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MAY 20
J I:
1 i '
One Msatlaaa and ops Wbaatlsea Masi.
April II, 11 l.at twenty
fonr hoars' raiafoll '; At
Temperature' Min.r am Uu, I r" ;: . 'lit V. I v
79. .Weather, part) ;r toady. - 'i ' ,V - - 1 A '
i lW inmnw
. . .-- ' . ... I V I 1,1
' '. ..- 1
Heaviest Attacks Are Launched Far To the
North End of Line of
Teuton Leaders Show No Thought of Thous
ands of Own Men They
VJ KV YORK April -(Assoiatrd PreM)-Swinging hi. mifh-
a i tiest letrionn ana nt ncaviesi
Icnburg is now driving at the British line between Arras and Ypres,
;he great gray armies charging again and again upon the British
jxmitions under a tempest of high explosive and gas shells.
This is a major operation on the part o the German general
staff. The magnitude of the forces hurled against the British lines
demoiiM rates this, as well as the fury with which the attacks are
being delivered and the wanton disregard on the part of the Ger
man commanders of th loss of life suffered by the troops under
them. Thousands upon thousands of the German veterans fell
vesterday, their massed ranks providing targets which the British,
Portuguese, Canadian and American xlefenders of the positions
could not miss. And, despite the vast loss of life, the day ended
;is it bad begun, with the British holding substantially every posi
tion of the morning.
From Uollebecke, some five miles southeast of Ypres, south
to Arras-tHe battle raged throughout the day, without a hill. At
one poinC just south of ".Ypres, the (Jerman. gained ground, but
at no point have their 'tains brought the least tactical advantage
i T and again. ! .';-Vr"7?'v . -
I " v ' The British Btlll xetatn'thelr
Messine ridges! commanding the
man attacker olUsl continue to advance if the battle is toVgo on.
I'loegsteert Woods, a position of importance between -Warneton
:njd Armentieres, is again wholly in British hands, the enemy hav
ing been driven out of that section takert on Wednesday.
At no point on the thirty-mile front are the British position !
endangered. So far the third battle of Ypres is a British victory. I
with the enemy torn and battered and counting nis lo9ses by tne
many thousand.
A Reuter despatch from British headquarters last night re
nortcd the greatest German effort of the afternoon as directed
against the, Belgian town of Uollebecke. Here a formidable attack
was launched, the Germans coming forward in great masses, en
deavoring to force their way forward by weight of vastly superior
numbers. British 'guns tore gashes through the advancing regi
ments, machine guna and rifles poured torrents of bullets into the
charging ranks, sweeping the front lines away time and again, until
the Huns could no longer face the blizzard of steel and faltered,
stopped and withdrew, only to be sent forward again into a repeti
tion of the bloody inferno. Nightfall found the attacj:compleely
Between LaBts.Sfe and the Ypres-Comines canal the fighting
was general throughout ;he day and many points along the front
changed hands during the day, with the net gains to the British.
At I .a frecha. Nieone and Hollebecke. where the Germans had
gained foothotd on Wednesday,
vestcrdav and a number ot lerman prisoners were taken
German gftins were made on
the iiritish aQd Portuguese lines
bringing them close to Steenwerck. This wedge now threatens
.1. . n:.: .i. 1..-.1.1 a C. -L. K.2 t . j:,.i.,
i lie ijiuimi iiuiu on niiiiciuicics, otctuwsn.R. sumiM """J
wet and five miles distant from the former place. Should the Ger-
m-iiiu if alilo n wrirten'this urrlre thev ma V effert tu miner movf -
inent towards tht north, enveloping Armentieres. On the other t
hand. British counters south from Armentieres or north from Ncuve
fhapelle are designed to cut off the enemy on this salient.- i
T?KWe.T rnininnuo n
u rauoi wnriuanwi rax- I
A Renter's despatch which was received in London last night
nwl i onMished in this mornin'a editions of the naoers aaid : "The '
. . f ,
situation in Flanders js such that
Iil' 1 1 1 1 1 1 lt ot the heaviest character
mi km ik. However, is viewcu uy inc
mil not with alarm although the
none the less clearly recognized."
...i i i : ..: i u.. u
A MSTKKDAM, NetherUnds, April 11
AsHiiciated I'ress) Th Belgian re
lief hliip Flanders struck a mine on
Monday mid hum sunk, according to the
lliiiidt'lsblud. The crew was saved.
w. a. a.
i:V YOKK. April 11 (Associated
1'm'j.si Hev. .lames Gilmer Gresham,
ilciiii of (irace Cathedral, San Fran-
irco, Iihi liecii elected bishop of the
I'hi li .i n'H liy Uie Kpisropal house of
lii mJi(jih to aucceed fit. Be v. Charles
eun iar to in norm, von run'
- ; , ,T
grip oh the WytachaVteVnd the
countryside over which the Ger
British counters drove them lAj;;r
the tip of the salient driven into
south ot Armentieres, this drive,
, ... . . , 1
hand to hand engagements and (
will be certain to ensue, i he,
aii: u ,
iiics vv nil me uiinosi tuuimcm
seriousness of the situation is
(MIICAGO, April 12 (Associated ,
Press) Swift 4 Company, the great i
packing establishmaut is to declare a'
stock dividend of 50,000,0(MI to be
offered to the present stockholders at i
par. The proceeds will 'be aseil to care
for tha large Increase that has come '
to the business of the corporation.
PARI 8, April 11 (Associated Press)
The German attack in .Champagne lis
broken down under tne French tire. '
Heavy artillery fighting is taking place
between Mootdldier and Noyou. ;
Forces In Toul Sector Meet
Heaviest Onslaught Yet Di-
. rected Against Them
. - ' 1. 1 '
' WAHHINOTON', April 12 ( Amofilt.
e1 Pro)-AnirWrt tortn, wcupylng
iwior 01 tnp rrrncn rront North wt
of Toul yoitrilay morning rp,ileil the
moat Rvpre uttttck which ha bmn
fftaie upon thnt Ameriran sector a train it
whieh a aumher of utronu movementa
Bav beta laum-hed by thi. enemr. It
waa the brilliant tannery of the Amur
-"r,;' ft' TCn
iirht huadril enmy imrtii-ipnted
.PmmjuIhI ly heavy ami violent ar
tillery bombardment of three lay in
which gna nhelln al hlh exploaivea
wer mwd bj, the enemy, the attack
waa'niaila junt befor aunriite .vetirlay
mornlmrV, The fljfhtina thut enaue'1
laatM tor more than two hour
'Forward the euemy riHhe. nKainnt
the Hre of the. American. Thev reach
d even to the entani(leinint. There
they were .topped, fell back and aeain
rlvanert. Time after time they would
jjh forward to the wire enlan(fleineiit
aud there la every instance the effect
ive Are of the Amerii-aim atoppeK them,
A few only got through and to th
treuenea there to die or ourreuiler.
no American were taken prmouera
by the German attacker whane Ionr
in killed and woanded wan heavy.
OamaitiM Aanuac4
(MMinlti announced by the war lc
partmpfll reaterdiT umherxl 2.U. Of
theae-.twwat.V-rhree were killed in ac
Una, aeven dft bf wouadn, tr .died at
tha reaull ti aentq, wevo .war w!m
after lietiona In . whibCthew, par'
tiujit,eu,M.(iiirVvii "ur
ijjiity ff r- (teyereiT wonndFrBBt
nit flrttSNiraUKhtry wonniUd;-,'!
Three Heutenaht were ineluded
among tboe killed 1a action Maj. Erf
wa R. Kimble died f waunda, rapt.
Franeia . Cabill wan nilanini and Lieut
Col. Thomas J. Roger!
Aaki rtench Offleara
Additional. French officer to anit
in nd to expedite the training of Amer
the French government. Hia request
was made through the r rench embassy
and he einubaaixe the need if the
I'nited Htatee ia to haaten the move
incut of its expeditionary foreea as it
From Well Fortified Headquar
ters Destroyer Fleet Is
Policing Sea Lanes
WASHINGTON, April 12 (Aaaocia
ti'd 1'reas) For the protection of the
travel, the I'nited Htatea baa eatab
iinhed iu the A lores, with the consent
of Portugal, to which nation those is-
lands belong, a Strong naval baae, was
the announcement today by the navy
department. It will be hedaquartem
M',r " trong destroyer fleet in the
warfare aRninat the Hun submarines.
a,, American snbmari ne fleet will al
operate from this baae.
, t,l "x'uiuA HtXrhaaWi?and2dtU.Knd
mounted guna aad established a thor
"''.k'1 lv,e of 'ortifleatlons. An air
"! n een established.
sill(.p Germany has become fully
aware of the existence of this base and
'"' objection to the publication of
l li e fact of its existence has beeu with
,,rawll hy the bureau of pnblic informa
w. a. a.
IrilrA lilt I I a Bfl II IT
InALO Will ftlllUUIll
WASHINGTON, April 12 (Aswxm
ated Press) Income tax officials' yes
terday estimated that the revenue ob
tained from the income taxes and the
war excess profits taxes, due in June,
mav reach four billions of dollars.
The treasury department ia consider
inn a recommendation that these shall
le paid in three installments, thus re
lieving u situation which might oc
casion serious diffirultes for the banks
of the country. It is proposed to have
these installments paid on the fifteenth
days of June, August and October.
w, a. a.
Two Broody Orgies flf Rioting re
' - Reponea At naroin By
Refugees Arriving
Eight Japanese and Two Chi
nese Are Reported4' To
;; . Have Been Killed
' ;
. WASHINGTON. Anrii If rAaaoeia
ted Pre) More Japanese and Chinese
have lout their Uvea at the hands i the
Holslieviki and an already tens and
serious situation has bee owe more eonv
plieated. The Japanese will undoubt
edly point to this actios as an added
reason for tnc presence of armed foreea
la Hibefia and for refusal to heed the
protests that hove been made against
the landing of n force from Japanese
war vessels.
Refugees from Bingo and . Ylaar
cheask, who left Saturday have reach
ed Harbin and tell of between tw hun
dred"' and',' throe hundred nosiiaombat
aata baring been killed ia. two bloody
orgien of rioting, according ta Harbin
despatches. . '5 ';,,'.',
The Boehevikl attempted to Alsarni
tha Japanese of Blago and Viesteheask,
who had armed themselves ia' self day
fense. They refused to yield v their
arms and the Cossacks came ta their
aid. .Then a bloody fight followed; and
it is reported, by the refugee rthat a
handred 'af the Cossaeka were slain.
They also say that eight Japanese'. and
two Chinese were killed during taerfiot
lng.; i - " Vl
What Kosala, toaes "'
, I)eatehr from Petrograd reeeied
yesterday told of the territorial and
population loss of Russia as a reeult
of the? Brest-f .ttovsk treaty and said:
Russia baa suffered 'great loss of terri
tory and of population by tha peace
treaties eoneluded by the Bolabeviki
government. It is estimated that Rus
sia is giving up 78U.OUO aquare kilome
ters of territory and 8(1,000,000 inhabi
tants. A . . ." -
f TOKlO, IpfU ll-8peciat M Nippa
I Jiji) American marines have . not
landed at Vladivostok. This was the
word received from -the Siberian port
today. Both Japanese and British ma
rines have landed to protect the in
terests of the foreigners in that port.
American warships are ia the harbor.
The situation is so alarming that tfie
Chinese government has .already des
patched a warship ta Siberian waters
aud Chinese are urging that the for
eignera be protected from the BoUhe
viki element. The Badicals at Vladi
vostok fear that Japan may take some
immediate action. .
War Industries Board Prepares
Schedule of Essentials That
Are To Have Priority
WASHINGTON, April 1 1 (Official )
In a,, long list issued today the w:ir
Industrie liosrd sets forth the niauii fai
lures which are to be deemed most es
seiitiul ami of the most vital necessity
to the I'nited States for its successful
conduct of the war aud which are en
titled thereby to priority in the supply
of fuel for manufacture aud in trans
portatiou for the Mulshed product.
The essentials named include air
crafts, munitions, training camp equip
nieut, small arms, chemicals, coke, eliv
trical equipment, explosives, farm im
plements, fertilizers, bricks, food, guns,
hemp, jute and cotton bags, 'iron, steel,
foundry tools, mine equipment, mau
lines, newspapers, oil refinery products,
oil well implements, public utilities and
railway equipment, refrigeration appli
unces, seeds, bunker coal, Ships' sup
plies, soup, tanneries aud tin plate ii
plies, twine, rope and wire.
Additions probably will be made in
luter aniiounieineuts.
Members of the board express Un
belief that, the people of the eouutry
will readily acquiesce in this limiting
of iioii essential aud such further lim
itations as may become accessary since
the winning of the war is now general
ly and popularly considered of para
mount importance to any aud all pn
.vate enterprises aud private wishc.
The nation i now solidly united for tin
war aud from every quarter a willing
ness to sacrifice can be noted.
The imminent participation of the
Hn'St body of American troops in the
tremendous battle along the Western
front sinotlien any attempts st petty
complaint and in stimulating a greater
popular determination for full victory
without regard to what may be the cost,
w. a a.
WASHINGTON, April 11 (Associa
ted I'ress - Senator William J. Slonc
of Missouri, who suffered a paralytic
stroke vestcrdav, passed a comfortable
I nirrkt u.i.l if Im horiMil that the eriuis i4
passed and he will live.
"C MPEROR CHARLES of Austro-Hungary whom the 'French!
-4 government accuses of lying and against whom it offers docu
mentary evidence. ., '
. It'".. ,4 -
t'.--St &Tr
Slain and Maimctd
PAXIS, April la (Aaaeclatasl Praaa)
raosdliBga, beipleas litala children
without fatliar or motbara ta protect
tnem war tha victims of But frlght
fulnaaa Vbich tha long distance rifle
or rifles of tha naray exacted of
To tha already long list of noncora
bataata; old man, wemssi and children
wera added, mora thaa a score of new
"caaaaltiaw", of helpless) babe.
On of tha shells which was thrown
by tha Hun loaf rang gun yesterday
found Its mark In a foundling asylum
exploding, wracking tha building al
most completely aad slaying aad maim
ing tha tnmataa,
Whan wrackara want to work of res
cue thay brought out four Uttls
corpses. Attracted by walls auSd mpans
they rescued tha Wonh4jij(Jr WfX
there waro twenty -ona, soma crushed,
soma with limbs ton from ' their tiny
Used aa ara tha French to Teuton
atrocities thara la tha utmost indigna
tion axpraaaod la Paris.
NKW YORK, April 11 ( Associa
ted I'ress) The British ateamer Min
netoiika was sunk by a submarine in
the Mediterranean 'Sea Inst February,
it was learned today.
The Miunetonka was a four-masted
steel twin s-rew ateamer of 13,52k tons,
she was built in 10OS by Harlnnd ft
Wolff, Belfast, and was owned by tha
Atlantic Transportation Co., Ltd. Her
home port was Belfast.
WUSHINOTON, April 11 i Official)
I'assage by the souate of the Anti
Spy Hill is in accord with the popular
demand for a complete suppression of
the activities of German agents and
other pro Germans or those who oppose
the coudiict of the war by improper
means. The ipeasire has already passed
the house, but there are' some slight
differences which need harmonizing at
the hands of the conference committee
licfuie final enactment.
w. s. a.
LONDON, England, April 11 ( Asso
ciated Press) Major General Hack
illiWct has been appointed as the
Hritiah actlug military representative
on Uie supreme war council sitting al
V". I ' ';:
V ;
To Subscribe Quota
W ASHIKOTOk! A.pril 14 (As
sociated Press) Official figures of
subacrlptlona thaa far compiled
for tha bonds of the Third Liberty
Loan waro announced last even
ing at $270,919,000 although prob
ably mora thaa M00.000.000 has
been actually subscribed thus far.
Officials express themselves as high
ly gratified at tha results which
ara In excess of tha subscriptions
for tha same number of days of
either of tha other two campalgna.
Iowa appeara to be tha first state
to have filled its quota. Despatches
from Chicago last night aaid tha
Stat waa claiming that honor.
Wonderful Progress Shown and
Greatest War Fleet Will
Deterrnine Results
CtirCAOO, April 11 (Official) De
tails of the growth and the progress of
the navy, additional to those which he
gave in his recent speech in Cleveland,
were given by Secretary of Navy Dan
iels when he spoke here today on be
half of the Third Liberty Loan.
In the past year, Daniols said, there
have beeu added to the t'uited States
Navy 1270 vessels with a tonuage of
1,1).").'), I It) tons besides which there tiro
now building 794 "smaller vessels."
The shipping yards of the country,
both those of the government and
inn n. of those that are individually or
privately owned are working day and
inlii to turn out the additions to the
I'nited States' fleet of destroyers.
The first American destroyer flotilla
reached Kill ope oil May 4 and other
ii n v ii I detachments arrived iu Kuropean
waters the same month.
hau'icW added that the "most pow
ci ful navv will win this war."
Officials Confirm
A if corroborating the word of See
i,lm huuiels rauie messages from
U a-hiiintoii commenting ou the im
pnivcuiciit showu in the shipping situ
at Kin a shown by the decrease iu losses
lo Mulish shipping lust week. This is
lu ll lo l.e iguincant of the improved
met hods employed for the coinbatt nig
et' I he -uli marines. The undersea cum
psi'ii i ei vsidered as pcrmuueiit Iv
elie.ked an', at a fitting moment, the
time when 'a United States is innvinu
or i" planum to move, i t x linlituiu
fori cm In Kuroie in the greatest uum
I e I h
In Official Note Ruler
of Dual Empire ts ;
Accused of Lying .
and Proof Given
Promised To Do All
In His Power To Re
store Alsace and
Lorraine To French
PARIS, April .12 (Associated
Press) Charles of Austria is ,
charged with deliberate lying, m1", i
in official note which was issued ..... V
by the French government. How. -be
promised, only a year ago,' to ;
use his influence with his Allies ' '
to secure a return to France" ot
Alsace and Lorraine, admitting ' v
that they belonged rightfully! to
France and for the rehabilitation
and restoration of Belgium is told
in tjie publication of his ' auto V, -
graph letter. No words, are'ininc- ,
in, inc citer wuica 3 iciear .- ,
Assertion of the' duplicity pf the 4
documentary, evidence, given ; to
apport' trie chargeTTTif." lEfiiT
note says: ' ,v,'; ''.-v-.''
"Once caught in the cogwheels ;
of lies does not mean that the ly- .' , '
ing will be stopped. Such is the ,
case with Emperor Charles of '
"Under the direct eye of Berv ;
lin the Emperor Charles ii talc- ' :
ing it upon himself to make vari f. f ;
ous assertions and various dentals' .
through 'his mouth-piece von ' ;
Czernin which compel the French' ,;
government to furnish the proofs ','
of the unreliability of his words J '
and his utter lack of integrity.
"Herewith is furnished the text
of Emperor Charles' autograph J
letter, written under the date of V.
March 31, 191?. Its contents " ,
were communicated to Presi- '
dent Poincaire by Prince Sextus ; ,
Bourbon, brother-in-law o f '
The letter expresses the admir
ation of the writer for the valor
of the people of the French re- '-v
public and deplores, a third year
of mourning but it declares that ,
the Austrian emperor is determin
ed to "safeguard the integrity of , I
his empire even at the cost of the
heaviest of sacrifices". Further '
on it continues: "I beg of you to
convey privately and unofficially ;
to President Poincaire the prom- j':
se that I will support by every
means, exerting ray personal
means with my Allies, the just
claim of France to Alsace-Lorraine.
"Belgium should be entirely
reestablished in its sovereignty."
WASHINGTON, April 12 (Associat
ed Press) Explanation of the persist
ent reports that have come from Vienua
that approachments for peace betweeu
the I'nited States anil Austria wera
fouud today in despatches received by
the way of London aud from luquiries
made here.
Iu a Vienua despatch to the Dor 1 in
Tageblatt, Loudon reported, it was said
that negotiations looking to a poaalblo
peace were belug carried on in Yienna
(Continued on Fags S Column 4)
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