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' "V-'v' '"''lis f) ')' 4 'V'l
Whfle tables 'Mave;Jo6sted the
!f rlceJtirleritalV Ak-e Ready To
,,uppX frui At , Cheap Rate
frfaf DRV: feREAD) CAM V, .:;
Rfl'utar Supply 1s AvaPbfe,' Says
W. A.Anderson In Conirhuni'
.. catioiVTo The Advertiser
Chinese hafteMa growers have com tn
he rescue of the baker and user of
banana lradjahd are providing a fruit
anitable for - lieklngVpurpboce- at imr
rent alpduhd. ' V
tVmm ftiltti4 MnMftaYtl ftinr.flft hf
a banana mHk.hlt tee Island" win i
ave provided the fruit at price fixed
at ttie time of the banana campaign. Ir
spite of the fart that E. It' Marshall, a
wftttant ahipper.'ls reported to have tolil
'Ihe, VtgltancO Corps bariitna committer
hat the Chi base would rather let their
fruit ret'thata efellit for one cant a
feoutiA. ". ; t
" Such' are" the'- assertions" made in a
anrnmnnieation whlehMW. A. Anderaon.
another banana ihtpper, haa sent to
ln Advertiser, and which were partly
confirmed voetenlay by Q. 8. McKon
rim: inaiintriis-af t.nvn's RatarV.
- TbV eemmonfcotion emphasises the
assertion that A. J. Campbell, who li
oar of the ahlpwrrf nVlfl responsible by
tha committee for tha attempt to raise
the price of bananas from one rant to
two cent a found, which was frustrat
ail hv tha publicity given the subject,
b The' Advertiser, dm not tn raality
represent the Oahu banana growers or
shippers in quoting tne mrrcasen price
Campbell Oil Bit Own
Anderson writes of Campbell:
"He baa '. been acting for himself
alone,' ind I think haa never claimed to"
represent anyone else. ' '
If wus through the efforts and aid of
Anderson that Love's Bakery hit been
aide daring the past few days to secure
suitable fruit' for bannna broad at one
cent a pound, says MvKenzie.
McKepxie ' aays Anderson, through
Chans; HoOo and other Chinese, has in
formed tha growers of the kind of fruit
which is" acceptable to the bakeries
which the Chinese growers are glad
ml nximia to sell at the old tjriee. '
The nualitv of the fruit is what U
known in the trade as "crippled
bunches," says MrKenzie. For baking
tin r noses the' bananas are as good a
nv. for the "erimded bunches" ate
klmnrv small bnnrhea Which do net
come np to the fifteen and twenty hand
.bunches required for export. Other
than being small bunches the fruit is
as good as thoVe rrom the nig uuncne,
but 6d account 01 the size are not mar.
ketable if shipped to Han Francisco, It
is explained by the bakery manager,
upp T I Regular '
MeKenxie savs that another ad van
taire trained from buying this fruit, 1
sides the reasonableness of the price
ts tha regularity of the Bupply.
When be was buying the other
kind there would be days whAa
ha would have a demand for 1200 loav.r-t
of banana bread and no bananas On the
market, or sometimes plenty of bartrt
nsuTOad no orders for banana bread, be-
eauao patrons had beeu disappointed
when ordering neiore anu n was unpm
albU te fill the orders.
He points out that the use of the
small bunches is not only economical
for bread making, but also does not
lessen the export supply.
Inquiry made at the Young Bakery
brought the information that all the
bananas used which did not come from
the Young farm were still purchasec
lv the bunch from the Territorial Mat
ket, and ihat it was uot known good
fruit could be aecureu ior one ceni
Iiotind. ' " t
Both the. Anderson .rjoiyponiratioh
and the Love Bakery1 iifcauager make it
appenr that there is a large sdpply of
the uananasKwnnrs enn ne nougni ror
a cent a pound,. Mr- Anderson 's lettei
Editor Advertiser Your article on
the banana situation published in the
Sunday Advertiser was of great inter
eat to me, as has been the entire move
ment tOfincrcnso the local consumption
of bananas as a war ineuHiire, and as
an effort to preserve to the Territory lib
industry which has possibilities that
have, uover beeri adequately realized
The creation of Bannna Hreud as a re
suit Of the camiMiign must have heoh
especially gratifying to every loya.1
American interested in the eonvervutioii
of cereals.
The article mentioned was of partictt
lar interest for two reasons. It in. II
rated that the continued making of ha
nana bread was throateued by a report
ed effort at profiteering through doub
ling the price of bananas to be used for
the pun e, afer the, bakers hail es
lied a .ii B for the bread based on
the price quoted thorn 'for tho banana?
during the campaign; and stated that
the banana shippers had doubled thh
price, also claiming that the publicity
given this unpatriotic move had Te
suited in the shippers modifying their
demands in an offer made by Mr
Caroj i be 1 1 to supply tHa fruit at au id
crease of fifty percent instead of one
huudred percent over the price original
ly agreed upon.
Shipper Not Guilty
This last is an error. The banana
shippers did uot fix the original price
uor dLI they raise the price. The quot
ed staremeut of the Banana Committee
to the effect that the bananas obtained
for this purKsH were purchnsod from
lift CautplHdl is correct. The price
was also made by Mr, Campbell, on' his
own behalf, and not as a representative
of the banana shippers. The increasi
demanded was also made by Mr. Cnmp
bell individually, and uot by the ba
mini shippers. The apparent assump
inn tlia' Mr. Cumjibell represented the
l.j it nil a slilpH'rs Is erroneous. He has
p lo ' fotj hitnscK alone'nhil ! think
hns never claiinoll to represent anyone
c ,1
The. ri ortcl slii'pincut of the la
nai.a Connuitti'e to the effect that Mr.
s ; e Campbell was tha anly grower or ship
j .per who would undertake to . furnish '
.M.4Jkjrlpe.bauanaaV with Ua ia faeea r te .
ds drawn wsrersom, te also arroneous
inasmuch as the other shippers Were
not asked to furnUn tham. ' Probably
the eommitte woeld hare done batter
m- ' c'wi . ina siiuaiioa ino i
fntiehl' bin ttvlntr tA Wmt th .lMlrJ,i '
Uut'plyfroin eacll of the shipper before :,
holding out for the doeble price, VTka
only other ahlnpar Quoted Is Mr. Mar.
shall; -who represent twenty percent (
me Dsnanas exported. He is quoted as
.arlag the Chinese growers, weuUlt.rt.'. "'""t .7.
fe ; .Jlow tke-bananae to ret rather :ood.Matt:foA Hawaii, U
than snpp1yhem t trie st a. pound.t resphsible, accord lig to a statement
That Mr. Marshall, was. speaking for taade ! by Albert Horner yesterday, for
only hie twenty percent Is evidenced by J - ht.ti -hs-Htj-t.' ti A b...t .
ha fact, that tha first Chinese shiroer . .nn'"m'ly " w m" n
ppromched bf we with aa explanation I
of. the situation agreed te do all he
could to assist in supplying the fruit
necessary at One cent a pound, and the
second unhesitatingly agreed to. do it,
fend has already bertrn making deliv
eries,. v, .. . .
The Banana Committee unquestioa
ibly did splendid work, of value front
everal noittte of view. That the direct
hancflta should have accrued chiefly to
Mr. unn-ip&eii s portion or tha industry
o far as the banana man is concerted,
was natural since he was a member of
ha committee, and no critltisra need
be applied to him on that score, slnee,
to far aa i anow he never c.iatmai to be
ictlng on behaif of anyone flee. The
n rustics exists in the present attitude
if blaming . the banana shippers be-
ansa Mr. uamptiell demandail an in
crease ia his price. ' . ' '
Ihlnese To Tne Sescde ' '
The results, obtained by the eomailt
e were all they claim to have achlev
id, and a splendid evidence of the pub
ic spirit ef tha community. The ear-
dees of the press, both at the time of L
na campaign, ami taier in placing mc
lew development before the public jua
U'y all Um claims the press can make
for them. Giving due credit to both
hean agencies,, let us not be unjust to
he banana shlpiers as a class, four
tfths of whom are Chinese, They
vera1 not active paties in the campaign
it in any promises made during, tha
ampalgn, and have now come forward
ind assured the bannna bread industry
if its sopply at the price with tha. orig
nal making of which they had nothing
e do, end with the raising of. which
hey had toothing to do. They have
lone this because it appesred necessarr
o a continuance' of the makinir of be
nana brel, end because, from the in-
onnatlon given in tbe press, they be
ieved the bakers had not had tha
tquare deal they were entitled to os
ier the e ire a Instances. And having
riven assurance, they will keep their
word to the limit of their ability. .
Your article quotes two "haole"
shippers. I consulted two ' ' aka ' '
ihippers. The results speak for them
elvasv I bopa the injustice dona to
our fifths of the banana shippers will
bo corrected, and that credit will be
riven where it is due to the shipper
hat agree to faruisb the needed sup
,ly at the necessary price, and that
lay other shipper who agrees to do so
ind does it, also gets the credit due
him, and that each individual shoulder
'he responsibility for bis own acts, and
nosW alone. Let ua assume, until prov
en otherwise, that every man is willing
to do his duty as America expects of
him, 'and 'when proven otherwise, let -
him be condemned. But lot us work
together, and be alow to - condemn a
?roup or class in tha community for
'he particular acta of any individual
We- need all tbe team work we can get.
'ton 't mar it by generalising criticism
that should be individual. We'll pull
hrough together Chinese, v Japanese.
Portuguese, Irish, banana man, pine
apple man, sugar man, merchant man
-ich man, poor man, beggar man., thief.
But let's keen pulling TOGETHER.
Sincerely.' yours,
Jr. . v
Pupils Drill) Despite Heavy Rains
In Hi 10 District
There has been a paper famine at the
t'apnikou School, near Hilo, to judge
by the following from the Papaikou
Vhool News:
"There was no regular Issue of the
News lust week only three typewrit
en copies- ami all on account of paper.
)ur stock is very low, so instead of
he weekly paper, the News will prob
blv appear only 'now and then.' We
rish some one could think of a plan
v which we could get a quantity of
heap paier. "
From the last issue of tha News the
ollowing interesting items are cullod:
"The pupils are again engaged in
nother activity to help the Red Cross
They are now collecting tin foil which
vill be turned over to the Red Cross
leven pounds and fourteen ounces was
lie amount collected last week. The
hird grade and intermediate made the
'argent collection, twenty-nine onuses
vhlla the eighth grade pupils came next
vith twenty six ounces, A weekly re
ort is to be kept for each grade. Bet
'cr this record next week. Conduct a
tin foil campaign,' just aa the Bed
"ross drive waa conducted, and visit
ivery home to ask for thia article.
"There has been a steady and per
(intent downfall of rain all weak. The
wet weather has prevented the usual
ranleuiug and tha .sewing claasea have
uffered arcordiagly for when the boys
o out gardening the girls sew. As s
lample of thf amount of rainfall, on
Monday thero were eleven inches of
ain iu twelve hours, add the rest of
he week was not better.
"(iovernment surveyors were busy
Friday getting the exact boundaries
of the school premises. Wbat a nice
thing it would ba if the county super
visors would think of us with an appro
printion for a fence.
"The boys have a new military in
ttruatur, Mr, Mac Donald of the Gun
'lompany, N. O. H. They received
their first drill under him on Friday in
the drluzling rain at that, too. But
'he boys did not mind it. We -hope,
however, for better weather next week
r our boys mat hava their drill under
better conditions,
to iinirr-riunt)
., i .
'' .a . i , ' i
'FOfld AdrrVirtisUM
' UaVel Peoulfc (rt- thOark
"'Piffling" in tha office of tha fad
oltloai wwefc leaves the eity, entirely
la tla dark aa to whether or not a seri
oui meat Shortage threatens at the
present time.
Inactivity on the part of J. F.CkUd
federal food administrator, leaves the.
eity entirely at the mercy bf its f cars '
a'eeording to Mr. Horner, without a
single line of data ia tbe food admin .
iatrater's oltire to show whet may. be
expected ia the course of the next few
moatns and years. .
leading the securing of the farts as
to the present meat aituation, efforts
on tha part of cattlemen and others to
make necessary improvements in meth
Oda of marketing and storn.-s to re
lieva threatening condition must b
held in abeyance apparently indefinite
racto Ket Available
?'If it ie true that there is a seriona
shortage, something certainly ought to
be done without delay, but without the
racis me nanus ot everybody are
tied,", said Mr. Horner. "Facta aa to
the consumption of meat Dr eanita
la Honolulu are not available. The
Inst reports on the supply of eattle to
meet the eoming needs of the popnlt
tion are those which were gathered by
tha aommittea of tha territorial food
commission a year ago. That has aoth
ing whatever to do with the present
situation, and we need to know what
has" happened since that report was Is
nad. None of these things can be bad
ontll tha fdod' administration takr
soma action in getting tbe statistics."
Mr. Horner suggests that the brew,
ery, which will have to go out of busi
ese as soon as prohibition comes to
Hawaii, which is expected to ba soon.
may be pot to use aa a beef cold stor
age warehouse. The lack of cold stor
age la on ef the factors that tends U
make the local situation more serious
h says.
Hbrter'a BecooxoioadBtloiis
"A month' ago Mr. Horner outlined a
plan of securing this information, which
waa approved by Mr. Child, but that i
the last that has been 'heard of the
matter; -Mr Border ban taken the
stand that tha eattle ' problem of Ha
wait, ia one that involves a greater use
of. the land oi the Territory for cattle
raising and more efficient methods of
marketing. Ia - connection with this
Mr. Horner recommends a huge cold
storage plant as the solution of several
vital needs in the eattle industry of
That this matter should be annVoach
ed from tha standpoint of public ne
laeatit - r, hOwwref Itf bie belief, arid ht
therefore thinks that something .should
be done In the' matter, ' either by th
federal food administration or by the
territorial body, based opon faota and
figures of supply and demand that are
compiled rrom a survey of meat condi
tions over the entire Territory.
Mr. Horner believes that the eattle1
men would welcome such an institution
and probably would asree to finance it
if the necessity of It wea brought to
their attention In the manner he has
suggested. He believes that the rat
tlcmen 'a association baa done ranch for
the organisation of the eattle industry
but grim necessity hai heretofore play
en very muo pan.
Rangee Understocked
The storage facljitioe which thev
now have ore, sufficient only to care for
curreut consumptiori of beef, and have
not uaen at vised as a means of col
le.tive eflieiency. The ranges pf each
ranch are understocked during the good
grass months fn Order that there may
be no loss of cattle when the Door sum
mer conditions eoine. Tbe convenience
of slaughter of eowa aa a means of Dre
veutinj- their death through insufficient
fodder in the summer is denied them
on account of laek of storage facilities.
For tha same reason, many eattle are
enmeq jjasi me, lime when tbey sbouM
ic BiHugntereo. and these eattle cod
nuino tue lead that could ba devoted tb
younger cattle until they once more
reuch their maximum weight. The time
wucn tne irame of a bullock is at it
maximum and when it is no longer h
paying proposition to continue feeding
it, is between three and four years, a
fact known to cattlemen. This lis the
time, therefore,, when an animal, should
hi killed for feed, provided there arte
luttivieut storage fasilities. After
bullock haa passed this time It must
be narried along to the following Jun,
wnun us siauunier win once more de
tend upon available space for stpfage
ind market demand. Meanwhile the
ced it consumes is not expended
irolltnbly to the meat that it will takfe
n duriug that year and H also denied,
inder limited graxing conditions! to an
tner yonng cow.
Gsseotlsi 'Points
The two things that mainly inlluenee
election in tha slaughter of cows are
he need of culling out poor specimens
ind the necessity for killing in ordur
'o muke room on the rapge. The latter
.hould not, Mr. H(,rPef believes, be at
he mercy of small storage facilities.
'ow should ba killed when the proper
time arrives as apples are picked at a
ertain time. At the same time', the
market should not be given poor meat
'uttle whose condition may hava been
.taused by ill adjusted rajige condition.
It would not be meeeSaary to keep
'his href in storage for a great length
if time, he believes, but if is sstablisli
'd Unit this meat would be kept mech
longer in storage than is at pteseijt
case in Honolulu without deteriors
Mr. Horner believes that the. cotupl
tion of this data, as suggested by hiai
more than a month ago, would not take
more than ten days, and thst the cat
tlcmen will have no reason fot with
' holding the facts.
fRIDAY ArRI3.-19lS.rMtVtKki.Y v"
W3 mmmmmwm
Irvtroduciiofiof .fitfio
- tion Jo Set Clock. Ahead , One
Hour . Prevented. ,Bj , fear ;flt
, Legal .Complications 1
v ,s , jtMm k. . t i--,v , ,f ; ,
' The probability -tbht the bbarH, 'ft W
petvidre .wl0 b,4tt , furttrer' Uavelorri
nienta on tie proposal lo'set toe Iocks
ia Honolulu ahead one hour appeared at
last Bight 'a meeting of the board whan
.fear; of legal complications' arising
from eueo m move rerastaik4 he iatr
auction of a reeofution fn favet of It,
The obiection waa voiced bv atutier-
visos Mott-Bmitb. not on tha ffrouflds
or ae aeairaoiiuy or ma move oat on
. .. . 1 ....' ... 1 . . :
the responsibility mat tea city would
aaaurne if it took tha .action,'- Jo, his
speeeh,. which 4 effectually sidetradlied
the Drooosal of the mavbr that the
board should go on. record to tne mat-
x . l f Ci.:.v , ' I a&W A u
kayer anight make a proclamation' aak-.
.ng .that, tne eltisans makn. the ckasge
l lima bus avowing any asaumpiion or
luu. ....-,.. .'- .
Toe. question is not wnetner tee,
riiloa should be done or not. bat how
t ess be 'done," he said.. It! seeds to
I I.. I.. ..1 .T-tf 1 A ...'.... 1m A 1 At
IHfVi'l aviw. w ai,uuii 1 u tivit'.vi
he feet tnat Hawaii was aot Inelddad
n tha ' eetion . of eongTess, I. hardly
think it would be ia our power to pass,
aa ordinanea enforcing tha 'daylight
saving. ( fctuch a move would ioflucnee
m tf 4 4 u...:,i : .1 ik.l .xk.'
.oginiiiwr u .'I ' in iu mil nvu, .
Inatlon . papers, for instance, woelu
have to be filed, according t'O the old
time, irrespective of what the board
might do ia the matter . of. adopting1
Mayor Fern said that the refusal of
tha .board to support him in his earn
paiga .might influence him to. .eliing
his mind about making any proclaiuat
tion pertaining to dayiignt sanng. ,.
..."I- will think it over and see wkai
caa be done, " he said. . ,
No Action Te
Tbe Governor haa not yet announced
any definite action on tha question, of
daylight saving,-but it is .understood
that to eonterm with the change henj
aver It la made bv Industriaa end-mi
nicipal departmenta, all branches of thi
Territorial government will go-under
tho now system., ,.,.,,.,.. i
' Mayor 1'era proposed calling a gen.
oral (publie meeting for one night tbii
week. when, all who have views to otret
would be riven. an opportunity to. lira-
aent theax Those supporting the,pror
leet of makutt .the .ehanga hope to r(
feet' a definite, understanding ah.Xbf
aubUe meetings .; Jtepreientaiiyes ot ai
buaineee anterpris and' industries
woaM be asked to attenn, sad it u u
fount) that. tho plan is generally favl
orad. aa ia believed will haooeni obsdite
to accept the -new system and set toif
ward clocks at the hour fixed will be
asked from aU .Thoee present. In tkik
manner it ia thought Honolulu and the
whole Territory, ,ean'.)e1bxougnt undek
a eyetem (that J.ztow Operating, be, the
mainiasa wjinoua; larmar sun. r
Ylmm. T OsaMln '.J . t. f-'
Though it ia beiBoming' accepted ttiai
the. new system will be -put, in, operei
tion, ao forecast has yef been, made
when tho change may be brought about.
It is planned, however, to give all corf
cerned full opportunity-to make what
ever adjustments are necessary to xouet
the new eondiiton. It la. thought' that
two weeks will be sufficient ami this
will give enough time to the other Isl
ands to prepare td meet thothange. 1
Though tha naval station was put ud
der the system several ' days ago, tbe
change has not yet been ordered for tha
army, but it is expected that this will
be done. The new system already has
been placed In operation in the federal
courts. ' '
Courts Make Chang
By order of Judge BTbrftee Vsnghan
the clock Of the federal eottrt Wae set
one honr ahead yesterday, and is not
ih conformity with the time followed
by the navy station lit Pearl Harbor
and at all naval offices on this island.
In effect, the setting ahead of the
federal court time moans that every
federal court juror, grand or trla),
every witness and litigant, with the at
torneys and court attaches, will have On
do likewise; in fact or bt a process Of
mental arithmetic, 0 long S the stand
aril time of the city remain one hedr
later, or face' punishment for oootenip't
of court by arriving at the eourt. rtmm
an hour late. ':' . ; !"
Judge Vaughnn did not tnk It Evi
dent yesterday what he intends to do
to those who do not conform te the fed
eral standard of time, but'tMt"ephai
at some length his reasons for ordering
his court clock sot ahead ad hour. 1
Olves Boneona ' 1
"It'e government, time he ex
plained simply, when asked to confirm
tha report of the cbang hi tline. He
expressed the opinion that while .there
may be no "daylight saving',' by the
.change of time in Hawaii,, U -did give
everyone "an opportunity . to do their
work in, the best time of the day."
"If everyone would;, , ge' down to
work at wbat is now eight o'clock tbe
work for the day, especially in this
eourt, could be cleaned Up; by one in
the afternoon," he added. .
More axpressiona ware heard yester
day fjom business men and others fav
oring daylight saving. It is, remarked
that while heads ef industriaa add pub
lie officials in all departmenta nnlformry
express approval of tha project, no
voice haa yet been raised. against it.
F. E. Blake of tha Hawaiian Electric
Company said that while-' the change
probably meant that ' less electricity
would bo, sold by his f. pmpany if the
new system went into effect .thl com
pany would support it in every way if
it is generally udopted. Jvjtnk' Can
non, manager of tbe Honolulu Qas Coin
pany, expressed his approval of the
project. . .
W. . a. y
Bowel complaint is auro to be preva
lent during the fruit season. Be furs to
keep a bottle of Chamberlain's Colii
and Diurrhoeu Remedy at baud. I'
uiay snvu a lifs. For sale by all deal
ers. Benson, Smith & Co., gaaOts foi
Hawaii. Advt.
sed Resota-
V . 1 . i1
rttri-U ssi: .w:.-.L.
m ror; MOBiijg rrawaifi
4 ' du.U It Only Oayt Off
) Thk indications ari, sad the , signs
are mulirplyibg, Uit .the. drtft call
which will affect, tb, draftees of, Ha
waii I now obly days off, and jasjbly
tbe notice for tbe tneblllr.log. of the
new army win be Issued by tho rree
ident on April B.
i Offlclil detpatebka received here yeo
terday from Washington annoancad
that a millioa men will be called to
service for training, to reolaee tba
hundred cf thousan Is of trained mail
who trill now commence moving tow
ard" Prencei And that, based apoa tho
ino.000 tioimlation of tha Hawaiian Is
lands, the local quota wilt be In the
aalghbofbood of 8006. If Hawaii ia to
be called np'on to snrifily both a first
aar aacond quota can tha number may
b CloSVt tO 4000.
Capt. H. Gooding Field, aoleetlvo
Iraft officer, eatd last night that ap-
prokimately 7000 men are available i
llawair against the war department '
nJV practically ell of these being in.
ClaseT. This number include lad
ha . Armtt m i,4 ika UawalUn
Vatlonal Guard.' .
Boardt En4 Work - t 1
The ealevtlva draft officer also eeld
that.thex loeet. boards of Oahut Kaoal,
am. u' niwm nave pracucaiiy ,
eomblbted hU their work( that the oaee-1
tionkairee have all been filled not, ami
owry-. few ramaia unclaimed ana
thA tha aat lia r .iti:minain.a
aowfcetalg pubKshe.1 and they -are lab-
ieet to arrest and imprisonment, or held
in-netaintioa for the first qaota eallt
ind that the medical ad visor boards
an .now handling only a ew",. appeal
eases, i . . .. ., f..
- In trief. Hawaii's draft work since
last July hv practically completed, the
Ksia of men tabulated and" arranged
so .that with the. draft machinery' now
in motion; the required number of mi d
srhlck Hawaii will be asked to f uroUh
can be assembled witbia a few days
sfer tbe issnaaco of the war .depart
ment order,
- Captain Field has forwarded tb
Washington, at the request of the pro
vost marshal general 's department,- all
.'ftgarea- ooarerning the number Of mea
alaasiflotl in Classes 1 and B, as well al
these blaeed ih the remaining "elae'ef
and within a few days the remain ler.
of the data required to make all tabu
latioaaot Hawaii at Washington 'com
plete will be forwarded,.
Work Tor JL O. T. 0. Men ,
"While there appeared to be 'little
aigbincAnce in the order frbm Wash
ington requiring tha 225 mea at ' the
Bbeend , Jteaerve urttcera' . Trxuntog
Camp nt Schofield Barraekj to 'remain
ih tamp two weeks longer than the
period of twelve weeks originally spw-
eifled, In order to have the man aeJhad arrived In Kailua, and waa to re
quire n knowledge ot.the handling of
military papers, it ia now- believed that
la view of the poaaiblHtr of. the draft
batkbeing1 aanouneed in n ehort time,
theaO officer,' oa . gradaetioa, will be
assigned: to duty Ik connection witA the
mobiUaation of the Hawaiian treoOn.' (
Ordinarily the eanirp would have beea
brought te a irloee t the end of tkik
week, or before the draft call ia an
nounced. The? camp wilUnot ejoee now
until about April 20. Should the eaH
cams tbie week, vert of the Hawaiian
force can be brought together, in which
ease r tba nearly graduated., Officers can
ba Immediately commissioned an 4 giv
en active service with the, new ariny
in procooe of organization. .,
. Heretofore; ' tbf offielat - order waa
made publie: thai' the men, at the com
pletion of tho eamp, might return to
their, regiments, in the ease-of men
from the regular, army units, and the
national guardsmen return to civilian
life, to await the eall to, active duty,
or to fill vacancies as tbey .occur.
a; a,
( .,. i , ., -
. WASHINGTON, April J-KAssociat
ed Prea)rMaJ. Qen. Arthur Murray
will remain commander, of the Wesl
em Department, it wae etated today.
Gen. J, Franklin Be?, reported to have
been assigned to eommend at tha West
sin poet, as been temporarily assigned
to the command, of the' 77th division,
at Camp Upton. . . ,
' LOS AN0ELE9 .March ?7 ( A-wo
ciated Press) SalVago,, collected by
pupils of the public schools for the Kml
Cross, baa netted that, ' organisation
several hunderd lollars', and at the
sama ,ime, earned 'memberships for
thousand ot school hUlredi, kceenlini;
to a recent reortf of waV .work by tire
head Of the schools, 'thence to central
sorting station, and .finally to indus
trial Wonts' for- retniniif aeture, accord
leg to tha repori's f ,V i
. Frederick' Nau ahairman California
Better Boada Association, at his head
quartern, 010 California , Street, Ktvn
FraaoiSco, is entluiiastie on two sub-
jecta: "Better. Road Al Over TJi
fornla," and 'iThe it, C,, Medicine. "
Mr. Nau say; .people "4y I am lust
as strong an' advocate for B, B. C. Mod
icine at for Better Boadsvextd why not!
Both are the. moat important things in
my Ufa. pom Montha Ago I broke
down With overwork;. . nerves all un
ctrung, couldn't alaep no apiietite,
lobey kntf drowsy, kidneys and liver
bad, no ambition; mediolae did not
seem, to help nie, and .steadily grew
AM T lat Wifrtl aft.t mrmi in .,,,.1,
bad shape generally that my f ri-ml V
expected the worst and gave me but a
hort time longee oa this earth. I have
no faith in so-r ailed patent medioiiuts.
but so many friends .of mine rxo-ioi
mended and insisted' on my tryini H R.
C, the oew ooe-ftlcouotie remedy, that
-. - :
Auto Loaded With -'
VfVi - J 6M MM
Jtfarji Whe,,,Aceof:diofciT ;Polioe
-, stole Maehine and t Uauor.
, finned Under (Air AMer.falt of
Hundred Feet But it Unhurt
Sheer blind luck saved Henry Vlii
yesterday afternoon from paying with
bia fife the eiialty for automobile
stearins, when a "flivver" ear, owned
by K. Morikawa, loaded with an aaaort
tn4nt of "hoor.e" ranging from sako
to whiskey, was stolen by Ulii from
Mkunakan and I'suahi straeta, plunged
pff tnr Round Top Road on Maklki
Heights knd finally wound up a tangled
InaiS bf Junk ltlti' feet below. Such la
the story told by the police. Although
It took the combined efforts of two po
licemen and a couple of trusties to
lift the Car off l lil, he escaped Without
a act ate h.
'. Accortlin
ding to Police Officer August
Cerriero, who locked Ulli top yesterday
ertornoon, uin saw the ear standing at
Maunekea and Pauahi streets with Its
i?It"ng; load which consisted of a tan:
tr"on eg or sake, several gallony of
wine ann a numner or DOiliea or Doer
kml whiskey, and commandeered the
vehicle for a protracted " boore f est "
" JT ul"' "
WT to Tantalus to cache bie load
- . .
"The Japanese, who owned the car,
o'd me could have it and I wae on
WJ riu u uu
bisu, " waa the tala ha told Sheriff
P"o erhen brought into tho police eta
. ooosewas a loiai loss
. a. a.
c. "
Motor Ship Reported Tq -Be
Leaking Slightly Due To Open
Seams In Bottom
.The motor ship Puck, which left here
h week ago Monday with Diedrich'Doel
vera, an enemy alien, aboard' bound fot
tCailaa, Rona, for a cargo of wood for
the Booth Rona Firewood and Ship:
Sing' Company, is still Ot the Arika,
Ibna; port. .
Tkia information was gained Mat
night by wireless from The Adver
tiser'! Hilo correspondent, after it had
been reported yesterday that tho Puck
railed from Kaihra last Thursday nal
had not beea reported Since.
On Monday it wae announced it was
known to navy authorities that tha Puck
turn to Honolulu either today or to-
morrow. But another report waa tin-
ealaied that the little motor vessel bad
remained id Konn only until Thursday
evening, when she departed for an nrf
known destination, : . . -. y
Tbe information i ffiren the navy,
terward transmitted to Marston Camp
bell, the president of tha South Kona
Firewood and Shipping Company, said
that tha bottom ef the vessel had open
ed and she was leaking slightly.
Tha Puck waa fifty-five houra reach
ing Kailua.
w. a. .
The Hilo PoeHa,raid of March 25
prints the following ntory about Miss
Louise Florence, a Honolulu girl, who
pTucriams Hilo school children with
dories at the Hilo library:
" Miaa Louise Florence had her story
. it-iiinK nonr ai ine library rridav ia-
y. ivuniij i m wees, as
l Thurrday the ,0, the eM
'jeu matinee at the Gaiety. Miss
i rlercnce la really doing an excel
thin with thia atory telling. Not
, only are children amused and eater
turned, bat their eyes and ears are
educated, for Miaa Florence illustrates,
nun ner own enlarged copies of orig
innl drawings, all tha stories she tells.
"It is now her idea to cooperate
with Mr. Bnkar, having her story hour
on Wednesday afternoon, and telling
the children the atory of whatovet fairy
tnle or Scout play they are going to site
the following dny,at the theater. This
will not.only awaken their interest, but
will make them able the more intejli
rently to follow ana to get the full
benefit of the plav on the screen.
"Miss Lycao, librarian, says that as
sfMiu as tho children have heard one of
Miss Florence's storiea there is an iia
mediate demand at the loau desk for
book, about the aame atory."
I took it up and started in to give it a
fair trial. Much to my surprise, I ex
perienced betterment from the first
bottle. I kept on with the treatment
und continued to gain, although at
times it seemed as though I was lohinu
but I persevered, and here 1 sin
at the end of a few months' use re
hi c, rod tn health and activity again. I
never felt better ia my life and wish to
tlicnk the B. B. C. Medicine for my
vitality, food health and restored am
bition. B. B. C. ia baian demenstruted
and explained at 161 King Street, Kwa . niVlit be n, n .r
side fi8hmarket, from 7 to 0 p. ra.jV,, i,n r . ,i tnke t(t '
. very week Oav. B. B. C. is an im p,flr 0- fn- .-.ilM era
meime success in Honolulu, and mini . fonn ,-... ..-er-l Oerss
bers the best people of Honolulu n,.rm, flaws. rlf1 s-1 ,,'oi, "San
'riiggiMs, piaumiion stores uud deal
erk carrv it. No raise in price. tl.tMl
l.r bottle. Don't pay more. Special
ins r. R .or ao-"". A.i.ireis n
nmn. iinni'iniu Money oidcrs to ime
' nuinc. Adveitlsemeot
- . , -
Much Intrigue Revealed By Cap-
. ture ot Hurl Raider, Partly
Owned In Honolulu
An astounding mass f intrigue, im
plicating officials at Maiatlan, is beiag
unfolded as a res.dt of tha capture of
the would be tlerina corsair, Alexander
Agaaeia, otr the Maticnn eoaat by n
I'd! ted titatcs warship, says tha ran
Diego 1'hion. The captured veasal eras
conveyed to Nun Diego with its erew
or nve Hermans and the two women
s board, one of whem was Miss Maud
I.ochrane, an adopted Bister of rmicle
E. Wheeler, a Heriotalo resident who ie
part on nor of the auxiliary schooner. .
The Agsssix. a vassal of thirty two
tons net, a not large enough to.be
used extensively as a raider. Federal
officials inv. however, according to a
Han Diegn fcirhnnse. that It was the
intention of the Oe-man crew to rup
ture a Pacific mail boat running to
Panama, outfit it with heavier uune
than could be mounted on the A "it
sis, recruit a full crew from pro-Oer-itinri
now living at west coast ports,
fend then start nut oil' a reign df terror.
Four significant events leading np to
tha capture of tha Agassis vera as fol
lows: Four Significant Events
Tbe Agassis, while lying at a berth
near the Mexican customs wharf it
Maxatlan, was suddenly changed from
American to Mexican registry. How
this could hnva been dene without tha
knowledge of the Mexican customs of
fice may be explained later.
The Agnssix was than fitted np as
a German raider and allowed to sail
from Mar.atlan. flying the German flag.
At ftalina Cms a nnmber of pro
(lermans have cached a Cjiiantitv of
war munitions. Among these mnnHlons
' several rspidfira guns evidently
Intended to be taken aboard one of
the ships captured by the Alexander
Agansis. i
The ringleader-in the Agassis affair
Is reliably reported to have beep a
draft evader from California, who Waa
backed bv a avndieate of wealthy Oar
mans at Mnratlan. . ;- ,
This map is reported to hava rnr
chased the Agassis Lfma, the Pacifle
Coast Trading k Hhipuing Company of
Lor Aneelea. Members of the company,
as filed in the bill of sale at tha time
tha craft was sold by the regenta of
tho University nf California, at Ran
Iie?o, January 24. 1B17. included Fran
cis C, Wheeler. Maud M. Iocbrana and
William Tsvlor. . ,.:
Taken Off Hun . ....
Tin Alexnnder A mssift. follnwinf bar
transfer to the Paella Coast Tracing ft
".hipping ComponT, aailed from 8aa
fieso. Jnnuarv 27. 1917, for Aeapuleo.
For a twe ta vael carried ovsters
from Tohari bav In the Oulf of Califor
hit to the floa'ing cannery John A.
Hftrth at Mardalena bay. Whea tha
oysters were -found to' be bf Voor oual
Ity. the ArA.rHe ak- off this run
and pis cr lb Service between Maaat
laa and Manr.aniPo; ' '
Shortly after tha now vaar the' gaa-
.. w.
nl-Uia: wnf t1irtfrv nt Vwarf at M-xat
Ian. remripln there" until she aailed out
under the German flag.
Attemnted revenge on Amerirana for
beintr MaeVllateil la ssid to be one of
tha principal reasons for the outfitting
of the 'Jeansi at a raider. Funds for
the pnrchas'a rf supplies and munitions
were rainef fV Maxatlan German flms
hr.se trade b been seriously eurtailed
tiuee being placed on the American
Becret service men In tha amnio of
the United " States government havo
been watehlntf the movements of the
eonspfrators for many months. They
obtained aa Inkling of their intention
regarding the Agassis and permitted
tha leader' to proceed with hie plana
until they ' thought that it waa about
time for an American warship to take
a hand in the game. Aa usual the war
snip was at the right spot at the rivht
time. A little three inch shell whlaaad
across tha Agassis 's bow. It waa suf
ficient A boatload of bluejackets
boarded the erstwhile flerwiaa raider,
the katser'e ensign waa hanled dowa
and the Stars and Stripes raised la its'
place. ' : y ' ',
Of the four' flerajans aboard tho
Agassis,' all are aall to havo been sail
ors aboard the German sailing -hip
I.asbek, interned at Gnnvmna The fifth
member of the raider's crew Is rnofed
to have beea a Mexican, (formerly first
en pi near nf pnrlfie Const ateaaier.
Federal officials, however, have learn
ed that all of the eleven German sail
ing ships Interned at Haota Rosalia and
Guaymas. hava been mined. Irge
rases of. dynamite hava been blaeed at
the foot of the masts, mora dynamite
has been p'aced In the holds and tha
ship aa wired that the dynamite mav
be errilnded bv rre-sinr "a button at
tha head of tha ladder leading to tha
raritnln 'a cabins.
Manir sailor from tha interned Oar
msn ships are livlntr at Maxatlan s-nit-Ine
an opnortit"it,v to leave on a raider.
The ateiander rsix wss bnllt ah
Pan Diego in lt07 exnreatv fo ra-seer-h
wnrV as eavled nnt bv a b(nl.
rica' insHtnta at T a Jolla. Tl, esiel
Is iTtv feet ovara'l t-i-entv feet beam,
"id Vnd a aneed of from ten to twelve
lr-.n bone.
W jltjtrJfJTOV V-rrh f .,,!.
"ed WesS-a 'fer .jtra-s .lr-hs
l"',."lt t-,S;'-ire of a '"S'delr.na
craft' lb Se'rarl V. n Amric.n
cmlsri' he Aji'tv dennrtment tonight
issuer this' statement:
"Th" nav.v desrtrnent snnnniea'l
ntl.r .ht S mH, vew,
.n irfldjc, adiUS led Con s ve-t
t'xicsn nnt whe. ,., v u.
ted o'lt nider eln"istis - St-H VI
tl.A n,-l aiifliA-t1'. rt v.Al :
p.imber of artidog
thrown n..rK.....i
" The A oas.ls I. s nrnelled boat,
,nt sixtv feet lo- I t-
,n.u,,t lnrn.o: i.. i-... .
I , , iiitnrni
es, carried
no mounted guns."

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