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..K.-W, V'.r-;- ;1 v.. HAWAIIAN GAZETTE; .FRIDAY, APRIL 12, 101. -.SEMT-WRKKLY.
iinnF Riii f rinnnn. isnniPTinn
t - '-...,...' ' '
Premier In Bold rStep Couples Two
Thorniest Questions; Com
Thrown Into Wild, Confusion;
Irish Members Defiant
LONDON, April 10 ( Associated press) Premier Lloyd George,
in the course of a powerful speech on the military crisis, an
nounced yesterday that' he proposed immediately to introduce a
Home Juie Bill for Ireland; granting to that island the measure
of self-government the majority of Irishmen have been long de
manding. ,
At the same time, in connection with the Man Power Bill, he
announced that the bill will apply
Scotland and. Wales, and thav.Irishmerl must agree to submit with
other British to conscription.
Thus in the boldest , step.; of his .,bold political career, Lloyd
Tieorge has coupled the two thofiilesf of all political questions. The
adoption of this program will ;
problem of the war and the poll- ;
tical qucrtior, iwhicji has kept the.
British Empire In a turmoil for
more than a quarter of a century,'
The Manf Power Bitl. '.which
provides foi the emergency con
ciiplir.n 'into the service of the:'
government of all male subiects '
between "the ages of eighteen and
fifty years, permitting "the en
i It . . Ja '
luigciiiMie. i"v., uuiiiiy uu
naval reserves and placing prac
tically all civilians at the disposal
of the government for civilian'
war work, will be introduced ino
the commons as a government
measure today, leave to intro
duce having been granted yester
day after a stormy debate by a vote
of two hundred and alnety-nine to 1
It was during his address on the ne
cessity for this bill that the premier
made his two announcements of inten
tion, which couple Home Rule and
conscription, announcements that threw
the house into wild confusion in which
the Irish anti-onseriptionists led.
These members repeatedly interrupted i
the speaker, idenantly shouting to all
his references to conscription in Ire
land: "Oome over and get us."
The crisis demas4Vonicrii5Uons Ir
Ireland, said 'Uoyd vMorgftf ' The cabi
net has every confidents That the army
in Prance is able to repel the present !
urnu Digw, as 11 am ine ihi ouw.
All guns lost have been replaced aed'
Field Marshal Uaig has substantial re
serves left, but it would be fatal to
underestimate the gravity of the situa
tion. This situation is suck as de
mands the service of every man la
every section of the British Isles.
At the opeaing of .the Bomme battle,
he said, the German strength-' on' ths
west front was equal to the combined
strength .of Hhe: Allies. The Germans
had lost heavily, while the reports oeat
out from Berlin of the British losses
were gross exaggerations.
The situatidn la sueh, however, as to
call for all the reserve strength of the
nation, such as the Man Power Bill
rould demand. This bill, he agreed.
"" "r
from the people of Greet Britain, but
I J . I I II . ! tl
iuey must realm (nm uo diiub dk
Cambrai was trivial in comparison to
the great conflict now raging across
the channel and until the strain of the
battle was relaxed it is difficult to as
certain just what has happened.
The Allies, he declared, are now en
tering up the most critical period of
the war. There had been a loll in the
storm, but the hurricane is not yet
over. The fate of Europe and the liber
ty of the British people may depend
upon the success with which the last
German attack is resisted and coun
tered against.
The fighting strength of the Ameri
cans, said the British Premier, has not
yet been brought into the scale against
Germany, but will be brought to bear
immediately after the Americas regi
inrnli have Hean hrlffHid with thoae
of the Allies. ' '"
Already for the Britiah army and
uavy there had been six million men
the world. Uurlng the past few months
the Britiah had destroyed two Turkish
armies in Palestins and Mesopotamia
and the campaigns there are virutai
ly ended unless the Germans send re
inforcing battalions for the Turks, in
which event the Near East operations
may last seven or eight months longer.
Attempts to enlarge the scone of the
fan Pewex Bill to. include conscription
in Ireland have been made previously.
In January an ; amendment to that ef
fect was defeated In the ommeps by a
vote of one hundred and thirty-six to
forty-eight. . ' V
The report of the 'Irish Convention,
which eonolnded its labors last week,
has been tabled, Lloyd George aanoune
ed yesterday, without any announce
ment of the. text Or recommendations
of the report, if any recommendations
were agreed upon. It is generally sup
posed that it was found impossible te
reconcile the differences between Ulster
and the remainder of Ireland.
: W. . S.
WASHINGTON, April 10 (Assot-1-
ated Press) A series of distinct earth -
quake shocks was felt here yesterday
and is neighboring eittes ia the Vir-
to Ireland, equally with England,
Wttlc, at one stroke, the hardest
, ,,v i (
iuw iiuuuicu uiu
FdftyYeri On "
Oar Casualty List
Deaths From All Causes Total
103 same Number severely
Wounded and 241 Slightly
Hurt Eighteen Killed In
WABHThTOTON, April 10 (As
sociated Press) Tour hundred and
forty-asvea names appear la the
American casualty lists leaved by
the war department last night un
der authority of Secretary of Wax
Baker, who cabled from Europe au
thorising the resumption of the
news of casualties with the Metric
tfcra that tha addrsssss of those on
the lists moat not be published.
The lists given out last night
5ovr aQ tne caswaUlea in the
American expeditionary forces
from April 1 up to Monday night.
The list shows:
Killed In action, eighteen.
Died of wounds, eleven.
Captured or missing, twenty-one.
Died of lAjnrtee received In ac
"cidenta, four. . t' ( ,
-. Pled f dlhehe! tortyW.
Died, unknown caosea, three.
Total deaths from Q causes, one
hundred and throe.
Severely wounded, one hundred
. -ad'thB, .
SUghtr wounded, two hundred
and t oipr-flite
April: 9 (Associated Press) Ameri
can outposts in Lorraine sector of the
west front attacked a German patrol
t'm' W" 1
party early this morning, killing one
bt the Germans and dragging hi,
, MrMI No Mm., LandB;mf in
s body
to tb
American trenches. There were no
American casualties from the engage
w. a. s.
TARIH, April 0 (Associate! I'rp-.
The l'aris Matin says today that Bo I
1'aHha, the trench traitor and secret
agent for Germany, has made reveln
tions of the highest importance. The
Matin says that the I'asha case is onl
the beginning of the story of intrigue
that Will tie unfolded. Another im
I portant ease of German propaganda in
Fianeo Is to develop soon, this news
'Ppr declares.
WASHINGTON, April 0 (Associa
ted Preas) The house of representa
tives passed today the bill which au
thorizes the President to sell war sup
plies to persons or firms of foreign gov
ernments. Another bill passed by the house
provides that the United States will
pay for all damage caused by American
troops in France.
w. s. a.
If you want a clear head and good li
gestion you must not let your bowels
become elogged with poisonous waste
from the body, as in always the case
when you become couatipated. Proper
fooi, an abundance of water and plenty
of outdoor exercise should keep your
bowels regular. When that fails you
should take Chamberlain's Tablets,
' They cause a gentle movement of the
i bowels and are easy and pleasant to
take. For sale by all dealers. Benson,
I Smith ft Co., agents for Hawaii. Advt.
WASHINGTON, April 9 (Associat
ed Press) The treasury department in
statement today auk a Americana all
over the United State to come loyally
10 tne support or the government in
rolling an a huge total for the Third
Liberty Loan. The department asks
that the country subscribe three or
font' time the amount of the loan
ad Is anxious to secure a total of
(0,000,000 aubecribert.
. w. 8. I.
But More Is Needed Porkless
Tuesdays Suspended
WASHINGTON , April ( Assoel-'
Press) The food administ .anon hopes
for nearly a billion bnsi t of wheat
this year, based on the Jepartment of
agriculture April foreca. of 860,000,000
bushels of winter whea' whoae harvest
ing has already sta'ted in Southern
California. Last year's winter wheat
crop was 418,000,000 bushels, and the
Spring crop this year is expected to
supply more thaa X00,000,WH) bushels
The winter wheat acreage was 42,
170,000 acres, the largest in American
history. Rye. barley and other grains
also promise an increased yielil.
America's problem is now to save
enough wheat to meet the needs of
the Allies and the V. 8. soldi em over
seas before the main harvest of mid
"Porkless TuesflaW' have been sus
pended to increase the saving of grain.
NEW YORK, April fl ( Associated
Press) German newspapers nre print
ing a significant story of sn attack by
a Socialist upon the (icrmun govern
ment's war policy.
The newspapers say that Deputy
llaase, an independent socialist, at
tacked the government in the reirh
tag. The deputy said that Uen. von
I.udendorff and the military party con
trolled the government, and that Chan
cellor von Hertling is only a "sign
board". He asked why the proposal
that a referendum vote be tahon in
Alsace Lorraine to determine its fu
ture alleiriance was opposed and mild
that with Russia's example, no govern
ment which is still able to fight wil
make peace with Germany.
He declared that self-determination
of their destiny has been denied tin
Kaltic provinces and protested nffaint
the policy of violence which has bvcu
shown there.
Referring to the January strike, In
said that the laboring classes will not
cease to fight for the democratization
of Germany.
W. . a.
Even Children Must Make Their
WASHINGTON April 10 Associut
cd t'ress) J He trench breuu ration
has been cut one third, according t
advices received here todav from Fari-
I'nder the new schedule even tin
hildreu are reuuired to make thei
sacrifice for the good of the nation in
her bitter struggle against Germuii
The new schedule provides that the
ration for children up to three year
del shall be three and a half ounce
if bread per day. Children from three
to thirteen years of ace are to eet
limit of seven ounces a day, while per
sons betweeu th" ages of thirteen mid
liity may have s maximum of ten nnd
i half ounces. In the case of person
oing naru wrif. mis maximum is in
reased to fourteen ounces.
The bread ration was previously re
duced last January when the entir
r'rench wheat crop was requisitioned
bv the fTench government.
This bread is made of Hour compris
ng all the elements ot wheut except
bran, with a heavy admixture of
lour from oth.r cereal grains, which
is obligatory.
Baking of paitry or biscuits from
flour that is fit for bread is prohibited
Confectioneries and other such shops
are closed two days a week. Fating
pastries in public is forbidden.
Fl. FAHO, Texas, April 9 (Associa
ted Fressl Telephone connections from
the 1'nited States across the Mexican
border have been suspended for the
period of the war by voluntary action
of the companies In an effort to prevent
iuforiaatioii regarding military prepar
ations reaching German agents in
Provides, Heavy Punishment For
Disloyalists Who Seek To in
jure Welfare of Nation
Opposition To Certain Features
Very Strong But Measure May
Pass Upper House Tomorrow
WASHINGTON, Pril 10 fAssOcIa
ted Press) TThe Sedition Hill, which
firovldes for drastir punUliment of dis
ovallsts, who eviilemp their disloyal
ty in word or act. will be tnken up for
iebate in the sennte today under the
rule limiting debute pti-l Inst night
afr a bitter nvht. The bill is the
most drastie In it tennn vet proposed
and opposition to certain features of
it is very strong. o Mr. me that it was
feared by senate lenders tlint a fihbus
ter against it milit lie Attempted un
der the usual senate rule of unlimited
May Pass Tomorrow
Leaders hope, irol i the xiiecial rule
preventing debate from or nying the
floor as long as thi s di-mre to have the
bill brought to a vote end piHscd by to-
This bill has been Mirioimlv and seri
ously amended in rm.nni: t.-e, the most
mportnnt amendment lieum that pro
posed by Wenstor roindexter snd writ
ten into the bill by the judiciary com
mitten. This aniendncnt prescribes im
prisonment for twenty venrs and 10,
500 fine for "whocvir hnll by word or
set support or fnvor the muse of the
German empire or its allies in the pres-
lit war or by word or net vpposo the
aiise of the tinted stutes therein. "
The committee nlso npprovrd the same
penalties for persons obstructing gov
rnment wnr bond inues nnd for wil
i'nlly "attempting" ns veil as actual
ittempts to obstruct rt rui'iug or en
listment in the army.
Drastic Provisions
Tbe IVintlextr inuenilin,ent wonl
make it unlawful 't"i tiny per son or
persons in the present or hearing of
ithers to utter any disloy il. threaten
ng, scurrilous, contemptuous, slurring.
ibusive or seditious laiiutve about th
"overnmerit of the 1'nitc 1 Mates or th
sonstitution of the 1'nited Stntes, or th
President of the I nited states, or th
Flag of the 1'nited States, or the uni
Form of the army or nnvy of the I nited
-tntes, or the good and welfare of th
1'nited Htstes, or any other lan
.Mince calculated to bring the l"nite
tnte or the lTuited States liovernmeii
or the President of the t'uitod Htatf
'it the constitution of the United states
or the army or navy or nitldiers an
inilorn of the I'nitod Ntates or thn Fin
if the Cniteil Stntes or the good an
velfnrc of the 1 nitet States into cor
tempt, scorn, contumely or disrepute
i u v Iniiiruaue calculated to incite or in
'lame resistance to any duly const
iilcd federal or state, authority cm
nected with the prosecution of war; o
hrcaten the e-ood or woltare of th
'nited StHtcs or the l.'nitoi) Stat
government; or to advise urue or inci
ny curtailment of production in thi
ountry of anything or things, prodiu
ir products iiei-essary or essential t
he prosecution of the war in which t!
nited States may be engaged, with ii
cut by such curtailment to cripple i
hinder the t'nited States in the pros
ution of such .war.''
The committee was unanimous in it
iction. Other amendments written int
he lull by the committee with tl
ninc drastic penalties provided, pr
dibit disloyal or abusive utterances i
writings, display of enemy flags i
i ii v acts fending to curtnil productii
of essential war products, or "to m
vocate, teach, lavor or defend sue
W. S. S.
$44,000,000 LOAN
WASHINGTON, April 9 (Associat
Press l - Greece will receive a loan
44,(100,000, it was announced todny by
the tieasury department, whon the
Greek parliament passes legislation an
thoriziug the reception of the loan.
W 8 8.
NFW YOUK. April 10 (Associat.
Press Owing to the high cost of liv
ing the government of Haden, Germany ,
has appropriated 14 000,000 marks foi
an extra allowance for state emplovet
according German newspapers. Mar
ried employes receive a bonus of l-'OO
marks and those unmarried 100 marks
w 8 t --
MSTKHIM. Aoril 10 i As,,,, i
i ted Press i- There is great excitein.-ut
in the German liberal newspapers over
he discovery that the Gerinnn Father
'and is sending out its letters oft paper
with the watermark " Fxtra Htroi ;''
in F.nglish. "Was this paper furnish,. I
bv the Knglih Fatherland Flirty?''
asks the l.eipsi.- Volkszeit ung.
W 8
IV Maulapit.
cently was I, n
law on tin ni!
is i a , 1 1 i b 1 , 1 t,
steps to nun
whether Kill pi'
Fi I i pino lender, w ho re
ed a licence to pract i
ud that ns a Filipino h -i
,it iensh i p, is ti.kniL:
the whole nuestiou ot
oh may become citiens
up to the Tinted States Supreme Court
A number of ,-outlictiug decisions have
ivi-n b' the lonrt on this que-
t ion and Maul
it proposes w i th tin aid
( of Ins count rv in, n lu re to make a to
i case of his suit lie heads a coium it t ,
which hus sit out to raise funds f,
the purpose of employing legal tounsi
Liquor License Commissioners
Will Continue To Issue
Licenses As Usual
The liquor license lionril for the Is
land of Hawaii has bulked at the pro-
iawnl that it follow the example of the
boards on the Islands of Kauai and
Maui and refuse to issue more liqaof '
icenses, though this course was sug
gested in a ronimunicsttou from the i
Governor. The refusal of the board for!
Hawaii to issue new licensee would
bring prohibition for the whole Terri
tory without congressional action, as
President Wilson's order banishes the
iquor traffic from Onhu snd the li
cense boards for Maui and Kauai hava
announced they will issue no new li
censes. On March 27 the Governor sent a
notice to liquor license commissioners
and boards of supervisors as follows:
"Attached is a copv of Executive
Order No. i!H.-, signed on March 2,
by the President of the United States.
In order fully to enrry out the Intent
of the order it is desirable that ' no
liquor licenses be granted."
In its reply to this communication
the license board for the Island of Ha
waii says, "It feels it has no right
to assume legislative powers, which it
oubl be doing should it issue a notice
that no more licenses would be grant
ed. " Yesterday the Governor sent the
following letter in reply to this com
munication. "R. T. Guard, F.sq.,
Secretary of the Hoard of License
Commissioners, llilo, Hawaii,
"Dear Sir Your communication
April 4th receivod.
"It is the custom of nil Territorial
license boards to consider each appli
cation for a license and in so consider
ing to take into account not merely
the business interest of the, applicant.
out ine weirare ami etnicai standing
of the community for which they act.
"The boards of the counties of Kau
ai and Maui have expressed their Views
3s to their duty. If applicants are dis
appointed the courts are open to them.
There is a distinct difference on. this
question between the counties of
Kauai and Maui and the County of
" Respectfully,
W. 8. 8.
Travelers Will Get Permits and
Long Delays and Red Tape
Will Be Avoided
In a letter received from Delegate
Kuhio's secretary, he says that the
rouble over the requiring of a passport
if all travelers to Hawaii has been
ibout straightened out with the state
lepartmeiit. He wTites:
"The state department has ironed
nit its difficulties in the passport ques
ion insofar as that apply to Hawaii.
n order to check uu on " travelers a
passport has been demanded of every
one leaving the mainland. Right now
ongress is getting ready to place on
he statute books a most rigid passport
aw. It Is necessary that the govern
uent have its eyes on manv Who travel
i ud while the passport order has occa
ioned some confusion, those who have
ml to undergo thia discomfort and
roubles to journey to Hawaii know
hat they aro simply helping out their
:,ivernment in war times and have uot
''As the Delegate has stated there
s no disposition on the part of of
ii ials to discourage tourist travel to
Hawaii. And at the same time the
Delegate, following his conference with
-Wrctnry of State Lanaing, said the
rder was only temporary, lie has been
advised by the citiaenship bureau of
he state department that within the
t two weeks the passport order for
'rn voters for Hawaii from the msia
and will be a thing of the past. A'
er that time protective travelers will
',-t a )Hriiiit from the immigration au
horities at San Francisco or at Ho
lolulu, this avoiding long delays and
much red tape. But with these travel
rs permits issued the government will
know who is traveling and why.
Just a Bundle of
ftaary WsJrT
.Nervousness and nerve pains otte.ii
come front weak kidneys. Many a per
son who worrlee over trifles and is trou
tiled with neuralgia, rheumatic pains
i:ii,l backache, would find quick relief
through a good kidney remedy. If you
have nervous attacks, with hea'a-les
backaches, dixzy spells anil sharp.
shooting pains, try Doan's Bac.kachi
Kidney Tills. Tiiey are for the relief
of weak kidneys nnd have brought
,,oi.l( benefit in thousands of such
W hen Tour Back is Lame Kemem
ber the Nsme." (Don't simply ask fo
a kidney remedy ask distinctly for
Doan's Backache Kidney Pills ami tukc
no other). Doan's Backache Kidney
1'ills aro sold by nil druggists and store
keepers, or will be mailed on receipt of
price by the Hollister Drug Co., or
Benson - Smith ft Co., agents for the
Hawaiian Islands. (Advertisement)
rritm ntvin WIICIIME
Ulll I iuii iiiiu t Ull I UUULUL IIIIU. v
Along aHuodred
Roar Notice of
Offensive Near at Hand
NEW YORK, April 10 (Associated Preis) Switching tfjrjain .,o y
center of their attack, as was anticipated, the Germans yes-, , ";L
terday launched a wild offensive against that section of the west .
erti line running from ' Givenchy, south of Lens, northward past
LaBasiee and to the vicinity of Armentieres, the battlefront being
between eleven and twelve miles in length.
' This front is defended by British, Portuguese and Canadian
troops, who have withstood the terrific bombardment that -preceded
the infantry attack and have, along all but a short portion of th
line," repeatedly thrown the attackers back with1 heavy slaughter .
The1 German infantry is in great numbers, supported by fratsaod:.
artillery, and is hitting the line hard. ' ' 1 ;
bombardment that opened the offensive was 'pirhcularl
severe, shells of all calibre raining down upon the British. and Port'
ueuese positions, while the countryside for miles around' trembled
under the concussion of the guns.
m kiuv fir in rHnAHM
There has been extremely violent artillery firing aid' along1 the
greater part of the old line couth of Arras, but here no Infantry
actions have been attempted. The fighting at Amiens has ended
for the time being. ,
i -i
An official report from London on the operations ear the Bel
gian, border says that the new attack of the Germans has gained
them some ground in the neighborhood of Neuve Chapelle, north,
of XaBassee, at Fauqirissart and Carddonnerie Farm. ,, ,
The official German despatches, dealing with this new phase
of the offensive, say that north
trated the British and Portuguese
violent artillery duel on both banks of the Somme, . j,. ,.t.i n, v ,',i't,
"On the southern bank of the Oise," continuca the jGjrrnan.res,,. "t
jort, "we threw ,the enemy. back across the Oise-Aisne eanal, b-,;
tween Coucy Je. Chateau and Brancourt". . !c. v'fr,
Paris reports violent artillery fighting during Monday night and
Tuesday morning in the region of Montdidier, but there were no'
infantry clashes. The advanced troops of the French south of th
Oise withdrew before German attacks to prepared positiens south"
wesrt of the lower, forest of Coucy. "nt ff'i v 1':
The artillery actions of the Germane are more tor 4 ess general
along a hundred miles c'stettt'frwftfrand'fleaeindk ,
tioh that a Renewal of ' Aedrrve upon Afnieni H Tti fcdme' 'shortly. 'J'.
Teavier German attacks than any that have yetHtefl'lkimtfietf ttnr' Tr'.
expected at many poinU between Arras and NSyon?,,,;', z'-h :t!hs'
, GENERAL GOUGH RECALLETJ''1 - i ' t-.u :'
It was announced at London yesterday that .Qejieal GpUh, the, ,.''' .,
ommander of the British fifth army corps, which withstood the .
original onslaught of the Germans in.tbeApril offensive, has been C,!.
-ecauea. Denainz an investigation
he blame for the failure to destroy, a numbejr of bqdges. .upon which
:he Germans crossed the Tortille and Somme at some points, f i','1' '
LONDON, April 10 (Associated
Press) A declaration of war upon Ja :
pan by Russia s being seriously con ;
sidered by fremier l.eniue, according
to a report of. -m address made by the :
uoisnevia loaaor at Moscow vesieroay.
inscusBing lU .nu.nB -u v .a,., o ,
it. i a: a 'i...i:.
stok of a force of two hundred and fifty
Japanese mannes, ro preserve -rr
auu pro.eci me ives ann ..roper,, o.
Japanese at tie Hibenan "caport,
which landing was followed by another iu th(, rar Kas. u ofHcU1 ru-d
oi marines from a Brit.sU warship, ,,,., ,VKin There, in s report made
Pem.er l.en.ne annuuneod that pro). , . ,ht CMwm! ,Hnerlll ,uff to the war
ably Russia will have to declare war , d tjnrnt it ,(
upon Japan rego-ding the lamfing as , re(:ruitin ,,, Uhinm teegr)h:
.-mi unfriendly act nnd d.recte.1 against Hri) ,nrollt;hout Manchuria ami despatch
Russian sovereignty. , . i in ii9rman ,,rf(Ugandista through She
Moscow Excited J country. .
The landing of the mixed force at ' (
Vladivostok has created the most in , riDJand Is BeaUa ; .
tense excitement at Moscow, according
to the despatches.
All of Friday night from curly even
ing until after daylight, the coinmis
saries were in session. The foreign
commissioner summoned the Amcr
iean, FYeneh and British represents
fives and protested to them emphatic
ally. He said the only solrtmn offer
ed was the immediate withdrawal of
the landing forcos.
WASHINGTON, April -.(,Oflicial i
- A Imautiful silver vase, thu gift of
the Japanese emperor, was presented
today to Mayor Ralph bv the Japanese
consul general, as secoi;mtiou of the
courtesies which Ban Francisco has
officially extended to Viscount Ishii
aud his party, recent visitors here
W. S. B.
LONDON, April 10- (Associated
Press) As the result of a collision on
Thursday last, a British destroyer was
lost with all the members of he. , i ,
This was announced last ri;' : In the
Miles Big Guas
Another Big
The Allies' artillery majntafnied "
' ' ' "
of LaBassee the Gerinaoa pene
positions. Berlin also Reports
ra aexcxmine uDon wnom xo oiace .. - '
The representatives of th three,
other countries thought the situation
was not 'critical but was purely local
and was only temporary In Its nature,
Hun Influjeoce Bnreadinff
Thai nMi,,. ;,fl. t
4 Man;
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In the meanwhile (leruian troops have
, oiupb'tely over oiue, the Red Ouards
in Finland and WavT'de-fmrnrflsd the dis- ''.
armament of all Kussinn vaf ships in '
Finnish waters ttv' "frlilAj'yMnisMi''AsJ
matum which the ilussjan, I'pmmii
e.s at llelsingforV hve' aftreefla
ply with. .) ! J. i ,,-,
The fall of HclsMigfura, the Finnish
capital, is expected . shortly and 5 the
citv will be oVr.nfnVd by' -the QtwrafcdSJ
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1 LONDON, April U (Associated
J'rrssl All London is talking of the
-inuior than an American airplane has
just successfully concluded a nonstop
flight from New York to England, ear
rviiig twelve passengers. Th fact that
oflicial denial of such an achievement
has been made only adds to the cuf
i t in y of the rumor.
WASHINGTON, April 10 (Associ
ated Press) Governmental eeatroPof
shipping has increased ths amount ft
tonuage available for transatlantic uses
bv twenty iierceut during the month
of March.
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