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i V
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' Yl
M .M -' - 4
rhhhr 5 finiitiMn
ruiiut rihnuiih
' Y ; ' Y Jf " ,.
Minor LlaSneS Uniy Along lire I
a jk A I - A I iL - I
Wide BattleTrOntt .With FrenCn
and British Takino Initiative
At All PointtYY
Allies. .With Reserves Intact,!
Make No Move To Indicate At I
What Point They Intend TO
Launch Offensive " '
1 EW YORK, April 3 (As-i
11 swiated Press) There is
increasing evidence to all the des- rach Enrope in tim to partieipato in
imtrliM from trie Wftrrinp caottalslh present great battle, if it should
.1., i r-. i J-:..- ,.,:ui
iiihi iiiiciii. vjvwiui" unit, rriuiif,, Verdun.
Paris aa the announced objcctive.l
, , . . . r I
ll.lS almost Spent its force. Yes-
terdav the Germans declined toginat the Uermann on the weatern
. i
lorcc uic ngnimg any iuinwi
even the despatches from Berlin I
, f I
au""u,l,K "'"V V
nvasion is on the defensive. I
A. ,h-r. We
v.v.j v ... I
were clashes yesterday it was the I
British and French each forcing
local actions and taking prison
ers. These were minor opera
tions, however, and there is no
showing that the Allies are ready
for thcij; proposed counter offen
sive on any large scale, although
their reserves are practically in
tact and the steady stream of
nas euarameeu ineir i
There were only minor opera
tions along the British front,
with mainly artillery duels on
that section of the new line held
by the French. The British at
tacked and captured positions in
, -tr ii J I I .U-l
..v , ...wt
enemy with the loss of a number
. noen.-J' V , I , :
oi men alter a Dnsic engagement
Here the Germans lost fifty pris-
c'v.Ts and thirteen machine gvns
Further south, at Helrutcrne, a
German attack was beaten back
with the loss of seventy prison
ers left in British hands and a
few macl.iners. The German loss
in killed was considerable
North of the Sotnme the only
activity was a big gun bombard
ment of the British lines before
PaaHi hcndacle, in Flanders. Thel
Germans made no attempt, how
ever, to follow up their shelling
with an infantry attack
The main movement of fresh
German troop has beeri into the
Montdidier salient, but there
were no new German offensives
at this or any other point. The
slielliiiL' of some of the French
positions was heavy at times
The French premier, who has
been much at the front since' the
German offensive was launched
visited the French front lines on
Monday night, where he was tin
der the hostile guns. Shells burst
all around him and pieces of one
..struck his auto, breaking the
windows, hut. Uemcnceau was
not hurt.
The report from the British war of
fiee last night was brief, stating mere
ly that the day had passed quietly and
without serious fighting at any part
of the front in France
Paris reports an unsuc-eessf ul attempt
on the part of the enemy to carry out
an air raid against that city last
night. The raiding machines were nu
ineroiis, Imt none was able to pierce the
Bir barrage and all were driven back
Tim official report from Herlin, which
t fern to the fighting of Monday, sa
ly, says:
Kneuiv counter attacks near Iltuiu-
terne ami aguinst the heights between
the Luce and the Avre liivers, cap
tured I y
looses. ' '
us, broke down with heavy
W. I. B.
WASHINOTON, April 8 (Assoeiat-
e.l Press) Tke treasury department
today loaned Great Britain fS200,000,-
ooo additional for war finances.
War ' Department Decides To
; 'Send Nearly All In Country
Not Later Than August
WASHINGTON, April 9 (Official)
Military chiefs and th nation mml
ly as represented through the press re
Jolee In tb w.r department's reported
f, not later
I k 4 Lll it. ...IJJ -AMI
this eountry, except kbout fifteen per
cent of the regular, who will be re
quired to assist in the training of the
additional million coming to the train
ing camps thii summer.
The United States forces awaltlncr
transportation abroad are retarded now
ufflelent training for Imme,
:i"!fiv".r! r.w"8, . p . f?r
a? mnni mvh va v u xtwti V I J'lrm RNU IHC
nnrti fvAtn tnkiina (hnif ea 1 1 ;i
,ot Ftanceare already made and neleet
Several kundred thouaand nwp of
" - ' umc
An army eorpa of Oneral Perihlng'a
men, ii ia ainiu, in aireaav aetiveiv
engaged in cooperat.on with the Alliea
neaD.tckei from France note that the
Araenean made armored ear have
proved highly valuable In ehefiking the
Jrmn rusk and have inflicted enor
ou Jpsaeti ttpon the enemy.
T omoffieial French ettimaU of
the German loaaea. which flr.a tliPiii i
three hundred thousand, is regarded1
WASHINGTON, April 3 (Associa
ted Press) No announcement has been
made by the war department as to kow
t is planned to rush to Frnnce nearly nl'
of the aoldiers now in this country. It
is probable that only the highest offi
cials of- the administration know, and
they ere keeping their plans to them
1 nnnnnMm.nd m.fla in T .-..!. .
nor,iinir to desnatche. from . th.t
received here, indicate that the Amer
. . - j
lean troops as they arrive in France
will be used to replace the losses sus
tained by the Allies in the desperate
struggle with the German forces.
The Iondon despatch adds that it U
believed there that President Wilson's
reason fo sending Secretary of Wai I
Baker to Enrope was to bring about the
resulted in the decision to send the
American troops Into the great Picardy
..I. J v , i .
"Hu lo runu oiner iroops to
-irranee as fast as possible.
WASHINGTON, April (Associa
ted Press) Drastic penalties for dis
loyalty in the United Mtates are plan
ned by congressmen.
The senate judiciary committee fav
orably reported today the bill to ini-
iioae penalties for disloyalty, with
amendments providing severe punish
me nt for those who are pro-enemy.
One amendment prescribes twenty
years imprisonment and a fine oi
10,000 for whoever shell by act oi
word supiHirt or favor the cause of
Germany in the present wnr, or by act
or word shall oppose the cause of thr
United States.
The same penalties are approved !i
the committee for any persons who oh
struct the sale of war bonds or obstruct
w. .
KANSAS CITY, April 3 (Assoeiat
. Press) A tornado did much (him
age at the village of Hunterville, Mia
ioun, yesterday afternoon. Thro.
persous were killed by crashing timid
ngs and twelve were-seriously injured
At New Florence the torna.lo als
lid a large amount of damage am'
-laiined three victims, these beiug
killed. '
w. a. a.
WASHINGTON. April fl (Assoeiat
ed Press) ChevaMer van Rappard, the
Netherland minister, yesterday handed
to Secretary of mate Lansing the for
mal protest of his government pgainHt
the action of the United States in seiz
ing the greater number of Dutch ship
in American waters.
No comment regarding the protest
has been made by state department of
(irials. nor has the text of the Dutch
note been made public.
- w. a. a.
NEW YORK, April 3 (Associated
Press) Word was received from
British poH last night that the liner
Celtic, concerning the safety or which
in the submarine none anxiety had
been expressed, has arrived safely.
. , . .. .
) . i . . . i , i ' ii,' ,'r . i . i I
WASHINGTON,' April' (A88didatel Press) A joint resolution, derlar
ing that a state &;TOjtM between' the United Htates and the Em-
,. . pire or iurKey anuyine .; Jrvinguum oi iiuigaria, whr introduced mio me
senate yesterday by Senator; Vi TX'Iving of Utah.
; The senator, in presenting 4ii$r resolution, pointed out that tho American,
forces under General Pershing are now on the battle line in France and en
gaged,, or about to engage, In battle with the troops of Bulgaria, aligned with
those of Germany and Austria. The situation, with Americans actively op
posed to Bulgarians, is suCh as to demand a forma! recognition of the war that
Against Turkey war should likewise lie declared, said n' T'tah senator. .
The resolution was referred to the c nnmittee on foreign relations without
No Place
For Professors
Of Hon Tendencies
University of California Regents
' Promptly Fire Two of the Fa
culty Shpwn To Be Not In
Sympathy With America
BERKELEY, April 3 (Associated
resa)-Oeofaring that their words and
actions nave Dee a "inimical to the Uni
ted Ktater government two members
of the; faculty of the, Chlversity of;
California were . discharged, yeaterdax.
the regents taking aantmary action op
on evidence officially presented before
then,.' Prof. Alfred Forke, head of tk
department or Oriental .language, ie
one of the dismissed men, the other
being L W. D. Hackh, assistant pro
feasor ef chemistry.
Evidence of the disloyal attitude of
these two men was supplied the re
gents by naval officers of dm Fran
cisco, who have had the two under sur
veillance. Both the men discharged are natives
of Germany. Professor Forke is a
noted Chinese student and at one time
was adviser to the Chinese legation, at
r. a. .
f...,,,!.-, IL,
Of Wheat Flour
Is Ficed Nation
People May Be Required To Stop
Eating It In Order That Army
and Allies May Be Supplied;
Limit On Sugar Is Raised
WASHINGTON, April 3 (Associat
ed Press) Intimation that the use of
wheat flour by the people of America
may be entirely prohibited . in order
that there may be a sufficient supplf
for the Natron s soldiers overseas and
for the Allies fa contained In an official
notice issued hers yesterday. The no
tice says:
"While the Nation faces total cessa
tion of the use of wheat flour so that
the Allies can be supplied overseas, re
strictions are relaxing - somewhat on
other commodities. The food adminis
tration has given permission -for . the
purchase of twenty-five pounds of sugar,
and more if it Is to be used for the
purpose of canning fruit.
The former.
limit was two pounds.
rT;l "-Kr
ng to eat vegetable, instead of flour
1 he people of the Nation are Jearn
iora huu so tuna wnicn are neeuea
abroad. Millions of ' war gardens'
have been started."
1 w m a
WASHINGTON, April 2 (Assoeiat
ml Press) Further details were given
iut toilay on tbe united States-Japan-tse
ship agreement whereby the United
States turns over steel to Japan and
the latter ships to America. Approxi
natelv thirty ships of 5000 tons each
will be obtained from the Japanese gov-
rniiieut and additional Ships will prob
ably be built for the United Statue in
Japanese yards.
a. a. .
WASHINGTON, April 2 (Associa
ted Press) Senator Thomas of Colo
rado declared In a speech this after
noon that German spjas are interfering
with the manufacture of gas masks for
the American army. He asserted hat
mw out oi aouu bad been, found to, be
defective, small perforations having
ueeu iiiuiiit ma cuvrnng, so mac gas
would force its way in.
. w. a. s.
Your boy is always getting scratched
or cut or bruised. Because thesn
wounds have healed all right is uo sign
they always will. Oet a bottle of Cham
ber Iain's Pain Balm and see that every
injury is eared for immediately. You
can goi noinicg oeuer, ana DioTMi poison
is too dangerous a disease to risk. For
sale by all dealers. Bensoii, Smith k
Co., agents for HaweU.Adyt.
Cannon That Will Hurl Shell
Ninety Miles Invented By
LONDOir, April 3 (Associated
Frees) One of the four huge long
range gvaa wi3x which the Ger
mans hare been bombarding Paris
from dlataaoe of more than sey-,
enty-fonr miles bust yesterday) i
kUUug lt trew of gunners, aoccrd
tng o e pUteuent made by a Get- '
man prisoner, A despatch to this
effect -' reoeired from Parte,
.j 'Thar bursting k of. the gun came
It (lnrfng Another bombardment of the .
ty.wblc began yeeterdiy morn- ,
ingrvi' -'..'
. -The Hnne are liable to get a
Wrte'. ef "their orn medicine, ac- '
oording to-a despatch from Lisbon, td
which aaya that the newspaper Be-'
eolo publishes atory to the effect
that Bente Oalrea, a captain of ar
tillery In the Kepubllcan Guards of
Lisbon, has Invented a gun that
will throw a shell ninety mllea.
That la more than fifteen miles la .
excess of the distance that sheila
are hurled by the German gun.
An American woman, Mrs. Ed
ward Lafidon, niece of Levi P. Mor
ton, former Vice-President of the
United States and also minister to
France, was among those murdered
In a Frls church last Sunday by
the Germans when ene of the
shells of the long range gun ex
ploded In the midst of the congre
gation, i.
It is possible, also, that her two
daughters were among the- vic
' tlma. They were with her at the
time and are missing. Mrs. Lon
don was the wife of a retired at
torney who has recently made his
home In France.
w. a. t.
British Recruiters At Chicago
Tell W. Gordon Walker He
Has "Athlete's Heart"
CHICAGO, April 2 (Associated '
Press) W. Gorcjon Walker, formerly
connected vwith Hakalau plantation, Is :
laud of Hawaii, who earie seven thou j
sao,i m;ies to enlist in the British
Canadian forces, was rejected today by
the examining surgeons of the British
TBfruitl 1Prvi,erUuse of an "all.
.... , ".,,
, " " uwm 11 '
I ,
t r Wnlkor who was nMiBtant book-
I keeper of the plantation at HaKalau
: for several yours, left Honolulu about
three weeks ngo on the steamship Ni
' agarn, in company with about a score
of Britishers, who were brought to
gether by the British recruiting serv
ice here, ami given a big sendoff by
the British (Hub. Mr. Walker desired
to visit relatives io California before
proceeding to Kugland, and after ar
riving at Vancouver, left the Hawaiian
contingent and went to Baa Francisco
and other Pacific Coast cities.,
"It is a surprise to me that Mr.
Walker was found physically unfit,"
I ai(, 0eor(e Hustard of the British
Club last night, "as he was a fine type
of young man, about twenty -seven
years old, an athlete and seemingly, jiiKt
the kind of man any army would
want." .
Mr. Walker is a university man, well
read and popular along the Humakn i
Toast. If he has been definitely re
jected he may return to Hawaii, !
in all probability will be giveu his
old position.
- w. a. a.
( Associate. I
i pyeas) Quick action has been taken I
tL. n,..L .veriinieiit airainst aicnts of
ex-Kag Constantine who came here
and were proved to have planned an
esDionage system.' .
Lieutenants Calamaras nnd Hoilkko
pulos were members of a party which
came to Greece on a German siibinai'ine
as' agents of the ex-king. Their m ti
' vities were discovered and both nice
j were court martialed, found guiltv and
put to aeain. i ueir uorntty oni.u
pis, has also neen senrenced to hchui
The sister of Calamaras has beeu sen
tenoed to life imprisonment
MasMrhiKPttf; Votes
Tr. fiitifv FprWul
Bone-Dry Amendment
Is Tenth State To Ratify Since
First of the Year While No
State Has As Yet Refused
BOSTON, April 3 (Assoeiated
Press) The Massachusetts senate yes
terdny voted to ratify the federal
amendment to the Constitution for na
tional prohibition, thus adding M
chimetta to the number of States ap-1
proving of the amendment, The. bouse
voted to ratify tbo amendment eomo
time ago,
Massachusetts is the t-nth State 'to
ratify 'the federal amendment, out of
ten States that have voted on it. Mis
sissippi ratified the amendment first,
voting on January 9. OUier States, in
the order of their ratification, have
been? Virginia, Kentucky, South Caro
lina, North Dakota, Maryland, Mon
tana. Texas and Delaware, the last
tana. i
.,1 fcasaed lratifying
amendment ,on
March 18.
It will require the vote of twenty-
six more States before national prohi
bition is put into effect.
Indiana, Now Dry
INDIANAPOLIS, April 3 (Assoeia.
ted Press) The State of Indiana
climbed upon the water wagon at mid
night last night, ami the legalised sale
of intoxicants throughout Indiana came
to an" end.
w. a. s.
PAKIS, April 3 (Associated
Press) The Court of cassation, to
which Bolo Pasha appealed his
case, following his conviction for
treason and his sentence of death,
yesterday denied his appeal and
the death penalty will be carried
w. a. s.
j WASHINGTON, April S (Assoeiat
ed Press) Ten deaths among the Am
cm-aii expeditionary troops in France
were announced last night by the war
department, with twelve other casual
ties. None of the soldier was killed
I in action, but two died of wounds ra
reived in previous actions. One death
was accidental, four from disease and
two from other eauses.
Secretary Baker cabled to the war
dciisrtmept yesterday that hereafter
nil information concerning the Ameri
ciin expeditionary forces will be pub
iinJie.t only from the Expeditionary
Headquarters la France.
WASHINGTON, April 2 (Official)-
I'resa comment on the announcement
l bat President Wilson will speak at thi
opcuiug of the third Liberty Loan enm
paign in Baltimore next Sutur.lnv
shows u general expectation that he
will muke sonio important auuounce
incuts on in" '!onal questions.
W. a. B.
BOSTON, Alfil 2 ( Associated
Press) Th? steamer Carlisle Castle,
under charter to the Cuiiard Line, i re
1'orUM to Ii H v P liocn submarined vlnle
' to Europe with war supplies,
Exporters who hnd goods aboard the
; '"""1 snid they had been notified of
tlie sinking, but had no inforniiit ion as
to the fate of the crow.
The Carlisle Castle was owued befi re
her charter to the Cuiiard Company by
the I'n nil Castle Steamship Company,
I t I Her tonnage was 4325, home port
l.oiuion. Formerly in the freight car-rin-
business between Soutli Africa
and Euglund.
Eviery Thompson Candidate and
All Socialists Beaten For
City Board
CHICAGO, A . r . I :t - Associated
Press) Kery -n t I : t for the board
OT aldemien vlio re civod tlic suiiporl
of Mayor Tlioniivon -ns ili-fenteil at
the polls jester. Iny bv the Chicago vot.
era, who took tins fir-t opportunity of
ahowiag their ciixfavor of the atleired
anti-American attitude of Mayor
I Thompson towsr.ls the war:
Socialism ana Thompsonism were.
treated equally, not a Socialist candi
date being elei-tPi). I'racticaliy every
new alilennnn rnn on the Democratic
tieket and the nMemmnic bnnrd l now
I Democratic sn l m opposition to the
The result of rcMcnlav' polling was
watched with entfer interest in view Of
the announcement of Mayor Thompson
that he is a -a n I i I :i to for the United
States senate to succeed Henator J.
Hamilton Lewis.
W. s. 8.
Ship Builders Fall
Asked to
Output of Yards For March Only
166,700 Tons While Estimate
Called. For 197475. Tons;
Hurley Keenly Disappointed ;
WASHINOTON, April B (Associa-
shipyards of the country fell behind
their schedule, and the shipping board!
wants to know why.
Chairman Hurley, of the shipping
board, sent messages to the heads of
Ihe ship building yards yesterday ai.k-
lug them to explain why their output
was not up to schedule.
"I am keenly disappointed at the re-1
suits," Chairman Hurley said in his
Message "Don't over.timate,' was
his caution to the. ship builders. . This
was occasioned by the fact that tile -1
IZ . If .. 1 : 4 .J bvw I
nurreirsted 197,075 tons of shipping,
while the ameuut octuaiiy produced i
WB onij i ni, t w mjiis.
.. B. r
We Will Not Stop
Until We Win
iWar, Says President
WASHINOTON, April 2 - (Offl-1
cial) - Writing to . Bishop T. 8.
Henderson of the Methodist church,
President Wilson saysi "Yon are per-
fectiy safe in using the words you
mention from , my messages as express-
lug my unaltere.1 thought snd unbroken
purpose.',' Bishop Henderson's letter
had cited the following words from the
President's message: 'German power,
a thing without eonsiet.re, honor or
capacity for covenanted peace, must be
i i -. . . : , i.
is n win the VRr ami nothinff snail
turn us aside until it is accomplished
The President's letter will be read
from all Methodist pulpits ucxt Sun
a. a.
QUEBEC, April 2 (Associated
Press) Sixty -two arneata were made
today of persons accused of frequent
ing illegal assemblies.
The arrests grew out of draft riots
which began last week and developed
seriously yesterday, .
"Snipers" took up their stations
yesterday on housetops and held them
all nigbt, in spite of efforts to (lis
lodge them. The police, and militury
captured some of the snipers. I be sit
uation is still very tense.
No Rest For That
Aching Back
Housework is too hard for a woman
who is half sick, nervous and alwoyi-
tired. But It keeps piling up, ami giver
weak kidneys no time to recover. If
your back is lame and achy an. I youi
kidneys irregular; if you have ''blue
spells," sick headaches, nervousness
dizziness and rheumatic pains urn
Demo's Backache Kidney Pills. Thc
have done wonders for thousands ot
women worn out with sunk kidneys.
"When Your Back is Lame Hemein
ber the Name." (Don't simply usk for
l a kidney remedy ask distinctly for
I loan's Backache Kidney Pills and take
no other), Doan'S Backache Kidi.ey
Pills are sold by all druggists and store
keepers, or will be mailed on receipt of
price by the Hollister Drug Co . or
Benson - Smith eV On., agents for the
Hawaiian Islands. (Advertisement)
- , Mia w k - - I I , !
irue Aiicmi
Lenroot Elected In Contest That
Had Many Surprises For the
Politicians Substantial Ma
jority of Twelve Thousand
Republican Counties Supported
Davies. Democratic Candidate,
While Democratic Strongholds
Voted Republican
( Assoc iated Press) Irvine
L. Lenroot, Republican, has been
elected senator from Wisconsin,
to fill the unexpired term, of the.
late Senator Paul O. llusting, un
less the returns from the outly
ing polls go much more strongly
against him than is expected.
At midnight Lenroot was tead-
,n over h,s democratic nyai.
J oseP" uav,s- w,tn 'Y,ctor
KBerecr: tne candidate, a
paa miru.
Newspaper reports show that
M - nrooi s piuiaiuy ovvi,
i ... . i -
will be between etgnt ana ivveive
thousand. Forty-three counties.
out Gf seventv had been heard
, . i:v, ...ti,. u .
from at m"tn'gnt, when the vote
stood: Lenroot, 69,373; Davies,
fURlD aH Rerer 44.514. All
the missing counties eitctpt one
normally Republican,
J r
The Democratic campaign man-
aErers refuse to concede-- Davies
defeat, in spite1 of the normal Re
publican majorities to be expect
ed from the missing counties.
Their hope & based on the Tact
I that the results in the counties
heard from have upset , all . the ,
political calculation; ama- ; V
jority. of the.-xoutMthat.r.e;.::'.i':
,,oi, i tt ,r l7fMiKltrf-an .riiviss'. Iia r
. ..r.. . ......
securea tne majonnes,TWu im
the normal Democratic counties t
. , , . . '. . ..
the vote has gone strongly Ke-
publican 'i'
. . .1
I V w,:ll" ""r.
Thomoson. the LaFbriette" candi-
. n e V-!
date. for the, Republican noraina- -A,
tion, polled a big vote in the '
.. nritn4HB llatrlpt tn i lm.pm.
I v '"p ...v "--
tic candidate yesterday secured
the larger vote. -
Senator Lenroot, while run
ning as a Republican, made his
primary campaign as a loyalist
and an opponent of I-aFollette
and what he stands for in the
war. He was opposed for the
Republican nomination by James
rhompson, who hasv the open
support of LaFollette. Lenroot
beat him after a sharp campaign.
Berger, who is one of the lead
ng Socialists . of the United
States, is under indictment rQm
the Chicago federal -grand jury
on a charge involving his loyal
ty, lie ran -on a "peace" , plat; v
form, declaring in his platform :
"I demand, and -if "elected will
work for, an immediate general
and permanent peace-1- peace of
the peoples, by the peoples and
for the peoples, of the-cottn tries
now at war.
"1 demand, and if elected will
work for, the withdrawal of
American troops from the inva
sion of Europe, and for their use.
as far as may be necessary, o
procure absolute security for this
country, on land and sea, against
invasion by any hostile power, i.
such invasion be possible.
our A d m l n i s t ration at
W ashington is preparing for five
ii ire years of war not to defend
... i .
tins country against invasion out
to invade European countries,"
w. a. a.
WASHINGTON, April .9 (Associat
ed Press) The war industries board
today announced the creation of a "re
quirement division.' which will estab
lish priority ef delivery of raw sad
manufactured war materials. This di
vision will ' eliminate .competition
among the government doparlincnt In
obtaining supplies,
''('? ' -v
" ' e ' ' '

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