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8-' ' , . ' '. -
Representative of 'Some Shippers
! UfnuM I at Rft Rathor Than
Home Consumption , Has Greatly
Increased and Demand For
Bread Was Unexpected
i. '
Bipe hnnsnaa for ua oi the bakeries
that make banana bread have lieen
reduced in price froW two cents
a pound to a rent and a half
two cents a pound to a cent a ad a half
pounil folio inn (the publication iu
' The Advertiser of the news of the raise
in price, or attempts rain In price,
by the shippers, a raise -which the army
: refused to meet aud which Lota's Bak
erv-also refused to meet.' The army
- still discontinues th as of banana
brend. What effect tb com down of
half a rent a pon,nd by the shippers
has not yet Wen determined.
Committee Resentful
The banana committee of the Vigi
' hiHce Corps and the growers who have
cooperated with ths committee "re
sent" suggestions that the campaign
ha resulted in higher price it in said
In a atatement by the committee. In
that name statement it admit the at
tempted raise from one to two cent n
wound for rine bananaa and "come
down" of a half cent a pound when
' this was exposed.
If the member of. tho committee will
carry their investigation to tne smaller
' stores anil to the peddler tbev will
And that price that the amali eonsum
era and the poorer people must pay
' have materially increased and the char
actor of the fmit in poorer.' It in there
. iand not from the Territorial marketing
la its statement tho committee telle'
" of largely inereaaed hom demand aal
'. nay a:
Rananmntion Incraasad
"That banana eauipa'tga has resulted
in largely increased consumption ol
bananas in Honolulu., market; for in
.ttanee, over 1900 bunches were brought
in over the railroad alone, during the
uine days ending March 28. Is addi
tion hundreds of other bunches reach
the local market from Waikiki, Koolnu.
Msuoa, Kalihi, etc, of which there is
no record.
"The priv at which these banana
. utl.i Kv til irrnmmrm tn the frm
' "ilMttfn In Hnnnhilu is unknown to the
' .nmnal k I OA in thjt nf Ithiri-
j. meuta made through the Territorial
T Marketing Diviaioa. kv .
. However, sU bunch shipments pass
' (ng through the market were sold at
const or rawer prices man inose '
' which the committee sold its banana'
' to the ' pubUerUWv 7e and il.OO p-i
bunch." - ' .
Tells of Shipments
Commenting eo shipment the state
meat says;
. "The shipments of banana to the
Cvost have, been considerably greater
aiae the iierniissioQ of the government
. lias.tKwa given to use foreign vessel
aud bciruuse of the aid of the govern
'However, tne number or nuncnes
be;pg shipped to the Coast is ft ill lem
thajj half the normal shipment and tin
snwir remaining nere is ampie tor ui
possitile local demands."
It was learned from Casilc & Took
yesterdnr that the next T. K. K. boat
mil n,l the Mnnmi K'iH tnuither tflkc
out 5U00 bunches this week.
jplain Attempted Increase
As to banana hresd the Msteim-iit
"This began as an experiment bv
the committee with the cioperstion of
rne iiaKers ann arin, unit ua iin-rrw
was immediate and marked.
"The conservation effected wae
iioiinie i. e., hi use oi a iiume prunic
and aaving of wheat, freight space ami
Tlie rin bananaa necensarv for bak
ing were obtained by the Young bakery
from their own farms at Waikiri.
.' ,' "Tbtiee for Love's Baery were sup
idied throngh the Territorial Market bv
dr. A. J. Campbell.
"There was no data on hand as to
whn; price or what, xervire was neces
sarv to supply ripe bananas suitable
fur baking and the experiments were
1 . , ,. . . .....
- - t - - - i
noui d charged for the fruit.
mil iruil, I mT w rftiiaiuru. ir
v. a i .Ail im lk flttl,1a an.) ll.M rirkA Ika
nan as not ha nils, but individual Im
rtunas are picked from the liuoches al
the YiroDer staae. then imcked in fruit
' ... w iam ia t n . irmn uii.i Mfiirkift.i
: Ou reaching Honolulu they were haulod
.to the market and theme to bakery
The boxea were returned through the
. . . L.Knl .. .1 k ..- .
, necessary investment to enrrr on the
1 ..... n nut I n tt AhAiil fnrlv .inl.aath
nnd holding two hundred uounds of
rUAAiaW, M.'W.... . . u . r. .... ..
' frnit.
TU Celtfomdm Rtaujy
A Doon to
Syateat iimlkler
Mild Lrref Tonic and Laxativa
Fine Kidney and Bladder Remedy
rteoiarket le Rlood Cleanser
Ca9 NWW txi MtUrial AAmmto
t ,00 Hi nest la? .C0
All l-nl.U IIM I'tuUIMtll'll
!.i-e fll.N II,. i NX. Atf.Mil
J kvkaulU.e sikI' kll'K
"A in all 'new businesses, difnenl
ii hHe arisen; for instatice. eevernl '
ti.ys elapsed without ripe hanauas be
in;; shipjied to market and eotisecjiieiit lv
.... I . I.AB..I TI.I. .1,.., 1.
the fa.-t that boxeatkut.! lot been re
tutned to the Melds and. consequent K
fruit ripened for bread Could not lc
ship pet I nad wae wasted."
"This has been accomplished and
Mr. Campbell has offered to supply the
hsVers with a regular supply at one and
one half cents per pound. '
"In this confteetios It is but fair to
Mr. Csnipbell for. the committee to
tnte that he Is the Only producer or
diipper of bananas who, would supply
ripe ImiiBiias. Mr. Marshsll, represent
hi if viiriiius Chinese growers, reported
that they would prefer to let the ripe
lisnnnss rot than to ship them for snlc
st one cent per pound. "
The stntemeut also says Mr. t amp
bell bore nil the expense of the " hat
h Italians Campaign except about ten
lollnrs. 1 his is not the case. The
4pnce given by The Advertiser in print
sg cartoons, is articles on the cam
iwigu whi worth at least three hundred
of four hundred dollars. The cartoons
were drswa by The Advertiser's staff
artist ami no charge for his service wns
made. The Htar-Bulletin helped sinu-
arlv ami the Boy Hcouts must not be
The one cent s pound charge in plnce
of selling by the bunch seems to be a
matter of opinion as to whether it adds
the market price.. Borne claim it
loes. I'erhapa it averages the name.
The market delivers to some parts of
town, not to all. For instance if a
person living in Nunana Valley wants
o bur bananas be pays a ceut a pound
md delivers his Own fruit. In sections
if the city where the, division 's truok
nss it will deliver. Where no such
leliverv is made1 the buyer pavs al
least the price that prevailed during
he campaign plus the eost of delivery
The arrangement with Mr. Campbell
vhen he was nimble to ship was thnt
he should receive at the rate of 1 for
hi' Inrger bunches for which he re
eives. when shipped, sixty five cent
lelivered lit the pier. The extrs thirty
live cents wus to pay for the hnmlliiig
nd delivery. There was thirty five
cuts n luiiiuh allowed for this,
rnlt Less Fine
The iiisrketiug division says the cine
if fruit is not now so good as it
hen when the finest fruit ever seen in
he innrket waa delivered.
The fact that stands out most clenrh
Hint the shippers tried to doubt'
irice. drove the army out of the mak
n K of bnnnna bread and then cann
own ii half cent a pound after pub
icily was given.
It. also stands out that the people pn
r i 1 1 1 h 1 1 v tried to prevent a loss, that
i great wheat saving plan was evolved
ii Imnaiia bread, and that the bananr
nippers sought to turn that patriots
einniid into a profit making enterprise,
lint is the sale of bananas to the bak
rs and one representative of shippei
sid he would let the fruit rot rathei
b ii ii take a cent a iound, would do
ust that which the baunnn campaign
vas conducted to avoid.
w. . a.
One of the pupils at the I.ihue l.uth
ran Sen on I has filled up his first Wat
Saving Certificate and has a hundred
lobars to his credit with the gov
eminent. The fact that their aohoo.
as been before the publie of late,
sith suggestions that it should be elos
id, or at least investigated, has made
no difference with the pupils, who have
;one ahead with their Thrift 8 tamp
ampaign at a rnte which few, if any,
f the schools of the Territory ean
There are thirty six pupils at the
ir.hool, each with a Thrift Card. They
iveraga H.40 in their purchases of
"hese var loan certificates, or a total
jf $302.25. During the two weeks
nding Tuesay they binight $101 in
ttamps. This is n splendid showing.
tleirs ot the lute iinie Horner, ot
Mrs. V. Y. Homer, who died in Oak
'and, California. Now-mher 21, 1917
were named in a document tiled in
the circuit court Nnturdav by the
luardiati Trust Ciiniiuiy. which asked
hat ancillarv iidniinistriition authority
e grsnted to it. in order to dispose of
the propertv under the terms of the
The estste in the tUwaiiHii Islands
' Jirregates about SII.ssl.2S, of which
t70S1.25 is cuhIi on deposit with the
Uunrdian I'rust Company. The re
nnmder is in shares ot local sugar
The heirs are Marian Horner, of
Irvington. Alameda County. Califor
nia; Hnrsh H. Decoto. Irvington; Wil
liam Y. Homer, Wasco, Kern County
California; George H Horner, Wasco.
Charles F. Homer, a son, died after
Mrs. Horner, ami left a widow, Ha rah
Horner, and she i named executrix of
his estate.
W 8 S
PAKIM, March Id (Associated
Press) Probably no one of the heads
of the trench government since the
beginning of the war has worked as
hard as I'rcuiier dciri's t lemenceau
not eveu M. I'ainlcve who waa the
youngest premier.
Despite his advanced ugc the premier
seems to support the ivnt strsin upon
bis strength i cinai luibl y ucll.
v s b
NKW Vt'ltK
I'd'HS I A lie '
bv Mullii Hjui
iun teniiiN pi
' le mm, t i" '' I it
feuting Kleano
sets, :t- 0. ii
Wiai er a "I N
I 's i oinn i o 'i
ii- .'! and I I
'i in i Associated
'i w won today
i i noted Norweg
l 'i she captured
'-iKi'opioiisliip, de
two out (if three
I Mrs. rpeuc.er
ii- .bleated Miss
Mi- II s. (Ireen,
! i iu the doubles
vwwatwww aawsrs iweawssw . ' Ilia III a. m mm m k a wa aV M I
aaa.s a.M ...ele.Lr.iciiiir.KiiciiiiiiiMil ' i : nrrrlifSr fw r 1 1 Vf f fnr If l)l
vwwii iu MiuiL iiiiuiiL iiiiiiiniii jii i i ii immui 1 1 uli liiul: ui iiilii tt 1 '
r ... L a . . . aVIII Ml WWltlw ... s - .w . w s A MITA sia 9
While Not Included In Act Publie
1 Sentiment Strong
With the navy taking the lead yes
terday by advaaalng Its one hour, the
daylight saving piss will probably be
adopted In All activities of the Terri
tory within the jiext few days.
Hueh is the belief expressed yester
day by business mes and officials who
are confident that, . even though the
change ia not enforced in Hawaii by
the war department as it ia on the
mainland, it most follow here in order
to prevent disorder sa to time wora
than the eonfusloa of tongues at the
tower of Babel.
In snticipatioa of action by the Gov
ernor ia the matter of. making the
i lisnge general, the special meeting of
i he chamber of commerce which wee to
have been held today for tho purpose
of going ba record has been cancelled.
"The matter is now la the bands
of the Opvernor," : said Raymond
Brown, secretary of the chamber, yes
terday, "aad for this reason it would
be useless for as to take anv action.
The whole thing Is ia bis hands."
Merchants In Favor
By a largo majority the merchants
nf the city are believed to be in favor
of the general application of the
scheme as a war measure. The general
application of the rule on the msinlsnd
ontatns all manner of possibilities for
mixups, it is argued, as well as the un
Icsirsble situation hers when certain
irnvernment departments have adopted
the rule sad when boats will depart ac-
nrding to the sew schedule of time. .
The navy change which became ef
fectire yesterday Includes the Pearl
itartior nsvr- yard, the Allen Street
naval station, all wireless stations on
Oshu and the naval radio office. All
locks in these departments were
moved ahead one hour and the naval
ployes now begin work at eight in
the morning by eivilisn time snd stop
it three. . , ,
Expected orders hsve not yet sr
nved at armv headquarters but it is
nought that by the middle of the week
all of the military activities will be
m a schedule one hour ahead of the
locks in Honolulu,' and calculations
will have to be made to allow for this
'iscrepancy in all transactions. Also
all calculations for time with the
oast such as cable communication
in. I the arrival of boats, will have to
take into account the fart that Ho
nolulu is now three hours snd twenty
minutes behind San Francisco in time
nstead of two hours and twentv min
utes as was the case before the main
land adopted the new time. The cable
ompany, not being directly under gov
rnment control, has not changed its
'ime as yet, preferring to wnit until
he change becomes effective through
nut the city.
Trains San Early
The first predicament that arose yes
terday tas a result of the . disrepancy
tn time between civil and naval clocks
was in the matter of the O. R. k L.
trains running from here to Pearl
Harbor. This was settled by running
them one hour earlier than formerly to
onform with the t'earl Harbor time,
although much difficulty was caused at
this end. The Pearl Harbor train
were also one hour ahead of time, ac-
ording to Honolulu time, iu arrivine
from Pearl Harbor. This change wil1-
"ontinue on that branch today although
the railway company is awaiting the
vtion of the tiovernor before making
'he readjustment over its entire sys
W. F. Dillingham, president of thr
chamber of commerce, regards the mat
ter in the light of patriotism and takes
the stand that Hawaii should fellow
suit in anv matter that has been al
ready put into force on the mainland
as a war conservation measure.
It is inconsistent to expect one
half or the population to regulate it
self by one time and the other half
bv another time," he said yesterday.
Mayor is Waiting
Mayor Joseph J. Fern was about to
!ssue n proclamation in favor of the
adoption by the city and county de-
riartments of the dsvlight saviug regu
'ation Ruthori'd by the President,
when he was asked to attend the meet
;ng nf business men and the Governor
on Katurdny, but will now await the
eceipt nf additional advices from
Washington before doing so.
"I attended the meeting," aaid the
ihsyor yesterday, "and agreed with all
present to defer any action concerning
putting the daylight saving order into
effect until certain other advices are
received. Messages have been sent to
Washington and u reply should be re
ceived presently.
"Personally, I am ulad to see this
order put into effect here, for it only
mphssizes the old time habit of the
Hawaiian ho rose w ith the first blush
of dawn and got about his work in the
taro patches and potato fields, and went
out fishing snd completed his work be
fore the sun was at the meridian.
"The Hawaiian still likes to get up
early and commence whatever duties
he has in mind. It givAs him more
daylight hours, after completing the su
thorired and ifti-in I hours of work, for
"I will Usui- a pi o.-lnniat ion when
the informal ion called for is received
hsving agreed to wa1!, the entire mat
ter bein placed in the hands of the
tiovernor. ' '
w a s
Over $211,11011, in addition to SHCl.H-
iKts, wii adjudge l to plaintiff in the
action ot' Mrs. ('niolinc ICobinsoil
I,. A. Thurston ami .1 1 1. I'ai'is, Judge
('. W. A-b I ..i -I. ot i he circuit court
m a dec
i'olllt o
1 1 io I ions coiitniued
tin I'uitcd Htutes
III- The nppeul f'OIIlt
C ITM' I till
- ol I he lociil III
per court, on !
plaint iff
interest III Mir
-nit w:is si.-ii'i
Iteip.libol lloo I o
tii.il and :i 1 1 1 .
o over tio.uoo
e.-, iii ravin' of the
iiolioie. principal mid
i . to luie When the
I i In' total will in the
t I si a a i The time for
u line broilKht the sum
Russians on Way Home Describe
Conditions lit Southern Repub
lic; Predict Villa's Triumph
The 8Myo:, Mam, which .locked in
Honolulu, yesterday,' afternoon on her
way from Bduth' American and Me
can ports for the Orient and Hiberia.
carried a doeeh 'or more native Rus
sians who are returning to their coun
try from Mexico, all intent with prof
iting by the hangei' that have come
over their ebuatry where they say a
Kussian poor man, has now the first
cham-e he has had ia history.
Member Of the partv described eon
ditions la Mexico ss unsettled and snid
,n" "Kry -n-i - rn,, 1'
r7't V?lJ'iHi . y,' u 7.1 e I
alone the Umrraaxa'irovernmeiit is able
to maintain order and prevent lawless
T. . t. '. .
aess. las tfuaaians. who have neeu
engaged in business in Mexico t-ity,
prophesy that eventually Villa is cer
tain to triumph because of the faith
that the peasants of Mexico have that
be is on their side.
"In one trip to Vers Crus from
Mexico City I- counted eighteen bodies
hanging to telegraph wires as warn
ings to robbers that the same thiug
would happen ,to them if they were
caught," said One member of the
party. .... V
The Russians ssy that it is extreme
ly dangerous for any person, especially
a white ma a, to travel outside of Mex
ico City, where 'all white men arc
classed ss Americanos, and where eW'ii
traveling Chinamen are robbed and
"The Mexican people believe thnt
Carrannf 1 the representative of th" :
rich of the country and that Villa i
rne man win win evenmnny onng t" I
tham the full ' liberties which they ,
crave. . ,
mougn eareruiiy evnuing nil reier :
ence to 'their' poliHeal leanings, th
sentiments " expressed by the men
lasso! them with the Bolshevik ele
ment la. Russia with which they evi
lentlv expect to be identified and on
account Of whose ascendancy they de
cided 4o refuru" to their own country
after a residence of from Ave to ten
rears ia Mexico. '
w. a. a.
Work of Army Men During Inva
sion of War Torn Republic
To Be Recognized
The war deuartment has published
the following order:'
Jty authority of the President, a
service badge with ribbon, to be know n
ut the Mexican service badge, will be
unuml to all ofricers and enlisted men
who are now, or may hereafter be, in ;
the military service of the I niteil
Htstes, and whose service hss been tin- I
der the following conditions: i
(a) ' In Mexico, afloat or ashore, as i
members of the Vera Crux cxKiition,
between April 24, KM 4, and November
20, 1V14. ' ,
(b) In Mexico as members of the:
punitive or other authorized expedi- .
lions between March 14, IPlti, ami Feb
ruary 7, JH17. !
(c) Tliose who nere actually present '
and participated ftl 'an engagement
aguibst Mcxiisns between April 12,
1811, and Februarv 7, I!H7. in wbicU
there wi-re casualties on the able nf Hie,
United Htntes troops.
(d) Those who were present as mem
bers of the Mexican border patrol, be
tween April 12. 1911, nnd February 7.
1017, in proximity to an engagement
between Mexicans which resulted in
casualties among our own company,
troop, battery, or detachment.
The distribution of this builge will he
governed by the provTsions of Article
VIII, Ceuipilstion of General Orders,
Circulars, and Bulletins. War Depart
ment. 1MK1-1U15. No individual will be
entitled" to more than one Mexican serv
ice badge.
Persons not now in the Army of the
United Htates, who, if they had re
mained in the service would be enti
tled to this bodge, and whose separa
tion from the Berviee has been honor
able, muv apply to the adjutant gen
eral of the armv for authority to pur
Chase aad wear the Mexican service
badge. , '
w. a. a.
An automobile owned and driven by
Daniel Tweedy was. wrecked near Hal
eiwa yesterday afternoon by another
ear which struck it in the rear throw
ing it into a ditch. The driver of the
offending auto did not stop mid
Tweedy failed to get Its number, he
The OmGINAl.
sett baa a Cnsrm u
tha on.'.SixciAc in
dithisiat Mollcsi IWIaoair aacuB paslss sssS Sot Us.
W.i 11 U.I " bi all t.oeijl is
Hi.-,.. . "vJ-ad- tlb 2.
191ft. -SEMf -WEEK .Y.V
Claims Criticism Was Based Only
on Hearsay Evidence and
Says Wheat Is Saved
John P. Wlsser, U..B. Ai,
conimsaoing ne y.niTeq. mates Army
fortes stationed in 'Hawaii, has Issued
the following statement for, publication
concerning the department's position
with reference to criticisms which nave
been concerning the use of flour and
substitutes - in the army originally
cme listing from Circuit Judge .0. W.
i "The department commander sppre
I Hates fully the points brought Out wi
, the ed iter is I of the Commercisl Ad
! ('Miner today, and agrees in geaeral
with the statements made, but wishes
t '!' attentbta to the fact that th.
.... , r
. r.t.c.sm was not a personal o.e ot
the department commander, but an en
tirely erroneous statement regarding
the conduct aud spirit Of the troops ot
iny command, and it is my duty to pro
teet my officers snd men from sny
false representstions to the eommu
nit. Niy patience and forbearance un
der just eriticUni should be well known
in. this community.
' 'i he criticism referred to in the ed
Itorial was apparently based not on
definite facts, but on mere unverified
icports, and yet was published by th
newspaper and had the effect of giv
itg the uommunity an entirely fnlsr
impression regarding the army's stti
Orders Are Quoted
" As early as lajt October (before
anv orders were received on tne sun
and anticipating the necessity for
ol conservation ) orders were issued
v tii( department commander (at the
tuggestion of his staff officer, vol
ki.hnfl,,!) 0 begin saving on flour
l)t tn,, bakeries nnd to exercise economy
in ,i1P comnnnv messes.
i "The department commander takei
verv deep interest in the coming
rir. but inasmuch as he has directer
his men to tnhe an active psrt in order
to help make- it aa great a success si
possible, he feels thst it is only du
to. them to protect them sgninst anv
nn war ran ted- abuse by any member ol
the community we are trying to assist
and encourage in their good work, and
tho.e seemed to lie no other way ot
bringing the matter definitely beforr
the people interested than ro an
nounce our intention to withdraw oui
voluntary anpport.
Speak Well of Army
"Every newspaper in the Mates, si
far ns Our information goes, takes n
plensuie and H pride in saying uici
things about the army these rrucia'
dnvs of war. in, order to give the nrmj
teelinu of confidence and to show
our soldiers, who are to do the ren
work in this great wa'r. thnt the conn
Irv Is with them in spirit nnd sym
pa'thy snd has faith in their ultimate
success. "
" Any other spirit displayed by the
newspapers, who are undoubtedly s
grotit factor! in molding publie opinion
is unpatriotic and discouraging to thr
army, ana inereiorv unpnun mr. t. .
fici.'iicv now so seriouslv required,
!- w. a. a.
J. E.
Gamalielson of Kaumana
Makes Neat Profit
F. Krauss, superintendent of the
extension work for the I nited state
F.xiic rimciit (Station, has res-en tly re
turned from an extensive trip on the
Island of Hawaii. He reports the food
produciton activities ss progressing
sat isractonlv uioler tne iniineuiare su
nerx isiou of the food commission coun
tv aifcnts.
One of the best food producing units
observed by Mr. Krauss was the farm
of .1. K. Uamalielson of Kaumana, near
Hilo. Mr. (lamlielsoo has a dairy and
makes a very good grade of .butter
which is selling at sixty live cents
pound. His poultry plant is receiving
u larue share of attention. There arc
about two hundred laying hens and thr
prohiiocts are that this Hock will be in
creased to six hundred by fall. The
In -kenx are fed ou clubber milk from
the dairy, home grown sweet pots toes
I-ml pigeon peas. It is one of the on
jeets of the farm to see how nearly al
food can le produced on the farm in
A mechanical
manure spreader hu
proved verv eflicient in reducing labor
Mr. Gamalielson 's income for the year
11)17 was :i,0H4.;!0, while his expenses
were 2,n2.9.1. The farm as a whole
wns not quite so profitable as in 1016
when the total income waa .1,581.00
and ONLY GENU!' ,B.
I Chocks and Arrests 11
The Lest .Xtmedy known for 1 1
J. T. Da emot, Lui , Loudon, S.E.
-J-1. '. -i 'Vr-
1 .
Ionolulai Gives Yale
nrv t -0t
s i ans i earn
Yale Daily News SaVs Thurst6n
Was Mainstay of Winning
Club sv 'A .
Lorriu P. ThurotoiiL-f JloM'iiuItt,' Kresh-
maii at rale, wrt the largest point
u-orer of the meet afc I te ntuinstay of
he team," s.trs the). V-i'e DnllvNews
of March 4, in' regard (d s ewirtiming
iieet held between Yehi I'mdileM cap
tained by Thurston, Wr i tho Hrivard
cam. T -' , , . M,
Thurston is star ot tli. Itieff. " snvs
he YsK Daily News In tiin subheml of
the story which fnlows: i
Freshman swimming (tnnm defeats
Harvard, A'.l to 10; Thurslon is star of
licet relay toar.i wins In' entire IniH
Irst contest ever held with Harvard
"reshmen. I
nrst Ever Held
"The Kreshmsn SwiniiniltkT Team de
ented Harvard 1921 by a swre of 411 to
(1 in the t arnegie Pool Hafctirdny after-
toon. I his was the tlrst: swiiniiiing
nect ever held between thi Freshmen
f the two univcrsit.es.
"L. Thurston, captain of 'the Fresh-
nan team, was the lartrest tfpii i s'Orer
of' the meet anil the mainstav of the
The summary follows:
SO-Yard Swim Won It Biiinv.
Vale; second, Thurston, YnV, .third,
lott Hmith, Harvard. Time Ml. -25 2 5.
100-1 ard Bwtm- Won bv Thurston,
t'ale; second, Milroy, Yale; third, Sum
icr, Harvard. Time 0:."8. I
220-Yard Swim Won bv Tbotnpson
Yale; socond, Hopkins, Yrle third,
Itanton, Harvard. Time 2:34 K-S.
"Fancy Iive Won by McAleenan,
'ale, HI. 48 points; scroml, Levy, Har-
.ard, H6..1-I0 points; third, Milroy, Yale
l.9 10 points. 1
Plunge for Distance won bv Tyler,
Yale, 5M feet; second, Katon, Harvard
2 foot; third, Torphne. INrvnrd, 4
' Kolsy Won by Ynle ( Milroy .Tyler,
tinney, Thurston I ; Harvard, (Stewart',
-ttrnnahnn, Sumner, Mott-8inith.)Time
:! s-;i.
- w. i. .
3out To Be Staged Here Probab
ly In Two Weeks
Voun Mantel! snd Louis Aspetvedt
f Fort Roger have been matched to
vrestle for a purse that is said to be
orth (2000. according to information
driven out last niuht bv Fergus Wilkin
son. tSantell 's manager.
The bont will be staged probably ia
two weeks' time and fill the details 'of
the eoming mat battle w'ill be finally
arranged some time this week. ;
Aspetvedt is the best army wrest
ler, in the Islands today, while Young
Santell ia rated one of the eoming
world stars in the game. He wrestled
William iiernie, kuown as the Kus
sian Lion, while in San Francisco a
few weeks ago.
An effort is being made by several
well krtown Honolulu nven to revive in
terest in the wrestling game-nnd this
bout la to be the initial one of a series
to be held in this city. Hantoll does
most of his traimni; at the local Y. M
C. A., and may he seen in action there1
w. a. a.
Major Clark's senplaiie flight to Hilo
Ivor Molukai and Maui lias lieen ile
ferreil for sometime owing to consiil
arable Ioi-bI work whicli will keep the
aviator busy at Ins Oahu base.
The machine will probably lie up
several times this week, ami is ex
pectC'l to heroine n fiitnilinr object nl
most duilv over (liihu.
With the w'ule range of (light thut
ean easily be in cninplisheil by the
'plemlid machines which Major Clark
ises, it is possible that the air service
aq watch vessels leaving or steamiug
'owuril Honolulu, suggesting that the
notor schooner I'uek can be kept uu
ler surveillance during any of its trips
among the Islmnls.
It is also within the range of pos
sibilitv to mount a machine gnu upon
tne of the seaplanes and thus make it
s.n aerial wnrliip capable of lining
military offensive work.
The aviation work is all done at
present by Major Clark, who acts us
pilot on each tlight. The development
of the service toward the uso of ma
chine guns will he grailunl, but it is
nnderstooil that quirk firing guns will
eventually be placeil on one or more
if the machines.
w. a. a.
MKXICO CITY, March 1 f Assoeiti
ted I'ress-l'resideiit Cnrrunza has de
elinedto avSpt, on the grounds of un
constitutionlnity, the recent increuse
iu salary granted by the legislature and
which is incorporated in the budget
for the coming fiscal year. He now re
ceives 12 pesos a ilsy. It was propos
ed to allow him 170 pesos a day.
W H 8
Wurk is inpiillv progressing on the
new Iimue nf the scenic ilioranitts of
Hawaii and they will soon be installed
around the I'aii-I'aeific, Club building
on Hotel Street. Home of the color
sketches from which the dioramas were
nuide, painted by Lionel Wulden and 1).
Howard Hitchcock, may be seen in the
windows if the promotion committee
rooms. These am for sale to help de
fray lli4 expense of installing the big
paintings iu their usw hums.
Paper It
i Better,
Throuftb the investment of fresh esp
ifat (the Waltuku Times' has spnearel
this Week In a six -page Issue with new
style kail departments, whieh are to be
the fntnre possessions of the paper. The
Times now takes on a. tnetmpplitsn as
pect which plsces it' lit the front rank
of the weekly newspspers of the Ter
Coincident -with its first appearance
in its new style the Times pays editor
ial resects to the new stockholder who
has (riven a bse.kino; thst Is "unsel
fish, nltrulsfis sftd .generous." The
editorial saysi .
"We went into the newspaper busi
ness on November 2. 1011, with less
capital than It takes to bay a Ford ear,
hut w hat we lacked .in rapital we made
up for by our enthusiasm and love for
the work, abnndunt optimism and
a, billing faith and hope. Our beginning
was a modest one, one little amateur
Reiser press aad a few esses ef type.
But as we allegorised tn our first issue,
'the anorn is but an insignifieant little
seed, and ret It grows Into a mighty
oak.' " - ...
Kw t riantailon Company
Wailnku Aurlcoltnrsl Co., Ltd.
Apokss 8usr Co., Ltd.
Kohsla Sugar Coaipaay
Wahiswt. Water Compsny, Ltd.
Fulton Iron Works, of St. Lonis
Baboook t Wilcox Compsny
Green's Fuel Economiser Cos iasj
Chas. C. Moors A Co.. Engineers ,
It is a matter of national im
portance that everyone shall
aave all we can. Start a sav
ings bank account, or invest it
in war bonds. Every pay-day
take a portion oi your earnings
and add , it to ; your savin gs.
You will be astounded with
the rapidity of its growth, i
Corner Fort and Merchant St.
from Montreal to Liverpool,
London and Ulusgow via the
and St. Lawrence Routs
Dy the popular "Princess"
htesmers frOin Vsncoover.
Victoria or fieattle.
r'or pill information apply to
Thep. H. Davies & Co. Ltd
Oen 11 Agents, Canadian -PaeUla By. Co
Commission Merchants
Sugar Factors '
Rwa Plantation Co.
WaisJua Agricultural Co., Ltd.
Apokun Hugar Co., Ltd.
Pultoti Iron Works of 8t Louis
lila to, (Steam Pumps
Westifn Centrifugals
llalicork i Wilcos Holler.
Green Kuel Kcouomiser
Marsh Hteain Humps
Matsoii Navigation Cu.
I'lsuters ' Line Hhipplug Co
Koliulu Hngar Co.
MONO!. I'M) llto.N WuBKH CO. Ha
chiuen of eery description made to
Issued Tuesdays and Fridays
Kntereil at tlis 1'ostoftice of Hoiiittulu
T as sicniid class naalUr )
Psr Tsar . . ais.0u
Par Tear (foreign) 8.0o
Payable Invariably U '' 'ane
Castle &Cooke,

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