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1918. SEMI-WEEK LY,:
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SIOUCED TO IttRiyilSTORM., ,a "WY; U S ra:
mm tea D E 8
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' loMtlTlfoSV
Next Attack May Be From
' North arid CouHter
Expected Daijy
NEW YORK. April 20 ( Associated Press ) After tlie scries of
disastrous defeats inflicted upon them on Thursday, defeats
that sent their legions feeling hack with thousands of dead and
. writhing wounded strewing the ground over which they passed in
r ruut. the (iermans made no attempt at any point yesterday to re-
Hume their drives. Exhausted and in need of reorganization. the
rested, as did the British, the latter grimly waiting for further at
. tempts on the part of the foe.
- It is not expected by the British leaders that the (rermans have
abandoned their efforts to break through the British lines at some
. point on the Armentieres salient, or at least to push back the Bri
tish lines to a point where the Germans may stop in safety. The
V Hermans, in their present positions, cannot stop. They must either
"fight on or confess, defeat and institute a voluntary retirement -from
. .the great pocket in which they find themselves, a retirement that
' would be across ground every inch of which is swept by British
shells. .
V" A Reuter despatch to Ottawa last night from British Head
quarters says that there are indications that the Germans will con-,
tinu m their effort to force a way through the British lines or to
pttsh the British lines still further north between Meteren and
Wytschaete, in the direction of Ypres.
' When morning came yesterday, the British were able to look
' ', across' yesterday's battlefield, thick with the German' dead. The
. ground along the Givenchy front bore the greatest evidence of the
German defeat, piles of dead being everywhere. Further evidence
. of the German demoralization on this front, where ten divisions
' had been concentrated along ten miles of battlelinc and where the
German staff had expected to crush the British, was afforded early
. in the morning when many Germans apeared across the La Bas
se Canal, throwing away their rifles and holding up their hands
ffi token of surrender. These men swain across the canal to the
priUsh side and gave themselves up. They refused to po through
1 another day of such carnage as their leaders had driven them into
!,' .'on Thursday. 'Ihe greater number of such surrenders were made
between Givenchy and Festubert, near Robecq.
.. :,, ,.,Thc. pusition of the Germans in their Armentieres salient was
; ma lc nvre nearly desperate yesterday when the weather suddenly
banged, turning cold, with a heavy ra'in that changed to snow and
!ot:t. during the day. The British, on the high ground ringing t'.iv1
wiIh nt, managed to keep their trenches drained, while the Germans
arholdinc, what is fast becoming a great quagmire, in which move
',' nitiiV arc made with the greatest difficulty.
,' Field Marshal Haig reports no change throughout the day on
anjr part of the British front, while, for the first time since the
1 v'great battle opened last month, the official report (nun Berlin con
",'y Jesses that "nothing has been accomplished". The Berlin repqrj
. , concludes with the statement that "the French hae not resumed
,' their attacks at Moreuil." A claim of naval activity is made by
,'. , the German admiralty, which reports fhat German torpedo boats
yesterday shelled the British and Belgian positions along the coast
between Nicuport and Dunkirk.
W'.j.., Practically the only exception to the lull on the front in Norths
v ecn France and Flanders was the German bombardment of the
, 'Hritrsh positions on Kemmel Hill, which was heavily maintained
during the day and which marks the spot where the resumption of
.' . the German offensive is expected.
,' '. 'W'l" There has been some "heavy infantry lighting at certain ec
tors ot the Amiens trout, where the French ha e matt-rially inii
proved their position, to such an 'extent that they h.ie been able
" Jto" rjivcrt further French reinforcements to the threatened points
of .the British line. The French have strengthened their hold upon
. v-Hangard en Santerrem which is now firmly hci.l l them and the
, ' Germans ejected with hea y hisses. The position changed lw nds
. repeatedly during the past few days.
Tlverc has also been genera)
of the French front, but no infantry fighting except a: I'.augard.
Italian forces have been, brought from the Italian reserves and
' have taken over a section of the
where the front touches the Swiss border. These troops have been
V. move! in to take the place on the Allied west front of the. British
". und French regiments now holding an importnt part f the Piave
( Ihie under (iener I Diaz.
Washington military critics
shaping themselves that a victorious counter will soon he possible.
' " ' ' Manv of them look for the launching of such a coimterstroke any
dav. .The arrival on the northern section of the front of Fr-jnch
reinforcements have made the German etf t to r.ach the coast
'. practically impossible, they believe.
' - A -News that Italian regiment
, ,' rame in despatches from Rome to the Italian embassy. It is be
.. Ikved here that this force is a small one. being sent more for senti
mental than military reasons.
:J Hft riANCrs(T). April Id- idlti
ftalV Attorney (iuxin Mr.Niiti. hnha
Investigated the tiviation pniyrinn '
progrwi fr the PreMilrnt, ileclHiew
that tinmrne nlmtacle licen
0emiie. Noting Ihiit tin- I'nifed
ftte on en'ei'inj; the "nr hud onlv
jTotif Sinii that hH cvei built 'ir
, p'ae, lie derlarep thnt the i-t riiir
ifca ben mont ereilitalile.
Tha liberty motor i u until up,'hj,
, 'and afMs tha' eervthln vn
elble In be.bg iIiib to iiltnin iii:intit.V
produitioii of all tjpen of uirpluuea.
artillery fighting on many sections
French line on the extreme right,
believe that events are now so
have reached the French front
iNUnCAdt UC MAKINt 1 '-'
WAHIIINUTON, April l -(.6cla.
ted I'rmi i Tkf honm- nnval affaira
rumniittrr today ngrrcil mihiii h plin to
intrcttiu the I', s. Murine t'orpa to
75,01)0 nu n. und tin1 dexputi h of a large
force lo the French frmit, under a
major yeneml.
Your lov n hImavh i;ctTin( serat'tll
or cut or vbruisei1. Hfchnso' thi-e
wi.uniln have lienle.l all xiltt m'no 1fcn
Itiev alwavn will. Oct a bottle of t'hani
berlnin'K f'nln Hnlm and e hat Wt
Injury I enred for Immediately. ' Yu
eim net uuthint; better, i. n.l bltod Kjisuu
U too ilnncer.iun a di-eaie to rink. For
kbI by all donlen. M'imoi Hmith It
Co., ageuU fur Jluwaii. - -Advt.
. '..
bteei Magnate Assumes 'import
ant Outlet Fw Natlbh' ,u
Omrlrt M. Hrhwnh, ! mk'niitr
nnrt otie rif th 'brut infoYtocfl wp fin
Ktvl colrtfiirTln in! iftrMt rtlMtetird
in. tfcc mlritT; of fht wrwrinrtuM, r
rivod hir tdnf tt'kMumo hU rtottnn
kk (iirrtflKhcmt fcf th.vrtitp Vatru
tion for the rtittrd Htatra,
KuKk1ng ftf TV ToftHna f 1V t'ni
ted mvtM In hlfdiM1nt 'Mf. WfcV
tfmk fftilo t pmtn mrmbw rif tde
ntiYpfVi)( boM. J,Th -wnrtrof Hurty.
nn) IMf h W notblnf abort 0
Tho tit bold f rfcirfwit tiKk
of ahlp emmtrnrtlon by Jsrhwub, tfrp
Ktrl wttt,'1 tUry tenilin K
a proof thi Adorik'i opr-iB( ffrtKn
will rtrft'th tttn ohmmHit m
pai' whh la klHny f.tnrlr tniting
itn "pillip" 4Altit fh WntH'of Off
niHB oWrtkl Thade mlth th prpor of
clccoivtng ttteir own- popl,
Declines to , 6p la Aid of impris
oned Woman
OKVEVA,' April HT f AriBfej
rre CvA refusal to nardon a friend
of Kdith CaVrlt, the Engliahwoman,
hna been given br the uermanv after a
year of nil nee.
When tne Herman eieeuted Mln
Cav, it, n friend, Wulta. Wyti, a Ofheva'
girl, wit impnaonea lor jwenij-nve
ears for the Mm olrenae.
Three thousand women ef ' Oenea
Mint a petition (or her pardon to the
German crown prtqeesa. They have
just receive I a cold refusal to act.
gned by the rnnneesa' secretary.
CIIICAOO, April 19 (Annotated
1'rfiifl Oiarnaa f disorderly conduct
nciint ProfMKHO TbomaH of th offi'
cinl fiunily of Chicago I'niverslty, awl
Mm. (tranwi', wife f a letan now
na id to bp with thf Pershing forces ill
Frenre, were dipiiaMi i police court
totr. 1 ' , ''
4 'PtofvMior ThMmrik'.la hl of tke At
partmeut of ololog it Chicago Uaf
ertv, an-.aiwdciata editor of the load-1
ing Meiolnairat ampnwae and' tontrib'
utor to Tariourwiajritxinei of the Mm
character a ituthor of not el
who wu recMithr nrnwttd by ferterat
utticinls on cliarj;(-s of having viotnted
tbe"' prwviatoas of "the" Mann "Act irl
bring. n(f Mti. Uranger from reian and
into Illiaoia. ' I
The report 'ml Ma arrent created ti
world mido aenwifioa. '
WASH TNMiTON. Ai.ril (OBicial)
Generally good and steadily inprovl
Ing health conditions in the eampa and
rautonmentH of this countn- ro tcpnrt
d. During Inst wevk the deathl from
all causes numlter liJ which is coo-
ni.lenxl ln eiinNidering the number of
mea still in the cumps preparing far
service oversews. ,?
There is nlso shown a general dimiln
ution in the number of those reported
Wk as enmi'sred with the earlier days;
indicating both better sanitary Co lid M
tioiM and the lienefii iul effects of the
training an. I nut of door life upon the
.t r W-i f ,
rvi . ...Mt it
VKW HAVKN1. Anril 1 (Offic(li
Men of the I nited Hint's NVjr art
daily prayinn that th German Bert
will tome1 and offer' battle," Secretary
if Javy Dnniels daid in a speech hert
toduy.' The- secretary of tiavy added!
"There are :t.V.000 men of the United
States Navy who are clamoritig "fof
'daces on thf destroyers so thai Hie
may see serxice pverneas." Tbey'nre
Ix-iug sent over, lie continued, jnat'
faat as destrovers eun be built and
put into coiuiuishion.
, : W. 8 -r
WASllINtiTON, Apiil 19-Aootti
wl Press,- lio'ery that th BoneM
Magneto Coinpnnv is un entirely enemy
owned concern him reunited In the (us)
todian of alien enemy property tskltlj
over the buiinesn nml the plant ofTth
companv. It will be used by the gov
ernaient for the inauufacture of air
planA parts.
- , ) -rT ,t". ,. T f
KAVHAS CITY. Ai.rit 5V-n' .oer
Sled lre --t nsesSonaMe' trvMhar,
winter in the lin of spring, isf eeperte4
from points south of here, which shows
that it extends through southern KaO'
as, Oklahoma, and parts of Texas.
Tho weather in unseasonably oold
and tr.mi all three states storms of
snow or if sleet art) reporte'l.
I a ft AM a B aai a r is i . t,- I i VLBB&BJISL M y . M I I till llillllll I III
T hAKolU r coH tLU N u
City-Ha. Beer Midi Target of
Him Gunners Almost Daily
Jot JMrfy-ergrit MontM
Mora .Than.; Hundred, Thousand
, Shdl Sent Into Hetrt of
City In Single Week
I'AEIN April S0uAiiorin'l I'reas)
Hkeims. trtrt for th' German en"'
nora sine, rmnat the beginning of the
war. ha bWft in flamed for the past
week and le now only heap of nshelj
tn4 hot lifMs,
Fnt the Yat met the hnmbnnlment
by tho Huna hae keen of great violent1!
nnd it is et tainted that In the- periot
f trttm tlnjre th enemy h drofp
more than a hnad'tl thnnawttd ahn
rto trsat t a once the heart of a ben a
tifol eky. -
Av'nto-e hne reeently renerted hi
the (Ism mt the' barttiat elry eonld be
fen nrare? than eiit-y milea away.
Him PwfoM AeU'" - -
"Bombardmepl of $ single dty which
has lasted for, more than three year
has resulted iri its destruction together
ith that of woe of the roost important
nd henntiftil arehiteettirnl monamenM
the wnrlJ hna knewn 4he Othedrftl of
Hheim. tn Heme days thousands of
shells have been thrown into the city
with attendant destruction.
The first shelling of the city was be'
?im rteptembnr 4. 1914. while German
officer wet atrli in control of the eity,
for the Germans occupied Rhehn toi
ton days and abandoned it, were not
drtveV put. f-tlnce then shells hare no
fallen every day, hut tho hombardmenf
hn')eeit enh as' to be prorrly called
continnooa. C1m turn would he inter,
snersed 'between' dayt of intense artil--lerf'
etivity. - For aevernl memths ?n
iniS thla wna the eaae and the mini
day actnalljr outnumbered the days of
riolenee,'' ' v -
Condltlooa drew tVorm 1
Sine tbe-n thinirs have gone from bad
to worse. IWeewiher. lftlfl. wi a com'
pnratiyely eajrn 'month: oaly a few dhys
with hombacdmer'ts. and these with bnt
a minor fall of afcelK Janon'V. 1017i
opened' with titter enlm. Hhells foil on
January 8, nd a fe-v on the three sue
eediwg dayaV'TC vents baame more un'
certain ittwf went on: there wer
do vs of bombarmeaf and days of nd
homnr'meot.'' No one eouW tull whnf
would ihtspfe'V' next. On February 2
he bojobatTiAVTit started in with some
lailv retru'hcttv; but B'nef JIarch i
191 If tbereVlfr.ve ' bo barflv hatf ' 4
dorJeit 'dare iW whVh Sheima' fiat not
been sub.tfoted t6" bombardment,
Sbe'llBs: donH"pu . (",
The siege hif axsirmed h new ebantcn
tet. The hombardreetit of 1917 wae al
most eontiniirMa, ' Rhelms ytai fairly
drenched " with fih4 rThoy we-e no
loTifr to, he eoti'Tdd by 'vwoa. threes'
twenties, flfties. but by bond red an,1
thousands, 'On'fhe' twh flava of April fl
and 7 no les than R.785 ahel's wer
eounted. On April 12 the number fo
eiHglf dny roae to 7,000 of ft.OOOi
Eighty It ret were' tmreil ia Rheims from
shells between April 7 and April Ifl;
Jhe'-besutiful Hotel de. Ville look fire
on May 3 and horned for two davs. Ill
wit's Wimted that 13.000 sheHs fel'
between May 11 and 1.1, 'ami the tot
for 'all months of 11117 reached gigantic
fjrorM. -
Record of Worror
'J ply, 1117, was' a' dreadful rnonth
Twelve htind red sherhf fell on .Tnlr .1
JrJQ en July 1. more tha 2.000 on
July 13, from 2.500 to 3 000 cm .Tnly 14
"wWl on July 1.1. i,T 2Atr on .Inlv lrti
JOoir 17 was relatively' ra'm. with' 1S
HHls. Then a renewal on the 18th of
840 shells, dropping to 80 on the lOthl
Helng slightly to 110 0 he 20tb and
then amounting to more than 900 on the
5Int. Of these flO Ml between 7 and 8
o'clock in the mortrtr) 30 from 8:30 trt
11a: tn., 700 from 1 to 3 f ro.. "d 100
ftefll o'clock at nljrhti-'a typienl day
of the great bombardment of Rheimsi
The history of the wvfortanate eity
from that time on to the end. the 'past
w0r. hfl hee'ti simply a repetition of
the chrouicle of the days that weut bo
fore; Now the fell vandal purpose lnu
been fully achieved.
T U f. fht- '-f'TtY
Man It To Charter. 1 00,000 Ton
J Shfppinfj IThat
Neutral Country
.WASHINGTON, ,-A4.r'U Nt'gotia
tioas for chartering 100,000 tout of
Swedish shipping have ' pfoeeeded as
atlsfaetonly tlat the war trade boarj
already has authorised license for tha
eport of 28,000 ton rf phosphate
roek to Ftwelen, It ' ruorned today.
The teioiKjrarv areemout provided
that aapplios shdnld not be (hipped
from this side until the entire 100,001)
tous f slijpptug had beet ehrterel,
btit.ia view of tha athrfotory prog
ress being made and' tb.e fact that
Sweden U Wily in need of phosphate
for fertilizing purposes, the war trade
board voluntarily released the 25,000
ton. Should , the negotiation, con
trary to epoctetioas, fail nnd an
agreement not to txr signed by a Hpeciflc
date, the t'nHetl BtAtea would have the
option of taking over the cargoes at
Msl-fras freight,' so that the Shippers
wmild leae nothing.
'"Pa terra of the agreement now un
der negotiatiotia are regaedarl- n 4e
eJ4e4ly Hlral r4fi rovi4ing
lot adequate supplies of cereals, fats
and other foodituffs, eoffe ton h
spices, cotton and, wqiil, leather rnt'l
tauuing instVtlal. '' '
. .. ,t
Precfpltatlon Nearly Four Inches
r. In, Few Hourt Roads Wash
ed Out and Bridges Down
A real old 'fashioned Koon rain
sir or in hit Onhu Thursday night and
yesterday morning which did eoasider
able dantago to the roads ia the outly
ing sections of the eity and in the
foundry . districts generally From
taldaight Thurwtay until last night
I.irl htchea of rain fell in the city, sc
crrdlng to records of the loenl weather
bureau, ltn more rklu threatened.
Considerable damage has been done
t tbd roexj aroood the islnnd, accord
ing to City Engineer Jantin, Who re
turned last night from a tour of in
spection. There are three deep holes
t the vieintty f tha til II. Jndd ranch
which makes that section of the Island
almost Impassable, Catitia had I' (rang
of men winking "temporary repairs at
Kaaawa Ford and by asing care nutos
can pass thia section of the road. A
remporaty approach was bailt to Ka
houn bridge, the etorm having damaged
il ' greatly. Considerable damage has
bef n tfofieto Haimla Bridge No. 3; Ha'
ktpliu Ford has' seriously felt the ef
fect of the storm and Laie Malo and
Ho lew bridgwo were nearly washed
out and only prompt action on the pert
of the road supervisor yesterday sav
ed them from destruction. Tempor
ary repairs have benn tnado In all of
these instances, which will be follow
ed by permanent repairs as soon as the
weather settles. Although the trip
around the island ia not a thing of
beauty or a joy forever, under the pres
eut conditions, it can be made by us
ing care and discretion, City Engineer
Cantia said last aight.
Dock Fonda Overflow
Gangs of men were sent out yes
terday morning by City Engineer Can
tia about the city to clear up the
damage done in the various sections of
Honolulu. The duck ponds msuks of
the Waikiki road overf lowediuring the
aigbt and yesterday morning that thor
oughfare was almost impassable. Autos
codling in from Waikiki were obliged
to drive through water np to their hubs.
Early in the morning there was a
stream pouring down Knmehnmelia IV
road ten feet wide. The Knuluweln
Kchool was surrounded with wnter
from' this flood' and children bound for
school yoeterdsy morning were oblig
ed to wsit until the waters subsided.
Owing to the recent heavy raius and
a heavy stream of wnter pouring in
from Maole ditch, Nuuanu reservoir
is filled to overflowing. This is the
first time that "Nuuanu I)nm", as it
is icommonly known, has been filled
to capacity since it was built in 190H.
There was considerable" speculation
fen 'years ago as to whether tjie dam
would hold water if the reservoir be
hind It teas ever filhd to capacity.
Several legislative committees investi
gated the plant and an expert engineer
tvmi brought here from the mainland
to pass an it. Present conditions prove
thnt the dam has filled the purpose for
which it was built.
Weather TTnusual
'Wcethcr conditions in Honolulu dur
ing this' aionth are "unusual", sold
V" M. Mninriek, he-id of the govern
ment' weather bureau, w hen comment
lag' yesterday upon the downpour of
rain Thursdsy niht und Friday morn
"Any explnnntion Unit the weather
here is ' unusual ' i" always scoffed at
by the nveiage tourist, who ssorts it
is "the nine old Southern California
weather story.' but our office records
prove April is customarily far from be
ing rainy month," he snid.
The weather man. while anticipation
a storm on account of the dropping of
the barometer several days ago, nd
mits he was surprised ut the downfall
of ;t.41 inches from eiht o'clock Thurs
day evening lo eight o'clock Friday
tuoYning. I.nte a csleriny afternoon he
said that the barometer still indicated
that there niore ruin to come, ns
it wan still below minimi.
The heaviest rnyifiill yesterday wns
between five Hiol six o'clock ill the
morning when 1.51 inches fell in the
one hour. From eiyht o'clock in the
morning until noon ,:!S inches was the
precipitation, ninkiiig the downfall foi
'he Kona storm up to that time 11.79
No Eecords Broken
While tire storm yesterday and the
night before comes at a time when the
wet spring season is supposed to be
ever, ni records were broken for Hono
lulu, as 13.62 Inches foil in Honolulu
In twenty four hours, March 10 and 20
However, "that April weather" i
mashing all previous records of April
rainall by a three time measure. The
nurmnl rainfall in tke past for April
Is 2.65 inchesT. which would make the
average for niaeteen days 1.07 inches.
The total rainfall for this month for
this same time is O.tiS inches.
The raiu storm of the iHst few days
is not a continuation of the storm of
the past twO weeks, says the wenther
bares a director, but a Kona storm of
entirely different origin.
V7. I
HAN FBANClrWH), April lit ( Asso
clsted Press) The closiug hours of the
Hindu Kevolt conspiracy case are at
hand. The prosecution bus finished the
presentation of its case and the defense
is now presenting its arguments.
Attorney Theodore Roche for the de
fense today presented arguments in
which he sought to discredit the testi
mony of Jack Htarr Hunt, super uarite
of the Maverick und Lieutenant Hnuwr
buck, formerly of the Ueroian warhi'
(tei. r ami others iu regard to the sail
In.' r.tc'ei" ii hii l, tlu v hnd told of HH
in lu i'ii given tu the Maverick.
Losses of Engineers There .To
Work; Rather, Than Td Fight
Commensurate With Numbers;
More Troops Are Rushed Over
WAMHlNOTON, April 20-(As!oW
ed fressV-l'nifed ftsten " engineers,
fighting with the British and rrench
In the recent terrifte battle . the
Western front hav bravely borne their
share of the burdens and hate' suffered
casualties whieh ate rommensnrale
with the nnmbera etigagvd and tleAfly
indicate the Importance 'of. the part
which they played. In the period of
twelve days, from March to-April
3 tke losses to thia. contingent "which
w as at the 'front as workers rather than
as fighters were 122. ' '
Oeaeral Pershing yesterdny reported
to the war department detail Of the
splendid participation of the engineers
rn revisting with the British and with
the French the tremciMous offensive
of the Germans. He snys that when
Mie story of their bravery and courage
ous participation is written it "wH
make splendid reading for the Ameri
cans at home."
Telia of Losses
In his renort on casualties General
rershinsr tells of trasses from March 21
to April 3. Two officers were killed and
three wounded and twenty men were
killed and fiftv-two were wounded.
Forty -five are missing, but r.r.bing
says It is believed tha some rrf those
who are reported as missing have be
come separated from their commands
and are safe with the Allies in some
other set-tor.
Successful Raid
Thirty Americans and thirty French
yesterday executed a raid upon a small
ector of German trenches in the line
along the right bank of the Mease.
They Inflicted considerable . cnrusltic
tpon the onemr and sufferer but little
'hemselve, '
ush 'Troops Overseas
Many imiirntions point to 'the fact
that the government is rushing -American
forces overseas' with all possible
"pee.1 In answer to the calls of the Ab
'tea for reinforcements as fast ns they
can be made available.
Secretary Baker yesterday had a long
conference with Karl Reading but
neither of them wonld comment upon
it when it hnd ended.
Keiorts of casualties made by the
vur dephrtrtenf were: Keven killed in
etion, eight died of wounds, two of
disense, six wounded severely and sov
?nteen slightly, with tto misseng. Lieu
tenants Robert B. Kliett and Moses
Taylor Jr.. are nvssing.
WASHINGTON, April ID (Official .
-l,Brrtcipafion!nf American 'troops !
he fighting in Fiance-is showti by th
Aided icpo-ls by correspondents whicl
ilso note the praise given by British
nd French oliircrs.
An rierns in both the Toul and th
r.oniuue sectors huve taken posm-ssion
if No Vim's Land right up to th
vire defenses of the Germans. Rnid-
'V day and night as far as the en
emy s third line or rteronne hare- me
with no opposition. Through the re
suits secured bv them' rnirltiiK portie
the enemy's Hue of defense has been
WAMlllMiTON, April 1 (Associ
ated 1'ressi Italinns are nlremly par
tieiiHitinu in the hVhttng on the est
em front and are preparing for a still
furtlwr nml larger participation. It
was learned in a message to the Itnl
inn embassy here that an Italian reyi
inent is now operating on the righl
wing of the Allied front and oilier
despatches sai.l that Premier Orlando
at Koine hnd announced that other
Italian forces will be despatched to
France with all Ksilile celeritv.
V. B. I.
WASHINGTON. April '0 -(Assoc ia
eJ Pressi - While riding yesterdny or.
the British tank. Pveside-t Wilso'
burned his hand quite severely.
This tank is the one which wtir
'trough! lo this country for use in the
'ast l.ihertv Loan campaign Slid wn
1rs exhibited in New York Citt
vhere it iirotised greal enthusiasm. TI
s bei'ig tised as a " subscrlptloa ffet'
'er" in the present campaign und with
excellent success.
LONDON, Audi ltt Associated
Press)-The Turks hnvv captured
iiituni, on th" Black MeS. formerly
'leld by the Russian Caucasus nriuy,
nd in taking the port got also 150 guns
ml MllOO irisimcS, says a, Constan
tinople official suaoiiiiccment,
' .,--. -;7T-,,
PARIS. April ltt (Associated P e-s)
(iun. lieliu has been named the Frem h
representative on the supreme war
"ouncil, tnklnji the place of Oon. Woy
gand. . .
,'dblcts). DruggtHts refund moay il
failr to cure. Ths isatu.A ol
W GllOVr, is un tmh bo Msn
mm liy lue I'AK'S MI.DlCiL
Jt U-U. U. 8. A.
Sir- CrJwarrj Carion Urges' puty
ot Standinrj-By 'SoWicrs At
' front and; R.sitjtlnQ .Effort Jo
Include Uiforjn Mome Rule
, .. i. ' h. . i i .-a...-'-'
People of North ani ' South' , Ire-
land Cdntmue Their Differences
"' When Britain Needs Every Able
, Bodied Man At the Front
' c- , - I ' '
LONDON, April 20(ArrU
atetl Tress) With the Irirjli
NatirynaU.it lea4ern of all factions
tolidly afigrted against the en
forcemnt of con.scrpfin in Ire
land under the new Man -Power
Law and ttre govcrnnrent hrtni-i'r
that the situation might be clari
fied through Home Rule legisla
tion, further complications have
been precipitated by Sir Edward
Carson, leader of the Ulsterites.
In this crisis he stands, as ever,
unalterably opposed to any Home
Rule measures that wouW include
Ulster, where are the great man
ufacturing industries of Ireland
and which vow1d bear the larger
proportion of tire taxes while
ontaining a minority- of popula
tion, and make it subject to rule
tnd legislation emanating from a
Roman Catholic majority at Dub
lin. , . , ,
Sir Kdward Carson yesterday
ent a message to the newspapers
if I'clfast in which he said in
)art : "ft is our clear dutv to
-upiwrt the soldiers who arc -ing
fUisirj j Jh'q front and
rc must resist any Home Rule
measure which would disregard
he wishes of Ulster".
When the w'ar broke out Car
on was one of the commanders
if the "Ulster Volunteers" organ
'zed to offer armed resistance to
'rish Home Rule from Dublin. At
hat time there was a Home Rule
ncasure pcntling in parliament
vith indications of its. passage.
With (ircat Hritain in t-lie war
Home Rule legislation, had to
,'ivc way nd tire ."Ulster Yolun
ccrs" gave tbei services j(;ain-t
ierniauy. Sir Kdward C,'arnii bf
:ainc attorney general and enter
ed the cabinet. . There, he remain
ed until the Irish convention wms
Ictcrntined upm, when he re
signed. Thus with the Nationalists up
Mising conscription without rcj
csenlation and ossibly iu any
vent and with tbc Ulstcrit.es and
Iratineinen ctpposing Home Rule
hat would include Ulster iu its
rov isjons, the crisis has become
mure acute;
Dr. Thomas McQirtcn. who
yos arrested in New ,Yark..jii coll
ection, witlt passport frauds atid
eleasd on .bail, coming Iconic,
as, been ,unanimpus,ly e'ncJ.Cv' to
arliameut liom Kings County as
i Sinn Feinefi
' w. s. s.
AM8TKRI)AiI, April SO f Assnrln
i'd I'reiis) In ths 0rmsn .rfinlisla
ht .lunktTH are In control onea tnnr.
iy the ma jority It has Iiaea dfttwptninp l
lo i'8iiriuuc ths war aitb a vigor tliat
s Kreutt-r ttnm ver. The central emu
mitfre of the teiobstaK Is almost tin
aaimous in its drtttrruiiuttion to oon
tin lie the war in the sbarpoKt niiimier
It U reiorted hr von YVenturp, that
German Junker leader.
w. a.
W.VrSHIXtVrON. April 1 (OltiehtM
The orjfiiulait ios of the- Auterira i
innv' "tunk rorps" has ' lieen
tdei rti'.l liv tke anfr)rri.nr 'ef 137
eroud lir-'eiv fof this branch.
y. r; s
. M0T0N0 T'6 T.tittl ,. .
" TtKIO. ril 10 ' i i."-',Mnlr.l
Crest) I'uuul M ut o in, n i.. i..l,;n I r
caiino of -ill lietltli, tt in snuoiiiied iu
tho Nielii Mi-L'.i

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