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-iiiPT ri77i ro fiiiT
:: iii.M rii 1 r
Wasn't Even Guest of Honor At
His Own Wake Nothing
Spectacular About His End
When Death Came There Wasn't
Much Left of the Corpse But
a Bad Smell and a Hiccup i
The least spectnculr event in the
career of John Barleycorn iu Hoio
lulu was his death last night.
John hail made spectacle of him
nolf- on a good many occasion, a n't
generally he wan ble to tir up a pret
It fair commotion without half trying.
But when it came to dying, John could
n't show any flan. Ha didn't go out
in blaze of (tlory; he jut fir.x'ed
like, wet tire cracker. He wasn't
even; flic gnet of honor at hi own
That may sound peculiar, but in the
mu in it'ii a fai't. John wa hardly
present at the nbeequie. The faini
liar odor of hi spirit clung about the
plnrra where the funeral m being
helil, bnt that wan about all.
DM John may have been a ilpvil of
a fallow while he wa alive, but he
did 't show to murk advantage in his
final moment. He juat curled up and
died, that' nil, and there waa about
at much fun made over him in his
last moments a if he bad been a yel
low clou with the mange. The old boy
wai 'too weak before ke breathed his
lastjBven to leave a bad taste in the
mouth or cook Uf n hunch of headnches
for hi morning for hi devoteeH to
reniWuber him by.
A tjfw Beery loan
Ile didn't die entirely foreaaken nml
forgotten. There were aome of his
friewds on hand to shed a beery tear
at Qxi passing, but even they couldn't
work, up any excitement over it. It
wm funeral without the baked meats,
a wake without the uaual concomitantH.
14 other words, while there were
tbi' on band who would have been
glat to send the old boy on his way
on W flood of libation, there wasn 't
anything to libate with, except a lit
tie Jjeer that was hard to come at.
The ;mouriiern started in mourning go
early-in the game that by the time the
final" moments came the source of
mourning was nearly all gone.
And no, instead of laat night lieing
the wild and woolly time that had been
predicted, it proved to be nothing but
sordid, sullen evening with nothing
te lay the duat but water.
Bold Out Early
Honolulu waa practically "dry" at
1 six o'clock lost aighjt, as, far as the
Vie of liquor on thie ialand is con
eernod. With the exception of Love
joy ft Co., all of the wholesale houses
were completely sold out at four o'clock
and with the exception of draught beer,
every saloon in the city had disposed
of ita stocks by eight o'clock. No
' harde-tuff " was left.
Under these conditions, and with the.
laat minute rush of those who wished
to drink a porting farewell to John
Barleycorn, there was a reversal of the
Usual barroom etiquette. Instead of
the, Usual "What will you havef"
-"from the knight of the apron and bung
, starter, it was: " What have you gotf '
'from the customer. Those who started
the, celebration uf the day with Hcotch
- whiskey iu the morning, were satisfied
with liollund gin Inter in the day.
heypit" the, heavy demand oil all of
the saliHin yesterday, there was very
liMle disturbance.
Ttie I'rost Ha loon, Aulu Saloon and
MuuVise Huloon closed their doors at
five, o'clock last night. Lovejoy ft Co.
remained open until rive thirty o'clock.
Th's firm still lias a large iuantity of
liijtior on hand, which will be shipped
to Han Francisco. More than l0 labor
era, employed at I'earl Harbor, at
tempted to get liquor at this house last
night at six o'clock without anv sue
cess. A train which brings these men
up from the Naval Stiitiou was stulled
below Pearl City at four o'clock yes
ter.lav afternoou which delaved them
getting iuto the city al their usual time.
Mane heated arguments, in which the
railroad came in for a generous amount
of "cussing" were held on the curb
outside of the building.
Winery to Cloee
According to Dave Lewis, of Love
joy ft Co., the Kaupukaluu Winery on
Maui will close down at the end of
-this month. The greater part of the
. output of this winery is sold locally
Tne Kaupakama Winery produces an
nually about 7o,00(l gallous of wine.
It elanneit that JIMJ small vineyard
ista are affected by these conditions.
The Honolulu Hrewerv will continue
linsiness, but uo sules will be made on
this island. Shipments will he made
to the other islands, which in turn can
lie re-shiped here.
Leagu Will Continue Work
George Faty, secretary of the Anti
Baloon League, stated yesterday that
the organisation would eontinue its
' Tie California IWdV
A Boon to
System Builder
Mild Llret Tonic and Laxative
Fine Kidney and Bladder Remedy
Kemarkr.bl blood Cleanser
Owm KUm urn ma4 MlriU A iu mm
H OOietXtl 8 sJS.OO
.All lIK,k'l' it II ' I 1'l.llUUlOiU
Holes. HI.N II.. i N, .Vxiul
. Kekaullke sml Klnn Mi
work here until til ftf the islands -Kent
iln. Hex. John W adman, executive
nttleer of the league, It now in Wash
ington working for national prohibition
for the Territory. ThU organisation,
which has been active la the abolish
mi nt of the liquor traffic, in these isl
ands for a number -of - years ia sup
ported by voluntary Contributions from
fifty members, at a tost ef 7000 a
year. .V' ,
The principal item of expense are
the salaries of the executive officer,
secretary, stenographer and occasional
legal fees. t
It is understood that License Inspec
tor Hutton and hia assistant, George
Chillingwnrth, will continue in office
indefinitely. It 1 the belief of the
liquor commissioner that these two
officers, who have .don much ia un
earthing "blind pigs" tad tracking
boot loggers " f or , the past everal
months, will have considerable Work
along these line for none time to come.
There were 1157 liquor requisitions
issued yesterday,. Knee April 1. more
than 10,000 permit hay been issued.
W aVJ-.-s-
Nfc C I el Ian Suggests Leaving
Homestead Withdrawals Up
To the President
I'nless legislation OU the land ques
tions of Hawaii ia Initiated and report
ed out at the present session of coo
grese there is little or no likelihood of
any such legislation pejnjing for two
year. This ia the opinion of George
McK. McClellan as he has expressed
it in a letter which' waa received by
that body yesterday. He said that at
the time of hia engagement by the
chamber of commerce there was eon
siderahlc discussion here by some of
the directors of the chamber aa to poi
sible amendments to the land laws of
the Territory.
'In the absence of a ay instructions
from your body, I have made no ef
forts to secure action along that line,
and there has been no committee con
deration of the subject," he writes.
"I have no desire to try to influence
the chamber's poller on land questions
and it is, of course, easier for me to
have the situation drift along with no
attempted action. On the other hand
I do not wish to avoid responsibility,
and I am therefore writiag to eall your
attention to the legislative situation.
May Walt Two Tear
"Briefly, the situation is that unless
Innd legislation is initiated or under
taken at this session of congress, it
will be very difficult to get any ae
tion for a period of two years. The
reasons for this are, that this is the
'Long Session' of the Hiity fifth con
gratis, affording the most opportunity
to get bills reported out with some
chnnce for consideration.
'Bills reported out at this session
retain their place on the calendar for
the short session running from Decem
ber next to March 3, following; but
the short seaaioi will be so taken up
with appropriation bills and war meas
ures that it will be impossible to in
trodiiee a bill in that session, get it re
ported by a committee, and still have
it reached for consideration.
"if the war continues, there will un
doubtedl.v be a ? fecial sessiou railed in
April. 1 9 1 S : bnt if it follows tbe pre
cedent of the special session of 1917.
nothing but war legislation will be
acted on by it.
Offer Suggestion
"Having given considerable thought
to the subject of expiring leases on
cultivated lands in Huwaii, and after
looking over tbe situation here, I have
reached the conclusion that the moat
practicable plan for meeting the situ
ation at the present time would be, not
an attempt to nine ml the laud laws by
taking away the homesteaders' right
of entry, hut insteud. a simple amend
ment authorizing t hi- ('resident during
the war, to withdmw from entry lands
already cultivated tor the production
of foodstuffs. Such action could be
authorized by th following short para
'During the eriixl of the war,
the President is niithorir.ed to
withdraw from homestead entry,
by executive oidcr. any public
lands in the territories of the I'uit
ed States alr.vdi cultivnted for
the production ot foodstuffs.'
"If a brief mil of this character
could be reported nut t the calendar,
it might be possible to have it incor
porated as an uniendmcnt to an appro
priation bill at this or the following
short session.
"Huch an amendment would, iu ef
feet, probably place action in the
hands of the secretary of the interior,
and would uiak it possible for him
to take action, whether he is able to
visit Hawaii this oimnier or not."
Visit Ia Unlikely
la the opinion of Ms McClellan
there is little possibility that iScere
tary Lane w ill - iMt Huwaii during the
coming summer. In reference to this
proposed visit his letter said:
"There has iieen considerable talk
of a visit to H.iwiiii this year by Hec
retary Lane." -lites Mr. McClellan
"but, according to the bett informa
tion I can ,et. tliere is no certainty of
his being nble u go. Mr. i.ane had
plans made lo isit Alnsku last sum
mer. but was obliged to cancel hi
plans on account of the war, and I be
lice thut the chance are very much
against him lieinj able to come to Hu
waii this siiuinic ' '
llinvai litis I n riilmitted to the fed
e-nl i eistnition an u for deaths for
I W 1 7 , iiccnrdiii to a i ommiiuication
from Washington th;it Dr. .1. H. B.
Pratt, president ot tin- board of health
lun received. It is hlieed that the
action in the ninttn inUen by Wurth-
I inton is ho .. itinwth of work done
here bv K l.nppin lust winter He
load.' an in '. .: iv t oni of the system
beinT used lieie m n-enrding vital
statistic. The 'r.rriioiy is not vet in
, the rcpisten d nren so fur im births are
eiiitrerncd liot nn i-ffoit is being made
to kavu this brought about.
Chamber of CommerSAYS ALL SHOULD
New "Permit System"
Message Sent To Mcfcleflart (To
Find Out Whether Or Not . Trav
eling For: Pleasure It Under
Washington'. Ban;, :
Whether tourist busiaesa to the Ha
waiiao Island will be affected by the
new "pertnU' iywteW required by the
United ' fltate treasury department,
caused ' considerable concern at the
meeting of the board ef director cf
the chamber of commence . yesterday
afteraooa, reeulting in a telegram be
ing authorised which was forwarded
last night to Oeorge MeK., MeQldlmn,
-the chamber's Washington representa
tive, whether traveling for pleaattt- is
under the ban, and whether, to facili
tate travel, travelers cannot make ap
plications for permits to any collector
nf customs nod secure the same from
the colleetof in San Francisco,
J. H. Drew, manager of the shipping
department v of Castle t Cooke, an
nounced at th meeting that in yester
day' mail he had received notiflcntion
from the Matson office in Pen Fran
cisco that ' Washington had informed
the collector ef customs at Ban Fran
cisco that there would b no need for
state department passports for citi.en
traveler en route to Hawaii, but that
it would be neeeesary for every person
going to Hawaii to have a permit from
the treasury department, obtained
through th collector of customs before'
a ticket could be sold by a steamship
company. -Mutt
diva Keaaoue
He said that the Instruction wer
also that the intending traveler would
have to give hi reason for traveling,
and that tbe cdteeter must satisfy him
self as to thetrlraraeter, personality and
nationality, after which he was privi
leged to wire to Washington to obtain
the proper nathorizatioa to Issue such a
Mr. Drew ald a copy of these in
struction was sent to the Matson office
in Han Francisco by the collector there.
The Mataon company attorneys imme
diately took np the matter with Mr.
rtweet of the state department in Wash
ington, .calling attention to the fact
thnt Hawaii wa a territory of the Unit-,
ed Rtatea, although non-contiguous, add
tug that the permit requirement would
create considerable inconvenience, and
asked if the instructions could not be
withdrawn. '
A reply wa received informing the
Company that it was a governmental
measure and r.ould not be withdrawn;
consequeatlv the steamship companies
operating from the coast to Honolulu
do not now aell tickets unless n permit
is produced.
Is Working Smoothly
Mr. Drew aaid, however, that the re
quirement wa working oot smoothly
and inst'aoeed the case of a man already
booked 'at the Matson office in flan
Francisco. He was notified what he
had to do. On 8aturday morning he
personally appeared before the collector
and answered questions. His request
for a permit was wired to Washington
and on Monday was received by the
would be traveler, who was enabled to
sail the following day for Honolulu.
The questions put were such as "Arc
you and American citizen f", "Where
. ...... . 4
were you horn f . ,-ls your wire oi
American birth f", " Por' what reason
are you traveling to Honolulu!".
"What is the nature of the buBtneeei"
"What house are you connected
The (inention was asked at the meet
ing, "What would the government
have done if the would be traveler had
replied that he was traveling merely for
It was this phase particularly which
Tennev Peek and the member of
the finance and audit committee were
most eoueemed with, as they arej at
present engngenl- ia collecting a lafg
und which Was. especially to be usee'
v the promotion committee to adver
'ise Hawaii as a tourist resort.
To Wire McClellan
It was felt that direct infoimation
should be had and the secretary was
instructed to wire Mr. McClellan, who
ih to secure the views of the govern
ment as to whether it is the purpose of
the government to discourage travel
to Hawaii. This is the telegram wRieb
was sent from Washington to the nan
Prancisco collector of customs:
"While the state department ha BOt
issued auy order requiring passports
for citizens or aliens to Honolulu, oa
mon or the Philippines, application
by such persons without passport
should be made to you and by you
wired to the department with your
recommendation for action by it.
Department will be governed by your
recommendation bnt of course yon
must be satisfied of character, purpose
and nationality of applicant before rec
ohi men ding favorably."
Tbe telegram sent to tun Matson
company from Washington was a fol
"Orders have not been issued re-
'Hiring passports for Hawaii. Parties
not having passports however desiring
ia uo to Hawaii must obtain Dermis
mon departing will be allowed, lais
is necessary preeawt iouurv measure at
present time. Kegret inconvenience
Therefore i-nnnot alter telegram
twenty ninth of this department to San
KranciHco I'olleetor. ,
Examinations will shortly lie held at
tbe Naval Station, I'earl Harbor, for
the following positioiis: FofewdH1 Cr
penter ut 7 (M per diem; Foreman
concrete worker at '.. per diein
Foreman laborer at M.-tn per diem
Leadingmnn trackman at .T.tiS per
Aiililirations for information should
be iiKule to the public orks officer
in ' I 'tion. I rliol
Kxauiination will probably be lion
ssembled, and will consist in the sub
iiiTssion of statement of experience
'''"('"'i- and testimonial supplement
ed by such oral xiuiuatiou as the ex
amlniug board way deem desirable.
Lack of Ready Cash No Reason
For Not PurchasingDraw On
Savings Account If Necessary
v1(irwfyo4;,kould be bought evn
theugh perse ka aot al) th money'
in hand at present, but may be obliged
to draw front hi or her savings afleonnt
to rontpleta tbe sxeeeasary amount to
make good oil tv Liberty Bond pledge,
( tk opinion txpressed by Ouy H.
Buttolpb, campaign manager for the
Thjrd liberty, Loan in Honolulu.
"f regard lath question of Liber
ty Roads' or Vr Stamps, it strike m
that' tVere't whottM be no controversy
at lV say Mr. Buttolph,. "Ho row f
the. wenreti wko have volunteered and
are doing yeoman service canvassing
the elty of Honolulu for subscription
for Liberty Bonds have reported that
a recent article in te paper bad been
the excuse for not buving bonds. It
does not appear to me to be a contro
varsyjk h Iwo'tbUg are for two dif
ferent purpose. There is no question
in my mind that for the next three
week .of th drive anybody who can
possibly afford a baby bond ought to
bay one. Tbe Thrift Htsmp is for the
odd quarter and fur those people a bo
ennnot poeatbly buy a $.10 bond, even
on the deferred payment plan.
"la regard to savings account, there
is no question In my mind bnt what
the government wants every person
who cannot get tbe 450 between now
and August 8 without taking aome of
their savings deposit to draw from
those sflepoeit the balance necessary to
pay (of th bond. If it can be bought
th rough v economy and careful sav
ing from one' income without touch
ing their savings deposit so much the
'I fully believe it is the duty of
evanr man, woman and, where possible,
child, who can possibly do it, to sub-
ten do ror at least -a fiwt bond during
thU drive 4 .1 believe that the Ha
waiian .Jaland are going over the top
(our' quota) with a grand hurrah but
it can. only be done by every one do
ing their shore, so don t shirk vour
duty . by aaying vou are buying
stwrape." .
Hivteen thousand handsomely cna-
nel'vl button have been received at the
headquarter of the Liberty Loan which
are to be attributed in .Honolulu to
a oh Who subscribe to the third issue
of bonds. It Is announced that the is
suing of these buttons does not depend
dpon the ite of the subscription, but
are to be awarded to all who purchase
one or more bonds. The button baa a
red border, a blue field and the words
'Third Liberty Loan" in white.
K. Yamamoto. the Japanese business
maavserviuig upon -the Liberty Loan
committee, is actively engaged in creat
ing bond purchasing ramung the Jap
anese community. Up Tuesday after
noon be started out , nt half, past one
o'clock, having already appointed thir
teen sub committees. , That afternoon
twenty-live application were filed with
him in bis own section.
For this campaign all tbe Japanese
newspapers and the members of the
Japanese Chamlxer of Commerce are
aiding. The editor,pf, the newspapers
long in xue nrsi uonns among rneir coun
trymen. The assistance of the Japan
ese retail merchants has also been en
listed. ,
Ten thousand circulars have been
rioted in Japanese and are now in
ircultttinn among the Japanewe. These
xplnin the Liberty Loan Bonds and
the reason why they should be pnri-lin
Ml bv the .In pan ese.
- -'- W. B.
Heavy damage has been done in the
Kohala district 4y the big rain storms
of Tuesday aud Wednesday, according
to a desnnteh received bv tbe star
Bulletin. Four bridge are gou in the
Niuln, Halawa and Makapala sections
and it is estimated that more tsar
1100,000 amount of damage i done. A
county rock crusher waa washed awav
and four mule drowned. It is still
raining. In the Ku district also much
damage was done.
w. a. a.
The annual meeting of the Hawaiian
Mission Children' Boeiety will be
held on tbe afternoon of Saturday,
April 27. at three o'clock' Business
of interest will occudv the first hour
The "Family Bollcall" will take
place promptly at four o'clock, to be
followed bv "The Children of the
Thaddeus", a unique exercise Ailed
with old time atonies, rendered by the
young ( ousms from funanou.
w. u. a
Complaint wi lodged yesterday wit
CnlA. H. Goodiua Field, selective dealt
officer by Knriques, a Filipino,' against
I. una ('bar lea Hnilner, a Uerman, a
Oahu plantation, on the ground that
Hpiluer bad discharged Uira because
of patriotic utterances. He said he ha
aid in the presence of SpUner that
he rib pi n ns would be gum to rigut
with the Cnited Htatea against (ler
many and would help to defeat th
Kaiser. He says that Hpiluer aske
him what he meant bv that statement
uud thea. discharged him. The rase
ba been referred to United Htates At
tornev Huber. Knrique Is a Class 1
man under th draft registration.
; ' - ... .
Sari IfraricWBeats SaCTamen-
to and Thereby Climb Up a
:Fev Step! Orf , Ladder
: ,t, mu
Oakland, , ........ . .7 S
Vernon , ..........,,, 8 4 i'.
Lo Angeles . . . , , t . . . .. - 4 S
Sacramento . ... 7.24
Bait lAk 3 6
rVin Frnctsoo .... . . . 8 35
, fin Teewdaya Eeault
Oakland , Halt take 1.
Vernon 4, Lo Angeles S.
8an Francisco 41, hacramento 0.
daklaad, heat Bait Lake vesterdav I
tkrea to one, while Vernon, which is
pressing the leader, also won out tak
ins Lo An (teles Into Finn bv the core
ef four to two. Sacramento wa badly I
beaten hv San rraaeiaco six to zero on
her home gronnda. Tola victory en
abled the latter team to climb up a
few point and incidentally have a com
panlon in the cellar in Halt Lake.
OHIOAOO, April U (Associated
Wre) Norman Ko, cbamplon
long-diatanc twlnmer of tba world,
and . tuember of tbe- Olynxpic Olnb
of Baa Frasdaco, iwam the yard
distance to 6:63 a-ita, ihe kUM
A. A. TJ. cbaaplonabip bora laat
night, oatabllabing a nav raeerd for
tb dlataaeo. Ho alao broke too
world's record for tb 440, 400 tad
330 yard In bit thai for tb longer
dlataaeo record, tana oatabllabing
rour bow receras u tne ono vnx.
Tonight will be the official opening
nrvril in nn I in nniTrnn nimi inn
of tb indoor baseball season of the.ifn tha ritorf Htates Fnothait A.
boy department at the central Y. X-i
A. Th present schedule drawn up
between the four teams will extend .
over a period of the next six week
and will be one of the spring term
attraction for, the. boy. Th team
in thl league are made up of th high
school, grammar school and employed
beys. Thee team represent four elnbl
which meet every Thursday night rol-,
lowing a supper together. Last Thurs-
day night fifty-eight boys sat down to
upper together and after the program
which followed, organised the four
team and elected their captain. The-
opening games tonight will ba played
a follow: Harvard vs. Yale and
Princeton vs. Cornell.
w. a. a.
CINCINNATI, March 31--The
tional commission in a decision handed
down today awarded Player William
Stumpf to the Oakland Club of tbe
Facinc Coast League, put made a pro ,
vision that tbe OakWidf lu.dipo
of his services tc then Vyltntlurgb, Club
of the National League.. The Spokane
Club of the Northwestern League
claimed the services, of Stumpf and also
displayed an agreement to sell the
player to the Pittsburgh Club. In view
of the fact that the player complained
that in case he was awarded to Oak
land, that ha w.mld not be allowed to
advance in his profession, the commis
sion appended the clause whereby Oak
land will be compelled to sell him to
Pittsburgh for tbe same terms that the
Spokane Club's agreement with Pitt
burgh called for.
I.Ol'IHVIU.E, Kentucky, March 30
Special telegrams from Lexington
today announced that Joseph W. Bailey,
former United States senator from Tex
as, will re-establish a breeding farm
there for the development of thorough
bred trotting horses. Mr. Bailey told
his plant near Lexington several month
gp and announced that he would re
tire fsom. th "business because of tb
pressure of other affair. A a produc
er of 8:10 performer be stands sixth
m th list.
OMAHA, Nebraska, March SO Joe
Stecher, former wrestling ehampioo, is
reported ill at his home in lodg, Ne
braska, and his match with Steve Sav
age, "tb.Sb cdumpton,1' arranved
fp Monday, pril J5, at Sioux City, bi
been cancelled. Sterner ia said to be
suffering from pneumoula and ia in a
critical condition.
w. a. a
PORTER VI LLR, California, March
20 McCredie's ax fell this morning
aad three aspirants for the catching
staff of the Bees heard tbe sad words,
the first of the season. Those te o
are Hiukle, Salt lake: Squires, Brig
ham City, Utah, and Comer, los An
geles. This mean that Dunn and Kon
nick will be tbe first atriug men behind
the rubber for the Bee at least fur
tb opening of th Mason.
r taw w ana wi w a a antaa a
... . ... i ' . . ... . .... i
Will Compete 1 In One-Hundred-'
Yard Champion-
. Ship T .
Duke P. Kahanamoka U leaving on
the next boat for tbe mainlaad to com
pete In the 100-yard national ehamplon
ship at Neptune Beach which 1 to b
held on Sunday, April S-. .
Tbi event i. attracting wide at
tention throughout the country. A
classy field of swimmers are entered
and It will be a gruelling tace when
they face the atarter. ValesaDuke takes
notion to break hi present record of
:6 flat mad in Honolulu, there is
little danger of it being lowered.
ferry aieuuiivray of the, Illinois
Athletic Club 1 a favorite on the main-
Hand and ia expected to give Duke the
, battle of his life. Mc.Gillivray I no
1 stranger to Hawaii, havtnar particl-
Pted at the naval slip a few year
Jt is to be recretted that Clarence
Lnft, second only to the champion in
the sprint; A. V. Kaehu, 'who ha
been cutting quite a slash in local
wlromlng circle; Htobbv Krueer. hold
er of a world' record in a backstroke
event, and John Kelil who makes noth
Ing of going la half a dozen races on
the name day, re not to accompany
j Were tuck a team -to represent Ha
waii, tbe mainland would see some
swimming and with Duke, Lane, Ka
ehu or Htubby, and Kebl making Up
relay team, the chance would be, but
what' the use Honolulu I (ending
hut Huh.
, Have Made Application To Join
Footbal) Association of
Empire State
NEW YORK. Much interest is be-
png taken here in the new Chinese 8(u-
dents Hoceer Club of New York whii-h
plans to' put a soccer football team in
tbe Held this spring and has applied to
Ika flniitttsrn Nsw Vnrb TVisttliall knin.
-i.in for .ffilirlnn ,nH thrnufrh it
jr. L. Kwonir. caritain of the Colum-
hia Fniveraitv Chinese crew and Kr-
nrM Kau. who enntained the Hanir-
tc ITuiversitv soccer football team
before coming .o the United States,
i are the reader in orgauUirtg the club,
Twentv four players are members of
the club, two of them being New York
University student, four from the
General Theological Seminary, live
from Manhattan high schools and the
others from the Chinese athletes a'
Columbia I niversitv.
The list of players of tbe Chinese
I soccer organization, as given out from
! the office of T. W. Cahil), United
States Football Association secretary,
follows: K. K. Kan, K. L. Kwoilg,
H T. Shee, T. 8. C. Hu, E. T. H. Thii,
V. K. Lee, L. H. Yip, B. L. Chu,
Z. L. Chang, T. N. Lee, 8. P. Wo, H.
Wang. H. CI. Chen, 8. C. Wang, a K.
Pan, Poy Lee and C. Y. Chang. Yip
and Kwong are member of the Co
Jumbia wYest.ling team. Y. 8. Lee
was Y. M. C. A. 115-pound wrestling
ehtoipiou last year.
I -"ny r our inemiiers are nnisnen
' P'.r. " we ex,eci to r
' nnff, mati'niti nme mir nni nalinn . Iu
granted, with some of the strongest
teams in the metropolitan district;
says Kwong, acting secretary of the
prga luxation.
"The club is strictly non -professional.
If it can be arranged without en
daugerlng umnteur standing under
American Athletic Union rules, the
team will accept matches in other
cities during the summer months. Our
object, second only to our interest in
tho sport, is to prove the versatility
of the C hinese athlete. Iu ( hina nne
cbr is what busebnll is to this country,
what cricket is to England, and what
wrestling is to Japan. Soccer will
surely become the national winter gnme
of the United Htates. In China it i
played during n season of n(n
months. ' '
w a. a.
CINCINNATI, March 2S The $a
tional Baseball Commission today
awarded the services of player Cliff
Lee, to the Portland, Oregon, tenm
of the Pacific. Coast League. The chse
was brought up by the Cleveland Aider
icsn League team, hut Cleveland admit
ted it would probably turn Lee back
to the minors if the claim was allowed
and in a stntement to the commission
admitted that tbe Portland club kail
! nrnhablv established "the strongest
moral right to the player."
I - w. a a
"inn" unncc noncocn
2tt- "Jud" House, crack hurdler and
sprinter, has received orders to leave
for Camp Lewis on Friday. The loss
(if House will lie hard on Htnu ford's
hopes of victory in the forthcoming
meet with the l'niversity of Califor
nia, tis he was counted on fur n total
of at least eighteen points.
NK.W YORK. March 29 -Samuel A.
Oi'Mninehnm. president of the Bankers'
Hi If I'epofit I'limnnny of New York,
Slid uidelv kmi'An as nn authority ou
irolf enni-KC is dend here. He was
horn iu Iudiaua fifty eight yrnrs n,gn.
and was related to the family of A bra
haan Lincoln.
Lose. Both tec and Right Arm
When He Slips and Fans;
Condition It Sertoli? J, ,
While trying to board a moving train
Kt the Oahu Railway Co. last night at
six o'lo.'k at Klpapa Gulch, Lira Tack,
a Korean laborer al the Kiptpa quarry,'
wa groan d nndef the wbeel of tba
train and lost botk lego and hi right
arm. - ; tf-v
Th Honolulu bound Wahiawa train
stopped at Kipapa Oulcb to take on a
aumbef of laborer, woo ana Been worn
Inir In a nnarrv In that neighborhood.
Shortlv after the train atarted, Lim
Tuck tried to board the train, slipped.
ana reu unaer in wneeis. ,
Private Codners, Company r, i weniy-
flftb Infantry, who wa uttlng in the
laat ear of th train, felt, tbe wheel of
th car give an unusual jolt aa it pass
ed over the Korn and upon looking
out of the rear door of th ear, aw
Lim Tuck lvlng on the track. Conner
promptly pulled tbe bell -eord, brought
the train to a stop aad With the assist -nee
of Captain Palmer, First Infantry,
first aid was given the matt and bo wa
brought to Honolulu on th trala.Lim
Tnck 1 now la the Queen' hospital,
where his condition r eonldred er-
Ri riantattOM Compact
Wallitka Agricultural Co., Ud.
Apokaa Sugar CO Ltd.
Kohala Sugar Coxepaay
Wahiawa, Water Company, Ltd. .
Fulton Irea Work, of tt. Looio
Babcoek Wilcox Company
Green' Fuel Eeouomiier Coat w a
Cba. C Moor Co., Bngineer
Don't spend all you earn, the
road to riches lie 'in spending1
less than you earn, and inci
dentally you do you,c. Country
a service., .Start a. savings ac
count with us and "rnake your
money earri t ,
Corner Fort and Merchant St.
from .Montreal to Liverpool,
Loudon and Glasgow via tb
and St. Lawrence out
By the popular "Prince"
Hteniers from Vancouver,
Victoria or Seattle.
For full information apply to
Theo. H. Davies & Co. Ltd
Gent Agents, Canadlau-Paelfle' By. Co.
Commission Merchants
Sugar Factors
Kwa Plantation Co.
Waialua Agricultural Co., Ltd
- apokaa Sugar Co., Ltd.
Fulton Iron Work of Ht. Louis
Blake Steam Pumps'
Western Centrifugal
Babcoek a Wilcox Boiler
Oreen'a Fuel Economises
Marsh Steam Pump
Mataon Navigation Co.
Planter' Line Shipping Co.
Kohala sugar Co.
chinery of every deecrlptloa atad t
Iued Tueadiy MtfTrlday
(Entered at th PostoAlc of Uonolula,
T- H., a errmd-ela matter )
Par Tu ;'.'." ' 0w
Per Tear f foreign) ... . fcM
Payable Invariably S wi tana
Castle &Cob!ie,
'V w...f 1 i t:.t ; ( .';

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