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' AT
W v. K
bUI Ulltd - Uf p ALL IRELAND
n hear
Big Guns Are .Brought Up and
Put Into Position Presaging
Strong Effort To Sever Lines
ef ComnwaicationJ
Hundreds of 1 Thousands Sign
, .Pledges T Ras'ist Conscrip
tions Military Takes Railroads
and Police Seize Guns and
Ammunition "t
r I I '
f.QN PON, 'Af ril t2
Press) In
V K,: s'tftyii-i iiu.v...:,-,tv,.H ...
Ireland tke organised re-
viatanr-e against. eanscrlption m gaining
tremendous impetus anil the situation
ever alarming.
Roused by the passage of the Man
Tower Bill and With Ulster threaten
ing to Mock ny Home Rule legisla-
tion which may. incline that county . c..t,, thrown into alarm
FLANDtnS ARE FUTILt ,n !'" provisions anwirwia or. tsouesnas
' have already pledged themselves to re
! aixt conscription to the, last ami with
every meevns at nam. ,
Throughout Ireland Sunday was used
to hasten an organisation against con
scription and ia this, the churches aud
the Catholic priesthood played a great
part, as was told In the messages re
ceired from Dublin laat night.
r. I..... k.l.l - nt Ika
sociafed FressV-Futile ef- 'churches both before and after serv
:,. m It f i 4J
British Counter , and Take Ad
vanced Pesitionr. In Robecq
Sector Whmj Hun Attack Was
Northeast of Ypres
-V 1 FAV YORK- Aoril 22 (As-
r -
It i -i-i . i .i:i:i..i
frt mti a train made bv the ( er- i,1B"K were mswiuuir..,
torts were again miae vy uic v.ci gi(fned ,,, eolleeted. Krom nPnrY
mans to break or bend the Bnt-eerj pulpit ia the Roman Catholic
il lines in the Ytves sector and Caurrhe. thert were delivered diarerurs
' r t. .iljng with the burning question
ajjsin manv liva were ruthlessly 0f the bur, conscription, the Man
required by von -Hindenburg's Law, resistance and Home Rule
i J The principal railroads of Ireland
tactics in sending great waves of have been taken over by the military,
the Cork correspondent or the Chroni
cle telegraphed' to hi paper. All guns
and sJC ammunition uv been taken
from the f uashoua by the doIk. he aavs
massed troops against th British
who stood their ground nd took
fU advantage of ihewplenorid tar
get that was offered-.1"'
Some counters were launched
by tne British aild before Rolwq
the1 enemy was driven utof his
idvanced position "
" 'Today or tomorrow may see a
change in objectives and a new
offensive uoon the Allied lines
k.tihthed. Hevy German guns
in considerable ' rfumbers have
reached the front, according to
French reports. The have been
placed in positions eicteoding
from Cst' to south of Noyon.
-tTWs discovery is taken ato -indicate
that the- German are pre-
paring to . undertake a new more-
' ' Atris 'arid AmieKa and a gam to
make a desperate effort ta sever
thai ltneaof communication le
tween the French a4 th British.
Besidts telling of the driving
of ' the Teutons frdm their adT
vatieed positions in the Robecq
sector' the British' official drtt
patches of last night said the dnly
important attacks by the enemy
were to the northeast of Ypre$
where desperate efforts to pene-
trate the British line fell down
completely and where the enemy
suffered heavily.
How tremendous have been
the losses of the enemy in the
recent fighting is indicated In
messages received from Amster
dam yesterday which said that
last week, forty ambulance train,
were required each day to carry
the wounded from the fighting
front to base hospitals. Such has
been the requirements that trans
portatioB facilities have been in
adequate and cattle cars in many
instances were used to carry the
anil. eyry efort U being made to min
w. t. a. i
i' $ v -m I i 'i n-4 '
Secretary of WarOescribes Some
of the Vast Labors Now In
Progress In France
WASHINGTON, April 21 (Offieial)
8eeretarjr of War Baker last evening
voiced bin first important public utter
ance since hi return from Europe.
This was before a ,?reat audience ia
attendance upon a Liberty Uiud moet
ing laat night where he was the chief
sneaker of the evening. ,
.hleeiUrjf Baker noted the pooling of
tha effort of the United Htates aad the
Allies in France and declared that as
a result ef the coordination and the
eloae cooperation which is being effect
ed" there ean be no doubt of the final
pete owe of the war."
Baker described ia considerable de
tail the vast industrial laltora which are
being conducted behind the linea by
Aaiertcaas. He mentioned the plants
now in eaurse of construction, the vast
tore houses that are being built but
he dwelt enpei-ifitly unon the railroad
construction work. All of thla work is
aeceeeary to maintain the American
arssv in France.
"W are fighting an adversary, " eald
Baker, "who mnkes sheer force the
center of his political philosophy. Well,
we accept nip rnnucnge. inere is no
answer and there enn be ne answer ex
eept to meet his force with a force
hieh shall be relentless and rully ade
quate. ' '
w. a. a.
LOS ANGELES, ApriliXsikieit
firrnia. .YVtstern Arizona and Southwestern Utah were Bhaken
I vesterdayt bjan artbqakew ond of tht raoat aetere that has been
I felt by this sectian of the' country ia a generation. There has been
but small Will lif,e though aumber wrer injured and the damage
' to property has Teeo heavy according tto ; the) fepons. inai
! thus far been receive 1 Fear for the water jupply of this city
! appears to have beea groundless, but ro far at haf been learned the
rraCh ainiaVaVattar kSaaV aU nfaawl inillfVi '' V '
- Yesterday afternoon tle earth trembled and shook and rose and
fell in waVM over a large Area, weaker buildings toppled over,
skvscrapera waUa were.aeamed and cracked, there' were panics
in theaters and at public-meetings and the population of parts of
o alarm. Homes were quit my va
cated and streeta were -Jled with white-lippad, terror-struricen men,
women nd children. t , - , .
In its gTeatest'voleBeathe; temblor extended from the ocean
into Ariaona as far as Seligman, in Yavapai County and to Milford
in Southwestern Utah, while if was felt to the south down into
Lower California, Mexico,, but it was less violently felt over a still
wider area. " .
Hemet, Riverside County; of thiB State seems to have suffered
most severely, in proportion; its popsdatioii, of all of the Bhaken
cities and in San Jacinto the damage was similar. In both towns
practically every building was razed. ,
Near Hemet three mtn- are eutorobdd . in a mine, tombed by
a cavein that resulted from the seismic disturbance but it is beloved
that they .will be rescued alive. In the 'town one woman was
inched nr. J.lv fatallv bv a falline wall. Others were less seri
ously iniured by falling walls and'debris and the ruins are being
searched for dead or injured.
At Santa Monica. Frank Darnell wa killed when he jumpod
dnrin the Danic which came when the structurt
svsa 1 D . . . 1 . . 1
rocked and swayed. Women and children screamed and tougnt wun
men in an effort to reach the pier entrance and there were a number
of injuries in the rush.
At Loma Linda., the New Thought center near San Diego, one
woman was -severely injured, ptobab! trot fatally, by the falling
of the roof of the sanitarium. . "i
In various cities and towns of the three States there were num
ber of persons injured by falling walls and. by brofcen glass. Jn
all the theaters and at all the public meetings that were in progress
there were panic', large or smalL- ' -.:
In this citvAbere are tfumbers 6i4arge' buildings which have
suffered damag?.lijr the cracking of-walls, and in the retail business
ditricts plate wnAlows were broRen and cracked.
in cian nieirn there w as similar damage,. ,.
Following the quake the Sanvjaetntc) TOpainUins were noticed
e envelopel and shrouded in. gteaiclotiai sbt e4ust, -':; ; . ' ; r-v,f
Aliisiiir rrWncidce wa recalled last nttht in the fact that
the temblor of yesterday' . came i?a the twelfth anniversary of the
great fire which followed the San fraKiaco eannquanc
. ... , . ... , ... -
Praoce Uchnowsky Former Ger
; man Ambassador To Great
Britain Is Virtually Prisoner
to Hit Owrt Chatcaji Ih Silesia
GENEVA, April 2t (Associated
sJ-Prlnce jllchnewsky, who before
the war was known aa the "I'eaee
Keeper in Enuland." while he was
elfrmen ambassador at lyindon la sow
Virtually a prisoner. - lie ia facing trial,
and a,, vef djrt which may be either
eVeath or aa imprieonment for the K1
ance of his life for he ia in dire dia-
grace with the war lords of Germany.
The former .German ambassador to
Oreat Britain ia now closely guarded
and confined to Lie chateau in Kilesia.
His guards have been increased be
cause he sought to eaetpe aad to make
his way into Hwltserland-
Prinea Liehaowaky ia soon to be
brought to trial, it ia aaid, on charges
of having published, secret memoranda
alleged to have been detrimental to the
German government, and further charg
ed with saving e.ritlciced the foreign
policies of hie country.- ..
' w. a. a. .
Big Pearl Harbor
Drydock Will-Be
Mtack' .p- Tirce fJr,caf faves
Behind Barrage Tafces Trench;
es an
the Toul
V7A!sHlVfiTnW. Aoril 22 f Associated Press) 4n
W sector; where the American forces administered a decisive de
fat to th r.ennaris last' week, reoulsintr i the heaviest attack"'
to be
Troops of Two Countries Landed
. , on Kola Peninsula . -
afaananF- saaaanaWen
JAPAN TO SUPPLY p fijf (j eE Jffl
LONDON, April 82 ' ('Associated
Preas)" BrUish and rVeneh fortes have
been, landed on the nertheasterly coast
af the Kui pwuusule. ia far aarthawn
Busaia end ther tbev aru giving aid
to the Bolaheviki.
The binding forces were sent ashore
ae reinforcements of 3ritin marines
who had beea previoualy landed at
Menraseasny They are employed' ' in
aidinf le Bolshevik! forces to guard
the railroad running from Monnuaunk
long the'eoast and which is threaten
ed by the whlte guards.
VoarmansK and Archangel are the
poiats nt which have been assembled.
much or tne supplies wniea came xo
the United mates.
. a. a.
War Trade Board Seeks To Keep
'Commerce From Feeling Loss
WASHINGTON, April 21 (Offieial)
Ia. announcing a new "enemy trad
ing " liat of more than 5000 names the
war trade Uard says the new liat was
established fur the purpose of unifying
the effort of the Allies in keeping
products of industry from the enemy.
Home firms, other than those that are
included in the list, are suspected and
the licensing uf shipments ia being eon1
ducted with the LTeateat care in or
der that the foe shall not receive such
supplies or any benefit from them.
, jit Js recognized that the ban upon
iraL'ag with such large number of
firms would have the effect of serious
ly interfering with the industries and
commerce of the country and in order
to remedy the resulting condition, a
liat of aou riwuiy concern is being
prepared and classified so that manu
facturers may substitute friendly con
signees for those that have been placed
on the enemy list.
w. s. s.
Negotiations Between Tokio and
Washington Are Final! and t
CqticfaMnrirv flAted V '
gatigittviviiij ,
TOKIO, ApriJ 21 (Aeeoeiated
Press) Sixty six steamers are to b de
livered by Japan to the United State
by or before the end of June of next
vear in return for the steel which the
l'nitel Htutea is to furnish to Japan
for Hhip building aad other industrial
purpoHcs. - ...
It is announced that the faal nego
tiation betwet-ii the I.' sited Htatea aad
Japan on the subject of shipping and
the furnixhing of steel for which Jap
an Iiuk had such grievous need have
been completed. .
Deliveries of the sixty-six . vessels
nliirli Jnpun will turn over to the Unit
ted Mtatcs begin this month. These are
to continue, the steamers now ,a east
Liberty Bond i Committee TeUs
Workers What Expected of
Therri In Twelve Days
if 1t,i"i., y r- n
WA8HIN0TON, April 1 (Offieial)
Information that Germany' eighth
wet loan hrengbt'eubeeriptiens amount
ing to 34l,900JXH,e eaased the ac
ceptance of those figures a a mark for
the people of the Uated States to pass
in the remaining tea day of the .pres.
est Liberty Loan Campaign as of the
greatest importance In determining the
total of our own enbeeriptiona. ',
Most of the, twelve bank reserve dis
trict of the country have already ex
oeoded half of their loan allotments. It
bj recognized the Snei dy of the cam
paign will be of the greateet import
as in determining the Snal totals and
for this reason the . committee is urg
lni? a concentration ' of all efforts dur-
Is Consumatipn1 of Eighteen
Years of Work; Is Now lo Final
Stage " ot Construction and
Soon WH1 Be Put To Use By
After elgbtecn years of constant work
in .straightening, deepening and widen
ing .the channel to Pearl Harbor from
the epen sea and in establishing; and
developing a naval station and con
structing a drydock, the latter will
probably be readfor service in August
of this year.
t Tee great dock, which has tested the
finesse . of engineering skill and also
tested the patience of the builders, is
now in the finishing stages, witn all the
vast concrete slab laid ami joined andj
the si Us being laid in position. There
yet remains the great caisson gate-to be
floated over and hung in position.
The dock was a water-dirt excavation,
angling off the eaat loch of the harbor
and because of the extreme friable con-1
dition of the substrata, gave insufficient
foundation when the concrete was being
""poured 'under the ' original " contract.
It collapsed and "blew up" under hy
drostatic presume, and entirely new
specifications for its construction had to
be devised, after experts in dock build
ing visited the site and decided upon
the concrete slab method, This, it is
believed, will be a flawless success.
Whether sn old type naval vessel or
one of the newest designs shall' be the
first vessel to enter the dock to test out
its capabilities has not been decided on.
The dock will take the largest type
of warships now constructed by the
American government.
w. s s.
Guard To Be Called
Into Service
Soon, Says Rumor
Is Not Confirmed By Officers But
Some of Thenr Are 'Said To
Have Thrown Out Significant
Mints To Men Under Them
io continue, urn aieaasers aw f w . i - , . . -i,i
mi...ou being turned ever jlrst . and " tb loVffq.
others to be delivered as fast as they v'
are turned
out by the ship building
There is no hange in the ratio ef
ships for steel from the term ef the
agreement which has already been pub
lished. w. s. a. f
Bussis from
PAsUa, April 2 ( Associated Press)
-The-Hna Teg range bontbardmeat
til reentaed yesterday but there were
no casualties during the day. .
Binee the twenty -third of last month,
there have been seventeen days of
bombardment. The casualties have been
J18 killed aad , HO wounded.
LONDON. April 22 '(Associated
Press) Uritmli and German naval
forcea exehaumi shots at long range
yesterday in Heligoland watera.
British wuriiuipB sighted the enemy
and opened lire at the earliest moment.
The enemy ship hurried ito shelter
behind the mine field.
It was seen that one 'of them had
been hit.
w. a. s.
Bowel complaint ) sere to be preva
lent during the fruit'suaaon. Be sure to
keep a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic
and TMnrrhnoa Remedy at hand. It
may save a life. For sale by all deal
ers. Keusou, Hinith k Co, gaeuts for
Hawaii. Advt.
Russians Are Finding Treaty Is
Mere Scrap of Paper
WASHINGTON, April f 1 (OfHeial)
Vigorous protest has been sent by the
Kuiwiun government at Moscgw to Ber
lin auinst the removal of Bosnians
from KuHsiun territory aad the demand
that the Bussian munition and army
stores at HeUingfur shall be,,,turae4
over to Oermuny. ... ..
The Uolelievut lwr)er ace Lndig It
diflicult to we what t any a4atsge
has to me to Bussia throagk the rati
ficatiou of the Brest Litovwk tsentjk It
nppvars to thuui that, without fgard t
the luiiuii'e
(SermuiiH are
tiling they want arid are traajpliag on
the rights of the Busaian eltiaen.
The protest recites the removal of
RuHHians from populated .districts
aiMiiiint their wills and in direct Ma
lt insist tn
Investigation Shows Reports of
in. .1. I rlnli
VVailS ro tnerm uuanip
WA8HINOTOW, April t (Offieial)
After a thorough investigation by both
the war department aad tha food nib
saimstxatioa f fefarU that large qua
titles ef food ae being wasted at the
national army riaUg eamp aad other
camps ia this, country eflieials of both
ef these governmental aeparuneai an
nouses that the atone are. mere vase
leaa iroaalDa .
The report af the investigators cIohcs
by eeyiag ,nhi r'taa amiy is rapidly
anpfeaekiaa klgaeel ponsiW limit is
food,ay4ag,,,, c.r. i
A aesaU eiaad - Mrika of Filipu
A mmmiUs aland. , strike . of t iliDino
laUsesa tied uo ihe Anwican Can Com-
of the peace pal , tk 1 panjr' plant si JJaiKu for. several days
takiug practically any last afL jmmiwsiw '
J are trampling on I against the forwmaa fit m plant ana
refused io wvork, TM matter was
amicably djted npea the arrival of
B. V. Morton, maaager of the com
pany, roa Hoantnln-Mnnl News,
April 19.
r w. a, a.
travention of the treaty.
army ntores and muntMoa are - In a
city outside of any territory which was ftcosssai TPYTBOOKS BURNED
ceded to (lennany by the treatyv'i I tA
Officials here say they can clearly see
a urow i iij opposition to Uermany
Russia uml u determination pa ..tile
part of the Russians to resist German
aVrVrAUU aUnneeeSa, April 10 lo. Young Swift left here to joi
TIaoUv aflnnaaota. a band of el ti seas United States eniineers service
displeased at the eebool board ' failure I failed to pus the physical
-.. .. .1 . 1 .LI... I. - .. ' I
te discontinue Merman vcmivj, u
beraed aU the 0rmS textbooks.
There is a persistent rumor in guard
circles that the First Resimeut is to
be called into active) service soon
within thirty days but confirmed by
none of the officers. Yet rumor has it
that some of the oflicers have thrown
out hiuU to their men that they may
expect to be in federal serviee in the
near future.
However, the activity of officers of
the First Regiment here to recruit the
regiment up to war strength, the al
nioet. daily advertisement of the fact
that more and more recruit are wanted,
together with the oousSsTnt instruction
of officer as well us euJitod men, give
color lo the rumor.
T&at the selective draft may call in
to service for national army purposes
a large number of guardsmen of draft
ace, who have already been classed in
Class 1 of the draft, appear to be a
cert ai sty, while the guard stripped of
these men will still continue to be a
guard regiment, the nucleus of on or
ganization to be built up again and
finally brouuM into service as s. second
or third linlof defense. This would
mead, of course, duty on tbia island.
There Is also a probability of more
than one regiment of the national army
being formed here, with many of the
men of draft age druwn to fill out pos
sibly one or two regiments, to be the
experienced basis upon which the or
ganisations are liuilt, and the Induction
of the skeletonized guard into general
service, to be recruited again witn civ
iiian draftees. In this way, if three
regiments are organized, each one
would have u person uul of experienced
w. a. a.
News has been .received by My and
Mrs. Herbert Hwift of 000 Mojkauea
Road. Kalihi, of the marriage of their
son, George Hwift, to-hliss Hophie Him
nions in Baltimore. Maryland, on April
the troops have yet been called upon to meet, American and French
troops defeated the, enemy .even more decisively m a battle that ex
tended irom early Saturday morninn; through tha'njght and yester
day morning. The attacking forcewas larger than in'the prevloUl
engagement and the Americans i'were heavily outnumbered! ' lA
the end they octupy their former positions, eeri to ther most remote
outposts. The enemy 1 replying but faintly to the artillery fire
which the American and Frnch batteries continue to direct on his
positions. Heavy casualties were inflicted..
t . COME Irl THREE WAVES -. , i
Once more fheHuh's 46ailefl the1 sector adjacent to the village
f Seicheprey -which they gained and held for a few hours last week.
The report received yesterday nrorn the American front saya the at
tack began with a heavy bombardment .in which gas Bhells irid high
explosives mingled. ' Behind this barrage the enemy advanced in
hree great waves.- The oochesiwert met with a fire which' mowed
them down as with A scythe but the heavily massed veteran shock
troops pressed on and into the1 American and French advanced po
sitions. T V' '- ' - - ' ,!
Heavily outntimbtrttt the Ametfein and the French forces gave
-rround and retired 6 rear' defenses: ' Yesterday morning th$ rein
forced Americans charged Hher'Huns and, at the point o the bayonet
and the sword drove, them out sent therti scurrying back across
No Man's Land. Miri dead imJVounded were left in the trenches
while others threw down their rifles and raised their hands shouting .
"kamerad!" .V'-.
Reports from the French front and the official despatch from
Paris which report the engagement tell very much the same ;torr;
The official despatch; saya that, the French hues north ot :?etcheprey,
where the Germans attacked the. French and American posltiojris
have been completely .restored TI ighting continued all day. al
urday, through .Saturday nigKt and up until almost jtoon yisterdair.
In the afternoon ihefit wi 4ti in the4ghting all along thaj ec
nd the enemy, refjieo n'ijde'sulbpry manner to, the shelling fr'ora
thi" Frrnrh and the'ArVieficiiii batteries.. .:'..' .V-i
In the attach fci'iw'AUjti&ii, were used than in the: engage- j
Claims OI tne Capture Xt,S Amcnwrr priaontrn nnu iwcmit-hc
,machlne guns were made from Berlin but no confirmation ti this
eport of casualtiea ltas bees received here. 'r '.'
' ' ; ' -
WASHINGTON, April 21 -Official American troop now hold mora
than twenty mile of trenebe in th Tobl sector. Thl was shown in the recent
despatches which told of the repulse by the Amerloana ef the largest aUackv.
ing force which the enemy baa thrown against them, ;
Thi laat attack we at. the village; ed Beicheprey, seven miles eaat of
Apremont forest where American fores recently beat the Germans. ,
This time the Teuton left many dead and also some prisoners behind them
when they were drives from Beieheprey In full retreat. They also lost two
airplanes in the air conflict that was in progress at the same time the
main engagement.
The Americans are reported in the accounts that have come from the
front Ui have greatly ea joyed: the opportunity which the battle offered to get
at close quarters with the enemy, even though they were compelled to wear
gas masks.
The artillery lire was heavy from both sides.
The Americans lost no prisoners.
. j , 1 r
4 Mi fc,i'al -iJ'lttt'
' . ) it I ;! . i
A I'ACIFIC POET, April 1 (Of
ficial) The world's record la steel
ship buildiag was broke wbn an 8800
ton vessel was launched fifty-five day
after the keel was laid aad ready' r
delivery to the geveranaeat.'i twenty
Board Determines Upon Con
struction of Larger Type
WASHINGTON, April tl (Offieial)
It is proposed by the shipping board
that 120 additional woo don ship af a
days later, making the dim front keel tonnage of 4700 ton each dead weight
lavins to deliver eeventT-UvS day, shall be built a the contract for
Thi compare with a previous record the - smaller wooden ahipa previously
of 110 days. The femes .launching contracted for are about completed.
record was .sixty-four day.- t A vessel of the proposed new tyP
. The Atlantic Coast vara have been has already been launched at a Gulf
challenged to equal or break, this tee-. port where ship boildars from all see-
onl,. I lions or ius country gautereu iwr tne
W. B. a. y I launching.
Contracts for the new vesaela will be
Vet te ship yards at AtUatle, Oulf aad
lWfiS. Const porta.
w. a. .
NEW TORI, April 18 (Aseoelated
Press) Reports of German . prepara
tions at her naval bases eonUnue to
reach here from neutral port, eon
Arming, apparently, those of some day
ioce which aaid theee preparations in
dicated raid, or venturing nut te meet
the Allied fleets la battle.
In some naval eirele it t said a
great engagement to Imminent.
ments. 1 1 u is now working in a navy
yard in the East.
PAZO OINTMENT ia guaranteed to
cure blind, bleeding, ttcblng or pr
truding PILES in Id 4 days or
money refunded. Meaalaciuied by
the PARIS MXUlClN8CO.,8.Louls,
U.8. A. " V "
BOSTON, April 81 (Offieial) At
tending on the launching of a destroyer
at an Atlantic Port, Secretary of Wavy
Paniel saw laid the keel of four nw
destroyers, He, addressed a gathrUt
ef 10,000 workmen where, ea Jils Uat
recent visit only 3200 bad beea
ployed. To thi the secretary called
attention and ia commenting aa. the
loyalty of, labor he aaid the greatest
disappointment to the Kalsei was thst
German propaganda had failed utterly
to foment social and industrial distur
baueet in the United Btatea. , ;"

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