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rii .Ti i i ii i.i i imr r ii r iiiiuiiiii i -i . -A.i---.., i mai 1 1 it my nil a vim; -,.' v ir .r
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Must Widen
Or Risk Loss Of
WASHINGTON. April IX (Associated Press) Recognizing
that tin- positions which they hac won from the Knti-li .it
juch trcinciulout cost may become mttenal)le iinlcH.1 tlu'v can sin
cccd in forcing 'ack and straighteiiint; ilu- Uritish line wlicre ii ti
cnres into t tic German front to tlic southwest of Ypres tlie eiu-tnv
contimved their tactics of throwing vast luxlics in massed foi in:itin
sin! wave wm wave against the British in that hector venter ;a .
The position before Ypres had been withdrawn somewhat to a n
line and against this the main attacks of the Huns were directed
To flatten the broad salient which hinges upon Ypres i now
th evident purpose of the (iernians. They have driven a cnrc
into the British line which has brought the general line of the we t
ein front into a formation like an immense inverted S. Tin- lias
placed a targe part of the (icrman forces m a great jKJiket. If i'h
1 alt, to straighten out the British line and so enlarge this pocket t lie
Urt'tfsh position will be"' a strong one. By a counter from Ypie- the
I'ritish might reconquer and regain all or nearly all of the ground
that has been lost in the northern battle front. The very despera
tion of the Merman assaults ujon the Ypres sector indicates that
they know their position will be untenable unless they can widen
the salient in that direction.
From British headquarters last night a Reuters dcspatc'i -aid
an attack seemed to be impending between Wytschaete and Baillcul
This would plainly, b a part of the effort on the success of which
the (icrman venture, rests.
Early in the day the British fell back to higher .ground which
doubly strengthened their position in that it gave tliirrj aii advantage
in footing anil assured an egress in case further falling back .should
be, demanded. jT
With unabated fury the battle raged throughout yesterday and
the losses to both sides were very heavy. Throughout the ni'il
and all through the day thousands of guns thundered and belched
forth death and destruction. From forty to fifty miles away the
sounds of the great artillery fire could be heard and window- were
shaken by the vibrations from the detonations.
With Incre'diblc intensity the fighting proceeded. Strong count
erg wer.q lapuched lr the British and wrtth splendid bravery theyi
Iroe baek.'the-eficniy and gained footholds at Metere and at W'yts
t'haetc. Colonel Maurice, the British "eye witness"' said the great
er part of Wytschaete had ln-en recovered in these brilliant counter
but last night (ieneral Haig in his official report said the British
Irid been forced to fall back from those positions and there had been
liM'c change to result from the day's lighting.
In tremendous waxes the Teutons pressed an attack upon tl.
?t!1ebcke 'only to lu shot down at short lauge by a lire which io c
Tc;t't lane-, through the advancing ma.ss.es. In his three years o,"
experie.it c w hich included the greatest battles of hi-toi v. the corre
spondent reported, he had not heard anything to approach this
tremendous and unintcrmitteiit fire nor witncsM'd anviliing which
coiiM approach the appalling wholesale slaughter a that of yes
Against these onslaughts the British armie- hi Id and at im point
.could live -4ir;nians claim an important gain. The I'.iiti-h hue had
held, and at times made gains. The effort-, oi the enemy were
fruitless of aiy success.
Between Wytschaete and Baillcul there wa- a continuous ran
noriading arid some strong infantry attacks of the enemy which
failed. Here were the indications of an impending .itt.ek in massed
force. At Boyelles the British steadfastly maintained the -tn.iig
osition which thev held.
Occupation of I'oelkapelle and Langemaick w.i el.nmed in the
(icrman official report.
Paris reported heavy artillery fire between the i-c and the
Sommc- Tucsdav night and a heavy bombarlment h the enemy
nqrth of Montdidier yeterdayyt do infantry engagenu iUs.
WASHINGTON, April 17 (Official) Military .l,nl lu -rr Iwkc :i
hiiinurou virw of tlir ri pi'ttUiil elainm from Berlin of h "-'m . vrt Anicri
ran forien In vinw of the atlvirc which have Ihmmi i 1 Inn. from tin-
Aiiierlrgn bailiiiHrlpr!. Tli- rpportu ool only iiv im.iIhi, of ,hi, sik Ii i
ilefaat -bt, on tar contrary, nulii atd Anixriran nu i'- - '
Auttrittan for. took poHHewioo. of No Man'n I " I m tin- Tout kin i.u
nortlwt'rt of Aun-inont forent, iail mnaa)r tli: i -1- I lolo.
Tlu-jr paitneil arroHH to tlie (ifrnmn tienrhea whii h r ; n u : m I I,, (. j
MijtfiMt. by ti (irrnianii following the vral mm'ic .i fi-ni, uln. h hmr 1
teu aiimiirtst.'reil to their shock trOou aod the hvllu, liy il,,- Aim ri. mi I
artillery. 1
ft, . .
LONPO.V, April 17 (Anlal'i I
I'rfaal--Tha minintcrinl ami potiti'al
tpaity ard Iiv Ihn opioaittOB of
the Iriiih Ntiiuuiliu to coiirriptloi i
' Xtf )Iteint Wh not lmnl. !
.Tba Nationaliata who uinnirecaaf ully
fwaRht adaiiwt eonarription in thataam
power hill that parninl the common
luat night are now goin to Dublin to
formulate 'plan to tunii wf
,1 .,- .W.ii .'- r-
Bowel rov'lt i1 ur to b preva
Upt laff tb fruit aeaaoa. Ha nara to
Jteoji a hoUe nf (;imbrlaiu'B Ooli
ut Oiarrboi'tt Uniedy at bou.l.i U
iiiy a Hfr I'Vr aula by all Jaal-
M. Unison, Sniilli Hi Cu gnrnta for
Hawaii.- Advi.
J tit
.,, .:.
WAHIIIMITON. April Is i Assoc in
ted I'rens i One ,,t tie li'st nets per
formed by N'. i.'lnn f Wnr linker
after bin ret inn f , I,,- K.iropenn
trii was to ni.ii.iiii,. e the date for the
Opening; of the f..nr'h -en.-s of officers'
tre'niii ' cnmi- He I ns fixed Mav l.l
and other .leta l are to soee.lilv fol
low this (list ntmoiiticciiif lit.
w h a
t'HIIJHTI A I . Norway. April IT
( Aavoriatrd I'l csv, M ''rHmel, lender
of the left winy of the Hoeinlixt party
in the pnrliniiient has I i, imprisoned
for sixly duvs t,i .,e,,he . I re lured to
b provoiatnc This a.i.on l.v the
tfoverniiieiit i . It. I , . . t troubles
throughout .Norway
n n i
SI!IN0T()N, April AnMif
-.I 1'irtsi; CanaN ami waterway arc
t.. I'o imecl to retlrv. milroad rnnfi---ti'm
Hud to xiilit fretyht movamants.
Iiio- uir of Tranaprtaioa MeAHoo ye
tn.lny an noosed thai h? wtll taa orr
hi- Krir Cahal, ml th' tJreat Nw TrU
fi nvl tvrtm t- niltcve thp railro.U
..!' piii'-h fridhf trhBlr A ayRtMn of
'.,.), vill hr Immr.li.itely oimtmctr a.
irtnilnwht of- lirtrk mdtiatloa -by
'.fly Wrrrht in nrA-ril bjr thf furl
i iiniiii..t-Nr and nil other rlay jrol
.i t ii l ! rnrtnlinil. XHiwlll an
"it tlic iloublr rtnrjnn qf' connri vini;
iih' ant -lll roliir thf 'railroads nml
ii -.''-' nf rhe nncHiisity ot Vandlinf,' i
Imic fin output.
liver Vfr.ve rncroaia .
If rn-iKM In watfM thnt wMi':ffi--t
v.o in lllixi rnilrnnd rmjiloVei"' ari" Tri
oritr 'n ' I liy The rnilrnn.i :ivar :''
i i m- i ril the report hivh ltMilr' e 1
C't. 1,'iv;
T'li w Va imt.tli Mt'-tmi-H'ow tr
in-mi i!!vtic-ainr flip rainiK mtb liy
'"ilrnnt w orkrt. Tirnctictillv ever nin. r
In' ii In wre tnkr-n ovrr ta.b npT
n'.-.l ly 'he pvrv"eiir. On a liimliei'
' a"m i lm - lieen in M-ne'l tY'
Im- r; ort. of the rommittoa Wonhl
oi" ipen'r o hhi the V 'Ii'
In .nt expraws wliirh rou front th rail
roiiil operativra. iv;. '
Th government, if tlie incroasrn In-M-:;rl;
rlll ftn I tmiaM - niatarinllv
mUfnwKtr.l, It ban litioa laimeil tleii
'hr pnHHcil raiae would romilre h . i"
HKiiondiiid fni" in ' rito 'ilmpiti- tin--cwtlr
InrreMneil' voliijna of lnino-h
w.'$ a. .
s5 S
Gil Bearing Vessels. Collide and
Fire FoCovvs Destroyers
Render Fine Aid
M KHICAN POUT, April 17 - I W.
' . .' i ' i 1 1 1 rrett)-rOfficera of the Aun-ricii,
ml .iliip O. I Jenuiuga hoi arrive. I
here twlay havo given full .IrtniN il
1 1. 1 lOlliHion of wnat vesnel with tli
llntixli :;:iHior War Kniylit which h
..' -1, Inn It'll wiTu naphtha and influni
inahle oiU which resulted ia the Ions of
.. .tli v "D.selH and the deathx of thirty
.v.'ti ineniliora of the crews.
'ill' ili-unttir iH'iuiied off tin) l!ritivl
cmiKt mi March 24. One of the Melim
riii I. u.. st into finnirs nn.l wan detitrnyed
:ih ii ii. e nine while the oilier drifted
uto u mine field, encountered a minf
nhieh exploded and burned the steamer
Hut IW the linirly nrrviie rendered h
liMtr.n ril. Die Ion-i of life inuit hav
I'C 'ti heir. .it.
'I'm' -rni v .is told I'.v the oflicers w at
:i- f.d.i:
Ilarly M irnin;; Distaster
"We had an exceptionally rollj;b
r 1 1 . luiriiiii' tl il into jittn. Th
Milli.'iiii ocimi.'I nt tio in the morn
', uhen e ivi'H' only fifteen mile!
fi.ni mir di-Htinntion. There a sir nn in
stint I'Xt'iosiun and then the flmnef
'';i'i'd 1 1 1 Hill the liliriniiL' oil flpoilte
over tin hmIii nf the .Icniiinyi) and al'
' nt "iv i-' .ie. the Britih nhip.
DeO' I-stThtaneoiti
"T'i if1 - of tlic in' on tho deck
..f 'lie Knii:lit in i. -.t have lieea
i est ri -it !v irv mcrfiii'd. The Ktearaerf
drifted ii:i t and the convoying de
trover ent a tci line to the Hritiflhet
nn.l I'toK her toward the lieiieh. Hbr
'Lifted onto a mine f eld and blew up
The case ml wa- file I completing th.
lies! roct inn.
Be." of Fire
1 1 1 r leiinin na.lilliH was pouring
;nt the s. a rind n was impotoiitllr t!
l -1 h lifel.nats The .l.-stroyer daahed
through the tniriiiii(.' sens, liumped aloo(
si'le m'mI e hiimi"''I ii!onrd. i
"The .lennins, leirnin mid ndrift
was a ineniiee to other ships fl'i.l thf
destroyer Mink her with shots."
W B 8
Soviet Government and Press In;
dined To Make Too Much of
Incident He Thinks , i
W Asli l N UTON, April 17 (Official)
l.at.diiie. of .lapinese and Britisb
forces v. as u poli.-in ineaNure and doer
not "mi. mt the political importance
wh'.h the Soviets and the soviet prenf
have sonoht to attach to it. in the opin;
ion of Imvid It Kraneiti, l'niteit ritjatet
anil a ssadur to Russia. The actioji wa
!:' a eoncerte.l one on the part of the
Pies and he thinks the British land
in", fori c was nn u t uabnre to protedl
the consulate.
The state d'artineiit today ninilf
public a cable. ' am from I'liited State1
A ni ba -a loi I'rau.-ih at 'olo.la, Kui
sin. .'a'e.l April n. re'iirdin the lauu
iny of .lai'anc-e and Hritisli uiarineH al
la lnos'ol . The caldeyraw auid it
part :
"The oiiet "wiiinient and aovlet
I'U'i" aie "iv i ir too much import a iter
to the l.n.l'no ot the murines at Vladl
vii'l.ii . uhich has no ixditieal alanine
i iiiee. I ut was a precaution taken by
' the .lai'iinese u.liiiinil for the protMtioa
of .lnp.in.se life and property.
" M iiiipreHsioti is thnt the tauilinjg
I of the hntih inarines whs piimuuBt to
'a reipi.-st ,,f the Mulish consul for pro
le io.ii i.'i tin- Hritisli consulate anil
Mil tl
"I -
Ttie im 1 1 ii ii consul asked no pra-
'"" ir I lie American cruller ip
iind ii" nierieaii marine
1 I l li. landings w ere not
in . i t.-.l turn ' '
Fern V&klf- 1r.rtfat.ye In Move
ment To Rrtibcf Territory
asks l6t al'"1rsi bt N t S
Actions; of German? Are Danger
, pus Ttf Pebple of Hawaii,
Says, Municipal Executive
Krhoinp tn aentimentu expn-Bsed by
Imi.hnjf reemkHsra oftlie llawaimo 'it
rtaitra eoipa foliowtn the tree4 klU
Lift f .1 J. WiUnr by "(. nplain" Heii
y A lieu after W'nlHer had insulted ait
Vmreiran fhljr, Mayor Joseph .1. r'rril
:ms come ot' etranjjlv in favor of h i'
r.v estnbli.iei in the Terrttoty an in
Urnment ' fatap.
That th' mayor id tnkinjr enrrjretic
i lion to rarry out tbe proieet in nhowa
'j- th' HrK taut he- hn culled a tfrea l
I .r ill ir meeting i t be held in th
.roil idn oT-tha Cnpitol Imililin next
.''uaday.': By- meana of this he hope,
to eiyatrlllaa aoblic nentimeat into ae
tion which will briaji about the e'alt
inhamat of an Internment enmp held
'o he an aeut tieed fur the safety of
!.e people of the Territory and theii
M the metin(l, whirh will open at
alt' paat 10 a 'clock in the afternoon
'he real aituntion that confront th.'
,'uimiinity, will he explained by .peak'
em and ii la planned to have a commit,
ea rppoiiita)'. at the meeting to for.
auiltito petition to V'si'l"1 Wilson
ind tO'-eoricss atikinji that an intern
"pnt ramp be established. I
Th . Itur .
The lettw in. arbi-h the mavor tnakei
,'lain bis piupoae is- na folUiw.:
r,ditnr Advrtii- A mnvor of the
City ar1 Conrtf nf 'Uno'uln. a a eit':
"it f ho I'alted States, nnd aa oo
ho takpffitMa romns nf eommunirai
dun to hi fellow residents nf Hawaii'
.ecniia a initiative h is not, hitherto'
Wn -taken- by other fioraona, I ask,
that you kelp forward the needed pliU
if nn itammont camp for enemy alieail
Th brutal, treacherous and destru4
'ive antMina of (iormnnv and it eonv
federate mipporters, and the personal
-ctiofs.of la ab,ie"ts and peoplea,T
-aused nnd are- causing untold loa
suffering and drtnB''r to tho ritiiena of
'lie (si ted Httites. and are especially
Isnverou. and inimical to "the lora.'
residents of Hawaii. The potential
iresent dormant activities of the
"erniari. and thoH-' who by their nc-
ioas aid utteralicec are properly caller1
' 1'ro Huns ", eonatitute an ever preat
ent and real danger to this Territory,
I i-espcrt fully' and patriotically pro
nent to you tha the president of tb
I nit ml htatsjs, and tho congress no
iimemhled, ho al once, informed aa ti
he real necessity for au internment
ramj) ou Oahu; so that,- in it, can
'e arrej;ateil all tJiose who within ou;
border are enemy aliens, and tho
.vho ly their dialoynl utterances, habits
in. I conduct shiiw themselve. to be en
,'imeH f our common country ami it.
""VP Allies.
Not Debatable '
It is not debatable that such a wras
ire would very largely protect our im
lusi'ies. our u hi' r von and shippiug and
'h" funeral safetv of our Territory
nd nil that the w ord ' ' homo implies
The vandal acts of the ruthless enemy
are worldwide, and if ue do not niovi
m ou- in' n protection ; uo one but eun
selves will be to blame. Helf supporting
amps, as I suireMt, have been a prim
necessity in Kumpe and on oaa main
'nail and have le sue nnd to loyal real
dents the necessary irksome war regit,
'ations fur the general anfety. i
I propose In call a town meeting
mi At .Sunday, at the Capitol groumla
at t iv o thirty of that afternoon, al
vhirb place selected speakers will urgl
the pre en t necessity of an internment
amp. and it is hoped that at an out
pouring of citizens and loyal reaidrnt
if nil classes, next Hnnday the tweutv
firHt, u resolution 'will bo carried; ask
ing that a temporary committee, from
inch town meeting selected, drart
-able message to the 1'residont and to
coitLi'ie-s showini.' the neeesaity and
uruiui' the setting apart of a conceit
tration camp for the Huns born am'
their adherents.
I bespeak, Mr. Kditor, your best co
iixiruti.in so I hut. at this time of stress
'he meeting shall be a real Town Meet
ing of the people.
- W.-f. B-rr-r .
-r sufjf
After being out two houra, a jury
n .ludge lleeu.'. emirt yeaterday after
looti, at four 'O'rloek, brought in t
etdict of murder in the aecond degree
against .Inmes Walker, a private ir
he Twsi- tv Hftht Infantnyi,- charged
.vith the slaying of. K. V.: WoCall,
milor. on th" ni?ht of Mareb I.
Walker's plea wee self defense, lie
claimed that on the. night of March 1
he was insulted by a. crowd of Bailors
at. Kukui and Uiver Utree.. He left
the crowd nnd purcaaanal a long bntcher
knife at a .Tapaneee -etore. Later.
Walker claimed, he wen Diet ur"n I"
the sailors, among whom wan MeCall.
In the fight that followed Walker
stabbed MeOitll thron-lh the eye the
blnde coming nut at his throat.
Walker escaped but was subsequent
ly arrested.
' w. a.
'AIHO, April 1 (Associated I'ress)
The council of ministers bus ap
proved of thu iiurchase by tho Kgvptiai
goi eriiineiit of the telepbolio nvHlem if
the counlrv. The purchast) will dale
from January 1 or the prescut yeui.
Increase If Not" Alarming and
losses, tast; tea;vFell Even
yB'lor thfl Expectation and the
' Estimated of the British War
"Cabinet -' -
; Ul4l5N A frHt S- Aasoci a ted
.rrelifteulon i eubnUriho; efforts and
activites took ft iiiflden apart last week
ad front a minimum of .urcess dur
ing' the previous Weeli rloaely approach'-
et ifa kvrnjge, since the unrestricted
eampaiVa comroe4jeed lsset report
ed by the admiralty for the week end
inft laat Patnrdsy- were eleven ves-els
f mWL1hnrt,'tl30(l ,ttn, four .mailer
merchant .hipa. anj One iliberman.
LeFt.TJnder EstfBjate.",'
the total net. reduction of the world 's
morehant .hipplng-itont eubmarine at
laoaa and tnorinu riska Irons the begiu
nlni of the war to the end of KM 7, has
been, thirty percent leas than the Hrit
,U authorities eatimated last duly, as
serts the British war cabinet in its first
annunl report Juit published.
TOif, net traduction, as announced
bv the, war e-ebinet is under 2,75a,
0(K .iorts gross or sixteen percent.
These 'figures .coincide approximately
with the, aeeret -report of the British
admiralty on eubmarine shipping losses
and world shipbuilding made public by
the British embassy ia. Washington late
in March. The admiralty figures show
od that the total-loss te allied and nen
tral shipping elnte thrt beginning of the
war, to thread of lQlt.wns 11,827,572
gross tons. Hhipyarda oatside the Cen
tral t'ewers, ' neaattiae tumeil out
flfiM3 275' tone-end there was added to
this output SJJ88,00Q; tons of enemy
vreeuls enptureid and brought into s rv
iee. ,The total 'net loss ts world ship
iog mm, all ranees,' exclusive of
that of Germany and her allies was
"lured, by the aJmjralty at 2,:i2,207
tons., "
r,a(tEer-.ttona Bhown
:The waf ' cnbinet summarizing the
iliippipg situation, declnres. in its re
;ert, that "the rffect of the intensified
lubmarlne werfare" ba. been far be
iow what . the Oorman peol'e were
liroroised. The German official figures
or Hentember rlnim 62,0()) tons, but
hey actually sunk lens than half of
kia'emourt of nil nationalities. Yet
-in. Wept ember the overseas sailings of
ships were twenty percent grenter in
uimbere and thirty perceut greater in
onnngTthan In April.
"The general result of the (ierman
ttaik. thiaigh scrim's enough is not
laprorrdcnted. . In the two years af
er Tarfslgar, when our command of
'he seas .km ttuipicstinned we still los'
'045 merchant ships by rapture, and
u the whole period from 17!4 to I !S 1 5
we lost over 10,000 merchant ships,
"joeae. cf Cnemy
"Nor should we loae sight of the
h"rv losses sustained by the
enemv ill the nrescnt war. At the
ui.i...riu enin.i or huetilitiae, tirrmany
had 015 ships abroad, of which only
IRS got home safely. The remainder
within a few days were cleared from
the oceans. In the aggregate the Oer-
ion tnecc'iit ile marine ronsisted of
over 5,000.000 tons; nt the present time
early half of this has been junk or
apture.l. while the bulk of the vest
is lyins uaeli ss in harbor."
iiescribing the steps taken to fifth'
'he f boats, the wnr cabin"t annoiiiic
d that !HO0 vessels now are employed
is Biliieswcepets and on auxiliary pa
nil duties andMheir number constantly
s iiirrensit'g
Thf convoy system of protecting ves
sels from submarine nttnrk is declnr
od by the cabinet to have been "mark
ediy .effective in reducing the losses."
ft adds:
Work of Oonroys
"During the last few month, over
uinety iercrnt of all vessels sailing in
ill the Atlantic trades were convoyed
and since the convov system started the
total tonnage, percentage of loss to
vessels while actually in convoy, wheth
er ns the result of enemy action or
marine .risks, has been 0.S2 percent in
the case of Atlantic convoys, and 0.5H
percent in the case of nil mercantile
convov systems taken together.
"What this measure of success has
cost iu uffort, skill and persistence can
only bo realized by fixing attention on
the formidable capabilities of the new
weapon In its recent developments.
The Herman submarine hus a surface
speed up to eighteen knots and a sub
merged speed of ten to eleven knots.
Khe carries from fifteen to twenty
torpedoes; she can travel 100 niilef
completely submerged; and she can re
main under water sitting on tbe not
torn for a period up to forty-eight
hours. A submarine attacking with s
torpedo only shows about three inches of
periscos? at intervals, with the result
that few ships which are torpedoer'
ever see the sulimarip" which has cr
ied out the attack. The. range of , the
on.edoes fired by a submarine is any
thing up to five miles, and the speed
f the torpedo is as high as forty
krmitsj ' ' i ' '
AM ST KB DAM, April 11 (Associat
ed I'mss) While the Swedish barV
Muorilauds was beiug towed from Rot
terdam to Kiigland by a British tug
six German airplanes made au attacl
on the two vessels. Bombs were throwt
and the planes came down using ma
chine gnus freely. Home of the crev
of the bark linenel overb"-""' ''"
were rescued, while the tug, after dodg
ing the bombs and shower of bullet
tore back 4o the waterway' showing
Beeaase of Me tonic and laaaUve effect.
xttet1 than ordinary Oulaioc. Ooee not csut
rrvuusuos. nor rlmrlan ta the head. E
mtsr, J.ere In i.uty one "I'ronLO Uul-dn
liUH"r I t. V , l.!3 ,4 oi. .v
Former National ''duard Officer
On Reaching Penitentiary; Is
Treated: Tflf Coat lDf Taf and
Feathers By Fellow Prisoners
ANT A TO, Mew Mexico April
l-(AseoirHate Press To be
coateaVwtta.' Ur . aMc feathers by
his fallow conrlcte was the experi
ence which fen to Ma J; At blh '
ner, at Mtbber of Our Nebraska Ma-'
tlonal; Oaartf far thirty rearev rob
Uwlnt i lis eenvtrUoa. - under tbe
Espionage Act he was sentenced to
a i federal. ii cnitenttary and sent
here." The other oonilcts resented
his presence In the prison wit
them and -proieedea to show their
rsseitnwat, . o 'hir , ljrooeiKt andv
their detestation of , his crime by
coating hltn with tar and feather!
f A ,i siii i. WJ. i.i PH f '
t , - , o . r
Must Stamp' Germanism Out and
Make Country Purely and
Whollf American
MAUriIN(iTv)N, April 3 Oue of t)ie
most sulistntia( movrmeuts for the.
winning of the ear was inaugurated
winy by ho less a man tl.Hn Franklin
X. I.ane," boding the portfolio of the
interior iu the cabinet of l'resi lent
iSecie'.ary l.nnc, himself of t'niin.liiiii
ilrth ad by that fact roiistitution.il
iy barred from the aspirations he might
itherwiae most rnasouardy entertniii
or a term in the l'reaidenry, is single
hi oting the ijrent question of Ameri
canism as a supreme issue for thu
As a practical and devoted Ameri
nn, Kocrctury l.ane ia lifting this m:it.
; er out of platitude and mere pntrio
ir exprestiioii into the definite anil
irile orgnnizntion of till the f rces of
he republic, that are face to fine nnd
o figJit the niasres of iguorjiice,
orein intrig e (Ierman propi.gainla)
he spy system . ud I he illiteracy lh:it
.smpers. the spirit nod genius of thu
,-nvernment. Whnt other men Unve
alked about this great Kngli h inuri
au proposes to put into execution.
I'noV'r the sec ret a r-'a influence there
ivs.s I'SKembled in conference in Wnsh
n;;t.iii tixluy, governors. publicists,
treat bi sine, . men, State councils of
lefense and '.lu"ntor8.
I'roliably in: e -third of tlm governors
if the Htii is weie present. iSumucI
Jumpers ei! represent labor.
Secretary Imv.u nindo a "PUy great
n'eeh which lireatlu'd the large and
omprehetisive spirit of Americainsmt
rhe m'cretaiv hus deeiiened nnd
trent heied under the great reiponl
ibilities ef the wnr. His placnj gen
tle f ii' e of civilian days has twken ou
troltg nod rugged lines. His .jaw is
ifUiun. his ivxptesnioti is deeply serioiiM,
mil his manner and speech incarnate
he spirit, lie snid: '
Kdncnte tile Ain.-i icwu. people in the
Vmeiicen Ii ugunge end in Ainc'icHii
Vals: N'sike sore thnt Russia's ex.
erience is not lepented in Anu-ricn
Nullify ('ennany 's pi H.-eful pelietra
ii n ci'mpigii in this countty, rake the
Republic with n fine tooth comb fol
he myriad of spin thnt ft re tlreat.
ning its snfi'ty utid its life. i
We liHie a reat body of our owu
eopli'. five i nd s hn'f million, who cam
Kit read or write the language of this
ountty. Tiiat language is Hnglish,
t nil these nn t ll of foreign birtln
million tin I n Imlf are inti w-born.
Wi' are d .-lifting into our nrniy men
Abo cuiinot ii M.lirni ii ml tl.e orders that
.re given tlictn to read liur mar
ower is ill In-ii-1. 1 because our wttica
:ou is delicie1 t.
We inirii'lvcs have failed to see
merica through the eyes of t Ihik
ho havo cime iu u.
A fedcrnl legihlnt ute plan which colli
'or un appropriation lurtbe bureau ot
dm-Htiori is lieing diacussed ut the corn
ereiife, nnd it is proposed that Amen
can eiiiication be diult with lis a wit
.neasure to nteract the unti Auur
can propaganda aii. ing aliens.
Hecretary Lane's address breathe1'
he largest nnd most rwolute conlit
lonce in the wit. ning of the n'lir. ''1'
nay be n thin line on that Krein-I
front," said he. "but it is rich in tin
icroiii blood of Knglinlinien, Krencln
nen, Irishmen. Cannflinns and Aiki
riilinus, mid t stiffening from the un
onqueralile blood of America.'.' , ;
w. a. -ri v- v ii
VV.VSHINOTO', AoiH ,17 (Offli-iai;
, .,ftrr having vip-wed the r at clom
Huurtem, inapti'tnl the Ami-riinn heni(
iiHitom h tn I u.iuu rent HtutimiH, via
tml tin- Amur nun front, roimultu'l vvitl
military leaders ami with Alliod moil
urohs, Heeretary of VV'ar linker is burl
.it bin desk onux more.
In un interview wliiclt tlm serretarj
j;ave today he said in oart: "I retun
it h a kemi huiimc uf pride ill whtt!
I luive seeu in tn the result of tin
efforts of the people of this rountry unit
with a stroni; eotif Iileuee in the fiitnrf
and the adehievmnents whirh uiny hf
looked for from our tiwn forces and
Hiose of our Allien."
Ou the hame Hteamer upon Hhiib
the Kec.retary of war returned was the
erew of the (ierman subiiiurine l' "ill,
raptured when an Ameriean destroyer
recently sunk the undersea eraft.
These tire the firnt war prisoner
Hint have been brnuhf In thlH eniititry
1 are tn be pliieed in it ri iiilerninent
. QK1I0U PUfflLr
.i . .
l a' d s t at a .?rt W I ml
KM 111
Ml Mi
ti '.r.
Removal of Czernin Falls Ti Art
. As Immediate Check Upon In
eternal rUnfest.' and" DemanCs
Are To BeRenewed
Qiplomat , Who Answered Wil
son's Ancona Note Is Recalled
Td Power and Named As Suc-
cessof To Count Czernin
t 1 .
LONDON. April 18 (Asso
ciated Press) Czcrnin's rr
tirement and the tippoititmetit f
Barnn Stefan rle Hurian mui Ka
jaecz tn sticcccil him its represen
tative of tlie imperial royal fam
ily anil minister of the exterior
in tho Austro-1 lun(;ary caliinet
has not serveil to fuiet tlie pop
ular unrest and the demands for
an early peace without annexa
tions or indemnities. This is in
dicated in an article which- is puli
lished in the Cologne (iazetle as
reported in messages sent to
Already a new movement f"r
peace i developing in Austria,
the article says. This new move
ment is said to result directly
front the resignation of Czernin
and is expected to draw to it the
'catlers nf all peace parties in the
lua! empire.
Aunntincement was received at
Amsterdam yesterday from Vien
na of the selection of Maroii do
Burian to succeed Count Ccriim
the selectiiiit being a retail to
power since the . Iiarmi has held
the positiuti of minister of the
exterior licffivc. It was he who
framed the reply of Austria lo
President Wilson's note on the
ncona case in 1 1 3 . I lis selec
tion is taken to lie a ret nt n in
Xusttia's stand in the earlier
'a ,s of t!ic war.
Cabinet changes have ind, it is
'mlicated. had the etlect which
vas desired if the purpose was lo
pull tire tiniest that is manCest
d especially in Mohemia but al
most throughout the dual empire.
kmc has been disappointment
that food stulTs hae not come in
is was hoped with the signing of
leace treaties with Russia and
he Ckraine. t-n the reported
itccesses of the fiermans on tlie
vevtern front have not tended to
ready weaken the cause of the
peace advocates, despite tlie
'lajnis of the (Jerman faction
Arsons of Meager Means Show
ing Desire To Help Win War
WASHINGTON, April 1 7 - (Ol)ii iitl)
One of tho renisrkable features of tho
Third Liberty Loan i-anipHin is tlie
Krcat uuiuber of smaller subscriptioiiK,
aoHe in amounts of and (lull, tlm'.
ire beiiiir received. Theae clearly xhnw
hut the people of smaller aiesns, even
'hnBO whose uieans are meaner, are
diowiuK their tleire to do their patt
ind to aid in tho achievement of the
final victory over the enemy.
pPHpitu the Jivorsiou of funds In thu
nurchase of bonds of the Third labcr'v
I. tin n a record of daily sales of two
nillioii dolltirs in thrift nnd war ;iv
in ir stamps is beiiir maintained.
llnnk Hiibscriiitions will, to a ioiihi.1
erable (,'xtent, ilepend upnn the pnpiilnr
subscriptions. The response thus I'm
has beep about a billion dollars.
-- w. a. a. -
WASHINGTON, April 17 - (Orli. inl i
Shippiii( progress repurted tudny in
eluded the aiiiiuuin'cnient of the Ihhii. I.
itiK by u I'ueifle ('oust ship buil.liu ;
plant of a fiiiirteeiith steel Hti'iuni'i.
At the request of the shipping Im I
nml with the apprnwil of the I'm- .
dent, Il bill npyriiprinl tug lift mli;
of dnlUirs fur tlic ii 1 1 ii i ii ii . if ...
meiits iu the building nf run, i .. ,, ..
was iutioduced iu tho seuutc.

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