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RPi nlw T&til; Fnemv Treatment Given
uation of Arras Sector
Intensity of
ana Aircrait as
Play Great Part In War
NEW YORK, April 23 (Associated Press) Reports of air
scouts and other details of German moves back of ilieir front
received the Entente's intelligence departments indicate that von
iiindenburg is about to direct new drive that, if successful, will
unite the two great salients driven into the British and French lines
and permit of the elbow room that is now cramping Uie German
armies on both - sections of their attempted advance. The new
operation being planned will bring" into play the "pincher" tatties
in a new front.
Unless the -Entente misreads the signs, two great drive will
be launched soon, one to the west and north, directed towards Mes
nil, south of Arras, near Albert, and the other west and south against
Robecq, nar the tip of the Armentieres wedge. The two points
of attack are about forty miles from each other on a line running
almost north and aouth.
Each rdrive' it expected to become a turning movement, pivot
ing on the w?- centers named, if a . deep",' entrance:, into' the- pritUJji
lines can be lorced, the object of the loint'frfve 'and maneuver )etng
to! ffceJarkJ
operating on IV 'Soro'hie fonflrdm 'those enjjfagef wfirtlid"jieT Ar
mcntieres Hector. If the, German plans succeed it; wool force the
British 'tawithdraw from Arras and lull back upon the S. Pq
Uazebrouck line, thus bringing the British on the north almost in
a direct line with the .French at St. Amicus.
The indications are that the Germans have abandoned as ho pe
lf's for the present their efforts to drive north against the Ypres
lines. V , r
There was comparatively little fighting along the western front
yesterday, with the Allies successful in the minor operations car
ried out
During Sunday night
advanced their lines slicrhtlv in
eight prisoners, to offset which
o j
vance ost northwest of Festubert. At llamel a German raid was
South of the Somme the British drove the Germans back at
Villers-Bretonneau and held their gains.
1'aris officially reports that the fighting along their front has
consisted mainly of artillery duels, centering in activity at Mont
didier and Noyon. A German raid near Rheims. cast of the Avre
River, was beaten off.
The allied airmen have been very busy, however, and have
ranged widely across &ie German lines, bombing a number of im
portant railroad stations. On Sunday a British -air flotilla dropped
;i total of twenty-three tons of bombs on the German camps and
railroad stations along the Menin-Armentieres railroad, fighting a
reat air battle en route. Eleven German planes were shot down
in the battle, while five British machines failed to return from the
On Sunday night a second raid over the same sections was
carried out and nine tons of explosives were dropped on the Ger
mans. From this raid all the British fliers returned safely.
French airmen yesterday bombarded the German camps along
the southern line between Montdidier and Noyon.
There has been a resumption of activity on the Macedonian
front, Paris reports, with raiding operations particularly busy south
f Lake Dorian.
The weekly report of the war department at Washington says
that further great efforts of the Germans to break -through on the
west front may be expected, and that even if the present thrusts
for the Channel ports fail they will be followed later by greater and
more powerful German efforts. .
NKW YOKK, April 'i:--(Olticial ) -How
American engineers ttnd Chin cue
laborer" blocked up uud held n two mile
;ii in the wet em line and nuved the
day for the Allies is told by an 111er
11111) army officer 1 et urui 111; from France.
He xiiid that the incidents occurred
, tin nil! the opening of the (Trent tier
mini offensive. The retirement of (Jen
em! dough's forces left a two mile gap
tietnecn the armies which was ob
scured by the fog, and through which 1
aiwl Monday mornine the British
the Rohern sector, taking sixtv -
the Germans captured a British ad
' -1 ' n
udwiucing Germans were beginning to
four, luiek action Ms ueressary.
The I'. H. engineers and Chinese labor
ers dropped their tools, seued rifles
anil "for six hours gallantly held he
Geriiiniis. until British and French sol
diers arrived and closed the gap se
curely. "This was tha first time the Chinese
hnd cngH.'ed in the lighting and tbey
were jubilant and proud of their sue
reaa. As a reward they have been al
lowed to keep the rifles they uaed
K Pi - A
Will tie Learned
If ' Published Stories Are True
United States Will Consider
Retaliatory Measures Against
Germans Interned In This
WASHXfTOTOH, April 23 (As
sociated Frees) Saqnlry haa bean
started by the department of state
to dUrmUM the troth or falsity of
tha ntnaerous prta report which
bto toon vubUahad alleging ill
treatment of American priaonen in
Os-raaa priaon esenps. No official
conflraaUon of may rock report
kare as rot been rocoiTod by tha
Tho Bpoaiah . ambassador will
probably bo selected to conduct tha
uiTooticatioa on "behalf of thu
country through "tho representa
tives of tho foreign office of Spain
la Oormany. If tho atorlea ah all
bo confirmed a strong proteet will
bo prosontod. SHoald such protest
proro wiMiout a-rail this country
will consider tho tatter of retalia
tion trpoa tho- Baioian priaonen
who are In fhla itij In intern
ment tamps.
Tho number of Qua a priaonen
la tho.XTaited StsAee. greatly out-wunbe-Ti
tho Americans -who are In
Oarmaa prujans. -
;- a---y rf " -V.:
'-' ,,: T . 4
muitii j . winviaia vtics. o'aiiyci ji
uonccniraon fi Mexicans, f
Pro-German Blamed
Kl. PASO, April 2.V-(Associated
Pres-i--Militsrv officials along the
border consider the reported eonceutra-
tion or Mexican forces aouth of Oji
nnn and of Juarez a distltact menace.
It in resorted that recently thrown
up rntrenchmeuts have been discovered
south of Pa ben.
Amerira'na who have arrive.) here
from the Houth within the naat few
I 'lavs report that the Mexicans are be
! !n- nrm", . fowtrntnttA agrainet an
iiivnuioii of their country by the Unit
pl HtnteB which they have been toM
in 1 111 111 1 ik' n t.
The belief prevails that aome Qer
mnn or pro (Icrnian atarted the report
which Hprcact anil baa ptinei a reaily
Windjammers Will Be Used Out
side Danger Zone
WASHINGTON, April 22 ( Aaaoria
tcl 1'rpns) Norwegian sailing vphhoIr
with u toiiiiuxe in the agftregute of 4(X
(1(H) tons will be ehartered by the Lint
ted States, it wu announced today.
While these vessels are useless in
the war zone wliere they are unable
to take care of themselves and fall easy
victims of the Hun submarines they
can he satisfactorily used on this side
of the ocean for the coastwise and for
South American trade. By thia arrange
meut it will be possible to release steam
shipping whieh ran be put into trans
atlantic trade.
ruder the charter whieh ia announced
there is a proviaion that the vessels
so leased shall not be used in what is
known as the "danger xone. "
w, a. a.
SAN FRANCISCO, April 22 (Aaso
ciateil Press) The dofeuse today occu
pied the stage in the Hindu conspiracy
trial with its closing arguments. Dis-
I triet Attorney Preston wiH replv for
the prosecution tomorrow and then in
struct ions will he given the jury.
W a s. '
G I ATF..M A I. A CITY, April 22 (As
sociateil Press) Making clear its posi
tion to the world. He national assein
blv hns declared that Guatemala holds
the same position as the t'niteil Htates
toward the Teutonic countries.
w. a. a.
WASHINGTON, April 22 (Official)
-Three more steel ships, totaling 1(1,
.'KM) tons, have lieeu launched for the
fovernment within a few hours in one
aciflo Coast yard.
Chancellor .of Exchequer Pre
sents and Explains Finan- -cial
Nation Is Relieved of Responsibil
ity or Financing Other
Allied Rations
l LONDON, April' J:i i A-s.irintml
I'r!ii1 Oreat Brttotn'n r.-nti-t lm,
((t wnJ yetrlAjrfirmnti'il mnl ox
I plolnil to parliament bv Mohhi l,n,
I I'hanrellnr of the excho,iiri . : i . I thn
taxntion nipaaurea doimwl m-n'Mnrv to
inrraM the revenue t aMixi in tho
meeting of the bu'l(rt -rp itnmp.linto
ly introilured. -,
In ftxiiloining th, bml'l l n hi il
t h tit umlpr the arraafinc'iili v h i !i hail
lctn entered into ,avith tho t'nifp.l
Htntpi that natiOD- io now tinnm itiK tlin
AllffMi whirh will oehpvc Brit in n of
that biirilen which aln hut iKrciofore
founrl it neeeiwary to Inrcly hoiil(lor.
In thin ronner.tiOBke mill Hint IJrenl
Britain haa thiie.Cao loanoil to Hip A 1-li.-s
.'S05,000,(M)n pomxlx ami tin- t'nitp I
8tntpx haa alrad.r''lv.nu p.l to tlicm
O'lO.OOO.tMrO H)UD.. nThu Oi-pnt Kritnin
AikIk it lipceaaary vfrom no on t H
nance hprxplf alon,
Incretae In Debt
Trpatinjr of thA.Jebt of
tin' tuition
lip naiil that at -the. ami
it wns Ave liillkw eiht
(li'tv million ynuatim nnl
of lint ypnr
hiiintrp'l nn.l
thp patinintq
for tlip Pnil of tit prpwnt ypnr
that thp df I it weofctrrwh mp v I'M 1. 1 1 1 on
nine hiimlrel f, mli. Plghty million
liotuiiln. Up alpnVi -h in formal ion
that ultimately the AIiie will return to
Ori'Ht Rritaiu a Wllioa,iix lunolrp.l n n I
thirty two miilioa 4100'i'lK of tliix "ti
nuitpil iiiilplitplrw4
Year 'a E peas "! 'y; V
For thw 'omiii'yonf hp pHtimntcl
Hint tiiTcwMMry expeoditurva wijl nitiirp
2,972,iWI,nM) )ouad ,.; Taxation, tip
aaiii, tarlnrfiatt a f Xaene war tax
which ' wiH iaO, the, j'liUO-frorB' the
i ltr .to'' xty pffrcfot. of the excexa
01 uremwtt nronta ocer inoup or inw
prewar period, should yield K42,00(),0(MI
pound which will leave -;,i:-,(ani,inpi
Miiiuds to be borrowed during the year.
New Tax Bates
The taxation measures which wore in
Irodiiced following the presentation of
the budget include an increase in the
sugar tax of eleven shillings, eight
pein e on each hundred pounds and nn
increase in the supertax on all Income
of -'.ri(H pounds a year, or more, from
Oour shilling the pound to four sliil
lings six pence the pound as well as the
i o-reused war profit tax to a maxi
mum of sixty percent.
passed for loan
WASHINGTON, April 22 (Aaaneiat
ed Press. With the start of the last
half of the Liberty Loan drive period
announcement ciiiuc Hint thus far sub
scripfions luive kept pare with.dnysnnd
that more than half of the minimum
for Hie loan has been subscribed.
Of all the arguments which have
been furnished during the progress of
the cuinpni,'!! the committee considers
those presented at the close of last
week nhich compiircl lint the Ger
nui'is have clone u tin- mining of funds
with the efforts of tins country ure
proving the most effective.
w a a
WASHINGTON. April -'2 ( Assoeint
Press Opposition is voiced by the
President to the lull 1 ut rod ucel ly
Meuktor Ctiamberlaiu uliicli provides
for the trial of iolators of the Kspion
age l.a li.v court inaiiiai uisiean or
bv the federal courts of law. He ex
presses his objection in a letter whirh
he has written to Senator Overman.
Iu his opinion Hie provision is objec
tionable because it is uiieanstitutional
and further bec ause it -.wiiild place this
country on a lend with the enemy.
,-- VI. 8 8
WASHINGTON, April -22 (Associu
ted Press) fount von Cxornin, recent
ly retired from the government of Aus
triu Ilungury is to be given the dipln
mutic post lit Her! in. is the report which
reached here from Zurich today. The
impression prcwuls that this move will
be made to set at rest all reports to
the effect that Czeinin whs asked to
resign at the behest of the kaiser.
WXMIINGTUN. piil :.:( Assoeint
ed Press) The house today passed Hie
bill providing fm melt ini: .'lfi(l, (100,0(10
worth of silver It is now up to the
Irtaident. There is a shcrtage of sil
ver in India and several other couutrjes,
and it is proponed tu export a large
23, 1918. SEMI WF.F.KLY
Asks Governors
To P roclaim
Friday Holiday
WASHINGTON, April 2 -(Aa-toclated
Preaa) Requests to the
Oorernora of the States of the
Union to proclaim a holiday on
rrtday next were sent out by Sec
retary Of Treasury McAdoo yea
terday. Thia la In compliance with
the proclamation of the President
kaat week.
Since the President cannot pro
claim a special holiday of thia na
ture It f alia on the Governors of
the Statea to canry out his re
qooat relative to Liberty Day.
via his proclamation Wilson
aaked the people Of the Nation to
lay aside bnsinesa for a time, to
hold ralllea in every city in the
land and to pledge anew their
aupport to the country to the ut
most limit of their ft nances for
the winning of the great cause.
a a.
Closes Its Affairs and Gives Bal
ance In Treasury To Amer
ican Red Cross
WILMINGTON, Delaware, April 2.1
Exit tbe German American Alliance.
Aa a power in the affairs of this coun
try and as an, indue for "kultur"
it ia at an end. It is doubtful if it
rrtu ever be revived ami certain thot
it cannot be bruaght to life for many
lung years to come.
Yesterday witnessed the winding up
of the affairs of the German American
Alliance when the balance in its treas
ury, $.10,0(1(1, was turned over to the
American Red Cross. The nction waa
taken without awaiting the rescinding
of its charter by tbe I'nited Htates
senate which it is believed will cer
tainly result from tho investigation
which haa beew held ,,ef ore the ju
diciary-jk-onunUtee. ... '
. 4 v; - -w-. a. ,' .
WASHINGTON. April 22 (Associat
ed Press) Airplane production will
probably soon be placed under a single
lieacl following the policy adopted by
the a.hninist rntion for placing the pre
iliiction of the essetitinl necessities of
the 1111 1 imi under one man. Who this
will be is not announced but he is said
to In- u man who hits not been men
1 Mined in this connection.
It was announced today that the
President had determined upon a read
justment of the aircraft production
program of the country, to bring about
a eiiiiiillnation under a single head
which should result in more rapid out
put ut both battle and training planes,
lie has directed the secretary of war to
take the nction necessary to accom
plish these purposes.
w. a. a.
W s,IIINGTON, April .". ( Associa
ted Cress - Shipments of foods to the
civilians of the countries of the Allies,
..tin 1 than Belgium, ure to be suspend
ile. I tin a period of ten days. This cje
cision has been determined upon iu or
.lei that three million bushels of grain
may be sent to Belgium where the need
is desperate. .
While it is recognised the stoppage
of shi nts may work some hardship
upon the other Allies the needs of Hid
ginni aie known to be for greater than
those of any of the other rountnes
which the I'nited States feels in duty
be 1111. 1 In supply.
OTTAWA, April ;!: - (Associated
I 'reus1. !etniln of n new loun to be
made- on (lie credit of the dominion of
('tuui da will be given on Thursday. At
that lime Acting Minister of Finance
McLean will make the announcement
that Cuimbi must raise a half billion
of dollars for war expenses nd will
give the iletuils as to time of expirn
tion. late of interest ami the deuoini
11 ri I icui.
--W 8 a -
W .-lll.(iTON, April Asaoeiat
I I''. - I In- c asualty lift announced
yesterday by the wur department con
- 1 -' cnv one enuic-i.. Ten were
killed in action, five died of wounds.
1 accident, four of diheuw and
two otherwise. Seven were severely
noon led and tort) two tdijjhtly wound
Labor In Ireland
Strikes Today
Protesting Drafts
Trades Unions Call General
Walkout, Meetings Will Be Held
and Some Fears Are Enter
tained That Violence May Fol
low DUBLIN, April 23 (Aaaodated
Preaa) Industry u to halt In Ire
land today. Except In Ulster all
work la to ceaae and the hope pre
ralU that even there work will be
aertoualy hampered. Thia will be
tn protest to the Man Power Law
and to conscription In Ireland.
Yesterday a general strike was
decided upon by the repreaenta
ttraa of the trades onions of all
branch ea of trade. The call Im
mediately issued for a walkout to
day, it is designed merely as a
protest and is not expected to be
continued beyond the one day.
Fears are felt there may bo viol
ence that may approach rioting tn
some parts of Ireland, tteetlngs
are to be held and the gatherings
will be addressed by speakers who
will protest against conscription
without representation.
Already hundreds of thousands
are pledged to resist conscription
and the moTement will be farther
extended during the strike.
w. a. 1. .
Pr c'pared Tntervicwd3rm
fi Friinrt thirl vartr1 Prnt?ihMitw
- svawaw-s IftM B WW ItH 1 J
of Intervention
SAN FRANCISCO, April 22(Offl
rial) Viscount K. Ishii, the new Jap
anese ambassador to the United States,
arrived here Sunday, with hia wife, eu
route to Washington, with the embassy
secretary, K. Deruchl. The ambassador
said in part iu a prepared interview:
"Japan is highly pleaaed at the atti
tude of the American people aa report
ed by ine on my return from my receut
visit to Washington. True friendship
is proved only in time of trial. Thst
this true friendship exists between the
people of the I'nited States and Japan
is to be abundantly proved.''
Rekrardiiig tho Vladivostok situation,
Ishii added:
"All the Allied powers must take
KtepN so that the huge quantities of
munitions furnished Russia by America
and Japan, now heaped at Vladivostok,
will not fall into Germany's hands.
.I:c .n 11 will not take hasty action. Her
positiou is clear. As soon aa it is as
ccrtainecl that danger to the Allies
evists in Kastern Siberia, and when all
tlic Allies agree, then Japau will not
hesitate to take the necessary steps
either alone or with others. Such ac
tion would he protective, not
I -In
then explained that it would
nut I s feasible to send Japanese troops
In l-'rain c owing to the difficulty of
1 r.-insiortation and of supplying food.
He pointed out that Oerinau and Aus
111:111 prisoners freeil iu Kusaia cannot
aid (ierniany unless they are armed,
uln.h is impossible, ha said, without
connivance iu Russia.
The party left for Washington after
lieiug entertained here.
w. a. a.
No Serious Damage Results From
Yesterday's Shocks
LOS A.N(.KI.KH, April 21 (Associat
ed I'ressj Two more earthquakes were
reported esterday morning from Sun
.la. into and the surrounding sections
and lighter tremors from other parts of
the southern end of the state. No fur
thei damage has occurred.
Onlv two deaths cau be attribute I
to the temblor. Frank Darnell, who
leaped limn tlu pier at Santa Mom, a
luring the panic, and August Carlson,
ho died of shock.
There ' . a large list of injured and
Ihe piopcitv loss will run into the hnn-dii-ds
of I hoiisnnds of dollars.
vv a. a.
WASIIINCI'ON, April 2.1 (Associ
ated I'riss, Iu it letter which I'resi
dent Wilson sent to Senator Overman
vesteidnv. the Chief Executive thanks
the senator for the valuable services
"huh he has rendered in supporting
"without compromise" and for iutio
.lin ing the loll which exteuds the pow
ers of the President to enable the -u
ordiuutiou of (he conduct of the vsar.
War Department
Has Report From
Pershing But Is
Dead Left Upon
Field, Tell Part
of Teuton
(Associated Press) Three
hundred dead Germans were
counted, the bodies lying some in
the trenches and aome in No
Man's Land, immediately follow
ing the battle of Seicheprer, The
losses of the ne'rriy ' in wounded
are not known lor they took most
of their wounded with them, vn
their hasty retreat. These figorea
were received yesterday from th
American front and answer -directly
the loud claims of victory
that the German official reports
from Berlin continue to, voice.
casualties were ad
mittedly heavier than in any other
single g ifgagetnent since the Uni
ted States fores took their posi- . r '
tion n the trenches, Vv, " ; :
r.Generai PerslnV' tVciorf'-yCZ; -rniS
laat Little SeuUeprey Jia V(
been received by ; the '"War depart'-'..
ment. It is understood that he ' " "
indicates that the total of Amer-f
ican casualties was in excess of
two hundred and that he estimat
ed the losses of the enemy at be
tween three, hundred and four
The war department yesterday
refused to reveal the contents ot -
the report of General Pershing or s .
to comment upon the reports ot
the battle that have thus far been
received. It is understood that
further details of the battle are
awaited before the publication of
any of tBe reports and that an
oiTicial statement is to follow.
Complete German success is
claimed in semi-ofticial reports
from Berlin, Wolff Bureau des
patches reaching Amsterdam.
These assert the Germans storm
ed an American -front of two and
a half kilometers and penetrated
the line to a depth of two kilo
meters, a mile and a quarter. It
is insisted the American casual
ties were very heavy, especially
j in the vicinity of Renneres Wood,
j It claims the German forces
withdrew in the darkness and '
took with them as prisoners five
olVu ers, one doctor and 178 men.
At an American sector on the
tiht hank of the Meuse a Ger
man raiding party of sixty, fol
lowing the battle of Seicheprey,
attempted a surprise but was re
pulsed leaving a number of dead
bodies hanging on the wire en
tanglements before the trenches.
WASHINGTON, April 82 (Offleiaj)
The Americans on the Toul seetr
have now completely cleared tha Ger
mans from the village of Seichepray,
which the enemy with an overwhuimiag;
fone penetrated after au artillery at
tack equalling that at Verdun. .
American machine gunner, iticklsf
Btainhlv to their posts, brought dowa
two enemy aviatora ia the battle oa
the American sector Saturday.
The Americana wers ordered to re
tire iu the face of superior numbers
und the powerful concentrated attack
of the foe. Tha machine gunners
stuck to their idacea while aome ef
the troops fell back and fought tha
(ierman aviatora effectively. Later lbs
Ainericaui retook the satire positiou.
. 1 -
a ' .

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