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TUESDAY, A PR t L 2, 191ft.' 'i-SteMtAVRtKLY. ,
Object Was To Capture Town and Out Flank Tom
rhies On Vimy Ridger-French A re Turning Tables
On the South and Gaining In Hard Fighting '
- -' " " 1 - - j.-: .r,;-., .,
LONDON, March .m (Associated ircs)V!lYitii llie Gentian ttiTen!vt slackening
at practically every point titit one an i With llie British niitl IWnch launching
series of local counter attacks, the altuitloti ly Picardy has ftfauiheil A'new phase.
The drive of von Hindenlmi g is not regarded a oyer, bnt it Is regarded by the Allied
commanders as no longer serious at any iohit;-.whit the further sncce-ofthp French
in driving still deeper their wedge into theiOemian flank between Moat lidier and
1 nssignv is highlv encouraging to the JSnten'te, , i " ; ;'
Apart frouriocal fighting at different points, the Hermans wade nafte'npt vcs
terdav to advajue their positions north of te omnie, according to fit) Yfflrial reiwrt.
The heavy offensive started a gainst Arras on Friday, which the lh-itifcli beat ha:
with the loan of a small territory, was not resumed. I t
On this northern sector it was the British who forced the fighting yesterday,
raining ground at several points and tak!ifcJrisoiie.rs. , :.
The heavy action of the dav to soutVof the. Sotnrae, where the . Germans, in
massed attacks, forced the British to give ground east of Amiens,-jn , spite of a.desper -ate
resistance in which the German looses were excessive for the gains they made.
Tho ffinfentrnteil attacks came at Mezierrc' -and as far,
north as Demum. The latest, reports from, the front aJHrpiiV VffrnfV ViT
that ihe fiffhtinff here still continues. I ylCal f ICIUI J. 1 Ul
From documents taken from a captured, officer sf
'ler the repulse of the Germans on Friday, before Anas
It is learned tViafthe (iernian high command intended that effort to
le a real smash, the object of which was to get astride the Scarpe
River for the flanking of the British on Vimy kidge and for the
capture of this highly important nsition and also thetown of Arras.
The attack, which had been made in force, was .a complete fail
VTt. The British line-stood intact at the conclusion; of the battle,
while the enemy was thrown back, severely defeated, losing several
thousand prisoners and'many thousand dead and wounded.
The French counters in the N..y.n sector arc scoring heavily
and with fresh troops arriving to reinforce the new French line and
drive U still deeper into the enemy's flank, the situation js becoming
" one that must give the German command serious concern.
Chi'd Say This Doe. Not Apply
Tfl Hawaii k Where He Con
sider! Meat Saving Needed
Botcher of Potsdam
Sh.e!l KTIIi1 Seventy-five Women
and , Children Attending Good
Friday Services In a Paris
They Cannot Break Through
Reports Premier Oemenceau
' "''PARIS. March 30 (Associated" Tress) "They: cannot break
through" is the word brought back from the fighting front oh the 4
Oise by Premier ( lemenceau. who returneo trom tne Daiueneiu
terday. where he reviewed the situation with the French geneYals
in command.
"1 am contident that at no place is the enemy able t conquer
our resistance,'.' the Premier informed the deputies, in a statement
last night. "I do not wMi to pose as a prophet." he said, "as that is
not my habit, but come what, may, I know they can not break
The various retirements of the French and British have how
cvti.-iided the battlcTn.nt to a stretch of -seventy miles, to mainlajn
-,,. ,i,.rr i nr. nr.- uiH.n which necessitating the Germans!
bringing more of their reserves into the various actions. I be enemy
i thus unable to materially strengthen his front throughout and his)
attacks, except on one or two sectors, have become weak and spa.--j
( )fli ul report-, state that along Hie Uise there has been a very
decided 'diminution of the German offensive, the lighting on this
front being con lined to local attacks against a few points.
Hetweeii the Avre and the Somme the only heavy righting of
the day ha- taken place, this being on the tip of the wedge the Ger
mans are attempting to drive through the Allied line- to separate
the French and llriti-h forces. This tip. directed against Amiens,
'.niade sonic progress in the face of desperate resistance.
' Amicus is an nn; ortant railroad center, the loss of which Would
-Inconvenience the Allies but the retention of which, i- not vital to
their plans.
PARIS, March 3-- Associated
Press)-At ihrM-e'eloek trsstenUr
afternoon shaUa txsmx th Osrmsa
lontr-rmag gun la tk St. Oobtn
wood bscaa railing again In Parts,
tht bombard natrt being maintained
dnring the noun of the afternoon
mrrlcea in . the city -churches for
Good rrlday.
One sheH tore its way taronfth
the wall r one1 ef the crowded
charebea, where the congregation
woe made ftp mainly of women and
, children, and exploded la the mldet
' ef the erowd ef worshippers. One
hundred and sbtty-Ave persons, In
elndine; only a few ineti, were hit
tnr the flying dehris of the explo
slon. seent-nte: of whom were
killed ottritH Many of the nine
ty others w Bunded are fatally hnrt.
Tbs le the second time this
rhnrch has been struck by a shell
from the new German weapon, one
rttrlng tbe Wldin on Sunday,
drnin mass, when there were a
number of casualties.
. w. a. a.
VA8niKGTONMr1i .10 (Awmi
stpil Preen)-MestloM) Uaj-, tho meiit
lew TueS'la.T a well as tho pork'M,
ttiiriliy ure supentpl for n prio(l.
of thirty Jnyt. Orders KUHnendiiiB the
mentlaM tlejrs tne imil by the food
a.lnilnlitti'atioa ' ...yestenlay afternoon.
The r evident purpone l to nouragc
the saving of wheat by ut nft meat a
a nubntitnte, the need of eonwrvaUoii
of the trtrmr hetng the gVPhtert, lhi
mip.ly of i1eh being morf ncBrly adc
(iuri. ' Tu food adinininfrjHon i'
lirmliDR its stronirciit eudeavom to th !
rotmpratlon of wheat. i
hon)f utrldes-for saving flour w rr
annomiea.l )reiPT.!a.r. Bevrn hnndied'
ho1l mm Id 'various psrtu of the I'nit :
d Uar, 'rhietty In tho lr(for rit'K-.
pledfrcd thaii'1vrt to iitrike from lh ';
hotel ninuiaud to no longer pcrve iio
their hotels soy, hiat product.
Territorial Tood Administrator Child
ntsted' Uet uight that no ottrinl nidi
nVetten had brea rent him for tht di
eontinnanxe bf .'the r(rulr mpntlcnp
ilnv In the Territory of Hawa i an.l
that the rule of Vmceflinn Tupwlay'
would he rigidlv enforced an herelo
fore. - '
"The eonditions that caus!?d thr
pmpornry abolihment of mrstb-a
Inva on tha mainlnnd do not l'1
here,'' said Mr. Child. "I havp been
advine.1 that owing to tha freight ron
gestion, prime eatle haa been pilinu
up at various khipning pentera in the
SVM, Whti-h, If unloaded on thf mar
kpt at one time would enuar a slump in
priees, demoralize a atnble price foi
meats and' diaeoarage graziers from in
ireniiinn their-herds next year. B
abolishing meatleas daya for the next
two months it Is the helief of the foo.'
vlminiatrators that thW congestion wil'
be broken. .
f'ln Hawaii, however, ron litiom arc
much UinTerent.,' we are getting slun
nicely wader present conditions and an
drawing the mut of uiir meata frov
the local rancher. If we aboliah meat
leae days here thia local mipply will b
drawn upon -tbnt . rmich heavier thai
at present,- which would mean that w.
inaat, . uadev "thoae cin uinatancen, iui
port meat from the mninlnad. Tbi
'ocal cattlemen are satiafled here wit!
fifteen eent a pound for their beef
Repf from the mainland landed her.
a-onld eoet twenty-two cents, nnd Aus
'raliaa .meat, when von vea not it, s'.x
'.eon cents. 1 IWer -these conditiona it
is very idnln that it is not good bus)
neaa to fxkaast our local supply 01
na( any heavier demand on it I);
abolishing" tha meatless rtays."
W. O. ' '
. 1
The -alicnt
wclgt nc;ii I .1
cuvrcd : Ik
The olbcKii
ilriM ii by tbc l-'rench into the flank of the ie rrn.in
,i"io whs inaiiuaincd yeslcrla ami the rojii)d re-
Claims Successes Attend Ger
man Arms In All Eriflagements
and Results Please
BKRl.TN, March ( Associated
l'reanV Successful enuL'cmcnti along
the Western front between tbe Somme
and Avre ltivrrs was tbe burden of the
official report inaucd by tbe war office
last night.
Hince the beyinnin, of the great
offensive by tbe Cicrnuui forces there
have been cdured more than 70,000
British prisnuers and more than 1100
puns hnve been taken is the war office
On both sides of the Rcarie the Dor-
aimer Gets Property Worth
Seventy Millions and will In
vest In Liberty Bonds
WASHINGTON, March 30 (Aaso
eiated Press) Acting quickly on the
authority granted to him by congress.
and, approved by the President, A.
Ilitehell Palmer, custodian of the prop
)rty of eheniy aliena, yesterday took
over six large, uernian owned, wotiieii
mrlls in New Jersey. The valuation
plaettd upon this property is seventy
millions of dollnrs.
L'util this nrouortv shall be sold the
nrafits of the business will be invested
in IJberty Honda nnd when n utile taken
place the proceeds of tbe sale will be so
.'!' i!"C
was increase! through
mMa kuuo t . i ........ 1 . V. T2v;:Mk
a scrie-i i Clabllinp most positions slid hnve takes several
. (fiowsssd raisorert. c-oiitli of the Horn
, ... ; ., , ,. i,v ,i,.. 4. ..r ,,iV.co Phey hart driven the British out of,
.imimaiv n uiv Miutti..-.. ...... - --- jth-.tr .'otl s;tioiis nii.l from bravely
.. t-.u :.ri,i .,!,tii;iivtic. ' ( )ur front is lieinir reinlirce(t evervz-qay. .defended villnues.
i .... j i,. :n-riv . .nimlailtlv.' le British .-..iiliiioe fruitless and
aj tac rc...ri. ''"" " " ;, f ewtly counters ..ear Albert and north
The 1l.ii.c- of deputies yesterday voieu to can om me v. o. T)i(( 0(,rmH11B bave retaVen
)H) as soon as the war ministry hxes the date. 1 ground between the Homme and tn
tni it-.
I'repnruiioiis nre in progress for the
delivery vf uuother blow, the Vosicne
j Zeituu sa in its articles on tbe great
I battle today. It ssys plaus have, beer
perfected by the supreme (command
aae the idow is to rail near tae eoi
already pien-ed in the enemy ring,
i w. a a.
b-cdntinn Romiiro Rpnitttration Ram Chandra Wants Commoner; LOSES TWO STUDENTS
M . ''I r- lit I
of All Reaching Twenty one 10 lesnry ror rum
Years of Age man i-'hancwu, Mr.h (am
POKT WORTH. Texas, March 2r-
(Oftit isl i- K. Dwver and Hett Bowrfn,
both of them meuibers of the Haitian
.' ' . elated I'ressi -I'lens of W'iUism Jeu-, Koval Flvinu Coii.s t ruining here, were
WAOlli.,.a. -ia...i w.,. niIlltl( Hrvan that he t.e excused Trom , Killed to.lav in sn aeroplane accident
atcd Press; All voting men who have 8ttendi e v a witness In the Hindu I -- W. a. a. ,
'atUiined the aire of tentv one vrnrs or eouapiraey trial now in progress Here,
' who shall attuin their majority l.efore
the next drafts, nre required to regis
'ter under the terms of the resolution
lileb wns pnssed by the aerate y ester
(i Wy This . tiou has been exM--ted end
.Is one of the matters upon which the
, raiting of the second selective draft is
. waLtinj!. fnt.l ii ciKietnient and up
jwovBl-lrv the President these who h i I
cUaiue.l tbe H;e of tw-ntyone jeuis
" prior U or on June ." In.it hive been
toiuired to. register. .
A new uri.enitmei.t to tbe aelct-Uve
" itraft Ihw which would require li.ilit'rV
:.. tra'ulntr fur hII elixible ynnuir men lie
,. tween the-aye of nlneteeri si.. twenty
' ; rwt yeiirs was de'Vnted by tbe vute i.l
the ni'per Iioum-.
hei-niise .f liin iniiiiv noenkiUK atul lec
turing ei.aKenients wliich a trip to
Han Krin.' if i. wi.eld c'evcnt his (illiuir,
are ignore I lv the deiei.se. A new suh
ponu re'iuiriii the attendance und the
testiliM.iiv uf the " i-oiniiioi.nr " has been
issued. This new i.i.l.ineon was issued
st the ieiiii'Mt of the defendant, Hun.
CI. an In.
-was -
' ' teilfioll. n
AMSTKKIIAM Netherlands, March, hx'sencs ..f 1 1
L'U 1 VnsiieiaU'd Piox) Vicuna has of
W'AKHI.VOTON, March 30 (Assoc i
ated I'reH) -The house, ways and
ii.eu.is .onii.nl tee yesterday eosapletwd
its consiileration of the nW . libertv
I omi Hill ml reduced bv Hepreaeotati ve
iv'.cncn nnu is ren.iy 10 report isrur
w. a. a.
f u r i n l' tin- runiinei months childreu
are subject tu disorders af tbe bowel
rnl should receive the most careful at
"in ss auv unnatural
I'liwcl is noticed (Jham
lerln.n's ('.die and Diarrhoea Remedy
slll.tll.l ! .i.lc.i wulit li ull ilMU
i...i..n.. ........... . i . . . i. ......11.: i w J
" ...... B!.r... ers. tlcl,..lli, ISllllll. V
I tukeii Odessa. Ilan.i. A ltt.
ajfelits for
Special Committee -Male's , Rec
omrnendations To Secretary of
Lab or, Which 1$ Later To Be
Publicly Announced
ated -f resa) Hnsie principles which it
is designed to bays govern the rela
tionshlp of capital and labor during the
dontlniiBm-e of.'thw vrar have been ar
rived at and reported to Secretary of
Lnbor Wilson by the special committee
whl.h wna nmned to investigate and to
formulate pinna which are -expect .-l t..
prevent strikes, walkouts and lockouts,
especially is the war imlnstrlos. It i
announeed that theae. fladinga will be
.arel" announeet.
RecogtiiMng the danger which tin
country faced of disagreements between
the employer and tbe employed with a
reanltlag cessation of work in the great
industriea of the, -nation, k commissl'in
was appointed to inveatigate all aspect
of the labor situation and to secure a
Lasts to bo agreed upon by both Inbnt
nnd capital, which would mean the ad
Justment of difficulties without the pes
sitde precipitation of strikes. It is the
report of this committee which has
been made to the Secretary of Labor.
: ; r w. a. a. ..-
iPiituE mum sara
I t ,. ; - ,. i. ... i .''.'...: - ' -
it. , '
Violence Breaks ,0ut Afresh In
Quebec and Much Property
, Ij Destroyed By Mobs
.(jUKBEC, March. SO (Associate1
1'resa) It was nesanry to call out
tbe militia yesterday to quell the nnti
4raft riots which again broke out am.
were of greater violence than thoae ot
fhursday with which tbe police won
able to ope. ,
For. two daya mobs hnve been tea
'oriiing the business section of tin
jity, interfering with those who wen
bringing in those who sought to ev-nd.
Ihe consc.riptive draft which bus beet
tt progress since the first of the ycai
ind to which .Quebec has offered op
sition from the outaet,
The arrest of n deserter under the
onscription law by an olh'rer precip
tnted the violence of yesterday as hac
,een the Cauae of the disturbance oi
he previous dny.
.Before the militia was called upon t
fstet'O order the mob lad wrecked tht
Chronicle office, and, it was reported
.ad set fire to a theater.
Proceeding- in a body to the Kegia
.rar's office, t)e nobbed .wrecked this,
iresuinnbly in nn effort to destroy the
ecords if tlio who .were of draft age
After the mayor had read the riot
irt without auil and with no.otbei
results than hoots from the rioters, he
called for troops. These were speedilj
sent to tho scene of the disturbances
and cowed the crowd.
,Thc militia was iatrolling the streets
through the night and this morning.
W. 8. 8. .
For Rrst Tima Singly
In Control of Great Activities
On Western Frbnt
WASJitNUTON, March (Associated rrcss)-r-Gfiicral Fcr
.dinand Foch, "Hero of the Manie," organizer of the defeiise
if Ypres when the (lertnans first attempted to break through for the
Channel ports, first lieutenant of Marshal )offre, has been selected
by the supreme war council of the Entente as commander-in-chief
f the for.es of the Entente and of America in France.
Official word of this selection and of the placing bf General
Foch in supreme command in France,' was received 'in Washington
yesterday, morning, the actual announcement not being made public
nntil after President Wilson had cabled his congratulations to Gene
al Foch and had made public the text of his message. The Presi
dent cabled:
"May I convey my sincere congratulations upon your new au
thority. Such unity of command is most hopeful and an augury of
ultimate success." . ,
Prior to the official announcement of the choice of General
Foch, the disposition of the American forces in France was placed
in his hands by General Pershing, who called upon General Foch at
the war office in Paris. The incident is reported in 1,'Informatitm.
vhich quotes the American general as saying:
"Americans would consider it a great honor to our troops were they to-e-uuaue
in the Picardy bnttle. I ask it in my name snd that of the Amcri
people. All we.ksve Vs yours. Dipo of thow ka you will. Americana will
i'C proud to engngo in tbe jrrentest battle in history."
It is stated in despatches from Uosdon, which quote the London Post, that
the French and British have agreed upon tho selection of General Koch aa the
tuprorae roaunsnder for the present operations only, the mutter f a pt nun
uent supremo command to be determinml Inter. t
It ia knowq here that the American and French representatives on the
Versailles supreme war con mil have long been urging a uniBcation of com
nan. la. That this has com" now is ue to the necessity of a concentration of
efforts, in which divisions from all the armies eugnged will participate, making
a unified command imperative. . .
Yeaterday General Pershing cabled, to Chief of Staff March: "I bave male
all American resoarecs available to General Foch and our .divi ijn witl be
used if and wh.ort they ae necessary. The French are in fine spirits arid both
Jie French and British armies seem coSndent of victory."
Tbe new supreme rpmmnmler in France will be s.ity seven yen is oil !r.
etober,. some (ix mouths older than Marshal .loffre. Until the Unttln of the
Marne he was not .widely known outside of military circles. It was be who
organised, with Field Marshal French, the first Successful blow nt General von
Kluck's army, driving os towards Paris 'in the first few weeks of the wur,
ihe blow that saved the French capital and saved Europe.
rW J tbe author of two -text books on military subjects thnt have been
translated Into Knliah, German and Italian.
'fJeaeral TufwMri BsniiUe, brrrn in Tarbw, uoaf the Haiiish Ixirder. Ilia
father. Napoleon Pitch, was a Itonopartiat and secretary of the Prefecture nt
Turbcs under Napoleon III. One, of his two brothers is a Parisian lawyer; the
other, is a Jem it pri3st. i
.... At the Rattle r the Marne. he roagnt tne i.ermnns over tne very oim.i
hey are now attenjptiag to advance over in their secoud grout drio towards
WAHULNGTGN. March 2!- (Otficiul i;
Preajdeut Wilson's signature enacts in
to law the measure pe-rrtlit t i n n the auc i
tiou snle of ureat properties owned i'
America by German corporations, wbicl
have been virtually adjuncts of tin
German foreign otlice and military sys
tew. rUidi will eiinble the t'nite.
Btatoa to acquire, all the. Geruian steum
hip d(M-ks in New York hmbor. etc
including iuv.eMnienwi vr . ipe ixu.f.
von Bethmaiin Hollweg and ex Aiuhaa
aador von HcrnatorrT and the Germun
President Wilson Asks California
Executive To Show. Mercy
To Thomas Mooney
SAt'HAMKNTO, Mar.-I. :Ul- ( Assoc i
ated i'rewsj (lovcrn.ir Stephens is in
-eceipt of a telegraphic nuwsage from
"resident Wilson wlii-l. asks the l!b
'i.rnia executive t.i exercise ciemencx
n behalf of Mooney, .-.nixirled of mur
ler in i-oi.iieetiou w.tli the bouibiug
the I'lepaiedness lav .an..le.
I lesj.atrl.es tioni W asltintut. to th.
l.ress sanl u.at ai llie wane i. ...
there was a refusal to discuss the Sctioi
fakcM bv the President, such re.picx
clcu.ein'V ha iny tew precedents i;
the l.istoiv of the count-
Kxecutive i leinei.. v is all that ( III
ireveut the execution of the death pen
ilty upon Mooney, the
tiniforn.lv declined to ord
Members Are Cited To Receive Crosses
WASHINGTON, March 30 (Asso
ciated Press) Capture of four prison
ers anil the Mijing or iwo eo. uiy so.
djers by an American patrol were told
U messages from tbe American head-
quartera received yeaterday.
The patrol waa 04:cupying outpost
positions and supped up doiu.hi uu
enemy patrol which was ordered to halt,
and surrender. Two bodies who failed
to obev this order were shot and killed
Ss tl.ev ran. Four threw down their
rifles and gave np.
The four prisoners are
poorly clad ajnl
bis duties at Cnuip Fiti:ton.
Bell Maken Statement
' 'I'.cfrue. the seunte iiiinii.it tee on mili
tn.y afnirs yesterday, (leneial Bell,
v. ho has recently returned from Fran c
flilked of the Teuton drive Ttnd the
r.ritish ithdrnv. nl. "It is till over
noH." lie told the committee. The A I
lies had been fully awnie of the prepi
rations which the (icrmn ns were imik
inn. he said, had prepared to face t ."
o(Teusie unil in those pi epu . at iou. had
..' . include. I pltins for V it lid I a w n Is
n i c e ne esse v.
mi' re vou lin.
ill nniirifthH. Ilir
A.l ,rl.t nt, fir tlm (ttrlit 1 Mir
Xrthey were Vd into the American WASH 1NGTON. March a .o,bc,.,
trenches Amen, an military chiefs are r;r.Vi
""'"he members of the American patrol. 'd the French n'ew s.K.pcr st;,i , ,...,!
have been cited to receive- crnsrt-s. , llvgraphi-d yestenlay .leclnnug "lh
. ..ulu, .......lultifw l.v n,,. h A met i. s n tr-oi.s in the Somnie InMle
iterdav snid thnt wniseti ,i' e tne i.c
war deiiartniciit vest.
one had been killed and twenty one
Bed Cross Aids
Aid from the AuieriiMia Bed Cross
bus been extended to the British K'd
Cross. It was announced yesterday
courts hnvinu j that $l,ls3,12.r had becoi turned ovi r
ei a new trial J an( wiU be devotod to tbe care of the
of eiera ns t hou 1.
! eniirelv new in this wiutrue.
This and tl.e i.;cnion of Aire--., no
Jneiiiided officers cnnltrm Ihe niniois
. thnt A i.iericau troops me pa. t icipntni";
I In the jcteaf bittle The sie of 1'ie
' American coopers tinji force is sMIl nn
di-'-rlosfd nfticinlly bl.t il is believed to
be considerable.
Fnllowi.r appeals lo him from Int. o I alK wounded British soldiers in
gtiniations and inanv individuals . hosuitnls.
i.e.. end nuil hns siK-cessiuny met
the physical xiuiiiustion oa to which;
TOKIO March 2U .fKiiccinl to Ha
waii Hhinnol The Japanese second
class .lestrover, Tokltaukar.e hus gone
Ashore and sunk. None of her otticem
or crew were lost.
Tbe aunkeu destrover went ashore off
Mivasaki in the prefecture of Oitn, Is
land of Kyushu. Ijihe., was so Imdly
smsued that alio settled and sans
Reports of the loss of the vessel tub!
of tbe safety of all nanus.
w. 8 a. - '-
LONDON, March ""(Associated
Press - The Exchange Teleirnmh
Agency today carries a report that the
Russian cruiser Admiral Makaroff has
been sunk at Reval, Baltic Hea, by a
W. B. I.
1A RIM. March I'll (Aaaoclated
I'ress) l'lielps Colons of Detroit, mem
ber of Ihe l.afaytte Fscudrillc, wub
killed in an air buttle on March 13, it
was made public today. :
I'rcsi.lent Wilson appointed a comilllt
ee to investigate the conditions whicl
iiirronud the trlul of Moouey. Tha'
commission reported to the I'resideii
tbe bitterness which it had found an
recoiiimeiided a new trial should Ix
granted. The refusal of the courts to
grant such new trinl under the law end
i I the hopes of Mooney from any otbei
source than reprieve.
M AK FA, Texas, Match L'U (Assoc i
ated I'ressJ Ten Mexicans and I'rivate
Theodore Albert, uu Atiieiicun cavalry
man, have bveu killad in u lllii between
American ami Mexican regulars and a
baud of Mrini.il bandits ucur Pilures,
Ilex mo. The An.cri.un cavalry hns
t.ceii pursuing the bandits slue their
raid ou -tho Neville ranch, across tbe
( Vablcts) . Druggists, refund tuoaeyil
t fails to cure. The signature ot
11. V. GKOVK is ou each box. Man
ila, lured by tbe i'AKIS MKD1C1KU
CO , .St. W-is. II. 8. A.
The siicccs of an
stroke is unli. :pute.l.
Ainurlcnn .titiols in the Ton! sector
Iui v ef found the (Icin.nn front ttciichi
ime feurs bad been expressed Hist he 1 entilrlv abandoned, wherefore a "per
luiuht fail. He will soon return to -.en-ni advance" is claimed.
tokio, Mar.h in i special to iia ! jen Thousand Prisoners Report
ed Taktin By Government
wnli bbiupo") Vlsiount lshii, the newly
appointed ambassador from Jnpiin to
tie uiuin oiaios , u. " - LONDON. March Mil Associ- ted
(ate or UlS ' ' "" ,K70V l'l-.s) -Defeat for the Finai.d, Red
it had been bis niient.ou to sun '".... ...,,,,.,,....,,,
si. - . . At.ril 1. on tni' """ - . h
II.. I.i.m uiinouuced a "I
Renter's de
. . i. l:. t. : I 1- .
rhanue of plans which changes tbe date s.c wa.cn was rcce.ve, , ...
lining- ma -, , ,1,r,. ,.nL,..,,.i1Hiit twtwee l the
White and Kei tluarda nt Finland is
reported to have is-curreil n-ar Tain-
of bla departure but hns not said when J
he will sail.
W a
ii;iLFOR, March Irt ( Associu'ed
PressV In order to increase the foial
eupply, the country food control , I The hist .ssus ,,r the Hav-nii.
uiittee has asked the town council to wter and At.b -nUUnst ennta., s
finance a achome for starting a rniitOT
warreu, ou a site uowiised as u recren
tiou uronnd. It is CHtinuilcd thn -it
the end of ii year 4 ,011ft tame rabbits
men for with the complete defect and
rout of tht Red (tuni-ds as the result i f
the Dl.tinj;. It is said tiut ten tl.oin
and prisoners and ' twenty-one KMI'
were captured.
-- was
The lust isstie xf tbe HMvailmi For
mi es
tended n-count of the sis; I indnst-y iti
llawnii. bv V HM.'han Vi.cCn i Ii .v nod
t,'i'nu Wei .rich The a to I- . n
seen pa.res, iih.I !e. I- lvi:h a. I
would be available for foodstuff. i phuses of tho ruisinjj of sisal.
v - . -.. .V

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