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... .... ;'..,;. ; k I . HAWAHAK tA2ETTlE, FRIDAY, APrIl 19,r 1918. -SBkl-WEEItt.Y
- . L I " ' ' . 1
hmoIsio, Asm m,
a i m f n "
Al'-i A ItsT.lwIn. Ltd.
('. I'.rcwtr A Vm. - ...
- - rj. - . ......,
in ,1 r7-;fr-:r-irr,-rTtn :r- -Ttr"-t--- . -! rr? .h-k - V J 11- - J- !
foil mmm of mwmi
X t - i . .. . - ' . -j ,. . . J g " 1 1 ' " ' .. . Si
uenerai nnn
r ir - ar- AT" r- "...- a ;ijnn
. -.-. ft-. . . . ...
-it '.. . ,
' X i Crthv.iwh6e nominatioh kk, Chief excmive of (he'Terri
i .VjJH OTT by Preidnf Wilion' wii innouoced yesterday. Coiohd'Mc-'
1 t TCirthV 1i n6W territorial Treasurer.
Colonel r s Pleasantly Surpriseai
Says ti?AW( Jo: Into, pffce ,
lV Wo SffHiftS; Tied To Him
All liartlcn nd nil interent are unit, would nv Hint I ant iirnnil If 1 kai
dl in approving of the nominatiou o ft.aine.l tlioir friiinilKhiji after aWoitt-
j ....... ui nj;iim iniHW - inf
Cplonel. naiil. ' ;:
Colonel McOarthv him reluctant t
,go uto.qu.etion. tertainlntr to Mi
admlitirtratfon or ifip, On ,thr
thiogi hn said he would be lilput nntij (
"hta appointment in ronHrmci),' Whe
it wan poihlfl.l out that appoint
me'nta are ordinarily taken up i taa "
aenate on Kriilay," and that lt.'Waa
!holly nowiilile that confirmation, in nil
cane would hi tfvtu today, he laid in
i ' V. 1 i . xr .it . k m -
torial treaouior, an Oovernor, aiinouncej
meDt of whieh was rereivtd 'from Waah
iiijftiiii yesterday Iy Ann(iciat,l I'reM
kpatrh, and the ronnehmis nf opinion
liase.l on hiH lon record i public- lifJ
it thtit lio will (jive thn Territory of
Hawaii an ailminiatratiun tkab will
mci't all of itN ueedf. .
"It eaSie aa a mont unexpected mir
liriM ' ' Mfllll ( ' I irv m f..f-..4ku ...
day. "I had reached the conclusion ' "V" eV,nt trnfJ from s tb
that I out of .he race." I 'rV ? oK,rf t0 ,hat, ofL 0overnor
All after.oon vonterday a oroewaion M'" V1" aroun'1 tbe end 0
f Trrll,;.,! I..:...! .UI.I l ' HOOIB.
... .....( . ....inn .! i. (ii mm i
inemhern of the two housed, profession,
ill men. and citizens in all walks wend,
oil Its way to and from the oftice Of the
treasurer. (iifts of (lowers aeeom'
panied the limit v expressions of coni
Kratulation. While Colonel McCarthy
was sniiliuiy receiving his niany visit'
ora. he was olilitfcl to divide his at'
tontioo between tliein and the telephone
Vhii h also was kept busy with message
of good will.
Knows Problems
"I believe that I am fully qualiflei)
Pinknun Satisfied
When asked for an expression on th k .
appointmant of Colonel McCarthy G6v
ernor'l'inkham sndlinly saitl there wa
little to aay. .j fs,
"You may say," he Said '"that
iam Vatiaflod." Oovernotri Ptakhant
jconbt not ay whea ho would ovet
the office nt. he laid he M not knoif
what would' become of projects' he bat
undertaken like 'the Waikiki relama(
'tiorr and that for the civic entefvr4
"There they are," he aaid potatintf
to pile- of eharta in one corner of the
to take over the duties of the office, room. '.It ' wh nlv for thinrs likH
(!olonrl Mi-Cart hy saiil. " I have Ion j those that I held an interest In thj!
lieen in close touch with the affairs o office-and I cannot say what will be) f.
the Territory. I know its problems and I done with thean.
I know, ton, something of the size o( ! Aiuonj others who expressed views
I lie insk. It is not an easv position. on the nomination of Colonel Me 4
"Some months bro," he explained, Carthy was Richard H. Trent, federal
i was aproai-nen on tne question oi I custeuian or property owned ny alien office of city and countv treasurer,
(lie i;overnorshi ami I then said thai ' enemies anil head ot the I rent 1 ruat Colonel McCarthy haa been a member
m nn n Governor Pinkham had - t ompany. , I of the board of harbor commissioners
iron riwm ( since 1811. .He is a member of the
"I am moat highly pleased with tba Knights of Pythias, Independent Order
.nomination," Mr. Trent said, " I com I of t Odd Fellows, Fraternal Order of
eldef Colonel McCarthy ' exceedingly Kiglcs a4 Bsnevoleut ami Protective
well flttetf for the bflji-s- and I estsemi . OrJer bf Blhsi having Oiled offices in
highly yalty. at a'wUsui;fAVvl..fMhes! orgsnissHlons, H !
lsen. i might;aiij that has Deeu Hntebiaa 0oo4 Loses. .
i 'One .f the first to extend eonirrat-
' i.tu..&irn ssi' "l nit mi 'Is' I' t 1, ir..i) ' " 9 '
(I - ' ,
f ! r -..;
r : ii-' "'- '
. . . : . .fvi ... i
V ! i.
i 1
r !
i v : f
. i . I.
, ' . . ...axssxfjnsMBMnxsssssMSMssssssi BXssSsnasssstSBsaaassisi ,
- ' " ' - '
J '.....-. . . . . .1. i j t ii. . .
Only American Citizens Can
Hold Stock During War and
Three Years After
Plans of Custodian Told Present
and Proposed New Direct
ors At Meeting
liu n e nf re apiiointnient, I. could not
be i-niixidcred as a candidate.
"It was on PcbruanPleveiith Inst
that (iovernor I'inkham received In'
formation from Washington that he
could not be confirmed in the Sonatas
1 wflit apprise Of this and 1 was also
told of a message that he sent to' 8ee
rotary of the Interior PrankKn K.
Ivuiic roroiiiiiiending tluit I be appoint
ed ni his successor.
Remained Inactive
"1 heard nothing moro of it and I
did not move a hand to further my
i-liaiices of appointment. It is possible)
of course, that friends of mine have
been working actively to have mo
mimt-d, but I have done nothing myself
uif I, in fm-t, from time to time in tho
pat several months when wellwishera
falthf'ul asd ; consistent party work
er. " "
Value is given to the- words of the
federal custodian by reason of the
fact that ho has been in open advoeate
of the appointment of I.. 1.. MeCand
Ulations to the. new appointee was
Clinton 4- -ilutchina, who was one of
the Met of candidates for the aiiimint-
! meat. He acknowledged himself a good
Ioboc, yesterday at the luncheon of the
.... ; - ry"1'' "T '
House. DecHncs To Pass Measure
Senate Had Stopped
WASHINOTOX, April 10 (Associ
ated Press) legislation which hue
been urged by the 'agricultural inter
ests of all the wheat growiug sections
or tne country jauea .totlay. The sen
less ami presiney over ins meeting or Rotary Clubland urged that all support
the Democratic committee which de- s iriven to the new administration.
' i nope mat tae people or iihwhiI aie na voieu to lqsrease the price
Kchoing a sentiment that seemed to ! wii now get behind the apoi(itee un l which theXswcrnrrtont will guarsntec
be general -eoncerirrng Colonel McCar-Kive him the,ir united support. Work 1 to farmers fr their Wfceat, the avowed
thy s nomination Senator Alfred Cas- witB nim n au thinga pertaining to , purpose being to Aenivurage the plant
tie referred to tratt of Colonel Mc- te Territorv. Th nn ureal tr.o.l.l.. ' inr of a Inron imiiM. ' Thl rai. Mm
cmr.c to me urging me to talk 'to so; Carthy ' eharaHer, well recognized by heretofore with Hawaii has been luck ' house declined to adopt, the proposal
on nnu u.n or interest ana lack or support in neinjj oereateii ny a vote of l7 to vs.
mid so,' and to do this thing and thn
other to get ofllcial Washington's ear,
I did not accept the advice. Though 1
have no particular friends at Washing
ton, 1 felt that eaough had been done
elicit my name was duly presented and,
lis 1 said, whea nothing rame of it in
the weeks after February eleventh, 1
tliouirht my itHine hud been dropjted.
'-'rhnt is why the aiiiiuunceiiteiit car
lied by the AsscM-inted Press despatch
Iiuk been such a aurprise.
"The course that I have followed
I'uiildi'k tne now to say one thing. I 1
lime np strings tied to we and no ob
ligation incurred through my noinins
' "ii With the nniiiiiiution coming at it
has, I am tuy own man. -"It
may have been a maneuver of
ot hers who were ill ths governorship
race or their supporters, but ( one
t un' wlicii niv name waa first mention
ed, it was said that I was 'the sugar
planners' candidate.' 1 mnde no answer
in this at the time. No reuson to
private, with- him
"His will b square deal admin
istratioa," aaid the senator. "The
Colonel will make an acceptable Gov
ernor and will lie fair and squsre in
all his dealings. His record in pub
lic life shows thst he- wiH be a Gov
ernor wno win not inject, partisan-. attorney' general, sho waa named
snip mro lagiaiauvo anairs. i inins i nuccissd MaJ. Ingram M. Stainback. Tin- ieiisuti0u.
mc lunuoim m vwiuti . ncw attorney general has held the pit ,
McCarthy for -Oevtmor," of deputy or ths past eight venrs and !
..... ...w -' -- " , naa s(mciByM!( in Uinl nnu water eases ;
p Capitol- boiWing what change, are 1 for the oast t vr llo hn.
due to be mads is a matter of cos- j tiealty jeen-iu charge of the office since ;
jecture.- One of the first to h. men- Major SUinback, took over the duties!
tione.1 for appointment to all the office 0f juUge voeate at department hen. I
of treasurer-and succeed Colonel Me i quarter, when be was called into the
Cprthy is M. U. Druramond, territorial feaerkl service. Major Main hack s !
iwiik ex.muior, wao. mt appoiniea to cmiminsion as attorney geuoral exi.ired i
last Tuesday. ( .
iiiovemeuxa lor the territory s bene- ipponenta of the measure insisted
fit." I that mi increase in the price now being
Smith Is Nmm4, I pHid the farmers won hi work a grne
la roaneetloa with the appointment hardship on the consumer at home and
of Colonel McCarthy, another appoint ! upon the Allies as well. It would riic
meat, eoe made by -Governor Pinkhiim, I a cost of living under which iteojde arc
I was that of Arthur U. Smith, deputy i now grouutn and it was contended
attorney xooeraj, nmo waa nainno to inm ' "' preuning price la ample com
this post several years ago shortly af
ter Colonel McCarthy assumed office.
He was formerly deputy collector of
customs.,, i , ,,, , ,
Came Hers U 'Bit .
answer it existed st that time, it seem Colonel McCarthy cants to Honolulu
ed to me. I felt that President Wilson &n youth of twenty back in 1H81. He
njnl the administration' knew what thev gi i(owr fiftysjtS yr old, having
w rt doing and if they saw fit to attach been born ' Aliguat' 4, 1881 iu the citv
importance to a statement of the kind, 0f Bostsn, MasSaehuastta.. -Soon after
it would not. be ilitlii-ujt lor them to . his arrival he became foreman of the
ascertain whether it were true or not.
Had An Answer t
"I was prepared to answer the re
port, heivever, " Colonnl McCarthy add
ola;itesr firs desartmeut, then one of
the town's important institutions.
When he was-referring to his long pub
lic career yesterday -(Jolonai MoCarthy
m - , I
ml ss he drew unt of his desk s number sou led remiaJeeutlVi
of sheets of paer bearing tyiwrittun "That wai. a long Whjl ago,", be
coliimiis of figures. j said. "The town, J)ad. population then
"Here is a part of the answer," he of between twelve snd fifteen thousaud,
went on. " 1 have uever made this pub- Including all races, and M foreman of
lie before. It is just a tubulated state j the fire department, even theu I de
ment of what has happened to assessed came a sort of public figure. I have
property valuation so far us the sugar been more or less iu the public eye
plantations of the Territory are con ever since. that time."
ci-riii. I It was as the Hawaiian represents
"i remember when this charge that tiie Of a Man Francisco wholesale fruit
I was the sugar planters' candidate was house by which he had been employed
first wiiccd. One of the biggest sugar on the Coast that Colonel McCarthy
n in the Territory was talking to me I ciinie to Jhe Islands.. After his ar-
nbinit it. ' rival he engaged In various lines of
When- do they get that kind of business sqd back in 1888 he became
nn idea ii Iter w hat you have done to captain of thS Honolulu Hilles, this
us " wan the ipiestion he anknd. , otlic e leading to membership in the
" These totals," he continued, re national guard in which he became
I'cniiig to the papers, "show the in captain, major' and lieutenant eoloael
ciiases of the assessed valuation of all before he resigned' in !()!!. His mar
the plantations of the Territory since riage to Miss Margaret Teresa Morgan
HIH when 1 .nine into office." , took place here January 16, 18811 and
Steady Increases j he has five daughters.
According to the tubulated statement, ixmg ttlDUC HacorA
WASH IM.TOX, Airil 18 (Associat
ed l'rc-.i A Preach, official despatch
jiveie. l. t he 'legation here today
:iy.i that I Imunaiida of Boheiniau lan.i
lie an- laiving and that the food
i on. lit ion-, in a large part of the I'ual
Kin.iie are cry bad,
Kcpni'tn Ii.. iii Ihidapest, Hungary. I.v
av of Aiiisterdain say that the Hun
..,...,V . .. . ,. , I g.-iriau ministry has resigned over the
BOHTOST, April 18 Associated ,.; , ,fT,.ai,e reform
Press) Moat Reverend Charles Brent. W?il.''a.'
.formerly l'rotostadt Epfflopal bishop of
the Philippines, waa toMy appointed a
chaplain with the American expedi
tionary forces In France with the lank
of i major. i
4 KT tntt 1 TI" At 1 f T rt a . ,
, . t i. 7 ' ?' , WA.slllNi, TON, April IS i Ass... ml
(Associated Press) A record cargo ot , ,, v .... f. i i .
, . , . .? , I''.! I re.i . Navy attaches- do not at
urur.j, iu. ... . on pou.uis or i ui.au . ,,.,, nniMMtance to the fact that
sugar arrived today. 1 .t . c I,, (Jeorge W. Worh-v of
The captain of the freighter bung,,,,- IUI v , ; f
it said that OuauUties of ( uban ...g,.. ,;,.,, :,vllv. The fact thai the
pic ni. iiw ju( uvlllllll vessels in I O ,.t -ui.l 1
move the crop. , . ' , .
w : l.. i ...... iv....... . ... . el i- la
II uu nn Bl 1J.I1. LIIU. INIU II Hill Mill ' i . . ...
.,, , , ., , .. 1 i , - ; inm- muni iiecaUHO or IfOI'inau svmpu
will be useil part'v iu the sugar t rutin-. !.. 1
W, S 0 j ' " " "
, The belief I growing that an eneinc
GERMAN WAR LOAN ""- ! the v..ss,-i ..mi
AMMTKgpAM, April 1( ( Associat " I"1"' ' "lioard her, or ..,.k it
ed Hrea)-nbs-.riVtiiis to the iieiv,"1."1 M",K " He'
i-aptaiu have disappear
I to any action he might
eighth wrmin war losn can be spread
over tea yearn. A uiau subscribing fur
w, a B.
.. a WKIII U,i..,l. ,...t A ilk .tv .1 .
1Z Z .,';",.'. i . ; NOT FOR MEN IN DRAFT
tin- i.lantHtioiiH of Hawaii in the year n iijfto he became a member of the' c.r Hi.. n..,i ,.-,.i ;., i 1
House of Nobles under the monarch.- tu hcira. i W AtSII I li'I'ON, April l (Assm-i
-J W. s. 8 , ate. I 1'ii-j.si No initu of draft age ho
. an- pliM.;illy i-apuble of act in- -en
i ne will l.e admitted to the ordinary
HAN ' UU.UO, April 18 - ( Associate d . nnu i uinl.iitiint branches of the militarv
Press) Lieut, yuinn Mattern of Ohm ' serv i. c pn.M.led men outside of die
was killed yesterday while making a .haft can be found who are competent
practise Might when his aeroplane tail in Idl tin- pi.Mtious. This official de.
ed and fell into San licgo bay. Neither! Iinati.ni nn- contained in a letter
the plane nor the young aviaior'.-, I.n.l I ..In. Ii I. a- been m-iiI to a WeMei n law
was recovered. . ,. .
lull had an ucsned valuation of ll.r
I'iiU i. In I he lollowiug year tne , lukie Secretary of the legis
total wai increased to 78,(U(l,0titl; iu Hture in I80!i. He became senator in
Hi Hi the total went to !8,.'i7.'l,4,J-, iii the territorial legislature, serving from
11)17 it was 1 1 leldtl.lMlO. It is est i mat- 1 007 to 1H11. In 1912 he Was elected
cl that the total for 11)18 will go to city and couuty treasurer when l. I..
l 17, i; .!",7litl. These increases have (',,'nkling was treasurer of the Terri
I ade through the years of the tory. Ill 1 M 1 4 whiTi Colonel MeCurtli)
vmii was appointed territorial treusnrer he
"(In the general subject of inv atli and ('oukling shifted positions as
lu ll- tuwai.l the sugar jdiintatious 1 ( Conkling run for aud was elected to the
H. ilackfeld & Company, Limited, is
o, pass out of existence. A new cor
poration is to be formed which will buy
for rush ami tnke over the entire prop
erty and the going business of tho
present corporation. This new corpo
ration is certain to be a thoroughly
American concern for the period of the
war ami nt b-nst three years thereafter,
for stuck in it can be held only by
Ameifc'nn citir.cns during that period.
Plans for the formation if the now
company were discussed at a meeting
which was held yesterday afternoon, at
tended by the present directorate, of the
corporation, the one elected last Jan
uary when a reorganization was at
" tempted, ami the llc who are to be
ejected to the illrfctornt,. itt th muni-.
Ping, of the stockholders of the company
u inch UI In- held tomorrow.
Kliniiuation from the business world
of H. Ilackfeld A Compiiny and the ere
, ntion to take its place of an entirely
new company is the purpose of the
eilstodian of enemy alien property.
There is to be no unsnarling or un
tangling to free tft- company from
possible taint of (iermaii ownership,
in whole or in p.nt. Instead of thu
tne government mil cut the knot. Tin
resulting job will be full and complete
and the reiiiireinents are to be drastic.
Meeting Held Yesterday.
Some days since R. H. Treut, repre
entative hen- of the custodian of en
emy alien property, received a wireless
from A. Mitclivll Palmer giving instruc
tions as to the course which is to bo
pursued rciative to H. Hackfeld &
Company These instructions he read
to the meeting yesterday and by those
present they were discussed. After
tbev-sneeting Mr. Trent said the recep
tion of the message by the old and the
new'directors' was hi.fllly gratifying:
All sdtowed a high spirit of patriotism
and each and every one promised full
sad hejitty cooperation iu the currying
out of the government's plnns.
Instructions Explicit
riistructions from Washington pro
id that the present corporation shall
sell for cash its entiro property and go
ing business to a new corporation which
I . a.j . i. .L i
i m rii-aum to manr oil' porcuiise
and to carry -on the business. The new
company shall be capitalized with cow
I inon stock which shall fairly represent
I the -value of the oatire property of the
I present corporation. The cash for the
purchase of the property and the goin
I business will be realised by offering
for purine subscription he stock in tne
new corporation. Prvsent stockholders
who are American citizens are to be al
lowed to subscribe to the' stock in the
new company to tun same amount as
their holding in the present company
but. others than American citicus are
net to .be permitted to enter into the
May Forfeit Shares
The charter and by laws of tin- new
company are to provide expics-lv that
in ruse any ahare or interest iu shares
therein shall be aequied by or on i
count of any person or persons other
thai! Americnn citizens during the per
iod nf the war and for the penod of
three vears after the war is ended such
shares or interest in shares shall In- for
feit to the government if the contin
geney shall arise during the war mid
to the company if it shall arise in the
three year period ufter the war is
In the event that not all of the stock
in the new company is taken by the
subscriptions of the public, tl us
todinu will take over and supply the
requisite cash for the bnluin e.
No Foreign Holders
I'nder the terms of this dissolution
n ud the formation of the lien company
hiiv resident alien enemy who is a stock
holder in the present compauv will not
become .1 stockholder in the ncn com
pany. Not only this, but the pn-sil.il it v
of an American citi.en seeuriti such
stock aud holding it in trust fur the
period of the war is avoided, shmild
such an action be detected during the
war. or for three y ware after the war
ends the stock would be foifeit. either
to the government Or to the enuipany as
the case might be.
It will, be noticed, too, thst the re
striction agaiust foreign ownciship of
stock applies not alone to enemy aliens
hnt to all non citi.eiis. Citizenship is
mnde a prerequisite for owueiship of
or interest in the shares nl tie new
Disposition of Proceeds
Whst th custodian will dn u.th the
money he receives for the enenn aliens,
the value of their holdings in the pie
ent complin v. he does not nuiniuii e He
dnes nut say that he will inc-l it in
l.ibcitv lb, nds nor how much ..I it will
lie invested in government securities
lie lakes and holds such inonev under
the law aud will administer it as he
does other property similarly c. aning
into his (minis.
Neither dues the message sa v how
the value of the present holdings .f
the company and its going I.umii. -tu
be determined. There is inillnii in
4 V4
4t t
i tt
1 1W
the message to indicate that it is the
purpose nf the government to send ac
countants hen- from the mainland to
audit nnd expert the account of the
present concern. Nor i anything said
directly as to what will be the prob
t hie capitalization of the new company
other thn n it will be of surh an amount
ns will buy for cash the entire property
and going business of tbe present Voni
nany on the basis of the value of such
holdings and going business at the
time it is taken. No figure such as
fH,(HHi,(Miii or nay other figures ore men
tinned nor does the custodisn say
whether he purposes to invest two
thirds, nny or all of tho enemy aliens'
funds iu Liberty Ponds.
Work for Directors
in the carrying out of these plans it
will be necessary for the board of di
rectors of II. Hnckfeld te Company to
continue on for the balance of the pres
ent year unless the dan shall hnve
been sooner completed and the new
company organized.
The new company will, after its or
gnnlzation. proceed to elect directors
and that directorate to elect officer.
I'ntil the stock in the new company has
been subscribed and it is known who
the holders are to be it will he idle to
speculate nn to who will constitute such
Outstanding Features
The outstanding facts are thnt the
old company is to go nut of existence,
there will be an entirely new company
which will be so thoroughly American
that none but American eitisetia can
hold or be interested ia stock of that
company, present stockholders who are
American citizens, may acquire stock
in tbe new company in lieu of their
present holdings and can bay more, or
can any other American citizen; the
new stock will be sold at par and the
amount of .the capitalisation ia mat
te of pure ssfnrise until the appraise
ment of H. Hackfeld Company, Lim
ited, has been mad., i ;
W. . I.
l I'liiutstli.n Co
Haiku Nutrer Co
Iln Aunt I. Ca
tlsw it H, Co. ..V.
Hsw Mm. CS. ,.. ..
Iliinnkss Snsar Co
Iloiimnii Saiicar Co
Hub lilnaon Hug. Plat. .
Kiihaku I'Uiut. Co. '. . ....
Kekaha Has. Co
Knln Hugsr f'n.
U r.r.vile Mur Co.. Ltd.
( inlin H it if ('. .
IIIbb Sli. I'll., l.llk ....
I IIMillli'H sua. Co
l-SHuhsii Hug. Plant. Co. ..
I'io III. Unit Mill
Psls IMniii. Co
I'eis.kisi rinr Co
I'Ii.ii.st Mill IVn
San i nrl.ii Milling Co
vv. niiihui Ari-ll. Co
Vtnllnkil Kag Co
Kltilali Itpv. Co., Ltfl
1st lm Asees TO rd..
2ml Issue 1'ald I'D ., ...
Knel ls ...HT Mlnlus Co.
1 1 il k i I' i. l. Co.. I'M. . .
Hnlli ii f A P. Co.. Coin.
I In w. (an Hf. Tr
MSW. Inn. HT
Us. u Cum.
lUwslisn KUx-trlc Co.
Hsw I'lm-upplv Co. .
Hon It. A M. Co ....
Hon (in Co.. Ltd. ..
Hon II T. ft L. Co. ..
Inter Klanil !. N. Co. . . .
Mul I'.l Co
ilslni Itallwtiv Se l.snd Co.
I'siiiitik llilliiir Co
.selilliiii I ill.illUlfS. I'll. ...
Sit II, e H(K1!. I'd A
TsiiJ.ins Olnk Kubbvr Co.
Hes.h Walk I. n. nH..
Hiiainkini linen I o.. UM .
Hi.vvii.i i nn. Kr V.. I TTVi,
Hnw a I rr. Co., n
Huh r. r 4-1, Hvf. 1IB..
Hmw li-r. V Poh. Imps.
Hjw l'.-r. l-nh. Imp. i
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Haw. 'IVr
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Kainil l(v Co.. Its 101
Mini. .a Imp. 1. 1st.. 5ViMliMi
40 l
.11 u
i-l a
0 Ti.
carter io mm
Will Get Together Workers Foi
Red Cross Fund
i - - ltti.ir
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I'n., Ltd., ..
n. Co., tf,! ..
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1 to
30 W
13 W
M.-llrv .Ih Hilir Ci. ,
Mat. Tel. rm .
Iial.it It. L. Co.. V,
il.ih.i Suit. Co.. A
IIIhs Sim. i'n., n
PneIHe (luauii A F. Cn
Hun Carlos Milling, t
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mini 7.-.. an. 3TV: Knsi-ts. la. not): itt-
Itr.ile --r.. UAO; WllkB.-10, 20 00.
lliiw'u rtn-, M, 40, 00, 4.-5O0; llonevr,,
.1. 2t.::7 W .
January t. Win ,'
tw anulyals brvta (no adrtcee).
I'arltT -
96 Cent. (For Baw.) Bngar .008
Mar. 20, ISIS
HtnpaM.p 40.flt
New Vurk 03,00
w. a. a.
-KfiW .l5ikw vAprli la (AaaoclaK?
tessl Fullowlug arc the opening and
closing quotation of stocks In. the hrnm
York Mark yesterday. v
I President George B. Carter of tlie
Hawaii Chapter, American He 1 Cross
will leave in the. Mauna Kea Saturday
; for a tour of the Big Island. Volun
teers will be called to tnke charge of
definite districts on Hawaii to organize
morkers for the big war fund drive
scheduled for May (i to 11 through
which 4410,000 is to be raised for the
comfort of our overseas forces and to
' provide for the care of the wounded,
, their families at hnme and the thou
sand aad one benefioient works in which
this great . organization is engaged for
the good of humanity.
"It is a significant fact," said Mr.
Carter yesterday, "thst almost without
I exception the big men and women who
j are thjowhyr every ounce ofi their
energy into the direction of this work
are volunteers, serving without com
pensation other than the fine satisfae
I tion accruing from a sense of duty well
done. Men and women of this type
' realize that without victory over au
tocracy life and property would bs
i worthless in- this and every other right
. eons nation. Support by gifts of time,
talent and goods at this time is a gilt
edged investment which will pay noble
retnrns greater than any immediate per
sonal eain. Our fcusiuess is to win the
war!" Jf
w. a. i. ,
AM KRICAN FKONT, April ID-(Associated
l'reas) Three thousand marks
j is the reward which the Hermans are
i offering for the first "Americnn or
i British ageut" caught and proved pnl
jtv of inciting disturbances or rev,. In
turns in the Oeriiuin Kmpue nr in
! territory hsld by the (iertnaii for. , s.
I A copy of the bulletin which offers
this toward has been received at head
i ipiarters. It was issue. I I.v the general
ci. mum tilling at AlueiiHter.
w. a. a
I- I I'ASO. Tckas, Apiil Is . Aso
: i ' . I 1'iessi Seetcliirv nf Hn- Tress-
inv MeAdoii In u pul i.p. c. h l.'.lav
de. lured:
" America has gone tu the vetv Inn
it in deuling with Mexico, in an ef
t.ul to maintain fri. n.lijv u-eliitli.ms.
Tlien- are no reasons whv we shoiilil
not continue nt pence, if (iennanv only
I p- her meddling .i i out of that
AliM-riesn Kllgar
Auierliau licet
AsMM-hitml OH
Alaska Unltl . .,
Americau Imiinotlri . ...
Ajnvrleau Tel. Tel
American Hinelter
Auierteaa Hteel Filry
Anaconda Copper
AtchbHiu Railway
Ua lil win Lotvuiotlvv
Ilaltltnore A Olilu
ItvlhlWieni Ht.-W II'
Caltforula PoiroMnn . ...
4'nulral Li-.Hvr
( Miiirtiun i'n. III.
C. M. A- Kl. I'riU
i'olo. Fuel Ac. Irou
Cruel l.l Htn-J
Culls. Muaar t unc
Frle Coinnion
General Klwtrt,-
Oeneral Motors ( new ) . . .
irva Norltaern I'M
. luieruaiuinai Ml.-Ki-I
luiluslrtal Ahnhol
I Kt'iinM-ott Ci.pHr
j l'hlgh Valley Kill I any ...
i New. York Ceutrsl
iPfiniaylTaulii .
Use CimsoliUatcl
Hesillng eoiinui.il
IUiubU'aB Lru couiuiou
Ki.utl.erii I'selH.
1 alteil Ktales Kubl.cr . . .
Texas fill
I uion . Pacific
t'nlted Htates Ktm-I
l lab . ...
VtVstern t'uion
Bid. t Kx-dlTlilend. I I
" r.i w. a. a.
si v t-aivMui-o a. .toll ..- :
ed frees) Following are tbe opening and
closing quotations of aagar-. and other
sUx-ks In the San Francisco market yes. .
trrday :
I ing 1 lug
lliiw'u Cuiii'I
Hawaiian Sugar Co. .
itouokaa Hugar
lliitehltisitu Kuirsr Co.
Oebu Suasr Co
(Us Hiissr Co
Ouuuiea Hugar Co . .
Paatitmu Mugar C . .
Hi.iiolula 4ll-
I'.i.gi-ls. Ciipuwr Co. . ,
Hi.m.lntn 1-tnntiitton .
.1 40
L !2
Montana Biagnam Consolidated Min
ing company, incorporated, under the
Inns, of the sta'e of Vtah. Principal
place of business, room 1010 Boston
building, Malt l.akc City. CUth
Notice is hc-.-l.v given that .at a
meeting of the urectore, held, on the
IMh day of r;u.l,, IttlS, an assessment
nf ten cents p. r share was levied on
the capital stock i f the corporation,
payable iutnied.at.lv to K. A. Vail,
si-cfetary of th company, at the oftice
nf the company, rcotn 1010, Bostou
bailding, Hult I.uke City, I'tah. i
Any stock upon whih this assess
ment may remain unpaid oa Wedaes
dnr, tbe Hth dav of May,. Itflti, will b
.leliaipieut and iidycrtise.1 for sale at
public auction, and unless payment is
made before, will be sold Tuesday, the
-Hth day tif-Mt-y. I!M s, at 12 o'clock
noon uf said day. U pay tho delinquent
nssessment, together with costs Of ad
vertising snd expenses of sals.
K. A. VVA1,
Hoom 1010, IJoston building, Halt
l.nKe City, I'tah.
Oasotte 8t

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