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April 19, I91S l.ast twenty
fnr hmirs' raiefall T. Temp
ftui -'MHl. Tit Ma. .7.,
Weather, elourtjr.,, ( . .,
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,i . ., .vy; y -w
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' - 1
Von Hindenburg, Legions Held and Smash
ed At E viery Point, Withdrawing Defeated
From Four Bloody Battlefields
North and Sonth of Yores the Allies Are
Counter-attacking, Winning Ground
and Capturing. Prisoners
NEW YORK, April 19 (Associated Press) Bringing' up fresh
reserves and with a concentration of men -and guns unprece
dented in the war, the Germans are attacking viciously along many
miles of the British front, being everywhere held and thrown back
with incredible losses. Opening a series of great Infantry attack
at dawn, after, n all night bombardment of the British positions,
the Germans threw their brigades against the Allied line through
out the day without a gain.
From La Bassee on the south to points north of Ypres the
fighting raged in, a score of battles and everywhere the Germans
struck they were repulsed with bloody losses. ,
The heaviest battling, where the assaults, were of extraordinary
violence -and pushed forward with the greatest recklessness and
dhjregartf of t. ts .long tht ftotttftern Aid Artpentxeret 1 UwamWde' BrfnW 'wleDe ' T-eH
'haaentl front Givenchy, jtut wesiof L Baaw.lonS ' atenile I le5V7rTfv?'t"'"'-1 - 7
a w.v to Bethune.:-Aldn thi hort front thtf Huni eoiployad tl, I Calwa.; fcHetre f ,ZZ& f I
the rate of. division per mile, or
without, gaining a foot of territory. - The attack was made with such
masses that the British, reinforced by fresh French troops, were able
to execute terrific punishment and meet the rushing charges with
such a blast pf fire that the Germans could not face it.
Time after time these Hun hordes endeavored to cross the La
Bassee canal, and time after time their front ranks were mowed
down This supreme effort to widen the salient on the south failed
completely. c
At the same time a desperate effort was being made. to push
the northern side of the salient out, a drive being launched at (lie
llied line south of the Kemmel positions which the British had
uraptured on Wednesday in a strong counter. From Bailleul t
i point sotllli oi ipres wtin me
----- "t:r-. . .
nici, the i .erirtans auacKeu strong
ly. Hero. Us on the south, they
were held anil nightfall found the
armies loc ked on the same front
as when the battle opened. Three
separate attacks were made by
the (ermans.
An early morning engagement
was fought south of the Lys near
er the tip if the salient than the
scene of cither of the greater bat-lie-
of the day. the Germans di
recting a drive against the south
western section of this front, be
tween l.ocoit and Kobecq. This
attack, while made in force, was
evidently a feint, the main fight
ing Inter developing nearer to
Givenchy and Kemmel.
To the far north von I linden
burg brought his fourth army in-
to action, inis aiiacKiug uie ones i
. . ... I .. i:
Langemarck north to Kip)e, a
point midway between Dixmude and
muscimol.-. Thin attack waa deaigned j
.. , I
in ureuk me oi-ik""' uu- oiiu .u.rn n ,
northern route to the eoaat, but it fail-
i-d completely. The Belgiaua not only
H.r. v the n.tackern back with many
. . '
.H....lt..-a but countercharged and cap-
, n.-.i (.. .... ,
iniuiv officers.
A Ki'uter desputcb last night from
Riitish lleiidiiiurters says that the
tl tn iin uie bringing into the fighting
in :i n v new troops from their reserves,
nunc than thirty seven fresh divisions
htiving been identified during tbe day.
.south of the Armentieres salient, on
the ArriiH sector, the British took the
..tlViixiM' venter. lay morning, capturing
ii ii 11 in tier of Herman treuchea, with
i i iKoiiers mill muchlue guns.
Viiialeidaiu despatches stute that the
)ieiit flow of (iermat wounded from i
the Neveral buttleflelds is alurming the
(ieruians throughout the occupied see-
"i .
nearly two hundred thousand men.
greater lorcc uirccicu against ncm-
tiniiH of Flanders, Ghent, Brue and
Court nii, the railroad teiHer bat-V of the
(iermnii lineo, and other central town
and cities have been tranaformed into
great military hoapitala, with all pub
lic buildiiiKH and many private homcx
belli; lined to houie the thouaandi upon
thoiiNamlH of lint tie shattered men lie
inf pouri'il in. The Red Croaa ha ex
liaiiHteil itn nupiilies and there in untold
The (idlciul report on the day 'r filit
ing in Flaudera iient out from Berlin I
brief: "In Flandem and on the
I.v front the nituation In unchang.-il.
Nortbtveat of Moreuil, where the French
attacked, the enemy waa repuUed with
MiiiiKiilnary loaaea.'
The French were on the off endive on
a number of their sector, the I'urin
deHpatehna report, and with almoxt uui
vcimuI aucetMw. Kuat of Amienx, along
the valley of the Ayre, the poilua ml
vaneed aucceHafully, clearing the tier
mam out of the greater part of the
Heiuicat Wood.
They met a German attack at Cor-
beny, on the Champagne front, and
i,roK n u
tr trench
while on the Lorraine nee
raida in force were made
and priHOnem captured.
Along the greater part of the French
iioaitiona. however,
there haa been
uo,hl,,8 lut artillery,
xhowlnir no dlanoaitun
the Germana
tion to attempt to
,,l T1,i. ..t.t...i
'i enn int. ii i u v. n a me i 1 1 i uai i.
tn 0f infantry lighting la taken' by
the military critica to mean that the
U - ttl. . been fought and won ex -
cent for the northern aectlona of the
, n,le wh tu d,y now
lll(f heavily ngainat tne Merman. i
This, it ia now unanimously decided, !
is the decisive battle of the war, but j
it will not be the last battle. Tbe (lei ,
man drive is to date a failure. Von 1
ii' l .. i i .. - f. :i..i . .. i
V ; ' r ' lu r , """ ",
us iii!'uriMiii uujvi'iiYos auu, unni)(
to the tremendous losses he has sua- I
tuined, his position now is not as good !
as that of the day upon which the bat- I
1. I T" V. .. .. -. I . . .L. .
lie ufirur.1. i uc ur-i rnnun HI lue greni
onensive, into wuicn me rnn power or
the kaiser has been thrown so far is
hundreds of thousands of Oerinun
casualties, a longer and more vuluer-
able front and a few miles of thrice!
ruined country.
' VV , i of the northern section of the "western-front, showing to
dax'i battle line, where Germany It making he Jast struggle for
victory The shaded portions of the map. 'at lUngemarck and
at Armentieres, represent the German gains. Tfhe Armentieres
salient marks the greatest battle of all times. '
Breeder. IgWSSS '
:i "
Ghyeldr I akerkeVJpoVltdBloff
V rhem ? A PollinchOrM 7 V
oyeletteo cy ApRMrtf&lves ailix5uSe7j
Greeks Smash
Bulgar Lines
Resumption of Fighting Along the
Macedonian Front Told of
In Brief Report
i , " T"., . , .
1 I- N D O N, April l-(AMOc..t-
I ed ('reus) In a audden o(Tcnnive, the
ihv roolfntlg with e B,it
inh, smashed against the Hiilgariun
linen uloiig the Ktumuitza alley yester
ihiv. sweeping the Hulgars from their
position along a wide front and cap
tilling seyen towns.
No details of the siiiuhIi have been
receiye.l, the news, while
important as
minting a resumption of the lighting
mi tlic Mucedouian front, being over
ahndowed for the present by the light
int; in Kliindeis.
' W S S
blCAMtn lb bUIMrV
NKW YORK, April lH--( Associated
I'n s i- News was received here to.iuy
thut the American steamer A Haven
I . submarined in March.
: f
MOSCOW, April IS (Associated
I'ichm News has reached here thut
.eaauta of the village of Noselki, re
siting (ieriimn troops who were seizing
their money ami robbing them, killed
M.iiie (iermuii officers.
The (M inimi-, then burned the village,
and while it uai luiruing surrounded ii
with niui'hiu ' iins and shot the in
habitant a tlicv lied from the flame
Mnn were kill. ' I, iiicliiding woionn an.1
clil l.li en
A protest ha l sent to Berlin.
w. s. t.
W slll.N(. I'dV. April IS (Assoc in
tp.l I'rcs- Si-ii ii t u r II Irani Johnson ol
f'n 1 1 1 in ii ui imi-. appiuiiteil to the null
Iiim atfiui i .'iiiouttee toduy, tukin.;
the place of Seiiutoi llrady of Idaho.
Tells Reichstag Convoys Are De
stroyed By Submarines Daily
and Sometimes Three Or Four
In Succession In One Day
. LONDON. April lfr ( Anaociated
Treaal Wild and miideiiding claim of
th grent Niiccenn of the Herman cam
ptilga ot unrextricte.l milnnnritiing were
made to the tleinifin reiilntag yeater
IT by A.liwiral von Capellc. Herman
minister of the marine. A report of
bin Beech to the reichitag membera
fi(tied here yeaterday by way of An
aterdam. Adminil von Capellc made hia claimi
of atiecejiM to the main committee of
the reiclintag when upeaking on tht. jnb-
ject of anbmarimng in general. He de
fended the policy which n promiaed I
tn bring Grent Hritiiin ..--l i ly to her
Kakea Great Claims
' . Heplylng to the rlHimn of the Al
fPn ,that aiitimnriiyen lire beiing de
atroyed fiiHter than they can be built
and the more lately built lire inferior
to the earlier launched craft he In
tinted the new submarine exceeded in
numbera nil lonpcn. The cfTectiveneaa
of the unilerneu craft, he declared, bad
been greatly increRBed.
- Referring to the work done by the
deatmyer fleet and especially to the
American fleef which haa been o great
ly p rained, he aaid the work of thoae
dent roy era had failed of ita object.
lie i quoted in the Wolff deapatch
a having aaid that "one hundred
tbauaand tons of Hritinh ahiping ia be
ing launched monthly while at the aante
time each month e are destroying
000,000 ton. Alao the loaa of the car
goea of theae aliip ix of vital import
ance to the enemy.
Destroying Convoys
"(lei man Hubmiirine commniidera are
eapecially trninct in iittnckiug con
voys and not II duy pasaes but our
Mibniarines -mcikI to the bottom a con
voy vessel and sometimes they will
destroy three or four of them in suc
cession." Replying to these assertions the ad
miralty aaid: The average monthly
low. during Iff 1 7 haa been 3.10,000
grofa toaa Instead of 600,000 tons ai
Von Capelle asserts. The figure of the
4 firat Quarter of 191a will a0p..be pnb
jWH'eirfi)) urajr-
ivettar loaaea irora ,tne-nctir.ei te-
rja'ima. Wt at juatlfled ltt detlaring
the arrangvmenta which we taoJ bare
for securing steel will assure us of
the desired output ia new shipping.
W. t. . .
Message From Baker Read To
Army High Bravery Wins
Commendation and Cross
WASHINGTON, April 10 (AsBoci
nie.l Tresa) (Jeneral Pershing ctuse.l
to be announced yesterday to the
American expeditionary forces the con
tents of a message w(ich was sent to
the army by Hecretary of War Baker
directly after the return to hi io-t
of the secretary. The message siiid
in part: "The courage and zeal which
4hc membera of our expeditionary
force, officers ami men alike, are ahow
intf, are worthy of the beat end the
Inchest American traditions. Press mi
to victory! "
Secretary Baker attended the calii ,
m l meeting yesterday but presented no 1
. I. -lulled report of his trip. I
The American forces on tbe I.or !
nine front have taken over control of;
No Man's Land, the war department
reports. The Ainerieau patrollers nre i
milking almost nightly visits tit the
Herman wire entanglements ami tire
encountering no resistance. One party
was out five hours and, unseen, reached
'.he third Herman line, mapping the
posts of machine guns and snipers.
Praised By British
Iteports by British commanders fur
iii-h the first information that Amcri--it
i engineers in large numbers were
among the forces hastily assembled to
lill out a gnp in the line made by the
(iermiins. Three companies were caught
cailv in the bombardment and ordcie.l
A commissioned officer of an Aincr
iiau regiment in charge of the infiin
try mi a sub sector directed the aetiou
fur a week.
(ieneral Kawlinson, highly praises the
work of the Americans.
l.ieut. Theodore Iliggins Bwectsur, of
the medical reaerve, whose home ad
Iress in not known at the American
1 1 nut whence came tne despatch, tia:H
been recommended for the British nul i ,,, r,,, the I'nited Htutea shipping
itary cross be-ause of the conspicuous ,i. This plant, which is not the larg
gullantry which he recently showed. , (. I nited States, will soon be
Although suffering himself from the
.ll'ccts of a gas attack, Lieuteuant
Srteetser went t the aid of aud treat
e.l forty British soldiers who were uf
leiliig similiirly.
l-'ive Hussinn aviators arrived today
it a Caiiinliaii Pacific port from Japan
in join the Allies against (lermauy in
Kin uce.
Seventy two names were on the ens
I unity list given out yesterday, twelve
i l.i iug killed in action aud three die )
j .it wounds, five of disease, seven are
I severely wounded and forty live slight
h wouiiile.l. ( apt. James h.. Miller -
listed as killed.
Next Friday Is "Liberty Day" and
At Meetings Citizens Are Ask
ed To Pledge Themselyes To
Liberally Support Cause
WASHINGTON. April 19 (Aaaoei
ated PrenH)- Kriilnv April L'fl, a week
from today, I Liberty Day".
President Wilaon yeMterday iaaued
proclamation lixim; the day In connec
tion with tlic Liberty Iinn Campaign
and called upon the citixena of every
community in tl,e Niitiou to bold rat
lie aud to " M.ernlly pleilge anew
their full ami n n-t i nte.l financial anp
port to Hunt h i ii the Nfltion and ita
great caune. "
Coat of War
The actual cist of mnking war to
th" I'nlted Htate from July 1, 1917,
to March IH, I!' Is, na .t,r)4ft,000,(MIO
This means n ilmlv expenditure dnr
ing that period of 1:1,703,702.
These figures nre for the individual
war operations of the I'nited States.
They do not iii.-linlc loans of 4,00 .
000,0(H) to Ameri.-: a nllies. ' They nei
ther include the iimihI cohIs of govern
ment which 1 u r i n n lHil reached a total
of $684,000,00(1.
In other wor.la the cost of the in
dividual war operntions alone of the
United States since .Inly 1, 1917, ia
more than five times the cost of run
ning the entire goyernment for the
flsca. year ending June 30, 1917.
Including loans to the Allies, coat
of our own war operations, and usual
peace time governmental expenditures,
the Unite. I States has disbursed $11,
000,000,00(1 virtually since we entered
the war.
Totals of suliHcriptions as announced
by the central I.il.ertv Loan commit
tee last night were $ l,0H!,0O0,0O0. The
commfftee in a statement which It is
sued yesterday uiil that while the
totals are encouraging they are not en
tirely satisfactory since the daily aver
age thua far would not reach the
minimum quota for the loan. The only
way to achieve this w ill be to material
ly inereaae the volume of subscriptions
during the closing .lays of the loan.
Reports from San Frnncisco yester
dav said the twelfth federal reserve
district had reached 31,00,H)0.
ted Press) Bobeeriptiona to tbe Lib
erty l,oan now certainly total in ex
cess of a billion dollars. In the, Chica
go district alone there have been re
ceived more than 700,000 separate sub
scriptions. Keaideut aliens are giving splendid
support to this loan and instances to !
prove this are coming in the reports
from nil sections of the country. In
Han Francisco tbe Japanese import
ing house of Mitsui and company has
subscribed for$500,000 in bonds of this '
i-HSue. !
In I .os Angeles, H. .lung, the Chin
ene cook in the Athletic Club has sub- ,
...n .... ... ainnn k:. u..i... .. i....
a Chinese, haa taken $2()o more for
hi allotment.
A society composed entirely of Hroa-
tians has subscribed for bonds in the
amount of $2000, ita presideut saying:
Htiiie most or our memhers were
born in Austria we are still ugaiust
the Hermans and are loyal to our
adopted country, the Tnited States. "
The Hungarian American League to
.lav sent resolutions pledging its en
tire support to the United States and
the loau.
w. a. a.
One Concern Will Soon Be Turn
ing Out a Vessel Every Other
Day Continuously
WASHINGTON, April IS (Official)
(Records which were undreamed of
in time of peace are being made only
in ne qmcKiy suppiBDiea ny new rec
ords in the reat race of the shipyards
of the l uiintry to turn out new shipping
in meet the needs of the country.
A Pacific yard haa delivered to the
shipping board a big freighter complet
ed in Km days from the time of laying
the keel, which ia eighty one days ahead
of the contract time, whereas the usual
lime ret. iii r..i! nrilr MDu ..in. I i t i r
jH nul I lie eighteen months.
I The best previous record for a lare
, ,,,, vUih 11.1 days,
j The submarine boat corporut'on has
I j,, n,,. keel for a 8500 ton steel shin
li ih the tweutv-eiuhth it is liuil.l
in i.niiplete one ship cv.
r I v .
W. .
ssocinled l'roNs)- An exiienn
I i al io ed here to. lav wilh nl.i
tin I (..iiiiaa prisouers. One of th
i- lepoiicl to be the captain ol :i
l.oai. hIii.-Ii the American tool., a
,1 - ii...ile.l that the Ameinan I'm
li.. w .upline.! several otheis
wXstiXtf6TON. April in (Aasoci- be the introduction ct an Irish J , r
Bill Passes House of Lords and
Receives Royal Assent Home
Rule Measure Is Expected To
Follow Quickly
Resolution Passed By Leaders
of All Nationalist Parties Prom
ises To Use All Means In Pow
er Against Enforcement
LON'IX )N'. April 19 (Agsocia
tei! I'rcxs) Notwithstanding
the npn,sitinn that has been of
fered hy the Irish opponents to
the Man Power Bill and which is
being continued by practically all
factions of the Irish home rulers
the measure passed its second
and third reading in the house ol
lords and the last remaining step
was taken when it received the
royal assent. It has now become
a law (if the realm. Meantime
there have already been demon
strations in Ireland against the
enforcement of the conscription
provisions and organized opposi
tion to its operation is being per
With the Man Power JBill final.
Home Rule measure "drafted in
accordance with the suggestions
o the majority report of the
Irish convention which has re
ceived the approval of the labor
party as well. This measure is
expected to break the opposition
of the Irish to conscription and
it is suggested in well informed
circles that it is probable that no
elTort wilt be made to enforce
i conscription upon the Irish until
the Home Rule bill is either
Pssed or IS well on Its way to
Nationalist leaders of Ireland,
the Dillonites, Redmondites,
O'Brienites, Sinn Feiners, Labor
ites and Clericals are united in
their determination to resist con
scription under the Man Power
I. aw using "the most effective
means they may have at their
disx)sal," to use the wording of
a resolution which was passed
at a meeting"4 of the leaders of
all of these Irish- factions which
was held yesterday at Bishop's
House, Maynooth, Ireland. What
those means will be or may be
the resolution does not announce
,ur des
it say, other than by
inference, that force may be re
sorted to.
The first news of violence was
received yesterday morning when
i messages from Belfast told of
rioting and the breaking
up of a meeting which was being
held in opposition to conscrip
tion. Pelted with sticks and
-tone-, and brickbats, the police
were forced to draw revolvers
liit'orc the rioting was formally
IIATTIKSBI'RO Mississippi, April
Is. i Associated Press) One soldier
was killed and a seore of soldiers and
iviliaus injured when a tornado struck
i amp Selby.
The force of the storm leveled many
..I the buildings and rendered a large
ii ii ui ber of tueu homeless.

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