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. . ,, ' - .,. ;.'. . ,j ...,.-.
nr nniar nnninirn
JKAHMr 111,1 r ft
litter From Washington Ex
. presses Surprise That Dues
Should Still Be Asked
Fraternal Orders and Social
Clubs Have Presented Bids
To Property Custodian
'I nhotiM think thnt the fraternal
orders ninl social Huh of Hawaii would
strike from tlieir lifts alien enemies
inatend of set-king psymenta of their
daft." Thi in a part of the scathing
erlticism of dome of thf organisation!
!. Al... Tab-......, a kick liaa anna mm
one who is connected with the office
f the custodian of alien enemy proper
ty at Washington. It Is evident he
' consider the course that has been pur
sual by such organizations to the
re a1 it neither of themselves nor to the
, people of the Territory.
Hinee R. H. Trent, representing in
' the Territory of Hawaii the custodian
of alien enemy property, took over
the property here of alien en em i en, he
decs, clubs and other organization
' bills for dnes ami other club indebt
dnees of alien enemy member a of such
organisations. He was puazled tf
know how to art in reference to these
It dii not seem to him that, nnder th
law and nnder his instructions, he eoul
pay auch bi 11k and no be wrote to tip
office in Washington for advice. H.
received the answer yesterday. Hi
instructions are now plain and ao in tin
opinion of the clerk who answered hi
letter ao far an that opinion relate t
Hawaiian organizations. V'nfnrtunate
ly that opinion reflects opon all of tti
' organisations of llgwisl nei, no matte
' whether they have or have not alrerJ.
.? taken action to get rid of the enem'
alums who were members of their or
' ganiaations before the war.
Answers to Point
.Answering Mr. Trent's letter th.
llpik, sav in part: "None of tin
"bayment mentioned in votlr letter rm
U muli'. I Hhould think that tin
fraternal order and social clubn o
Hawaii would strike the ,names o
alien enemies from their lists instea
of aakjng payments of their dues ii
their abeen.ee."
..." in the mind of the writer the que
tion' of "hurting the fine sensibilities'
of 'the enemy aliens doea not enter in
to' consideration. He does not go int.
the fine points of what the eonstitu
tion and by laws of the clubs may pro
vido aa a course to be pursued ordinar
Uy. -H ia plain he considers the eondi
,. tions arising from this war as extra
ordinary aad in consequence demand
ing extraordinary procedure.
Stuch surprise was expressed tha
the aams of Oeorg Rodiek was carrie
onsthe raster of some of the clubs o
which "he -was a member for so long i
period aftT his indictment for the cor
piracy of which he later admitted hi
guilt' Similar surprise will probabl;
Ia iolt that organisations here are ntil
carrying oa their rolls as members aliei
'tnrmiea and requirinp only a continu
' 'aprfe f tha payment of dues to welconv
-tkeai back with open amis and witl
all1 fellowship when the war is over.
J)avauche!le Can't
If arbor Board Rules
J.Tbough Kdward K. Duvauchelle is ur
trvCrseer of the district of 1'ukoo, If
laud of Molokai, and is held to be
'tpet of the board of supervisors o
Maui" and also u " et of certHin ricl
' men of the Island of Molokai." he i
'dot going to be permitted to monko;
with rules and regulation of the terri
torial harbor board, if action taken u
meeting Of the board yesterday cai
lies any weight.
It wan charged at the meeting that
"trading on the esteem in which it i
"said be is held by the supervisors "
lliiui and by rich men of Molokai. h
kaa btven endangering the l'ukoo whar
by mooring a bulk he owns called Ar
lt P to the whnrf in a manner cor
trarjr to hnrbor board rules. On th
. slowing made at the meeting yester
"day IL R. Hitchcock, wharfinger a
'J'ukoo, was instructed by the boar.
. yesterday to euforce Uule IX iu l)u
(auehelle's case.
' "Tbia rule, in brief, directs whurfin
' jeca to take possession of craft ths
- juay be left by owuers tied to govern
mHt niers. It was ut first suggestei
thjt the wharfinger be instructed t
,4U t the offeoding boat adrift, but s
ember discovered that Kule IX ap
ulitS to tha caae in question and the
wharfinger, was Instructed to enforce
, Jilts' rule instead.
fU California Rmt2y
A Boon to
Sufferers i
RKotu tractive
Sy steal Builder
Mild Llm Tonic and LaxaHve
Fln Kidney and Bladder Remedy
HeaiarkAhle Illisid Cleanser
tl Curm Khnamlim "J Mtluttl Aikaeaa
)1 .00 f Wtl 6 tar tg.OQ
,lt 'in. . i .. .Ii ' I.Ul'-U
XI. .if- Itl'.N it.. i N. .Viiclll
KetHiilU' i ii' I Iviiiu "i-
Monkey With
R R (P.
rlanager Ballantyne Says Ccndi
tions Not So Bad As Seemed
Indicated At First
Affnirs haxe evidently not moved!
willi irratifying smoothness with the
Muntsiin Hiiigham Company sin.e ('. !
Hnlliintv ne reached Salt Lake City. He
believes, however, that from now no
prospeets will he rosy. Stockhol.l
ors here have received, or soon will
receive, printed eoplea of a statement
which will show why the assessment on
the stock hal to be made nd for what
the money so raised is to be used. A
letter received by D. 1 Conkling from
Mr. Ballantyne, president and inanagei
nf the Montana Binoham ConsolidHtcd
Mining Company, written under the
date of April 4, cotltalns some inter
esting information. The letter follows:
"I got your letter of the twenty
sixth ult. this morning, with the news
pner clippings endowed, all of which
were very interesting in that they give
me some idea at least of the feeling in
Honolulu in regard to the assessment
Value Good OiUnioo
"While you appear to think that I
may possibly not care anything ahout
your personal opinion in regard to this
matter, 1 beg to assure you that 1 ap
preciate the good opinion not only of
mv friends but also of my enemies if I
am so unfsJrtunate aa to have any. This
oroperty has immeuwe possibilities so
'arge are they that even we who arc
n the grounil and bave covered al
iiost every foot of the property do not
-eali.e how great they fre, but with
ill that, copper in the ground is not
vorth a button if it cannot be taken
ut and milled, and to do this, money
renuired, which can be provided only
iy this assessment. Every other means
iiis been resorted to without success.
,VM Bond Statements
' I have now in the hands of a priut
r a statement, which will be sent to
very stockholder within the course of
i few days, which .will fully explain
mt only the status of the property but
'he purpose to which the assessment
vill be applied, and I hope eevry one
if them will be satisfied with this, ns I
iave, I think, very fully covered the
vhole situation.
"I ran realize that the notice of as
essmi'tit came somewhat as a surprise,
ut how could it be otherwise as, if I
mil given any advance information it
vould have favored some while being
in injustice to others: the only thing
o .lo, consequently, was to give the
nformation in the manner it was given
o that not only the stockholders but
he public generally would be apprised
it the name time, and thus prevent any
inloading on the innocents.
XTaa Ready to Quit
"I can assure you my life since I
irrived in this delightful city has been
.nvthing but a round of pleasure. 1
hought 1 had gone through some pretty
ough experiences in the early duys of
he Rapid Transit, bnt they were noth
ng compared to what I have gone
hrough here, and hnd it not been for
ny feeling of loyalty to the Honolulu
tockholders 1 would have chucked the
ob very shortly after I got here. The
tockholders do not realize how much
hey owe to the few Honolulu gentle
nen who authorized me to draw on
hem for "..liOO in order to satisfy our
hreatening creditors here, as had that
noney not been received at the time it
vaa, suits would have been instituted,
(Concluded from Page 1.)
udginents recovered iiinl the property
n all probability sold under executiou
f it did' not go into tin- hands of a re
eiver. As it is now, everything looks
osv and I have ;il.-nliitcly no doubt as
o the future outcome. We have not
nly a great but valuable property and
hose wiio Iiolil their stock. I am satis
sfied, will have every reason to con
ra'ulate themselves before the year
s out.
' ' Yours v erv t nil v .
C. (i MAI.l.ANTYNK."
Mr. Conkling i now authorized to re
eive, receipt for aul forward payments
f aasesMiient on the stock of the com
Copies of the statement which Mr.
tallantyne incut nine l were also ro
eived by Mr Conkling This goes in
'.etnil into the holding of the company
lid into lcveloiiiieiits ami there is also
fuiHUcinl statement. This shows a
tnlunce of lialulitv against the coni
any of 3(Ki,lc.M.nii This is not so ser
ous as might appeal, says the state
nent. which is Hindi- i as follows:
tills puvable .'li,24:i.ft0
ontracts . . . H.oOO.lK)
'avment account h'ortunn
Principal . . ... 2,",000.(I0
'avment aci-ount i'ottuua
Interest . . . .I.OOO.OO
''avinent uccoiint Tievvaiikee
g.oup ... :I7,."II0.(MJ
avinent account tic:, tin
Vcrounts payable
Hank overdraft . . .
vill lie taken iaie
.... 27,!t7.or
mt of the pro
eeds of the assessment
working fund of 4 I'J
and leave
r4. The bal
nice or 1 1 it i 1 1 1 1 ies. f .'.ii!i,f)iM).ini, is mane
ip of bonds initHtHiiiliiijr S177.100,
Minds in escrow to secure payment Oil
he Tiewuuke gnuip 7,:MMt, balance on
'ortunn group, payable in 1919 and
MiLMi, flub, '. mil .hie Honolulu par
ies on six month notes for moneys ad
anced ill I'ebruarv last, tg.'i.OOO. The
ia la nee to be .:i:l on I he Kortuna mine,
1 (Ml, .! is j.avable t'.'.VHK), ,lauu
uy 1st, l!H!i. nun. July 1st, lul;
"Ub.lKMi, .lanuarv l-t. Ihl'ii; and 5!"),U0(,
uly 1st, I'.iL'o.
ire to be taken ,
ngs. Bonds 177
t is propose, I to
'st. 111!!'. hen 1
ale of so tn.i. Ii
ary in fvri
to.k in the oi'ii
sulo'iant nil :
.eolll'liny 's e. ell
Hid mine pros,e
7,."ll. Will I"' "
the treasiirv upn
Hlice of :i7,."ioo .
wnnkee pureha-i
going stnteiucnt
tion of the prori
This leaves onlv
all of these payinentr
ate of out of net earn
C ". . i id- .lime 1st, IM1S
h:i e inlen led to ,luil
ev ill be paid by the
k .is may be uece
I a v a liable cash. The
, i mii ' ha v i ng in quired
'mi bv reason of the
i t Ii ii.iuciiil condition
Hiunls in escrow,
' i-' I an. I returned to,
i .:i ii, mt of the bal
ii a i . ni ut of Jhe Tie
in' lii'lcl in the fore
showing the disposi
id- of the assessment.
.'"i.oon advanced by
hie August 14th. lit 1 H.
Honolulu part
The uotus covering this advauua carry
Urgent Measures Take Preced-
ence In Congress But Hawaii's
Dry Bill Is Assured Of Passage
WASHINGTON, April 4 (Speflnl to,Sr
The V.lvertiser) The pressing demands
, tor important was- legislation are do !
j laving actio In congress on Delegate,
I KHlnniiinaole'a measure for war time
prohibition in the Territory. Following
a conference between the Delegate,
Chairman Houston, of 'the territories!
committee ami Representative' Hamlin !
of Montana, also a meniber of the com
mittee, it was decided to seek a rule
tn have the Measure considered.
The passage of this measure by con
gress nt this session is assured, but
Chan man Houston ' believes that while
the measure it a big thing so far as
Hawaii ia concerned, It must wait ae
tion nf congress which has many mat
h-rs nf great importance in tha conduct
of the war, that need immediate atten
tion, such as ship building, aero con
struction, war finance, etc. . -
War Manama First
It was hoped by the Delegate to have
the bill passed by the house on April
one. That day was, however, given
up to tha consideration of war emer
gency matters. Chairman Houston ha
lieen instructed by the territories com
mittee to take every possible legisln
live procedure to have the Kalauiana
ole bill receive earlv consideration. The
only safe thing to do, the chairman
and Delegate bave decided, in to seek
n rule with the understanding that the
rule would not be pressed until the
legislative calendar was cleared of many
of the bii war measures that are vital
ly connected with the vjgoroas protweu
tion of the war.
It may be the end of the month, or
perhaps early in May berore.tne meas
ore is acted upon by the house. Mean
while the Delegate, Doctor Wadman
and those associated with them in their
efforts to banish drink from the Tern
tory for tha penod of the war arc
lining np their friends for the fight
ngoiust the wets" when the measure
is finally called up for consideration
Letters 'From Many Soldiers
Delegate Kalanianaolc is hearing
from maiiv ef the boys in the service
of the Nation. Hawaiian sailors and
soldiers have matters that are vital to
them to be straightened out bete n
the departments, such-ns their war in
siirance and allotments to tlieir moth
ers or wives. The Delegate is taking
a keen interest in this work and said
"It is a real pleasure to be able to di
these little tasks for ' the Hawaiian
now in the service and the requests foi
fl SSI stance cannot come too strong in
numbers to lessen the pleasure of the
Manv of the Hawaiian boys now on
the mainland seeking active service
are having trouble in getting into the
aviation service, which seems to be the
favorite corns for volunteers. Just a
present, owing tn the great number of
students and the tew machines avail
able for training, the signal service htu
temnorarilv sto I accepting recruit
W. 8 8.
Governor Still Mum But House
and Senate Leaders Are.
Making Preparations
While the (loveraor is withholding
decision on the quest urn of culling I.
speiiul session of the legislature, plans
fur the session vvhieli leaders of Uotli
houses hold to be a necessity to givt
relief to the Island of Hawaii, are go
ing forward.
Among suggestions that have been ad
vanccd is that members of the two
bouses donate their salaries to tha Red
Cross and thnt all costs be kept at a
minimum. It is being urged that the
session be made us bnet as posunie
snd thnt whatever legislation is needed
be prepare. I for the opening, presented
and passed with as little deluy as pos
siblo. It is particularly urged that
in the face of the emergency ull parti
son unlit ics be laid aside.
Members of the delegation who came
to Honolulu to lay before the Uovernoi
the need of a siiecial session to enact
legislation that will niHke available
funds with which to repair damage
done by the recent storm on Hawaii left
for tlieir homes yesterdny. They car
ried awav the impression that the eal
for the session is now it matter of days
H. I.. Holstein. speaker of the house
w ho has en pressed approval of the
purpose to hold a special session, is ex
netted in Honolulu Saturday when he
will take mi (Miestions In connection
with the matter with members of thf
house and senate und territorial of
fleials here.
W. 8 8
('AMI' Mll ltM.W, CHM .I.imTHK.
Ohio, April '!- Johnny Kllhane, of
Cleveland, featherweight boxing chain
don, cti, hps In I i haige of boxing in
triH-t I
nil rlinrg
livs In i n placed in gen
f boxing instruction ir
s al over the country
Mi-. I i.eeived loillly.
nilitcv camp
sccordn. to
Kill., . ill
mm sv 't. n. . i .
'I tin- Camp Hher
ln't en in ps a nd will
amps Custer nnd
"O pel i.
I It
the privilege of taking stoek at
cents per share in lieu of cash, and lis
the stock at the due date of tl notes
will undoubtedly be worth roiisi dernhlv
more than this pine, the i i 1 1 1 1 :i ti v i in
either delivei the stock it' mil.' liol.lei
should ele. t to accept i'. 01 s. s illi
oient to redeem the obligation Then
U mow. iu ihu treasury Tul.JJJ nhurus.
Members Who Have Bought
Bonds Hear of Necessity
For Boosting Campaign
Balance yef to lie Raised
in Hawaii V.; l.OM.SBn
snles yesterday 10i,!W
Hawaii's total purchases
to Tat 2,RS7,W
button f "
buttos, who 's got tie
It was a simple inquiry yesterdny
afternoon at ft meeting of the rhem
bcr of rsinmcrci bv A. Lewis, Jr., of
the Hank of Hawaii, as he looked
a round the asaarablngc of business men
representing th' blirgest rorrmfaens
in Honolulu, and immediately memners
looked down at their coat Inpels.
Many lapels did not carry the Liberty
I can Fund button.
There was n reaching into pockets.
buttons were forthcoming and were
soon attached to the lapels.
Mr. Lewis smiled and so did L. Inn
tier Peck, head of the Liberty l.oas
campaign. ,
I he little Inquiry of Mr. Lewis start
ed something. The chsniber of com
merce, which had little business before
it, soon resolved Itself into a Liberty
l.oan meetln.T and a motion offered by
Mr. reck that everv buver of a Lib
ertv Bond, who hns received a button
shall wear it constantly, was passed
Furthermore, every member of the
chamlssr who wore a Liberty Bond but
ton was made a volunteer salesman to
effect additional sales from persons
around town who do not wear buttons
and to endeavor to increase the pur
chases of those who already have lapel
Hast EaseAtlaJ
Mr. Lewis said that subscriptions
must come iu faster than they have,
All subscriptions must be in the banks
by a week from Saturday. It was ne
cessary to use every means to get sub
scriptions and reduce the hslance due
on the whole quota of $.!, 1000.
Mr. Wcstervelt gave some tiew blear
on the difference between War Havings
stamps and Liberty Bonds. War Hav
inga Htampa did not meet assessment
upon the community. Liberty Bonds
lid. Therefore. Liberty Bonds must
lie purchased by those who arc in any
doubt nt all ns to what they shall put
then money into.
W. A. Bowen nsked the bankers pros
cut to answer whether, after a person
has bought a heavy amount of Liberty
Honda, they would be jnstiiied, from
ii bank standpoint, in seeking more
funds through the bunks, if their credit
was good. Mr. Lewis answered in the
The proposition was proper, but the
prime object in the sale of Liberty
Bonds was to effect shell a sale if the
Liberty Bonds, so- that bonds would
not come back again on the market
The object was not t''have the bonds
come buck immediately upon the mar
ket. Mr. Bowen said the answer sat
islied him and he would prolit by it.
M. I'eck referred to Liberty Bond
buttons as an essential thing to dia
Won't Publish Names
The chamber derided it would be tin
I wise to make any cCtyrt to publish the
names ot subscribers and amounts suu
scribed for, in the Thjtd Liberty Loan
It whs asserted that to attempt to
do so now. just as the campaign was in
full swing would be inadvisable iron,
many standpoints, but it would be
manifestly unfair to many persous, whf
had placed heavy amounts in Drst and
second Liberty Loan Bonds. In many
instances, it was asserted by several
persons present, including J. I.. Cock
burn ami V. W. Chuiuberlaiu, it wa
known iiiauv loyal people had duf
down ill en and extreuielv heavily mt
their funds to buy the bonds of the
llrst two issues. Their purchases in
the third loan were light, in cases, lie
ciiuse of sheer inability to raise money
in large amounts.
Mr. Chamberlain spoke of one womat
who hud invested 1110,000 previously
in Liberty Bonds and had naked bim
whether she should borrow or go
extremes in securiag funds to purclius
heavily in this enmpain. Knowing
her affairs he felt she should not.
"Conscience." said several speakers
including Mr I'eck and .1. V. C. Hagens
was one of the best mcentives to per
sons to dig up their money and appl
it to the puielnise of Liberty Bonds.
- - W. . I.
ST. I.Ol lS, Montana, April 4 Thr
scheduled eight-round, boxing contest
between Jark Dempsey and "Porky'
Flynn, heavyweights, here next Mon
day night has been cancelled, follow
ing ii u announcement by Chief of Polici
Young that the promoters would b
arrested if the fight were staged.
w. a. a.
Williuin H. Cunario and Manuel Ig
nacio. of Hiln. were eonviitod in tin
federal inurt yesterday of trafficking
in opium. The two men were fine.'
ijiLTili n ml i it euch. Judge Vaughan
in pimsiiig sentence, said that he
would send the two men to jail for v
lung pi'iind only for the fact that tin
territnrinl prison is now overeiowded
Ai-ionliiig to the evidence bmugh'
nut in tin- trial, Cunario and Ignacic
piiicliiiM'd twelve tins of opium in, Ha1
Prniii'isen for i.S. Ignneio adiiiitt""1
hnving Hdld three tins in1 -HflcJ' for 10fl
I'liiti. vvlirii he was arrested bv the fed
eral m iTt limit ies. Cunario stated that
lie ims implicated iif the trninnetin'
with liMiiirin and assisted in the dis
pnMiii nf the dope.
w. a. a 1
rilll.AriKI.I'HIA. April - 'o'
Imwkev, pitt-ber of the New York
Aiin'i i, an League liaseluill team, en
lihlril to.liiv us u chief yeoman in (he
aval reserve.
l.-POiFs.irs. '
Braves and Pirates Are Also Wln-
.. r''-lc '-nlti" n i . .
; ner . jtaui rutpuneA
Game lr St Louis i
v ' y i .it,, j -ft vi'. ' j:
New York
u I.,!- 1.000
t: Lonis ...
Bostoa , . . .
Cineinnatt .
0 1.000
1 I
1 1
1 1
Philadelphia .
Pittsburgh .
Chicago . . . .
0 8
Yaatarday'a Rasvlta
Ar Philadelphia Hostoa 14. Thlln
dtlphia' S.
At Cincinnati Pittsburgh B uinctn
aatl L
At New York New York I, Boston 0.
At tH. Lonis Chicago vs. St. I-onis,
While rain prevented. ,th Cubs and
Cardinals from coming together yester
day at St. Louis, three games were
played in the National League yester
day, 'pne was particularly food, but
the other two battles resulted in rather
one sided scores.
McGraw's Oiants won again from
the Superbas in New Yerh, the score
being: New York 2, Brooklyn 0. This
game, which was the best r the day
waa the-only one in which a shutout
waa inflicted on the losers.
Playing at Cincinnati, the Pirates
won easily from the Reds by the score
AM jl, i. ,.. v. j.. . - J-
of eight rnna to one. Toe day before
fii. !;,' u i, on .
Ciueianati shot Pittsburgh out, 2 0.
in iwiu vj m pvi
The comeback waa mora thai pleasing
to the Pirates yesterday and proves
again what uncertain quantity base
ball is.
The Braves walloped the Phillies in
bad fashion at Philadelphia, winning
the gnme with utmost case, fourteen to
two runs. On Tuesday the Phillies took
the measure of the" Braves by a 5 S
W, L. pet.
Boston .
St. Louis . .
New York .
Cleveland .
. ;
Detroit . ..
Chicago . . .
Yesterday's Result
At Boston Boston ft, Philadelphia 4.
At Washington New York 8, Wash
mgton 7 (twelve Innings).
AH other games postponed) ram.
, . . , , . i . j v.
Only two games were played IU we
. . . , -
.......u ,r..,I..a.r, ... ,v-
two being postponed on account of ruin-
The weather has on two successive dnys
prevented the Indians and Tigers from
coming together at Cleveland. It rnln
ed also at Chicago and the return en-
KRmTA7r li . ?1W;! f":1
y line nu iino iu vu urr it int umj,
The Ke1 Hox rtfuM to ht tOvel from
the top of the league standing and y
terdav administered the third succes
sive defeat to the Athletics, Th game
was a close and hard-fought one and
the score medium, Boston winning from
Philadelphia by the s ore of five to four
The great game of the day was play
d at Washington, where the Yankees
took the lead over the Senators in "a
twelve-inning game which resulted in
a victory for New York over Washing
ton by the score of eight to seven runs.
The Yankees won the opening game of
'he venr on Mondav, but the Senators
turned the tables on them on Tuewlny
i ne tie was iiroKrn vrsirmav uy stu
, . . , '
,, .. . , . , , ijr'
York making
ik 1 " " " " i
series so far.
W. a. a
( . J
According to information roacklng
her. from the mainland yesterdny, the
barkentine H. O. Wilder, of the Alaska
Salmon Company's fleet haa been pur-
eh.H from th.i cnrnnraHn and t ins -
rrrA tn n W MnV.ar 1st raeantlv.
Tbe terms of the sale were not mnile
The 8. Q. Wilder is an old-time Ha
waiian Islands trader and ia the year
gone by was considered one of tba
smartost sailers then plying la th
trade. She was built at Port Blakolay,
Washington, in 1H87, being of 6S7 tons ,
net register, 16 fet long, tbirty-seven
feet beam and fourteen feet depth of
hold, with a lumber carrying capacity
Of about 725,000 feet.
WASHINGTON, April la (Assoeia
ed Press I Casualties an noun red bv
the war department yesterday were fif
ty eight. Of these eight ware killed iu
action, two died of wound, three from
disease, one from accident and one
from other -cause. .Forty-three wound
eiY'wer 'reierfeil of which number the
injuries to eight were serious.
AMSTERDAM, April 11 (Associat
od Press) German newspapers an
nounce the death of Dr. Diedrieh Hahu
nf Himhiira nwlnr Hnlin was one of
the leaders of the Junker Party in tlw
Reichatair and a violent militarist. Vir
many years be weilded great political
indueuce as the bead of tba so sailed
farmer's aUiaace. ,
Three Home Teams Win Yester
day Seals, Solofis and
Angels Are Losers
pAcnno coast lxaoue
v. -w. u re.
Oakland IS 10 6 Ml
Vsrnoa , . 15 If) 8 ,6d7
Salt ake 15 7 8 ,47
Kacrsmento 13 7 ,W1
Saa Francisco 14 A 8 .420
Los Angeles ....... JH 6 11 .313
Tastorday's Results
At Vernon Vernon 8,' Han Francisco
At Oakland Oakland ft, Sacramento 1.
At Salt I-ake Halt Lake fl, Irf An
geles 8.
While tha Oaks and Tigers remain ia
a tla at the top of tha Pacific Coast
league, each of these elub having woa
their games yesterday, MeCredie 's Beet
bave stolen a march on Bill Hodgers'
Solons and Graham's Heals by going
over them to aseond place in the league.
Ths .Angela sank deeper in the mire
of the damp cellar.
The borne boys were all winners yes
terdar, while the visiting brethren suf
fered the bitter of defeat. While thr
'Solons on Tnesdar shut out the Oaks
and piled up twelva runs, yesterday the
tables were turned, but the game was
by far a better one, the Del Howard
crew emerging victorious by the fairly
small and close scorn of three runs to
The Halt Lakers delighted their back-
. . .... , ,
vrs uf sinnioK attain l rora inr r uuein
K k .ik rr
by the score of nine to eight. On luea-
. . .unAt.
day the Beea were also winners, score
seven to six.
Tlrers Defeat 8eals .
Th table were turned on the Seals
by the Trgera, the latter emerging easy
vleUrs yesterday by the rather one
sided score of eight to two runs, while
the day before San Francisco managed
to slip it 'over Vernon by the close score
of four to three.
Kriger and Lane, Water Mar
vels, and Kauhane, Cinder
Path Star, Leave Today
Clarence Lane, Harold ("Stubby")
Krngcr and Noble Kauhane are off
vonr or lur niainianu u enivr acnooi
!rtt- Mary ' College In Oskland.
' Tlli" ,rio wrl1 known ln ,he I'"
tne y r leaving to con
quer new worlds with the nloha of
j Hawaii nci not only in athletics bnt
in general scnooi worn.
Daks I. Knhanamoku, champion
sprinter of the world, is staying ft
home because of a sore leg sn'd, there
fore, cannot compete in the one-hdn-
' J .1 . l . : i : l x' ... ...
urrvvisru national sniiu it ivrinuiia
,uj u....j u ou. u- u
n(iri o niiuuay, -vim 11 uib mw
wi)) nowevM. not flnd Hnwail
' .. ' .. - . . -
, . , . . ,S . ,
' . ,1M . ... - f,, ,.nt,irv
, f . bp 6 M
day. Hawaii look, forward
,L . .
w u . . .. . jj .,5- i. V
lllliv V urn in iiiar uuiiuidu jaii'irj w
Lane, finishing before Perry M. Mc
Olllivruy of the Illinois Athletic Club.
Lane and McUillivray with Duke make
up a champion trio the likes of which
has novcr been known before.
Krnger Backstroke Star
Harold Krugcr, known throughout
the Islands ns ''Stubby" (a bound to
figure in the hurkstroke events and
probably in the long swims. Plowing
backwards is as easy for Htubby as
straight swimming is to the average
"HtuMiy" is a world's record hold
er in the century backstroke and it
I would Din ur iiiri)risiliH 11 or
i . . , .
'the measure of Norman Koss when tbey
. . . .. .. i . i... :... .j i...
qici'l. i in umt-r uhv iir(ui luit-u inn
fifty yards in thirty seconds, which
time eouuls the world mark set by
i Harrv Hclmcr. Besides his prowess In
- backstroke. Kruger can go ,rne
j in the two twenty and four-forty.
Those who. an w him go the quarter with
.. tmk?J?L
"". '' ' th' d,"'T. wUk- u.,7
!0 1 HuH " Wl .Zi'
'y ''" ' ,,B buU,,d ," Mn(,W m-
' '''Ing.
Orldlron for Noble
Now as to Noble Kauliaue. Noble is
no water sprinter. The word is used
advisably, for while Kauhane can swim
as fast as tin ice wagon can travel be
cau speed on the cinder path faster
then a inecr for fifty yards and most
likelv a lunger distance still.
While Ileum an excellent an-rouint
ha , ,r VlRsketb,n lnan Bd track
, atnU.t(. iu tll fty lirB and broad
,1'imp, Kauhane is one of the best men
who ever donned the mole-skins in
Hawaii. St Mary's will have an un
beatable swimming team with Lane
and .Krugcr but with Kauhane in the
football lineup something will be do
I Ing. I
HI. Mary's College, whoso athletic
funic is know n throughout the country I
ss is lntr success in teaching, can rer- I
tnlnly thauk Hawaii for the presents
these Islands have been turning to the
. advanto"e of the California school,
I It will be a Hawaii liar k field when
I the football season comes, for Correa
1 will be at fullback with Napihan und
Noble Kauhune as halfbacks. That
Noblv will muke good no one doubts.
The departing trio represent three
Honolulu Stbletic
elubs. inarence
- Lane, formerly of Pulama is now with
the newly organised Hul Makanl;
"Stubby" Kruger of the Healanls and
Koble Kauhane or the young wamiki
jAtUHU Club.
' . ' - '.''.. .'- , - ... c ' i r;'' ' '
' I'nited Stateli Marsha Smldd;
solved cabled instruction from Wash
ington yesterday morning turn ever
to the military authorities .for intern
ment Robert John, alias John Hansen,
and, Carl Koessler, convicted of., being '
alien enemies' ., ' V :'' ' i,lV"''''
Robert John, who hat ben masquer
ading nnder the name of John Hansen,
has been posing ns n Swedish subject.
He wM employed in the nail loft of the .
Inter island Steamship Ce., when run '
down and Investigated by Marshal
Htniddy. - . ' v - .
Koessler was fond 4 hidden away la
(he buakara of the steamer PomwsTn
shortly after the vessel waa seised by
the naval antheritiet last November.
According to , Marshal Smiddy, tb
man 'j mind apoearn ,h4 unbalanced.
STOCKHOLM, April IAswoeiated
Press) -Sweden waa able -to Import a.
total of onlrS.U2W, of e0'
1917, against an import In the last
peace year f mlmoet 6,000,000 tens.
Only 2o percent, of last year'a Imports
cnmefrom Englaad1 which suptdled
more than 1 perVeut of ;tbe total be
fore the war. ''
K i Han tatlo Company , (P
Wallukn Agricultural Co Ltd.
Apokaa 8ugmr C, Ltd.
Kohala Sugar Company
.. WahUwt, Water Company, Ltd. -
. 11 1 ' V
Pulton Iron Worka7f St, Leaia
Babeoek A Wilcoi Company
Green' Fa si EolOmie Cotun
rhaa. C. Moor A Co., Engineer
Don't spend all you earn, the
road to riches lies iii spending
Jess than you eom.nd 'inciT
dentally you. do your Country
a service. Start a savings ac
count with and make your
money earn .fjf.i
Corner Fort and tyiarckant ,H
from Moutrcat t iUVerpcoi;
v. . !
lAiaaon ena Miasgow via s
and Bt. Lawranea BouU
'.. . and
Sy nha- popular ?Weea"
Steamer from Vancouver, :
Victoria or Seattle. '
'or full information apply "V
Theo. H. Davies & Co. Ltd
K A A & tr MAN li tBTREET
Gen 'I Agents, OnnadUn-Paeifle Ey. Co.
(k)minissioa Merchants
Sugar Factiw !
Rwa Plantation C.v
Waluluov Agricultoral Co., Ltd.
Apokaa Sugar JCo., Ltd.
Hilton Iron Works of St. Louia
Rlake Htesnt Poma
Western Centrifugsla
tin brock ft Wilcoi Boilers
Oresa'a Fuel Eeoaoalaer
Marsh Steam Pumpa
Matson Navigation Co.
Planters' Line Shipping Co.
Kohala Sugar Co. r
i biuery of every description aaade te
urder. ( .
Issuad Tuesdays ao4 rrldaya
i Entered at the Postofflce ot Honolulu,
T. H., aa ermd-elase matter.)
Per Taw 9S.OT I
Pet Tear (foreign) ,... '
Payable IaVarUbly is eUTaa
flrTsBLE B. CaVUni I t
Castle &Cooke,
m :
" , ' I
j ' y ST.
;J .-'l.r'-.'V';'1';
', "V, ,., . . ,. .''.'
'A : v' V ,: ' ,

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