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1Vj7c Situation Is Admitted Se
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proacft Disaster For Mies
LONDON. April 13 (Associated Press) The mightiest battle
of tin- war continues to rage in undiminished violence along
the British line it Northern France and Southern. Flanders. w',!
t lie tiertnan legions making gain at one point, that arc important
I nt heinjj held at every crucial section of the blazing front Utterly
reckless of the cost in. the lives of their men, the (crnvin high com
mand continues to drive his massed armies forward and jhc slaugh
ter has reached proportions that make tame in comparison) the red
dest days of the Verdun struggle.
While the Germans have gained none of thf. dominant p-i-lion?.,
despite their continuous assaults, they have enlarged their
rains in the salient thrust northwest towards ., JBailleul from the
south of Armentieres, forcing the British line at this, point into a
sharp U, with its loop running a short distance southeast of Bail
leul and its points resting upon Armentieres ajid J.ayentie. The
opening made in the British position is some five miles wide and
into this von llindenburg is pouring fresh troops and an increas
ing number of guns. . . .,, ,
Colonel Maurice,, the British "Eye Witness", describing thN -it-u.ition,
says that it is "not pleasant"'.
"A dchnite crisis has again been reached and the situation is
not pleasant. The enemy has -driven tfte tip of his Armentiere
wedge forward until it ia now near Bailleul, a railroad center for
the lines leading to he Wytschaete and the Messines fronts, lie
is also advancing towards Haze'nhrouck, also an irn'pWtant railroad
center. However, the Germans have not yet gained any of the
dominant positions and the British are strenuously resisting any
further advances."
Early in the day, in general orders, Field Marshal Haig is-uol
a stirring appeal to his men to fight to the last. "Every position
from nnw on must be held to the last 'man", he said. "There must
be no further retirements, but .with our backs to the wall and be
lieving in the justice of our cause, each must fight to the end. The
safetv of our homes and the freedom of mankind depends upon us".
To this appeal the British responded nobly, smashing back
the Germans nlong all hut two parts of the front and on fhese yield
ing ground only when to remain would entail certain capture by
vastly superior numbers and fighting for every inch of the way
The-German losses are reported by prisoners and by the British
commanders as terrific, while the British also lost heavily.
Field Marshal Haig, in his official rcjMirtj to the war office,
described the day as follows:
"The enemy maintained a strong pressure all day against the
l!ritish lines southwest of Bailleul, the British being pushed b;-.ck
in continuous fighting to a position in the neighborhood of the Bail
leul railroad, where we are now heavily engaged.
"The enemy also made slight progress between the Eawe and
Clairenee Rivers.
"At all other points we maintained our positions."
It is definitely ascertained that sjnee March 21. when the Battle
of the Somme was launched, the Germans hae brought into their
offensive more than two million men. More than one hundred and
ten divisions have now beer) identified.
The official German account of the recent fighting against the
northern end of the British front, which recounts men and guns
taken, says: "Three thousand British, including fifty officers, sur
rendered at Armentieres when their retreat was cut off by the Ger
man advance to the south. We also, captured at this point forty-five
cannons, manv machine guns and other rich booty. The total ntim
ler of men captured in the Battle of Armentieres is now twenty
thousand, with two hundred cannons."
Along the twentv live miles of this great battle, the British have
been pushed back lor an average of two miles north and south ol
Arnuntiercs. and along the entire front the Germans are ceaselessly
attempting to add to these gains. General Ilaig is making a bril:
liant defense however, and the German advance is slowing down
The attacks, however, arc undiminished in violence and the force-;
being thrown into the conflict are being constantly reinforced with
lresh men. j- : J'
There has been nothing approaching disaster in any of the
British reverses and the loss of towns and the -trip of territory are
only part of the grim game in which each side is racing to see which
can kill the most of the other
gaps in their own ranks.
Wounded men from British
brought back here for hospital
mates slaughtered the Germans as
heaps over which others trampled
be trainuled upon, and still the
that they could not be killed fast
paid a terrific price for every foot.
"Yesterday morning, following
British line- on the Messines rulge. German uilantiv succeeded in
Mvuring a temporary f(X)thold on a portion of this highly valuable
terrain. British reinforcements arriving, heav v counter attacks de
veloped ami the ridge was cleared again of the cneniv. Gcrmai)
attacks which followed were smashed and the enemy driven back.
Again-t the village of Ville l.'hapcllc determined attacks were
mad, three times the Germans charging in wave- and three times
retiring, their ranks shattered and broken by the hail of shell and
bullets which greeted them. Here their losses were immense.
North of Armentieres hetvy drives were made against I'loeg
stcert, the Germans pressihg the British back to the neighborhood
of Neuve Eglisc, the Germans capturing Mcrville At other seer
tis n this Armentieres-Warneton front the German assault?
verc repulsed
t V?KK April ' ( Associated Press")
- H' t. Alt'llic KooM't clt, uho HON
v 'hi ilc I Inst moiilti, Iius lii-en Iibiik
1 re I rron :i ficl.l Uuital to the Ked
( tuti h('B ilal Iju.ic here.
and supplv the recruits to fill the
machine gun scpiad who have beer.
treatment tell how they and then
they advanced, the foe falling in
forward, to fall themselves and
Germans cam on, in such number
enough. 'I lu v yarned ground but
a hurricane bombardment of the
Ppaj.) OQinp'.iint I.' mrt to te preys
lr;n dr'n 'hf fnut suasnn. pe mre to
keep, bottle i.t Chamberlain 'a Colif
and InaiT liof:, I ; , 1 1 , , . I x ui bund. Ii
limy i- ii lilt K..r s:ile by all ileal
era. Ht-iiKiin. Sinitli & (jo, gnvnls ttt
Hawaii. Ad vt.
with rnrfcuit
Bray$ry ( . Utiitfd Spates,, Spl
diers P raiscfP-Take' Prisoners
and Act Like Seasoned Veter
ans In pnoaoement
PARIS, April IS (Associated Pres.l
-Anwrleaa and French troop, fight
intf tnifftthAr AaA at .1 It v itrilav
pelled a strong" Uernlaa attack upon
ni-omnnl.- Fn.f - . Th
V J -
Anromnnl. Fn.f . . tk A.r..n.
r.ntfk uw. .... .u.. ...
l.ort said, lid took n nrfanniTa.
Adailration ot th manner in which the
Atlica from over the rm eonductrd
thpmeelvee ie ie be rrail in evrrv line
of the deapatehea. The French inoralc
m jrreatly atrragtkriird by the prcnonc c
of then American reinforcement.
The efffrial communique iasurd bv
the war pffioe laat night aaid that in
heavy aasauKa the Oerinaaa aucrpodt-l
n )cnTrattng Hangard altkough in a
ln?hiri eotinter the French later '
ceeded in recovering the weatern ac
tion' of the,, town.
Mevera previous Ocrmnn attni-ka had
I'Hilcd diaaatroualy.
Heavy artillery firing, extending
throi(h Thursday night and into vea
erday waa reported from Montdiiiicr.
i states Louring in
AHlUNOmN. AM 13 (Ofli.inh
I'n it ed Btaiea trooif are now llowinj
nore rapidly and "toodily iuto the lint
h and French linen, where they at
tine eniraga in baMHng with the ier
iiaiiN, wiioeQ loaaea are nearing the limit
f ewilraricf. ... ,. ,
Kpert otHervera regard the Flamli-rs
it nation taa now. bejutf, well in hand
vhere the moat severe' flghting him liren
The Germans h ve alao. tested the
liiality of the American troops in the
Toul sector where a German attack was
auited to eollauee alter three daya' r
iller.v aud infantry rehearsal ly the
W ARHTNOTON, April ;2 (Asaocint
ed , l'reaa) Fifty-one casualties were
noted in today's lint given out by thi;
ar department, pf these five were
filled in action,. three died of wounds,
two of accidents and six of disease.
Ifonr were. severely wounded and twen
ty slightly,. Three lieutenants are re
ported m'naing.
Amonff thn rasnattics Cant Wondrow
Woodbridge. a cousin of the Presidenn
it reported slightly wounded.
, It is thought the casualty list does
not include thoae of the main battle.
W. S. 1.. .
Radical Element Issues Procla
mation Declaring that State
of War Exists
TOKIO. April 12 (Special to Nippi)
liji I A state of wur now exists bntneeo
.he Uolsheviki fuctiou in hiberia an
Japan. The radical element in Vlu;
livostnk ban issm-d a proclamation an
louuring tlm I Siberia is now at war
Villi .IspHII.
Tokio newspaiers are wildly eacit,
d, and u nmub.er of tie lending djplo,
nats have asked that Jiipan take imr
nediute m-t ion at the- Siberian port.
The ntuutioii iu Liberia at preaeut it
reanled rrltiral spd Jpaje4e and
rtntisli uiHMjii-B re doing their beet
io protect the interests of foreigners.!
Japan ennuot declare war on Russia,
as the Bolsneviki hae not been rec
ignied The .lapanesa declare (hat
fliL- snmi conditions prevail in Libe
ria as in Mexico when Villa crossed
'he border Hiid killed a number of
Anieiirun soldieis.
The Icudinc newspHpers of Tokie
are ni'injj thnt .lupun take immediate
H' t ion. in it will not be necessary to
declare nr on Kiisfia when protect
ing the inti-rests of Japanese in the
lluli cut uk district.
Cniihiiiied reportu dnie from tVe Hi.
beriun port thai the, Radicals are
taking every incuns to bring . nlKiul
tronbli- betwccii the Hrious nu-ea
Vladivostok. There is no stable gov
ernment and it r the consensu of
opinion in Tukio thnt the AJIiea mu
do something to clear the atmosphere
in tin- Far Kant.
Pig Tonnaf$ VVill Be Operated By
Government Today
WAHIUXUTOX, April 1J-(Olli' ial)
- Sixty three vckhuIs of an average ton
nugc of :;r.oii ( W; . tah.n over
by the kiiv eruuiiiul lomnrruw ,Jil on;
urate. I l M.Adoo m uc-ordaime Wat If
I h proclamation of the pruitbUfut r
lerda.v for the Isking o' ef ift several
Atlantu i.uunt Hlnppiug companies.,
Ale A duo in to have the. opertip,u (
these liues of const wUc elipulg iij
connection with his control of the.rnil;
roads for the purpose of t lie action
fiiken b the President is to r-JU'Ve
trallic congestiuii. Many of Die steam
ers arc passeuger carrying aud, 1 pec
essury, cini ln u,., for the inovenient
of troop-, from southern cantoiiii,-ifs to
'ioinIn of .lepailoie for r'rno:.e as well
as lor ni-iis.-iiM freight Mpa'.
W. S. s
VA.-HIN(iT()X, April 12 -rAssocia,
ted I're-si nnouncement is mar"
thai ii I oil., I Mates nvrl puliol boot
lias I, .in .linen ; i -1 1 . , i , mi u ntonn in
'ioiiic Mn, jVPH Wtffg oui an(J
the iioji I .., certain i l,c refloated.
i . s
Eastern England. Paris and Lux
emburg' Visited By Aviator
and Much damage Done
NKW YORK, Apr!! l.t-Awoointe'l
I'rrha) Air, raid wrc iinilerlakeii
thi Oeraiant lant night nuaitiKt J '?
and England.' Thi mid op faij;'.Bi)-l
na. principally Bninit WKtern rotiat
points hut lino or two machinrs "in-
i A i L I i t . i . . I ..
cr.Un uromnn i.nrauKn on ....
'" MMHtttint into Ue interior
tvnt ana nencf uttinit
o rpnnrta on raauullit-H roxulti' i: from
i ,'" TiA ! .! rppiirted u
to on
i-nrlr hour tbia-mornin-.
'I he air raid on i'iirm w n -o iid w t
were inHietel. wan not no H-rioii an
"nl fonalderatdo nn in raminltiea,
have been other recent air raids. C'aa
nalties thus , far tepnrted from M'
French capita) were eleven killed and
fifty injured.
The raid ia reported n repulsed.
British aviators dropped a ton r-f.
bombs on, the railroad station at l ux
emburg. making a siiciessfnt raid and
reported much damage done.
Kigbt eaejny planes were shot down
yesterday on the battlefront nod even
of the British flyers were repotted
missing na a result of the day's battles
in air.
W. 8 S.
Ifuodfed Thousand
Liberty Loan
Meetings Are Held
Rural Schools Are Turned Over!
Td'.SfteaYdrs Nation Over and;
Rousing Times Come To the
Cduhtry Districts
. WASn'lNOTOX, April (Official
Liberty Loan subscript ious are be
lieved to fcave already tota'ed half n
billion dollarj although official reports
are behind and din not sjiow such figures
as ret. Subscriptions , are certainly
coming1 in more rapidly than for tno
same stage of either of the previous
The message of the third Liberty
Loan its meaning, purposes, and opera-.
tions is to be carried' to rural residents
of the United Htates through appro
mately lti(i,i)() sclioolhmise meetings.
It will be the first time in history that
all rural aehoolhousea will have beeii
given over on, the same night to a na
tional government meeting.
A letter sent by Secretary McAdoo
all rural School 'directors mi the Nation,
asking them, to c ooperate with tei(
local Liberty Loan organisation ia art
rnriiring Liberty Loan rallies for' thaf
night has produced a flood of faVorablo
resjionses. Kot a single m-hool ofllcia
has declined to assist i u aking the
plaji auceea. ,
Local Committees to Cooperata
Local Liberty Loan conimittees wil
cooperate wyth the whool ofSclala iij
arranging tlw neetmgs. Speakers who
understand' iff of tj. details concern.
f mg the loan ieaiopaign will be jirovided,
Schoolliouse bells will be rung, houure
will be lighted in schoolbouse yards, pu;
triotie songs will be sung, and other de
vice used to,i'nli veil the meeting. K
plauatory literature will bo distributed,
and the hope of the ccmimit tees 4s thaf
the mee.tiugs.wijl result iu a tbrarotigh
understanding of the vital features of
the loan by all who attend.
w. a. a. .
NKW IHKKIA. Louisiana, April V
- i Associated Press )--L'nited Htates
Senator Hubert '. Urousaard died at h s
home here yesterday.
Senator Hroussard had performeil dii
tiniuished services for his state and
for the country. Ho was one of the
leaders in the agitation which Anally
broke up the Louisiuua State Lotteiy.
He was ii member of the house of rep
resentatives from 1!I7 to 11S, being
elected to the senate in JS1I2 for .the
term from 1UI5 v H21- ,
siiaiur Broursard performed valiant
campaign services for his party as wefl
and was a valuable campaigner in the
French communiiiea.uf Maine and other
states bordering on eastern Canada
where bis knowledge of French patois
made him always a popular speaker.
He as in his afth fourth year.
inted Press) -After daily sessions for
veeks past the end of the Hindu Revolt
t'oiispiruey ease is at lust in sight. Yes
erdav the pi oserutKHi re-dod its i-a-e
'n rebuttal.
After a recess until Tuesday to uive
. oiinsi l oppoiXiiuit v to prepare (Inul ar
Mimeuts, Jhese will be begun in the
federal courts on Tuesday. It will not
Im long afterward when the judge will
make his charge and the verdict wilj lo
in the hands of the jury. The suini g
up will not be lengthy, it is expedivd
as would he warrantee v n.r ""iv w, (., from the course pursued by
period of the trial. I. fiMt-l States will lie of reel benefit
W. f - - , ( (ltu tH. ggv eminent of Netherlands
SAN FHANCISCO, April l i (As.o
dated pras) AU hotel bars to Dm
United Htates and Caasda way sou h
closed. An announcement made by llie
executive council of the American Ho
tel Association, now meeting here,
forecasts this action.
Former5 Memtier'oir Crew of Leir-
l sic Wade Daily Reports To
German vice consul in Mexico
. of Ship Departures
MARTUfEZ, California, April IS
(Associated rres) Details of a ays
tematU; espipnaje in thy I. United rotates
and the aeodipg of .InormntioD to the
enemy by way of Gorman consular otfl
c.iaia n ilexico ha bee . nnearthed
they claim, by federal bftjeisis and sub
H'antiated by the arrest which they
made here Inst night..,
Yitp Peters la. the name glveu by
the map taken Ipto custody. He
a raepiber ol tji4rfew of Leipsle ami
tlaima ti have, escapivl after the Talk
laud, battle sad made bis way to thi
c.qrotry. ,., .....
Officials clnlnj thai; they hnve uneov
ored a very complete system of espion
age carried on, by reters.,. They asserl
hat he has been daily making reports
to a certain German vice-consul iu Mcx
ivo dative to American .war activities
and telling of the departure of vessels
together frith thoit intended destina
ious. .rrosnmablythia iaformation has
been speed jly. for,wardt.d to Jk-rjin. .
Peters is to.be In'terneii immediatelv
ti i
College, f rojesspr.. and,.Author Is
Arrested Under Mann Act'
" CHICAGO, April W (Associated
Press) Or. William Isaac. Thomas,
uamber of the ofticial .family, pf Chi
cago .University and an authoritv on
sociology' and associate editor of the
American Journal of. Sociology, author
of "Sex and Society," and "Source
Book for Social Origins", as well S'
other books and articles, was yeseter
day taken iwto euatody by federal of
flcials ,on , charges of having violated
the provisions of the Mapo Act.
The woman in the case is said to be
the wife of a Texan who is now with
he American expeditionary forco tin
der General Perwhiiig.
The arrest of Dr. Thomn has created
a profound sensation.
w. . a.
i' In, '. v I . .a I ' r r
Committee Reports On Atroci
ties Perpetrated Upon Bri
tish and French
LONDON, April U Associated
Pe.ss) Atrocious treatment of Brit
imU prisoners by the (Germans, in told
by the ape:-ijl e.omiijitlee which hai
beeu named bv the goverpuient to n
vestiuatc ami report the treatment
which is being accorded to British pris
In tie report which as rendered bv
tli.' committee today unheard of cruel
t;es perpetrated by the Germans arc
1 1. Id. The rapture. I men are l9ng prac
tii rllv enslaved Hiid subjected U ,o)J.
a little short of absolute starvation
They are forced to work by their cap
lots right under the gunfire of British
guns and in this way niauy, them
are killed or frightfully rnSiined.
Manv instances are iriven to show
they have I n beaten and kicked b;
those ho are placed in charge .ove
them. They have been unprovidei
v-itli s'Htiilile clothiug even io tlm bit
tired Heather of the "infer and of
l.n have been left without she'ter.
Numbers have linen, ruthlessly shot
down and still other lar'C number
have died from hunger and lack o
:i.jiii i-luei'ut , killed bv a coinbiiuitio
of starvation nit. I overwork in theii
i-nlyeued condition.
Their uinil is undelivered, they r
kept froqi henring from the,ir friends
oliecte. to ii. any other barharoii
liractises in coutrnst to the treatmen
of 'ieruiaii p;isonrs bv tug .Alli'-A
French prisoners are subjected t
similtir treutment the report auys.
Course In Taking Vessels
Result In Benefit
WASHINGTON. April I,'! .-tAsiiu
ii I Press) -(Secretary of State Lan-dii.-.
.-'i..-h.v n a !. i. ill. Ii.- the text of th
replv of the I nited Stutts to the pro
tests of Holland relative to tlut com
111:111 leering of the 1 n t , - )i aliippint.'
hi. h v.ns taken over by the l'nited
In' his reply Io the Netherlands the
-eeretnrv devotes h'u.ielf chiefly to the
lemonst rat Ion of the fact that the act
vas one of access ty and in no way was
iiv injustice done to Mie owners of the
vessels or to the Iiutch government. On
i ui'rnrv. he "hows, the results ea
and to the owners of the vessels.
moves the csnse. Used the world over
to cure a cold in one day. The stgna-
ture of E. YV. ctfoVB Is on' each boa
Manufuturcd ly the i'ARIS MHUI
CO., S'. ouls, U. 8 A -
SCCIii Soeais
I i v -. I - . , ., ' SV I
ift SH; "HOME KULE':,.
Majority RefSdrt of frrsf? Gonven-
Asks For Immediate
y gelation'
LONDON, April 13('A'aocit5d(. rtesajnjor' J lome Ruje
forjr'cland have been presented , to parliament in a majority
report from, the Irish. conyeritiorj.;. The report say's hat no agTec
meilt waA reached but the great majority favors the plan which is
presented. ( A imflority report' fleu!es any agreement on' ahy of the
fundamental principles considered; , i
The reiort of the Irish Home Rule convention was yesterday
presented by piairrrian, Pltinkctt of the convention which has been
vainly seeking for a base agreement' for long and weary months.
In writing to the. premier the chairman aaid: . .
' " AVtnV VrTSVi TS'W!,l-TkIlfr T T Zf M
"We have failed to agree upqp s.vlucm'e, for(SRlf government
l)iit wc hav e laid' tW foundation for. ). agreement unprecedented
,in thie,l)ug nd bi,tteV history' of cpntroyersy.
i1 "It is not poMtbie' to overcome the, objections of the Ulstcr
ites to any practical and oiherw(sf. acceptable plan but. a majority
of the Nationalists; -.alf pt southern , Unipnis and hve-scvcntiis
or the Lalwrit'es have agreed that tliis plan whi(h ve arc submit -
ting snouia oe jiuic,uii.CJwa'.i-vj mw
. .pLA.1' CplVpRNMENt GlV&ti
1:$ (pUo offered proyidei of an Irish parliament which is sim
ilar to the' RritibU parliament, but which in no wise diminishes the
power of tlje,. British parliament in dealing witn tne anairs 01 rc
Jarid! in conhecton with , the affairs otjie rcsj.of the empire. The
1rih narliarnent w'ouid have full power for internal legislation and
to direct taxation. It guarantee the Unionists tprty percent rcp
resentatipn' in thie ptppiosed parliament anA also gives extra repre
sentation tq Ulster iu its .efforts io conciliate the Ulsteritcs.
In a minority reoort which .was also. submitted the Ulsteritcs
denied that any agreement had been rtached.upori any of the fun
damentals. It said the Nationalists had. demanded a form of
Uonic' Rule which was in excess of anything in the way of claims
that had previously ,bee,i. advanced j.tjreland. .
Speaking' against the fap Power Act, John Dillon. Irish Na
tionalist leader, told the house of common's that he has understood
that many military motorcars.. machine-guns and "tanks" have lefi
the btle, tropin France : for Jre and.
Dillon made a stropff plea against yhat he called the govern
ment's guillotine, methods of handling conscription for. Ireland,
which has been 'brought' tp the fore again by Premier Lloyd George's
announcement that Home Rule and conscription are to go hand in
hand. , . . ,
The government today conceded ntore time to consider the
"man-power bill", which aims to secure more soldiers at once 1 y
combing put the industries and applying selective conscription
niore rigidly..
?0r rrfstfimffigRanQe Shell
ing Does Not End With Sunset
l'AUrs. Anril 13 (Associated Press
-Kor the lirst tipie sjnee Paris h
helled from long range it Tas sur
H-etcd to a shelliiiK after ,suns-t Inst
veiling. Hcretofoie the bombardment
lias ceaaed ivith tie settinii of the aus
but laid infill shells continued . to faU
nd one struck somewhere near the
C.....: I. .u ur killeil Mild
welve were ii-.jurtrO bv he lonjt ranne
h.-Us in the Paris district. One shjcU
truck a bowlUiliiillvj killcl am"r'
iinl ii hoy, tvouiiuiUK nine. ,
Official 'report t tle casualties at
the foundlinn asylum ia Hue (Je la
Ctehe oa TIpiipday . .plafl them at
'hree ki"ed and eleven wounded.
w. a ft.
WAHHIN1STON. April 12 Assonial.
id Press) -New has bflau .revived
here thai a (ierinaa submarine of the
arm-st sea ir-iing tyie,ifb4ied Uve wru
ss and cable station at Monrovia,.
Uboria. on the west ,eoast ot Africa,
n April HI. Hcores of shells were
ised in the boiuUardmujit,. .
Jfier Hrin many round the suina
hie disappcired. chasing a steamer.
rmy oWTcTiiS. , v-
DKMlNti, New Mexico, Ayril P -(Associated
Press) Maj. John Birhur,
who. for thirty years has been con
uix tad with C Kited Stltfe, (Jrces, was
yesterday arrested ou fbaraas of violat
ing the espioiiaK lvr. wal,
tive of Ourmauv but, most of his. lire
had bo spent iu this country ami the
best part of it in tlie army.
W -
WASHINGTON. Anr.il 1-1 -(Asai
ated rressj H'n. aIT. tif ,9V
minister -t the fttdUl, .Wr
dav predicted, that sd. f
Kuarautee a ill )) cIKf"r.fcr . t 'rf
conduct of shins earrrinn kfrain for
Hwitxerlaud. The grain will go to
Cette aud from thence to Bwitzt-rlnnd.
, i - I t
a -evl i f . . i '.t rv
i ". 1 ii ' - - . .
Preliminary a'ntf SIOVAst Stage
Has Been Passed
nijCAfrO, April (2 lOfficiai) r'oor
million Ions of shipping during the
year 1918 may be the output obtained
by the L'nited States. Ho the Chamber
of rommerce or the Tailed States, now
in annual session here, was Md by ('.
I. Baldwin, su epiineiit shipping Binhor
itv, in an address which he delivered
T In tUmi hoil r tmlav.
The preliminary and slonesl staue or
' the buildini;, the maViufcr of the fsbr,
j "t'i "" We he V'1-
i a.... I Ia stairs gT WWIIV rilUlll I III 1 1 Oil
has been reached with the certainty of
fulhllini: all exiwctsUpu in, )91B. ,,
Another speaker uoted the Rreat in
rial rni.1- .hut is lu tiroirress biv
ivvcea- thjt sVipywdS of, tfte Atrtstic
ind the Payc Coasts as tP b"-b cii
urn out ships faster. Kmployes of dir-
rWut . jards hve
fl(IOl Oil
tne result.
s i
. AVAWUfNUTa&r, April 12-(Aseocia-ted
Press) New iaudythojr flut es
have been assiBfed to Mj. Gen. Oeoree
V. Ooethals. He was today named as
assists sjtfsf J M lMltlon "
bl-ini assists St to t!P eera-.fvOf,ar
where he- had ehare af the pnrchawa
Icpsrtment fof the army. He is now
ttV.iririBftyir'bf jVureKses., Storage and
Supplies and his .SiapppUfocnt eo
ordluatea the duties of dirpetor of pur
chases with those Of surveyor general
of supplies.
" 7 v. a. a.
More oiOEft MVl ,
Kansas city, Apni is (Assmi
atd Pre) More training esmps and
oliler men for officers was advocated
by tloiieral Wood in a speech here
fleoarsl Vood pointed opt the need
ef.'dvler $'o Q(- pfaJb
mature age, botween thirty -ate snd
forty )fM?-
lie also said t)ie srmr .would need
fort v thousand rtmre ' officers for 4h
siilsequeui drafts that must be expected.
V', .

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