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-. ' ,'
May H Is Tragically . Decided
Upon At Conferences As Date
vFor Convenincr of Legislators'
J" ' cCEFIfilTE PR'
internment Camn, That Wirt Be
One of Jprinclpaf Matters
'FTche-nl tnoWtldn arc. tnaf th leg
Matuns wilt b called1 to mtat'ln apodal
Acasie) trri TofcadayyWajr M, and wnlla
i appaal la balag forwarded to Wart
tBgtpnk.ig that ait lntratBatamp
be established har, plan for tho Tr
rfcor tO UU Mo itaeM a th rp
etaj Mtslaa la Jhrf veqt, tat Washing
toa faila U,arspoadt ar taking forur.
It' U ;tk preacnt intention of th ad
thlrfstfatidfe Bird leaders of fcetk house
to- limit th tatsioir to.tt'v daya, open
ing en. Tuesday aad adjourning tbo Tol
lowing Saturday, 'c - ' -
tTn amajp ' to Washington 'asking
tha th tateYnaiatit ranp b establish-ad-
b?4xutiv order-or by order tf
th arar' department la to ba Grafted
thii af ternooo at Hicctihg of tho com-mittr--
of ten, a provided for in the
rtsaKittoM adopted Sunday at the Town
KHirg ia the grounds of the Capitol.
Oommltte Member ' 1 '
', The members of the com ml t tee are:
G. Kegoro, Anthosy Yuen Seto, W. K.
Fnfrlngtbn, Joseph Pacheco, Lorria An
drews, B. tBlathesoa, Fred Harrison,
W. J. tShaldoa and Jack fialeh. The
committee 1a to meet at two o'clock
this-afternoon at the .mayor 'a office.
' Ia aH prtbabllity the call trill be Is
sued by th new Governor aom time
within the next tea daya, for at Col
C. J. McCarthy 'a nomination haa met
with cordial endorsement by aJl Inter-eata-
and . ao aign of protest haa arisen,
it is believed that there will b little
or-no. delay in the aenate in confirming
the appointment. It is pointed out
that President Wilson and Secretary
Ijine must- have taken measures to as
certain beyond an. doubt that Colonel
McCarthy 'a aomination would not be
opposed' ioi the aeaate, before the aa
nouneemont was made public. This fur-Udshes-another
indication that confirma
tion will not be delayed aad all indi
cations ara that action will be' takea
ia the)' aenate next Thursday, the Jay
on -wateo, action of tba kind is ordmari
lrikao. -fc
Noailiutlom Endorse , ,.. . , , , .
r.n.A 'M,1nfifaL aa4Uon whk. the
Bominarioti -of Colonel McCarthy wa
nn mm can ne reeeivea yesieraay
irom Walter F. Dillingham aad R.'C.
Uriwn,; president and aeeretary of the
rhannber of rommercewhe told Colonel
rrt!arthy that his aominatioa had the
beaMy'endoYsem'eaf of f tbody. The
appoiotee was gfven aasutanc that he
vroqlir reaoivw . full'' supjKrt from the
coirimei-rlarefgaajzatloii:- " '
"The deflsioo fixing the date of open
ing of ttc ' iper.ial session on May 14
was reached' following a' number of
roufrronces of loaders of the two houses
with Colbnel McCarthy aad the Gov
ernor. H. L. Hohtetn, speaker of the
house af representatives, was one of
thOi who Asked that the session be
demyia tfntlt-about the middle of Mav.
Ole-aa Beaaonn 4
The- speaker pointed out that as the
emergency legislation, by which funds
are to be- made available to repair damage-done'
to highways, bridge and
ditches by the recent storm on the Isl
and of HawaVi affected only his own
( district he felt he could ask for some
delay. The reason he gave 'was that
lie has an important rase coining up in
court within a few days and he saiil
thiv'aaaot bo postponed. A Humor of
other Teasont for holding off the open
ing of the apeeial " session a week or
more were advanced.
' ''''little atHn 'has'bfVr; taken along
at Haa that was fiMrgast4t recently when
it was Urged 'that members of both
limine donate their salaries to the Red
Cross or, failing thin, agree to accept
rlv meat from the Territory in War
Havings Rtampa. Workers whh are con
ducting the sale of the stamps may
organize an effort to dispose of a
rr'numbeti wf St imps in this manner.
Suftjestjona Aakad Bay
. It. was again suggested yesterday thnt
aU Interests, parties qi individual who
hay special legislation to recommend
enma forward now with their sugges
tion! fnles this it done little chance
ziata that attention will be given to
any recommendations for legislation
that may be offered after1 the
aesaioii actually opens. It Is the
intention ' Of the '' administration) and
hou -loaders to have a definite program
Mttlined before the session opens so
they will know precisely what will he
dona along the line of new laws. To
insure thst the program will be fol
lowod, it is intended to have the legis
lature impose a limit on itself in au
onening resolution which will outline
rll the legislation deemed necessary a,t
this time.
If Waaliiagton.itak;es action In answer
to the appeal for the proposed intern
ment ram Ft before 'Hie openisir of the
siteelal session, that portion of the lesfix
IMfte prftvrnm will be dropped, JhniiBjh
it is ant believod that the anti-seditinn
act. which is to lie offered and which
imposes Densities for l forms of dis
lovaltv directed e"inst ciMier Americn
or anv of her Mlien, will be thrown
i'lt. wlmtever Wnhinton may do in
flic matter of o-t ntil idhi o r an intern
merit eanio. As Tuloncl McCarthy will
lc (iovermir when the bill In passed, it
is cunA'Inrod sure if being signed
,-r r w. a. a.
" I l'ie.x -'ii(itiin vim
I'irtithnfen the "filed fterman nsintnr
who "ia ere.tited Jiv tke (le'nianrWith
seventy eijffat victories, has been killed.
Oversubscribes Its Quota and
", Acquires Rioht To Fly
Honor Emblem
'Orar tha Top" Liberty Loan
Bond Figure
Subscriptions April 21 to
1 - P- 74.3C0
LXtrtl for all Islands to
i dat 3,89o00
Quota for Islands .1,614,000
Oversubscription 282,600
The Island of Hawaii acquired the
right at noon yesterday to fly Liberty
Loan Honor Flag, and the news was
immediately wirelesHed by the Big la
laad Loan Committee ta Ouy Rnttolph,
aaeative ma linger of the campaign.
Honor flags are now flying at Lib
rty Loan headquarters for the Island
f Onhn; at l.ihue, for the Island of
Kaaal, and Iliio, for the Big Island.
Ko Word has yet been received from
Manl that its flag has been hoisted,
but a letter received yesterday from
C. D. Lnflnii of the Mntii committee,
Aya that the tlau has heen received,
"and H Will I hniated."
Big Island Ia Over
; 0 KatuHav Inst Hawaii county was
t2.1.000 shy of reselling its quota of
$229,000. The Ililo committee was in
farmed by letter on that date, however,
that' 48,0r subscribed here by Hilo
interest had been placed to the Credit
of th Hawaii iKlninl quota. Just how
faf avajr 225,0(i ti,,. Big Island has
sarscriliel was nut known at headquar
ters yesterday.
That the task confronting soma of
th Liberty Bond sales force ia not
aa easy one, and that it has it seamy
side, wae evidenced yesterday when
Mr, a Walker, who haa bees , on
of the moat enthusiastic and self-da-nying
of all the sales force, including
Xfth the men aad women, found a na
lie tag on her auto, for having at
lowed it to remain on Merchant 8trt'
longer than the new pi. lire regulations
It all happeued while Mrs. Walker
waa endeavoring to persuade a Jap
anese to subscribe for a .rM) bond. 8h
had wet the Japanese at his place pt
business, and talked with him for some
He was susceptible to the idea, but
aome of his business associates sug
gested that he might be taking a larg
er baml than was needful. Mrs. Waik
rr, knowing the regulations of the po
lice and feeling that her machine was
befog -left longer at the curb than is
allowed, still put her loyalty and de
votion to Uricle Hani's work 'above her
owe, 'personal interests.
Saleswoman "Tagged"
Tim passed and the Japauesa had
at decided. Kh continued with her I
rgajaef. 1 fia' knew If she went ent 1
aad took her machine to a new loca- I
tlon, the Japanese might change bis
mind and Uncle Sam would lie the
loser by (500.
Finally, she landed the subscriber.
He filled out tha application, paid over
the initial amount, the deal was act
tied and then she found the police tag
on her machine. Mrs. Walker was al
most tearful over tha situation, but
said she waa glad she had remained
with the Japanese and secured his sub
scription. ,
Secretary Buttolph took the mattes
up and went to tho police atation with
Mrs. Walker, and is confident thnt
when the officials know the inner story
that Mrs. Walker will he praised fur
her unselfish devotion to the interests
of Uncle Sam rather than to ber own.
w. a. a. -
IM An? to fn nnrninnin
4 ' h If
A- '
rnnn nnKjuopir
r uuu. uuwiiiuoiUll
Lie Is Patsed and Fists Are
Shaken When Child and Hoogs
Clash Over Rice Question
Fires of diseesion that have beea
amohlering in the territorial food com
mission ever loe Food Commiasfoner
Iloogs undeTtomk s'n Investigation ' of
a I m aim aaar mw Bar f
ni lit i loiivuniui.
Arrangment Being Perfected
For .Mobilization of Hawaii's
Quota When Order Comes
iiiTiiniiT i tiinmnu
New York
Arrangements ate being perfected by
tba Hawalia department, of 4h araiy
for tha mobillMtlon of th draft Quotas
to .1)6 famished by the Hawaiian lal
ahds for the National Army.
i Th order for the ramp is 11 flours J j,,,
rrtVac'rwr C'HJJiS zj?
Hawaii eaploiled Into fls,ns yesterday , " w th dn,e ,''-ted for opening j";0" '
BKrrninir at a raeetiaa Of ths eommia- tb eaatoument. and the. location.! 7
wath WU1 probably be at Schofleld
Major Henry C. Merriam. It. R
chief Of ataff of the Hawaiian depart
ment, announced yesterday that tha da
Pirates, Giants, Reds and Phillies
. Winners Yesterday In Na
tional League
P. W.
Th lie was passed between
Hoog aa i. F. ChUl. executive affl-
rer of the board, who is also federal
Tool aumtnistrator, and a fist fight be
tween the two was averted onlr bv
the action of others present who forei-
lly prevente.
ty resenting
of that organisation has been grievoua
ly disturbed. Hoog has not hesitat
- w. s. s.
on oi o.ners present wao roroi- pBthnnt is proceeding a, f ST U prC-
Jh. l L w!i. . "p; ,rt "ticli.ktion of a. order which
srm-e lloog was appointed a WM fro ,he ,),,.(.
Vu m . TtV " il!l' It U U plaa of the local dprtent
Si "Pi!? JV0''!"' f prepar advance evwyilewent
that can be provided fot in1 the absence
d th let it be k.own th. i,. ... ""'vuenona, out equipment
ion Chibl is not th man for executive .V2T, T' Tk! Jm, ""1
officer or food administrator. Durrng ed 1 ? 'iviliB trpa, laluding
tha heated discussion yesterday he ea- ViOI! barracks neati, hf
pressed his sentiments when he said, ! H'i i T deniaad, whether
ll Well, If, I were rou I M quit, Child: , " ot ,aT, e r " ' '
you're a small man in a big job." '"""" or instrui)tioa hTe
Child, 'appareuthr sure of his backing,'"0 ffr t" 'fo"i WaahiHgton
a confldem-e Inter justified, tendered by th local department eoncTBiB th
bis resignation, which was not accent- nllMPta "rofl but OaneraJ J.
ed. Chairman .lames I). Pole did not
vta"trohl to present it formally to
the meeting.
Majority Back Child
Yesterday afteranon Mr. Imle aaM
Boston Americans Lose First
Game of Year Athletics,
Indians and Tigers Win
P. Wisaor, commanding t apart- 7X. u .
'meat,, haa always takea tim by th' Wu''h,n'',
Boston . . .
Cleveland .
Detroit . . .
New York .
Ht. I.ouis . .
forelock with reference to trainins
camps and other possible requirements
upon ma lorce, so that when th order
Taro, yrown in the valleys adjacent
to Honolulu, offered to poi iiiaiiufac
ture'rs ut exorbitant prices, is beinu
ilisposeil of to Molokai and even to
Hilo at considerably less rntes, in the
i luiin made by 'a Mnnoa joi inannfnc
turer, who will go before the food com
mission toay to make a statement to
thii effect,
The manufacturer claims thnt tlur
dig the recent rebuilding of Matioa dis
trict roadx, imperfect surface i Irn i n h t;'
system diverted waters from the hills
nu. I roads into the turo fields operated
liv Mm, bringing rocks and gravel ami
filling six of the taro patches.
When complaint was made against
the county uud the contractor, the
manufacturer was told that an adjnst
uieut would bo made. It is true that
brrnngepients were made to carry off
flood wnters in a different direction and
some work was done around the place
lu question, but six patches, ft I !! with
stones, became unproductive ami no
adjustment has yet beeu nia.h' 'for
these. Furthermore, tha taro supply
for Honolulu was cut down just Hie
anion lit ire ionslv produced in those
half ilor.cn fields.
A (Ibiness taro grower in the hmiiic
ilistrl t liasTefiised to sell his taro to
this manufacturer except at exhorbi
taut prices, forciug an acute issue with
the poi factory. At tho same time it
is claimed that this taro producer sells
his product on other islnniU, accepting
a lower price than he asks of local cus
w. a s. - -
that the entire commission, with th actually received much of th paper
exception of Mi. Iiooga, was belli ml i work haa already been conrpleUd.
Child and would continue to lack him Procadur Wot Known t
up. Mr. Dole insisted that in his opia-1 'It ia not known, nf course,' whether
Ten Mr. Child was making good in hia the war department, through th fro-c-job,
and in reply to the suggestion that , "t marshal general's office at Washing
many people considered thnt the exec- I ton,r wfH call npon Hawaii to furnish
utlv officer had entirely the view- smajl units at frequent intervals, or Is
point of the proihicer and seller and ' sue a general mobillr.ation call for a
none Of that of the consumer, said he ' full and large quota. ' " .
did not ajrree with such a belief. vi Agatha any demands thnt may come
Mr. 'Dole anid he did not desire to 1 from Waahlngtos Class 1 of the aeleo
aay anything derogatory of a member ! tWe draft has total of 7163 physically
of the commission of which he is chair- qualified men who are capable f ear
ma nv bat Strongly intimated that Com- I lag' arm, i 'Ihelgding in thia total la
mmsioner Hoogs did not k-now what he ' a fore of nearly one thousand aatlen
waa talking aboot as regards rice or ; B guardsmia; whoae Tjneietieniiair waa
anything else. He said that in the rec ently completed through Local Board
controversy the members of the com- jNot'l of ifonolahi. - '
mimiou, with the exemption of Mr. The MleCitrva draft office haa praeti
Iloogs, were solidly behind hxeeutiv ! rmly rom-eteij iti Atntt work through
Officer ( hild and .would coutique to ( ont all theihda;- The lists of draft
support him. , e mea .pipted ,a(1 chftrtea.
The ro started yesterday morning The round,-ui. of "!ac.kers" and per
'1 JtM,,K6,,m i.M who havT not aecured their final
L? a 6 1wrt elaasificatio. da will be atsde m.
PUiL Sm1P -IV me"; thU,arefc.nU.f.th aalectiv. draft
a banana shipper who waa accused of h .. ...,. . ... u
having trsed In recent "Eat a Ban.- iL 'c '
. k! i i . tcrs, at their plaee of employment.
i- k!.k .-Jf.u-. ; k- ,i J Those who ha; not? tuck aat.fai in their
ewe eonaul declining
for rice shipments here
nuiim-uiiuiii I a i no jii unec u& (Uln roiil- I . ,t ., . - . - ,
.it i.i a- .u ' foloWln aniTauaatiKiesitt- 1
iiiumilj'. a wuum use vo warn me i , . A " X-.at Y l : x
member, of this commission not to pass ' " ABieho tjvfgitered. rayst
out such information unless thv know "V 'iMt VNI J -tf g lSHatiOB Cards
j -.
1'. W. T.. Pet.
7 1 .57
4 S 1 .730
1 1 1 .000
7-3 4 .429
3 .400
" 2 3 .400
1 2 .333
1 4 .200
w. t. s.
e Is Done to
Pfiiiippine Sue
a in Jnoae who na we nor aw aat'ls tn their
to'sig KuVaT. lV ar,,f,
ere, rSsUlting in lXtlt1! .'"T"?'
rice of this ?om.fPtin'fctMrJ-fcariM.l the
what they are talking about," said
Child aaid that the member of the
commissioner .in question had attempt
ed to use his position on th commis
sion to vent his personal spite on A.
J. Campbell. ' Hoogs then demanded
that Child name the member of the
I'limmission aad 'he promptly named
Hoogs aa- the offeader.
Too Small rr 'Job
"Well if I were you, I would quit.
Child. You are a small man in a tiig
job," said Iiooga.
"Yes, and when yob-come to me ami
ask me to 'get' Campbell, it's bad bus
incss, " Child replied.
Child further said that Hoogs prom
ised him 'tha Oovernorahip if he
would ".get" Campbell. Hoogs did not
deny this accuaatioa and repeated thnt
lie " woulil get Campbell yet"-. Con
at all- tfrnis' pon -their persons.
No excuse accepted. Imprisonment and
fits art penBHraa."''
Activities In Qtvi'V',,! .
In the national guar there ia unusual
activity, owing "to the prospect of an
curly cell to service.-. Th recruiting
campaign launched a wieek ago baa not
been aa prod ids pf , raaulfa aa th guard
officers- anticipated,. bat ai large number
of men have been brought into the
service. '
Nightly instruction for iboth officers
an enliafced men ia a inteaai v as ever,
So doniments San Francisco
Business Paper On the Short
age of Shipping In Pacific
Since War Started
l'p to the present time little has been
done by the government to insure the
Hawaiian planters sufficient tonnage to
move this season's crop of sugar, rlinee
the advent of the I'nited States into
the war the overseas transport facil
itica of the Islands hnve been acutely
disarranged, says the Daily Commercial
Naws of Han Francisco.
Practically all of the sugar ear
rtr devoted "prior to the wa ta moving
Hawaiian sugars to the Pacific Coast
and the Atlantic seaboard hnve been
requisitioned by the shipping board and
assigned to other service. Home lim
Ited tonnage has ix'en secured to r
place these ships in the past few
months , but the tonnage that has been
assigned has been far below require
ments. A similar condition applies to
the tomuige in sight.
Present conditions relative to the
movement of the Hawaiian crop appar
ently indicate thnt the planters will
have to store a considerable portion of
their output this season, and that the
movement to the American market will
be slow. Ho far no provision whatever
has been made to move any of the crop
to the Atlantic seaboard', v. here in mo
ma! year approximately fifty percent
of the crop has been sold.
The Philippine sugar producers are
also face to face with discouraging
shipping prospects and, bocause of the
careity of ships and the long haul
that the draft call HT ' b tnm ol,n.,i
siilerable bickering back and forth be 4000 mon to be drawn tVm Class 1
- .l. 4. i 1 1 : , . i .. w , ... . '
. I
' LONDOV; April 14 ' (Assftciatxl
Pres) i-A littl waa passed by. a com
mitt (e in tho hoiiMCr of mrd.' 'whreh
prefteatit "t bombardmeHt tefngeca"
Whd ituV samll houses iu' areas set
VMtd ly ticjrman 'a-ir. raiders from
turning out the tenants.
A large number of wealthy persons
have been In the country districts pur
cliusing house property esperiully siiiull
ciittn'CN ami turning nut the teiinuts
iff short' WrA "Thin Iti 1 1 is inten.bxl
to prevent this. j.
twees the two belligerents was then
indulged in when Commissioner Bock us
put his oar into the troubled waters
ami said that th argument waa get
ting offensively personal. Iloogs in
Hinted that Child resign aud that a
capable man ba put in the position.
Child then tendered bis resignation.
Chairman Dole said that he considered
Child competent aud that he would not
accept his resignation.
The argument then drifted to Child's
work in bis office. He told of the
large amount of correspondence he had
to handle and the number af inquir
ies that came in daily by mail.
Mora Fireworks
"We kt hoping that you are doing
something more than writing letters,"
Hoogs said at this point. The conver
sation shifted to the alleged rice
hour. ling again aud the matter of pub
lie information concerning hoarding
ami other vital Information. It was
here thnt the fireworks started. Hoogs
said, thnt if Child did get any Such
Information he Would not give it to the
"Mr. Hoogs," said Child standing
up, "you are a liar." Hoogs jumped
from bis chair ran around hi. table
after Child, when he was caught and
helil by Commissioner Neely aud K. 1).
Anderson. After the smoke of the
"near" battle had passed away Oom
miasioiier Bockus turned to the Oov
ernoi and said, "Governor, I deeply
regret that I cannot congratulate you
on your latest appoiutnieut to the fpod
commission." Tile meeting was then
hurriedly adjourned by Chairman Dole.
Whether s a result of the row yes
terday or because the commission is
beginning to realize that tho general
public has an interest in its rlolng and
wants to know what it is doing, tho
commission has decided to hold regu
lur meetiugs hereafter at stated inter
vals, open to tho public. The first
meetiug will be hold two weeks from,
tomorrow, ami others thereafter at In. .
tervals of two weeks. Chairman Dole ;
said yesterday thut the puTdic will be'
invited to be present mid offer any
suggestions that may aid the commis
sion in its work of helping to win the
war. I
with Captain WitaeU, Lroltd States! solved, there is likelihood of any con
Bioerauie tonnage of miltppim- sugars
reaching this market during litis, a!
though the supply available there from
the present crop, together with the bal
ane of last season's crop not yet msrr
acted, will total a considerable volume
The luclj of tonnage the world over
wiTJ also make it difficult for the Phil
ippine producers to move their sugars
to other murk ft s during the balance of
the year.
. ' -i- - w. . a. i. .. .
Army, instruotor-inapaotof .for the
guard, in charge- .'Eaamiaations are
also under Way 16t promotions of men
who have done long aad faithful service
in the ranks, to cOnroiiasi(nid afficers.
There is a rumor currant Around town
that tho national guardsman will h
drawn in this quota irrespective of the
fact that they are now- aonaected with
the guard; thst possibly , the national
guardsmen may be geaeroaaly sprinkled
throuch the companies aa organised,
ami that naturally, Bu,rh no may be
in line ror appointee aa' pon comm
ainrttt.l nffin.M 1 f ' - T 'V H
MAY B' fl '
ET. CKN'TRO. California; April 21
(Associated Press) A ' man Who regis
tered at a local - hAtel as J. Edward
Morgan of San Francisco la's, been spir
ited avvnv by a citlfeena'' ' committee
which believed him fo 1e Isrnel Wein
berg, one of the alleged conspirator
In the Msn Francisco preparedness day
bombing esse. '
Tt is reported that the committee
gave Mnigau inro the custody of a dc
tnchnient of soldiefa. 4
- w. v-a, . ,. .
Cabled advices from the Cast re
eefved by the Haiku Frpit ' Packing
Company, announce that the base' price
of canned pineapple has been fixed for
the coming year. "It 'figures out a
price to the growera of pineapples of
25.7S per ton on No. 1 fruet, ways the
Msui News of April IB.'
The price for the past year has been
22.08. '
The new plices go into effect Mnv
1. With a much heavier teniinc tln
veur than Inst in tha Huiku district,
the iiuirsased price xaeans a very ma
terial gain to pineapple growers.
It Is believed that a large 'part of
this year's pnek from fh. Island, if
not nil of It, will be tnke by th urn)
and navy departments, ao that'the gcu
Crsl market is likely to b decidedly
Spiraling, banking, dipping, IK inn
a height of 7500 feet and then drop
plug down until the cupola of the
Mon nil Hotel was at a higher level,
the great army' seaplane with M.ij.
Harold M. Clark, the array aviator as
pilot, did real "stunts" ye'ster.liiy tore
uoon, in n flight which covcieil the
greater part of the Island.
Arcoinpaaioil by Cuptain Krnnk
Tuuliy, casuul officer at headquarters,
Major Clark left the aviation base at
Pearl Harbor aud after rising to a
good (lying height, Mew nort li vv est nr.l
over the l.eilehua I'laiu, cutting over
Schutield Harrucks and the pineapple
plnrftntions, and then across the Koo
lau ridge, turning to the riyht niter
reaching over Kaliaini Hay. The uir-
plaue then followed the coast I iver
Kaneohe Bay to near Wainianal o, and
then, rising to 7500 fvt, snnred over
the Tuntalus range and 'passed through
a reniurkuble raiu storm.
Hheots of rain feel almost its an
envelope would fall from a high boil. I
iug, slipping down n distance I then
changing their course ami s,, on. It
was a remarkable scene.
When in the vicinity of Wnikiki,
the n inter shinilleil an. I Mew .luwn
low, nml then lose and course. I over
Honolulu. In passing over the I.iim
ness seiliiin his inueliinc appear... I t.. 1
be not over fifteen feet above the Hoof I
Harden. Major Clark made .evcial!
tai ns over the business se t ion. mi l
theu Hew back to his base.
Prom the standpoint of the civilian
who likes to see seaplane "stunls''
this was the most spectacular exhibition
which Mujor Clurk has given since he
began living over Oabu.
ey we Mm
One Hundred and Fifty Filipinos,
Japanese Chinese, Koreans
and Others Are Caught
Sixty Percent of Those Taken Had
Not Even Filled Out Their
Questionnaire Cards.
Pool rooms and hangouts of Fili
pinos in the down sawn section wer
raided Inst night by the detertiv fore
under Chief McDuffi and scores of
men who ha. I no classification or m'edi
.nl examination cards in heir pockets
ere tnken in hunches in the police
patrol wairon to the Armory and
brought before Capt. H. Gooding Field,
selective draft officer, for Investigation.
One him. Ire. I and fifty-eight Filipinos.
Koreans, Chinese, Japanese and a few
Hawaiinns were rounded up, and when
Hnod up in the Armory, the draft offi
cer found that sixty percent had not
even filled out questionnaire blanke.
The suddenness of the police descent
upon the pool rooms, particularly,
caused consternation, hut even then
curiosity prompted many passeraby to
enter the rooms, where they were also
nabbed and held with those already
detained. The atrnl wagon mail trip
after trip. Ion. led to the limit, until the
upstairs local draft board room at the
armory was crowded with a motley
array of delinquents, many of whom
were real slackers.
Few Escaped
Chief Me Duffie's instructions from
th draft office were to round up all
who did not possess carda, or if they
did. hnve cards, these must be the ones
issued by the aiedical hoatrde indicating-that
they had beea qnaKflei for
aers-iee. Vlclhiffie made his descent iu
such a manner that few in "th pool
rooms were able to earape. Oa msa,
who flashed a searchlight, ami Attempt-,
ed to wriggle away, was caught with
the chief's big hand and brought to a
beach,' sn.l lster complained to the
draft officials that he hal been man
"My own instructions were to handle
all these men carefully,'' aaid the
Chief. "This man was merely forcibly
detained because he attempted to slip
At the armory Kdgar Henriquea and
Edgar Barry were on hand to investi
gate th men,, but had pot anticipated
handling an army. . .'
Grow Lined Up
A hurry-up call was sent for Captain
Field who, on arriving, had the Oowd
lined up, military fashion, wnd each. one
was quivr-ed. He at firsV determiued
to place in prison all those who could
not satisfactorily answer' questiess, but
owing to lack of competent interpre
ter, he finally let all off with a card
which they must present at draft head
quarters this morning. ' At that tiin
those who boM: registration cards will
be given physical examinations, and
every effort wil b made to complete
their classification ' at oqce.
Ignorance of the white man's laug
nage, and inability to read notices in
the newspaper concerning the itraft
was responsible for failure of mauy to
havv their carda in their pockets.
Some who gave evidence of possess
ing carols were permitted to leave and
go to the homes of others in custody
and obtain their cards for them. This
released abott lxty. Others who werv
in town from cemota parts of the isl
and, on givtaf eatisfactory informa
tion about themaeJves, their places of
emplovmcnt, ad names of employers,
wore iet off With insUucUons to report
to the mphjyra today and hae the
fact that they have cards phonen in to
Th names or all wer naiea, ques
tionnaires were filled out in nnmbeYs
and the work of the draft proceeded
rapidly eren under such adverse cir
"1 imagine the fear of the law has
lieen planted pretty irmly i all ther
men," said Captain Field, "and thev
will pasa th news along that eveM
man must at all times carry his card
with him.
"Thia applies te every inau who has
become a draftee, whether he is white
or browa. Tha draft board means bul
ness from now on and every man who
is a slacker or Is trying to evade the
Inw, will feel th weight of the law."'
w. a. a.
HAS FRANCISCO, April 22 (Axso 1
..i bu..i , in....... Kkll a ...
ciaieu rrw; rimouni mmi, u ..
baseador to the Cnited 8tat.es, arrived
here yesterday enroute to bis post at
Montana Hingaam Consolidated Min
ing conipauy, ipcorporatcd under the
la of the stue of Ctah. rriticipn!
pbii-e nf business, room 1010 Boston
I. oil. ling. Salt Lake City. 1 t?li.
Notice is llO'cby given that at a
niei i'ing of the directors, held on the
iMii, day of March, 191K, on Hsscwiment
nf ten cents per share was levied on
the capital stock nt the corporation,
puvable immediately to K. . Vail,
secretary of th riMBIpun V, . Ht the ofltcv
oi the coinpanv, . rcoai III 10, ltistou
lioihllng. Null Lake City, I'tali.
ny stock upon which this assess
in. i l imi lemniii uupniil on Weducs
.lav. thv -th dav of May. IHH. will lie
I . -1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 nu.l udvertised for iale at
I ul. lu imction, and unless payment is
niM'lc betore, will be sold Tnesdny, the
Mil Hn v of il-y, 1IS. at li' o'clock
mihiii ul' said dav. to pa the ileliniuenl
asesMiieut, together with costs of ad
wili-mg and eiveaes of sale.
K A VA1I..
Hoi. in lull). Postou building, Halt
I like City, Ctah.
Oazette dt
HONOLkft st61cexchakge
, ,. loaolnla J(rU S
. .t '
iidwia, ud. ...rrfo
a C. . 40
Alex Hah
C. Brewer
Em I'lsnt. Co 1 V$
Hstkn Hiiir to iVA 1
Hsw. ri-tl. fo. .. .1,... 40V,
usw i a k i i
Haw. Mo. V
Ilouokss tna. t o I
Hiuhmiis Ra.ar Co.. o
Hutcliloson Hub. Plant. .1 30
Kahska flsnt. C.
nvsisaa Bug. to (ia
Koloa Maaar Oe lit
Mellrril. Hug. Ce.. Ltd. .
nnu nn. o n
tllaa Ka. fa.. Ltd. ...... Ml
Onoioes Hit. Co. . ....... 42
raannaa na. riant. Vo. . 14
i semi, isu.ar jhiii m
Pala Phuii. C )o
I'eiHwkiw Hugar, Ce...
Pioneer Mill Co. .' 28
Haa Carloa Milling Co.... I la
Walslua Atn-tb Co TJ
rtaiiusn aog. Co I M
Enrtau Issr. Co.. Ltd.
1st I o Apw so H P,.
xa lasae Paid Up . ..4
Rngels t'oppor Mining .i.
Hmiui K. m K 1 e 4-id. ..
Hslko K. P:,Co., Cm..
Haw. Con. Ry. 7 A ...
Hsw. (on. Ity. t H
Haw. c it. Com. 7.
Hswntlsa Klectrlc Co. ...
Hsw. I'lneuople Co. . .
tlllll. n. & M. L.IU. ..
Hon. ;ss Co., Ltd
Hon. It T L. t o
Inter Islsuil 8. N. Co. ...
Mut. Tel. Co
(mini II. 4 I,. Co
PsIisuk Knbbe Co
KeiHiun luusiiiiaa, ...
Hauio M
Taujuag Olak Kubbor Co.
IWach Walk I. D. 6..
Haniaksa Utlrh 4 OS .1
Hawaii Cob. Ky
Haw'n Irr. Co., ...,.....
ilaw. Ter. 4 Kef. Woi.
Hsw. Ter. 4Z I'b. Imps.
Haw. Ter. Vuh. Iniu. 4-Jt
(series IttlV-lMSl . ...T
naw Terr l 3S' I
Hilo Has Co., Ltd., ..
lioaokaa Hug. Co.,
Honolulu Oss Co., Ltd. 0.
Kauai lly. en., os.
Vlsaoa Imp. lst., 6 ..
MrHryae Haa. Cov. Oa ....
Mot. TVI. Os .
h!bu R. a I. Co..-A ...
Osliu Hue. Co... at&
Olss Knasr Co., W
I's.4ac Jnaao 9. !
nan Carlos Milling. ,t ..
1 -
2 A
. . -
1 so
a 4 ' . -
Kna-Hs. mat. 4.MS1: Mux. Tid, 23, 78,
Wallaku, li. ii.0.
no A Ml a A LB '
Kws. i. t.oy- aha, in, SUM; 78, 10,
M.o: II . CoT, 15. -
January t, tAlS
ea analyota twota (a advtcaa).
Parity - " .
Mi Cwot. (fO Raw aar ..... 1000
Mar. St, m 1 ''
MngapoT . i..... ...... ...v.. 40.01 '
. . (No duotatloa).
-TT ft-
;-NEfft;Y03K' STOCKS
WBVT 1 VOKK.' .AprlL (Awtnrlated
Pnew) Following aro the opaulag and
closing' auoUtloua r storks la too Kew
York Market raotorday.
Xniorhsia kngar
AaMricar DoH
AsnoHated OH .
AhMk OoM . '..
Aatvricaa. Loeomottre . .
AaMiM Tl Tel. . ..
Auwrlca HinelU-r ..
AaMrH-m H4-i- Vdry. . .
sswsndt, copiH-r
Atchlsoa Ttsliwny .
ttaMwto LouMHtv . ..
lialrtiuor thtn
ItofhMiem . ..
California Petrulenia . ..
(Vticral LeattxHr
Canadian Pneltle
C. M. . Pant ,.
Cido. ruej Jrqa
Crmibfc Htocl
Cnl Huiwr Caoe
Krle common
Gwaarat Kietrkr -,
(Jelicrsl Motors (new) . .
Oraat NOrtbora PM. . ..
International Nickel . ..
Industrial Ak-ohot
Kraawott Coihh-c
l-hlgh Valloy Railway .
Naw York V'eutral
Ray ConaolMateil
Ilaailtng coiuiunu
RTbllcaa Ima coaiiiiiia
Noutbrra Pac-ltte. .
I'nllad Htajtaa Kubber . .
Texas 1 ' ..,
Laloa' Partne. .
t utted. Htatcs Hteel . ...
I'tab . .wui
Westera Union
WeStlaabou- 1 ..
Sid. , t Cx-dlrlaend. 1 Uagootoa, .
Quotatlaaa o th foDowlng Nnr Urk
curb Blocks, aa wirelessed to Tb Adr-
r - "
Usw by HtoaabBBi 4k Co., arV
. Monday
nig tsigo
Kuina t'lippcr
Hargratvo . , 1 . ;
Irom liipssom
Ilui Hurler
Jerouia Vrd vv
VitlweM Hly comaiun .
Mother X.Ole :
Hay Herciilea- .
Kewti Kula
K Vl
Toaoaab Uxtoasloa
Wllbert .
Kerr Laka
Hecla . ..j
i 'reason (lold
MutwUnU . .
I'erfvstli.u aire 1111J Kubber
4. OH
5.J?3 blarS,
4 i.jrT
4-V) 4tt-"4
bM 8.011
.87 J7
H.V-1 rHASLM (t, Atirrf fcl-K Ahaoctat.
ed t'reas) Kollowtag are tha opening an
closing auntatlvma of augar and othat
stock. in iuv tvan Vraaclac uiarket yea
terilay t .1
I Owon-1 C'loa.
I fug ) tag
Msw'a Couj'l
Hswatlaa Sugar Co
lliMioiuia ,HHKar .
HiHclilusOB Hugar C.
Oah Huasr ,'. . .
hIhii UKiir Co.
um.inis Hog's r IV .
I'aauhaa Huar Co.
n.xixlulv IU ,
MiiuhIm I'ooiM-r C... .
Hooolulu rlanlatloa
:i 11
1 14
. it. 4(1
. 4 .IK1S
.1 .IW
NKW TfCtltv ApH 1tAsaaclated
I'ress) Train service throughout (r.
many has again ban reduced acVord.
iug to Berlin, newspapera received her.
Railroad tlekcta to Kastera points ar
issued according to th rationing plan.

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