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, ,v ; v nXwAHAM CArETTE, VB: FRIdXy, MARCH i9l8.SEM!.vlEEKLY.
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j ; V"'' " 'Xr7rp-r
imihini nrnnnn niiifr
; (; l lit U ! lira
' r I'nMnnr - rfiirf nnror m
: :.Liiqu.: iiiju riIMP q-
nniipinrnir in nnnnnnrain
S lillllrlUtlJI IH:yui.ii.ltlJ I
British Cavalry Cuts
Actions .Throughout a Bloody Day'
QNpON, inarch 2
giu-r rencu , lines ac
".every indication of holdinf .fw the few tlaVa necessary tc
icaneurer the Allied reserres into position for the striking
1 of crreat counteroffonaiY6 tvhich vrilL it U conMenth
lielieVed, change fthe' whole'situa tion hi Prance and mak
J ", ' of theGermaft driVe- a1 repetition of th Battle of tht
";-Marne. ' ,
'' ' ' tnph is the confident
i J fOrotu: Ue front and f ronj
" jailing ,oacK. kmu. ,iue. jcpurary iuey are ejuamug etiei
i.BeY,;teiynan eA'pr tuxu the Ajoglq-l"eflc retiremenl
."'!f'(iqo,4'great German victory, and at many points they are
, . 'counter attacking; inflicting-tremendous losses upon tht
: " already decimated ranks of the enemy.' -' v ;!.' .
. .'. .y-;w . -.'.-i ACHIEVE;! pRAT-VICTpRY A . .
' ",t ' 'Gne of the latest reports from XJritish headquarters
, : which came without details, anouTace4:0t.'lhf K
ravalry during late yesterday afterfioon achieved fl grea
triumph the JJritisU line? opening7. Imit j tteUrooper
; , in great numbers, to charge through, smashing thu lium
and-.'lea'vinig .great 'itrftcftes of lead aWiJ bunded grey
.' oats: behind them.' Hi"' i.'-.usr.nsnitf r.vn :".'
1 U French cavalry nave also taken a leading part in the
,n fighting yesterday on the Noyon-Roye front jThese troop
''.'.' -;;er fought dismounted is' 4 rear guar4, moving1 djwi thf Gerrqan
" waves in swaths, firing at pointblank range into th charging masseF
W the enemy. : -u '. .- .-. -.. ' .: t.:,- ''. . . ..
'...''.'-:,.-.i...,; ENEMY CASUALTIES TERRIBLE
i Vi' The carnage infliitetl by', the Allies ift theit tetreat has been
' ' the , Anglo-French positions of
-v- 4ba, three hundred thousand.!
' - 'Tr ? Kepons last nigm iruiu
. ambulance trains traversing Belgium 'towards Germany, the fieIC
'. . uAliw tirunital nf tVitt C.erm&itx ,in France and Belgium havine
: '' hroved wholly unequal, to the task
i!, During the rettremeht of'thefreheb yesterday the German
; pressed on against the rrertch rear guaras in some instances six
. divisions to one, the one holding temporary entrenchments and
v . raking theloverwhelmiug, number .of'.attackers until the regiments
tgjrred and stopped. Then, theelenders would fall back in ordei
. !. . . ' i . r I r ' ' A . . ' i a L. f J
x r.' to ineir nexi.uoiai oi ocicnsc
; .. German s', pressing on. In this way the, German ranks have been re
duced by casualties twenty .jaiuj thirty percent and the great, part
f;.v nbe German reserve has-'beed thus destroyed without in any way
. u&KHAris riutiUNu bunuli
, ,.', In the German advance, also, they4iave been unable to bring
'forward their anti-aircraft guns. This has enabled the British and
French flyers to clear the sky of eaemy machines and this had re
' . duced the Germans to blind fighting. They are unahle to secure ad
" 'yartce information ofthe Anglo-French positions of defense and
'.'. ;:' have been led into numerous ambushes and cut to pieces.
1 V ' Optimistic reports continue to come from all parts of the British
front and, these confirm the opinion gained from the official repon
A(.ieiu aiarspai naig inai ine iriu!n arc now siauuuig upon a nnt
X":! whkh will make no further retreats. .,
i 'i . i TIia rArm trt i u i 1 Si o
tr6ught up a ltd thrown against
V; the. Sum me, but the British are
fresh effort of the Huns and taking advantage of every opportunity
J, , offered to counter attack and add
,v,;: Further south, on the Roye' -
well defined as in the north, but'
nd British there are becoming
' ports they are sending out
" Berlin acknowledges that
. triumphal advances of, the first four days, and while claiming to 1
: 1 FtiH progressing states that this progress is now .slow,
. r.nr II nic in last nickl'a rrnorts. sa s:
. ... , . .. J 11311 an iivji umj aiivitiij voiai iiji in. luillttl AUVMiikl.
of.the enemy both north and south of the Somine, but have carried
out numerous counter attacks, resulting in the gaining back of
- ground from the Germans in several places and in inflicting, heavy
iiasuailics. . inrougnoui ine yay.tnc cuiny kjsi neaviiy in- aiiempi
ing tQ advance against our new positions."
! t. . a. I. A
, ',, , ffHii of the heaviest of the
, vl Ilttitv in Ilia rAiiirt ua& rarrial
' miI. tw. Rivmm wWr: lk hamfets- rf MtriiY)iirt Ami f'fi.nilt v '-ri
n,. yi ' w i
regsinea alter a aay in icuion
i.f.v ' ? Keuter s corrcsponueni, ai
". ynightVhe$ Bj-itisb Ir&tt w standing firm along the whole line, which
. Appear to -be the 'Strongest now since the great battle was begun.
ii It. ...t.t. .u. i: :i . :.. t.i.i i
'. whatever slight shifts are found to be necessary arc being, carried
mil in an orderly wav. The enemv last nikht attacked at several
' .p'aces. but at no point was he able to make any progress agains the
: v Jlritish defense.
'. v f Early in the day. the- vBrititb retirement .carried them west of
-r llwrt'-; which plare;wasrOcirUpldl)The Germans, ivitig tb'ctn
' ". niAra f.nuort nri tti. a frAnt fb.lll at anv tiriii .inr tl.i f".
r.Q from !. Mimr iii the first
Great Swaths In German
(A'cate PessTbe An
tui. muruin . ni,auuiit( vu
; ' ' - v,,,' ' '
hone exDressed In dcsnatthef
arU. The. AUs ftre no longei
yesterday, the Daily Mail corres-
h.;. . . :
insicruni ich ui chui niuusir V"f
of taking in the bulk of 4he Gcr-
ami again biujv uuwu mc iciumucu
AnrSnilinff (ran Vi n i.nc hn-inrr
the British both north and south of
standing steady, throwing back each
to ."the day s defeat of the enemy
Noyon line, the situation As not a?
the correspondents with the French,
more and more confident in the
the offensive is not now making the
a1 1 ...a I . . .a: A
British counters referred to bv fiene-
( near 'llie iimrtii.ii nf Xnrr
-7- ' - ' T i j-.,w
oniisi.i, iieamjuar icrs, wires mat lasi
month of the war.
v)-n .t'' -i'
' U Trt irM im rinniiTt-n
In Tout Sector Artillery Has Best
With the Huns
--l)tebe from Fr.tte' ho tit
Ur AmerlfB troopi "arlai ning fort'
nee vi th Ucm.nj in tho Toiil
wetor. kil -0Arml PnihtitC t
rBiV it the kt) lij pkrtirpttdD
io aiita coDniei Kpainit lk Mr
grrtt offnaiT. This offeaiitve U
OW beliarcd lot b .tinrorhtn-- ' ih
; Onrtaapt hava ban4o(il a tows
aorta of Jirvray sad Amarieaa
atoring tn n-rtioS, fouaI fha
trenehea daaerted ao4 levehtd far ar
tflli-ry. 7 4. ... i'W .. i '
"That AmerWa troops liav pArtfct -
...i i- u i .
patad In th rat battl is still wucpa
IrmM BeiaUy. thputrh meatioard In
Berlla itateaieata.. '. Thesa arf bftiv4
to refer to ' two rcri'mentif of lTBltl
HtaWa agiDeeta operating with the
Britiih. tear Ararat eanaL '
a. a,
Preea) Flfteei
Statea Bteel CorporttioS - yeeterdaj1.
The inrreaae will go into ' 'effect': ' oe
at.wi is - .,' ' ' I
I la the prpoc of the rteel cor-
aeration to speed up the war work up -
n which U.ia ncgd aad "whfr 'at
'.he preaen t'e l the greater 'pa ft of
'ta ontpnf, material to go Into the nan-
ifocture of .wartime nectla, ' .
(; council : m conference
. . '. : ' . '..... I -
WiHftfrttV ''ViS f?ViJ.
;iatedAtaeaideatMrilaoan(4 the
er eovacti aeja a oprereaek av tae
Wlhtte Hone yeeterday; This was the
K waaVlw lIPHiiH t
dlscois war", m'altera 1 which it wai an-
nounced last ek were to be neld.
31LC0W1N ,
TOBK. Varth t8-'(AaBOlted A meeaage Petrograd which reach
a per4t iiiereaM i the iff '"t-PW, ' the aewKpapera
French Hear That : German' At-;
111.1 . TL.:.I
taw uruvr, weaker na nicu
Dead- Pile'" Up before, the En-
teote Lines h"'
PAtS, v'itareh (Associated.
reas Official despatches from ' .ti
rant aay i . With, fresh troope the 0T
tans attacked the French, line la reat
'ores y.eoterday '. of .tontdidey b
ween Roye and Iaaslgnyltan4 aUhpngh
he enemy was thr9n hack sepeatjedrjTi
the tiermans were able to score fume
''.j. - ''''
- ' Around I.sssigny and Noyon
wwerful attacks by the enemy
Hokea up and the foe throws
vttk hli(r InMvAa "
frontier (Jlemeaeenn, reviewing, the
aiUtary situatioa with the membarsof
he military committee of the house, of,
ieputies, told the members that j the
noment was near when, the AJlUa' -rjl
erves will enter the battle and jthat
l aoW phsae will then be developed,.'
1 An ohiciul roromuniane issosd earlier
n the day said that the German qffen
mi -wr nig vrru rverjwner nrougai w
i stop ami that the heavy losses of 'the
'Drawing back from theisterit British, deftfts'ajainst "which
en the Prussian guards just thrown into the, bailie could make no
inpression, the Germans yesterday. traVsferred Vha" trtora furiotss o.
heir assaults to the southern, end of the battle, attempting to thfust
heir wedge deeper into the Roya-oypn .(rpnTje. hardest e(Tor:,.
aa directed at a point aouthwesJ.of JJam, and he'i'f fh- Vf?,
ind cut down thousapda.'WoMhc. 'dsptfats? 'ha'rgei 'cai9e),,t4 aq
id. .' .,..' it'r'.ti , "' Um: ' '
It is definitely established, from numerous opies. general or
lers taken from captured officers, that the present drive by tW per
mans is the greqt main effort .of the Teuton forces to win, yicorjr ,oi
'he west. ' . -' ' . '
The effort has not been as successful as anticipated, the enemy
s behin.l schedule, and has failed to break the AU'ted lines. iTlie
Germans are now exerting their
ixukc, anu are using up tneir resares more rapiaiy inan ncy nan
itended. thus wearing themielves down.' i .V' ' ,'
A Reuter's despatch early yesterday 6ayf that the rone of open
warfare is enlarging as the .AUie retfre under (h -weight of.the
jerinati numbers. ' ..' . '"
Acr.irding to German prisoners, the Germans, are sustaining
remeiKlous losses. The average loss of the German units is sad to
1m;. fifty percent of the me engaged in the oferisiv'i 'V,V.' i ',-
'Hie elfect of General Haife's latest oitinvstic report has been
greatly tu raise the s.pirits pf Jhf Pntish puJUc, "which )hd begun
to droop under the report $ qf continued giving ot ground andi the
exultant bulletins from Berlin of Captured guns and. prisoners. The
latest editions of the London papers last night say that the danger
of a German victory, while not w holly averted,' has now been made
most improbable. ' , ' '. -' :
That Germany has throWn into this western offensive practical
'y the emire strength.of bersU r'"i4 her allies U ute4 hy te Pftro-
;rad correspondent of Reutef,whp states Abat he Vhaa positivti i
Urniatioii that it was determined "at a generaVrietllSf of the Ceatral
fowers' military leaders beUf .gt, Vfaft p eductb,0
kusbiau operations to a minimum and to withdraw all the artillary
'in the east for n in Froi V
(CmiucilLat,d carried ftuftife'
strength must be put into the offensive ort the western line,; , 5
y'i' -J':'. ?' , - - V"v'; - - '' -
Trotsky U Said To Have Made
Prtp6s)air$' To the Entente;
Unltiog :with Ukrainian t Bus
ilani' fitake;.' Odessa, Black
Sea's Great port ,i ;
WA8m6TpN, ' Jlareh 28 mo
eiated. P-raaauW iy roor
K a nice ita aiUitary forejt ! . offer a
deteraiiaed teauitaac ta Tewtoa tit-
?Tffoi t waVfeportfyU thajfetit
; t'rilehne 'yeeterJarr't'arlt maaaagpt
. uid. that-1
1 1W
the or gaoi
at;,Tfotky ABd approaD3 W"J
'With nrdpoaaw whica look Jto
gaoiaing of military reaUtsaea
to fattlia&r.'i ' v . .' ':
to (toman;
OoepWd ith the aewi which eaia
from Vloteow1 yeeurdey telling of the
retaking of IMeeaa.by coalbined Bus
ian ad Ukrainian foreea ilgoifleaaee
added to this, report. J
The loeow'lMpatth aaya th Black
8 port Stakes only after bloody
Hunting la which Bueaiaa and Uktala
ian tfoopa Snd Baaoiaa ahipa and naval
fnr'i- eoaiblnod f drive out the 0r
nana.' ' '.1'' '
tx-raoval of fko former rrar from
Toboltk to eome xIl)t IS the Ural reg
ion U eonteiapHred by the voiabevim
f ttmyiktk? M iaternmeat
Men rtcfttrmiaeit.
"i u ; w. i: a.
. r . ..,.r,,.n n
WATOrWpTplf jTMnreh 28 (Aao.!
elated pTeae)r-Twy' aiudent avistora
met theie dpatha, by accident at train
ing esapf yekerday.'. On waa a Can-
: United Htalek aenrlre.
training for the
'trooten. 1 ..:ilobtrsC': met bi
deattf n'eaf fort' ."Worth, when hie ma-.
enrau went wmng ana n wu.
Th United States atndent aviatbr
'' CaAok Vranke' 'M Ohio" who' fall
when flying Irojn 'the 'Wichita T
Kansas, camp. . " k
fffrt- i-.'
' slacken
..... -u--... . -.-v. r ,
, JlV. ,H4 til Q. .
'-. arca. z iAasoc)atea
Preas'pn Aotfc banks, of the Bonnie
dor, armies "are' heavily, engaged, "said
iseight;s .taj; pU"V Jd .V
ta German war office. . "Wi are Slow
Ijr but. with certainty progressing with
out Attack, sa4 th results 'of tb W
gagemeat,. are .aatiafatory," . It f eon
tymisoV.. ' .. ' Vf
Army headquarters , had previously
auaoaaead. ,tnV the prlUsh loroes on
both banks of tW Somma'bsO. heguj
staff, Is. reported as' saying to the cor
respondent of "tht BefliS tages; 2e
htesMigea received ' last ntgat rrosa
Vienna said the Austrian official, bul
letin 'said:' la France" our ally - as
achieved further great gains. '
Advices from the. front said ths
f throughout Vester'dat , tne bombard
mmi or rini dt iae long uisoc;
rifle' had been1' eontiaaed. tj' .-i
full pressure' to tnaice a decisive
Vin: fT'in4nhiirtA"6esided' OVerltWis
. im removal cf"tkrotaI famUt fron
JW S'-t : Mif' taV toHht
T t w have won ,a ,grckt. victory bnj no
wh.bodjr, esn as y.t foresee the reiilt
fraud la Building
Pcr(l:r4 S!iips;i,;lk
Investigation Following Acciderrts
To Vessels, Including the Saci
"ramertto,: Results kii Twoln-
dictments By. FederaT Grand
Jury v '-t .'V ;"'-r '
' ' i CAM TRANCISCO, Marea B8
j (Aaooelated Prew) Prcper rot-
test, ' head of s the rorrei rorge I
- Company,: and O. O. MoM,'tf Uji
' apectot o the American ShJpbulId- '
(r lug Oorporailok, were yesterday In-'".
dieted, ty tao padorsi grand Jury '
oa two.cotuiU sacK, , ' They . rs
'charged with Jiarlng conspired, to '
. piacs defective ahfcfti ta, ships
1 Irlilch' 1 rerf connrncted at .'ship
btttldlng yrd in Portland, Oregon,
, and: with baring, aong ht to defraud '
the United States government by,
; 'suoeutntlna' LnTerior -intartl to,
that which waa called for lq speci
' Acatfons ' for the machinery ' thtt
was lnstailed; In Portland built
V khlpa.v ' .f. ,4 j,- - . r , .'
'T.Jtx 'indictment of thaaa'two'de.
. fendanU followed an lnrestlgatlon
'which was broscht about by sect-
I dentil' t4 'and iAiptoper "worldilt of
turned qtit for the ahlpping corpora.
: Won ht Portland.' Included In the
rnteitlyaOon 'wra ths testimony
relative kq the acrid en to ths Sv
' cfamento' Which' bfoke dowm its
Way to Honolulu, ' . , V" 1
r. a. a.
mpbve Sav . Hc Accodentally
Il,J)rp5ped Oahtcd 'Cigaret '
Mafeh fXsaoeia-
ted, JreB) The police announced to
day tnatt. Jacob' Alt man, an, employe of
tha: Jsrvi warchonM .eompsny, has
eonfessed that ha accidentallv droiwed
4";ijraretta, which eaued the fires in
the. Jersey .City wareljouse. yesterday,
the frca. stsrUai' a: series of terrific
expiosMns in, , tns arrny supplies,
wrought, destruction of a million donors.
' ' ' w. a, a.
L..... ( C ...... .4-.- I f
'.. :WA8mN0TON, arch 27(OfflciaI)
fieerctary of the Treasury MeAdot
aaaousced today- that - the third 14b
erty '.ILoah Will retain the ' baby
bonds? flf .50 and 10d each for. small
Investors, "with two percent initial pay
raept , as previously. Tne fourth loan
U pot be oallad fpr util Utfl autumn
or winter, . '
t ..The .house of representatives ways
and means committee has approved the
raising of the limit of the United
States certificates of indebtedness to
elghf billloax dollars,, which will thea
be available to anticipate any Liberty
t.oen up to that swouot. Loans to the
Allies will eontinne during the 'fiscal
year Beginning July L
' .: w. a. s
WASHINGTON. March 27 (Official)
The war' iudostrien board today ap
proved a, proposal for .legUl&tion giv
iog.'thq government rpntrol of minerals
needed in the war for a period of two
years,? The 'tnll before congress now
appropriates 500,000,000 enabling the
H-okident to liurchnen, sell of license,
etc., antimony, arsenic graphite, mag
tfeVite," manganese, mercury, platinum,
rryritfls', tungsten, tin and sulphur, also
their mining '
, W. ". s.
' ,! I -U 'V- ' -it
WASHINGTON, March 27A-(Akc-ciated
Press) John Freeman, well
known baval architect, testifyiag to
day before the senate commerce com
mittee on bebul of. the contractors for
t bo Hog Island shipyard, said tbat te
total' cost of the shipyard 'on the
agency-contract plsn will be from
35,QO0,0OQ to $40,000,000.
.' . , w- a; a.
A MHTEEDA M, Msrch 27 f Ao
cit. J'ress) I'aul Block von Blott
nii'ts, a nsuun infantry divls'on com
mam'er, was killed on Hnturday, aq
oerdiftg tooths Oorman 'newspapers.
. ftXsve'WHs loom and laxadve Sel
' f A V i I B bn..J. v ........ ... - I : .
t k'tfet tlua OrAlnv Oulsloe. OoeemotcaN'
J .i ri r, C(t
.. ,;':--'.'''. N
a (he head. S '
troold Ouljluf
; v ; . V
vidme..lg ScenThafr Germars
."Drivel At-Same Tirqa byej"
,tiv'e'iAoalnt "British on rtantf
" Is Underta!c?nt :k ,
V : ' V i' ' '';',(
; NEW tOtK March 2 (Associated
Press)Lte .ofmerehant shippinj
hoth1 Qret Brltarh ,hd, ttajy .last
1('weT4'rav3rUhaa have1 been M
cut averaires indiratinif that the Oer
n(aA:is are see4ngt2r-vondut ar lubma-j
ine drive at the same time with the
rcst offensive agninat the Hrititth Una.
Ortirlal report issued, by toe Britmh
-dmirnUy Inst Sijtbf plnced the losses
'or the .week 'ending, 'last Saturday
Igbt, V. ant h ), , at, twenty nine ships
n all,' Of these sixteen were of mr)r
'hnn 'IrtOO toe registry, twelve were
if a smaller capacity -and one was a
'slier..,' . y, 1 ,'
, Beports from4:Rome tot the ' same
eriod told of a loss of eight vaes.
)f there three ' were large : craft, of
flora than 1500 tons reKislry'two'1 wore
miltng vessels of more ths a 109 ton
tnd three were smaller sailing crnft.
; losses" t Preach' shipping did aot
(how S iiMilar lscrene. jheolllcisl re
wrt from Paris tolt of the loss of one
iteamef of ' more thnn 1000 tons Vegis
try ant) one nrir th: t registration..;
I' r--:w-.'-r-r'.;
Threaten To Blow
Up Home of
Harry Baldwin.
Vriter Demands. Payment of
Twentyfrve.:Thcusand Dollars
Kjrvimmtinny 7 i-rom destruc
tion of Property and Possible
Loss of Lhes- ' '! 1
Threats cf the destruction of proper
'y of Harry Baldwin on Maui with
consequent danger' to the safety and
ivrs of himself and members of 'hi
household nnless a large sum of money
were paid for immunity, are' told in a
'otter recently received front MsuL The
money waa not paid and the threat has
served merely ca a warning for .the
taking of precautlond." i!- ' - ".''Vf
Aeenrdim; to reports heard yesterday-Barry
Baldwin received a letter a
short time sinoe which threatened that
the writer would blower) Mr. Baldwin's
nrtoae unlPM paid S25.000. : ' The letter
was written .tt tngllao, It Was said, and
set a time for ' the ' payment of the
money and, In' default of ' inch pay1
rfient, act a time for ths blowing up of
the hone. Wlio the attempted. V black
hander" or blackmailer is Wsf nol
told and it Is not knQwn nera' whether
Any trace if the identity. .of the writ
er of the letter has been secured. j '
A friend of Mr. Baldwin .yesterday
afternoon confirmed . the .. report ; of
threats having been made' to the iatt
but declined to' give 'details ''He hn(
recently had a letter from Mr; Bald
win which contained references to the
threatening letter.
vr.' s. a - -
lumen oi Kauai Said Two Plan
station Managers Were Out
.'"T" ill y ;'
Reports that Herman Wolters, ' mana-
fr of thn Makee So car Company,
Kealia. and Ernest CroriD. manager of
the IColoe Buesr Company at Ko'oa, had
voluntarily resigned or had Been Tore
ed out, from thir respective positions,
were contained in mail novices frnV
the Garden Island received yesterday,
nmoipin cf HsrVfeld nd Company said
they knew nothing whatever of the re.
nnrtful actions, whan son vpsterdav af
ternoon. Both Mr. Campbell and '"Mr.
v f ;d tliev had beard nothing
which would tend to confirm the re
porta but it is evident that tho Story
has been circulated and has . gained.
some credence en Maul. At their name
indicate, both of the managers are nf
ueruian vxiracviuu, :
Another rumored rhnnga which prov
ed to bo well founded and was con
firmed at the office of Hachfeld a
v T'a thut William K, Hchultce,
assistant manager of the Kekaha SugfiT
....iv hn "fen let po.. Tis report
said this was besauw of his d'armanlsm.
In confirming this 'change, ITaekfold
ofheiabr said the change, was made by
ths manager for reasons of his own and
was to be elective the first of the
w. s. s.
' , -,'' ' -i-ilJ '' ! ' r'' '
It is reported that as a result ot
xhnrtai'e of ship tonnitgo in, Jupnu, the
railway bureuu of the communication
inpurtment of Jnpsn recently establish
"'a plnn for building wooden boats,
with a view to help meet the great le
mand for transportation, that already
'verni snins or ninereen nnnareq tons
bnve been launched at the Usrima Ship
I'MiUling vaids snd are now doing ser
vice on the Inland ran.
The Yokohama Dock Company, of
T"nnn. hns l-ei orrVrd to turn put
two woodea ships of 1.000 tons facb sqd
two tngboaU or two hundred 6nu efh,
which are evpeeted to be launched tn
'iilv. Botiii'e the Yokohama Poci
Compapy, tuveral ' otlsar yardn live
hti ricd bi'ilillng wooden ship and sre
turuing them out aa toou as possible,.
v .r . .
m ci;;,i5io
i;:iioi STATES
British Premier Sends Messaja
mat 1113 is ine unsis 01 ine.
ctt eni io.rrancr iiyun, ah ,
Possible SrJeed ; ' ' i 4
..v . ...... : ; avv
. ANn ullST RF riRpn pnn ?:
trance ann . rsriTain - navn Kppn ... .
: Buoyed Up; By. Their '.Confi-;
dence That Great Western Re-;
iiwy i iiui vii vat vibvtviti 110 . --.
riiihliA Mfill Mnt klanlns4' lu
''EffortV't''vrVV-' .'..,"';;'.
... '.A
Vf ILW YORK. March 2S1 . ;
rrcin',rem(orVenient9- across the 1 .
Vtlantic; are needed .urgently" r in
. he; srtest'.'rjsibiej space.- of '
timei vTfitd in 'part', was a .me ;
liagi- frpni',Iavl(J Lloyd George, r '
tbe' Britlh fernier. to the oeoole
of 'thR'ne'iit'tateS) which was :.'
read -- by therspciaJ British am-,
bassador, tiord Heading, at a din
ner he attended last night and at .
which tocMras 1one of ' the chief
speakers, v. iii
,4 "Wt. ar! jSft.'the very crisis of
'his tremendous , conflict, this
greatest ciLwarB,' his message
says., f'We are attacked by an im
mensely 6Upripr.. force of Ger
man troop.'"f ,,'..
""Onr trrrty 1 has been 'forced to
retire, That. retirement has been
carried, ou '. 'methodically 'before
the tremendous pressure ;'of a
''..i.Lije.i."" i.c L . i" .
.i 1 1 1 1 1 inrrrvMiin fit irHn t .rnan . 1 J.
'eservxa VTli4Uresotution - with '
which they press upon ui. shows
that, Ihia battle, is just -beginning.
Ve ask th .people of the. United
States to speed up theijr endeavors
and "to Send American remforce
ments across the Atlantic as
Vpeedny as may be possible.
a Uiiroughout. and in all oT our
jfforis the French and the British
iave been ' bucivrd '-p. by;, the
...... .....u., &..Ufc , V ,VWV.
'?c of the West.' will not neglect
ny eff' which can hasten the,
movement of nopp ad the build-
"r ; i , v
United States and Europe is of
vital-.importance. At this stage
of the war. it. is most vital.
"It is not possible to exaggerate
ine in i puna nvc 01 getting over
American reinforcements and tb
nuch stress cannot be laid upm
he urgent need."
- 1. a. a.
WA8IHN0TON, March 87 (Asao
cinted rress) President icon's nica
age of confidence sent to General .
Haig has drawn from the British eoni
nnnder the following reply i
"Your message has great I j touched
One and all believe in the justlea '
i.f imr eauH and are ' determined, tn
' 'igbt on without courting tbe eost nn
il the freedom of mnnkiqd is safe." ,
Geiiercl Pershing todny cabled noth
ng to report eoacernlng American
forces in Pteaf dy ; "
wAsirtkriTbN' Mrca (Offi-
Inl) Militst-y ' chiefs . here note ths
lipid depletion of the Oermsn strategic
-eterves, vhich at tde moat are eighty
five diVlBlotit. It ls(cstfmated tbat only,
i 'few" of ' i'ueh 'divisions, perhaps m
lot en, remain' unused, 1
w. a. s. ,
"WASHINflTOrJ ,r.,K .97 a
elated press)'-The war department thli
arwsrnoon announced 'that the -day
casualty report from Franca IncludYl
nine killed and sixteen, wounded.
a'W. '
A better-medicine can not be uiii-'o '
than CbambsrlHtn ' Cough fiomedy, It
relieves ths lunirs. uimin tt a i ...
aids expeyt'oratton , a ml 'agists Nam e
in restorinir .'the . svHtein tn l..in...
condition. ,Bvii(i!, f, tDntslne ho op
ates andia pQrfaptly safe ta take, Y (-
sate' hv 'all dealorsV ftoiisoM' -Kinrttii .v
Co Ltd., agents for UawaiL-r-Aavt. -
'. '-;';: VfV .- . : J '-'.,'' '.-,,.' '
.;- y

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