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Apr!! IS, Jtflft-M.t tweatj .-)
four Lours' tuinfnll T,' Tfmp-
All Meals Meatless and OM WbafttlNB.
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' -
Neuve Eglise, is Only Point Where Germans
And Counter is Expected
New Phase of Offensive is Looked For On
Another Upon American Sectors
WASHINGTON. April 16 (Associated Press)- With the ex
ception of one point, Neuve Eglise. the British held their
own og"ail)Mhe enemy all day yesteday while the fighting proceeded
with-' unabated fury and vigor in the sector to the southwest of
Yprea. WTiile the British have been driven out of Neuve Eglise, it
appears that they have not retired far and a counter upon that point
is momentarily expected.
While there was no lessening of the energy of the German at
tack on the Wulvergham-Meteren salient yesterday there appeared
indications of an offensive in another direction to develop soon,
a drive between Givenchy and Robecq in a southwesterly direction.
In that sector the German artillery fire increased greatly in iolence
yesterday. '
Last night's reports said the British line was everywhere intact
and the only .mint where ground had been lost to any important
extent was Neuve Eglise. Here the tide of battle ebbed and flowed
throughout the day and the engagement along the Messines ridge
has developed into the most sanguinary of any in the present Ger
man offensive. , . 1
In his official report .test.ejiijii'efat'.laig said that Bail
leul and W'utvf rghani . were vthV centfaVJolnts of heavy fighting1
wjile.. (iermanatinerif.ffoC,di
iivencny ana jtooccq. inese points are on toe soutnerty srae or
the great'wedgefwhich ttie Germans have driven intd the British
front and indicate that Merville, Bethune and Haze-Brouck are im
mediate objectives and an effort made to still further broaden the
ierman wedge.
It is expected the British will' counter heavily to regain Neuve
I 'lise for otherwise the Germans might use that town as a base
for an outflanking move against the British on Messines ridge. The
northern salient with that one exception has been held.
South t)f Arras another attack is expected but this salient
is strongly defended. The Givenchy-Robecq sector is considered
the most likely field for the next phase of the German offensiv e.
The recent and repeated attacks by the enemy on the sectors
which are defended by the Americans are also considered highly
significant and may indicate the development of an offensive in
hat direction and against the American line which is thus far ev
erywhere intact.
Earlier reports from the Flanders front said there were no
indications of any slackening of the fury of the assault. Massed
waves of bodies were all day thrown against the British. At Bail
k'til the Germans penetrated some of the British positions but from
them were later expelled by a gallant offensive.
On the Merville sector, seven miles southwest of Bailleul there
were seven attacks launched in quick succession, all repulsed with
heavy losses. Casualties through the day were heavy on both sides
,vith those of the enemy still running into enormous proportions.
Five hundred and four officers appear on the current British
casualty list, of whom seventy-nine were killed, 285 died of wounds
:uil 140 are missing.
Here the hope is growing that the offense has been spent but
ihc situation is still admittedly serious. The Neuve Eglise struggle
is considered to be an effort by the enemy to force his way in be
hind Ypres, thus forcing a large withdrawal.
The turning-point of the tide of battle on the west front is near,
declared the war department's weekly review of the situation in
Europe, issued yesterday?
The Germans have failed to achieve the victory, the review
points out. though launching the greatest offensive of the war, and
will soon be forced to resume their old tactics. Their sole aim has
evidently been to annihilate the British armies and thus gain cer-
iii strategic points, but they have failed in the former, and the
ground gained. counts but little.
It is frankly admitted that the Germans have scored a distinct
advantage and it is declared unwise to belittle this, but their objec
tive, a decisive success, has not been attained. A continuation of
i lie assaults is expected.
IIAVRK, April 15 (Associated
I'ressl- Knemy Implanon early today
dropped tioiiihK on a Oermnn prison
. j 1 1 1 1 1 m ill lien'. There wore no l asual
inn r!tnel lv the lioniliK uiul the iluin
line HUH xlillt.
- - w. s. s
IfOMK, April IS -( Aimociatod Pre)
The (;oei iwiieiit liy ilecree will noon
limit meat consumption to throe days
u week.
TOKIO, April 3 Hpeeial Cable to
Xippu Jiji) Tokio uewapapera reiter
Hta th statement that Minister of For
ein Affnirs Motono will resign. Baron
V Makino is mentioned as bis meres-
hot. Baron Makino has held the port
rono or inr treasury ami was at one
lime minister of foreign affairs.
w. s s.
WASHINGTON, April 15 (Assoeia
ted Press) The U. B. shipping board
today asked conyrest for $15,000, (RIO to
build concrete ships.
FOUR great leaders of the Allied forces on the Western Ffront. From left to right: General Foch, commander in chief and direc
tor of the French reserve armies; Field Marshal Haig, British commander in chief; General Petain, French commander in chief;
General Pershing, commander of the American expeditionary forces. MJI
Missing Cyclops'
Commander Was
of German Birth
Came To This Country As a Child
and Changed Name When, As
a Youth He Enlisted In United
States Navy
SAN FRANC'IMCO. Ann Hi -1 Anso.i ,
ated Treks) l.ieut. Coin. (i. W. Worlev.j
in ..n.n.l..l .,f II.H 1-nite.l Males eoll.er'
Cvclops, more than a month overdue
with ii grejt cargo of manganese from
Brazil and with more tliuu two hundred
Aniericnus, ottirers, crew and pnsxcu
ger aboard, is of iieriiutn, birth. It is
suggested tliut this may explain the
mysterious disttppuarauee of the collier
between a West Indian port and its
port of destination when no serious
storms have occurred and may expliiiu
llie li Use lie of any wireless .eporis or
calls. . V -.', "..
It w 4eafned anaterday f row Mrs.
A. II. AMfermJna, a. sinter of Worjey,
that he waa burn la Oeruiany. H ewmeJ
W UMViXJSyhfm heu oufjr-a chilHj
he saya au4 he enliated in the navy
as yotith. Hia real sames was VViuht
mnnii but tola nam he dropped at the
time of bis enlistment when lie assumed
the name of Worley.
Secretary Daniels is using his every
facility to secure some trace of the
missin).' vessel, it was announced from
Washington last night. He haa order
ed out additiouul sea scouts with di
rect ions to carefully search the whole
length of the coast and the coast of
every i-lmul of the West Indiea as
The patrol fleets have also been or
dered t" keep a constant look out for
the missing vessel and all merchantmen
leiiving port are asked to report auy
thinj which they may observe during
the voyage which may prove of inter
est in connection with the mysterious
disappearance. '
W. S. 8.
Says Laws Are Inadequate, Citi
zens Bad As Aliens
W sHINGTON. April Hi (Assoeia
ted Press.- ttoriiey General Giegory,
writing Iti Kcpresciitutiw Currie in
leference to charges that leniency has
Iii cii slum ii in dealing w ith agents of
I he enemy tigeuts, denied the charges
and said :
"These reports are grossly exaggernt
' ('nnsidei ing the nst property in
creases the lire losses have not been
since on i entry into the war und are
ind now appi eciubly larger thou in
"Thcic uus not u single known in
stance of alien incendiarism in all last
venr. (iliens arc us t roublesoiue as
aliens. Our laws ure not adequate,
that is where the trouble lies."
W B S.
WASHINGTON, April 15 Associa
ted Press i The war department an
nounced yeslerilay that 4D,N4.'t addi
tional men under the new draft will
be called to the colors at once, mak
ing more than ;IOO,000 called ill the
past three weeks. At this rate the
provost m.iishul generul would call out
Niiii mill bv midsummer.
- W. I.
W sf INGTON, April 15 ( Associa
ted Press 1 - - Federal agents are wutch
iug over a hundred German und A us
triun women, wuiting to arrest and in
tern them when Hie President signs
the bill including women in the class
of enemy ulicus subject to internment.
Thirty Thousand Dollars of a
San Francisco Subscription
Credited Honolulu
main rKAiMimuw, April in ( asso- i,un ihi., April in (Associated
ciated Press) Honolulu's total of sub 4 Presa) Labor representatives in par
' ...;..n,.. h. u;.j i i i limut'nt, the labor representative in
I ' . '
' -""
in'rclM'1 b' tbiry thousand dollars ,
throilgh a ..ItlsertptlOB mild
the '
mainland but of Which the sum of thir
ty thousand dollars la specifically cred
ited to Hawaii by the subscriber.
The addition to Honolulu returns for
the drive comes in ennuectiou with a
million mid a half subscription by the
Standard Oil Company of the twelfth!
federal reserve district which said that,
thirty thousand dollar of that amount
- ... ....
represented the share of the company's'
bnsineas in the Hawaiian Islands.
la this district V31,lC,0OO has been surauc seen red that It will naaa Mhre
ubribod and theltjiiota for tb dia- (conscription b put in operation W lre
IrUi. t ?in nfm ana k it -ui , ai v. vr n.. ti:ii Vun
rt Ja
1iiee quarter of tW dJstaw t g..
ncfHinn iron n asoingioit snia ine
tabulating force was still far behind i
but it whs estimated' totals were now
in excess of 6L'0,000,000
t W. S. S. -
Germany Makes Every Sacrifice
To Anticipate FulL,Efficiency
of United States
I.ONPOX, April 15 (Associated
Press i Foreign Minister Balfour in a
statement today declares that what is
most prcssingly required to meet the
military situation in Europe is that the
fighting forces of the Pnitod States be
made speedily available in the field.
Hi' says that the German plan is
to shatter the British army before the J
weight of America 's forces rnn be i
brought into the scale, and that the
German inspired press has been in
structed by its masters to show the ut
most contempt for tin- American milt I
tary effort.
Minister Kalt'oiir asserted that Her
man v is phi n n i ne, the whole campaign
and sin riliciug men with the utmost
contempt in order that the decisive
blow may be stunk before the Aliieri
can help arrives.
. W. 8. S.
LONDON, April .Hi ( Associated
rress ) -I'.nyiuuu uoes noi jtuow wnein
er or when the .lapunese lauding force .
at Vladivostok will be withdrawn.
This was Htiuouuced by Lord Cecil, j
minister of the blockade to the com I
niAiia viiuUnlnv in ti HMWCr tf nilHMtiiUi m
addressed to hiin on I he subject. leim"ki"K the,r '' to Jericho and Jem
answered question-, relative to the
withdrawal of Hntsih forces at fhe
same time.
"No assurance cun be given," he
said, "us to when British aud Jap- j
anese forces that were landed at Vlnd i
ivostok will be withdrawn. They" will
be withdrawn as soon us order ia re
stored, not Imfore. It is hoped, how I
ever, that the incident may soon be
said to be closed." I
W S 8 j
WASHINGTON, pril lrf ( Assoeia I
ted I'rmxi NVn hn-i hoen received
here that three children were killed
when a (Ierman submarine nhelleii Mon
rovia, capital ot l.il.ena, west Afrie.H
coast, a few days ago. Three person i
were injured. The bomliardinent fol
lowed a demand liy the captain of the
submarine that the I.ilierian govern
inent destroy u French radio station
operating at Monrovia.
Cabinet Crisis May Be Avoided
By Postponing Enforcement
of Conscription
the cabinet
h ahlii n.l .m. ih. l,;.h 1.
,r yesterday held a long ;onfereice
with Lloyd Oeorge in reference to the
Mnn Power Bill, conscription for Ire
land under that measure, anil legisla
tion which will give Ireland home rule.
It is understood the conference brought
about satisfactory results and that the
growing danger of n cabinet crisis
growing out of the conscription legisla
tion may he avoided.
At yesterday s conference the pro
nal waa autimitted to th premier
that home Nile legislation, baaed on the
i uh, Mumg uiu iru ini liuu. iMnril Ull vile
r,,(1,rt of the Irish convention, shall be
introduced and passed, or definite
be paaaed' i. ftdvanee orth. !rTWT?t
legTaiaiion. r.. '
The Premier Ws told that it la bsV
lleved such a courae would be ntisfa
tnry to the great majority of the Irlah,
w. s. s.
All Must Pass Through Interna
tional Red Cross
NKW YORK, April 16 (Aaaoc.iated
Press j Germany baa granted exclusive
authorization to the International Red
Cross to send fond, letters and money
to American prisoners and to those of
the Allies in the German war prison
nimps. it was announced yesterday.
There Is a limitation placed on the
shipments which are to be permitted
ami jiot more than two ten-pound pack
ages can be sent to any one prisoner
in ii 11 v one week.
, w. s. s.
WASHINGTON, April 16 (Associ
ated Press) Wooden ship buildiug is
to be curtailed when the present pro
grain is completed and the ships con-
traded for under that program or per
mitted by it are ready for launching.
The shipping board is strongly in fa
or of steel ships over wooden.
It has been found that it is impos
silde to secure enough engines and boil
ers for both woodeu and steel ships
uii. I that the motive power limitation
is a yrave factor in the progress of
ship building.
W. S. 8. J
JKRCSALEM, April l( Associated
Press) Fifteen hundred Armenians are
salein. They are all that are left of
Ul.niiii who were exiled by the Turks
two veins ago. The rest of them have
perished from the sufferings which they
wen inpelled to undergo and the
great hardships thev had to meet.
w a. s.
HKRUV, April lfl ( Anoeit.!
I'iomO - (JerniHii troops supported liy
naval detachments have eutfiretl Hid
i it i I'iicn till iil.PnflH hllilflllu rlu ru it
j W(lN Hnrjoum.ed t evening,
. w g g
WASHINGTON, April 15 (Associa
ted I'ress) The force of internal re
venue agents is boing reorganized pro
ceding the drive against those deli a
I u . 1 1 1 in filling returns for income and
excess profits taxes.
Efficiency Clearly
By American Troops
Last Week's Fighting Gives Indi
cations Fighters From United
States Are Quite Able To Take
Care of Themselves
WASHINGTON, April ! r, -COfficiaJ)
Daily and increasingly effective par
ticipation of the Americans in the
fighting overseas is told in despatches
from the corresKndcnts in France.
These despatches tell of the Uerinah
losses for four days in known killed as
a result of their uttucks on the Ameri
can sectors.
On Friday the thirty six Germans
captured saiil they had been without
food for two days, owing to the accur
I . . . , , - - , . . ,
'tllwy.re of the Americans which
off their remhes from all conv
'The Americans allowvd the attacjt-
inj yermuns to reach the rroa trvoea
M iJZT'rlZJr7
nets and grenades. On Jieutetoant and
three privates captured . nineteen Ger
mans. American aviators are also effectively
busy. Two German planes have been
shot down inside the American lines,
one of them in flames, and the aviators
of both were captured.
The American correspondents believe
that the German offensive in Flanders
has been checked as it whs ia the Pic
ardv drive.
WASHINGTON, Ajiril 15 (Official)
Forty-four namea are on the casualty
list received from France today. The
list includes one death in action, three
from wounds, one front an unknown
cause, seven, of disease, four severely
wounded, and twenty slightly wouuded.
One is reported missing, Col. K. ('. Itoll
W. 8. S.
LONDON, April 10 (Associated
Press i A project has been under con
si It-ration in Kugland for some time for
the establishment of a large Jewish
university in Jerusalem, and it is an
i ainced this week that an important
l,(.L.inning has been mnde toward the
, , ,,,.,t ion of the necessary funds, and
j ., ,!ls .,. purchased ou the Mount
i ,,f olives.
j Tlt. i,,,,,) wilich ha be),n e,.ured is
in ,. f finest in the Jerusalem
j districts. The new University, will m
1 copy the highest point in the hills
, niouud Jerusalem, looking down on one
side upon the Holy City and the nrea
I where the Temple once stood, and on
the other si.le over the wilderness of
Jiiden, which descends to the Jordan
Valley und the Dead Sea 4(100 feet be
1 low'.
WASHINGTON, April Hi- (Associ
i ated 1'iess lii spite of the voluntary
I dissolution of the German American
j Allium.- lotion against that body is
piiicct'ding in congress. Yesterdu the
senate judiciary committee apprmod
lull hnh Iiuh lieun introduced t.
nl the federal charter under which
ileiuiau society has beeu conduit
VV S 8 -
;l.ASi;oYV, April 111 (Associate I
I "res The Scottish wholesale cooper
atie society has dincloie.1 the fait
that its sales of millinery and drapeiv
Kimds increased last year from I .(iiui.ihiii
to '..',-'.". mm pounds. The president of
the society declared that moiic li.i I
been spent largely on finery by uiiim
tiuii linkers.
Belief Prevails Action Is Occa
sioned By Loss of Prestige
With People Rather Than Will
of Germany
Charles Tells Wilhelm French
! Charges Are "So Low" He Will
Not Stoop To Discuss Them
Any Further
(Associated Press)
Count ( ztrnin has tendered to
Charles of Austraia-Hungary his
resignation as representative of
the imperial and royal family. and
minister of the exterior of Austria-Hungary.
The announce
ment of this action and of the ac
ceptance of the resignation came
yesterday with surprising unex
pectedness. He is to continue in
oflice until his successor has been
named under the terms of the ac
ceptance of his resignation.
It is believed here that the oc
casion for the retirement of tzer
nin is not so much that he is b-
noxious to Germany Jat Jecausf '
of the 'grcm.ing; spirit f barest to. ;
the dual empire which -he-
been unable td hecW,' Especial
ly is this spirit of unrest mani
fested in Bohemia. Recently there
has been . complaint-on the part
of the Czechs, also, that the min
ister of exterior had fallen under
the domination of the German
party and was not remain ing true
to peace policies. It is therefore
deemed possible that he has been
ousted because he has grown un
popular with the great masses of
the country.
In an interview given by Re
ventlow to the Tages Zeitung, an
Amsterdam despatch says, he as
serts that it was the influence of
Charles, exerted last spring and
early summer, which caused the
Reichstag last July to pass its
anti-annexation resolutions. He
said at that time Charles wrote
to Krzberger that "Austria must
have peace before the winter of
l'M7-N18 is ended."
I.mperor Charles has written
to the Kaiser, Basel reports, in
reference to the letter which the
French government published to
show the duplicity of the mon
arch that "Clemenceau's accusa
tions are so low that we have no
intention of discussing them any
further. The guns which we
have sent to the Western front
are our answer."
News has been received at Am
Mcrdam that the Lokal Anzeiger
ui lUrliu has printed a despatch
that thousands of people gathered
in the streets of Prague, Bohe
mia, in a demonstration against
the war, cheered the Entente
pnwers and President Wilson and
lien. itinced the Germans.
w. a. a.
W ASHINGTON, (April 16 ( Assoeia
, ted I'ress.) Wheels of the national
I ai v eminent here stopped today wbile
j leaders in public life, forgetting parti-
sun differences, observed the funeral
I . . reiiiouies lor Senator William J.
I Stone.

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