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Until Yesterday Question Was
J.7 One of Uncertainty But
- " Doubt Is Removed
House Concurs In Senate Reso
lutlon and Notification May
. Come Very Soon
4 '
- '."'.""(Jpntll yesterday Tening It wu
'. aa undecided quotient whether
.. there wouM be any draft at all In
Hawaii this sprtn and rontaer.
: 'it -had hung in the air. waiting
. apon eonirewlonal -tion on the
; '., amendments to the Belectlre Draft
Act proeosed by Prorost Marshal
' ' Crowdcr and recommended by the
"twar department. If the amendment
- " fated to pass, there would hare
t -o d'oft In Hawaii
" ..Last nlfht. the Associated Pros
; ' despatches to The Adrertlaer
'lrra?ht the news t-t ths house,
. , Afjpw bitter fight had concurred
''.' in tba eetiate resolution that the
s. coming draft be baaed on the num
"Mr of 01 as 1 man, as determined
, PX-the Questionnaire, and not, ai
haa heretofore been the law, npon
"tbe populations of the yaxloni
Thla means ths Hawaii win re
.catrt notification within a very
, few day regarding the quota aha
'la to supply, and the draft will be
: 'oi'
;'.-.WAWU0T0X. March 31 The-
-I' thai .war department , is undecided a
t"What to do with the draft men of
' tha X'rn,or.v " "'" roade elea
bjr 'ej atatement Provost Marshal Oen
.eri:,Crowder has just made to Dele
Jtata Kalanianaole. Of courae the war
departmeat ia at sea over what proee
. dura, to adopt,' as congreaa had not
a yet acted upon the requeat of the de
part meat to amend the draft law
leev mea or less i rn w inrn
' : tgumini the clasei Kent ion baaed or
population and the drawing by lot, at
the men now in the National Armv
wee aeeured.
" r'on(Teaa on the pending meaaure to
to away with the nrst system aan sun
etitwte the one recommended by (Jen
Vfal Oowder.
Bow It Standa
i.Wita regard to me urart men m n
' wnli Oeaeral Crowder baa stated to thr
' Delegate that "in tha event the aee
an4 qnota of Hawaii ia determined ae
- cording to population, aa waa the case
in the flrat draft, the Territory wil:
ery probably not be called npon t
' furniMh men.
However, in the event the second
noota ia baaed upon the number of mei
in Claisa 1, it will be required to furn
' . lali .Ua quota.
eatiion have not been received as yet
, the yiaet number to be furnished upoi
each a basis eannot be determined. I-
,k vant nt m cull for drnfted men
' th' chief nt staff bai advised Genera'
f' ' Croaker that Hawaii's aeleetrd mer
rwH-in all probability be mobilized at
r)earaiv posts in Hawaii.
ytVJta Definite Word
(Dlegate Kalanianaole is insistmr
.' thwt the war department Inv down i
urimiir i.i..(imhi v ....
tjJiJnii litis of the Territory ith a
. -4ttie delay aa possible. There has been
, ea astteh confusion and uncertainty thn'
, f UJHSIir Ml.f(lAiii niiuu - ........ .....
. , aUWed to.
V-r-mmv in-n uir i" ....... . p,
. militia built up by the readanssion of
' ')iliH with depeudenta and hs reoriin
; ' iaeet- giveu a thorough and intensivi
i; - : : -;n ..
lenat three months. General Carter
Tbiff of the inilitin bureau, is in hear
iJ record with the I)ele(-ite in In
" efforts to rejuvennte and build u tin
militia and orders from the war de
.partment for this rebuilding and trnin
,aj ,arp expecten in tne imine iiiui' in
' r.'ttreav
jOT only bit m-iiiiioi- iiii.ii
' from the 1'Beinc t oast Mnii- or tin
- mainland taking, a deep interest in the
rnaapaign of the Delegate to luni'; the
naval baae and fortification on Onhu
" td. tb hiRheat degree of efficiency, bn
Itmayr members from the interior aio'
' t Atlantle Coast htates, who n
jtwe of the (Treat military value nt
seJ a program, are lending their sup
-Tm militnrv affairs eonuuittee of the
.lonae. of whieh the Delegate is a mem
, lv. has taken up with the rinv Wat
.' rHejre the Delegate's resolution nn.'
Vpnl receipt of a reply from the arm
' , kesf)! the committee will :n t
,;;Tlie Delegate believe that the firs'
irtvum should be for eongn-. alter eon
malting with military an. I naval e
jiert. to lay down a progiam to sp.e'
t libit -the defense work for Oahn an '
t, fast" reli'lotialy to live up to it, unti'
. Kritb the naval base nn.l fortihVii
i tiona are nearly perfect it will In
istilile to make then. Me Relieve
that an ewierneney ahould Un.l Hnwar
jfaa Travel Permit
' . Thf ha.bea a, lo of confusin
J J-jrVirniatloii sent to the Territory abou'
.tbe aetlon of the State department n
requiring all 'travelers from the nan
fjan.l, to Honolulu to fortif theuiselve
''with paepHe"1lat the Delegate be
'pevH"he should aaiii set forth th
' rstjithi ' tea anH tor the action an
, fc. tireaenl etnfiis. .
.Travalere 'to Hawaii Ir n.e
lcnl imi( now secure s Inv, In
: 'tufi front Hie immignitioi, M ill
ma II
- p r
it i-
'. ' lMjfrV aiW,'g. Pastxirts n.i, ,-,
rwvnr. I"' pai'orf ...,i.-r t.
i'lQriTr an4 f to tide r tin- ;t
UlUv tntil fl ft a iN for id. i-suaine
.Ve1e' permits bv t1 m ginlm
nuf enrle eeuM be wmke.l o t
. ' " ' Tb,e Delegate has rulded tlu iuforn
a'tioa la Oorernor Piukhaiu.
..;.,''.. '"" .
. '..,, i ' ... m '.
I Not AnU-Tonrlsta
I ocrctBrv of Htnto tensing, with
I whom the lielegnte conferred in rndy
! February., states that there not
I and in not mm any intention of Inter
tertog nitli people who drains to go to
Hawaii for a vacation. But the !
reason that actuated the order of th.
government in to (jive ita officials in
formntion about people who travel.
The department of Justice wants t
know who travelers are, to be more
exact, an.) it was upon the request of
the justice officials that the state de
partment acted. Persons leaving the
mainland now fur Hawaii. Porto Kirn
or tlic Virgin Islands do not have to
have passports. Thev muat have trav
eler's permit issued by the immiirru
tion authorities. All other persons
leaving the mainland, whether hound
for Canada. Mexico, the Philippine
the Orient or Kiirope in net have mn
ports Fm'H army omeera point; to
rranrc on nVtniliHil nervice or K"'
Cronn wnrker- rnnnot leave without
paxMportu Thi' K"v,'rnent ia jimtiy
nuNpirioiifi of iitunv w ho travel anil n
rani i iicl x of nil travelern in neci-a
!ary n n f v devii-e in tliene war
The housi roinmittee on rlvrrn nn
harbors hn reported a River and Ifnr
hoi Hill thiit i !1 rii-t ly a war mens
N'nniliwili hit been omitted. The K;
in i h.irbor pmjei t naa one of five
noited liv the committee, Vint I'resi
dent Wilnon took immediate charge o!
the measure :md only those new prnj
pets were left in the bill that er
itt '. m.'it'h nsi'f'ijitei with the pnnecu
I i mi of the nr.
The )el,(;iite eould not eonvinee 1 1
oftieialu that Nnwilmili was a wnr pro
eet. The niHtter ill lie carried t
the Semite i iiiiinilttee. If new project
are inrorpornted in the upper body, the
Delegate feels confident of aueeess. IT
vill not nsk the house to amend the bill
'or there is no chanee of having the
amendment adopted iu view of tin
I'residenf ' stnml and to take up thi
time of the house with the nmtti"
toild hi more Itune.ome.
w. a. a.
Vill Be Built For the Use of the
According to a communication receiv
d by the board of supervisors last
ight. the construction quartermaster
f the Hawaii military forces will be
-in at once upon the work of build
ng two new wharves for the use of the
rmy H.nd for the handling of navy and
rmy supplies.
These two wharves will be adjoining
he present quartermasters wharves to
he south and will be known ns wharves
' nnd 2.
A communication from Onpt. H. K.
Murray, constructing quartermaster
sking for the use of the street for the
tiling of lumber materials to be used
n this construction, stated that the
ork will be begun at once. The con
ractor is James H. Agassi., for both
lers. In his request for the use of
he street Captain Murray states that
e desires to start the wor". at ouce.
The communication was referred to
he city engineer with power tc act.
w. a r
Served Four Terms In Legis
Death called S. K. Mah.-c. an aged
lawaiian, vho had Netted niiius terim
n the territorial legislature, ami who
.as one of the most widely kuown
lawaiians in the Islands, at his holm
t W'aialua. Thursday night. lie win
eventy four years of ae and is sur
ived by a widow, Kinil, and a sun
oseph K., who is a inenii.er of tin
Hilice department nt Waiu'im
Malioe was born in the I'lina district
n the Island of ll:i.un Imt hud lived
n Oahu for the past thirty seven
ears. He was cdiua'e'l at the liilc
'.nurding School an. I :it I .ahai naltnm.
"Honest" Muhoe vv is a title lie earn
d eurly ill his pulitn-al .areei mi. I
hich he retained tint : I hi- .leitli. 1
was in lHTti, under the nmiiaii-hy. that
ic was llrst elected In tli'- legislature
Following this term he -eicd three
thers under the terniniial govern
tent , in ItMM, Kn7 and lull. I'w ice
nice then, in l!H. iiikI mil, he ran
igaiu for election to the leg; i-lat ure
nt was defeated tioth time In tin
''114 election he was det.-ated bv l
M. Kupiheu, the Demo, ril i amlldate
bv only twenty votes
Besides his career
ture, he was for ton
magistrate of Wuialua
tion he , appuiiitc.1
was also the ilistint i
several vears. AI ain.ti
the legisla -
a I s d I s ! r II' I
" ll le h posi
i s;s, and
a-essnr fn
l ine he w a -
'lie editor of the K u . I. . .i . tin- lending
llawaiiuu neuspapei puidli at nm i u t h
Funeriil services f.n his nit.rnnii
were held vestenlav a i'iitiuiou.
- - w ; a
At n meeting
League in Moose
junior and three
f II..
11.11 Ir.
tel. I a I
Itase I, nl!
' i., -lit ther
ants e i c t- u
ered fnr the sea
says the Hilo Tn!
The seniors are tli
I .. t In ttpe u .
.'' last Llldli'
I the ('.,.,
Ihe .lap
solnlated Hail" a ' a
Only the .liipaues, t
ttt uiiiiuuiu'e its list ..
the next meeting, 'i
sHine duee, the nltnt
tu go tin reenrd.
The .IsriUnese nl. v .
Y. Namakmura, J Dm
si: catchers N. Li...
is iea. .
,. but .'I
.,, ,.. .1
. S Mil
.i i ;
llrst tiasc. II Vakain..! . .r. ..i,. base
K. Araki. M. Iunnl.. thud le..e. s
Abe, K. Takeniolo: sh.ui stm. s,.
gawa; right field. V rnmto.to; .entei
field, V. Okino; left field, T. Igasuki
B. F. DiHinghara Left
Hundred Thousand
Petition For Probate of Will Filed
By Sons and W. F. Fr'ear Who!
Ask To B; Appointed xecu-
tors Relatives Are Legatees ;
Heiiiiimin Vranklin Dillingham's es
tale, consisting; wholly of personal pro
j.erty, has a valu of 00,0(0, accord
ing to a petition fllod in the probate
court yesterday by Walter Dillingham,
llsrol.l Dillingham and Walter
Kienr, who ask that they be named
executors of the estate without bind.
As stated in the petition the eta e
consist.! of stocks, bonds, bills and nc
mints receivable, personal effects and
ash The will was executed several
years ago when Dillingham was Mxly
eight venrs old, the petition says. Those
who nre heirs at law and next of kin
are the widow, Mrs. Knimn I,. Dillin
linin. Mrs. Mary D. Krear, a daughter;
Walter Krniieis Dillinghnm, n son;
Harold (isrtlclil Dillinghnm, a son; and
Mrs Marion Kleaiior Krdman, a daugh
ter In the will and codicil the following
are named as devisees and legatees
Mrs. Kiiiiiiii I.. Dillingham, Mrs. Mnr
liillinghain Krear; Wnlter K. Dilling
ham, Harold (1. Dillinghnm, Mrs. M.i
rion Kleanor Krdinnn, Lowell Smith
I iillnigliain, Benjamin Franklin Dilliug
ham II. Wirtter Hyde Dilliugliaiii, liar
old I'. Dillinghnm Jr., John Henley
Dillingham. Virginia KrcHr, Margaret
Krear. Harold Kniidnlph Krdiiinn, Urn
mn l.nnis Krdman, Dorothy Krdinnn,
.lean Marion Krdman nud the R V.
Dillingham coiiipanv.
W. 8. 8. -
Loan Committee Is
Not Optimistic
On Drive's Headway
tl... i (L. !
Three quarters of the Larger
Subscribers Are Alreadv List-
a fti n- i n
ed and Only Best of Cooper?
tion Can Secure Full Quota or
Haw fin's subscriptions to the Tl. , rd
Liberty Loan Fund bonds ar miig
ii slnw. so slowly that the fnniiiiitu-,
n chnrne is worried for fenr that Ha
waii will not oversubscribe, perhaps
not secure the quota of .'MIIHI.IKHI, for
up to yesterduy the totnl ligures were
but 2,Rll.i,.ill(l.
The correct figures of subscript inns
on Friday were 2.184,4011. Ycstenlav
the week-end totuls including late ip
eipts from Hawaii, but not from Maui
nd Kauai, amounted tn a litile 1ms
'han i,.t(KI. 0(1(1.
Three quarters of the larger Niibserip
lions that were i-pe ted are already
;n but there is still i? I ,:iJII.(IIMI to be
raised and only one fourth of the big
buyers li lt to help reach the minimum.
What makes the commit tee worried
:s that the remainder must be raised
from those who make small subscrip
tions. To gtitlier in the remainder
means a tremendous effort on the part
of the committee and the sales forces,
and general cooperation nl the best
kind must be secured.
Wo Optimism Seen
The committee is far fimn optimis
tic, and the results up to esterdny
were not up to their ei peet at ions. Thi"
campaign from now on, how ever, will
be of the whirlwind type and every
salesman will be asked in ii.nnimo his
own business affairs tu put in every
minute possible on Liberty H mid busi
a ess.
This week, also, teams nt women will
circulate through select-d
I stricts of
the city and island and these expect
to turn in a lot uf siib 1 1 t ions.
People Muat Buy
"I hope tile people h."e reall.e the
tremendous i e. . f,, n that the
I'nited Hti.t.- gnieii. nt "ants from
llawnn.'' Mini M.majei linv Huttulph
yesterday. ''It n ihat the banks
ltd trust I tililj a,ne :. ., eo.'poril
ions Sill-Scribe In :fv lb. t . these linll Is,
but to tin '.,,p. t!,em-el'e
" Kvcry a" whnh . an lie sempod
together by no mn'niial should be
put into n f.'iu l.il.eitv I'.. .ml tin- week.
This IllOliev Is not -iliipl. . .,nt . doited.
It goes intu a lmn.1 wlneh ha- a value
of $50 nt nine, and then In gins to
earn interest."
HPOKAN i:. Washinei,.,,, Maie
Hy liM.ing tn II. nel
mutch of I he m ' h
I. ..!.,' 's
i degia nhic
j t rupshoot i ng
' n i mei. t . I '.,t : ia i, lost
a chance t
w In tot eh..UH.n,nsi,, '',.
result wns a 1
Portland. Belli
ane, each has i
lost two.
.1 I
e Let " ceil
a ml s.,,,k
itches and
DJ.Collis Browned
Act. nke ci.aro. tn
DIARRHOEA. ..... ,.
the on, 8,,.. ,t,c u,
The o.-i.y Pall.allv. ir. HtUwALOl. OOUT, HHBUMATiaaa.
i . . s-.iit i. Irt'liuony aaePnlss sua Soil !.
k I ' V.ie 'IwuUoiurTV,
i ....I i i ...,). i, 8. I. T. DvsotT, Ltd.. l.i. Jon, S K.
,As ewi i.i mitts
Loyal Custom Worker Answe. s
Last Summon. After a Very
Brief IKnesi
s,,n hy-Tu (.h.rle.
Kr(H,,.tll K ,. Rw0w, one of the oideet
!cmpl''Vc of the Honolulu customs
force passed away at the Queen's Hos
pitnl vnstcrday morning, tfrer being ill
only si ac Inst Sunday eight.
A mrk ago he waa as active as ever
in the performance of his duties as a
Inv ,i. -poi tor but, sometime Hunday
ni'it. he was stricken with apoplexy
pi d Mondiiy morning he was found un-
i.i s i,, .s iii his lied at his home at 250
.-m.t'i Idise Street.
t lii-t no hope was hold for his re
cover' . Imt during the day lie recov
ered . miseiousneas. only to slowly de
cline iigein until . taken by death.
Actire and Conscientious
:.'. .Id was one of the most conscien
tious workers of the customs staff, to
"In. h he has been nttaehed for the pnst
-inicti esrs. Nij truer tribute could
ever lie paid to his friendships among
his fellow employes aad other water
f mi,t workers tliau has been the case
since the beginning of the war. I n
i'sii.iM' lovnl and nrdently outsiokcn
are the government workers of the
w at. i front, ant) with all them Rownld
retained to the Inst, every vestige of
Iompci respect and trust, despite his
'le.nian birth, for all of them renlired
Ins nteuse patriotism to the American
I Regretted Foreign Birth
I Inspector Kowold was born in Oer
i in n n on April lfl, ISfll, but ramp to
I lien ns a small boy where he be
I . nine a citizen through the naturaliza
: tn.n of his father. Often, even in the
I i in period, he was heard to express
I i regret that he could not have been
lioin an American citizen. But to show
, his loyalty to the adopted country of
hi nisei and fnther he teatifled by ffiv
' ing his consent to his only son to join
I tl... ! ... . rill . Tl. n Im VtiAlm
How old who lk now in France with
. Twentieth KnKieera.
surviving him besides bis son, are
'his widow nnd two daughters. Mra. 8.
; v , Hnild.eii ,.d Mrs. v. w. oehring.
k .woui haai lived in Hawaii or
admit thirty years ami he first worked
tv yea
old i
I then employed by K, O. Hall ft Son.
, , ,rin(, the' revolution in 18115 he was
., li.mtf nant in the Provisional Oov-
,,, forces in Company A. 'For
j,nnV yars he has been affiliated with
,. ' Knight of Pythias and Masonic
i fmti-rnal orders.
Flags Half Masted
A token of the respeM in which the
day inspector was held On the water
front, outside of government circles,
Uas shown yesterday by the. half mkst
ing of the flag over the stevedoring
establishment of McCabe, Hamilton 4
Kenny. '
"His memory is as deserving of this
respect as that of uny other person., Hi-
filled his small niche in the world wltl
loyalty ami trtmt, and that is all an
person, in either an bumble or hlgn
position, can do," explained Capt. A.
Mcl'haii. mnnnger of the stevedoring
company yesterday. ''
Is Leaving For Mainland To En
ter College
When the pick of the world's swim
mers gMther together at Neptune Beach
for the 100-yard National champjon
ship on April 28, it would not be sur
piising lu lind t'larence l.nne one of the
a umbel'.
The world's champion sprinter, Duke
KaliKiinmnkii, :s to represent Hawaii
for certainty and with I. one along
ii the sprints the "Paradise of the
Pncific " stands h mighty good chance
of taking lust and second places in the
l.ane i leaving for the mainland on
Wedncsduy in company (with NoWe
Knuhane. These two athletes are en
tering (st Mary's f'ollege to join
Napihna uud Correii. This will afford
Lane it chance In be on the ground be
fore the meet coinere off.
It is uiuleci. leil yet as to whether
Kroger will enter the meet or not. In
un interview vestenlav "Htubby" was
uncertain as tu his prospects of going.
As he is a holder of a world's record
in a backstroke event he would surely
place in the back swims.
Knuluine wlm is going with I. ane to
St. Marv's is no swimmer but he Is
one of the best football players in Ha
waii ami a dandy track and field Bth
Int.. well as a good baseball man.
and ONLY QENU1 ,E.
Checks and arrests
I Tn, Ul Umfdy know, for
icoucjis, colds,
asthma, brokchitis.
L . .. , nn , . -
I l?-'e,Ae'tl'-l-i-- 1 IT! J-.: IT A. I C
l y ci uuu y 1 ; u bing ?u ;
and Feeling Maikai No!
ILDo KDo v--i?c
Marvelous Body Builder
and System Tonic
Routs Sickness and Disease
Adds Years of Health, Comfort and
Enjoyment to Your Life.
B. B. O. Is reranim.nated l same ut I he m.M ariraaeril roalnlaait phralcl... nH
rimrtur tmr aaacmle. swtn, .ae ran-d.wa iw.iilc a. a snarvH.as trradh and buds
kalldrr. The reeonstnietlve sj'sleiti rehnlldlng inslltles possessed jr , (. j-. ,,. n. ,.nuse
for the remarkshre cures msde tr tills prepnrsllon. proved, hr stsires of lesi limiuliils
imliMshed from pmuilaenl and reMs
II II. ('. strenartheus th. srstem and
inenis aim disease. II. B. C. Is boon to stomach sufferers. Hlops I bit I fnriiilns of
gns. Iielelilim up f Mlad. food snd water: en-ales an appeili... nMI . B,.,iii. hmsilvr: cures contlpstlon rheumatism,
liver trmihle and bilious ci tudrilon. A iwerful kidney .ml Mn. liter rente.lv. H II. '. noes nwsr Willi 1ln.se illsty sells,
sl.-k hes.lii.lies, nla-hl sw.-sis, nervous lis lines, sleepless nights, ei.rs-s ma'iiiitrblun. and Is n great body builder and eleaiiSMt:
l.rliiirs Hie lio.lr to normal welultl hy tnrnlus Ihe food y nl Into n-w IiIwmI. It.-sh snd in use U- Instead of passing
llin.UKll as iinrtla-.sated waste matter, pnlsonlna the system In lis j.mrney II II. I eonlslns no alcohol to Irrltato. ,nor
any mIsoiihis druas In harm the system s Icnllnt sllf einpoiinle)l of i.s.ls mid herbs, and In a lbiild form. It Is r
uiKPrlor tm tahlrt rented Irs. which la, their ktreaath tlireaah r..karr la air ami sre very often soiled by careless band
IIur-. H. H. '. card. ..tl all aeramalatrd waste matter andlafaars the n.d with the health, vls.r aad vllalHr of yaalh.
IMmonslrated snd explained at the a.w B- 11- V. hradqurtrs, ll Klna Hlrrrt. aest ts Ihe Fish Market, every day
rrom a to ft::nt. If voiir druaralst. dealer or idantatlva store . nut of It. send money onler In ma and I'll ship II to yon.
No raise In price --il 00 per bottle; speaal this week, a for $5.00. Address: lien llruns. Honolulu.
Sreat Pitcher Just Bought
Cubs Is Drafted and Weeg
ham Is Out $50,000
CHICAGO, April 12 (Associated
ress) (Jrover Cleveland Alexander,
who was expected to be mainstay of
the Chicago Cuba in the box, wil) not
dtch thia coming season. Instead he
nay be heaving grenades into a German
French, for advices received today from
8t. Paul announced that he has been
Irafted into the National Army and or
drafted into the National Army. He
lias not yet been ordered to report for
serveee with the next quota, says an
other despatch from Lincoln, Nebras
ka. The Cuba are losers to the tune of
.t.V),(KH), according to a statement made
y Charles Were, ham, owner of the
earn, when informed that his beat
pitcher, one of the greatest that ever
ntered the box, had been drafted.
It waa announced receutly that the
?uba bad purchased Alexander and
Catcher Killifer from the Philadelphia
Nationals fur a consideration of 75,
'K10. The purchase was hardly made
when the grent twirler was drafted
and Weerrham is out his money.
Grover Cleveland Alexander got into
Ihe big league in It 1 1, playing with the
Philadelphia Nationals. Prior to , his
entry into the majors, he worked for
the Central City team of Nebraska. In
1915 when Pat Mnran 'a men won the
pennant in their cirriut it was due
mainly to the work of Alexander.
The services of the drafted pitcher
may not be entirely lost to the Cubs for
it is possible that before getting into
khaki, Alexander may twirl his team
on to a few victories.
W. a. 8. -
,?lans Contemplate Good Pro
gram July Fourth In Y. M.
Tank For Playground Fund
At the Inst monthly meeting of the
xecutives of the Women's Auxiliary
if the Outrigger Canoe Club, it was
iinninioiiHlv decided tu hold a swim
uiuing meet for the members only at
he Y. M. C. A. tank, the Fourth of July
icing set us the dny nf the meet.
The Women 's Auxiliary being par
ticularly interested in all forms of
sport, it was thought appropriate to
turn over the net proceeds to the Play
irnunds Hummer School, a deserving
It was first t)ioiiiit that this meet
would help the activities nf the Terri
torial Lair week but as all the attrac
tions are at Kapinliiui Park, it would
hinder rather than help.
Mrs. Kul lard I.eo, the club's repre
sentative to the A. A. I', was request
d to work up eiithiiHiiisui and arrange
i prugiaiu which will give a chance to
he beginners as well us experts in the
club. The following ladies were named
as a committee to act with Mra. Loot
Mrs. W. A. Wall and Mrs. Raymond O.
Brown, club secretury and treasurer,
respectively, and Miss Helen Jones,
whose enthusiasm in aquatics is well
know u.
As this will lie purely a club affair
and for tho entertainment of members
aid their guests it is hoped ;thut "moth
ers will help along their daughters to
lake nn active part. As an encourage
ment to aspiring mermaids the club w ill
put up a perpetual trophy and other
prizes tn be competed fur every year.
The liesl nil around swimmer, com
mencing with the coining meet, will be
rec.it. .led villi the Pernetiial Trophy.
'Ihe list of items making up the teat
will lie made public shortly, so as to
give all ujplu chance tu trmiu.
- tert tcple of Honolulu and m.lnlnnd etlles.
etisliles the bodr to throw i.rr lSm.ln. ii
'Bill Rodgcrs' Senators Blank
Seals and Oaks and Bees
Split Honors
P. W. L. Pet.
Oakland n U -I Il(l2
Vernon l.'t !i 4 .llil'J
Sacramento '.II .1 ll .455
j San Francisco 1J 5 7 .417
I Malt Lake 13 5 X ..1SS
i I.os Angeles 14 5 II .n57
Yesterday's Results
Vernon 7, I.os Angeles 5 llirst game);
Vernon fl, Los Angeles 4 (second game. )
Sacramento li, San Francisco I). No
second game.
Halt Lake 5, Oakland .1 (.first game);
Oakland 4. Suit Lake .'t (second game.)
By winning its two games yesterduy.
coupled with the fact that the Oaks nnd
Bees Split even in their double header,
Bill Kssicks' Tigers of Vernon went
up agaia into a tie with Del Howard's
Oaks for Hist place in the team stand
ing of the Purilic Const League at the
close of the second week of this year's
pennant race.
Bill Kodgeis' Senators have nlso gone
up and ure now second to the Oaks and
Tigers, while San Francisco closed the
week in third place, with the McCredie
Bees next in order, while the Angels,
who began with such a hilarious start,
are now in the dark, dim and dump
Vernon defeated I.os Angeles on the
latter 's home diuinond yesterday in
both the morning and afternoon panics.
The Tigers took the tirst hy the score
of seven to lie ami won the second
even with more ease, nine to four.
'Bill Rc-dgeri Mores On
Hacrameuto did several little things
to the San Francisco Seals, for one
shutting them ulT the score board. The
score was sin to uero. The game was
played ou the Sacramento diamond,
but, really, this was in. reasou for the
showing made by the (.iiiIihiii Seuls.
Ilsying at Oakland, the McCredie
Bees from Salt Luke and the Oaks
brokeeveii for the .lav's honois. The
Bees won the morning game, live to
three while in the alteinooii buttle
the Del Howard Oaks turned up vie
torious by the score of four to three.
These two games, judging by the scores,
were the best uf Ihe day in the Pncific
Coast League vestenlav.
. w. a. a
Once again arc preparations under
vi ny for a proper celebration of July
Fourth in Hilo, says the Hilu Tribune
of Inst Friday. Presideut ll. 11. Vicars
of the board of trude i f Hilo has named
a committee to start things goiug. Dr.
Milton Kice, II. I). Corbett and J. H.
Zimmerman form the ciimuiittee.
A public meeting will be called in
the near future liv llurtor Kice tit
1 which the whole plan fnr a celebration
for the Fourth will be discussed nud
aubcollllli it tees will lie uppoillted. This
was dune lust year and in nil the pre I
I reding years and Ihe plan has always!
world out well. Last ear Thomas
Gunrd was chairman of the board of
trinlt mniittee. i
Last year there was a fine parade
of decorated ears and floats and some-:
'thing of the sort probably will be held1
vthia year. The rowing races between
Hilo aad Honolulu, thr buseball team
ml the rViick meet which were brought
off in 1H17 were all great successes, audi
1 Poctor Kice is alreadv working on some'
similar scheme for this coming Fourth !
HONOI.ri.il I HO N WOR KM CO. - Ma
cbinor v uf every dcsciiption mud.'
rae B. 6. a. MaiiJ van .isstVada aU
Honolulu talk by the cure made by
the wonderful B. K O. MiUclie. 4, ,
. Plctnra w; oU
V Bro. Benjamin,,
t inventor, af B. B..C.,
. J must be nob atery
Castle &Cooke,
Pw i Plantation Company
Wailuku Agricultural Co., Ltd.
Apokaa Sugar Co., Ltd.
Kohala Sugar Company s,
Wahiawk Water Company, Ltd.
r'ultou Iron Work, of St. Loots
Hnbenck & Wilcox Company
I .men's Fuel Kcoliomieef (jiua.iaa
( has. ('. Mooru A Co.. Kngiaeera
Don't spend all you earn, the
ruatl to rioheseliis in spending
less than you earn, and inci
dentally you do your. Country
a service. Start a savings ac
count with us and make your
money earn
Corner Fort and Merchant St.
from Montreal to Liverpool,
Loadou and Glasgow via the
and St. Lawrence Route
By the popular "Priuceaa"
Nt os merit from Vancouver,
Victoria or Beattle.
For full information apply to
Theo. H. Davies & Co. Ltd
Cen 'I Agents, CaiiadluadPaeiiie By. Co
Commission Merchant;
Sugar Factors
Hyya Plantation Co. Vli
W'aialua Agricultural Co., Ltd.
ApoHim Sugar Go Ltd.
Fultou lion Works of ttt. Louis
Klnke Hteajii Pumps
Western Centrifugals
Hal.coek Wilcox Boiler
(li ecn ' Fuel Kconomiaer
Manh Steam Pumps
Matson Navigation Co.
I'lauters' Line Shipping Co.
Kohala Sugar Co.
Iaaued Tuesday and frldaya
Filtered ut the Pnatofflce of Honolulu,
T 11., as aernurl-eUsf matter )
Per Year . , sv0w
Per Year iforeiga) ... . S.0U
Payable Invariably lk tauaue.

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