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Hawaiian jazette. tIjksday. aprilI, r i?i8. -semi-weekly
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UlKIiIAIIo DLtw Ur 1 Uvtli IIUIIU tU . , upcnmg ot Liberty
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Hun Sailors On Raider Destroyed
Machinery and Hurled Guns .
Overboard Before Capture
Are Ueblar,ed To -Have Aided fir
Outfitting Schooner Which ts
Owned By Local Man
Typical Teuton methods of sabotage,
wore, follows! by the Han rfcldcrs dn
covered aboard the auxiliary schooner
Alexander Agassiz to destroy the ves
sel's engines n-jth dynamite when thflT
wire wear rupture by a United State
warship off the const ot Lower Califor
nia; The Alexander Agassic in the
(miliary schooner of which F. V,
Wheeler of-Honolulu is part owner.
Detail of the schooner's capture, the
personnel of those nb card her, end par
t in I detail regnrdlrtg her outfitting ni.d
putting to aoa Wffe bitiught to Hnnln
in by the Ventura. Sir. Whoeler ban
rrcciveil no dlreet rommiinirntionnbout
the emitiirv of the veeael, or any word
from Vm mloptetl sinter, Ming Mande
bm-hrane of Lm Anpvlpi, another part
owiMir of the Alexander Agawiix, and
ttfie of two womon found on her when
thtj rniler Was sci7.o.l.
Hotdde- the two women, there were
eleven other person on the Alexander
A(fnsniz, Ave (!ermnn and nix Mexi
rniis. The Mexicans were gent ashore
mid delivered to the Mexican authori
ties' at Knsennda, while the Germans
were taken to Ban fiejjr, acrordinu to
the latest advices from I.os Anfreles,
It t thought that eventually the
Germans would be stMit to Kort Doug
las and interned, while the fate of the
two women hud not been derided. One
report said that the federal officials
were taking a keen interest iu what the
Cantu government of Mexico will do
with the Mexicans who aided the Oer
mans. Engine Wrecked '
The dynamiting of the auxiliary
whoom-r's engines happened just be
fore a boat , load of American bine
jackets boarded the vessel from the
warship which ran her down. The en
gines were completely wrecked by the
CYploHiun. Members of the engineering
force of the war hhip attempted to re
Jli r the Agassi?: engines at aea, but
found this impossible. 80 badly were
the engines shattered that a now power
plant will have to be installed aboard
the vessel before she will be of use
tuin, . .
Gum Burled Overboard
Information from the Cbast discloses
the Interesting fact that at least two
ru id Are guns were thrown overboard
when the crow of the raider discovered
thiit they rapidly were being overhaul
ed by an American warship. The cruiser
en rue in from th sea at top speed and
II red a warning shot, when the lookout
reported that those aboard the Agassis
were busily engaged in hurling over
board guns and ammunition.
It is believed the ship's papers were
weighted und dropped astern as the
cruiser whs sighted, as no incriiniuat
' if papers of any kind were reported
tn have been found on the raider. Ad
vices from the warship that made the
capture, coulirmed the report that the
Agassi 7. crew intended first to capture
I lie Pacific Mail liner (Mty of Para.
With this vessel captured and armed,
the raiders intended to capture a fast
t aimpueitic steamer and then start In
1 he dost ruction of Pacific ('oast ship
ping. Documents Seized
Jn spite of the destructive actions
tnhen by the (ierninns before she was
l.imr.led by the bhio jackets, It is said
some, important documents were seized,
together with German flags and rifles
and revolvers.
Reference is made in a l.os Angeles
newspaper to a los Angeles manufac
turer "who loaned his credit to Miss
liOclirane, K'rancis ('. White, and Will
i i n Talor Ht the time they organized
the 1'acjlic (.'oust Trading and Shipping
Company. ' '
Wheeler, who is epialoved in the
wholesale department or M. A. (lunst
& Company, said last night that he
presumed the "Francis C. White" re
fened to meant himself.
Tavlor it is known here, is the negro
.Spanish linguist, Talafero, who was ar
rested here a short time ago by Detec
tive Mcl'iiftie on a charge of bail Jump
ing in Hau Francisco, after he had
been arrested on a larceny charge. He
was recently taken to San Franrlsco by
lyteetiVe Burke of that city.
Taylor Not Owner
Wheeler indignantly denies that Tal
afero, or Taylor, us ever a part owuer
with himself and his adopted sister of
the Agassi. He says Taylor's only coy
Vuc.tion with the shipping company was
flint he solicited business for tho ship
mid collected some money which he
fulled to account for. As soon as he
learned the character of Taylor he got
id of hi 111, suys Wheeler. This wus
after he had gone to Mazatlan, where
l.e was warned to not trust Taylor by
a .Mexican friend, he add.
According to Wheeler it was pnrtlv
through his nid that Taylor was tuken
into, custody here bv Detective Mr
Kegardiug the manufacturer who
financed Miss l.ochrane, the l.os Auge
let Kxamiuer reports:
"lie said he had nothing whatever to
do v.ith the operation of the vessel and
iiuxt certainly was ignorant of its sale
n t':infer to any agent of the tier
iiiiiii ko eminent, lie last heard from
Misx l.ucliriuic about three weeks ago
lit hIii.Ii time she wrote she planned
to charter the Agassi, about April I for
$li)'iti Mown ami t.VMI a month."
U W ii the Alexander AgHskix was pur
1 IriMed from the I'uiversity of Califor
nia ;uii and 11 mortgage for $."1-1(10 was
;iii' by the shipping company, says
iin l.os Angeles report.
Wheeler 'a Statement
Whei ler 1 eitel at ed . his belief yester
.l.iv that his adopted sister, who he says
Plead. Not ..Gujlty and .Work of
Securing Jurors Js Started
' tn Federal Court '
ClflCArtO, April 2 (Associated
rre)-Wtth the entering of pleee of
Hot aullty Jy William D. Haywood,
tw-cretary of the Industrial Workers of
the World and 111 other alleged mem
ber of that organisation tn the federal
eourt yesterday there began a trial of
the ltrieet Interest and one wbieh Is
expected to be long protracted and bit
terly fought. All of yesterday was de
Voted to the questioning of prospective
Uliamen, anil the headway towarit se
curing jury was slow. , '
Haywood and his co-bfendants are
aeeuaed, through the organisation of
Which they were members, in fomenting
and threntehing-to fbreent strike and
of rterting their endeavor in other di
rections to the hindering of the United
State in its conduct of the war. ' '
To eegre the necessary evidence
unmerons raids of I. W. Mr. headquar
ter were made and matiy of the papers
ana recorns or the' organisation wese
taken from the home of It secretary,
Haywood. The prosecution claim the
flowotnentiry evidence which will be
presented is highly incriminating.'
w. b. a.
(Ooncladed from Page 1 .1.1
res and like Herman Rosenthal
"Harry the Vop" had "squealed."
He was to have npprared. Iiefare the
district attorney yesterday and given
Mid important evidence in addition to
the (iselosiire that had already been
made by him. The police theory is that
the gambling ring secured a "gun
ihaa ' to make away with Cobcm and
thua prevent the further disclosures
that were feared.
The ntachinery of the dtstrirt-attoe-ny
' oOiee was iiumciliately put in
motion w'rth the announcement ot the
shooting and the llower of New York's
detective force is cnipigcd in the case.
l i 1. r W..B..M
Delegate Kalanianaole Writes
Congress, Has.creaserl.AjH'
propriation To Amount Needed '
Hawaii is gulag to hve a new roast
guard ship in spite of the hitrh cost of
shipbuilding and War demands, accord
Ing to a letter which has been re
reived from 'Delegate KalaniHsnnle.
He writee that congress, in pnssing a
bill which he had introduced, has in
creased the amtfunt heeded for the new
vessel, and that Captain McAllister,
chief engineer of the new coast guard
service,' has notified him that the
amount now available, ailSU.OOti, will
M'rmit of a shin being built and ready
for service within two years.
The original appropriation was for
(460.(101), hut the breaking out of the
war jumped the cost of ship construe
tion to such a degree that the govern
meat was utlable to have the coast
guard ship built at the original esti
is unmarried and nearly forty years of
age, was overcome by the Germans witli
force or through some trickery to net
possession of the auxiliary s. hoonc .
He also reports that he Will leave for
the Coast on the first Vessel 011 which
he can secure passage In order to try
to save his interest ir-the Agaseix. Jt
was about May of last year When he
assigned his Interest in the vessel to
Miss Lorhrane so she could sell the
svhvoner. 1
He has receatly rrroivod a letter
which said that permitsibn hud been
granted in Washington for the Alexan
iler Agussiz to bo put again under
Mexy au register, he says. In this same
letter Wheeler was advised that char
ter for about the first of April had
been offered, but a decision reached to
not accept it.
Flew German Flag
Federal officials in Los Augelcs were
not so lunch surprised that the Agussiz
had beeif turned over to German- emis
saries and armed and outfitted tor raid
iag purposes as they were astounded
by the report that her commander had
the temcMty to hoist the German ling
over her. ' 1
Collector of Customs Klliott in l.os
Augules expressed astouishHieut at the
raider's effrontery ia (lying the German
dag on the Alexander Agassi, so soou
after she loft Mazatlan. The collector
"Jt was an iueoiireivably brazen
tlnug to 1I0, ami yet those Xiermaus do
Mich things. The Agassli is a stan h
little ship, well roust meted, fiwit ai d
having a gross tonnage of forty-uii"
tons. l'uiuestionably her (liirinsn
operators planned to use becto capture
a Wirier vessel, which in turn would
have been used to take a still larger
vesstd as a prize. If she hail not been
promptly ruptured slue might have been
the menus of starting a small tieet of
ranters in noutu t'acitlc waters lietotc!
she could have been located.
Ws Closely Watched
"With no official knowledge a In
when the Agussia aguiu lowered the
iViiicricun Hag aud was turned over to
the German eiieaiirw uf the Americsn
goveruineut, I can say tkV 4he Agsssiz
has never been Iwyoud the observHiioii
of the Aiiiiwichji navy. The fact Unit
she wus promptly pouured upon and
sui.ed within u few hours after sin
had departed from the port of Ma.iitluu
(in her first freebootiug rditioii it
couvinciiiK proof that the Nuvv was
011 the job and merely biding its lime
till the proper opportunity should aine
for catching her red handed. ' '
as n n a nnn BBIBLBBSBl .njaiM aw
- . . 1 MIlll.Ar WtWkt l-ir-
Will Be Big Event
Gr"eat Public Meeting J,ext Sat
urday Will Mark Beginning of
Drive For Sale of Bonds To
Prosecute War Elaborate
Plans Being Made
1 Honolulu's celebration of "Victory
Day" on Saturday. April fl, is going to
be one in w hich the 'citizens will hare
the opportunity of doing more than
ijheer for the Fln and sing the Nation
al Anthem. The opportunity is guing
to be presented, in a big, pnbUe way,
for the people to give a practical proof
of' their patriotism.
Not only in Xatrirday the anniversary
of the day' when I'ncle Km stepped
ihte the big ring an the champion of
democracy, but It in the day of th,e
launching of the Third Libeity Loan,
when those who cumint volunteer to. go
to the front can send more of their
dollars to back the fighters. Thus, thoso
Who are expecterj to turn out at the
big patiiotic celehta: ion of the declara
tion of war, will ulso be given their
chknee to respond to the government's
appeal for more war money. ,
the plans for Saturday are wnlerring,
losHail of a' authoring nt the corner
of King and Fort Mtn-ets, at which May
or Fern was to preside, the downtown
tallying point will be iu Bishop Park,
wjth the Governor. General Wiser. Cap
tain Clark, the Mayor and A represen
tative of the Red Cross jointly presid
ing. There will be nn orator of the
lay, music, pat riot ii- sinying of the Star
Pphngled Banner, the Marseillaise and
Kule Hrittni.ia.
'" Be'ow the central stand will be fa
bles, pen, ink and pledge cm Is for Lib
erty Bonds, all ready for the signing.
At these tables the cheering and the
Singing and the salutes to the Flag will
be transmuted into dollars and cents
to keep, the Flag -flying, to provide
cheers for the future ami givei Free
America the chnnce to continue singing
"The Star Kpangled Banner."
It has not as yet been de.ided who
will be the spcakor of the .lav, n uum-bor-of
good names being under consid-e-atloa
by the Liberty I .on 11 onimitto".
The tfhmen of the soloist.-, will also be
announced Inter.
w a. s.
Judge .'Asbfof d Adds Another To
the Steadily Growing List of
Decisions On the Subject
Another, court ruling in addition to
othera. that have , been given on the
iUestion -whether Filipinos ac eligible
to citizenship has been given in the eir
nit vourt here by Judpe C. W. Ash
ford, who takes the view that Filipino
",- nui rniuie 10 oecoiue citueus.
turige Asbford s opmiiHi whs given
an Application for lioense to nrac
tise law, filed in the court bv I'ablo
.Mnnlapit, Filipino editor , aud leader.
Manlapit some time ago filed his ,le
duration of intention to become a
American citir.en. He has announced
that he will make a court fight b,.th
for udmisHion to citizenship and for the
,iivilege to obtain a license to piae
tise law. If this purpose is rnrr'e I out.
its effect will be to have the que ti,o,
passed upon by the supreme court of
the Territory. In his effort the editor
is represented by Wiitsou and ('lemons
Former I'nited fcPate Jude (' I',
('lemons, who is a member of the film
representing Matilaplt. has on record a
decision on the question in which he
held that Filipinos may become citi
Judge Ashford waid that in makiu
the ruling he wus following one recent
Iv Irinded down by I'nited Htates Dis
trlct .Midge Horace W. Vitiighan. vl,o
held that Filipinos are not eligible to
An opinion taking the opposite view
was recently hauded down in the court
of appeals of the rtlnth circuit bv Judge
V. W. Mnrnonr. In bis decision it is
held thut Filipinos way become citizens
because they are natives of a country
owing ullegiunce to and uuder the pro-
. ,L. II. 1 . . '
tiA Hfiul NAIUKALfZt
ic.,iioi ui inn unire.i mates. 1 occasions pe
wit), tho lut .... .1... I .ie, mo 1,1
tion growing it is probable that it will j
not be finally decided until some case'
is curriud up to the. United States su
preme eourt. '
W. 9, 8. . .
sHI.NUTON, April (Official)
Possibility that thn gaverainent may op
1 .o.....nu.... is .n
pointed out in statement by II. Hoover
111 con irction with the uppoiutmet bv
-,.T, iriw n r ,tnu imi, . u '
.1 .. I 1. ..i.l.,.. ..1 .. .. :
i,,e ,,.-.,..1-1., u. n t-iimiiiissioii on tne .
11, cm ,11,11111.,. 1 ue i resiuenl lias 11.1111 ;
e.l a cinniission to shape national
policy governing the production, sale!
and distribution of meats during the
vv .ir.
The action accords with the re 0111
in.-nil i t iot. of Kood Administrator llony
er. who noted the policy regulating
steel, .upper nnd other industries The
emu mission consists of the secretary of
agriculture, chiiirniAu of the federal
trade commission, chairman of the I'.
H. tariff board. Secretary of Labor Wil
son and Mr. Hoover. Hoover outlined
(he new plan in a. letter to President
W ilson iating in pint: "The change
in policy muv take the form of more
definite due, tion of the bilge p.ukels
or even of government operation of
packing establishment!!, ' '
- - - w Bssnssj na SSBP ' as mm snsnann . t
Tn Rf PDnWPIlTfn'wminff To Hawaii;
' 1 V ,
All Those, Liable Who Failed To
File, Returns Are Delinquents
. and Subject To Penalties
All ..those who come w ithin the scope
of the income tax have not filed
returns are now d. l;11(pients, subjeot to
penalties, and in the view of the gov
ernment are tax slackers. The period
for filing return?, expired yesterday,
and to accommodate : 1 1 ite comers
CoL Howard llathawav, collector of in
tertialrVhrte here, kept his office open
nnti) ten o'clock in, night
Returns Poor In
rIn the-past it has been the practise
at the collector's m,.,, to re.
turns for errors as they enme In, so that
mistakes may be called to the attention
of the indlvldiiHls filing them with the.
!af Irufs bf time. The returns earns In
such 'numbers yesterdnv, however, that
it was wholly impossible to do this even
with the augmented stuff of worker in
the office. All returns presented were
accepted and the work of checking
thcin mill, go forward as rapidly as poe
ible through the week. A fair propor
tion of those making their returns
made payments at the same time. This
is in accordance with the appeal of the
government for income tax payments
that may be made any time before
JunelS. ' r
It would behoove all individuals who
from uny cause have failed to fjle re
turns to present then cases to the col
lector with the l. uM possible delay. The
chance is eitceedingtv slim that any in
dividual subject to tax. nn,J this means
nil single persons whose income last
year Were 1000 or more, nnd all mar
ried person Whose inc, were $2000,
rsn successfully evade the law nnd re
main undetected.
"Tax slackers will be prosecuted a
vigorously and relent le -.lv under the
war revenue net as draft slackers were
prosecuted under the elective service
net," the federal cumin s-doncr has an
nounced. li announcements is-med at" Wash
ington the aid of all g,,.,. citicens it in.
voked to bring to justice all who'delib-
erately seek to evade th, law. Hupport-!
iuc mis appeal to citizens gtnerally, ia
Honolulu as in all districts, the coming
weeks will aeo such a ralung and prob
ing by govrnment agents of the 'in
come of people that it is fairly well
assured that 110 guilty person run es
cape. ,; .
Maay Facta Known
Already the government has much in
formation in ltaiui to proceed with a a
basis for the investigation to be made,
if you have failed to file u return, do
not delude yourself with the belief that
the-goverameat has not a full record of
all payment that have been made to
you. As ststt-4 aoine time ago, a 'pro
vision of the rw required 11 employer
to file tatmwts of payments of all
reieived from CrW "er
I -M in 1917, be sure that the . report
of this payment to you haa 'beeu re
poited by your employer, for hud he
failed to inuke the res.irf he would
have become subject to severe pen
I'rom now on the going will lie h.ud
to, tix slacken. 'J'be peualty thi.t the
I. r.v fixes for failure to make the 10
t'lin in time is a fine of not less than
L'n and not more thau J0(U), ami 111
addition to this fine a penalty of fifty
teiceut of the amount of the tin d,ic
must also be paid. For making a falc
01 1 ruiiiiiiieni reiurn toe nue is nnv
thing the federal eoilrt niay.impise up
to ''p()0, or the punishment may be 5 in
I'. i onmont for one year, Or it "may be
both fine nnd Imprisonment, Hud 1 e
m Ics, these penalties in cases of fraud
nl. nt returns, the amount of tax due
and not reported automatically is
1 doubled.
Pinnoor flirflrfnra
rimSJ ,.U LeC?r
Mnnth Dr Fvin I Ifinnpp
" "
In all probability a -.oii'th at leas.
will elapse before a permanent sue
.essor is na .1 to U. Welnr.heimer as
manager of Pioneer nMill Company. The
ne.es,,. v for anion wa removed at the
.Saturday meeting when, Frank Btai k
named as temporary manager, a
position which he has filled on sevenil
I. .... .
iousIv when occasion has
''' selection of Mr. Stark was made
I'ccuuse of his long connection with the
' company, his deftionstrateil abilities 111
j agriculture, his exerieuce aad the fact
ot lus having ncreil similarly eu other
0,1 usious. fins precludes the uevessity
of haste iu making a eelectiou for
permanent tnauager.
Alter the meetiutf of the 1'lOucer di
,1,1, .in 1,11 ,-.1 1 ,1 1 iuj nun nuuuuut cn I
i the appointment of Mr, FUark was tern '
iMirnry iii its nature and that the per
j nisiieiit sucrci-sor of Mr. Weipzheimer 1
would be a 10:111 who had never been
identified with the Kackfeld Interests.
The directors of this kojlipauy meet
nioniniv au,i 11 may oe mat tne nexl
... .
regular meeting win give some further
, uhiderut ion to the question of inn n
,nt. Mcuntijiie there are at t
. I
Im lieaid many rumors
inite Thack'
selection with nothing definite to buck
them up.
W. 8. 8.
Pending action in tho supreme coint '
,,1, an appeal t;iku by L. I., Mrl'iin '
I s.-, in his Miit to avoid payment ot ;
fiontnge liiv. ;i lestrainiug order of 1
the supreme eourt preventing the sale j
of the property by the city will remain
m to, cf. M,-t 'andless sought au in
j in. 'ion and w I ,'ii a demurrer filed by .
tl.. ,lv wa- s,,-taii,e,l he took the .use
I., the uppei rt at a time vnhen the
city ha I Planed proceedings to snll flu
pioperty, which is 011 Heretunia Street,
for tho tax.
to. a. a.
mot mn m rh i
! MMGFRllFlllftTFlY
May . Wait
Kubio Says Lane Is
He's Probably Wrtife
Possibility Is Secretary of ..In
terior Will Send Confidential
Agent To Investigate Badly
Handled Land Problem of
While informr.tion came to Honolulu
yesterday from Delegate Kalanianaole I
that Secietaiy of the Interior Franklin
It. Lane would come to Hawaii this,
summer to make a pcronnl ihvcstlga
tiOU of Hawaii's hind problems, the
possibility is thst confidential agent
of the secietarv will be the investigator
and that Mr. Lane will not innke th
. The entire plan for such an investi
gation of the island public lauds I due
t h personal arrangement made by the
secretary following the receipt Urg
ent suggestions from Honolulu made by
a prominent islander, who has made a
Mudy of the public Innd problem and
who believed that the only way the
mutter could be straightened out would
be from taking stock.
The suggestion was advnnced that
the binds be looked over and, then
rluasified into (irf and second grade
enhc lands, and first nnd second tirade
pasture lands and so on. Then it wa
suggested that such investigation of
the hinds tnke into full consideration
the necessity for conservation of Bitch
Jands lis are necessary to continue the
production of a uoiinal nnd evemin
creased sugar crop, due to the require
ments of var. aM,l following tins to
determine what lauds , ould be utilized
for the benefit of the smaller farmers
utfd the hoinestendei s.
It wus nlso suggested that by paving
the. way by taking enreful stock of all
lm! ami labelling them, so to speak,
ftnd so arranging their possible ose, and
theo laying the enlii-e matter before
congress and bv uiakii.g the proper,
eh unco in the Oi'gur'ic Act, congress
sad the erretnry of the interior would
be in a position t., consider the mat
ter, uud pi.ibiil.lv act decisively,
rpcretary l.'i ie. n, -ronling to the
Sarnu informant, is too bnsy a man, as
a cabinet om.cr who is needed at all
times in or near. Washington to confer
on war problems, to leave the main
land nnd spend pmt of his time out in
the middle of 1 h, I'ncific .
- - W. 8. S. -
i DeCisTOn Of 7udge 11 til h-
corrn Tax Refund Case Is
Reversed By Court
to a decision hnnded down bv the
ninth circuit court, of which advices
we:n yesterday received here, the high
er court .reverses Ju.le Vuughun in the
action which vis l,r,iulit by the Maui
Agricultural Cuuipuuy to secure a le
fund from, the coljeutor of iutern.il rev
eiiue, payment of income te.xes under
piotc.-it by the, company. A retrial in
Honolulu is ordered.
The Maui Agricultural Company paid
to the collector, the lnte John F. Ilalcv,
under protest, 40.l)((l as excise or in
come taxes. The suit was brought
against the collector of internal r.v
cnr.e to auvure a refund of this umouut
and the lieiiiiiirer of the company was
,1 ,Mi,o-seij by Judge aughau who held
! mi ettect Hiat the Maui Agricultural
I v ompsny, which includes several plan
t.il.ou and sugar OMnpauics, is, in i.al
it v. a joiut stock' compuuy and th, ic
tore Hable for taxes to the office of the
,-olle, tor ot internal revenue).
Iu finding the company n copartner
-hip, Judge 'aughau, in his svllihii.
! "t'aragraph (i of Section '2 of the act
I "!' ,ogress of October t, levying
H 5nc0n?e ' corporations,
' ' St'k 'P9""" or ass,H-.t,o.,s
1 r ,,su'"'-a panic, not ...elm ,ng
' '' "e "'"trued to include
! " """"".'"R of joint stock cm
, 1 '" " T """c'""""' luo organ i.e.i
n,w, iuvuh .011
sidered iii the law partnerships, nnd
I " wntnu tne meaning of part
nips ordinary partnerships only.
u,,t J,"1"1 !,lwk compames or a.-.-,.,
i ' :;"."'"'s'
l ioni the derision un appeul h tnK
en and the reversal has leon obtninc l.
It was expected that under the ,!,
, iso, 11 of .lodge Vaughuu there would
;!ected exebte or income taes fuuu
several other companies similar!
I i 1 . 1 1 1 1 e I to tlie Mi, 111 A oi-wiilto.u) I'....
w. a. b.
' President To Speak Jn Baltimore
Next Saturday
WA.MJlNdTON, -cCp.il I - (Ass,.. ,.,t j
..I l icss, Heporfs toduy llist the Lies j
i.l.-i.t was cmsiileriiig making put, In-I
-p, e. lies on behulf of the third l.il, '
ei 1 v loan were ipiic k y conf iruied with I
II. c I, tin,:.- niinouni enient that he ,U
.1.. .... I
the 1 rcki.lcut will tnst speul. n, .
-n: ,i.l;i at a greut meeting to be held
at Kaltiiuoie, Opening the third run
paigu. It is coiihideied certain that he
will take occasion to touch on the ,1,1.0
t loe.i I situation.
The rresideiit will review IS. mm
' I,s 'f the nationul uriuy al t'.uup
Meu.le, Maryland.
v 1 1 y ;. -V . I ri
City Sees Need .For Municipal
Plant Unless Individuals
Establish One
t'iiles th,. , ,tv can make arrange
inents either to induce private parties
to engage in . cim-nt manufacture iu
Honolulu or .'ii 11 dev ise some means of
making cement for itself, the cessation
of all road and paving work in the
county is feme. I by rity officials be
eanse of the possibility that shipping
conditiuiis will prohibit its delivery
here in requisite quantities.
City I'ngineei . s. Cautin has taken
the lend 11, the attempt to avoid the
hindering of road work by an analysis
of gravid that i to lie had near Mono
hill, nnd an investigation of the Ksi
bility of man 11 In, taring cement advan
tageously. On account of the fact that
a plant for the manufacture of cement
would cost not less thaa 20,0(W), the
tty is not in n position to undertake
he project unless it is found to be
impossible to interest private capital.
Demand Is Here
One of the firms which has been
approached on the subject is Alexander
& Baldwin, a subsidiary of which has
successfully manufactured cement on
Maui from a gravel that is not so good,
chemically, as the gravel Which Mr.
Cantin has found around Honolulu. In
the case of the Maui coinany, its ac
tivities have extended only to a limited
manufacture of cement and for its own
use exclusively.
"I believe if thut plant hail been
erected at Honolulu, instead, the firm
would have found it to have been a
flue commercial privosi tion, " said Mr.
Cautin yesterdnv. "As to its ilisjHisi
tiou in the matter of moving to Hono
lulu I do not know, luit I am sure it is
In touch with the cement situation and
I hope that other interests which are
deen,lnnt upon imported cement will
also bring the matter to attention.
"On account of the initial cost of the
plant I dou 't see how the city can
undertake it." he added.
Danger Menaces
Figuring on one third of n barrel a
lineal foot of pavemeut that la twenty
feet wide, the requisitions of the rltff
engineer for cement to complete pro
jected road work will be enormous, aud
the probability that many agencies will
interfere with its delivery here twin to
city oflicinls, who spoke of the matter
yesterday, to foreshadow the .loom of
mil. h needed road work 11 n less some
thing can be done.
Attention was called yesterday to the
fact that the shipping board will tnke
0 ruling hand indicating what com
modities shall be handled in the bot
toms which arc assigned to Hawaiian
tralo and It ia feitred that road build
ing will come luudoj the kea.l of non
essentials, unless the special instance
of the military belt Toad aronnd the
island is made an exception. This how
ever dos not come under thi- city en
gineer who has, outside of thut, project
e.l road work iu the city and county
which will require at least ",5,000 bar
rels, figuring four sacks to the barrisf.
Price Is Way Up
l!vcn though it shall prove possible
to secure thnt great amount of cement
fioni the mainland it is believed that
a great saving cau be effected because
of the Ave hundred rrent increase in
the price of this commodity which has
o, eurred in the post two years. Cement
i- now- delivered here at a cost of "i.l.'i
per barrel whereas It could have been
bought two years ago for a little more
1 1,:. 11 a dollar a barrel.
An effort line beeu made by Vu
pervisor Mott Smith to have public
winks iu the county continued so far
us it can be done, hi order to avoid
panic conditions arising from in, cm
plovinent of skilled labor. Other per
sons who appreciate the gravity of tike
-I'uation in this regard believe that
every effort should be put forth to
Veep the road bliildiug program from
sniveling a complete collapse through
l-ii-k of cement.
Bonds Are Proposed
s a means of flnaneiug this work
-in d other projects which are threaten
ed liv the lytate of the city's finances,
Mr. Mutt Smith is, together with mem
bers of the chambecof commerce, form
ulating plans to have them all lloated
by menus of band, Which is designed,
also, to increase the amount of money
in circulation. .Tha cement sit nation,
however, threaten to defeat even this
method of "keeping the ball a rolling"
unless something cau be dune to supply
M. a. a
(Condnded from Page 1)
service, the members elected in the
recent election tteing almost solidly
uguiost the goveruineut. (Quebec is
also the only l'rovinee which ftiiled to
supply its ipjota of volunteers. the
priests and politicians urging the ig
uoraiit lialiitant population not to par
to 1 pate iu a war for the relief of
"athiest France" uor for the British
until the "rights" of (Quebec in ('ana
,lu lie piaiito.ls These "rights'' in
elude the privilege of extending church
s, honJs throughout the Dominion uud
, I making Krench an ufllcial langiinge
in the rest of the loininion us it is
now 111 (Quelle.-.
11iong the French clergy in (Quebec
are many priests who left France
when the French government .dosed
the church schools aud took over fiiit.lt
church property. Thes4- exiles un- very
bitter against Frauee, while the hos
tilitv l.etween the Krench I anadiai,
and the rest of the people .,1 the In,
11,1111011 is of 11. any years standing
I.0.M10X. March .11 (Associated
I'icssI A Hntish destroyer Hi 1 lit- k a
mine aud was lust oil Wednesday, the
I tn 1 rn 1 1 y announces. One oilier and
torty iiicu went down with thoir ship.
Honolulu, April 1, IMS.
S'llH.'K V
A leu A Its M win, l.ttt.
'. ltrcwer A t'o. . ...
. 270
i I'hint j 'jo?i an4
IIS, KM lg. I'd L.il,in ....
Ilsw Arrctl 40tt...
llnw '. A S l a 'It',...
llnw. Kmc Nv ,! :g. SI
lionoksa Muasr Co ....
lion. ,11, 11 Mnmir to 40
Hill, I, I, ,o, , Huy I'lsnl
Ksliukii I'hintstlon Co.
K-kiil, Kuu a'iit
K,.,.m Xtiu c... 170
VI. Ili-i sum c.i . I.I.I. . UU
I'nIiii Sub WW
onoiwn ivi-. Co J flovS
i sniiiiiiii run l-lsni. Co. . MT
Tactile H.iKsr Mill 10
1'MlS IMllllt CO 11)0
I'.-lieekeu KllSr ('
I'loneer Mill C.
Hnn Carlos Mlllln- Co.... JH
Wulntlis Agrctl. Co. . .. 24
naiiusn hur. Co. Jo
MIH4 1-.LANW18
Kndsii lh-r Cn., I.M. ...
1st Issue Assess 70 I'd
2n.l Issue I'alrl fp . ...
e .
llalkn I'. 1', Co., FM. . .U
Ilslku K P. Co., Vom.. 1'4
Ilsw. Con lljr. 1 A .... t
nuw 1 i,u hi. n't 11
Ilsw Con. Hx. folk t
llawallaii KUstrlr Co. . ..,'lnTS
iisw. rinniiM Co 4i4
lion. i m. in, 1.111. ... ia
lion. (Ins Co.. Lt.l M
Hon. K T a I,. Co I4tt
Inter Islsnil S. N. Co. ...tuft
Mut. Tl. Co 30
ualin 11. L. Co '10
142 V
rshaiis- Kubtver Co 1H
Helnina Iilnilinirs, Pd 10M
rsiii IW& .. JU
TanjoiiK Olak Hubber Co.
lien. Wslti I. I.
llaiuukiiH Kli.-h Co., Us .
Ilsw. Con. Ily. s
Haw. Irr. Co.. Os ; .. .
Haw Ter t Itef. JH. .
Haw. Ter. 4', Tub. Imps,
llnw Ter. nil.. Imp. 4".
(series inu iai.il
Its Ter-'l :tv,
Illlo Oas Co.. J.'.f. ...
liniiOkH t o aal y$
Hon. tins Co., l.i.i., &h ...lino 1
Ksniii it v . c... (W rtoi '
VI .... I I. -. , . ,1d,l.l
" lie .iw yj
nc.tr.vue Fun. Co., am .... Wo
Mnt. T.I nm ...10K
"Hi. 11 It 1,. Co.. ...
Onhn Sag. Co.. 11 ......
tllsa Sug. Co.. 8 ......
11, -it..- uaun K r. tn H Jul
Snn Cnrloa Milling. t ..104
Mill. Tel. CK. OS, l.0O. . i " f'
noARii a.vijca ,
(Han, r-i. no. so, .'.-.; McUryde. , J0.
jaoosrr x. mm " '
f" snolj U Itvets (no advtens). , V ',
!artt v -. '
tM Cent. (For Haw.) , Bnxarn tOOS .
, ,ni s, ntin
lvnlnu;i,i.l'wi.n.,V. 1.00
I'sla . tMO
Mar. 20, 1918
I." V V . 1 1 , U k .11 1 i ,...TiiT
Velowlnj re lae ur-nlft and eloalna;
itiiuiMtlaus ut stocks la lut) New VorC
Market yesterday.
Oiwsv I t lM,
hat ! U(
AiMrli-au Kuwnr
Auierlena l)Ht . .......
Assnviuttst OH ;
AUska -Oold .,
AilMrt.tiu locomotive .
Aieeri.'a TvL ..
Aiiierl. an tfmeltor . . . .
American rMM rdrjr. .
Auscosds Cooper
AtralMia Railway
llulilwln Locoraotivu . .
Hailiniore st iHiht . ...
Iet ntebrtut 'Html "II" . ,
( Blllornts IWrttleuoi .
( Vurrsl lnHler ,
Caliiidlan 1 'S.I Me
c m. i. Pant
('I.,. Fuel Ik Iron
Crucible tr-l .'
Cuba HuKar Csu.
Kris comumn
(ieuerul liletslriw
ileiiersl Molitrs (new) .
Ireat Hdrtkern. Wd. .
luteruatlnoal Nickel . .
luUbatrial AU-ooel . ...
KenucvuU i'eyuet . , . .
Ichiro Valley Kallroatl
New york central . ...
Pennsylvania .
Ksy t'onwtMrtated
Itek.lllia co'iniuon
flrpslrlre ru ronuuu
Soutbern PsvlHc
Htnthshakvr ',
I ull.-.i States Ituboef .
Tesas Oil .
l.alou I'wtHe .
I lilted 8taU BWl . ..
J.."" 1 ;u'--'-
w esteru I nton . ......
VY et lag aon su ,, . j , f ,
Bid. f Kx-diTldead.
KAN FRAMritt.: 'Aartl lU-lAskoelat.
cil l-rosxi Kollowlsa are-tb oniiHt antt
closlnif itUotaU.ms of sugar and other
siorks In tha an FwikHc market res-
(.may : ' '
Hilw'U Poril'l ........
lluwaliaa kojrhr'xfor:;;:
lionoksa Huffur
llni.-hljiKftn uuur Co. .
Itiilm Hugar Co,
Olss HitKar t,".
1 in, ,111. -a Hiognr Co
I'ssnbuu Muga-t 'n. .....
Honolulu oil
Iluuvis Copfier
Honolulu I'liuititilou . .
W. . 'B.
. 31
; 6
l.ONDONi , AprU '. ? - .(Aaciated
I 'i.ss; Ju the Mesopotamia eampaigu
the British oroe(i eootiirue in hot pur
suit of the Turks -fto kave tpltt up
int.. bands aqvl are.aeekiag aueh ahelt
.1 as they can find and offering little
concerted opposition.'
The Hritish have bow advanced to a
( pun. 1 nuuut uuuway betweaa . tiagdad
ami Aleppo. ,
April 1.' 1014,:. -si: ' v
eiSKBlinre . ., ,. eidl
Nuw York. . , IM)
w. a. .
... ji
... .a

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