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HAWAIIAN . GAZFhr.." . I 1 : 1 1 Y MARCH 29, , I'M"
i .
ImMM in" "),,!T nr Iri n,::J i
A s
illill I. 111 Kua
vi n nnTTrn!1::n 11 1 v
r . - 7 1
.1 1
IECJIIn:,lFi '
4 k W
-?.'; Vi
- i : 1 T'!:4 i v.; 3 "iV
ftiV days ajo and,
into a Tacir.c port" Jr.
cf ;.t.A-'tiunst'fi;. Co.l h one of
r&rinef.la.'LIaiuie-ke -. -.ne, a woman who wu aboard the vetael
when it waa t? ture J ar 1. who wa' Uken to the.'Tacific port when
tVe-littU craft waa towc4 ht yesterday by the cruiser hat captured
ux.' yh-xy;'- y-yy -y -o
.Jf r.'AVhf cler pfofc?scs entire ignorance of .any illegal activities
of the yccljbr which he is part .owner He has not seen her,' he
feats, 'since' he-left fief home port, Maiatlan; Mexico, last .May and
cairie to Honfaluru.;v-, y(). h: ( "'r
4,!Accordiri(f W- i'statemrnt by;Mr. AVheeler yesterday afternoon,
the Vessel Has . tetf fof 'sale fpf some tiine.v Hesays he assigned his
interest iri he, td .his pattri,Maudf .Ixxhrsine,: for the purpose of
eWtm'y' ;;! ' VW V- : v, , ,.' V:;'
,'s-'--Vvi HAnHUN ftEWV-:;1;;'': .'..'
v - 'Tiie Associated ess lespatcK received yesterday said that the
Aassii, the,cptilrfe'of .wliidh ii' reported ,'on I March 22, wa?
manned. by': t.'crew. of tilif Gerhians in' tddition to'th part owner,
Matide Loctirabe.'-he; wotnin'said jthat th .Qernians had. ''imposed
on er,',Q,$e:cufc'p(ssessiqh iof 'the, craft.; ;She will probably be re
lc iy,cdi 'according d .ih e. presi despatch. f' v'-' ' ' : j i y ' ,
jTlie'afi francirfco advice received, last week when the Agassii
was first captured said that, a)th6ugh s'mall, she iajf capable of sink
ii:':;. any mrcHant ypscl paying in the' Pacific. .Whcre and how sht
v.;i.4 outfitted and efc:rr4 remains sitill a mystery.. 1 , ; ,
:yy';y-;yrAx "A .
'WlnotKej-vlmVi-who,,:onili fewdaya agd was in "1 Honolulu, "it
to.fx'ed.lilwitK thej captare' of the raider, ' He is William Taylor, whe
wjls arrested hc"re , ton 'c'liarges ot. CmbeMiement n 'ad Vicei front
Fan Francisco and left .tor that wy
custody fIikc. IJutke,f a -Satt'
t ! iu, uinjn 'ins BLiit iti fit 'tivuvuuiu, tnu tvjicii iuc uuimtc were
locking. forhirrr;'. Wallc'ed 'intcj Jthe
i Waterfront 'gua'td'J-ir'J.-.'if, -
.vbelrf'acMraiitS t tli, lttf,: thkt
.. h nn wntwl tkea'FrAB .
h( 'identity nu.l h& " nttirrti p tb
itoks- rnuciii 'o xfl 'trttit-,. wbor1
ftnJjr'-irrtri ri,h .;Hrrh, ;-i(J iie.,',1
II .'Imw; r" ' " "ws tin lld(Jldmit
tel lie n t.. .,n "iutr4."' '; v'1,
. Mfc'.AVkreL-n y th TiyUr'-ni-vf
f part oiriwv ,ol th 'AgMis, bnt
J ithe!. for 'soma-.: t arted a 'a
i. .'"nt the veaet, OlfiUBg frffh)
orders f r k.r V-Mif; JSfkealer Iy
'lar , yt1iitig ; but- at foo4' taaracter,
kHhdiag fcim. a" 1rook,'t vkorn
fcad: a hr Uro peltig rid ai J il
cava Vt finally (Jiscaarjed hlja Ls
.i"9lf UM '.Sf'ay.-, 5 vvM ' r H
1 Agaii aa uader Jfasttaq trg
iitry brik pturff,' aar(iinf U Kir.
J'hlBn -whoc ilrtt rafotaatiort! that
it jicosel a a captured Grtna raid
mr eime. JrOm Ta A4Tertlie;yater-
viieti.?-,vYi,iBiiy DeB"t tot
Xoirernity pf Caiiforala: Tba Vwl
sa built VUJ. fudt itcratriboted by
Mtexandr A (, t hf . f oua aelea
tut, and aa tiamicL for fc. bke'jraa
to. be ud for Miiedtilit; exploration.
' i For anme tcikm kor.' tke" ani
vrit; dw-frli'd to iU the -reaMt, and
.W wai bought by: Mfkeeler ina Uaada
- n.rv, Hht- tart- a!tl flflO ta hniU ajd a
Vow worth; Wheeler -aatltaatea, Sot aa ,
' ,ni'a -3,0HK'.'.'.JPh'wa) iaCaaotorl
.iMucf t hotwnita aiztv-Snd. aeraatv f
tone register; f?' I Jv I in connect ion with Taylor's ar
. tolKinallr'.flrinB' -ikV Ta4'tatea.'rat,'..for hie arrival a'- polio
flag, th wnera decided Jto put bar
der HU4, 'ragutry,. Yt healer aaya
partly beeauaa af f uezicba yeaael h
- could db buiaea, 'to better advantage
JU the. Veiiraatrad partly boeanae
. ondr thi l'"xisngl!Vwduld not
bo aulijoct to the raatfiehona ef Anier
:irn niaritilne WW ad -egrda labea. i
'. .Th. ebaoghot sfeiUaV- regiatry,
kowevert waa aiad two dera after the
j-aiaf;e af a law. wbieS jjrohiblted auch
'. (bance, WheeUV aaya but7 thia ba did
not know, ra ka.waa the af afaaatlas
taad bad had-a fcall-.roaa-Uie -State
"for als'woeka. v"'.: .. t-"V-v't'-6iV.
' ,tTadar Zltua.lUr'AK' "T
-Whea it wa iidiacoVieredOrat'.; th
change, ia "p.tty wai llfegal'hAAaa
. Vri. u flag waa -''agaut " Ablated.". 4UT,
iVbeelr aaya hairaeolVed a letter paly
.few dar aga aoyiag tbat jhe Vaaaei
bad eflrsin bio jUe4 ijndere Met
';f ' ' ' -v . '?
'. ' "' i ,
:iU . ..
l lTsfTMrtc and Laxative '
1 in Kidney and Bladder Rested
K.-muk;t 1 Lluod Cksanaer :
I ,u UteJiN- a Mi ltauth
krVi'iiie ami Mu Bi. .
!' dl-l y;
Caught in The
German Crew-;
C. Whcclcr, .
Honolulu ;; ,
-;. "7,: ' -'r V ' MoJ
k J ... a t ..t. ia .
Ae8i.caDtured in the Pacific
. in to an Aaoctated Press report, towed
-ay, U In part owned in Honolulu.-,
wholesale department of the local branch
'the owner of. the Agassi. Hit
If st Tuesday vou the Sonoma in
Francisco detective who was sent
"police sutioh and applied for a job!
'f trV; V: -..0 ,.';:i -,
AfWdiinif to the latter rwelrad y
tta 6wcrr it waa atipulattd by th Loa
A,ng-els baekera ' of the.- yentnre tbat
the AgfaahM mot pot be; tnrifed ' over
(A' kb OeHoaaa or 'enjjaRe itMlny' -Qer
taaS' eittrrlM. ".HoTr thla rortrietioa
wa violated . to -1b extent that the
little eaaei became a Hun raider aa"
a lne'aa'(! to' AoSerioaa ahippiag on tbr
Paoifle ia aoinethinf that U not yet
know 'kereW. ,"',"; f v 1
v- Mr. Wheeler aaya the Idea or biinaelf
and bla partner originally waa to pur
ehaaa banacaa. ia, Weiioo, where thi
irrice ba ettya, ia"Sra eenta a. bunek
fiBit uae ttie Agaaaia to Carry tbem to
qoliinrata. ' Tia plan, ; howrrer -wai
not plufitd' in operation, awinx to lack
f funda.' It waa far thia reaaon, k
taya, that bf decided to aen. th ve
lei, and aaaiaaed kia iatereata ia bei
far that nnrDoee to Mande Loehrana.'
What iiande Loehrane Waa doing oa
a veeael naaned by Hun erew ia an
other aoyaUry, which, ao far ,aa Hone-
lulu' la coaeernea, remaiaa oaaoiveo
Tba. commander of. tke Agaaaia, Mr
WkoeW aaya,' waa a Mexican.; flow
ever, it ia erldent the Mesicaa faaate
bad. been diaplaced, aa the Aaaociatai'
Preaa deipateb aaya that tkoae aboard
tbe1 craft 'whea . ahe waa eptard . tr
an 'Ameriean cruiser eonaiated of tb
aight Oennani and Maude Loekrana.
' Whether or not the recent arreet ir
Jlonolula r WUUam Taylor bad naj
;aectio.a with the activities of tb
1 raider. U not known, though it aeemi
improbabla, aa be waa Uken into ear
tody before tk veaael waa aapturod
Howkva. tker, wua one peeuliae fea
ay.poatera deeeHbuw him and aaking ia
bin apDrehenaion were received froar
aa franetaeo. A reward of only IK
waa offered for hit errest. Yet not
withntandiag the aniallaeaa of tke re
ward, th Han Franciaeo police depart
aaent aent a man to Honolulu to 'bring
kin back". Thia would aeeaj to indi
4 that he wa bigger gam than tke
DfilftrT IPifKU ""Utu Nvm.
w. a.' a.
... t did not take loag for pond fiab-
trnuea to leara that atallmea is taa
1 rk.ata wera fotbiddea by th
ttmnmiaaionar to purehaa fiak pi
ponda, unleaa tba poad f
U9 1WV
had' received permit from the com
The newa traveled exceedingly ff
I witb 4i Jeiwn that th,cmiaiaaioner'
offlc wa beaiegad yesterday- with
ZMnii,Muerfca aaaing; xor w:i
jaaaV PJiaAa,iJi i& ..
Y,Tb without a permit saeaat goiai
-ui.of buaineaa altogether. Th permit
carriea with it eertaia provlaions a
to what tba f iahermaa . ahall do with
M nrdiiet nnd the prie at ' which h
ia1l aetl, before beaa get tba paper
,frm tk eommiaaion. ' .
t'Anoag th pond fiahernea from die-
tant part of the inland wa Oaear Cos,
"bn raid that Waialua ia receiving it
tith aupply vagularly and that at a
flea have the inhabitant of that part
n te inlaod fait th famine wbleh
: ntruib Hoeolulu o aeverel different
, m within th put two month.
. Vw hav beea celling rigbt along
br ' tke - pui), aad aevording t th
fM-W Hat f tba food f oanileaion," eald
,. am vox.
JU J J.Vi ll- I IVI lll M I lk.1
Had No Kctn Mis S;:!:cn Was
Their Rcr;' :vcjs; Is Loyal
I :: ' and Patriotic Citizen 1 ; ;
Thnt'hBy I.W.W. plotters have beea
1 . . . .
uajng Ms place an a renaetvoua, a
etetd in Aasociatad, Press deKpatrhea
from Pan Franriwo, is not' known to
P, 'T. Byan;-prnpriotor of '"Paddy','
Braa' baloon. Mr. Hvan waa atartled
wka h read The Advertiaer'a newa
report that' I.W.W. auspeeta bad been
caught ia Pan Frnnoiiwo, while about
to eall for'Honolulo and . Anatralia aa
the 8. B.' Ventura, with a not on one
f them naming 1" Paddy Braa 'a" as
the friae of mwt!ng witk LW.W plot
ters of thla- city. . ; ' -i- - .-.
At nrat Byan waa inclined to xioubt
he anming of hie aaloon upeeifleally
a th Aanociated Preaa report, rmt an
opportunity given him . to "rad tb(e
nriginai meaaage dixabnaed hla mind
that er. . , ; . . ':. ;
The report doea not in any way im-
plicate Ryan with whatever ; iW.W.
acrivitie there may be here, kowerar.
Hi Mlooa happen to be handy to the
waterfront and is a popular place for
th tmiplovW on the steamers touehiag
at thia port. .: It ia natural that bis
Mae abould be selected, therefore, by
h thugs of the I.W.W, a a handy
place where newcomer) may meet the
resident plotters.' ,
Ryan proteate bia loyalty,-.arnica -.i
tnneeocaary to all those who know him
m aa es-fiavy man. . He also declare
feat it will not b an re for aay enemy
Blotter to come around hi aaloea 'if
iie know it. , Ia a atatement prepared
br ' him jeaterday for publieatipn, be
aye: ' ., r .. ; '1 ..
Ireatty Aatonisbed f .-"i '., : 'V ,'.'-, '.-
"I was 'much astonished to see "the
Scad-lines in yesterday morning's Ad-
ertiaer announcing that ttyan' Paiooa
vaa a meeting jlae of plotters. '
'Of course, l;cn ao more . prajrent
fersena from making appointmeat to
neel at my place of bnsintsa tkaa the
manager f the-Young Hotel cr tnj
ttker place, can , prevent their place
from being so choaen. Further, 1 can
iot prov thnt mcri. hostile-to the Unit
ii Btatea government have sever mel
tt my plare, but I do know that they
Nave ' never made a regular meeting
ilaee there." I know this because for
ka last two years." I hav nersoaaUv
eea to it' tbat ne person, -whose posi-
ion In regard to the united mates
roverament could even be qnestioned.
ikould make a point of frequenting my
-tlaee.of bualnea. In order to prevent
ayuch ;meeting!i," I have, to the
'rat twa years, given instruction to fty
tiajiatants that no language except ne
agliah language should be rpokerf in
nr aaloon, .and that the least cntietin
n diroarairment of the 'United State?
overnment or ' rales should ' be cause
or insiani uwimwoi m ipriH
takine buvb remaraa. 1 .personally or
lured out two men who refused to obev
my .orders,' and my nssistant acted Ir
rher case, , t.a my knowledge, in the
am way, .-..,.'. 1 - t ;'" i -V '
, "I have reason to be proud 'of being
'wing aa Americaa cltir.ca. I wrvet'
a the united Btatea wavy ror thirteen
rear," entering it aa a young man arV
,Mt 'honorably discharged with" th
auk ' of aoxswain to th . commander
"Bine the beginning of thla ar '
Save fftlt proud .of the attitade 'of mv
ountry and it President, and to tar
eat of my ability bav promoted our
ana. , ' , - . . . . -
do aot feel Ilka boasting aor d'
' believe that Americaa citlaens ihmiW
'oat ef what they have beea able' U
to for their country in a cnai aucfr
is this is. but ia view, of th insinuated
Attack on v . reputation, " perhaps J
-nay be pardoned lor aavtng tbat 1
'"v gladly beea a ' eubec.riber to Lib
rtv Bonds. My wife and children are
etiv memberh of the Bed Croa rso
iation. my wife giving her .eveairigs
H least 'once a week .to active parti'ci
ation in its good work. " ' ".''' ' i :i,'f .
"M place of bnaines I the ' last
laee in the world where it would be
afe for any plottera against th unit
d .State 'government to. resort.'. and
ay owe who knows me knows that this
. a-' fact.'' ' . --i
, With refereaen to in formation which
raa secured la San Franciaeo pointing
'o Honolulu aa a rendesvou far plot
fng members of th I.W.W.., ITnit
States District Attorney 8. CJnuber
mid yesterday that nothing that has
pome to tn attention or bia depart
-ent at Honolulu substantiate th b
ief that the aiea arrested oa the main
land, had aver used "Paddy", Bjao.t
loon s a meeting place., ' f
"AH the case in -bieb members af
'bia organixatioa were investigated by
"Ma office were transient knd to all ap
-earsuces isolsted cases," aaid . Mr.,
luber yesterday. " These particular
"tea may have been ta the aaloon they
mention her nd may eve hav me
'erne of their fraternity there and
here would have beea nothing. t re
cal their identity either to the pro
' -rutor f ; th' aalooai, or,.to a. ..Wo
tav . never bad that aaloon or aa
ither p'ac In Honolulu uader 'obaarva
1oa aa a result of any iafprmation te
how ltint thi organisation held jneet
laga there or even used U 'or a gather
lag poinfc" v v 1
. m.
"The information given to Eboa
Low and by him made public ia Tb
Advertiser that the ownera of the pow
er aebooner I'm k Imve a Brewood eon
tract with the Oahu plantation i a very
badlv off," states O.M. Clair Gilbert.
MI know thnt thev have no sueh eoa
tract with the Oahu plantation, be
cause 1 have that contract mvWlf.' . "
"It ii a tact that they tried repeat
edly, to secure such a contract from
htaaagor Bull, and equally a fact that
Mr, Bull turned them dowa aa repeat
edlv, Anally telling them that h would
uoithrr make a 00 ttt with them. ao
buy a eord of their wood.", '' . , : 1
sT-' V'.. r . -. " . : . ' ..i : . i
Will Be Put Ints Operation Here,
Says Ch;:J, L'.css People Vol:
untarlly Cut Down Consump
tion and Use Tore Substitutes
BAK iTtANCISOO, March 87.
(OfflcUl . Th atat food
administaiitor ' today - lsmiadl .
atatenten informing Californl
' ana that only six pound of floor
monthly win b Uottd to each
person, starting April 1, to eon.
"' sorvw wheat for shipment to the
soldiers overseas and ta th
1 AlUea. v They ar urged to aob-.
Stltut th rise of fresh vegeta
' blea, which ar becoming aktm-
aaiit The administrator add.
'gave all the bread posatbla,
whether of wheat float or tnV
"atltutea." - jr. . ,-.
,:; ". -"J ' 'v. -'7
Ueieat the people of : Hawaii, parti
ealaTly the householder, who actually
buy and - prepare foodstuffs , for horn
Consumption,.' . voluntarily .cut down
their flour supply and increase the sup
ply of substitutes, or get dowa actuaTU
to the "50-CO" basia Ssked for by thr
National Food Commission, J. F, Child
food commissioner, for' Hawaii,, A will
p'ace' everyone in the Island on an Of
floial flour ration. This Will be in line
with the plan already adopted by thf
California state food commissioner whr
will i hllow. fter April' 1, only ir
noqnds of flour per month to each per
on-', ':.. - ''':' v ";V.'S ' ' , ' :" :
Voiir; flow r on sumption in Hawaii
average about 101 pounds per annum
fir each person", raid tba rooi c.onj.
misstnner yesterday. " i " '
"This would make an average or
bout-eight pounds par month per per
"If. we all get down to a .atraight
and legitimate "50-50" baeie that
mild- ent our consumption down -.to
bout 4H pound per month for ach
person, but it mean a . liberal use
-nnch more liberal -tkaa at present ie
a vogue, of substitutes for flour. .
!'Br having aQ housewives careful
and having their servant oxereia tare
"hen making purchase, and looking
"ell arter th. substitutes ana using
hern- rronerlV' and net letting them
vo to waste or spoil,' mere win oe io
oed for putting .the people 'her a
n our rntions. -. If there ara violation
'hen the ration card will, ba Issued
f I don't want to pot out people 00
ration aratent: but it alt depend or
ba lovalty thev expresa ia the matter
if food purchase land uses." ,
V( ChiM fit IsrtiWn- thW food ait
iation called attention to the disnlv
nrds concerning1 Ciiiiservatioa whicb
.. abown in restailrapts, eares.. ho
Winning raom and 'Wing' nous ger
erally. i These tarda indieat that the
ironrietora behind the "wbeatlev
and meatless" dnvs movement.
?ard.a'Ia Rostaaraiits,'".'' ". .
would like rt- have persons whe
inlraniae : any of these poblie places.
'ook for these card .before they star
o oat." adv Mr. ChiW, "Those erdr
ar to be displayed where, all patron
aa . see tbem, . ir inev are not aeer
be roprlet(r ia not behind thi move
eten, , and he ehould.be brought up
with a short .turn. I would like to hav-
nrn discovering the lack of displs
vtlHss r-fffs report to this ome. Wf
will -we th proprietor and as"ertal"
he reason. Cards ar to ,bo obtained
"rem f at all time. : ,. ' .
f -VTf hV. are not dlsplaytng Jheac
.'nrd.'.dl not' eat there. , Eat where
von find th' foyaltv card dlaplsyed.'
A bulletin la being issued by the
"ood commissioner, on of the itema bo
'nr i substnca. th trxpriance of a
k''l. .known - f-wiilv hotel .-nroonetre
fbo at first. eriticld the food, rommjs-
dnnee knd hi icntt for insisting ur
tit ji'heatl apd meatless rlas,n''
ther davs, : he hoti'rht 5 was mV
'eg a hWlshlri' tor - herwelf and b'
meat. , ffinco she devoted a little tlm
sid Wionvkt tn nreoaring dhcs. loe,
Tobrv!ng all 1ea davsV. and usla
substitutes, she found ahe waa rivlnv
! " a grearor varietv. or tanf
M nnh Vs ernenaiv anif her guest-
r entlrelv eatisfied. r .
- w. g. a. '..." ' r". '
At ysterdv ' meetine of tba bar
bor. board vA. & Wheeler, agent 8f the
board at Hilo, reported that the field
work and soundings for the sew wharf
ts nunte Bay had been completed an
that th work of making boriags ean
be . proceeded' with a ooa a equip
mant Beaded is received.
' In a report from B. H, Lowre, Ku
needed for tk propoeed exteiution ' 0
the Nawiliwill , wbarf shed Is given
Lowri: estimate that tb labor cost
will be about $500. He any the ma
teriabj 'c b vnrchaaed at Lihne.
. .Aaslstaat. Harbor Master W. H. Cur
tia of Honululu notiSed th board i
a communication that be hae beea rail
ed into the aaval service a a lieutea
ant la th United Htate aaval reserve
foreoa and asked that as indeHaite
leave of abseare be granted to him
The request waa rrahMd by the board
..' ' ;',' - w- a. ..,.
'NEW TOBK. March 1 (Associated
IVea)-rTber were 14,343 marriage
ia Berlin ia 1917 a compared with IX
M7 1b 1916. aeeordiag to tU Beelin
VorwaeTti which adilsi 'Th number
of marriages is far below that of nor
mat limes, but the' 1017 figure are
noteworthy a denoting , th. srst ia
tfa sine tba deelin begkb.
Good r::y Witnessed In Lihue
Club's Cci:L!csTc'jrnament ;
t Last Saturday . ;'.
The Kauai tennis scasna rloMij for
th year last Saturday with a great
Bourlsb. The Uanlen Island of Lihue
ia the issue of Tues.lay of this-week
has the following bn Jhe closing tourna
ment! . ' --'.--.., - .I
"The last round of the preliminaries
of, the Lihue Tenuis, (,'lub's mixed
doubles tonrnoment runs plajed lst Sat
urday afternoon. 'i
The results of the prelimiaariee are
aa follows: 4 .
"Mis Sheldon and C. A. Rice, beat
Misa Bearight and Doctor Yong fl 8,
"Misa Christian and A. Horner Jr.,
beat Mra. B. Wilcox and Mr. Case, 3,
0-1. ,- ';.-.- , V, t y.
Mra. Wood aad Doctor Touag' bent
Mlaa Klsie Wilcox and K. 0. Hopper,
0-4, 19. .--; - .!
"Misa It. Cate and A' H. Case'bcaV
Mra. Chaa. Wilcox and & ' gV -Wool
9, 7-8.' . j ;-'.
"Misa K. Mclntyre and K.C nipcr
best Mrs., Maud Thouipsoa and Charles:
IL Wilcox, 0 7, 2. k , . ;
"Tbe semi finals will be plnyetl aa
followas r J,-
"Miss Sheldon and C. A. BU play
Mis C-.-istian and A. 'Horner Jr. '-
The winner of the above match
play Mra. Wood and Doctor Young.
"Mi K. Mclntyre aad. VL C Hop
per play Mis II. Cate and A. IL Case.
. "The 8heldon-Bice vs. Christiau-Hot
nor match is being looked forward to
with a great deal of interest' as Rice
and Horner re, " without doubt, two
of the most expert racquet wieltlers oa
Kauai. These two sterling player op
posing each other will iusnr a lnrir
crowd of fans along the side, 11 ne the
day of the match. " . .--:-;'..
; , w. a. a. 11 . -';
niiir imiiiiii 01
Mil II- In 'Mi
uuiiL iminuuUiiUt
Hawaii's Premier Swimmer
Going To Mainland Next Week
?j :y- After ,Honors,:;;'viSv
Duke KahanamoVu. Hawaii "a premUr
swimmer, leave for th mainland next
week to compete ia the Neptune Beach,
California, water event. -As a Titling
farewell Dnke ia ppeanng thi wee
it th T. M. C. A. tank In th five
events' which constitute the - Interne.-
'ional Swimming Pentathlon. , V
The Pentathlon ia a aeriea or nv
event which 1 promoted by the New
York office of the International. 1. M..
C. A." The first week in April the Yt
l. C. A. ewimmers tha world around
toapete in these five events under
standardised conditions. . Tbe point
system . makes it p6ssible to compare
the fotala made br tha various warns.
Third of Its JUnd' ,"
Thia is the third annual IJf Paving
Pentathlon aad ia two of these Bono-,
ulu ha won first plae la CTass B. Tbl
m'eana that th local . association -ia
pitted against eitles of approximately
the aise of Honolulu, know aa Clas B.
But th local hava ia the past two
yeara so handily wo thia prix that
thi year the International z. M. w. a.
wrote tha Honolulu association ashing
bow th loeal would lik to b pro.
moted into tb "big gra", .UP fl
Class A. - .' . . n -- ..---
Tbi mean that thia year the local
swimmers ara going against f ne very
beat la. tha land aad ar competing
-in New York, Chicago, Phuadel.
phia and all the rest. - - .
Bince uuka i leaving eriy , next
week special preparations- hava beea
made to allow him to swim ai avast
agaiut tim on this aad tomorrow
noon la tb x. M. u A. una.
: Today th Duke 1 ewimming the 820
and 100-yard beckatrok. , A.pao '
tr may Da gtvea aim. ,
i. ';' ' .. --- . .'''.'j' t;'-j..
v CHICAGO, March lfl S4mbr af
the World ' ' Championship Chiesgp
Americaas left here tonight for Mini
eraj Walla, : Texas, to.', bagia- apripg
training, r, Tb party included aeva
ten player, Manager - Clarene Bow
land and Coach. "Kid" Olanson,' . Vd
die Collin, th eeoad baseman, -will
joia the club later. : He wa granted
permission to straighten Out aome bn si
ne affaire ia Philadelphia, - Charles
A. Comiskey, owner of the club,' and
Pitcher Joe Bena , already are at the
Texaa .resort,'.., The elulr .' will Pnd
about three, wefka, in graining, j'.-!-.;.
' PASADENA, . March Vla-rJrover
Clevelani-Alexsnder, near-Cub pitcher,
aad Maaager Mitchell of the .Cuba ar
still deadlocked. Tbe big alabster speat
the day play lag golf, , Mitchell deliv
ered bia ultimatum todoy that unleaa
Alexander cam to terms wltbjn forty.
bight hour he would have to. (ret oat
of th Cub eamp. .'; '
-, tr. a. a. .-.' -'t-.
'' ot wwnft 1 minri.ixiTv ' tr. Mu
16wUnford varity baw.bll tem rtV
feated 8auta Clara today, a to J, ito'a
looaeiy pinyaa ontet ,. reaiureu uy , " . ' -, "
heavy hitting oa the part Of th Curds ' -..ti w- ; ' .:
and a lot of fra and easy work on the 1 MILWAUKEE, March " ' JaeK
Sart . of the Missionitss' . ', Jnflotd: Dempsey and Tom Cowler,- th scns
ulchoB, tb Bant Clara heavr, strt-vtlooal English heavyweight, hav bcoa
d off wonderfully, but became, very, .matched for a tea-round' bout - hero
vry wry. Tbi waa th. second Ram Marsh 27. Dempeeyi will mix with,
of the eerie, Bant Clara taking tb Gunboat mltb two. aiibi jreviouat?
first; Itt-lo-lJ 'ni 'vi ithat data at Atlanta, Oaorgia. ,
.Turf Lovers To V..J--:s r.T.r.:;'2
and l'-.-r,:;3 Ev:r.ts At " ?
'yy.-: Perk .,v: --v;
All' those thoiin ts f Honolulu pao
ph) who like to hi e good horse races
wifl not be disappointed this summer,
althotigh the IlaxsiJ Polo j Bacing
Hub haa called off it Jun meet for
th benefit of the Territorial Fnir. ; '.
The big annusl rscing srd at Kspio
lunV Park, usually held Jnne 10 and 11,
Will not take pl- this, year, .hut la Hs
stead the Tcrritorihl i'air t lllcinls have
decided to arrange a aeries. of spend
L-events, both harness and running proh-
sbiy exremiing thronb th entire week1
of the big celebration, June 10 to 13. .
. It will at be strictly a seedway pro
pram, but the event will be sandwiched,
la between other amusement - features
Staged by the Armv snd Nsvy and mil-
jitary athletic committee. A aumhf r
of owners who had intended entering
fast horee In the Polo Club's Kameha
meha Day meet have expressed .willing.
ess to participate ia the fair 'a races,
and a sufficient number of entries ia as
surod to warrant several races, at ieast,
ProgTanl to B Arniaged .":
, - The chstrscter of th event aad their
arrangement remain to bo determined.
George II. Angua, chairman of the com
mission, say, it is 'fairly certain, now
that something of the kind will b pre,
lared a a' part of tbe general amuse
ment program.-' The Army and Nsvy
committee, which 1 to bv. general
charge of 'all entertainment features,
may bav supervision of th horse race
along With the other event. ; . ,.''-, : v
; C. II. Judd has two- or three horse
which he la willing to enter i harness
event. Two of. bis animal ara Zorene
and Venus, the former recent impor
tation .from the mainland.. Tom . Bol
linger want to place Welcome Boy la
kome of the harnese race, aad Coa Ke
aloha, who now U handling DinervO and
a new horse, i willing to place ,them if
race ror their classes ar arrarigeo.
- Mra. Walter F. Mac far lane hah tt
tlioroughbreda, - two-year-old, that she
probsbly will have ready for the meet
and w. . Uiiliaghain Baa om two and
threo-year-olds that can be counted Up-
in, for tb run, ','-,
3rac Haa Hla Usual Bay ' ' X ':
Johnny brace, secretary of the Polo
Uluh, ayf b believe . fair-goer .can
imint 'on seeing umpqbs aad Oneonta
a action in tne nine event jr anytning
an b .round -ta. th. Island to go
airaiaat them. II also aava that Ter-
niont and Mary Louise, of the Lucas
itables, may enter event ia their clas.
; nr. u. r case aas a trotter ne wooid
ike to place la the green, or pamecV
horse event. A japanesA narneil Osaka
has a two-year-old harness horse whicJi
he'itloubtedly :Vill )lace on ."the 'rjroJ
gram. - v - ' ' ''' -;-,''
-These by no mesa are all th speed
animals available,;, aud if attractive
puraea-are, hung up u excellent' aeries
or harness and running race unaouot
edlv can b clven. ' ' j
KDort will be made to determine; at
the earliest date, lust what event. can
be arranged, ia order that the trainers
may get their horses in condition. 1-
Kallhi Cadets Leaving In Mauna
Ti Kea Next Saturday tor ,.
" " 1 W, '.-,'i,y,S', f-ans-aaaamnai 4 'ru V
rjn for tb invasion of Hilo by the
Kemehameha basketball team - have
been, completed , and " tke team j wil
lenvs Honolulu in th Mauna Jiea aex
Saturday afternoon, a few dy earllet
than expected.", Harold Godfrey,' who
Ja managing tk tripi 'ha arranged, S
tain for next Tuesday evening againat
the. Hilo Boarding tjchool picked tears,
champions df Hawaii.- .' ThpJ ' match
will no doubt b an , interesting one,
t both teams are faau . ' .
, Ooaeh Bordea - ia - putting the. Ksm.
teaut iato ahape for, the coming amo,
hs h h not forgotten th defeat the
Hilo team : gave hi aggregatioa last
yer '-anil th oadet battalloa - wa
visiting jiuo.' At taai time. uinrc
Lens was not cn the. -team -and -the
ha.Vetball fan of nilo will hav aa
opportunity . of eeiDg thi famous
ktinmer ia aciion, aa a ia anu
heady player. ' The Clark brother will
also be a tower , of strength . to th
tenja thi year. --' ;. -'. ;' .,; '"..'.A.'
eiv Dosha To Ba Hot .-'. .
, While I -Hilo the . member of the
team will be the guest Of Btephea V.
Dcdia, jJ.-a former-- giduate ,of th
-arhttol-iiladi DW trb , ha always tnWee
Interest la -thing Xamehameha,. there
arLmabyTKn;' boy, ia and. bround
HUu fcod' they will no doubt tnra out
strong in' support of the achool team,
Julian Yates a fCnW boy and lairper
visor Of West Hawaii, i in the. itV
oa business and said yesterday that a!!
-Hov bri the' Bin J-laad wore n:
thuslastie over th oomlng trip, of tb
KMw.. :-';.'. , -..-'.
-..p. game, mayba played hgkinat
the Hilo High School team,- although
Only1 00 ha RApj.'hedahJdjptar
Thla game wUllbe played seat
nesdav evening, , The team, will Wave
HUo for Maui next. Friday morning,
1olnlog.Nth .det battaUoo -.at; Wat
1. Ooaeh Ralnh J. BnrdeS leve in th
Mauoa Ke thi motnlng for, Hilo aa.
' will await ther.tha arrival of tha Kam
The Aninidl 1
lowing Aorif,
' s, Cvr . - p
the1 (V I. - . .
Myrtle I!..-,t (
II.; Bnilf.v. K ;
ao.J for the 1
CI. ib, .r..,T. 1
A.-H. Kroll.. .
The cIp.'! mmi
ing oCff -rs 1
lug yesr:- ' -
r A. B. Kroll, r
Chsrlos K. t
H. Ps '-v, 1
!,l tin
" Mn
. , ,.iunn.
nrth", . ;
iiM.i Post .' ; ', '
rove-and" ;
in follow-,
1 fur the com-
vi'-e pre.ti.lcnt.' ' .
.1 r. n. i..
'' ; TV 0"
lOH Tte-: '
i '. "up with
- r on. acotiht
v -.t.'rfront re
t , s i, 1 nr s rf "i n-
putt, t.'iis ).
Brig.-Gen. J
f tho prose n
strictions. ()
gineer Willin
. i,nr of f ,
-n't t f 'i'
' - 1 "ry'
! at- ,
; t oVer -'
i r .
', li ti-s
works depart
.-ho wa to lii' if
pr, v,
ft. it the boxl'cluh'f s " I
to be eon-cldr-""d t f-'to'e
Prom the rresofit Im.ks of 1
lesi eonditidn nn-1 t"0 h ru l. nl bet-. ,
rm'ent.-it.fppi'ars i,t-t:e 1"
att meet, iche1uld for the; ti ,r j fvit- -i
rday-ln 8eptemher of thi yeKr, wilt
av to go bv th'e bftsr '
nr y .
. - w y
.'"''tF '
1. ..- .-..
: ,Ii--04.A. .
EaA-flantstlow f."- - - ", -.'., ,T: ,'-'.
Wailukn it!-,.'!.;. 1 1., l.. v, .
Xpokaa Smtar Co., Lt-.-,S.J A ; . '
-Kohal kugar Con JiD.r t i"!
' : ikwa, Water t Vmp'aay,Ltd.. ' .
A'rtiUdn 'Ttnlv'orT 1, ' f Ct. Louis' .
Babc,iK-k ''. ie-t toinpsny-'- '..
' Gren'a i'uel Lco!i..-nier Com ka)' ..
'.phe., C. Moor A 1.'. .-engineers ,
MATSO! NAV7 0 V . .
-It a rIttej: of ,'ntfonal.iriiP
portance . that tveryng.. stall,
aave all Ve can'., ;Eurf; ;Av
ingi.ank.a'ccount, c r invest 4
in-war, bonds. XvrV-- T-iy&t
take a portion of yo. r 'prnln,;
and add. it, 'to ;.yv t " f vir -1.
You' '.wiU '..be t" i- V,wivV
Uta-r : idlty cti' - yi
Corner Fort- and IVi 'rth ant St'
k.-.-.:. '-w a ' lC'
London and t.ia20w .,HJfni-
AtiAKTiyi-XV. X cr. F -' '.:;'::
T.,,,- from ifqntre" I .to' tLi v. V, ''(. ;, ',':.
I-, and f vi T""a l ''' li'-'i'1' r-
. ;-- vt--,-'' TDB W.OBXn i'"i'"
TKB AljiiKA-t"--n '' tciLflMBU
'r.' Bv the vuht '.'Wttki.' .T,'V"
v', ' Bteamer "froBg 'Vaneouv, . -; tt-v-',vv:'Vietorlaor
htU. .: I
ror. full iBforsaatipa apply 6 t- y
Seal Agent, .Candiia.Patiflo Wf, Oo -
CASTLE & C00"E Col, Ltd " .
.- .: BOKplVhV,' T.. it V'-" '-J
r-r y ?. y,r .v to:
t rmmistisi . F'ff M f, '-.' ''
wuuMwiiivii i.. v v-""' -: - -; '
1 - 1 tvMr ,'i"!'.V'
'- few' Pht'atstlon Co.
" . Waialua Agricultural Co.,"btl.;
JJv'oApokaa. 6uga 00.,'Xtd.. '-M" ,f .'.-' ?
p Vulrvn Jroa YVorks'-of ft.'LeeJ :. vi '
BUlte- Steam 'ymm'f-J".-.: ? .; :; r
10 cetera Centrifugal ,'
BaWork.k- WUcox BoUtrt-f,!' ' p:-:;..
Oreen, Vfinl Ecv(jisr, -:
;'VM'U;Bluum'l,uinps " v-V- f1'-.
i ',Jdt Navigatlrin 'o "' - -4-V
;v Pinters' Llue-Bby 1 ng fKeSvt'- ,
";, .Kohfl) Bagar tjd,' -," '. v.-l'-'
. ;. "I . '.:'r A1 1'.- vvv"
1 u . .'
'"';' ') ',(( -. wm.i ..',:.; in.', '. .
aanOLULo. ibon ctifci.
c,hUiery, jpf oyary d-ecrirtioa' mad ta
v ordec., 4Kt:u',.Ciay-- "fr V'
y...' iasaa,Tueiida;;i a nd,. Fridays r-f
(Ea tared at the PoeUffla f Honolwls
. - T. H, a ocnd-elH ts)
lr,T , a-.pw
;4' Per Tear (forisn)V,A IM
Payable )avrlably U . IA sist ,'(;,.; '
jfV -
1 ff .
v '
;-1 r :

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