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Artille,rylf Engagements Grow In
Violence Whils Reinfprce
merits Are Brought :Up
Ni: YORK. April (Associated Press) Military observers
and experts feel that heavy fighting is soon to start on that
salient of the Western Front where the German line most closely
threatens Amiens, on the Somme front. Clear indications of this
were said to be evidenced in the activities of yesterday and it is
claimed to be a logical salient for an offensive by either' side.
On several sectors yesterday there, was a tremendous increase
in the volume of the artillery fire. It was resumed at Lens with
espccinl violence. Behind these barragcs.both sides, were, bringing
up reinforcements, strengthening
signs, of preparation. Meantime
ceptibly. Such engagements as
the Allies. '
No infantry actions occurred during the day ; was the French
official communique issued from Paris last night." There were
violent artillery engagements, however, maintained, atrniist inces
santly in the region to tlie north of Montdidief and between- De
nitiin. Hangaard and , Ensanterre tn wa$ the,rrost tcvene. Else
where the lay might be called quiet. - ',.;.'.
The (fcrnian renewed laa bonlbaniment of Tarls at 0:30 4"e6rk.
A Uerman attack south of Moreull wax repulsed by the F reach, the enemy
being naeWe to gain t footing; exret at ono mint. The French have alto
aroken a Uerman attavk earBollot ana gained gntramf ' north of Pletnout. we.r
told of in earlier French teporte. ' '
' The nitHktioa i uuchao rd waa the report of the British war office. Other
l.oado deatche said, boating bark, the German attack and making advances
on their own aceount, th -Britiah trooj-a on the Amleaa front- ere gaining m
portent point, . t i : ii." .
A (ferrrmn attack in the neighborhood of Fmfeux wm repuki, a number,
of prisoners taken and number of dead left in Knglbih haaila.
- The important village of Ayette, eight miles fouthweae of Arras, ia again in
British noaKemion. . v.a.-o .
Brit ini aviator have hoiabardad the Caw brat railway-i juauttioa; much nsed
by the German mtUtary traiaa, auvearafully. In -th air flghttg:tew hostile, air
plane ami two halloona were destroyed and more eirpiaaea) driven down
out of control while another earptaae an driven dowa. Eleven British niarbtnea
are miming. .. . ,, . tl"fi,i.,'. t '
By the recapture of -Ayetta-and other terrain roeeatly; takes by the Ger'
man th British- are- i wroiBf their position atroagly. ffmw atroug Oerman
poiat south of ilnbutcrue, which aieaared the British defending -paHitiena, hen
been raptured. The Ayett section where the British art itow steadily winning,
haa bean one of the atont -fiercely contented rone on the entire front. The Ger
man hae sacrificed (treat number in an effort tuneenre a hold horei
Cnpture of the height north-of Moreuil waa ej aimed ia the German Official
British Ship Losses Are
" 'II ft ji: r ..'
NKW YORK, April 4- (A(wo. ited Pree) Los-!, nf British liiptiing wer
emalli-r UhI week than in nv week aince laet Octolver but Italian Inane allowed
an increase, a wan told in the report f roili' 4ondon aad from Rome which were
(reived lat night,.
British merchant nliipping foet Ahe vecl dnring the week wliirh ando.!
hint Saturday night. Of theee nil voir of a tonnage of KKKI ton or more and
three were smaller craft. Tlya compare With ' torn of twenty -nine veraela' tb
lireeedinx week and nineteen for the weak' prior. to that. The low of large i
te.mrbi, nix, compare ,wirh sir teen and 'eleven roapeetlvely. .
ThirH-en vrel of all riamie w lost by Italy in the iiaiiie period through
the activity of dun iilinirinoi. Of t(e nine were very xniall craft, all uadef
a hundred ton. One waa a larger aaillrlg veaael and three wore merchant
ateamer of more than I'iMII ton regmtry. I
.. The Loudon Evening News said that the Britinh ntt-ni.-r t'onurgo bad bolei
1orpe-loed in the Irinh otw. Two boati loaded with refugee were Kuuk by guni
fire from the stibniarine. The Greek steamer Bnlamina lias been subinarinadA
fifty are mlsHing from both vewarht. if , i
Aonouiicenient wan niMde by the Britith admiralty, ycster lny. thai a BrltUM
destroyer sunk, following a collixiou, bu Monday. Fortunately all linhdaf wori
aare-l. j, 1
i u ! ' ' j i 1 i ' 1 'nil 1 :
Democratic Rival Admits Defeat
and Sends Congratulation
' To Loyalist's Choice
MlI.WAt'KKK, April 4 (Associated
Praia) Election of Irvine 1.. Lenroot ,
V the acnuU from Wiwonsin is gof I
oneedd. The last shadow of doubt, if j
any had existed wii removed when hia
. , . T u f r. T
democratic, opponent, Joseph t,. Davie,
j , '-r - 1 '
Tast night nent him a message of coor
gratulatioa and the Democratic contra)
OOramittee r, .needed hia election. i I
.. J
Jrvui I. Ijsiiroot, KepubUa tad'
data (or e n a tor, Mas woo even a more
IPiiii , n n't , ill lur r-ii.ci.iwii JS" .
tarday' than early returaa iodWaW. I
; :,,rz:.'V.;K ,
Democrat. UM,:i.t; Victor Berger, el
AlaliM MM II7U .. I I
.- Eetoru from four Republican eoyif ,
tie rr it ill mising., , ,14 , i I
Lenroot raa on a atraight 'loyalty f
Intform, by which he won tbe ttomt
.... .... i ..l-uii4.-. ..i.J
nation from l.aKhllette' adWMt.
Jemc T. Thompson. Davie wa atroag
Jr aapported by the sational adminia
, tration.
'4nirfeji'a aplldity for the war wa deia
i'BOMtratl nanUstakaldy Jn Tuesday ja
utlootlou In this city and in WUcoa--in
atat,e. Th r. tiwiis shuw tlt the
ernnldtted vote nf the pKMnf, p
Ge"in a(t- anti war KmUI(srV.'wp8
wra-llgible, In even their c In lined trvt
holila . Every eahdidat of fhe
tntnta at defeated, thouirh niht and
ttiH adrantage af being id ome'mi
rnraln" for reelection Th dial pleura
A ! . . .J ,1. . II . : . . ....... . ' . I
tlim of th rafleist vote
wa irrenter
than expected.
- I
defenses and there. were mam
infantry fighting 'slackened per
there were -went; to the credit of
Many Months
mukkogke, April t-( .voeiatefl
rrmmm-Xn. U n 1 1 u n . 1 1 Ml J
wjth.anemy spie, and plotters, Fumer
President Taft made hi view on thia
""? c'ar wne,u e poke to the
""1er of pommene here yesterday.
"P'i'r '! when thejr
l U "u time in exeeutiiuj
W pntence of the court npoh team
That eentenee houll lie death. Tim
.,.,, . . ...
convHteo apie rhould be stood up b-
fore-f Aring aquad. N lniuy eab
properly' be ihowa at thi time when
"rt are made to wreck airplane)
effort are made to wreck airplane)
and-IB otter war hiimcer th fighting
plana Of the I'nlted Statp.
' lj i '
' oeier is sent squt
',' - 1 '' ' n r- I
WAIT LAKE OUT, April. 4-r-(At
rT;)-"i'l at Ton MSftoer
D' "'f. or a Germag ailort who
S, . awjirly on the German wanabifi
V w,' ,he ' "f"ge i Hon
Mtttf'iau announced ia desu&telinK.nvol.
wiaa jigiori,r un lur uepiggn wananup
iuaunoitcl ia desoctebua rocelr
4 ! night. IU wa rvt from J'ott
Dougla to tba southern fort and the
movement wa kept secret until he
reached hi destination.
)'.' w. a. v.
TOKTO. April HfHperial to Nippu
JI.H) Word reached Tokio tiHlay that
S (Verm ii ulrplnne wns sighted 'i the
rwteru part of Jfanj hurln. It i ru
mored that' the Germs un have become
Hire ig that awtioii.
. - Jj."tk.V
April H Awnciat
ed IreV-The
ciGicd nl ut ron it
nlifihig. av u Ber'in teii-otch It li
..,.ILi...J ,
to Ih
uicnt l.y the
Bombardment HTqT "Wore Than
Ordirtary Yiofcnce -and fltfi. Is
Udr-Brlisnr ftttii V Asllst-
arnje; wven By American, flyers
WAHHLNOTO'rtp'rU "A.oelt
ed riM)Two-arving'of tha wastern
fron 'orenpicct P. the f uH4 tHat
toreea nave pean autijeitea to kombgrd
men t of mer than ardl a ry e verity
in wWi BabWra nd high Trplolv
were minptiad, aald flpatie -eceived
last evenmjf from the American head
quartet a. ;
In a certain 'sector othet thia the
Tout- ertor -th location of weh it 4
ot permhted to aaeBtiaa,. Imiiaatiag
he occupation by th Amnrirao of a
ector which baa not been previously
pectnc-alljr mentioned q the official re
iKrrta. the-Amerb-atr- f nrc- Irere atib
eeted to eitraordinarily heavy ga
.ittnck,. The attarjsa beffnn un Taei
lay night and i-ttntlnoad intermittontly
ill nipht end Into yesterday morning
ligh cApoive cr mioglod aith th
T! shelbxj t '.i t t i
Noribet of Toul, yesterday, the
ierman heaxilV ahelled tha Aaieriean
rer.be and batterie ing anany min
nenwerfera, '.
Krenfh war erre'have been award
e to twoiAericanv " Hergaunt' .lame
Mutphy-killed a German a the letter
wac nnarkiag-arM offteer and hi so do
ng Mivact the aflice'ai Ufa and i.ient.
I. Wnrphy'eaptoreda German sentry.
' Hr.'h . CAiapliment wnC paid to the
morH-aa air-frNnrea ia a repot t which
ra issued by. the ritih war office
etcrdiy vgpd reported from London
t nifhtv' Thi :xport ' braises the
.nuery'and th tflleteirey1 f the Amer
can 'flyer 'and aay thai' the services
vhich they hav rVadafed in the pat
("ortnight have been in valuable.
I.ient. ft. tfnftnfrnlil, tf 4h American
flying mrrtirl: eat wa 'kilted as the re
.nit of a eidKtioit tietwonn hi plane
nrt n not her the report- hay.
i'aj. Oen. Cevton C March, chief o'
rtaff. haa auapended, the dwilf casualty
'iafrnt the wardr-partnient, which has
been mad pub He' liv an nhbreviaterl
orm for1 Mvetwl -wefk. .The lit fill
tot be'giva bai penfllng -a1- irttyftre'
'atiarf from Saeretaty, Baker whether
it a forbidden 'under' th new ordet
with reference to the iaenance nf news
from General Vrattlng tieaduarters
i " ji---
AVEfcteW ArM? to
WAsnrKtiTfry Aprii 7t-i-(omcit .
Vnrle SamV big waf taacbi.ne. i" be
( iierfoe1el by t"li nRtloi:- VTiidlv
eagerly and determinedly. The latest
fijOire mdifntp. that eUO.IHKI (liltiona
oMiera will . b vailable" for errice
jvrea fct lb .traiaiag-'tbi" annimei
n great camp throughout te country
OTwh'teh the n ar tntw starting.
' These-hundreds of thousands w) re
dace trained trx now.baing hasten
d to embarking point.
The appret-intioti of the Allies over
he; fact that tile Awericage are: strnjri 1
ng evert muctle"t afford quick niil
gainst the t'entrai Towora w 'eUtejl
odny : by ' ljrd Beading, Drltieh am
aaadOr. who' made -a pablie atatament
hat- "the Ifuowledgo thivt the Allii
vill Teceive strong American ruin force
neuts during the nrnt few mootha l
net welcome-. " '..'. v
Eaxernes 'o' Amefiran troof and
heir commander tt irtieipat in the
tattle H,iiint th Gvwiau is hvwn in
;uro'un despatch stating that 'Am
rican uuits arriving at the frout are
Mllr.g merged with British ahd f'rencl
'trigade withoat wnitiug to form a
urely A(cd rmy:.
Natioiinl pride is thu siiletrneked to
lasten the allied counter stroke. "
ArtiAity of the Americana in IIh
Pout ewtor ' i making the German
ervou. They fear an attack ou u
wg (.;, , ? . f,',
4 I !- ' I -T T 7f7T - i
aeribrt Fmd$ Faith Suces,Jari4
Building 'Does Not Interfere
With Other Construction
WAHHINGTON, April 3 (QffioM)
to tJ concrete ,liip lUti the tolation of
America's war shipping problem, it is
believed as rettilt of ' itttlgntlob a or1
approval by R. j. tifa ehUf of the
united MtHtos Kmergeuey riaat Corpor
tidn's ennrret ah)f departgient. Wig't
inveatigation preceded and followed the
'aunching of the 4.VH)-ton concrete ship
reitn at nan r-rancim-o recently. ., ,
Naval architect and other experts
"Oinriue wttn wig s ronoluHlona.
"The adaptability of concrete, t
conatruction of ocean freihhtera i n&I
longer cpie.tiortable." .leclare the; de
oartirtent. "The skip Faith aland v
9rv attnrtural teat. Concrete eonatniO-
tion does not compel with the Jaao?
ind materinl needed for steel Cod woo
hlp and larval v ltn-renw America '
shipbuildisr cnpcifv without Indn-tri"'
train or the necessity of erec(.ig ela
borate plniat. "
W. ,..'., ,
WASHINGTON. Ap,il 3fOHeian-.
oe rooit H'lnimistrntioii anuOunced to
'" "' report of n embarKO
igamst rice ml rice flour wa un
auiaorizeii. Kift.y thoiunnd ton
route are! admissible n befqre.
Bacaas l ft tonic aad Uaaiiv !
'Uxartvij aaoMo opinin wiuio.w
ttevthaoanUnaiirOuiaiB. Oocaaotaaa
(voukaM. nor riD(lof In th aaad. I
Wihei, .her Is only use "Uroma Ouljlai
.ut slsuatura r.i K v, cio -. t.w.' -
: . , .
. lk.I
Farther Than Original PrdrtH'
I. - II. I.' at. I ' i
ise. waae .swiuenana,
l (-iaieTo.nas.cv rAs
II necessary IV Ml Lana Uratn anijj
II . ' it V' A d t. I I
Other i Food Stuffs In
France and Transship
tVArtHlKOTON; April 4 (Anaociat
ed l'reea) la Ha endeavor to protect
the t.uropean 'neutral from the conse
quence of th German rutblessne In
the uee of ber.aubroarinr, the United
States i preparing to go further than
her original promise in her effort to
jupt'l.v; twttnerlacd with Kia.n and oth,
er food stoff.
If ncaeaaary, the , supplies for the
jRiMs a ill. b landed at a 'renrb At
antic, port and tranltipped aero
ranee by rail,
liy the sMsriaa Amenrun agreement of
Deeetnbcr- S, the Allies guaianteed to
h iixerlund for 1t- admittedly orient
i reds an eight montna ' anpply nf -'10,
0( 0 ton f cereal, inhjeit to the a
nmptio.i that Germany wi.uld safe
onduct tb'aupply ships as specified
.n It procliituation on rnlhless subma
rining which provided a wife route to
the hrediterranean port of Cette, and
r,.M.tt .k..; ...tJ..,in. ..,i,i
molest men veiaeR '
. ...... I
Auowra ia iiuic.
" neuvrry ana proviue i
nmneiUat-neceites before graia'
'ram th Argentyte the natmal source
f snpply, eonld raii. HwitxeWand, the
Wat Trade, Board even proenAd from
the avanty aupplica in thi country GO,
(10 toa of gTaia a bu b had been oar
marked fur the Allies and aL'ocated it
io bwitxerlandrr,aiangtna :to replace' It
later -hy. graia front te Argentine, and
had 7urthr proreO'lt good faith and
desire to kelp nut dependent neutral
by. aiurceeaful effort to secure tonnage
to, transpoit the gmin. The plan ejen
rontamplatMi:'briDiing the ship back in
balliwt , from Cette to accelerate ship
menta and rmpve any pretext for Ger
ma aubujarine interference with the
nh 'eithel,gVittg or coining.
It l1 hopel that Switzerland and
other ,utra)n will contrast the reaper
tiv attitudes of Germany and the
United tStste'' toward the proldem of
feeding the tieutral and will take due
notice of thf latest attempt of Ger
many to taflmidate neutral shipown
era, through atbles ubmirt-ining,--from
carrying food" to Switzerland.
Wiahea To DUeakaa Foatwar Alvairji,,
fprthr UKftliftoas tend to show that
the aubirtariffe are being used, ulon
similar dng t tr the n;anp?r linen, to de
atrOy neutral' shipping without regard
to it employment in order to weaken
Lprieetive neutral competitor aftei
tho war and to drug down neutral ton
nag as far k possible tawnrd'a poi
tioa of equ;1i,ty (or inferiority) witi
t)f" German mereuRtilo marine., whiel
iaa lost betweii four and fifty per
cent of its ocean tonnage, so tiiKt tb
raentral trader mav be eqiiallv a badh
ofi'aa iti Gcrmnii rival for tonnage in
the after the w ar race for commerce.
No other interpretation can be placed
far example, upon the repeated in
stajtue of destruction of nVutrnl- Pan
ish ahips on voyages between Iceland
nd the Danish mother country, en
tirely outside of the. war zoue nor up
jini tb miiltitiidiaeli ' auafakee,'''
wberahy Dutc.b.and other neutral ship
dinging to the prci fcnoiut narrow way
eft open through the 'prohibited 'xonc
ire torpwloed outside' Me zone'. by id.'
-oat romuiHiider. who word 'that the
easel -re witluu the aoiui ia Igter
iceepted uu(nKti6ued by the' German
.trine courts.
I'Miuinciit shipowners in Huaudiaav
4ii coiinliies hav i atated their belief
, .Lat JMHiiy sinkings were inspired oul
,yy ,the .intention to get -rid of neutra
onuHge so us to increase thu rolativt
value of Gorman shipping availuble at
..he end of tho war. Examination o(
he captains of torpedoed ship before
ih nierine court in these countries
ber out thia belief, the testimony re
atedly showisg that vhmi were at
tacked far outide tba. none.
Seek To FrlRhUn Niutzal - -
' The preaeut onmpaign .f. throat and
iutimblation aguiuat th Hcaudjnavian
twutral now carried on ia the acini
jflicial North German Gazette; and oth
jnt.orgaaa of the German pres ia ob
ioualy iiitendud to frighhea the north
era neutral from completing agree
mat which benwflt the .neutral quite
a much, ji the (inited Htatea and its
aaociate. i . ,
w. a. a. v
t WsKlTUiW T.. s-ll 7r
,iatd IVessi William Wlllwell. a
tleman, was killed last night by Met
10 a bandit ninety mlo outh Df here
pt. -famill Kos of the V. P. Oavnl
who reported the, murder, give no
w. a -i.
' London". 'v'XpSl?.
Fre) t'ompulnory military service is
to- be a policy of RitHia.. Jlie.olshe
v'ikt have resolved that It hall b. fu
ioduied, Hiii.l an Exchange tclegrs li
" lept h, rnua JVfrogfad, .1pt levpnliiir.
., . - w, .
SAX VHANriHX3i Airit 4 (Ao
iatrd r're) J'nbw exeetrtlve 'Cloin
ncy shall-be aieaotiine exeriel; Tom
Moir)v wilt be brbuuht - int eonrt on
Saturday and maeuteneod t dth fur
niir-ket n tba eaeulV of the1 euHaoMloii
with the lionittina Vif the iireiiilrediux-s
day purudt- of which he wa convicted,
- Ul US-'II.1J C. . .!.. I
lijnoraricfe Makes, Many, Adults
Easy Victims of nemy Lies'
wArttlwww, ;. April .V (Aociat
, SnmiJun- than thouwnd
acboou tn,.tb Mi(lduvvraat .un dose
ax werman, national annga.notwitbatnnd
' i I. ' .
)ng'th fae.t.iha th pnitod Statea ia
at war with -Germany. Thi atartHng
assertion waa mad by fonar 4entor
Yonng of Iowa to tbe Amarkanitation
,Cyiifrne hih waa in aeaaion here
yesterday. . ' ' '' ' ' :
Li-enator Toung gat spec I He in
taueaa which had com to hia atteii
tiu and aald he could giVb many1 ruorr
lie told of the condition aa nuowing
the need of strong affort aadv.wMc
preading of Amrioa pmpagmid ttt
combat iusldiou German propaganda.
Moat of th aahoola rfrrl to ant
German privat tchool' aait iir the
beast of th ftroag Garmaa eommunl
tiea which exist ia many parti of the
Middle .Want ai they .have existed in
Wisconsin. ......
ri Iacraaaed, ncg V" .
Firea-ia grain eleratota alone have
ioereaaed Mt-rereet nineei the i'nited
Htatea ntcred th war, whi Jo fire and1
e lositma, willful damagn.of machin
ery, hampering tha production f war
mcteriala, and other act,, impeding the
"wn a antique na iroqueux i,
bera traced U.aliena. . Their iirnoranoe
inakw' them May prey fori
German probagandtat and plotter, who
m rtirring mp induatrlal dlfDcultie aad
miaunderatandins' in rariou tectwns
0f tha eouotryv The i department hasi
obered hoar many otherwise friend
ly alien have- bee a made tool of the
neovjr. ;( j y, i.i,,,., , (., ...... .
- The -if department 'a invatigatioa.i
through th Bureau of Kdueation, ahowj
that3,000,000 person, of foreign- birth
do. not i apeak -the , Uaglish-.language ..
whil"34M10.()00. male f military age
-dhat ia, from ightea to -forty-five
yaarswar, arhjttaraUn4 andv-ewe no
obligation of loyalty and aupport to1
the-I'nited tto. -A, head of tbe: de
partmeat,'. naden . whose supurviHioni
come the lateraal affair of. the country
the aecratar of th interior ia taking
step to aafefrttard our national anitv
nnd furthar-to tnaorwa. unified people?
back of the fighting line.
A campaign against illiteracy wilbb
one of tbW resalt of the conference aad
the pror-ram fof
its 'conduct
boing prepared
-'if'. I
Sonie Vessels Fuycasedv Others
Chartered and Still Others
Will Be Built
WASHINGTON,, '.pri 4 (Associ!
tted 1'reaN) Agreement becxa (tli
Tnited Stute ud dapai t " . M'e .ftp,
chaiiue of steel for ships, uuder whiclj
th I'nited States i to secure 30,Q0Q
tuna of shipping, ijivoJve three' aepari
ite and distinct deal., purchasing of
veael now coast ructed, chartering -of
vessels now constructed, and the bttUdi
inn of uew vessels for tbe United
,'tr- - .-r
One hundred thousand ton Vf. hipt
'injr, n has lieen previously announo
ed, i to-' be sold to the Cuifced Btata
These are vessel now iu comaiiaviat
Cue. hundred, and fifty thousand ton,
mostly now complete and in coroaai
liou, is the liipnng which will be char
tered to the I'nited Stute by Jap
for the period of Hie war. . . i
Ships to the g);re;t of two hun
dred thousand ton are tu be built, by
Jitpanese ahipyad for thi coo o try. i
A already told tho agreement t pro)
vide for one tou of steel to' go" t
Japan for oaoh two tou of abippina
No detail a to the price to be paid
inder tbo agieemmt livve tut j et bee
announced. i
Announcement wa also made by th(
shipping board yesterdayn aftswaoo
that direction have beon-isuad..by 4h
iorikI requiring that veaaelarhaneafte
ode red shall be of a larger type than
:boe for which order have been here
lUfor placed, ; ,
NHVt" YOJtlC, April :4.( Asnociate
(Yei IrufSi-BSlne;" Hcttyst'H along th
ttsliiin front is total in! fWpbtche of
lrtt niKM. For icveril day past thf
iiolii iiLioi.M of a coming offeimive on the
i;'rt tf the A nsl r Geriuuii force' have
been in ult i f lying, t t
Heavy hellitig uf dtlTerenfr- sectonr
In pro(rrea- yesterday and-the' pa
trols of both aides are move active ae
n reo,t of whi-h there ew" freoajeAit
elashes. some of whieb where rort
nolterinr partie are involved almost
approtu-hing the maeniturw of battle.
w. a. a. -'i
I'edro Alvarez, a V'urto Riew aa re
liKluiis scruples against work in any
hle or form, according to tha'dofease
thut he put up in the pelic eunt
yesterday morutiiR, whlM blng tried
on s charge nf vagrancy: Jttdg:radn
failed (o see any merit la thia) aMul
defense and aeut AWaroa over ttf if
rock idle for two mouth for cruivrtmion
t(l n more thirtv and uo to dutv form
of religion.
la new
' 8 ( ! 1 1 r" ' - i
Dissension Abfbiatl
' 'j"": . .
WASiHNOTON. April (As.tociated Prcs) Count Crcrnin
prmitirahd foreign minister bf Austro-Hungary, ha launch
td a neW' peace drive,' .partly, it Is blitvecl, to buoy tip the drodpitig
iirlu (4'the Ausfrians, upon whdrri the German .claimi of 'victory
n France have had tyi cheering effect, and partly to stir tip anta
jonian 'between the Entente and the United "States, if possibje.
''Addressing a delegation of Austrian,' who came to prewnt to
him the facts concerning the : "aggravated distress- experienced
throughout the population", C&ufil Czerhin" told them that he did
not believe the charge made that President Wilson, in latest
reply to Chancellor von llertling!, had so framed his spceclt as to
ittemt to separate the Te!utonij Powers and ajtgn the Austrians
ind Hungarians against their Jerman'.!allies.' '. t
"President- VVlsoft is too hdiiorable a man for that," he 'declared.
The President, continued thej Austrian premier, had laid down
our points which are acceptable' to Austria1 as a basis for further
eace negotiations, but the question is whetfter the United) States
will be able to get the Allies to agree to negotiate on that baMs.
Commenting on the praise of! President Wilson from this quar
ter, officials here, declare the eflork of the Austro-Hungarian sjxikes
man is only a transparent effort to embarrass the Allies by attcnipt
ng to place them in a position of antagonism to the Americans.
This is the second "peace" address made within a-few days by
Count Czerntn. Addressing the Vienna municipal council, the
premier asserted that Austria recently was "almost on the point
of beginning peace negotiations with the Entente powers" when
ihe "'wind suddenly veered, the kntente decided to await develop
ments in Austria which caused the hope that the Dual monarchy"
would soon be defenseless.
The 1-ondon Daily . Mail reports that Czcrnin said that Premier
Clcincnccau of France asked Austria, on what basis she would nego
tiate for peace! The Austrian reply was that the only obstacle ur
ycice with France was the Alsace-Lorraine issue.
' Clemenceau' said it would be impossible to discuss peace m
that basis.
This exchange, Czerntn is qiiotcd as saying, took place before
:hc German offensive in Picardyv Czernin is quoted as adding in
ii addrcr-s, "Come what may, we will not sacrifice Germany's in
terest". V -V'V-1 . - '
I'retnicr Clemenceau, as quoted in Paris despatches, character
ized tbe statement that he had approached Austria in the matter
f any peace negotiations bluntly as "a lie".
The statement that France has suggested to Austria a discus
sion of, peace is emphatically characterized by American officials
lerc as the' beginning of a new German "peace offensive" vitli
Jzernin acting at Germany's behest.
Othcials here assert tHa't tlje speech is a political maneuver,
lesigued to spread t,lie Impression iti the Allied countries that the
llies are continuing the fight solely to recover Alsace-Iorraine.
t is said flatly that the Teutonic suggestions that peace discussions
i't;e'near at hand wiU find a negative response on the part of Amer
H. I
wahiiinuto.v, April 4 -( Aaovintr
ed l'ress) Two bills doaifjned to mvet
oniflrppncve w hich may now exist or
which may-arw iii the shiii(iinf siton-
tlon of the rountrv were iutrodnce
tfstirday by teuator 'U;thi)r of I'lofr
idn. . i
The first of thtase Binoro cmiiota-
cr the I'rr lidcnt, in hi discretion, to
take over ships aud wharves, no tu no
te r hy thaymay be owtieA.
Tba aocond airaatu'o,- amend the
Hhippiuu Board Uw and authoriaa
the board to auperviae the transfer of
tMaaols either now existing or which
may lie building wherever they msy
ba within the boundaries of the United
Htatea. .
' ; ' ! w. a. --
HKRLIN, ApriJ 4(AHoctatod Press.)
Landiuj; of German naval force in
KiaJaud waa,. ofliuially. . reported U-f
uliht. It was 'said, the forces weru
1'ARlA, Apnil !-( Associated Proiw)
Kiuhib Mjullon. an American woniaa, i
reported missing. The body of her
secretary hns been fiund In the ruin
of a church , wrecked by the Tlorman
bombardment. It ia known that Mia.
Mullen planned to attend Uood Friday
erTicea. , . .
w. a. a.
WA8HINOTON, April' Jv-( Aoeiat
ed Pres ontor Thoatan. of Kan
aa today intradooed a:reaoiutioa J1
lu(C for (ovwnnMi oM)ratie A the
Qiint'y'a IH pufikluK Wnmn.'i The
meaaiura wa referred: to Ik uouniuU c
on agriculture.
1 " ' I, V !
Judge Hectf Will Write Letter To
, Board 6f SuperViSOrS
j . - -
j A a result of the areidootal kil'iiiK
,rf 'iiiftnee by thirteen year old Noaii
''lfl'nt tba Ixiard t umrvisor will
i he urtrud to enact a law forbidding or
'eulatin tho ase of firearm by inn
er. Th rouoinroenilatiou that sui-h p
law be euarted is to be made in a
letter from Judge William li. lice a
who. a judjro of tbe iuvvuiie nourf. iu
vVi((!vted tbe tragedy; , The youjh
who shot the Japaneae wa committed
to the bor' industrial whuol ysterdnv.
Judge. Ueen aaid be believed the iu
pervisors had authority to enact such
n law and he pointed to a lar;e number
of accident' caused from firearms in
, the. haaila , yf , minor.
' V w. g. . -
LLD .....
i Charles Hriscoe, a private in Co. ('.
Second Infantry, u shot and killc-l
at Fort" Arnitron(r l.t uiglit at six
' o'clock when a service rifle, wlrich t
bior cleaned by another member f
( Hie. company wa accidentally dis
I charged. Armv authorities at Fort
AriBStroiijf refused to divulge tlie Jc
' tai's of the acriilent or the. nnme of
I the in ii ii who a as responsible fr he
, accident, snvinir thut such informntioii
coiii,! not ! Kiven out until aa inve.':
"iit'on of the ease i made. An of
flciiil inveti)tatinn will be held today.
w. a a.
Th fame of Chamberlain ' Coiih
llemedy is world wide. It is ((ood for
the deep seated cough of the adult or
the roup and whooping roagb of the
children. Tho aume bull In sorvc tlie
hole I'nuijly. l or sale b,i all ilcitlers.
Itcn-oii. Kinith 4 Co., Hmta for Uu
w uii. - - Ad vt .
; mm

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