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-l.'i: . i
nAWAtlAN GAZETTE. ' TUESDAY, AFRIt 4 2, ; .,;' ":
Al I IFh TfiKFTflM i
LONDON. March 31 (Asso
ciated Press) With the ex
ception of one sharp attack on the
British positions' south of Arras,
which resulted disastrously for
Ihe (jermans the fighting yester
day was confined to the sixty kilo
meter section south of the Somme
and along; the Amiens and Mont
didicr sectors. '
There, with the exception of
some ground yielded hy the Allies
in the morning, the day has gone
against the enemy severely, the
repeated assaults being broken up
and numerous 'counters launched
Hie territory evacuated by the
British in the Mesnil sector gave
the Hermans possession of Aub
vil!ers, Grievnes anil Catigny.
while the French evacuated l.e
Monchel and Ayencourt, near
The Allies refused f attempt
to hold ground when the masses
of the enemy attacking were over
whelming, the Kntente leaders
satisfying themselves with inflict
ing the maximum losses upyn tlu
enemy while conserving t licit
own men.
Ones column of the enemy, out
distancing its supports, forced it;
way in the morning into the vil
lage of Mesnil, where it was
promptly cut off, the British clos
ing in on the outskirts of the vil
lagc, forcing the sunivors of thi
column to surrender. The num
her of (lerinans taken here is in
excess of five thousand.
An official French cominunicu
issued last night, dealing with tlu
fighting- 'arbtlrid 'Montdidier anr4
before Amiens, says:
"The battle on the Moreuil Las
signy front continued throuhou:
the day and became extende
along a front of sixty kilometers
The German assaults multiplier
in force, were incessant, but tin
French counters everywhere
stopped the onslaughts."
The reports from French head
quarters also announce that inanv
American transports are now
working behind the l.as-.ign
lines, bringing up the needed sup
( n the Arras-St. Ouentin front
the (iennan.-, appear to be deli
niteh stDpped and are busilv dig
ging in and preparing field de
len-.es against possible lintiil
rountiss. The lviitish lines' m
this front have been material!',
strengthened as wa - e . idem ed In
the ease with which the one Ger
man drive of the dav was checked
and thrown back.
In the icinity of Albert tlu
( icrmans are working on a new
trench system from Thiepval ti
La Boiselle.
A Kcuter'.-. despatch todav s;i
that the German-, are rushing
forward their artillery ami reor
ganizing their forces. They are
slowing down perceptibly in the
battle, hut this is probably onl
a tun neiore a storm oi ever
greater intensity than lias vet
broken over the bloody front
w. a s.
HA X FltAXCISCO, April L' IAnku
c in led Fress i Following tln liandiu,;
down of it" remittitur by tin' supreme
i ..i'it whiih has .'in I,'. I i lie bint li -t'loin
tin' courts of Tom Mooncv, con
i.-tcl of murder fi r connection with
tlii- bombing il tho Ft epnrc.lticss ,lu
parade, tills II H U 1 ' I tD till' tiuMTIllir
t'lir h 'Urlon.
Mooney recoguizns Hint in this up
'!l! Ih.VM Ilis last hope. Ill' lldl'H still
hupi' because uf tlu- message which tin'
Fresideut sent to (iovoriMir Hteplicns
urging the bitter to exercise exivutivi'
LONDON, Mnn h :il ( Associated
eafferipg bark of the Oerman lighting lines arc being told by Ocrniatt pris
oners taken both by the British ' ami French. These prisoners describe the
slaughter Inflicted by the Allies as tremendous, while the ra'.lous treatment
of the slnln, friend nnd foe alike, by the German higher command ha shocked
even ths war hardened veterans of voa Hindenhura,
.The correspondent of the Morning
says that the whole countryside ever whleh the Omnium have advanced it
Strewn with the bo, lien of the battle vlrtlme, who hnve been left where they
ren. -mese inninimis upon thousand or ioues, many n week ileail, present
a terrifying sight, swollen and decomuosiag, while the whole region has been
tainted from the unturned corpses. The wafer In the wells is unusable and
even the larger riv-prs nre contaminated by the pollution of loal men.
The German reserves beinir hurried through these tleliU of carnaic to the
bittles are shocked and unnerved by the tangible evidences of the fury of
the conflict and their morale is weakened long before they reach the new f'rout.
It is' only recently, report the prlaoaeri taken yesterday, that burisl parties
have been sent out. by the Germane. These are forced to carry on tbeir griely
tnsK wiin gas masks.
An official statement issued at French headquarters yesterday, dealing
with the losses suffered bv the (Iermans, aavs:
"Although th" information at hand ia very incomplete, it is certain that
Ihe losses of the (iermans in this second Battle of the Homme have been onor
minis, with the percentage of killed and aeriously woun led very high. Prison
frs questioned on Monday lart, after four days of righting had passed, report
I'd that the Kighty eighth Infantry lHviaion has been practically annihilated,
hile other divisions hud suffered tremendous losses.
"The greBt number of dead, these pfiaoners say, resulted f'retn the ef
lective used niRde by the Hritish of their machine guns, the rear guards holding
to their positions to the very last against the oni oming massed enemy, mow
ng them down in tliousnmls, every bullet finding its murk in the mii .se, I for
nation assumed bv tbe Herman attackers.
"The British machine gunners, facing Inevitable death or rapture, stayed
in their trenches and rnked the Oerman ranks until the rear men pressing on
had literally to walk over the bodies of their comrades to reach ami ovenom.'
the British.
"Immediately after null advance, the Germans stripped the rlo'hes of
very fallen mat', friend nnd enemy alike, leaving the unked, smashed bodier
on the ground. The clo'hea were sent at once to the rear and shipp.-d back tc
Germany, so great i the scarcity of Clothing and leather in the Katherlund
After the ghouls h-i I passed over the battlefield it was impiissiHu in the ina
jority of iustames to distinguish the Gorman dead from that of the Hritish."
WASHINGTON, March (Associ
ated Press) Along n twenty-five mile
front between Moreuil and l.assigny, the
Oerman offiensive wns yesterday bloek
d, was told in official despatches from
'nris which were received yesterday.
Urong reserve forces wi re brought up
mil the reinforced French main body
n that front throw back the enemy
kith heavy losses. The storm center
if the fighting wns in the vicinity of
American casualties as nnnouncod by
he war department were thirty and
ii addition to this there wns n list of
wenty tivo names of soldiers who lost
heir lives in the Tus ania disaster.
Senate Is Expected To Take
Similar Action Tomorrow
WASHINGTON. March i- Assoc
ited Press) Finnl pnssage of the i r
.ibcrty Loan legislation is exported mi
he senate on Monday. The house yi -rdny
adopted this legislation without
i dissentiug vote. The sonate has gi
n it the right of wny for tomorrow.
This legislation permits the issuance
if five billions of dollars in bonds o e.
md above what has alren'dy been ;n
hori.ed. There still remains a crc'it
nun the previous legislation of inoic
linn the amount of the third loan ni.
hut unused credit with the amount
ontuined in the pending leginlnt :on
;ives a credit of more than eight and
i half billions of dollars.
W. . s.
Turkish Woman's Mysterious
leath At Ellis Island Announced,
NKW YolvK, March 31 (Associated i
l'ress)- . mysterious death, believed I
,,,...i!,..i..ll.- . .'. l. ....i. . i
he internment camp at Kllis Island
vesterday, tins being that of a youn
Turkish woman, held us a spy sin-pcct
Mioxi.cn .-.orcn .s a t.eaut.n, g.ri or
-we.i.v ,nree. cue wasarr.stci hy leu
wru I Dirblltu u lin n f a f.tetn i ,.1. , . I
""r . " t."
i-hnrtmn with hMim, llia luili. nm,,n r
: r, ...R ...
""man spies operant!-; in ami
around this port.
The suspected spy refused to talk,
mil trie network- or evidence was clos -
"K icsier.iay sne was,, tu(. r'rench forces from their fore
round (leaii in tier room, without uppiir
ent cause and with no preliminary ill
LONDON, March :tO -. Associated
Press) A despatch from he front to
day said that the Hritish downed six
teen German aeroplanes today, fivelx e
Hritish machines are missing 'ifter the
- W 8 8
l.t IN I H ) N , March 3 1 ( Associated
Pi. ss) The olliciul list of British ca
unities for the month of March was is
sued last ni:ht, but the published list,
very evidently, does not include the
casualties in the big battle winch has
been raging since tho twenty-first in
France. The list carries onlv 1 1 !()
names, the smallest mouth's total for
some time.
Press) Horrible titl- of. the death and
Post, quoting the taloa of orlsoners.
WASHINGTON, March .'HI- (Official)
The war department this afternoon
announced the receipt of the' following
cablegram rrom uaneral I'erslung:
" We have made all of our resources
available and our divisions will be used
if and when they are needed. Th
Freach are in fine spirits and both'
armies seem confident. '
''ne message followed General Per
shing's visit to Generol Koch, the hu
preme commander, to whom he offered
the full use of all the American force
in France against the Germans.
Military chiefs here, noting the slow
ing up of the Gorman offensive, awni
confidently the opening of the Abie,
counter offensive.
Long Range Cannon Kills Fout
More Women In Paris
PARIS, March 31 ( Associate
Press) The Krupp "masterpiece," tl"
long range gun north of 1b Aisne, wa
used against Paris j-esterdav am! men
women and children have been added b
i lie Kaiser's butcher bill The bom
I'Hi-diiient took place yesterday morn
i iij... There are eight dead, ineltidioi
I'm r women, anil thirty seven wounded
f w hom ine are women and seven ar.
i l l Ircn.
Mure bodies wero takan yestcrla
from the ruins of the church wreck
on Good Friday by a shell from thi
Fifty-four women are known o ha
ne n Kiiieu ov me sneu s explosion
I i -h tore the church interior to pi v
! .ile a crowd of worshipers, most
women und children, were engaged
heir devotions. The number of wound
i was more mau one nuuilreil ur.d scv
nl v.
W. I. .
Newspapers Tell of Costly Aii
Raid on Luxemburg
H K II I. I N , March 31 (Associate
; ,.r,.SH ...... r,etwen tnc Homme an(, ,
;,,,. ,VH ,iuve ,,,, lt . , was
1 n .
-iiinieuiry or the events ot the day oi
,. - . . J
j i,,. western front contained in the la.-.
ia rp)0rt Ul,e(1 bv ,ha war uffw
, ,,, njKlll
j H,.t -,. the Somme and Avre river
the (icrmans have driten the Britisl
most positions. lliey huve capture
Mcniicoiirt and Messieres and ure co'i
iiiiuing thuir advance, ('ounter attack
winch were attempted by the French i
I l.o .Montdidier sector were successful!.
r. puNeii, the earlier official reports an
.Newspapers last night told of an Al
'led air raid upon Luxemburg in whicl
heavy damage on property wns ii
Mi. ted by the raiders. Ten were kille
bv tie explosions of the bombs tha
were dropped and the falling of sliet
leied walls.
w. a s.
A I'mniian hoy was responsible for
'li ei ur'tten to Harry Baldwin.
the !:;ui pin n t a' i on mannyer. tlir, aten
in; to Mow he and his family up with
il wiiMiuto unless he wns pm I jU,1,000,
.icionlini; to n letter received from
.Mam M'Kicmnv nv v. (i. Niiiith.
The t.oy, who lias been arrested, is
believed to have been prompted tn
write the tliieateninu letter by seeing
"Wild West" movies, lie is reported
as saving he hail no iruilie auuiust nnv
ineuihi r of the Baldwin family.
British Cavalry Reach and: Cut1
nejaz-iweaina anroaa tast;
At f.annr I a Aa'
Progresses Along Euphrates
MKDON, March 31 -(Associated
Prase) Raiding In advance of
their lnfaatry, a force of mounted
troop with Oamrat AHenby In
Palestine reached the Ileja-Mt-dina
railroad yesterday, on the
Palestine border cat of Jericho
acd destroyed aeveral miles of th'
Una. This exits the transport of
tha Torki still occupying the moun
tain petitions east of the Dead
Sea, maklrfg It lmpospihle for rein
forcements or supplies to reach
them from Damascus and cutting
their line of retreat north.
The Arabs are perainteutly forc
ing this section of tho Turkish
army north and tt appears now to
be surrounded, with the Arab to
the couth, tho British across their
Una t th north, the lie ad Sea on
th wast aad the ArsMan aad
Syrian deserta on their east.
Th British force operating In
Mesopotamia under General Mead
which Smashed and destroyed th
Turkish army tn the vsvi'.cy of the
Euphrates near Hit, Im now ad
vanced to a point clifhty-thr
miles beyond Hit, well m the way
to Zor, th only remaining center
of Importance on the Fuphratea,
the capture of wll-h wou'd cut
th principal caravan route be
.tween Dnmascus and Atosul.
3asis For War Program Would
Prevent AH Strikes and Lock
outs Dbring Struggle
WASHINGTON, March .11 (Asso
ciated Presa) Announcement of the
basic principles laid down tor an agree-
nent between and program for capital
tnd labor during the course of the war
is outlined In the report of the special
committee named to determine such
principles and program. us made by
secretary of Labor W ilson vesterday
The principal provisions of the agree
nent which both lnbor and capital will
be asked to ratify are as follows:
There shall be no strikes celled dur
ing tho term 'of the war nor slinll there
be any lockouts. The recommendation
ia that all disagreements and contro
versies or differences shiill be settled
iad determined ' br the govfernnfent
trough a mediation bodv. These media
tors shall be known Uf the "National
War Labor Board" and shall adopt
i policy similar to that contained in
he general program. Local boards of
nediation are also recommended in the
Among tho other principles and ixiH
ics laid down to govern the conduct
if both labor and capital are the ritrlit k
if laborers to orgainze and to bargain
ollectlvely with their employers, to
c recognized in such organizations b
'lie employers; employers are not t
lischarge workers for membership in
'uch organizations or unions. The
iiusis of the eight hour day is to be
W. g. 8.
VIHKNS, March Ml - Associated
:'ressi- Constantino, the ex king, nun
i refugee in Switzerland, is to be
i icd in the -1 1 in li it 1 courts of Crrrcr
his being i.idcii'd yesterday by a court
uirtial, liei'oie whirh charges againM
lie former ai 'tiarrh had been filed
'tie of tin- witnesses ut the court mar
ml wns the public prom'Cutor, whose
tateineitts inoled tho cx king in
riiniiiHl acts. These, acts the royal
UL'itivc in ti - i answer for in the eriin
.nal court, declared the court martial
hotelIvIen's pledge
will help vitally
WASIIIMITuX, March .'Ul (Oftieial
Uepresentat iv cm of hundreds of th
dies' h.d.-N ..t
OIM Cllt ioll l, I '
tin- l'nited Mtutes in
have pledged thorn
icues to. I t . mm,' any v heat prodm
'intil the i..-u liars est next Septra,
'er. Tl.e pledge was enthusiast ir. 1 1. 1
Men w lien Hiil.rrt Hoover said t'-nt
in Ii .lep
i hat the
in shi. t
';it "ii i n-'cessai'V ill old'
I ii tid Mete- lull'y eontinii
t ! i- 1 1 i.-s heat v i i t ua ! '
snid th.-
1 1 J.' I Hill Is
intioiiiii' nci-ordinj; !
possilde only by Ann-:
He declares wheat is .i
or the weiillhv shootl
the I . i
li-llll NO
lll HI V
o il
he llrst to ;iIi:iihoii nuhile. uddnu
"the I iiitid tnti's wheat acreape 'In
ye:ir is n'lltei thlill hit and the ,H!i
i-ult ies' , ill I... ended by September it'
Ihe weather linnrs the crop."
iwel ii'iiipliiiiil is sure to be prevu
iluriny tin fruit season. te sure to
:i bul tie of ( hamberlaiu 's ('..li
I m 1 1 ho. -ii lii-nii'.l ut hmid. Il
mi e :i b!e. l-'or snle by all den!
Iteiisoii. Sinilh 6i t 'o., gaents for
mi. dit
' ki
' m.
mm mm
Hundred and Fifty of Three
Thousand Tons Registry To
Be Bunt in Oregon
WASlll VGTTJN, March :H-(Assoe.l-ated
Prews) Pei mission to build 150
1 motor driven, wWlon rlnps which are
expocteil to be nn.-tly hh,., , the Pari
fie trade nnd to r. ln , ihe freight con
pest ion which exits in Pacific waters,
was granted by ( linirmiin Hurley Of
the shipping board to a committee of
Oregon ship builders yesterday.
Oregon yards that have not been
used in the general ship building pro
gram will le ehietlv employed lit tkla
iroKsed construction which will not
in any way Interfere with the reat of
the snip building proyinni.
All of these vessels are to lie of the
same or of similar tvpes. They will be
of approximately .nam tons ' registry
and will be equipped with motors in
their wooden hulls..
Hurley sniil he believed such eon
etruction would wors a great relief for
shipping, was undoubtedly needed In
Pari Ac waters.
Bteel Plates Short
The shipping board 1ms exceeded its
shin building iiroirnni for March bv
12,000 tons, it was announced yester-1
lav, though falling behind its sched
ule for completed ships due to difficulty
in Obtaining steel plates.
Thirty su ships, totaling
tons, were launched and '2(1,
102,200, were delivered. '
w. a s.
Addresses During Passion Week
Have That Topic For Them6
As an indication of the progressive
intelligence of the I.ihue Community it
mav be noted that the Lihue Union
. , , ii i , , . i
t'huirh,. under the leadership of ita pas-
iu,, . i. mi. iii.ira.i-, i, tin jiini. i-.avwit
a very successful week of Passion-Tide
services devoted to the general theme
of social service. ,
The different subjects considered
were presented by those who were par
ticularly interested iu them and there
fore particularly well fitted to set tbem
'orth intelligently. One day waa given
'o National Social .Service with Food
Conservation interests presented by
Miss Klsie Wilcox, and Red Cross ac
tivities by 'Miss K. Mclntyre. Another
day was given to Hoeial 8ervlce for
Children with Child Welfar Work by
Vlise Kuhlig, .community nurse for the
i n i i . . ....., i.... ;..- n i
district ; The Court and the ChUdrep. I
by Judgti IHHe-y, anfl Th' Cabin" Son-1
dapr Hehool, by Hev. J. M. Lydgate:
Still another day, was given to Social
Service for Adults, with C. F. Loomis
-elling what the rural Y. M. C. A. is
doing, and Mrs. J. M. Lydgate indicat
ing what can tie done to better contli
ions in the way pf domestic aid in
camp homes.
These various addresses, and ethers,
had the merit of being distinctively
oncrete and practical, sotting forth
ho actual conditions anf needs, .and
he efforts that are being made to meet
hese needs; and in the course of them
much that waa noVel and interesting,
as well as much that wa inspiring wai
brought out.
It was a matter of some surprise to
collie to learn how much I being done
a the community along these practical
ly helpful lines, especially in the way
of work for children, both in the
-icliools nnd in the homes. The physical
ind social condition of the. children
in the schools is carefully watched over
and they are traced hack to the homes
with surprising discoveries of di sense
ui. I neglect, and with consequent sur
prising amelioration; they are coming
to look like different children.
A recent new departure which prom
ses to be very helpful is camp demon
t ration in cooking and sewing. Aid
and instruction' along these lines are
specially needed, by the Filipinos, of
whom there are large numbers iu the
employ of the plantations, and who are
particularly backward in these matters.
Inter-Island Company Does Its
Part To Bring Success
One way freight rate and one and a
half pasHeiij.-er rate from all Island
ports to Honolulu for the territorial
''an- in June has been granted by the
Inter Islund Nteam Navigation Torn
puny. J. K. Butler, chairman of the
foil's transportation committee, re
I this information Saturday from
i ho Inter Island officials.
The special rates are granted bv oer
iis-ii n from tho Federal Hhippin-; i
...ar.l nt Washington, to which bodv I
he Inter Island made application in I
February, at the time other trunspotta j
tiou companies decided to offer the!
peeinl one way freight rate for ex I
Inl its moving to and from the fair.
The piissenifer rate, which will be in
. tl'e. t from ,li H to June 1M, will per
nit Island folk coming tif the fair to
bin u round trip ticket, i?oo. .luriiii'
the ten days, for the price of a one nnv
ticket plus half. '
The oneway freight rate, as in the
. use of the railways, requires the ex
hibilors to puv the full one-way price
when sending their displays to llniio
lulu. At the end of the fair Hecretary
('. U. Willard will issue a certificate tu
evhibitors which the Inter Island and
iher shipping companies will accept in
I en of money payment for the home
w unl shipment.
Hetman Commits Suicide; Pro
t visional Government For Si
beria Reported Forming
NEW YOHK, March .'11- (Associated;
Press) Disruption of the nn'i llolshe
vlst forces in l(nsin, espeitnlly among j
the Don Cossm k, is indicated by iles-I
patches received from Moscow Inst
night. As a counter foil to this news
is th report of the formation of an
tntl Bolshevist government in Kaatern
Siberia. This message came from
Bogayevsky, a hetmau of the Cos
sacks who succeeded Kalidines, has
committed suicide, the Moscow despatch
said. He had first surrendered to the
Bolshevik i and had npcaled to his fol
lowers to abandon their hopeless atrng-
General KornilofT, with hardly a
handful of followers is reported to be
still offering such aid as ho is able.
Americans Aid Wounded
Minister I.unncharsky, head of the
Bolshevik i ministry of education,- has
expressed the opinion in an interview
given at Petrograd, that while an al
lie nee with America is impossible, Rua
sia is willing to accept American as
sistance in the form of loans and arms,
in view of the fact that (lertnauv ia a
coalmen enemy of both nations.
r-,7. , ....
K.iiBMKuai urniNii urn rri l'IVHl lltsi
night told of messages received from
the Harbin correspondent of the China
Dally News in which he said it had
been decided to form a provisional 81
f berian government for the purpose of
opposing the iioisiieviki and that it
waa expected that the aid of friendly
powers would be sought in the endeav
or and in the efforts to resist the Beds.
TOKIO, March ill (Special to Nip
pu Jiji) A special extraordinary aes
siou to the Japanese diet is expected
to be called about May 15. This means
that Japan is not likely to take aay
I n il. u ....: .. u : i : -!.,
si ouu mm iiiinninii in 1 iu u iuy-
tion bpfore thftt lHtl,.
Employes of the postal and telegraph
offices of Vladivostok nre at present
on strike, and as a result no definite
newi has been received in Japan from
that port.
w a. a.
Bill Is To Be Introduced; Suspect
.,; arrested Was Employed
In Curtiss Plant
WASHINGTON, March 35 (Asso
ciated Press) The death penalty for
many acts in violation of the espion
age law will be proposed by legislation
to be brought to congress, Henator
Overman said' today, after the senate
judiciary committee had heard the tes
tummy ot several government agents
handling anti-spy work.
After a secret investigation the po
lice said today that Mrs. Lydia White
arrested with blueprints of aeroplane
construction in her possession, has ad
mitted that Oerman spies have been
employed in the Curtiss Engineering
Corporation plant at Hempstead, Long
Arrest of a woman suspect in New
ark. New Jersey, may lead to develop
nicnts in the aeroplane factory plot
tings which has been the leading cause
for the proposed legislation, despatches
from Newark say. .
w. i. a.
HAN FRANCIBOO, March 30- ( As
sociated Press) (Superior Judge Dunne
today ordered the release of Mrs. Kenn
Mooney, wife of the convicted bomber,
Tom Mooney, on bail of $15,000. Mrs.
M oone y is a eo-def endant.
Hardto Shake Off
That Backache
T In-
daily grind ii made ten times
when afflicted with lame back,'
darting pains, headaches, dizi
ness and annoying kidney difficulties
" '""
If you want to shake it off before
there's danger of gravel,
i Bright 's disease use Doan
! Kiilin-v Fills. They are
dropsv. ..t
s Bucks. do-
praised the
I viorld ..vor by thousands who have bul
I relief from those exact troubles.
" When Your Back is l.ame Remein
I ber the Name." (l)on'l simply ask for
ki.li.ev remedy- ask distinctly for
I'o.'iu '- Backache Kidney Fills and t - K .
: no ntheri. Moan's Raekiiche Kidn v
Fills "te sold by all druggists and stoi e
kecpeis, or will be mailed on receipt of
' price bv the Hollister Urnj; f'o , .
'Benson Mo th A Co.. stents f,r tin
Hawaiian lsluuda. ( Advertisement )
, li fcOry l H JjLL :
L( 'l N. March .1 -(Associated
I'rcs) (.'ontmcnting '
on the a) lintrm-nt of General :
l'och a Mir mr c itrunanricr bf,i
the f'Mic- oi tin- Allies and tlic
United Mali' mi the Western
Front. I'rcmuT IJovd ficorge..
yesterday -aid that the situation
had heen improved along the bat
tle frmit hut the creat cneaee-
ment had onlv uist commenced.
He declined to comment oil fu
ture activities r disclose any of
the plans m th Supreme War
Council or for events in the ex-
jtectcl ireat counter offensive.
"The situation is nuw greatly
improved, satcl the I reinier. It
is to In' home in mind, however,
that this rreat enuacemcnt is
till in its earliest stages. ,
"From the first day of the of
fensive the Supreme War Council
has been almost constantly in
session. Its sessions have lasted,
through most of the days and
have gone far into the nights. It
has been in almost as constant
communication with France and
the L'nited States as well as with
his government.
"A number of measures have
been taken up and considered
which have looked to the secur
ing of a more concerted action.
"The enemy has in the past '
hail an incalculable , advantage -over
us aid our Allies on the
Western front in that it has been '
fighting as a unit." ,., . . ( ,. ;
Lloyd George' made it clear '
that it was imposs1e"jt'iHi! rniVr
to give any plans forhe future. ;'
To do so would, be, txi (gjy jllje ,
enemy that advantage. .He there-.
fore continued his policy of de
clining to discuss the actions
which the War Council had taken
and advised their governments to
tdopt or tefc ratify. Similarly he
declined to' say for how long a
period General Foch had been se
cctcd to serve as supreme coitit
mander. '
The premier laid stress on the
i lvantages which could lie se
cured by concerted action.
through the war council which
vas formed at. his suggestion and
tnder a single leadership. Me con
trasted conditions now with what
had previously been where the
Albes fought with comparatively
'ittle coordination of methods
md plans.
. w. a: a. :-
CHICAGO, March, 80 ( Associated
Fress) .Judge Alscbulor, arbitrator in
the hearings to settle the controversy
between the meat' packers and their
employes over wages and hours Yf work,
handed down his decision to-lay. It
granted the eight hour day, a wage in
crease, and equal pay for like work, by
men and women, to all the employee.
W. S. a. :
LONDON, April 1 (Associated
1'ressi -The protest by the Dutch gov
ernment agnijist the selxure of Mutch
iii.irhunt ships by the l'nited Mutes
i ul 1 1 rent Britain has arrived here.
i he d ieement w as handed to l'nited
i st at es Minister tiurrett at The 11 lmi.
as the government V views , but is not
.. a'l a foriinil. protest, though regard
,d as such diplomatically.
Ihe text of ths document has not
been made public. Oftieial ooinment in
dn-ates that it is improbable any si
l.'intioii vwll be made In' the course de
cided upon bv the United Htates.
was - j...
w v-MtMiTON. MarcK siU-iA-so
ciated Fress)Oen. J. Vranklin Bell
I has passed hiu eiuiniuution lor aci.vo

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