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"' C"".f'l" 1 tH
Hawaiian gazette. Friday, april; z, ,i9i8M-SEMt,yEEK ' . . ','. ,
Cense Masses of Infantry Are
ugucss Bear Brunt of New At
tack Along Twelve-Mile Front
From Armenticres To Comines
,. rcn:t! Masses of Infantry Arc
Thrown Against Allies Who
.' Give Ground But Keep Their
Line of Defenses Intact
l".V. YORK. April 11 - As
soci.lted I'rt-s ) - Fir I ho
' '. ' ' third time the Herman army is
making a mighty effort to bre'ik
through t!ic British line in the
- neighborhood of Ypres and the
V' rtiihty conflict, which will rnl
ably he known in history as the
Third Hat tie of Ypres, is raging
' with an intensity that surpassc
1 ... ' any single battle yet of the war.
, i The (iermans, in flense mase.
have been thrown against the Uti
' v tish lino along a twelve -milt
front, from before Armcntiercs if
the Comines Canal, northeast of
Ypres. Tley have made progress
'.' and at two points have driven
salients into the British and Port
. ujjuese fronts.
Bet w e e ;i Armenticres and
Wanu'toti. on 1'dgian soil, one
' '' wedge has been thrust as far a
Plorgsteert, captu'ing the greater
part i 'I the I 'logstccrt Woods
which wiliicscd desperate li.uh;
ing in the first year of the war.
Farther south, in France, an
'; other wedge ha'- been driven he-
' . tWCC!) Lalj.t-sre and 'nient iere
: '. . across the low country towards
' Kstaire.s. TKis wedge is partieu
lariy iicsp and has reachel a
'"p'ofnf wli'cYc'a fUrtlu r C '.ertnan ad
vancc will threaten the imporl
anl cits oi I'ethune
f '
The British. I'l-rtngii'-se an-!
Canadians ate lightit'- i . r cu
inch of ground
tremend' us t I
ami a:v t.iUng a
of the eivtnv.
a : e ' ' a i ing wide
The allie-
Hvs'tUh through t!
rank's ti e ginni t
open sight- and at
range. Machine gtt-i-ttoiltlilltoui
lire, takn
man line and k i 1 i : i
while the i i Ih im n .. n
their anmnin t ; i I
liailsted an.! a ;
1. filing Ih . i .i mi i
ailiiimij't in Iii ; -rt'w
- u ; I'd io o' . h
i a i man
i ing it'i
maintain .a
; the ier-
' ' u-.au
.1 im.: ttnti".
i,n - e
torn !' t
-at 1 1 1 1 1 '
. ! I ! I 1 1 at U
make NO L ac ii
Now lu-re al'.nu ll'i- itotit win
' .' t lie ( i i-: 1 1 1 . 1 1 . - ..hh- t . I r a i
throiif." h . a ii 1 1 at t r 1 1 1 1 writ-anv
gains titaih 1 1 - 1 i . i a. a u'.t .-a
' dearly iin t a
SoUlhra-t ..I 'fi- 'In- n '
, mans uia.l' .i .uiiiln-r oi i-itort-'A
to sci'lire aa .i.'i.iiiu- that woii'i!
permit the tbiikni.; of iniv
Ki(l(;c. hut ra. 1 1 -ii. !i eiTort us
thrown haelv '.iiit 1 1 I he enemy
-;tV'ithdrW, itit'.ii'try ainl devot
I'd I.i- attr'i'ioi, at tin- point ti
artillery a tt ..!.. 'I !i -tli. tit e
terday unil iaM nihi the hoiu
' bardment ot the I '. r 1 1 i -1 1 po-jtioti
v.ion thin famous ruim was tor r i tie
- and maiiitahu l without a hreak
. l ilt hatlK oii; in . t i-ilriihn'
hiorritn with a tiititi. I .uili.ird
. ' rrteiK of the Anl.. ! 1 1 ui;ue.-e
lines. fol!i -v. in iii 1 1 the infan
try ah iinrei! 1-,fy. their way
forward. 'Ii-rraril-, n the jreat
nitniher that lYII an I let inning
; , their rank- i- 1 1 v ( ame "ii. the
"' ficnn.'iiis point ! r i.. the front
t lines aihl nnlc a i.if.l to tiht
1 - their in n r . 1 i i h.iml t.
'-. hand hattliiii,'. t 1 h . inehv the
'"' Germans -m ert-ili-.l m ia u Inn
.the ruin- ol the t i I n; were
IwttVu 1 ii'!-. h v't .. - o 1 1 Imri
' t'fe.l.lia n- r i:i l'i li-h hau.U.
III 111 - I I !
, in ' : li e
cee 1 ' 1 ' t'
thousand five hundred yards, the
movement cutting off a section
defended by Portuguese artillery.
The-e gunners fought desperate
ly, making fearful, execution in
the Cerinnn ranks Jut they were
lii!aii overowered. At this point
the .ermans captured the greater
mnmicr of the prisoner and kii,1s
thev claim for the 'day.'-
I ie British lines south of
i im-:. i iercs vtere.bent, but at no
;. a e along- the ffont, according
... t. i- reports of Colonel Maurice.
B.i.ish "Fy AV'ittiess". did
llies lose anv hitrh round
. i ...
'a a a pMitio'ns of importance.
I ' (.rrnt.in high command is
,,i.t-- making another desperate
i - -1 to break through the h".n
tci'te line and make the long de
md il:v-h ljr Calais or I)imkirk,
I'.timg off the Belgian army en
;,rl. So far the line has held
iv! there is no apprehension at
i i-h headquarters -but that the
i - oi v of the two jre iotii at
tempts to cut the line at ihb
oi t will be repeated and at even
greater relative cost to the enemy.
(eneral Haig, rejxutiug on
w.erday's battle, sas: "T'ie
(iermans. through' the emdoy
nient of great nfasscs of infantry.
ou'it.ned to gain ci'ound on out
lortherii fron t vestcrdav.
I iicv
ire maintaining their pnvir:iii
it:a 's on our K)sitioti; and the
'', x h hae been forced back t
he W t.-chaetc line on the Me-me-
ridge and at Ploegsteert."
The official German report on
he battle says: "We have taken
ri-otter six thousand men and
cap'urcd one hundred guns be
ween Armenticres and the I. a
Llassee Canal and our troops h.ic
ro--ed the Ls River at --exeta'
I i its between jrmentieres and
K-taircs. North' f Armenticres
-vc ltae penetrated the Briti-h
' ino-s on bo'ih sides of Warnetoh."
w. s a.
Captain of Holsatia Says He Is
a German rnd Not An Amer
ican and Tries To Win
KAN KKAM M't, Afiil 11 (Aswi
;utcl l r. v. I am : Ocrninn nml
t 'oi Ami" i.-ari. I .(. i-viTyf hln in
my Kmer im ! i in;iln r i-ry fir mourn
0 ui tin' iar tur m unlive lanil,"
Vntirn!! Ci'i'.-nii I'li.it. lii imt'lv (if the
t.Ti l.l It -t' i- I'm! ..I i:. " hil-jl llll).'lll
i-liiyi- :it IV '. ...as there in
(liti-d mril li.- a.' I:i:i"iiiii nf r l
iir !
i i nit (jennn av
n ii in the fcdcrHl
Kr.i.il Conapirury
- 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 v nf ycft
i m:i ii t-liifiini si it.'
1 1 1 . ill t i-iiy tin 'ii
' l ; yi'iain- :i
i 1 1 . '. .li t this tfi
i . 1 1. ii i . t.f :.ii.' i:i
. i , : , i. . -I in li mm
I In r-i- I j-nil-
'.! . r it-1 it'll he
I ' . t i-i : i.i ii t i til
i I r i iM r it.
l i ii : he n aj''-
!e ror I'..
niirr ii I'..
'l.lt... a.-M
'.-.,! I.i-.
..sc- I" '
I, IT'; i. .!
Iirir n.. n I
(':.,.,. , I
to- .
('tin' i aa urn - ii! .-.;i.i liiiiiirste-i'Jeri!
wliitic n a.n .s.iilat n i-.i i.i a recent viail
cliurjic.l tliat tiic Makcc Hujar Com
jm ii v ha. I -l.ut nil' tin- flow of water of
Kiipiilii In. ii f'r.iiii tin- li.ani'Htead luinln
have ite. ii denied in :i . ninniunleation to
l.aiiii C hh in i i n.cr !!ertr:m (1. Riven
.tiirli I'rn'ii II. '.'
i .1 - A e r 1 1 1 ii
tt) : S- iff IT .11 I
t-iliiii. lu.il.:: e- !
tie li.iliete;i
ul! ci s. iniiiiajfcr of the
i 1 1 1 1 1 1 i . iitioii w an in
I . 'iv the land com
. . .an of the plan
, 1 i muplnint made
W'oltera say ir
his letter:
v, . l,i. e v - fine. I favor tlf
. '. .. ma .i-i li:- ' ! i-i not'tf v von
that this pln.it.it it.il h:ii iiiM'i , nor h 'B
any intent of .l:nni; :iiiv nhstin-le t.
," (-.,., f-,v, a ite- tiirm'h Kapahi
ditch; in !:i. l ::l . in1 nen expense havi
we talie-i 'ine "' the d.teh and ri'Hei
"On in etui. i i.f th - heavy freshets
tt c mcic 1 1 ' ' - l- ' I i ii the nate in
unler ..ei r! il d. strnctiiin of the
rcsei via i - t
In n " i i ti,,. i i iliiet lictHeen the
stutemcnts i.i i. ).i esciitat i ve of the
luiiii'-stendr! s i ml th .-e contained in
the It r 1 . the : t nit iiiiimisnioiier bus
t.r l.Ttd W iUi ni. Hind -. 'IVrritpriul mi
ter Hi'eiit tu in I . mi i n vi'Mt itzntioii of
etin.'il iuiitt mi t:. M.'.if idn'ita'imi and
u:i the htuiie t. i I facts ami repoit.
vv a -
S I l;. M ! -. 1, April l'i fOlli
ciuli Tin- .a.' . mit riluitioii of eves
I'm tint i t : ..mi s o inure han
i ti '. ..i l i 1 . ,' mi l .a her tfltis-..-
t I' nil tit- i.i' : i ..ie yti, I ie. lei
rVOpet! I .j Mlilill :t... opelll jl:isl'!'.
Great Battle Js' ' Rabintf Fiercely
ninn n uJaJaa
"ILrfV J
Ni:W ' YORK, Ajirll
i I Prnux) A long n
l:ai itii!tJ in IriiK'li
Vimt front,
tho f if rent
tu!i. i out iniiCil to rmje vi'storHMT
Wliili- thr niONt intoiiHo ft :( ; ' n j o-nr
ri-.i 'n thr north nml hid Im'iic liy.the
Uritinh nii'l l'ortiiiieo frooA, 0r
I '-' r : ll
nit loim V rri" futijet'tpd, iu M
lii'uvv hIicIIiiik by iht fnemy t .i! orv
in hIii'IHiio hv flip rneinV 'ti'orv.
Tl. s:r.'nl hnttla lino QXtixlii v.t"if'
I - tn Com-hy' WtliutMiii fur firn
lie f " 1 1 ii li front.
I ii itT the cover of . their Jioavy(r
iii'-v I'mt th (lormniiM lur.-h.l .v
nl iH'n.-liK npainut Vn'iioli iosilinn5
a ii'n li Ntiiformly faileil. N'r Minril
ii m: Inirre the fthtiug vvim cr.:, ml
.(.-iy. The pnoiiiy ent forw'nr.l
jo: t ir..',- of madnp't tnxi tmt tlip
ren. h i-oiiiitiTO'l heavily iirol droT ht
an iv luu k wiih bt svy lonon.
Wont of Cnstlc Noyon Gorman ut
!rak: pruveit equally fruitrpm.
3ct'i Served On Commission That
Drsw, Up Basic .Princi
vplei Fcr Agreement
W AHIJiOTON, JVpril (dfficfnfY
l'i eiidcnt .V'ilwn has appointed forip.
t I oiirltTit Tnft aiiJ Ttniik P. Walh
is tnn of the M'.rmbei' of the War
t.dliitr Counril r.-lilch. U " d'ri(irc(J t"
,im into effett Jhe i4aha mrwil npon
. tSe ronferee of rapital and lu)o:
ri.r :i net of. ic pfiivciple to i nx 1 1 r
..Mr.. Itween , lnlxf. am( tnpitnl ilur
im; tin- war una for a continuance of
In hihi'tit po.sjibje apeed in iiuhmtrv
' u . i r. j that nv(ioV Thla council wjl
It i he thr arbitration board to whirl,
ill ni-ft:0'i ul to be ubmittel.
Wlic ii. ionfcrera Hfrt iiameU by lnboi
tn. I tnpital .Tuft, iwaa tha (imt chuicc
f tlie roprcHcutativen of capital nnil
Vulrh huh pained by labor. Hot).
ciAi'it in M.e nmfi'-niii1 iin.l luith nii;n
l the rcriort -ultiuiUi'd to Seeretarj
Vt;m ufkI rcio'tirweinleil by It 'mi to th
'rvii'!i nt. 'I lis Aelwtion- of these tw
hi h:ul tin' innl'doiiie of thoae whoir
hev were railed niton to represent aad
ave nmini.nar.l .hot conlldtnce by tjif
epoTt ri;rreil apou and nf.ihrod, i.i' r
l.-irilllll (.iticilr...
Must Hunt Up All Who Failed To
I'nit.il stntes Mnrthnl .1. .1. Sniiild)
uitrt re. ei w.l new iiiKt rut t mils fruin tin
Icpartnieiil nf justice whiih requtrc
hut a tliiii'Uicdi sciircli lie inude by tilt
department I'm Ocnian n.ieii eneme:
who have lulled tu register uuil that
!iic-c !, ii 1 1 . en en I'mind, be reuiateri'ii
llV III Ills
r i on ut'
hat a.e
ThC i
oi II ' lit'
listed s.
a ' 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 tn the iustitu
.1 in in eedi iis i n i-use.-
,iiii wi t nlr 1 1mt rarlt
si l li
n-uie .ii l'if tUtMisaii'l in
i i t'll IIS li! I'Mll) mIiiiII In
;i - a! el a :i d a Isu the nun ur
ban i rt.is.
Aniithei 1'i.tiMon ii('dic to tin
chai'itf ut ico. lea -c itilliin the tlintrjet
of alien em lines, uhicli may be tloue
iinly mi the i--iiine id a permit hy tin
rcyistiHt flicer ut' the locality .il-
.ihiili tlie. Im-. The rfe;islratiou enn!
must h1" In' ciulotsed I iy the resist ra
titin itfi. ei in i isi s of chanxeil reiil
On refusal ut' the registration ofliije'
ii issue this permit :in appeal in poii
tile to t'ie Tailed Slates marshal.
Marshal Sini.ld.v said yesterday tbnt
it in lie'icvc.l a nrnriv complete rcg)
trntion has lieen cfTcitcd in the Terri
tory, ult liuiaili the tidal unrulier jn shprt
of the number that was cumpileil frpfn
various statistics befurchanH. However
i aearch i i II be iustituted at once ,to
discover mo w ho hioc evaded the re)f
istratiun rules.
- - W. 8
ted Pre--' CI :u;
ion of n ii .m i .ut n
the ser v ii e uf t lie
ISH .! It.-'i Kretlei ii
. April I0 Ass.teia
e I with the expres--eii!
iinents while in
Cnited Htstes army,
k Id'Hcho of the 'din
rcMin N -t mi;. I Ituard hns been smn
Tiiiiily tl ir,th;t ' eed from th srmv un
ler unlets Hlnt'h cre issued to lay.
Kesi-he is (itiiuiin burn and the sen
tin. cuts hIii.1i he is hi , used of having
ciitertaiiied inul uttered ere extreme
ly pro iii im, ii Whether prua'JMoll
is to t'ulloM hns not been uiinoiinced.
W 8 8
I U C i tl Ih
;ile sub e. I -
Ii.mh Ie
i Mi" childr'n
- of the bowels
must careful nt
any un'ia'ural
is ii'diee'it ('hnrh-
n ! -In
II' Hill
, t Hi
I' I
iihouu fluini'ifyl
v.',- bv 1I d'.-l-'
agon's f ir
PlfcTyi" PcTn! iatt
V o"ajd SIrnRar. Growth
. ExnccterJ n Aon
(Ircnt inrcpBie in thr t mm nee of
fX)(irtii oVeiei U report ert by pnv
prnmert ofB.'lalu show m K the
up hich la belli (J obtiiinr'l
npcratioa, . MU1I (i outer im
tin nuiutb arc fnrecHMt
In Mareh the aliipinentK nvrr eim
erf twenty peTcent (ji-e.-iter tluin in
February and the April tunniiKi' i elt'
pcati'd ytf, b twerly pereint fronter
.ihannVn jMafh(.. thu Iiot Init a forty
perront..1iie!3i 1 f0 tnontha.
The'"ware- -tioWMelilin , ejirryinR
toppllfa'ard -liVhW jpd tli'Anio
and theybuve a enpneity of 2,.-!H5,.".44
tona each trip. , i
To rnoterntion between the ahippinR
board and tuei-war ilepartnmnt i rt
tributd the inoreaaea in xiiippiiiK thut
ara aliuv B.
W. S. -
iki Ask To
To Retain Armies
Represent To Germany That
Landing of lapanese At Vladi
vostok Is Menace
ioViated Press) Vcrmission has
licen asketl from (lerman.v by the
Ruaaiana tn postpone further the
demobilisation of the Russian army
t. h.cn uas hern in projrresa since
the ratification of the Hrest I.i
tovk treaty. It is explained in
the reqnest thnt tjic lauding of
Japanese force? at Vladi vohtok
mil les neceacary the ninintiiinin
of armiel' to repel aninvr.sion of
filieria which Russia is preparing
to meet. These I'dviies were con
tained in a Rente, 's despatch from
l'ctroj;rail which snitl the Bolshe
viki of the foinicr Kussiim capital
hail made the rc picst.
Moaeow despati hct snitl that n
delertatlon from the All Siberian
xovieta jihil presentctl a formal pro
test , i'ftitifcst the landing to the
Japanese consul at Vladivostok.
w. a. s.
"tepor tsJShdw Tide of Hun Sub
marine Succrsses Is Once
NTore Ebbing Fast
NKYV V,ui;K. April 11 - (A ssiieiatt'd
Press 1 Losses of I'ritish nml Frencl
merchant .sii'.ppiui; wus nlitiost at lou
.lib last viek, the British losses, es
ecially, bcinx the sinallcst reported iv
:iie Jiritish admiralty since last autumn
Kor the week cmliiitf Airil (i, London
advices said, t'ne liritiah losses through
submarining nail from mines were foul
vessels uf more than 100 tuns rejristry
two smaller iiierehant craft and twi
fishers, eijtht in all.
From l'aris the minister of marine
reported the loss of two vessels ot
more than laoo tons registry.
W. 8. S. -
Witness Testifies Against Gsr
man American Alliance
WASHINGTON, April II -(Associu
ted Pi ess i - Although it bus been an
noiiuced by the secretary of the Ger
mini American Alliance thnt that or
guiii.atioit will lib-solve tomorrow at
Philpdi'lphis i mi a "tip" fioin Wash
iugton thnt it Mas bettor to uct ill ad
vanee of (he report uf the senate judje
iary i-tuniiiitlee whl h hns been inv'VV'i
gating tlm chnr-es of disloyalty mailt
uguiuttt the alliurce, the ln'UI'iuy pro
3eei'i'd further before the -imte ccln
mit tee today.
PrufesMir Sjterry of Hyrncu.se I'ni
versity i. as tl. thief wit'iess befort
he committee I nlay. He tostilled that
there was a propt.piirda whi' h had beicri
intleiti.ki n by the German langimgr
press to foment distrust lnrtwem:
his couuli.v a 1I Geraiany uul under
took to connect up the alliance w it I
this propaganda.
- - W. B I.
WASHINGTON. April III--( Assis-i
ated Press Heuator Williuin .1. Stone
of Missouri, chuirinan of the foreign
affairs committee, was stricken with
purnlvsis while riding in a street car
here totlav. His left side is affected.
His phvsiciuii hiivs that his situation is
ieiious hut not crmcni.
W. 8. 8.
M)lON, April 10 ( Associate 1
Press i--The wnr office has prepnrc.l a
scheme of demribiliantion which i!l
make it possible to ilemobili.e tit'
British army in Mi tlu.vs. taid Watt' i
Kuiicimun, former Piesnlcrit ot le
board of trade, iu a speech Utro.
WASHINaTq.N, April Jl-(Aworiii
teJ iren) Amorletm ir fighting hi)
'ltanY' hodflf" to BhQulili'f with
the Uritisll to -eifl'th' ificJ tta 1
WASHINGTON, .April JLr-(Awocia
ted Preea) Americana are fijhtliiK hip
of the grojr flad borbea. JReporta from
the Brltiak front laft nlfffat told of the
o "1 X n-T I "lvt ytorday of ahe .flrat Ameri-
"'"mh ran flyhtiajt trooye. TW .,c ffrn x '.
cr.ni.eK t'flrtl Uh lnf wWdesl enthuaiaam by the
Thor ' arrived , Wferd.tv
, . '
: U fr"OT"1
ti. J.aTV '' I
iZ?A MBVti Mmf
. TE!2r Jun "li!Yit mBTih
aird, a thew ftrrWeil tbr.jr arete given
a' reI ,vatii.. Jt aa taluiion of:
oresenee on the firing; lino In the fiy it
in aone hna already been felt.
Officials PlCMed
Clnvernment officiala when the news
rearheJ hare, that onf foneea were at
sat. in the maelstrom of the great b a(
tie and were aiding the British to met)'
the tremaadooa blow -th enemy was
launchjnrf agninst them, expressed keen
Tt MUUou Baadr Soon ,
Addressing s meeting of the Katioa.
nl Chamber of. Commrcn la Chjaiio
yesterday fleeretry. of Navy Ianiels
a.sred (. bearers that ten milliun
brave and stalwart American miln
would aoon b ready, to tnke up the
battle for the world's demnersev.
MeW YorV BVVerve. Dbubies lis
Figures of Former Loans
; '''''. ;
WASHINGTON, April 11 1( Aaaocia-
ted Press) Figures received Jast night
from the New Tork federal reserve di- I
triet to which hna been assigned Je .
'arpest quota of the Third Liberty 1 .nan
aa it furnished the. larger of the to
precemng loans, ia rnr atieiul ot its
former reeorda. ,
New "York subscriptions are more!
than twice aa great now as they were
at tb Sam period of progress for ffcc
J . 1 . -..l.
jtociiiiu i.iiHTry loh. .eanv nsi
000,000 has already lieen subscribed,
vnic-iais express inemseives as tngr-
ughly satisfied with the progress taht
is being mntle.
The country through mure than dfO
-ommunities have already oversup
sc.rilted their quota and all ore cu'Lin
for honor flags.
WAHHIN0TON, 1. C, April 1V
(Officiall More thau a iiundred com
nullities have claimed the honor of
being the first to subscribe in full thqir
.piiitii of the Liberty Loan. 1) r.oan-
pletetl their quota within a few ram-
ates after the orlicial opening -of tie
"drive" Saturday and it id impossible
to determine tlie victor.
More than liOO communities report
that they have oversubscribed their
quota. The natiouul total ia still undis
closed. Secretary of the Treasury N(c
Vdoo in view of the heuvy subscript i()is
now proposes that there shalL be t).
(MMI.OOll subseribers anil thnt the total
aubsriptions be twice or thrica
minimum of three billion dollura.
- W. 8.
April 1 1 (Aarouiatftt
. . . 1. . I II V .
I. ( ) N Ll () N,
I'res- i Once i
rmiiol the wounded ami those eugngp I
rrands of inert v to the wounded,
an target for then atta. k. This tiuie
t is un American hospiiul coul iuu-oiit .
vhieh has siifTert'd from the
Tent oui
A Philadelphia hospital surgital
emu, operating from a casualty cleqr
t" -lation, uas heaviiy bombed y
hostile uircrnft today despite the f't
hut the Ked Cross wiis ebuirlv in view.
f their attackers. Two officers ntnl
nc nurse were wounded bv the exulol
ng bombs.
w. a. a.
WASHINGTON, April 1 1 - ( Aasotvii-
I Press) I bousands of caws of fail
in i' to file the reipnred return on n
ionics for the iiutviose of taxation un
tier the laconic Tax Law nave bucn
unearthed by treasury ileparlnient
Wnts. While there arc undoubtedly
tnanv cases where this was an over-I
lit or arose through misunderstapd
I ing it is evident there, are many cases
tn uiieoipveil ill I ooiiging, , t :
Immediate steps are, to ,!: taWn to
enforce the payment of penalties wherc
it is apparent tlje failure wis uot due
tu a misunderstanding of the, terms of
the law. AH delinquents n,re ,be
brnnirht into court under proceedings
fur collcitloii of tax and penalties
SAN KHANf'lSCO. April K" - (fji
i iai Jhe sole of forgot -me no Ihvv
toiinieres for the beueltt of the llelgbm
lelief funds on Ihe o.'i.lliilon of the KM'
niver-arv of the birth uf Kioff AIL it
of Heb'liini bt-oiilit total ll- i ip? ill I"
cess of $7(I,IHMI.
T.nnr-r rA-nrn....
inuri-r liiu i Luivn am'
miULi iui QLiuftnno
i 'Tb ftf A, problem will be, theilr;
fcinneimWHtloii, ? hipi afe needcil t
im rrj fur- pi env nrnuea mti snnn innw
nxniaat the. enemy."
Ha nrueaT"hle hearers to "comb the
bva2nra world fpr ahip workent''
D.:y'r CJauaJtles '
. hf 1
ravaalty -list announced today
r.t Ikn 1 .. n.. I. I:.. I
.i m- wiiirni t n HI llllt tmt
''"r' r.?v'. . ,v TV?
m icv Tiamew. ur tuena, ne were
iilld in action, three died of wound,
,''Ve of dieaiiea, aoven by aceidcTits,
wounrled and two miaain in action
'Inirtrea lieutonunts .re aon8 the
WASHINOTON, April 10 (Oflicial)
Details from the French bnttlefront
pt-ow that the American engineers when
the German offensive threatened the
Allied lines discarded their tools anil
a .untlv withstood the German initial
drive nenr Noyon, slaughtering the one
mv in mnes .until their machine gum
wei-e red hot, then withdrew s'ijfhtly
and repented their defensive work. He
tremnndona wne tha slnnghter that tliey
were sieknpd by the ertretiife, but
maintained their nnsitions, fiihtinn un-
til tho,,wcre ralievad. - A British of
fleer; commented) "They held on bv
their teeth."
Eigfity-two Arrester and Two
Hundreo More May Be
MII.WArKKE, April 11 (Associat
ed Press) Many alien enemiea in the
large Germanic population which. Wis
cousin contains have fulled to meet thi
government's requirements for re-reiris
tratioo and the "rouml-np" of such
delinmients is now in progress. Yester
dav-aightr-two arrests were mnde.
Officers" are busy seeking to locate
other doiinnuents, some of whom nr
mid to be in concealment, and it is
.... .. . .
gicl that more than two liundretl other
arrests may be expected
WAWELNGTO.s, April 11 (Asstxia-
ted Press) - nesides the 15IIJJ0O from
tha selective draft that it has already
been nniio'i ii'ed will be called thi
lUoiitli. 12,01.0 .will be culled under the
s"iectivc drift, thus making the ra"
no far ns is nt present plauned
for the uimiili.
Following a conference yesterday
t'li'i -.MIS a un ynn fed by Piovost ilursllal
fieneial' Crowder.
t ASlllNGTON, April lo (Ollicinli
I The iitii:.l fixing of the world inlut
lot si), im at n o.ilbtr an ounce is re
k' L'nri'ctl as probalt'c if congress e'niej
Oftjie Imv i.itipiisini.' the melting of 'J!)')
I'-on linn -ilver d .11:. is lor export urn
si'ttling o' trii.'.' '-ii In Sees. 11. id the pur
i eliai-iiig ot bullion ut a tjidlir nu 0UU''C
M"'', vh ' J;;iari and Huuth Amei
il' u ft "Til lit til I-fl'l I 4 IA II II t t II 1' Ml 1 V lr
. was
' AKMtl) MtX UANS A fill
; id. I'v.so. 'r,.j
April HI i so
c!;..t "I I' i s n
I. ill .1 tlm : r-i. .
nan troops todov
d N' n x ii :i ns i-1 ossi ii
up the hi re ui t of oil
tl e line ami too
er Meiiei'ii rani
I c. o Mexit-.-iie
it nt t ao t nt h mule!
were hilled eigV
miles southeast of K
. Pn:;o by Iir
lie American putro
at at ioued there.
g g
WVHHINUTON, April II ( Assoi iu
tetl Press) By an unie-'onled vote tli
senate vestenlav missed the bill whic.l
is iesi;iied to create an adequate pun
tshmeat for sedition. Ihere ,are soni
tlilTiHum'ei between the bill pasced b
the lower anil the upper house and th
nu"isure e ill now (,o into i iiferent c
N'n dniilit of a suct'tlv nirreemetit i
w. u a
iVveTr Dim IO niCCACC
""iiui.wus uioueioi-
SYibN'KV. Aiis'ru'ia N'ltrch Lr. t As
sociatetl Press: s,.1.H tolditoiun
tlenths arc repoitel as a vesult of
invtetimis di.c.t e f.i-'--i ''
scniblinu irl'i'e't e i-:t ulv ; s. 'hii-h hn
entlv iii'i'i t- -iioeai"'!" .' i" tl
in'HIitl ilisfiicts il New Simtll -.le
r' .! .... ' ' ,, .f .'it I ei Nu
ill In i. The bom. I tjX health hit- de
t -'hed ii Inri'c saff of experts to stutlv
and combat the tlisense.
PAZO OINTMENT is guarsntied U
cute' blind, bleeding, itching or pio
tjadiux PILliS iu 6 to 14 iln; n i.
UlwIH-V U-tUilitft Mullll 1 il im . I
ti c ' .K'S Ml. 1)11. !."'. i ' ' i .
He Mim
,f '-';.'. V. '': ' -;- - V '
; , . . . .. 1 . . , i . .y v , ;. -.. r t : , .
i' t ' 'i I fe ' , -mt ' t I
DiVbn' Asserts ililiary Rule For
Ireland ,Wit Si Necessary For
Rest of War Period If Meas
ure Shall Be Passed
rish Leider Says Government's
Estimate .of Nuniber Liable To
Conscription Is Nonsense, Five
Times Too Large '
LONDON, April 11 (Associa
ted Press) Following a
tortny debate, in which the op
position to the government was
cd by John Dit'on. the newlcad-
?r of the Irih Nationalists, tlie
Man Power Bill, which includes
onsrription for the Hrilish Ules,
ncludjng Ireland, jmsscd on sec
md reading in the house of com
nons last night by a vote of three
uindrcd and twenty-three to one
Tlie passage of the bill, after
he powerful speech made by
Premier Lloyd (ieorge in intro-
lucin; it on Tuesday, wns a fore-
'one conclusion, interest ccntcr-
ng mainly yesterday in tlie atti
udc to be adopted by the Irish
membcri in view of the promise
f the Premier to introduce
frih Home Rule Hill after the
v. onscrition Act hail liecome
During tlie progress of the de
bate John Dillon led the opposi
tion. He demanded that a plcbis-
ite on the question should be
taken in Inland and asertcd that
f the measure should be parsed
n the face. ,.pf the strong opposi
ion of the' Irish, which he said
vas a united opposition, only
nilitary force could maintain the
British rule itt Ireland.
"The estimate that there are
nir liundretl thousand men in
Ireland who could be secured for
the annv under this bill and
through the conscription which
it provides, as it has been made
'iy the government and told , of iu
lie speeches here, is sheer non
sense. There is no such number.
N'ot more than eighty thousand
could be drawn'for service under
the measure.
"If this measure passes you
will liac to maintain law in fre-
'and through military force dttr-
ng the ritibiiiiiler ot the war."
After the close of Dillon's
speech the vote on second read
ing was taken. It is expected tlie
tit.e on final passage will no! ina
erially differ from the figures of
- W. 8 B -
"efuse To Go To Fighting Front;
AMSTLUDAM, Ai.ril 1 1 Assnciiit
l I'rcssl fierinan soldiers hnve re
'unetl to (O forwurd to the, firing line
trul a mutiny which threHtcned to lie
erious hits lieen quellt'tl, nccordiiiK to
tlesiiHti ll liulil'isliOil iu the Telejjruf.
nhc troulile arose nt lle-.crloo t:init,
it'.ir Linljuru, I'msiiii.
After the ortlers were received l''r
hose troops tn proceed to thn (rent nii'l
'it'fiti-e the time for depurture hml ar
rived the tronjw mutinied mid Itefore
hev Hi-re u its in Itrouttht into siiliinii
nion three oftlcers hml hceu killed rfiul
Hevernl woundetl.
Those respousilile for the mutiny lui.l
I tec n arrested, the despntch saitl.
,w. a.
WASHINOTON, April 111 (Orlicial)
Mini) in Ai'iicutiiui, the eomitry hIhi-Ii
has siilTcrctl so much from ticriiiun in
trigue hinl has Mtill been kept out nf
the war, the Hiinivcrsitrv of the vutrv
of the Toiled Htates into tho Kii'.it
ctinflii't 'im Iir i ruf oli.tcrvi'd. ('iilitcriiitm
rciiMi.'.l fiuiii I'.ui-iiiih Airc-t tteluv ii I
tllllt t I Itt ' r-t I'll lil-'Vl II I ''lit H'liS ucrt'
elclii :it iii' t lie c i cut.
A V1
: .1 ' ? ". '
' ' y . -

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