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. ., . . ' - . , , ......... ; ..-.-
Local "Officer. Havd ' Failed To
Carry Out Their Sworn Duty,
, m vyipi!ance Corps 1$ Told
Captain Allen, Slayer of Walker,'
Released On Bond Though
, Charfejl. With MDrder, f
"Loral official bar failed to cany
cut their swonj dnty. If they m
t!nut their laxity Uir U1 U mora
nintdora nitfhf Ivary nun and I.'W. "W.
U placed behind barbed ,wira.'
ThisX ia the view expressed yester
day by J. A. lialch aad endorsed by
o'ber member of the Hawaiian Vlgt
lance Corp at Ita meeting yesterday
when the shooting of 8. J., Walker bv
"Captain.'' Henry A I lea waa dienusaed.
"I escribe toe murder to tbe neg
ligence of congress, of tbe attorney J
general, ana 1 1 . oar own local r4(irel
district attorney'! office aad thia will
not be the laat "hooting of alien en
emies. There will be more if an in
ternment ramp la- not provided here
tor men ef thie kind," fialoh added,
lilt OAcUla
"The officers of the law will not-act-private
citir.ens must. This it appar
eutly what the Vigilance Corps baa
com to believe."
It ii related at tbe meeting that
for week! Walker prated of nil pro
Herman sympathies, voiced hatred of
.tbe Hlars ami Stripes, aneered at a til
curse. I the American aoldlera. It waa
charged that hie ia not an iaolated raae
and thoee who bava come forward in
Allen 'a defense refer to a aeries of in
oideata In ' whu-b individuala have
shown themselves to be disloyal by
word and acta here and on other ia
lands. It la pointed out that these
thing) bava all been reported in one
way or another to official . charged
with enforcing lawa euacted to meet
rases uf the kind.
"What happened f" one man asked
yesterday, and then gave the answer.
"Nothing, just nothing. All the way
from Washington to Honolulu they
teem to think these traitors are
'harmless'. It 'a no wonder a loyal
private citir.cn reaches the point that
he fels there in nothing loft for him
to do but take the law into his own
QultkJy Oeta Ball
Murder in the first degree, the charge
necessarily laid against Captain Allen,
ordinarily ia regarded as an unballa
Me offense. It may not be doubted
that public sentiment as expressed on
all sldua yesterday enabled "Cap .
tain" Allen to preside before a great
admiring throng Inst night in hit lit
tel aoft drink atiud at Aala Park be
f .re which Buaday night he killed hu
man. "That is an indictment of our off!
rials," said a spectator who stood
watching the crowd about tha stand.
After "Captntii " Allen 'a bond in the
turn of $.1000 hail bern signed yeater
day by Fred L. Waldron and K. P.
Fogarty, Allen, who is a muu of aixty,
entered the office of Liquor I.ieena
In-rjiertor W. II. Hut ton who hna known
hi in for years. Ha quoted this little
vere to Mutton;
"Then bnrat your bare asunder,
"And let this pritouer free,
"That he may ting those hymns of
"Vhoae tonga of liberty."
Wins Sympathy
The first shock that the community
fi-K oyer the tragedy speedily grew
iuto a wave of sympathy for the slay
er when "Captain" Allen. 'a acts of
patriotism and his unflagging loyalty
were recalled and brought into compar
iaea with tike acta and words of the
man he kUied.
Out of the store of knowledge be
gained in the fifteen years he served
in the American navy. "Captain"
Allen has been giving matruetiona to
the Boy Scouts, implanting in the
youth of all the varied races that make
up the boy Scout organisation his own
oLi fashioned notions of patriotism.
The illustration that accompanies the
article ia a picture taken' goroe months
ago in the grounds of tha Capitol build
ing at a time when "Captain" Allen
waa teaching Troop IV how (hey tied
knot ia the navy and hew a life 11 ua
should be handled. Before the war
he might have been regarded aa a
harmless old gentleman who talked
too much aboat tha Hog and about
one's duty to bia country. Ilia habit
of raising his naval standard every
day over his little aoft drink stand
then might have been looked upon as
a foible. Iu-reeewt years his words
and arts have taken on a different
meaning, however.
I. W. W. Member
Walker haa been characterized aa a
fair sample of anarchist and thia sum-,
ming up of his character aeema to be
borne out by the papera the police un
earthed among hit effects. Que out
growth of the tragedy that may hava
its value is that it, has been learned
that the Industrial Workers of the
World, whose activities paralyzed in
dustry in Australia, and whose efforts
shut down tke great shipbuilding yards
at Han Francisco anil Heattle at a
time when ships were the moat urgeut
need of the Nation, are organized here
in Honolulu. Walker, hit papera show,
was a member of the I. W. W. in good
All of two months ago Walker, was
openly expressing bis pro Oernian seuti
in euts uu.tlie streets to ahance cowers,
l ire Chief C. IJ. Thurston tells of an
cucoiiuUtr be had with Walker, whom
h" hud known for vears. Thurston
nuked him joeularlv when he would be
I'niag .over to tight.
" !''igbt fur wboiuf" Walker ia re
purled, to have answered, "If I'd tight
for air body, it WQiibl be for tbe Oer
nmiis," he went on aggressively.
T'rom this he Is reported to have
uii on with lirnole of upbaaa diresfed
i juiukt tho American soldiers, referr-
In Jail facing
iTaudd ; Lochran and : Germans
Captured On Raider laatsl
Held pp Grave CharQe p,fC,
Toda;::;''' r
Piracy s eipeeted ta be tha charge
upoa' whleta Mini Maude Ichrane,
jumt awaer of the auxiliary schooner
Alexander Agaseia with Francis 0.
Whaeler. bar adopted brother, of Hono
lulu, wil) t tried by the federal author
ities tb California, according to Coast
.Tka same charge is to be lodged
against tha five Germans captured on
the veaael after It was run dowa by
aa American gunboat, according te ad
vices frqni tha mainland.
Baaolula Owaer To Laara
Tho Honaluiu part owner of the anxl-
liary aehooher, which waa outfitted and.
taken to tee. as a German raider. Is to
leave for Haa Franciaeo aa tka Qtlorn
bla this morning, on his way to Lot
Angelas to try. to save hie internal front
eaiiflseation -by the goveranMat.
-fctaw Diego reports say that It la be
Heved tha goveramest wUl confiscate
thaiehooaer and aell it ua auction. The
ave tiarmana and the woman owner of
the vessel are held In jail at Lea
Angelea, where they were taken after
4 hearing waa given them ta Han Diego,
Held PrW Court Hearing
W April S. the flan Diego Union gave
the1' following' report of thia hearing:.
4,Prlaa tourt proceedings against
Visa' Loohrana and the German prison
ers of war. were completed' yeetefday
rtoon. The depositions of the prison
ers will be turned over ta United States
Omnmlsrioner Hatfmack at Ios Angeles,
who will determine whether the art-
denee justifies1 the trial of tha woman!
and the Oernian sailors on the charge
of piracy.
."The commanding officer and paymas
ter of tha American warship that fap
tnred the Agassis off Maxatlan oa the
afternoon of March 17 testified before
be priaa eourt daring the morning ses
sion veeterdav. The naval officer 'eon-
rmdleted nueh'of the evidence gjvea
oy toe uermana, the latter asserting
that nothing ' wai thrown overboard
front tha Agansi prior to the time the
AmerieaJt bluejackets boarded tho
raiW. ,
"It is believed that Robert O'Con
nor. - United States district attorney,
who ia prosecuting the cose for the
nvernment. wilr ask that Mies Loch
rsne and the Germans be held for
rial on a charge of piracy. District
Attorney O'Connor left last night for
Los Angeles with the evidence adduced
it the prira eonrt proceedings here..
Me will. bold a oohferenee with United
-es Commissioner Hsmmack today.
"Federal nfHrioJe believe that the gov
ernmrnt will eonfiseate the Alexander
Ae-ala and aell the art ft at public
auction,", . . .
killed by automobile
lumperi Off Wagon In Front of
Car, Says Driver
Kasai Maaanorl, a Japanese boy,
twelve yeara of age, was killed at Fort
and Kukui HUeets last night at five
'cloak when aa utomobiU, driven by
Jiroeon Evaagllista ttrnek the lad im
the Utter jumped off the rear end of
an expreta wagon, upon which he had
been riding.
According to tha police the Masanori
lad jumped oa the wagon at the upper
end of Fort Btreet. When he arrived
opposite the Japanese Irk boot at Kukui
and Fort Htreeta, he jumped off and
ran directly rb front of, the auto, driv
en by Evangillata. Aeeardlng to the
driver, tha ear was going at the rate
of ten milee an hour whan tbe aeeident
occurred aud waa jaat about to pass
tbe express wagon when the Japanese
bid jumped off.
Evangilista brought his automobile
to a stop, placed the lad in the car
and rushed him to tha Queen's Hospi
tal where he died alfortlv ft.r PMic
investigation showed that the driver
was uitiHiriesa ana was released to ap
pear at aa Inquest to be held ovi
the remains today.
W. g. a
LONDON, April 18 (Associated
Press) News has been received here
that Count von Cxeroin, the retiring
Austro-Hungarian minister of foreign
affairs, will be sent to command 'a bri
gade ou the Italian front.
WASHINGTON, April 16 (Aaaoci
ated l'reaa) Tha third Liberty Loan
subscriptions now total SaO.'t,(M)0,(MMJ.
ing to them in unprintable terms. Iu
reealliug the instance Chief Thurston
said he waa obliged to walk away to
keep from kuocking the man down,
lie rMrted the aonveraation to a uieiu
her of tke Vigilance Oorpa, he aaid.
City Attorney A. M, ittrowa aaid yes
terday that he would present Allen '
raae to the grand jury at ita aeaaion
friilay, iatimetiug that he would draw
an indictment in sv'coiiluuce with the
nature bt the offense, which would be
murder iu the first degree,
NOW 803
HERE is a group picture depicting several of the Kauai schools. In the two top scenes the wide-awake patriotic ttudsnu of
the Garden Island are seen waving their Thrift Stamp eardj. In the lower picture, left, the universal Dhonoraoh ia witness
ed and it is in action, for to its tnusic and time the mefr little youniters are taught tht Nation's martial songs songs which are
.t,oday stirring to greater effort 'the .Stmrnies in Europe in their fijht against the Huns. Top, left, a Thrift Stamp class of th school
it Bleele; right; the same Thrift Sump story, at Kalaheo School, with the teachers. Miss Martin and Miss Harvey. Bottom, left,
the little Red 'Cross' worker at Eleele School: right, facultv at tie hi Of government irhncil at Knna mhnvuincr in hlr m'.Am fK
veneraoie prtncipai, jonn Bu8n,
Figures of War Cost Show Bri
tish Are Spending Heaviest
. v of All thfi, Nations
The Tnited Htntes hns. to March 10,
1018, extended credits to other nut iinM
as folows:
To Great Britain 2,!)20,l0(',itOO
To France 1,-M(),WH) (MM)
To Italy 550,000.000
To Russia 325,000,000
To Belgium 104,lW0,O(H)
To Serbia : 11,000,000
Practically all the proceeds of the e
loans are being spent in the I'niteil
Tbe Cost of War
The following tnhle ahows the es
timnted daily direct cost of the wiir,
tbe daily per capita cost and the daily
per capita income of the chief war
rin(( nations:
Population Direct Cost
I'nited States. 104.000,000 20,400.00(1
(Ireat Britain. 47,000,000 35,000,0HI
Prance 40,000,000 20,200,(1011 i
Russia 175,00O,0Ott 1X,000,00 I
Italy 30,000,000 K,0O0,0Hl
Belgium, Por
tugal, Ruma
nia, and Her
liia 20,000,000 5,000,0011
lies .
42S,0OO,(M)O 115,ri00,000
Germany . . . CS,000,000 B7,2(M),O0O
Austria Hun
gary, Tur
key, II u I-
gariu . ... 70,0(K))00 1(1,000,000
Central Powers 147,000,000 4:1,200,000
Tola!, All . 575,000,000 158,H00,O00
Dally per Dally per
Capita Capita
.Ooat Income
I'nited States .H $1X)5
Urent Britain .74 .70
Prance 60 .51
Russia 10 .11
Italy 22 .:t2
Belgium, Portugal,
Kiiina nia a n d
Knt snt is Allies ... S .27
Germany $ .40
Austria Hungary
Turkey, Bulgaria .20
Central Powers . . .211
S .44
t .42
Tutu!, All . ...
... $ .2S
w. a. a.
The heavy and continaed rains spoiled
the plans of the Kaiiiibuinelia cadets
for a week's ramping on Haloukala,
says last Friday's Maul Newa of Wai
luku. The boys left Wailtiku on Tiles-J
day on truckaiu a heavy downpour and
after struggling with their baggnge I
and eipiipmeut inost of the day through j
heavy mud, getting stuck numerous
times, dually gave up and turned l.u.ik
to Paia. The par(v l umped in the Pnia
armory Tuesday night, and it was
dually derided to cut short the trip on
accouut of the bad weutuur and return
to Honolulu by Wednesday 's Cluudine.
When this decision wuw made, it g
found that some thirty of the 110
cadets were sightseeing, and it boiin
impossible to locate them, they were
left behind iu charge of Instructor I!
(I. Bart lei t and M. K. Crorsnian. Tlu v
will take the Cluudine tomorrow even
-aa) s,' ' '
ye oiaest teacher of the territorial
Seventy nine different schools of the
department of public instruction have
reported to the,heail(piarters ollice here
that puiils have purchased to ilate
r.1,7.'lfi worth of Unite) States securi
ties, including Liberty Hod. Is, Thrift
Htnnips ami War Saviugs Stamps.
War Savings Stumps to the amount
of $5444, Thrift Htnmps Hinountiiig to
!7!-', and Liberty Bonds, ;i.S,.r00,
make up the total of 0.1,7:!fi.
The Mukaweli School on Kauai has
bought $1250 of Liberty Bonds. Kun
huninnu and I'bhuknina schools in Ho
noltilu, bought S1050 anil $1000 worth
respectively, whita Pahala School on
Hawaii took 12000.
i. a. a
In the nciyhliorhiiod ot three hundred
applii-ations lor positions as teachers in
the government' schools of Hawaii have
been re eiveil the past two weeks al
the office of tho territorial board of
A mei-tin)? of the school commission
ers will lie held the latter part of next
month, when appointments for the new
school year, which begins la Sopteui
Iici, will be made.
The federal survey of the govern
in. -ill schools in llawuii, ordered by the
legislature in April of Inst year, is lie
in delayed owing to the inability of
P. P. I'laxtim, I'nited States r.ommis
sinner of hi Ikii.Im, to come here to con
duct the work, said W. C. Avery, sta
ti.sticlan of the local board of eduen
tion, discussing the subject yesterday.
War and other duties have piled work
iu the oflice of the national commission
er to such an extent that he may uot
lie utile to get away before tbe fall.
Miss okiiinntii, a Hawaiian-born .lap
mm i'ir irl who is a sister of a teacher
at the L'overniiient school in Ilenoinu,
Mr. 'vnii nn. I a L'ni.liiate of the Territn
mm, Noi-mal School, is enrolled at Col
"iiiMn I'niveriitv. New York. A main
land Hchool loihloiitiiin ef recent date
has Miss Okiiinoto in a group picture
showing the "Teaching of the techai
que of i n st r it in en t at ion of denteeha. "
Contracts totaling 75(11 for supplies
to lie furnished the board of education
during the school year were awarded
recently, as follows: Tbe Advertiser.
:'"14 50; HiMvnilan News Company,
177(1.50, and Wall, Nichols ft Compaav
.1. Hulemnno is acting priueiiial at
Kennae School.
Joseph Soua is the new principal ut
Piiiikolia Hchool. He taught .formerly
at Kuuiehaiiielia 111 School, Latin inn
The foil colic, te.l and giveu to the
Red Cross last week was aa follows:
Winhee School, one pound; Makuwao.
.1.111 KMin.h; Keokea, 14.5 pounds (lend
foil); l.aiini, one ipiartor of a pound:
Clownlii. one half pound; Kumrhuilielia
111, t.'J.'i pounds.
The reports of enrollment for the live
districts of Mao! us of March 29 are as
follows: M.'ik.iwao, 1771 pupils; Wai
Ink it . Ilil'l: l.ahaiuii, H5S; liana, -PtO;
Molokai. - :7, a total for the whole
county of llni, pupils. This does nut
include the Maui High aud private
Mo-s tilu Us I, ii. I, Ion, teacher of the
Kaloiinlia S. hool, Molokai, Spent the
re.enl Duster school vauatinn in Holm
lulu. She lias returned to her duties.
II. W. Kinney, superintendent of tcr
ritorial si hoi.U, who has been in Ca i
foriiia the p:ist few weeks on a hunt
for tit'tv ii i : 1 1 it land teachers, is evpet
i d to 1 1 -1 hi ii I., lloiiii'iilu )n the Hon. una
which is due to ui rive here next M.ui
duv from .s.iii l'ruiuisco.
l --
i 5 a
! School Notes
board of education in point of
A ..11 ' I t t.f .. .
Hilo Alien Who Showed Disre
spect For National Emblem
May Lose His Job Anyway
Oettleih Kruck, a machinist, and an
alien enemy who has been working at
the Hilo Iron Works hasn't got any
more job than a rabbit unless be kbeca
the Plug that he has scorned. That
much la certnin, says the Post-Herald
if April 1.1. 1 Kven should he snluto the
-(tares and Stripe under compulsion it
is more than likely that he will be sent
o oin his coentrymeu in the detention
imp on Maui.
Itsrk of tha ia a story of vibrnnt
Americanism among the workers em
nloyed by the big locil plant, and their
flat refusal to "work with any llun
any longer than is necessnry. " Inci
dentally tbe policy of the management
f the Iron Wlorks and the feelings of
the employes run hand in band.
Fries Illnesa
It all started many months ru,
about the time tho United States
threw herself Into the war against the
Hloiid Beasts, and it enme to a crisis
Inst Saturday morning when, with a
contemntuoua wave of bia hand Kruck
refused to stand at attention in honor
of Old (llory. and as a salute to the
cause of the United States. It is true
that he dul not have the nerve to come
out straight and declare himself but
claimed to have been overtaken with a
sudden illnesa, "somethln' the mutter
with my throat," he told the foreman.
Mr Whephcrd, "and I gotto go home,
uuij lie down."
This was shortly before nine o'clock,
mid Mr. Shepherd, unsuspecting at ti e
time, merely remarked, "You don't
look sick to me, but if yon don't feel
well, finish this bit of work you have
in hand, anj then you can go."
Shakes Fist at Flag
Kruck hurried through his assigned
tank nud at ten minutes to ten o 'cl.uk
hurriedly left the shops. Uue of the
employes of the works, D. A. White,
saw him hastening toward a taxi, ami
called to him, poiuting at the time to
the folds of the 1'lag flyiug above the
plant. It waa then that Kruck gave
himself away. With a contemptuous
gesture Kruck shook bis Ast at the
Klag, climbed into the taxi aud dis
appeared. Then tho wrath of the plnnt broke
uut. It got worse later in tho dm
when Ahin Ah Fook, timekeeper for
the office, saw Kruck up town, ''nil
,,.,! ..,,1 ; nt. ...I ..i
( .' "- , i ." Itpu HO lillllfix
iwheii certain remarks of the (lei nmn
I enme to the ears of his former t'elluw
I workers. "I fooled them good down
I there," he ia reported to have suul.
"l played sick for I wouldn't salute
their d d old flag."
I Hut not knowing what the manager
(had iu mind the employes of the Inni
Works took a different stand. In a
letter to Mr. Kussell they quietly in
' niste.l upon "the iinmediute dism .-sil
of Kruck," on the ground that "we
i are loyal American citixens and do not
j wish to continue working with an alien
t my. ' '
That's where the mutter stands this
I r.f 'ernoon. ' Kruck has not been back
to the plnnt to get his money, ii.t have
the employes of the concern had a
hsnce o show him by 'Ordn ai.l deeds
just what they think of the support' i
..I the Kaiserliuud. They are pi:
wait llig.
a a.
A donation of if.VXI hus I n ma I-
l.v the (ImiiKu Miiinichl one nf the u. ..
" t al new spaoers in Jui nn u. tin
.lapumse Huiipital fund for lloaolulu
jgm m re wi w
f .
- .'
; ' '.,r
" . '?.
Teachers and Students.
ready Invested $5029.50 In
Government Securities
A vigorous society has . Men' formed
this week at the Hilo High School
.ailed the Hilo High School War
Savings Club, rays .he Hilo TribUne if
'nst Thursday. ''
The object of this club is te stimulate
lie saving of money with which to buy
Wur Havings and Thrift Stamps. Up fo
da'e III) students and eight teacher
have joined and it ia believed that
every teacher and atudent will ,joku
w i' h'li a few day. j
The election of officers reaulted as
Collnws: Presi'lent, Merlyn Forbes; riae
resident., (Iilliert ..Patten; secretary,
Mi mio Igasakl) anaUtant aecretary,
Murv Pa: auditor, Albert A fook.
I'min the signed statements of the
in in Warn it develops, that the Waalier
mi I students of the High School nov
own :iX(M in Liberty Bonds, UVi.r
iu War Savings Stamps, aud fifty si 1
dollars nud niuety cents ,in Thrift
.Sunups. The members have obligated
tli. niKcUes to try to bny this mouh
'mm Haviiiirs L'10 81 in War Havings
skimps nud $107.05 in Thj-ii't Stamua
Of the total sum of $5,-".50 j war
ol. ligations of the United Stales Guv
eminent held by the High Hchool, the
greater portion is owned by the stu
Monthly reports will be ma.le by
the auditing committee, ahowing the
savings of the members during the
month and the membership committee
will promote membership in the dab
Hinong the students in every way.
w. a. a.
In n statement made to fledrge ft.
Carter recently. Mrs. Dora Isenberg,
put i oneHH of the Oerman School on
K mini, said that she would eloae the in
stitution if ao ordered by the author
ities. Mrs. laenberg aaya that if ahe
closed the school voluntarily it would
lie nn admission on her part that she
hud been doing aomathing unlawful.
Mr. Carter recently made an invest)
gut ion of the school and will file a re
port of his findings with Superin
tendent of Schools Kinney. i
W. .
I Hrother I .awrenca 'a eighth grade rlafca.
I at St. l.ouis College baa set an example
to the institution which will be a dif
ficult one for other classes to folio,
ult hough these are striving manfully to
; eipial the record established by the
eighth. Since the Thrift Stamp cam
paign began at the college five weeks
ago the members of the eighth grue
class have subscribed for $H(K) worth
of l.ilierty Honda and purchased tlV
in stamps, a total investment of $1-35
l.v this class.
. a.
II' oii want a clear head and good .11
gcstion vou must not let your bowels
I..-, nine clogged with poisonous waste
' i .mi the l.o.ly, a Is always the case
whin vou liecutne eoustiputed. Prepar
Ion I. an aluiii. lance of water aipl plenty
..t outdoor exercise should keep your
l o.veis regular. Wheu tl)at fails you
should tuke ('hamberluiu 's Tablet.
Tin . a use a gentle movement of the
l.owels au.l are easy ami pleasant to
1.1,. lor xale by all dealers, lien so
Sn.it h Co., ageuts for Hueuii. Advt.
Have S
B fsjxtt , A a m a ia a
r 4 ,ii- ' .- i j
5 1' I : t W 1
Gbaf HuhterrSDcnct
hVee Days
in aiorm un Mauna uoa.
Lost ui a blin.inft aaawatawn in the
tropics ia tha' HUhnf ilaaetihl experi
ence of I.ieutevaaa J.-W. VTarthington
and Private Johh C. Sevarro of Troop
K Fourth Canary, who returned to tha
military raajidifoit the mnnnlain Satur
day morning after two days and three
nights spant oa Ike summit of Manna
Loa, sniiw boaad and kist. Ia - their .
haversacks they took back with them
to the camp three yonag goal.
Captsia Hawkins, commanding the
troap, and Captain T. R. Uriff n, M.
R. (I. brought the atory to Hilo when
they came .low a from the mountain
Satnrdsy night, aaya the Hilo Poet
Heraul. ,
MClimhing to the summit of the
mountain was one of tha sports en
ioyed bv the effirrra and men earlier
in the week," aid Captain Hawkins,
"and this in spita of the rain which
fell continuously, anceaalngly and all
the time. Hector Worthiagton and Se
varro, who ia an Italian by birth and
early training, which proved to ba a
mighty fortunate thing since he was
used te snowstorms In the Alps, start-'
ed oa a hike up the mountain, Wednes
day afternoon.
Trail Obliterate
"Aa thev expected to be out two or
three nights, -they too with them a
plentiful supply 'of bedding, which
proved tn be another mighty gno.l
thing. It was raining when they start
ed frqm the ramp, and by tha time they
eared the top oif Mauna Loa, it was
snowing, not a few soft f. lakes, such aa
one might expert of a mountain enow
In a balmy place like Hawaii, l.ut aa
honest to goodnee snowstorm that blew
In their eyca, and ewirled around their
heads, aad completely obliterated the
trail which isn't tntf too plain at Its
best. ' -, , ,', ;,
"To make mctters worse, the am"ke
and steam from tha volcano ap there
fit mixed np -with - the enow, and
what with tha three of them, the
men could ace nothing at'a'l. They
were aot particularly wbrtled, how
ever, for they thdnght ; the atnrm
wqald bteak in a little while, a they
pitched their camp and made them
aelre comfortable ;for the night.
"Thursday the storm was sir ill rag
in like a regular Nebraska blizjrard,
bat it takes more than -a snowatorm
In the tropica ta turn Doctor Worth
,'jigtoa he's the company's veter'nari-rw-f
rom -bia purpose, which happen-
tb b goat hantleg, ao the. two of
them net out on- . tramp on top of tha
sjMaatain. ...
each Qarn Ttnally
"'Thkt; how thev lost the-trail. Tbe
tr 'JuK hept rtght on all day Prl
1sy, nd all that time, wken t waa,
Hght enough to see, tbar looVed for
hat loet 1-tiHi murr&,t early tralalag
ametth4ir hil4. aierfal mast
ner. lct ' Worthinrrtna ; -mid that
without thia man 'a knowledge of iriun- i
tain cHmbinifithey would ' dttubt leas
have aonee to irrtef. Thay never did f ad
the trail, bees a e the snow hid it, bat
they did pet baek to ramp, aafe and
soond-i-and irtth tbe three goats."
Mfster Jehnay Griffin, Captain O-if -CJa'a
wo whws tha mascot of the
oarty, Immediately laid elalm t ene of
the fonts, and it will 1a his bejfe low
-if he.b hla way aHoot it on tho
Mauna fce,. on the trip baek to Horolu
lu. , fi
Doctor Warthitigton 1 raid that the
sslbility of bebg ehnwlmund in tha
lawaiian Islaads -wesn't one of tha
pitfalls he had pointed 1 out 'to him
m hen he offered his services to tbe gov
ernment. . i
Order will Ijsne soon from the navy
(apartment at Washington to tha eom-
aadaat of tha I'earl Harbor Naval
Station to change tho clock baek to
agree with thoae of the Territory and
thereby eliminate the change recently
made, uadar tha "Daylight Saving"
ha chamber of coiumeree waa in
formed yesterday by eablagram froan
tiaorge UtK. MtClellaa, its Waahing
Un repneeeatatl ve, that thia would be
daaa, aad aoon. Tha Information eamo
aa a result of a message sent last week
ty trie chamber to Mr. McClellan ask
ing him to visit tha aavy department
aad athor effieea and ascertain whefEer
the shange la time made at the i'earl
Harbor. Naval Station waa not a mis
take. . . , . .
CM nM.sVi-' K' Ur
(1RNKVA, April 17 (A-wiated
fres) Two Zeppelins and fnrtv.air
ijaeiea arara UatrJo-Oermaey 'hronph a
Ire ocerrjnf .M ' oVaael, according to
callable reports received here. Np re.
rts hv ibceq received a to a hat
aauma tha e.
John Mua",' a Vnrt Hawaiian lad,
twelve years pit, residing at 1309
HoughtiiUrnr Boa'' was treated r' tke
eniergenay hospital lest night for a
dtp gh under the left eye, cuused by
an eipltmion of a dynamite cap. Tbe
boy found a'number of dynumite enpa
yesterday afternoon and in st tempt in r
ta explode one of them by strikinc it.
vUb a rooh, hi object was suddenly
ae4M44ishir4 With tU forooiug . uiu
ful results.

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