."
r- W. B. S.
with our
Is Wr , m II
Bryan Wants To Be
we. t '" iwve ' . ...
Excused;As 'Witness
in Hindnm iase
SAN r KAINT IHfX), Mar'h 27 Asso-
i-isted I'rena)- 'Wllllani .leanings Bryan,
who has been 'etipoenned aj, a. witness.: .
ror tne -aereuse in tnt( ninou plot trlui,
1 u..i...t A 1 : . 1 ... 1. . 1 .
thut his time is taken up with crnvern-! ' ' - '. : ' 'ii' i- '.V,
went food conservation work. The at- j 'A8HlNGT6f, March SnV4-(Asao-torueys
for the defense are conslrleriug I cfstet Pec-eV-MlnNte VrrU f tilel
bother or not to grant his Tcqueat.'. to' the state department from VBtbCk--
Hryau was secretary of slHte Ht the h" that M1. Henrv H. toeey,
time tbe plot to incite the nntives of v Yale ornfoeenr and member of .tha
luuia to an uprising against tbe prinna.
nnn mw.imvw. . 4-.h v- JlwiilMWWli-
On Coast
-esented himself as a New South' Wales secret ' "
Meghan. aaaaafrl;aai4 'hehkd iso -.'
Honolulu and knew of no eoatempUted.
day,,thi '.Oermaa reply aomlae very
weak .
iB;ompariaoa -ta tha bombanL-
meat taaintaiaeoV by the Hammlea.
.Cader cover of their 'tat; ahclls.
American patrola were eent out, these V
pcnetrariBg fhr into the German lines, ,
destroying .dugoots and brlaging back '
iaformatioa .that leads 'to the belief '
that the' ge ahella hew Sompelled the "
eyacvatiqn o .tha BiebceoVt positloa.
This towa Ilea mere than-si milea ast
of: the American batteries. -.'4- . ..
: . Thirty-three 'names arc IfccUiUi Vij.
the eaaaalty.lUt forwarded W the. hat
departmeat yesterday by- fieaerat Pep
liing. . Twelve dhths are reper)edi two
i aetiany three JrOnt -aecldoatai csoiK-a.,
aad, seven from. diaeaset : Oaa American.)
Was. severely wounded in "'acrloa and. '
tpBv others Hghtly.;woBBded,i. -. 1 v
' .Amon' the latter -are Major George'
J. Lawrence, Major Timot hy J. Moyus'-J
ban- aad I Jent. ' George T; Pattoa. ' '!.
k. r.-i,: . u . .. ..c,i
'-V.'.V .;c-.,.; '-! V;
Jersey CityWarehouseg Wrecked ?
and Fire Threatens Td;De- vx i
stroy Hudson Waterfront;:
. . ,) , k f i .v:, !,,..' ;'.
ff EW YOBK, Maroh.27-t Associated ,'
Preas)-iiremea f hid '. under . eoatrta '
earlr todav. after dMiwnf a itFiiDirlu -
a treat fire that threa.tanml far ti .
to deetmy, a great part of the Hudson
waterfront. . Th ire resulted from ;a
series of terrlne -i eapleslana - ia the
Jarvis warehouse f Jeraev Cltr that' '
snooa an new torn and the surround-
iua; counirr..
Tho enplosions, ih. cause bf which la
as yet not definitely ascertained,, vtr--tuully
' demolli-bcd the . warehouses.'
which occupied nearly two blocks. 'Th
t-ulns St on took Tire Hind, this wna
f otlowed 'tv ' a sartVa : tit mll
i ploeroas as 'the lame reached now dec
and other expkelre that were stored
to tbe -Buildings. a vk
i. Greet. alarm wa paused turough, the.
i j fact that the army transport piers are'
( nearby and' U was feared ' that the
flamea would apreal to them and to
ine iwtnnc-.ted warehouses filled With
unov, aupplirs. v'.
1 r.trrr svsiaois rireraan and,iueca of
f fire fivhting atmrns was cu'led it
I . ,,. ' ' L . '
after loag-fht fb. flame were i
rm .
i pIoIob' and fire-boa 'not et
. F
iurt .tariw varrt, hs been taken from
. in WJiail JLrienCia OB DOBril B.
iDfirrconn Tn orniiun
rm nr. vii in hrit i mm

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