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til Fulif
Engarjemeiits ln7 Picarth Ar;
. More Or lis Jiobffd With.
Arivantaoe Lying Clpariy With
. Allied Forces .
vukpr i Piivifin rnR st 'u a
May.lnchcatp EpdOc.Oniy pause
lA, At tempted DriyeJ VYa&hng
tonf.&ffjcial$(,pc(Blarf " Effort
Has Been Failure ;
YORK, April 8 (As-
Riatptl l?rs) With the-
Allies having more than held
thir own, the ctnJ phase of the
(itrqian offunsivq x pjcaftb' has
dil down., It 49 pcftyiblc the
force of the enemy h$ been spent
for tlu-re are reports that the
Kaiser is leaving the Weptcm
front, where he has- been perhaps
the' most interested observer, and
will proceed to Rumania.
Fighting yesterday consisted
of more or less isolated engage
ments and in these the Allies ap
pear to have even more than held
their own.
The attention of the Germans
at present seems to be mainly di
rected to the lower end of the
battle zone which they arc ap
parently attempting to enlarge,
with the purpose apparently in
view of getting more- elbow room
in wincn to move tneir massed
troops. '
There may be much signifi
cance in the rejjort that the Kai-
ier, after a conference which he
J- heW with . his chief of staff ainl
commanding officers on Saturday,
afternoon, determined to leave
the Western front and intends to
proceed to Rumania. It may be
that this means the lull of Sunday
is the end of the great offensive
or, at1 least, a distinct pause in its
conduct. s P
- Tka German rnw-i thtirr ftttoohl
rr tko Oil frQnt on SatunUjn attfbW
f I'arin reportPil ymfrnlar. Th keariitft
smiuHii were drlivcroit in the Metor
between Ch&UBy n.l I'arii ami aHoat
tfe St.' Oolin forit. AB attack "In
tk viciuity -of Urerpmies' wa repn(eyd
witk a. heavy Iom to tie, Hub.
Qnn'.'hM're ftp Tcutona 'turpeij tkeir
ttHUon to battere.l Rk)itta and it
iufiferM a heavy homtianluieut through
VaAarJaa "IWrtuan " "drtkebment,
keidipif wtionj of Iroiw-hm iaTthe
vlejilty af Noroa ni' ejected by a,
Mrr4 cbargn of tti rotna.' ' '
' Thre i'o or.ito for any naeatai
dm beaaitr of tbr rtirarnt ' of
rVerh tiritrt is tbe'Oiae aertor, aaid
thf oUiriul oinmoniqiirt of tk FrAivh
war. trthda !at night. Th 1 otcm kmrt
aiittjily rrtrteit ' to stron(rr poaitkMa
which had brf prvpariid lof ft"
to fall back opon. -'-tf
- "Wait a bit," said Geiieraf FoaA,
after a ttw noniroli of ;alni tfvliltora,
tioa, in fcjiitwer; to qtoratioaa' M
aolta and plana for the rounter-oala-aite
that have been put to kun by crit
ic . -; .
' The bombardment of t'tfria front long
raaro wu resinned by the Ujumi yea
tvniiay afteraoon. ' ' ir"
' It' ia aloof dffiiially anaonaead;. tk.at
Vrajtiiier Cleaaeueeaio and tne Aowrieaa
ttoefea,ry War UaWer have re4Xiral
ro- Tana. -
British rront Qnlat - r '
Ou tktf BHtiaK front 6a Bttliday there
wie ma 'reaaarptioar' of the heavy, fijtht
kitf of prn6aa daya, Lem4ocr tport4.
two attack -whieh were IctUkrhod; by
theaadeat ia'th vicinity of Bueqttojr
wer re)uhmd. . r '
ISurteear Oernian airplaaea, were
turmd, amid tka Britith report ? iMt
ii(kt KWveo of then were diaablod
and two were, akot down. CUXUaft.
Brttvah Airplaaee are uaaoeoua ted for
bat of tkeae wf ktye landed
kaoanaa 4 the bad weather, whr4,i
rvaiUo(. , ? ;
'Bawoewatfa : are tili claimed by tka
Ofinaao.' oftkisl fepoxU from t rjrrjlt,
Tbeaa aaid laitt nipht: "Qa th aooU
era bauk tf tke Oiae e kte achieved
freeti - uaa. ' I'ierreaiaitoqu and
Volflaabray. in the Ht. Gobaia frest
oeeturv fcwva kw ,tak.
Waahtntteei 8e Tallur :
' WiihlnlrtodWo"tDlar' Took 'npoa lno
Getm'ka ' ittfeoaivi r(ine farav'eoat-
IV fallur!1 The wtoVt ralHUrVW
VUiWe'tiy fW war " iepirrtfeeit
that JJrH. aq'i rr,rn? tepactty
rafor "baV4 'ippUteiy - upact the
plaar of tke, Oermana t Hrrty; ffow
the ewemy.l determined 'to via eoma
aurt of auoee at aay eoata, if tkrow
iaa freab forcea into tb eenflick in
an effort, ! etH'.ure limited objective. I
Herauae of ttaia the aituation may be
xpeeted to remain unchanged for
aoine time.
Demonstrations of v Saturday
Ampnff U'MistRsroarkable
In History of Nation -
Scores of Town a n4!Vi liases
Complex Quota, tlfttf (Ray.
WASH IN OTN' ' IvKi'M-'fohMnrr
I TW't.irW TriV Wfc
m tfhowa) n "tuiat-' adhn
iriven'fhe lhf ktxl' the Vaf fivK anei
retjhdrV HnVtt W thk tatrtW
:n M-'MheViptirtti rwnpareitwitk
thft(vroi. Tosh faWriKii!i W t w.ft
Ftrt ft(Aree re tirdin Wd nit WifKit"
row'bt Iho ffirtral (iehrquartraJleM'
la'VrHilr' ki retf the lorr ie"o be'S
aiTH(r"'uef enV" '; rVd?e'1 of .IrvW'
toWne'lin tllflf hav aIreftdr'Bt
ia'lee'it(er'Ar'(lt"'w V aWn-ly
tnorJf ha$ IM 'ollralmeht;',l' Botne
of (heiif feiiohed thie- 'witkhj fW
minpffs aftee'1jbripttoni tk'
lMKiin',"tVrK ritiea have' not (bn for
eomjlt.l " Iheir fjuota"" ' ISf jr
port Kftylnit done nuirh. tieHer 'Jnan
with th'prov(iua VSa'n deWplte tnn'fket
that 8arTy' ai' hulf holiitay.
Their real rorfc of enrlnfc'nbaeribers j)
will not etarf njalil (oiMhrrow.
MtUloa on rwtipi , bt4hik rf '?
It i etliiiatd.tht more" than f Ail
lion peraona paraded" la' i rliote "lhan b
hnnrired eitiee Baturday,' t6" ahhrcliert
the trainintf eampa. From aa Alaakntt 0
town, through more than a hundred
mile of wilderaeaa, came aixty one men
who are now enllated In the marine
at 8un Franriaeo, - They bad only 'jiiHt
reached traiainas eaaitt when tkev were
'called upon to" participate ib the parade
and they were given a great ovation all
along the line of .ma,reh;, Mi I) ions niore
e l tke mOKotv jf fwrkdn In tht
va'ldUH ritiea and ehecred the para ler.
Prominent tpeakera engage i the ktten
Aon of the orowda ' at other relebra
Uone.' Spirit Rlitea Hlghar
ikithosiasni, thai aroueed, awelled
still further today when the preaa of
h nation praa broa4 aat the wordit
of the 1'reaideBt' remarkable apeet-h
at Rftltimore in which he accepted the
kaiser 'a ehallenge for a fight to the flu
iah .to determine the, ultimate triumph
of ilemorrhey or Teuton aotocraey. '
ISeaident Wilnon'a ftxnertioB that
','meriea ia now awake" lVoiidbel
fair atatement ff the natiob'i poai
flon at the efarflng of the aeebud year
of the war for the United State.' The
eouufy 'k energies are bow at qt, aear
fd'that high atate of effeeUrenesa
'MrJi' the jwople, offlriala and military
oh'refa fxdifve will ' demonatrate the
ruin 04 j.ioy.i ueorge a aeeioration ar
tiid junebeou in 'Loudon ou Bkturday j
thit till American "' will soon give the L
PfrnhaVan militnrv iiiiiki t Yi a tnrhi-iiu '
i ... i . . . ' . . . -. . I
0 ieir Uvea". '
H on opening day
etateel lrea) Hnntir flag whlek hrtf
bValbwarded to the eonqtie wherreth
tke'fliird I.ilr;' Loah quota haa bei
anbaeibed are flying numetonaTV ' In
tb"rdral reeerve Imntriiig 'dtpttiet
Vfitr Cou'nty naa tie nrtt one ia
tkla Htafir to Anne ita honor flag.
Of "tlie twenty eight ' wWcb were
awarded in tlii rexerve district twea
t(fwo have gen to Oregon.
KX FRANTlKrO, October ,(
ai)lated"Krea) Thomak Pra?er ha a
bee.il arreated i:t Charlotte, Nartk) Car
Una, and ia cliarifed with being one qf
the trio who entered the Yokohama
Hpocle Bnk off icea here, held "up the
banlilng for' end robbed the bank,
TWauatehea aay that Frailer ha eon
fenarii hia piirtL-ipuf ion In the ImU
Hold-up and bail revealed the 'wbefa
bbout of the money 'that V taken.
.-. . w. I
SX&KpOS, April 8 Aoclatd
PYa)-BoIo I'aaha rnuat die. Preei
dent PolrSealre refuaee to intervene in
jwhklf ef the convicted plotter and
fraltor- who i now huder 'atene'e1 Of
r death. Theae advlee" wer received
fn"ha Kxthange Telegraph deejiacth
frwui Pari la at evening.
W. ."B.
IXJNPOJf, Aprjl g -I 'Tloeiaid
Preaa) A Journey bf alrplaa front ha
Britiah front in France to London to
attend a aaaion of l'arloament waa the
Whit; axplojt of Joka-Bimon, a
memHur4of Parlianient ad' at "major in
the' Britiah army on the continent. He
deaired to vote on a meanure before
ueperai impro emeut in the ptrateg
t poaitlou of the Allie la noted in
tk aumuiary.
WA8XuTa, AprU ' T-'f0iT)
Army hif believe the tjerroan ar
pilaa av datdting tiemalve' o jifce
1 tk fffort t capture Amiona, ! ,
... The- auapirioui moment for thij.ooun
ter 'itroke of the Alliea i eagerly
awaited . Eiperta note that the Allie'
trategie reaefve i Hill iiuuaed with
the greater part of the American force
'.mfrHriit tit; iWMniji?m i i
ihi'if i'-
Total strength o; Army, officers
Total 'd?ath rO-om. ail causes . .
Krtltd. itr action to March 12 . .
Lives Icw ai sefii . ,",
I'ercentagt of daths in year less
MissiticT in battle .
.WrfldWfiilfbati1" tiraei(Jpnts.. . . .Yfi'. ,
Wvvrt ltrif,Go'iti9Hoffieryi . .7. . . .
L-osses to ycccmir Mfii j. t -tfSJii'jitv. .. . . .
,-lVyi4ie; fir)f, Ml tettfefeVf. tfimlnrd w t
ami tkivv fvervioea- reaae ptitH
d!35 BCcpmp1tr3hC4.1p'pTi,ypat))wtrwatf 4t,'.'c A
nnu4):iiQM)rTrwiH)nvin.erinuTTC ini.wa riuc,t)l tint rmisr vStrtKi
thin wimrrmry-it wilttiftVjt
IbWSiCfitttttfySIWwa! caitlclif(jii fjnlfialcej' fa Ui'tpffiAMHtipr actual participation , in the war and
hoyv tttagnificcnti'
"'Th( epitome
follow ''y
: etu'fi ;.r t :!..
opeecu or m
f2 iCS M$$: '
Htittril ' by X4it;t fulH -.4$
Acen$ c ;Tyrrfna ,!Jf at t7tUp?
sfd9 Dqv.iurtd'jjold German
AM8Tt$TlAH'"atprtr -fUM
dated Frexfi) President' WtWoa' .
apeech Baltimore ha bo fcot Ui
tV biCHV appeals , to BerUtf'- a U
lqdioavd by the ' deirpatchei from
the Oormaa capital tailing of the
eQmmant of tha Oermaai praaa nnoi
bib atrnca. TspmWT AomM
promlaw to kg' f6rt'irltk force
and to exert ,the ntmoat force,
roM tbedr lra. '- ' . f -:
' K aimi-AclaL"atattekt WO
TM Isroed ia aVerUs yesterday in
aoauajaiitUig , m tn4 BalUaaore
ateacai oi the Jtoertcan chief i
ecatlve aaji:
"Preslaent Wllaon turns hla hla
torleal yetat DiMda UfTila
labart 4wlaattoJ.T- AS the trortd
Kseva that etka ' glgastle' ttraggl
thaV tat Mt'Mu1 fought cav thb
. Weatam franrtlj tha' btaaaaqitaae of
tha wlU of the BUMnt for war and
tt'a(ttaat s j.astar ttoa J peace 1
conalderataoa. h ' .
'Taa Americajt ? PreaWetnV barer
tUla toi oraVtoh wtawai,' tat '
Be1 will, find tint? tht 'peopto ftr"
many ui wm wa th wka by
fnHa " ' ' .--'?
Meet Shellina .and
Gat' AttaCK'
and. Inflict Loss lh KJUed,
1 tiir " Ji . 1
Wdedan frisrs
AprSl S ( Aao-iated Peaaj' 4-r Tro
faida on tbr Amcrfea 'aee.tof n6rtweat
of Toirl wer attempted ?byi Gr
mana ueaterdky. Both wer4 rieriulaed
wtth lflBaea to ' he eflumy lu' killed,:
noumled and prieoner. The attajeker
tame to close qnarter with' tkt Amer-.,,
una furcea aud sotne nerte band., to
hand fighting '' handed 1 them.
One of the attempted1 raid wa pre
ceded liy a heavy atielling of the Am
eriton trenchea by the Oermn artil
lery iu preparation and there w a gas
attack in aJvance of the ebnd.'
' In ' both 'inataace the enerhy earaaj
tiea reau)tei from the concentrated ma
ehine gnn aud ritlf (ire of the AmerUaa
forcea aa the advance wa made: and
at eloaer narten from the' automatic
WBieh were drawn and uaed wltb good
WASUIVOTON. April 7 0'fflcWa)
Ordera whiclt have been aantv 6 tbo
Oovernora of the van'oua rJUtee-'eluJW
that about 150.'m)ii a.LIitionat aoldler
for the national army are rBlIed
And aent'to the training eamp;apd jtu
tohmentu during the present Mptft to
tpplnce that Dumber who' km Hfl
bverne'aa aad are now takitz. daJlr:
more and more important part U tfrei
actuul ftL'htinir. - . ".
0'ie hf th latest inatanrea''of fh
"ueceaaful hand to band flgUbg'jkb
Americana waa a ciaan jo-ita a-yermap
force which they repuleed intha 'Toul
aector. The priaoner who war.' taken
Arrived at American headquarter ' bt
the same time with the arrival there
of General Perakiog. . ,(
IRISH CENf lONJLr i ;.,!
L01K)J, April fl ('iiUted
Praaa) The Irlali ronveatloa haa-ooa-eluded
itn home rule diacuaaina,, aa
The l'. H. bureau of fiaatketa -W.iU l
vigate the fruit marketa of ; Aus
tralaMtt aa a outlat fof ,a $urpljb vf
Amartraa t rujta. . f t, a- tv 4 -
f laativ bromq :fttfasniiit tii
L diovm tbe cause- IJh4 UW4 )
totu a cold in on day. -Th lgn
lure of E. W. GROVE I bn each bom.
Manufactured by th PMtlS MEOI
C1NH CO., St Louis, U. 8 A.
9. I9k -
airtcl men V'.'l . .
..U. -.
. i'JirkH'&X'S:
than tin 1000
qv inf roYerrtrriaiit.
ra. ajr!jf fiUlmld"')otf what was
ty; hM$
. , -
'. '.; tTtiiiM 'MtalhAa- ayuSe1 ba bee
f ofljeet kifi'SDS.Stfl ilttcr ie''o 1 23,801-oQeera and 1,228,924 enliated men.
U ' Ot'ir havaV free' .have'' too Jnereaaed" from 4TB2 offlrere and 7T,94 men
t ;i.O(MfnrT!rera-'bbd I8,00anli(rted
' Tne OTduiuK e "program1 liwlttdea yie
'fW''1ary. artiilryl-,4?7lOOO,0(fQ p..nd
i-'tu' tbo vealf "fhe arntr-' hoaritala have
Ithree nd the number oMhWi from 5O00 to 5M.
P-5;- T ..r'!:'-f. Vm' COBn IS IMPORTANT
f ''Oae'Vyf ''(heftteweiijr trranrhea of the aervice ta t
, teeB Inefenaeil froM H omeera and IIeu mea'TO more than one ho ml re. I timea
tte urevittMibg inadviaajrie to diaeloaaV flguree of tbia branch of the
'rviee Het' Valuakde information on the aubjoet bo afforded to, the enemy,
i '''' .Maeliiae1 dai are now being produced at the rate of 22S.OOO yearly and
f tkfee'lneb' gun at the rate of 15,000
(!00,O00 foT ehining board oaea and on
f thla $36J,4,T55. ' '
' ' y HOW NATT W?mi'
Twtal awra) arrmpriatima, real or now pending, art $.13,3.13,171,665. There
are now metre thaa four timea a many" vaaaela ia the .naval- aervice than there
nf' a yeaf, ago.. Nearly 73,000 meefianiea and other employe are now work
ing t tie !pvy yard an't atationa. ' The total aamber of employed of the nary
eatabliahmeiiU e now more than 423,000. - - . '
- Tke ee of drafting thl army ander the anlwtiva draft law was 10,(Xi(l,()00.
wwkf' f tter war had to deelared eoptrata bad been made covering
'eupptlea. far an "army of a' bullion men. - -
' , Twenty large eompaniee-are now eagaged la the' nianofacture of air
pnVaMftJfteen'ibtnerJi W tuei.bgf ginei-for -bm and Taore than arc
tngaglBMfr thd manafaethre of parte and aeeeaaorio aad Mppliea.
, Bonda, .eartificatea of indebtedneaa, war avinjr eertiftiatea and thrift
atanine bavwr-kweb ieaued for a total f $8560,802,052.
;' Tb United State in the period from April 6, 1917, to March 12, 1SMH, bad
Icanedi Wr tbtW government $4,4.16,329,730.'
. .r . Thj ' goterazaeat k now operating 264,009 mile of railroad and in eiudi
Operation ia' employing the servie.ea of a million men.
. More, than,-20,'OUO.QIH paira of ahoea have been ordered for the govern
went. . , b .-. i.
Tk troatvry de(iartmat dtaw floated $6,$i,5.'t8,30 of Liberty Honda.
t. . -M-ii' .at .' - ItXWIIiANT FLEET OaVOWa W
' t "P! Mf?a 1 the ernergencit . fleet coporatioa bad requiaitioued 425 ateel
weaaiU, Vjift?ft(f for tVe exmatrwetien of 10 ateel abip of a tofal-dead
-weight ol trpHot had let eontraeta for 4W0 wooden vemela totalling 1,713,000;
,bnoVrepaireeMdlpat iato oratioa and aervice 78H,(KH ton of German aad
Auatrian abipping., .. - '
, , The total' nuinljer o death la the arnay ainee April 6, a year ago, to
March 14 Of:thi Jear, ha been IJ91 of whom .'I2 were kilted in action end
24?-were obt ' aea.V The number of wounded i 404 and thirty -Ave are rnia
g. Tha eaaialtiea in tbo naval and marine corpa to December :il last includ
ed five officer and' 139 men killed of died from wound and ten enliated men
juavo been wounded. ;
. -Production f 10.000 uer. automobile aud trucks ia now ia progrea and
tke army ba expended $50,000,000 for
ban, $5,OO0J)Qp or- oraea, ntue and
t eatimated, at balf a
eailiuaieu, av mmii . uniw
War uriaonere now nuniberine 2040
Americaa deatrovera arrived in
of TMtrallinir rwentv eiirht daya after
now engage
la tatrol work and tombattiui; the antunariiie periL Y The wrst
an American eetr in January.
Trrvi t
Affair Is Discussed At Meeting of
WAjHIOTtpril 5(Aaaoeint
d lrea)0fieiaU of fke federal gov
exnmeat deeply deplore tbe lynching
at CollinayiUe, ItHnol. last night of
fn'TletmaVAiheiaVlRotert PrOeger,
acuaedof"attfriqg dtaloval aentintenta.
' Ko armpathy la-fait for thi action,
wbleb a regardpf lwJe" ,fnd un'
ju'.Uaed? 'ir ','' -
.-ttpxney-fteetatGrgoy' today took
Irttp a eeilnet meetfng.-tbo import of
fbS.pfaeger 'fncbing for a'diebaioa
wWHthet:Prei4ef.T'Tb gvrmet
fl MPct'4 formally to tfonoonoe the t
ldfnt il-a 1alea' Ibet,' and to' n0
,hht lymr,AmVriftajU' nnott no repeti
thn of 'aueh an'-oecurreneeV' '" " '
v DoVpatcjiei ' fVont'' 'Collin villa;' aaid
fioteft PraeSer': tro : wa$ tkn fvem
il Wdlni plaV.UiHrWglif iirlno bkoe
ment of the eltj.halt'and hinged to a
tree, waa boir;in ornianyv. .Ko-bad
made hia."oio4 hkfe ,ud bafl t$ke
out bla filfu rtlbsllip. paper' ;' '
'M'Sten he waa naked. If bo had any
tBJt 'ayrh4WfP4'JB" kaea,
erjiafod hia armband prayed ior three
. TOW qf jabIbnacle
SALT LA$BI CITY, 'April 6 (Aa
noeiated ?r,aa)' Preaident JQep
60)101 pf Uie'Monnon Church kpeiklug
of the nanJ' eVnreh adf aneo -yeater
day aaaonneod 1 tbatr flno edifoe la
bo(ag built in tb Hnwaiau Island.
Th ot of, tliodjfloo 'wlll be llKfl,
. iOND'fAprilV ' r-1 (AocJted
Premillolahevl UadV nr. nlous
to learn of the whereabout of the
resitel of the Jtuaaian Sa fleet. The
llolahevlki are . without ioformatiou
front theae veaeela, it wa reported
from I'etrograd on Tburaday.
contingent of Apencan expeiuoonary iorce laauun ai a rirnca jiawi xie;niy
eight day after 'America declaration of war nud American troop weat to
tka inng line fort tlx!' baptiam Qf tire, 187 daya after the war irpelaration -a
signed iAmercab troop 'permanently took over a portion of the tiring lino aa
fi, f t i fetvr.i i t . . I , i '
nrnnin n nrni nnr pus nm Tr i1 u i1 Tn
. ' i I t H - I ' j J 1 . I . T I 1 . ' ' , ; I . i
7 r T J - It' H
' a. aV a
th nu n employed in, the United, States army
word 'urtrrnary of what America
"i - - -
parativejy brief a f
le Of the task which
the magnitude
jnereaKM". from a nerannnel nf 0!)54
fiurcbaae or li.l,WMi,MHl hand grenaiee,
army revolvera, 23,(MU,(KJ projeetnea
higk exploaive, 40,
1,000 machine
boea lncreaael from aeven to
each - year. -'
March 1-there al been expended of
- V
harae drawn vebirlea, had apent more
harneaa and the fuel and forage billx
are nonflned in three barracks.
European w4era to ait ia the work
ww w declared and
a large ' fleet is
SAX KRANCISCO. April 8 .(Ofli
cial) Tliia city is adopting the slogan
"Concrete Bhips Will Win the War. "
JS'ew shipments are apriaging up at
various points along the Pacific Coast
to build concrete ahipa. One city haa
donated it entire water, front to a
company that is purposing to build an
"endless stream of, vessel under. ai new
process." . , ,.
Oflim rs of this company aascrt) 'they
have a .method of, protecting tha rein
forced ateol from corroaiou, thns.mok
ing concrete liia fudurable beyond the
mere uerifMl of the war.
w. s. S.
WHpUJTqiyJ April 5 (OfBdal.
The war industries board stated today
that ateel for building ahipa at rate
eioeeding six million ton of completed
ahipa a year has been furuUbed to the
EmerKcncy Fleet Corporation alone dur
lag the pavt three month. Uowover
the board today ordered the ateel mill
and fAbrieating plant to give aho
lute priority to ate! for ship plate.
Commercial plate must wait. Tbo abip
ping board ha decided to eatabUah- a
government yard solely for tbe manu
facture of concrete ships in a southern
tat beloa- the frost liae. Tbroe other
private plants are-alo making ferro
concrete shifis.
w. . .
WAIJHINdTON, April '6 (Assoeiat
eil l'resslnveatigatora who have
b-eo going over the dyaaiuitiug ea
which iuvujvad structural ateel work
ers several year ago have made their
report to Preiiduot wilaon at hi r-
itiest, J hi report recommend that
e sentence of Frnnk M. Svva. the
former preeideut of th International
Iron Workers' I'uion, convicted at In
iliiiuiipolin, le nuniediatcly coiiMiniled
to seveu yeura' iinpriHonmeut.
"a ' 1
Secretary Oaicls ExpfainsPart
- Unl am'ih'ipi ,and; V;,
- V.K-. f l.ur !).' yf-f fi
Results Whiie WQdd$t Comparid
. With Aljiei Art' Contidcrabla a ,
- ;,y d Gr6wPQ
, CLEVBLAb; 0blritn ril(OB).
iBtatei nary . n.. oe.eni Hoingf aaa, ia
and hffiWaa'toU' Wr Heritay rf?
lauial , baturjajr night la ipeech
which he df HVered aft- p'atflotW i.
ebratUnf keld. to comAeaiortU the flraf
uui vcriHTj jul iae awnniHoa. w.,w
by the Ubltd.BtAlr bnd thevlaunfh
I Liberty Lonn-i.'-i f-l-'! u
f ;Mbr thanUto? nwrlcaa wnahip
beside aubmarlhe' ; cher , bra; now
operating" in ,tbe war. KmV Becrctbrv
Daniel baid.anl'1i added tbgtt ft
wonld b'nnWte'to Vficlo the' sum
ber of tubmarine that ' bad: been da
atroyed. H noted, however," that eiid
deatroyor of th detMbmhat U sf
month had (teamed f : million " mire,
had attacked eighty -one .eobmarinet,
had ewgrted 717 yaaaeU and, lad mlptj
escorted eigbty-aix 'onvoy.J " '.
Th African fightlag .ahip,' wtth
the aid of tha repair . ahi$, have been
prwetleally aolf utaihlng eteept for
major, repairs and docking. v ,, ;
Secretary . Daniel- otvuoltitred by ' aat
ingj "Our narjr bb m'toaord of
which we, are proud but more muat be
done. Our aehlevem'eiit' r aa )ret mo-'
deaf a compared ; with to of the
Alliea but thfy' 4r; atill eobaiderable
and they are rapidly ibefoaaittg."
Ship In War Zwt v. r'.'O'-'
In hi speech Heere'tary- DanleW aaid
In partfr'Tba. lnltod,.rHtff ivy- ha
in Ku rope an water not only, forcea of
destroyer but also bbtUertlp and
cruiser, ubmanne, trnderv gVplyowt,
coast guHrd,eupter, c'ohvertsd yacht,
tug 'and numerous ," of other
type for apeclal pbrpoW. c
s'Wt have furnished every possible
aid .the countries- aligned wjth U in-"
the Waf nave requested.' ;lt hak! worked
in tb elOeest eoOperetlo -wit the.
4tJuforoea have -flayed, inrporUai
partiatb war against , kubmarinea
and aided materlaSy1 In tbo marked re
duetioa in the numbot'of rAereUa'atjBaeb
sunk a compared ,wltji ,tft alaklng of
a' year ag niinr.,':oi Jleal notaj
increase fa the number- of aubnurln
aoaVroyei'.'-'"' " tf-V.-w.- T
t. Iani!cred loiter frftmi'Vieo-Ad
miral. Himf faportiitg tnt caillAl eo-
nnratwin imArttf th'e 'Allia'd naviea.' '
Continuing Dadiel ai$! 'There -are
now btore 4han, ttO L'pltcd aJUto nvii
veaMl not. including a -oniJtrtJie
number of lubiAaritie chacr,'erht
ing oa tbf oheitle. Mdr'thtr 9S,
000 men and officers are 'now serving
in Kuropeau wafwav Tbi d, -aaoro- thB
half of the BtrendS our hVvV h(t U
fore w ootered Wary" Thla?.r arnnbtr
does not ioclnde tbo. persomtel of tne
troopship and supply' vesel', , armed
guards, signal nea, rdlo5 taen '' aad
Others who go into too- war cone on
reeorring trips; -
"Fii(ting ship ae' self sntln'ing
with the assisUace of the rSpahfisbips
except major reuotr nJ rooki1i.
"Hchool ancl bbrrackl save been '
tabKhed to hofhe tbansiv'' tteb Wbb;
when trained, wiH go .-aboard -Ship
eventually relievioa thi faucleus of
erewaOf men Vho fcrA'sebt'liomb ktd
u bring out aew ttat...,iainntenirsif
ofHcdrs trained in . tbe' war1 ; sons- jnd
otner experienced oracers are returnea
to America to comma ad beW "vessels
and bring them fntfr 'tk Vrar sot aa,!
quickly aa poaeude. 1 Qua Mips ars.feon
tinuously sspplii'd with' store, proVI
ton,-spare partM and"' nVL""Waiw'
bouses sad 'supply depots ve teo
estsbliabed sbrflsd-, Ample hospital fa
cilitiea have becii crested. '
Nsvsi Flying Corps . .
"Aviation bases iaV "Been 'fcstab
liahed ia Kurop bsd.inerabers -of tbo
Naval Flying Oorp. h&vo been for
month In active- sV.V "f't
"Tbe r.t of rtbosgWsAMaiiiied
forces of the United. frHate to be land
ed lit Ptkbte weVe'.baVal a.vtatoHl wJ
arrMred 'or Jbnr iri-Oiir .aviatdrs-aTe
.-.w. ii.vl' ti.j
France, Italy and Portugal. ' ' ?''
Recreation 'roorfts ' 4r f eitbutisbO
the ba wki Jbba' ne o-or
reoreatios after hlrd.toUr Of jlUtr. ;
" ' 1 The navv has mad record" of wbkh
we may well bo pr6d-bu'Mb' mrO
muat oe done.' uurs ita-oeen a- mouest
aoeoiip)ishmeat J-omft4vUb tbe
achietetaent Of th 'AUI bat rot con
tribution has beenj ton'aldersbl and
Is rapidly ineraing, - ; f
"In eoniyarispa w(tb 'the numbet -of
men and snipe' engaged, losses have
been gratify ibgly apisJl.' Enemy sub
marines have sunk only two Aghtiag
uaits the destroyer Jaeob Joosa and
tk eoaverterl yacht AUodo, foua. oth
er small veessui. bay been loat due
to the hasard -of a at and sea which
cornea front steemng without lights
and in wlntery, waters.'.', v.i ..
Daniels eulegisbd' tbe brarerf of the
officer and men jb epnibatlog subma
rine ia which "jancoaotem Involved
danger of eombat 'with a foe often
unseen tbd ameT6f '$ur 'teibeh1"bave
bad miraculous esc dcs from damage
by torpedo; , ..- n
N f:xy JpBK, April ' AasoeUtea
Press)- Oermabv'ia atilt pou-Hftg troops
Isto Finland. ( 'Uaip j tbs kv4 Uat
they are b(ing seat t 'rstore order
they eontlnut to land aad advance, rf)
ports received yesterday said.
It appears to be th intention of der
ma uy In Ignore the nce treaty aud to
violate Finland openly.
Larirjirig bf.Japihese Force Offi
cially Explained To Moscow Ify
Admiral Kato Who Says Law
lessness Wat Not Restrained"
Ri;r?dRrTEasoF,Hpwn n
rimissariei,, Believe Urted
States Opposed But Will Make
, . Emphatic: Representations To
! f ;;TW Country and -4 Others
MqSCOVy, April 8 (Associ
ated) Russia is dctermin-
edtto resent the landing of Japan-
eaarjd Bfiiish; troops in Vladi
vostok and to offer armed resist-
ance. ;rThe explanation of the
landing offered by Japan is not
satisfactory. 1 The commissaries
will make strong representations
to. Great Britain and similar rep
resentations to thcyfttted States
diplomats and thqse'of other' na-
tio,n of the Allies. . Inquiry will
bej made of, purposes, and. of pro
grrn of the Allies in .view of the
action which has been taken by
On Saturday Admiral Kato,
Japanese minister of marine, is
sued a proclamation at Vladivos
tok, dealing with the landing
there of Japanese forces.
.."Japan feels," said this procla
mation, "the deepest sympathy for
the people of Russia but has been
compelled to land forces tq pro
tect the subjects of Japan and of,
hot Allies. 'JThere-is no organiza
tion,' no jg0y ejrnmeri 'F ai" V ladi vos
tok,,str,orig enoqgh nor in a posi
tion to maintain order and to give
the. required protection to t hp, - I
subjects of otber nations.""
. M SokhanolT, preskleut of the
Vladivostok soviet, in reporting
to the council of national com
missaries states that in his opin
ion the killing of Japanese, resi
dents of Vladivostok were politi
cal murders.
lie says the landing of the Jap
anese forces was , effected w ith
PiU the Consent of the American
pf British or other consuls and
without warning to the local au
thorities. Later the Britih also
landed forces. ,
In. a statement issued by the
natiqnal council of commissaries
yeMsjrday paid in par).:,
"If Japan has' started a cam
paign against the soviet republic,
what is the program for action by
thc,.InteiUc at present? Their
policy regarding the rapacious
sphepe pf , Japan is evidently one
of hesitation. JThe American gov
ernment js apparently against
fhej, invasion but the,, situation
Cannot.be permitted longer to re
main indefinite.
'"England followed the example
rjftHe Japanese in landing armed
fhis must be put before
the.jprjtish government with all
emphasis. Tvtward the diplomat
ic representatives of the. United
State- and. the other powers a
similar course must be pursued.
"AH Siberian council of Soviets
fe , ordered to rescpt the inva
sion and ami to repel it."
"f-w. a. a.: . . w
MEXICO CITY, -April 8 (A o. i
ated Fesa) -The government aunou
ei It will permit sxploratiou and exploi
tation, of oil aud eoal lauds iu any part
of the republic. This rescinds an order
which has beeu ia effect longer than
eifibtevn nientbs, limiting siu-b worb to
EreaVrihed cones, principally along tbe
ulf eoast.
e-'i TT. .$.-b:- '
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