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Hawaiian Commercial and Sugar
, Company Hat DanqMucl.
r aring Past Wir
Except for DrouahthtV tear's
Outturn Would Have Been
Banner Crop
Except for the drowfht of last year
Hawaiian Commercial and Sugar Com
bbo would have tbia year )arviitel
U banner erop.0 of ftTT.OOO ton. or
" ' '
niore. Rven now it la Indicated the
IUl!..liJ A I
erop will be In exreaa of tait year's.
Thin ia told in the aaettl report nf
the company, copied fit which have been
received from Han Frantiaeo. The re
port ia an eieellent on and ahows the
great improvements raada (b prggrenH
nd planned for tha present year.
Lant year's entpot rf this company
wa 61,813 tons aad this year's crop
waa conservatively estimated at 5.1,
48 bat tire returns fronrthe cane
tbaa far harvested have iadiaatcd that
)he early figures may ba conaiderably
Baealpt Iri
Ket receipts frsa augtr last year
were 5,748,050.3ri and from all sourees
of revenue 5.044,T3RS?. Expenditnres
were .S,rW0,a47.77 which ,laeludd in
come taies for 1917 W3,C62-04 and
a reserve for tnies on the profits of
1917, of A5n,309.6fi. IMvUeods of
eiRhteen percent, $1,800,000 were paid
during the year and there waa carried
forward to 'profit aad loaa MMJM.flS.
Tha permanent improvement account
has been increased over last year by
I7T,t78.1. i
To make good the loss of young
cane and rattoons killed by the drought
when rains came ia November, much
. replanting was done and for this pur
eoM mor than 13,000 baps of seed
'. were, aaed. After the setting in of
Vlnter weather much -weeding had to
ha iarnu anil at tka nee nt time the I
rains and fairly good results from the
1919 crop are expected. Beeanse of
water shortage not aa are was plant
ed in October and planting was al-
most at a standstill ui August anil
Meptember. ,
Xewt Tear's Improvsmenta .
Among the improvements treated in
the' report is the Wiiinle rsservoir
nd aiteh which will give an added
storage eapa
scitv and will be of ereat
value In notding
-ding the storm water from t
Waihee stream. This reservoir is aew
in use aa is the Haiku ditch where
work was started in June, 191fl. The
Koelaa ditch will be completed during
the present year.
Laat year the camp was largely re
Modeled and 105 laborer' cottages were
built and the new oftire building waa
completed, a substantial concrete, Are
proof structure.
The statement of 11H7 improvement!
1'umps $196,572.48
New buildings 41.54.18
Tools and implements 5,105.47
MrU 1 13,443 J7
Tarts anil wagons 2.425.88 I
Pitch work 90,084.24 I
Live atoek 114aJ9 I
New office 19,414.20 '
Vail road
Relative to the improvements pro
poned to be made duriag tke preaent
year the report says:
Contemplated 'Improvement
The following is sn estiaiate of the
Kabable improvement for this year:
tehes 1125,000.00
Mill 50,000,00
Puavps 50,000,00
Buildings 40,000.00
Locomotive 18,000.00
Extras 22,ooo.oo
Total i00,e00i00
Bealixing that ou account of the
preaent high cost of production, It is
necessary to retrench, we are trying
to hold down isnprorsrassts as much
as possible. However, I would say that
J., fate foregoing atalomant a rood
many of these improvements eonsist
of work left over from last year, and
Jt ia therefore obviously necessary to
toatiaue the work.
Dltchee $1J8,000
, We ave allowcsl this amount for
ditehea, which should cover onr propor
tion of the work done this year in
the reliniag of the Koolau Ditch and
the building of tke proposed new Ha
makoa Ditch, anil the finishing of the
liaiag of the Haiku Ditcb.
It will tie necessary to install Ave
new boilers during the coming off
season indV unquestionably there will
be other replacements ueccssary.
Pumpa SO,000
i ' The Improvements on the pumps will
be for the most part the finishing up
ot ' the new I'ower Mtatiou, which, on
account of high pries of roateriala, is
eostiug S considerably more than
waa otUipotd.
uildins 110,000
It wHIl V aesessary to build two or
three houses for our bead men and we
will have to build from 75 to 100 labor
era' eottagea, as the number Of the
families on the Plantation is continual
ly lnereig.
r a a il I I ' .
Facilities For Shipments This
Month Are Proving Better
Than Had Been Feared
Hugsr i going1 I'eHrard 'to th main
land HtPiulily and in Urgrr quajititii'ti
thin month than had ben ntici,atiMl. I
Since Tbumlay of laat week therr hav.
tin rciinAcd xhipirinnta of NVtiM ton
which brings the total to date, inrln.l
vng tbf laitl I.urllnc, up to 15N,U tnnn.
Hompwhat In tba way of a surpriw,
and a plfiiannt on to the nhipprrn,
was the nrrival tbia week of the motor-1
hp (leorfre Wahloj(ton whieh i' to!
take miTar from hre to San Fnmrim'n.
It ha been reported that ahe ran tnki
11,. r00 tonn but from pant experiences'
the shippem are Inclined to diweonnt
t hi iimnewhRt. Her captRln ny Khn
can take 11,000 but aawimlnR thut nhe
t"V'' MH' H will be a welcome.
a f Ik a tilnB mA wall miri
'rllrl ,r ""l 1 IT Willi
ly help to swell the totals for the
month. I
When It i said the shippers arc in
elined to discount reports as to csrejo
capacity it is meant that In a nnmtier
of Instance sinee the shinplna shirt
aire commenced to.be aeute thfi sctnnl
rapaeitv has been found to be material-
lv smsller than p-elimlnary estimate.
Tn this instance It arirar that such
a state of afsir Is not likelr. .
Another vessel which (s expected to,
he'n.mve he seewmiOntinir si!--' i f1"!
Toit Areis which, it is expected, will,
srrlve undT and lend f K00 tn-i.
With the other veaaels that miv be
fxpected during the month it is likelv
that ApHI shinments will run up
fl rtCnrtle t"tsl.
Of ire ir-llS tons thus, far M'med
hs bee fr the fiifjar Factor
Comnnny and 25,630 has been western
0 the Rie Tsl"od. aceordinar to Tn
ter Ts'snd pnrsera' rencirts, there i now
-aiti""r thinment S2.0?S tons. On the
othe Il"nds sonie gu" is nccnmiiljit
inn it to'av but. while " increase
over 't month's u"ar nwsitina shin
ment mv he exDertnd the first of te
mor'k. te increase wil' likely be small
er than ha been fen. red.
W. .
of siiff-ir .
Canadian manufacturers
t,om beets took siiuhtly less than 11.
000,000 out of 1-heir IniKiness last year
aad the prospect are that Canada will
tnahe ..enenxh beet miar this year to
bejrio xpcrtiiiB it bosiUes pratieaJly
'""K " oriimmi. in niiiMiiu,i
Oajiala is doiny much to supply Great
Britain 'a greutlv increased demand for
jam, for on the peninsula between the
Detroit and Niagara river farmers are
raiaiag practiiully nil the varieties of
fruit and berries that are sought bv
the jam makers. With wholesalers of
faring Jrt cant a pound for maple su
gar, this spring's harvest from the
groves in the Ottawa valley aad of
East era Quebec should set tin new fig
wree for this product. The Cana
dian eoldiers have curried maple sugar
with them to France, ami there have
given many pnople their first taste of
a aew flavor. Like stiKar, the word
rubber proinie no longer to eonnote
aemi-tropieal clime, for a large area
4a Hoatbern California ha been plant
ed with Uuavla rul.l.cr trees, which are
expected to become useful in five years.
The climate f Kivemide County has
been declared well adapted to rubber
prod action.
w s.
According to Han Francisco shipping
reports the new concrete ship raith will
be ready for her trial trip on May 1.
Is ofder to hasten the date when she
can pot to sea the staff of men engaged
1; inum"? er"nrH a'"1 marhi!r!rL!,n.
the new ship has been more than dou
bled recently, after she was moved from
the Oakland to the Han Francisco aide
Of the bay. There are now three shifts
of employes busy completing the finish
fng touches to the Faith. .
If the trial trip i made on May 1,
at planned hy the Man Francisco rihip-
buildlng Company, she will have been
made ready to put to sea forty two
days after she was launched.
w. a
The annual convention of tbe Na
tional Wholesale drocer' Association
Will be held this year at Cleveland,
Ohio, dnring the week of Juue 10.
Convention hciiliuarters will be at
the Hotel llillciilcii. The convention
will be oftieialh I now n as the 11 Con
servation Convention'' and, as the
Dame suggests, tin' program will be
largely devoted to food conservation.
The association is strongly supporting
the Food Administration.
PAZO OINTMENT is guaranteed to
core blind, bleeding, itching or pro
trodiog FILMS in 6 to 14 days or
money refunded Mauufactuied by
the PARIS M1.D1CIM'. CO. , St. Louis.
U. 6. A.
Af IT1 lf AfJ C If I? C
j Jj jjl tjj '"llaV OiililvJ
, !. '-; !: ... 7 ,
General Situation 1$ 'Much ;Jmr
proved ami In Another Month
AlSigns of Stringency Arfl Ex
pected -to Be. Removed Frpm
Country , -
NEW YOEK CITT, March 29 Th
sales for th week ,s Arranged for by
the international euvar eommlttee were
comparatively of .large volume awd
amounted to aJi agreate of abeut V0,
00(1 long tonr of Cubas, 45,000; (onsof
I'orto Rieoa, and 4700 tons of fnlf doty
cuue sugars, praeticilljr "all for "April'
shipmoat. The Wmeuat of Cnbaaxtold is
approximately forty perfect ef this TUk
Ul sales which will probably be
rang'er"for April meVsmenK 'Ifla1
. uursioou iw im leterqauoaai. , asiayar,
i cumuiUoe is planning to, arrADge 'for
the purchase of as close to 8OO.0OU tni
of Lubas far shipment next nnu s
sliiping facilities will permit,-the rew-
hoii fur this being that the r ood AdB.lA;
istration ia demroas ef kuiimag op
stocks of raws at Eaateri . rafiaing
points a.t rapidly aa is peeaiUe rm
now on.
. rM mm me vsiauous irauiew re)-
ative to the Dutch ships has beea clear
ad up, there is every reason o believe
that the shipping situation will continue
to improve steadily. Full details of the
disposition 'made of these vesiatle appear
m another page of this issue. The ol.
ume of saws which the joint committee
on West Indies transportation plane to
move monthly from Cuba during the
next three months at least will be W the
-vicinity of 300,000 tons. Asoordiag to
tbe latest advices received from Wash
ington, the shipping board ie prepd
to furnish the committee with) tuflleteBt
tonnage to move this amount of Mgar
during the period mentioned above, ewb
ject of course to the uMal quallflaatlons
that military neeessittea mav prevent at
any future time tbe utilisation of 'the
tonnage assigned.
Outlook Is Brigbter
Taken as a whole, however, the hip
ping situation outlook is most premis
ing, and the trade generally 1 of the
belief that the movement of rsww' to
thin market during May and June wHl
be far in excess of the record for any
mouth since the first of the yar. In
fact, there is every indication that 'the
total amount of Cuban crop which 'will
pe moved both to the United States And
Other markets by July 1 of this Vetr
will considerably exceed any movenieot
to thut date ia corresponding yera,
provided of course that present shipping
arrangements are not Mnliy 0uv
Cube, Ortimlstlc
Tbe Cuban cables for tbe week Irtve
"y of.umi.uc er
acter, although some of the planters
are reported to be of tbe -opinion bat
the rums which have fallen recently in
dicate an early approach of the ra40V
season, a couditioa wkieb sboSld it
arise, miubt tend to retard the bsvr
vest and bring about ft reduxtio Of
the total crop from present .estist&toa.
TL. ...... .V... L . f.llA L....
have not caused any large stowWf pj
in production, and coaditient .feoerftl-j
lv thrnuuhout the lata ad 1M rTry
favorable. It is possible that aomo.ef
the centrals will aet be eWe to eUt4
ahoir expectations as to . the oatUtrra,
while on tha other hand a.ceat-eaBQV
other centrals may Very likely -40i
their estimates. Aa this letter -RfWU?
outnumbers the former, it weald P-
parentlv seem at this writing e if.th
crop when finally harvested rww0l
verv closely reach the 1,775,000. '
narv tnn estimated by -FaM-ta Aoot
ftugnr at the opening of the. aeaaoo. Qt
ronrse tke result -of the fVaat et
turn will largulv depend on the WsVt-J
er eomhtinns that will rurevail (taring
miy snn .nine, ir tney are at nu-'iav
vorable there will ba no enestiesl 'Of
the present Cuban crop aorwaaaiag '441
past records by a sebstentlal margin,
The refined market for 'tbeWsiek
hs 1 .. i tirelv void ef develapmoats
or inieresting features. Meltings for
tbe week have continued to increase la
I I t mtf isiii ui r'w.rMis- I.
1 1
V - lit-
i . i
5 " i
t-. t r
iSSJSS! !&
week, ending March 23 show meltings at I '
North Atlantic, refining points amount
ing to 54,713 long tons, sn Increase of
ver a thousand tons as compared with
the previous week.' It la interesting to
nte in this connection that the melt
ings for that week 'close It equal the
rreeipts of raws for thai same week,
the receipts amoutitrag for that period
to 54 ,96a tone. This comparison elear
ly Indisates that the refiners are mak
ing' every affort to maneffteto.ro a large
volume of refined supplies aa receipts
Jottings Increase r
The til! meltings for all F.nstern re
finers, including both northern and
southern refining pjints, Amount to 70,
187 tons lor the week ending March
13, and total meltings January
1 for all Eastern refiners to litis date
re placed at 877,914 tons as eomprd
with receipts of 626,009 tons. ' Htook
on hand the eommlttee estimates at 49,
Ul tons, a Tory small amount repreeest
Inft annroximatelv ft little over 50 per
eent Of ft week's normal meltings for
Eastern refiners.
With treer receipts of rftws and larger
meltings by the refiners, together with
considerable improvement noted In the
distribution. of beet sugars tnrougnoui
tha Middle West,, supplies of refine.
tatoaghout the sosntry are showing a
marked improvement, and stringency
conditions are alowly being dissipated.
In another month no stringency
saoald exist at asy point in tbe eoun
yi -n" euppmw an""
in. sufficient volume to meet very close
to normal requirements at this time
fa-eftr." ..- '
,-' ' w. su.s.
thjeatfo haa bef chosen by the ex
ecaiive eammittee of the National Con
fectiossrs' Asappifttlon of the United
States as tbe place ef the nssoelation
thirty fifth annual convention, to be
Wd May 7 to 10 of this year, inclusive.
Conventipn headquarter! will be at the
Edgewater Beach Hotel, on the lake
tiTte sovnmitte oasounaes that this
will be the most Important convention
In the history of the association and
states that the atteadanee of' every
member who can eome ia looked for
The eoiiveiitloa 's rprogram is .expected
to tie givan over largely to the eon
Stderatioo f the ooafectlonery Indus
try'e pftrt in the national food conser
vation policiea
Sugar is practically the only fooij conKiiodity which has actually declined
in price since the declaratioa of -war by the United States. In Canada as well
as in this country it has declined in price but not to such an appreciable extent
as here. It is the control of the commodity by the food administration through
the sugar eommissious that has brought this about. In this country the price for
refined sugar is seven eighths of a cent lower than in Oetuber last and of all the
warring countries the price is far and away the lowest.
Tbe table tielow takes the hief sugar distributing points of the United
Htates, Cannda, the British Islands, France ami Italy. In this country New
York formerly made the price and ia therefore takeu.
Cents per ixiuml, Iwsed ou pre war rate of exchange.
New York
Oct. 1, 1117 8.183 8.67 998
Oct. l.r, 1917 ,.-8.183 8.67 9.98
Nov. 1, 1917 8.183 8.87 9.98
Nov. 15, 1917 8.183 8.67 9.9
Dee. 1, 1917 8.183 8.67 9.98
Dee. 15, 1917 7.987 S.67 9.98
Jau. 1, 1918 7.987 8.67 9.98
Jaii 15, ltflK 7.301 8.B7 9.98
Feb. 1, 1918 7.301 8JJ7 9.98
Feb. l.'i, 1918 -7.301 8.07 9.98
NOTK.r-All of these countries buy raw sugar at practically the same price
f. o. Ii. Ci.hV
Tux on sugnr--Cnuada, 1.345; United Kingdom, 2.76; United Btates (nor
mal), 1.25, (Cuban), 1.01; France, H.95; IUly, 8.7.
With price of all commodities up, with freight rates largely increased, with
high taxes to meet and uncertainty as to when sugar will be shipped and returns
made, it can readily U seon why Hawaiian planters mnst join with others to se
cure some substantial increase, say one cent a pound on raws, for the 1919 crop,
it being too late to do so this year.
dutch mm
NKW YORK, "April 1 According to
advices received by Facts About Sugar
on Thursday from Washington by tbe
Joint Committee ou West Indies Trans
portation, the Shipping Board has as
signed twenty of the Dutch steamers
taken over by the Government for im
mediate service in the1 West Indian
sugar carrying service.
Oives Six More Ships
This new order covering assignments
increase the number of ships alloted to
the committee by six, as previously only
fourteen Dutch ships had been anaigii
ed to this service under charter arrange
inents. As only thirty seven of the
steamers seized are to be operated by
.XVIODERN methods, mod-
i en pachitrery, tim apd
labor : iiavtrt art fapidjy fp
platj tlnpr pld qiathotla. . Mot kth
least of auch? improvements
. are 1 the steam ' (Jrtwtv lows
aijcHjqjs are :tn use (nt.li
4 Pntatiop. ait they are poy on
most of the larger plantations,
of the same or similar type.
, Above aad below are shown
two views of these plows while
the center picture, shows 1 the
ijtiptive, p9vre( jtist a Jt has, fin
ished taking on a supply of
fuel from, the oil ( u4k ,wagon
nearby. " . 1 '
Through such' methods as
these it has been made possible
to greaily reduce, the. jsmount
of livestock end .the feed bills
on the i plantations; n4 large
numbers of laborers can be
used for other purposes than
Montreal London
the Shipping Hoard, it is apparent that
the eoiuinittee was treated most geu
erously in the assignments made.
With these steamers now available
for immediate sailings and permanently
to be ased aa sugar carriers, the pros
poets are bright for a great improve
ment taking place in the moveineut of
raws from West Iadian ports to Amer
ican refining points during April a
compared with the March record.
It ia generally understood throughout
local sugar circles' that at the request
of the Food Administration' the com
mittee will endoavor to move approxi
mately 300,000 Jong tons of Cubas
during April. At this writing there is
every reeaon to believe that this goal
will be reached, for, in additiou to pro .
vidlug the 'committee with twenty
Dutch steamers, the Shipping Board,
actiug in cooperation with the rood Ad
ministration; ha announced its intnn
tion of allotting ample cargo space
during April to bring about
tion of these expectation.
"i! J - 1
At One Point In Hamakua Sixteen
lncbef,?FalJtln Space of
Seventeen Hours
Reports of Damage Come In
, . Slowly But Indicate Seri
ousness In Sections
Reports of th damage to crops oecn
sioned by the rains which occurred in
the early half of Uie monlb are cumin;;
in slowly. Damage has Ix-en general
hut in softie sections it linn been ex
ft Was in the Hamakua district of
Hawaii, the district that was last year
worst damaged by drought, that the
heaviest rains occurred. Reports from
Hon oka a give some remarkable figures.
In tha week which ei.de.1 Thursday,
April 11, there was twenty -nix inches
of rain and this i more than fell
through the whole of the dry spell of
but summer ami fall. In the one. hun
dred days from Janunry 1 to April 10
it rained on sixty-seven dnvs and the
total precipitation was ninety eight
inches as against thirty five inches for
the same period of Inst year ami as
against a - normal prmipitation for
twelve months up to March 31 of sixty
six inches.
Record Rainfall
' In one day at Honokna there wa a
rainfall ef sixteen inches in seventeen
hoars. One stream rose to a height of
twenty feet and reached n lluine above
it. On this plantation tho youug cum-,
planted to replace that which was kill
ed by the drought of last year was
largely washed out and it will be neces
sary to plow and replant.
Other plantations in llnmakua, North
Kobftln, North llilo and some oilier
sections on Hawaii sulfered similarly.
Tit are was daniago to crops in Maui a
In the weather bureau 'a report for
the week-ending April 13 it gives the
following aainmar of rainfall by Isl
ands . and roui its correspoiiduuta at
various) stations.
Kxcemmve ruin fall occurred on the
10th ami 11th ut many place; through
out tho Hcetioli, and much damage was
done to bridges ami roadways throuuli
washouts. On Hawaii and Maui the
soil is too wet for cultivation, and crops
are making slow prrgre.-ts. 1 1 V Islamis,
the average rainfall for the week was
as follows: Hawaii, U .17 iuchen-i Maui,
9.10 inchus; Oalm, 31'ri indies; Kauai,
1.83 inches.
Local Conditions
Puakea Kaiu h, llirvaii Uaiu fell
daily, amounting to- I I '. inches; es
perially heavy on the loth, when 7.0H
inches fell in 24 hours. Much damage
to roads and bridges.
Kohala Mill, lluwaii Heavy rain
WednesiUy night. Much damage to
crops through washouts. Three con
erete bridge and two railway bridges
washed away, uthers damaged. At the
1,000 ft. level, 11!. ti inches of rain fell
ill 16 hours.
Niulii, Hawaii Very heavy rains
during lojit two days of week, l'lan
tatiim bridges washed away and flume
trestles badly damaged. ( lov eriimeiit
road bridges washed out completely.
l'apaikoti, Hawaii -I'.ad weather is
delaying all work, and the heavy rain
and low temperatures ares keepiu;;
growth back.
I'onuhuwni, Hawaii -The land is too
wet for cultivation. Koine potatoes
which were planted on the 6th ure in
danger of rotting because of the ex
oessive moisture. Cane harvesting has
been susjiended for lack of room for the
sugar. Sunshine needed very inucli.
(Hen wood Kxpertineiit Htation, Ha
waii Rainfall practically continuous;
difficult to cultivate fields, and to tlht
cut worms which are now numeruiis.
Growing crops in good condition.
Kapoho,- Hawaii Heavy thunder
storm on the morning of the lllh; lK.l.i
inches of rain fell U tweeu 5 p. in. and
9 a. in. Hail storm at 8 p. m. of the
Wailuku, Maui Storm hociiis to be
broken. Too cool and too much ruin
for vigorous crop growth.
Haiku Kxperiinent Station, Maui--The
heaviest rainfall in year fell dur
ing the week. On the HUh 7.4:1 inches
fell in 12 hours. Considerable damage
was done to corn crop just tnsselling,
nod such n was mature and not liar
vested. Koad ure in the worst con
dition siuce 11)14.
A heavy rainstorm, nmounting to al
most a cloudburst, occurred on wind
ward Oshu during the night of the
11th 12th. Much duiiiagi) to roadways
feud bridges.
Tbe heaviest rainfall 'or tlm week
Occurred at l.nupnhncl.oe where '.!.:.
luches fell. At Kapoho, Tuna, the pro
cipitntion was 2H..10.
w. a. s.
Your boy is always getting scral.h- I
or cut or bruised. Hecmise theso
wounds have heuled all right is no m;;u
they always will. Oct a bottle of Cham
berluin 's 1'uin Halm ami see that every
iujury is cared for immediately. You
can get nothing better, and blood poison
is too dangerous it disease to risk, l or
sale by all dealers Heuson, Hinilh &
Co., ugeuta for lluwuii.- Advt.
..r- :-X'-'r vr-'A

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