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.. . -I ... j
m hi ii. t h, ' r I
Onlyllohf -Modification! Madi
,To Permit Larger Holdings -f
, ftr New 'Company
If Hohoiulans, Da Not Want
Shares Custodial Has Said
. H Wifl Take Them Up
, laatrnetlona to rrrel : With plans
for (be aaUof the eatte property aa4
goln bystaeM of II. Haekf eld Cbm
paay, Halt!, t a wew borporatloa
wTrlea U to a4 fonad 4 buy these for
nab' were rweiwttV jraaterday by B. H.
Trn, -epeoataHvfia Hawaii of the
vatadtan of aMen enemy property,
frota , A iiitebeU Calmer. , There . ars
aoaia alight ; asodiacationa which tk
essisdtaa lias approved, aiost important
of which la the a umber bf share ia ths
new e Or po ration which can be allotted
to a aingle subscriber. In, no other jav
portaat speet, ar there aiy cbaagei
from taf. plan that was oatUoad to t
praaoBt diretora aad the proposed aw'
director of HT( JUf kfeJd A Company at
the meeting Which i held Thursday
,'Jt was at first proposed by A. Mit
chell PaWer to limit the number of
hares which nlghf .be allotted to 100
hare' to snbscribem other than shar
holder in the present company and ia
th east of holders of stock in the
present aasspaay to aa equal in value
of their present holdings not to exceed
600 shares. In this. Mr. Treat saw difj
(UnltUa which be pointed out to Mr.
Palmer in - trireless messagea He
saowad him th practical impossibility
pf Hading any : 650 persons ia the Isl
and wh wld be in a position to take
110,000 of tfas new stock. Following
hi suggestion tbe modification is thajt
bare ssay, be allot tel up to 8000, or
500, aharea.,,, All allotments will ' be
to approved abacribera only and there
l ap change in the requirement that
nek stoekbeldnrs In the new eompafy
nni be eltiaen of tbe United Btatf.
Jtytutt Ara AcPtjla
, tUtibscTiptioas to the stock of the torn-
Eantr which is to be formed aje to be
alJi for either, lo cash, in United
Starts bonds or ia the stock of II.
ACkfeld. Company. Mr. Trent was
Uifermd yesterday that .United Staffs
yojidf rjjl be received in lien of cash.
V;Tliia, ttvjs -clear the plan which was
rll'(0 ;thf directors, old and new, pf
-vkackfald . t Company, was In ae
tenUtlve er,,aas,it a JieeUr'
It ) tho plan upon which the represent
tative-Of the custodian here Is to pfx-'tut'V.W.-
. . . ,
tttitfetthfe BeqadraaMnta
,-Jtelattv to the provision which make
eltiitnsblp a requirement for the hoVI
iaf of aharea or the having of iatereM
La ratuirea -af -the, new company, it ha
been, Voited out that this ill prevent
th purchase of stock by object of the
Allied ast)on jaeideat and ia business
here.: Ar by . any . firm or corporation
which may have foreigners as member
r..aa' shareholders. It is learned this
wetter , woe bronght to the at
tentto at Mr. Palmer recently in
Washington and specific instances men
tioned of Individuals who would thus
be barred from participation in the new
company, To this the custodian r
rdled that he did not core. The United
Statea. government, he said, was not
tniing the stock away frua eaemv sub
jects to transfer it to the custody of
any other foreign nation, oo mnttnr
how friendly. It was to insure a hold
int of the com pan v which should be
entirely American during the period of
the war and for three vears thereafter
that the forfeiture of stock to the gov
crnnvat daring the war period and Int
er to the company was provided.
Tat ar Leave
Some Criticism of the "overnment 'r
propoaal was hoard yesterday and some
objection were raised on various
grpnhds. , One of theaw was that there'
would be difficulty In floating "the
amouat of stock required to fio-it the
pew eocapaay aalesa the limit m rais
ed. Tbie was answered in part by the
Inereaslag of tbe number of shares Um
it ad to a sisgle subscriber. . But the
real answer to it Is the provision in the
plan Which eaya th eimtodinn will take
for th (rovernmsst the residue of cani
l tick In th;new eompnnv left after
the Hoaolulu nnblle ha aubaeribod. In i
other words if Bonnlulans do not want ;
th sooh te roviwament will itself
take It tip. Take it or leave it is thei
war the proposal appears.
Ori(e-rto" Ansejeted J
Aeotbsr aeint raised was the- po
'Me ba-,,' tr"i ewnershin of stock I
"f Ansae "f 'o-1 corporations which
hsve foreign toe'-kaldoTa, A strict in-'
terriretetloi would aeem to bar such
eonfenies .but there might be a differ-1
n interiwtatlnn nut on it in ennsid- j
erstion thrt such companies are strict-1
1 American concern. Otherwise indi
vdil raiKr of auch corporations
could stibacrihe foe themselves only. I
Ae!n ft wes na'd the chief et of
'omnanv waa Its agencies and that
In few of these dM TfaeVfeld A Corn
pan" hold a controlling interest. The I
plantatina companies would want as
nrs.re.o ths maiacemeet beinir In
f .1.-1. t bands. To tbls it was ans
wered that the stockholders of the new
company would elect the directors and
Voutr"'' the officers aad manairomeot
eatWrailn rpriirajly name the, test ob-
rnnswe rnr jneir owu interests, neir
IpteMst of the at"ekholdera would In-
enre for the Interest of the stock
"err In he plantation companies.
ri'heri-Wa thore -nuld be the ilaufer
ef the l-"r of th" acencies of the
'imiS" e roost Important part of
' - nni-- huslness.
(f'in$ Unlikely
ti .rm n linle likelihood of any im
nortan' revision or change in the plans
W hsve be-i annnunced for here,
They apparently follow the program
the custodian has outlined for proceed
ingeverywbere in the eountry.
' Relative to the course being pariusd
Mid to b pursued by the custodian,
Brsdstreet's Review of March SI say-:
Poller funned . . ,' ' :
f'ln U prosecution of his a at lee as
Hot property custodian, Mr. Palmer
m reorganising corporation in which
II pr, the greater part of tbe ftock it
anemy-ewaed. Hiii procedure, M eem
i plifled in a number of riaci, I to take
ever .the enemy-owned itoejc and to
elect' new board of director and man
ager or other officers.
"In eorUin fostauoe sales of stock
to American citto.ens have been re
aeinded by order of the Custodian, who1
has eTIreeted the return of the aharei
'tad the cancellation of obligation! giv
.ea ia erohaafte for them,
i "It la the belief of Mr. Palmer that
much of the enemy owned money and
property in the country remaini unre
ported, part of it being involved In
trnsts or estates in process of adminis
tration in the courts. A special effort
to uncover property of this kind is now
being made through special egent. who
haye beep appointed to investigate
epurt records throughout the country.
,','The German government hr noti
fied pur own, through the Spanish
arahnsxadw and the Swiss minister at
Berlin, that it will proceed, against
Americas property in Germany in the
same manner an the government of .the
United States arts against German
property here. All estimate! agree,
however, that the amount of American
property likely to be affected in Qer
man is very ftmnll in comparison with
thai of German owned property ia the
United States."
Speculation Is Rife
As To Changes
Will Make
Officialdom Is Guessing Anxious
y wOne Suggestion Is That
Pinkham May Step Down' Into
While officialdom at the Capitol
building is awaiting tbe change la the
office of the Governor, which will be
mad when the nomination of Col. C.
J, McCarthy ia confirmed by the son
ata and he is inaugurated, speculation
eoaeeraiag what the new Governor will
do in connection with a number of
appointments that are to be made is
the one absorbing theme. Colonel Mc
Carthy has dee lined to go into ques
tions of the kind until he takes of
Nothing has come from Washington
in the past tweuty-four hours indicat
ing when actioa will be taken by the
senate concerning the nomination.
Colonel McCarthy said, yesterday that
he was as much in the dark as any
one -eo-far as the matter of his con
firmation ia concerned.
Expect Quick Actios,
It .was, held that as the question of
a special session of the legislature is
being held .up, this may hast on actiou
at Washington and the senate may net
within a day or two. Until Colonel
McCarthy's nomination was made on
a Thursday, it was accepted that imm
lnations were usually made at Wsh
ington on Fridays. Ordinarily in the
post confirmations of nominations have
been made on Thursday, but an the
rule was broken in the matter of the
nomination, it may also be disregard
ed in the matter of confirmation. It
is generally accepted, however, that
the confirmation will be made within
the next week.
No pretest from any quarter over
the nomination of Colonel McCarthy
has arisen in Honolulu and this in tak
en as another reason for believing Hint
there will be little or no delny about
I confirmation. After action is taken
by tbe senate Colonel McCarthy's
commission as Governor will bo issued
and notice will be forwarded to Ho
nolulu by cable. As soon as this mes
sage comes Colonel McCarthy will take
over Ii i h new duties. Colonel McCar
thy said himself yesterday that it may
happen that he will not take oflice um
til the first of June.
May Nam Pinkham
One report heard about the Cnpitol
building concerning the appointment of
a successor to Colonel McCarthy in the
oflice of territorial trasurer is that
Governor Pinkham himself may be
named to take this place which would
effect an exchange of offices bo
tween him and Colonel McCarthy.
Questions as to who will succeed Col.
Curtis V. Iaukea ia the event that he
leaves the oflice -of secretary f the
Territory have been answered in vuri
us ways. It is said that Land Com
missionor Bur tram G. Riveuburgh, who
has been a heel horse of the Dein
oerutie party here, is in line for the
plat; and should the vacancy occur
it is believed tbe office may be his for
the asking. Whether or not ho wants
it i another Matter.
Charles Jt. Parbea, who has remained
uoininsl superintendent of public works
since he entered the national forces,
uoid who is low in i'rauee, probably
will be dropped, though how this will
be brought about is a question, as it is
not thought that It will be practicable
to call for his formal resignation.
Since Forbes went away, W. B. Hobby
has been acting superintendent of pub
lie works and is lu line for the place.
Another appointment that is to be
made itf that of a successor to Colonel
McCarthy himself as uiembvr of the
harbor board.
w. a. a.
y ' h
The Hnwaiiana of the Waiinea sec
j turn or Usual offered a unique enter
t tainment in Waimea Hall on the even
, iug of April 13 in aid of the Ked Cross
I The hull was tastefully decoruted.
the symbol of the Red Cross being
much in evidence. Mandolin utid iiui
fur duct, songs, part songs and a beau
tiful tablea'i representing court scenes
of old Kuwait formed part of a long
and vniiod program.
. The dual number was the crowning
f he m"" "f tl" various islands of
the (jroup each ''sovereigu" Wearing
a distinctive lei.
' .41' I
Compels Vessels Carrying Goods
To Pershing 1n France'To
Return To Port
WAHHINOTOX, April oOermaay
has forced Spanish ships that had
cleared Spanish port loaded with sup
plies for General Pershing's army I
rrance to return to port. This was
j learned this afternoon from an author
itative source. The Spanish ambaasa
dor, Benor Kiano, called at the elate
department today and conferred with
Counsellor Frank I. Polk. It I n
- deratood the Rpanish shipping agree
J ment was discussed. Neither the art-
baeaador nor the state department offi
cials would comment en what took
place at the conference, however.
WA8HINGTOX, April 6 Germany
has served what amounts to aa alti
matum upon Spain, demanding repu
diation of the trade agree me. at reached
between that nation and tbe United
States. It has been made plain to the
Madrid government, the Berlin des-
f atrhes received here today say, that
f the trade agreement ia enforced,
Gcrmaa submarines will inaugurate, a
general campaign of sinkings agaiaat
Rpanish ships bringing supplier front
this country. As a result, a really
serious condition has developed, which
may have far-reaching couseqneocee
to this country.
May Prove Serious
, Great quantities of supplies that are
badly needed by General Pershing's
mn n .n a: V. ..1.1 1- O...!. ' OI 1 J
the Spanish government finally decide
tney cannot live up to the trade agree
ment, the lack of these supplies may
prove serious.
That these goods have not gone fore
ward Is declared to be due to the
American war trade board. It hal
failed to take advantage of the agree
ment and send forward the supplies
that were 'promised to Spain in. re
turn for ! rd, nf the P.ku
mcuts. It la nn.ierstrKMt th.r tkt. aZ
lay has been due to the necessity ot
completing certain investigations, but
nevertheless, the reorts received here
from Madrid indicate that the Spaar
lah government is intensely displeased
because of it. And the action of King
Alfonso's cabinet may be influenced
by this unless a satisfactory explanftV
tion is forthcoming through diplomatic
sources. ,
While Spain has given more er leas
aid to Germany and that eountry ia a
veritable nest of German spies operate
Ing against the Entente; officials had
built great hopes on the new trade
agreement to change this situation.
The Madrid government is understood
to have frankly promised that it would
enforce the strictest neutrality aaf
would stamp out the- U-boat bases that
are known to be along the Spanish
. - -l
coast These base are a fomidabl
to this eountry aa iti I jnllbona
are sent oversea. It is un-
I here that Germaay intend
of men
to. force an immediate decision from
eliiflin in 1 1 nrnraat anoinst sIia aM,U
i""v"" "r
agreement The reporU reaching her
indicated that a speedy reply was asked
for in the roramanication sent from
Berlin, and which now is ia the hands
of the Spanish government. ,
I'ipiomauc omciaia explained today
that the s.tuatioa presents several
Ik it 7T1 on,e('u?CMt !lffect'D
the United States ami .the Albos. Ba-Iat
"T . J I"' "I" H,(e"t.'h
understood to have take, ap with thp
trade board the matter of getting
through immediately at least a portion
of the supplies promised to Spain, so
that the agreement ran be made be
Ffore Madrid is compelled to start its
answer Herlin wanl. .
W. S. S.
Will Be Succeeded As Command
er of Hawaiian pepartment
By General BJocksom
, i. ( ,
Hrig. Gen. John P. Wisser has been
relieved of active duty and has been
ordered home, according to a eablograai
received from Washington yesterday.
He is to be succeeded by Brig.-Oes.
August P. Blocksom who haa. recently
'en stationed at Camp Cody, Jew
'I'hc eable received by General Wisser
yesterday is ns follows: VBig.-Sea.
August P. Blocksom will proceed, to Ho
nolulu and aasume command of Hawai
ian department to relieve you, directing
von after being relieved to , proceed
home, reporting on arrival by telegraph
to the adjutant general and relieving
you from active duty on arrival home. T"
The order came, aa quite a aurpriae
at department headquarter.
General Blocksom was bora la Ohm
in I KM and was appointed to West
Point from that (State. Prior to the
time he was ma Is brigadier geaerel V
ns with ths First, Reeead, Third, Sixth,
Seventh and Tenth Cavalries.
' . t" 1,1
Frederick B. Boxtwick, for the pa-sl
two venrs emoloyed as assistant cash
ier and honkl'eeiier in the office of
'he Knhnlui Railroad, will leave the
f-binds next week by the steamer
Niagara for his home in New Haven,
''oiinecticut. where he eapects te en
list in home branch of the war stwvise,
hhvs the Maui News. H 1 already
enrolled for serviee with tbe U. 3.
'lining Board, but pending aa awn
nei nt in cut. to active duty may decide
o i'liii ime other branch
Mr. Bosfwiok ia a brother of Prln
;cji.Hl Charlos H lWtwik, of Kane
jheineMi Si-hool for Bqv Hi Hfaii
f-iciiHs will see hlra leave with regret
but wish him success ia his new Held.
' ? .... I
1 ... ,. ! ")
Carry.Your Card Or Be Arrested,
Is Warning Sent Out Tb All
Draft Registrants
Delinquents Uot Only In' Honolulu
But On All Plantations Will
m- , Be Run To Earth -
"Carry your car.!," is the word that
baa gone forth from all draft offices
f the) Territory to registrants who have
been examined and classified, for th
card will be all thot will save men
from arrest when the drive to -round
ap draft delinquents is started oa all
ef the Islands some time between April
t3'ead April 17. It is estimated tba
not, less than four huu.'red bava faiUi
e eompleU their registration, aa the
have not- been examined and cam; '
.and It la believed that a censbjerahlf
iwiner pave noi even reglatere.- : i
Tlie. drive that is to he made tbroogh
eat thrTorritory is s outrrowtb of a
movement that was siarte'd by the TTa
waiian Vigilance Corps at. its meeting
thil woek. It was then determined t
rousHl up all slackers and. draft. delin-
, I" ".r V Pf-WOfB'
meadatloa of the Vigilance Corp the
project has beea set in motlan.y the
draft authorities.
Plans for the big "drive for eleek
era" were outlined yesterday at a meet
Ug held ia the offine of Capt. IL Good
lag Field, draft offiuer, in the OapltoJ.
Preeeat at the tneetiag were Bheriff G,
H.: Bona,; Chief of Detectives Arthur
meimme, uiim BtstM Marsaal d.J
6"ddy, Ed Towse, C. H. Lewis and
r . a : vi.u r l i i . . . m .
Captain Field. Probably all of a. thou
sand special, efiVers will be recruited
in Honolulu alone, it was decided, t
carry eut .the work of th drjve If
which ejery corner of the city will be
combed, j " .
To Bo eenerel
While -the drive la in progress her
at the earn time tbe work ot sweep! a
Inquiry will.be carried on on all Of the
Islands, in ,a,U ot the various Island
communities from the largest to the
smallest, and oh all of the plantatlona.
The work lag force of all of tbe bit
Industrial can corns are to be examine?
by agent of, the draft organization a
well.. ,.,, . . ;
Througheai the whole iaquiry the
work wjll center on one question
" Where ia jojtreardi "
l nner roetpeviaione ar tae tjelec.tivr
Service Act aTegirtraate who b'ave bee
.xamia.4 ,.b4 elaaeifled must keep ia
their poamuioa aCaU tiiaaa tbe Uttle
' maiu elkr(l jMU
wi,h ,,. that the holder has as
. . ...
order numoer and serial number,
wnich re M(1 tbat h et
floany classified and recorded in aonu
particular class. These eards ar sign
ed by th member of the local board
before which ,te man was examined.
v.,,.. c r.n, in
A lhe Ww thoM elllllliBP.
to keep these card io their possession
,PUuM the failure to presen.
them when asked aaay briag swift con
,u(nrn. Bo .JaiutUg the drivr
n i..nM k..,. T ; ,,
luiDMiaakwia v so a w uw an n
ask those within
the age limits
ere u
rds a
promptly to produce the car
re tr
be beld. . ,
In accordance with plans now out
lined it ia assured that every man ii
the Territory between the ages of
twenty-one and thirty-one will be ap
proached while the drive is in progrew
and asked to show hi card. 'I'll it
leaves little chance for the four bun
dred who are delinquent.
As a detail of the drive a eompleti
investigation is to be made in even
oue of Honolulu' 157 tenement build
ings, every employe Of industrial con
ecrns of the city within draft nge
limits will bo questioned and it is pos
sible that a complete canvass of eer
home and dwelling in tbe city will lx
Day Not Acnoanced
Kxactly what day the drive will 1
started has not been disclosed aud i'
mny not be announced even when tits
day ia fiially chosen. While the worl
of preparation for tJie drive i in prog
reus volunteers to serve as special ofli
cera are being recruited from the rank
of the branches of the American (?ouu
ell of Defense and front -other patriot i.
organisations. Theee volunteer work
era will supplement the. aork of tin
federal and municipal force, and It i
probable that oae or more eompanie
of National Guard, wiU ,bo called ou
to take art in the drive,
At the meeting yesterday it wa
pointed out that a number of cards an
issued to a registrant to tbe course o
examination that he goo through be
fore the final card I issued. To pro
vide for those who have shown goo
faith and have received on or niorc o
the preliminary cards and have no
completed registration due to ignor
aace, tba draft office kre.ta be hep
open uigbts beere and while tbe lriv
is in progress. Tula Is done so ths
those who are found to be deliiupieu
through ignoraaae ed who have rni
ried ot a part of their registratiui
will bp given a opportunity t fill uu
questionnaires and' do Other nee essar;
things to keep out of jail. Delinquent
of tl)iscliin who ars rounded up b
iuveatigators will be taken directly t
the draft oflice, whatever tbe time o
day, and will be glvea all opportunity
to'coiuply with the law. .
It is probable that any found wh
have aot registered, at aj) will be )mi'
bfhiml the liars without further ado
Tbeae cases will go directly into' tin
federal court. Under the law delin
eueuU who are rounded Ua and win
tbeu complete their registrations u
directly Into'Cluss 1 A, the first to b
.Further plan concerning tbe lrivt
re to be taken up at a meeting to b
held at the draft oflice thie morning.
tjlovernment Ask Peoole To Do
nate Ptrotos Post Cards and
Orawrngs of Hun Frontiers
t if- 7
Here's s new . n inna an Amsiicans
are reiiestel to cunt it u e to a pho
tographic campaign- one which Trill )e
aa aid to ths American armies at th i
The I'nlted Ststrs has rcvef bad
spina in foreign lends b map conn
trin and ob'a n militnrv ii formation
sach as Europenn iom:tres hav al
nays un.terlaken, and 'h rofore it 4
kpnsledsw, from a "ilitsry stamlpoinf,
of Germany is limi.ef.
More limilftil, hotve.er, is the know"
edg of tb Awer Um boys now i
training all over the Pnitf-d B'ato.,
fjr, service ai.n.sd. A rm-11 pirrant-,
age know anyth ug al nu' German; , ,
Therefore, tie Csited Srate 'gov
ernment wants tUi i, to r- nhs of Uer-
auuiy, intimate J hotogn p.s of towns
sad cities, onrticulariv in Aback an I
("Lorraine, of I.uxeinhurg, of tbe west-
era part of Geriai nv particularly, that
;hne may be h-i'.n through. the train
ing camp no that tbe boys may become
acquainted with a land that is alinurt
aa foreign to them aa tbe ke flow
of Ui North and South Poles.,
., The government not onlywanta plio
arnphs, but drawings awl demr i-
of buildings, br:des, railroa Ir.
towns and localities that may no be
occupied by the Germans la force. If
(here are any pictures in Hawaii of
ortif)el towns an 1 cities In German r;
descriptions of bridges and "railroa Is,
lbs government wants them right awav.
t Photographs, half tones, postal cards
and other illustrative matter will b
UsefuL. It will not be n-actic-Lle ti
return the llluatrntions to the donor . I
so they may be deemed gifts to thi
There are scores of Islanders who
have been in Germany, who. havn tak
en scores and hundreds of photograph
of places thev have visited; they have
collections of postal cards. They will
be of grsst service right here in Ha
waii where they can be shown to the
boys of the regular regiments on Oahu,
the national guarilsmnn, and ia . the
event of a draft being called soon, caa
be akowa to the boys of Hawaii whs
tnay.. aoon be oa their way across the
Bin? Pond. Let them know what Gar
many look a like. Pictures of Germany
which wore heretofore merely .glanced
at and not remembered will today be
studied and tbe information pat away
In the head for future use,
CoL J. Walter Jonas, of the Vigi
lance Corps, who is just concluding one
campaign for "eye for the Navy",
believe this Germs a photograph cam
paign ie aa abaolutelv essential one for
the , best Interests-of the army. , Inaa
much as the request for photographs
as described comes from Washington,
Colonel Jones will confer' wi h Maj.
Henry C. Merriam, U. a A., chief or
staff, on the subject, and aacertaia
what practically will be the best illus
trations to provide.
w. a. a. .
Arrangements For Defense Are
Immediately Completed
After deliberating more than two
lours Friday afternoon, the territorial
rand Jury brought in an indictment
vesterday morning in Judge Hccn
ourt, charging Henry Allen with inur
rr in the second degree, following n
hooting affray ia whluh Allen shot anil
illed J. H. Walker, a profesxed pro
lerman. This occurred, last Sunday
light at Asia Park.
Allen was arraigned before Circuit
lude Heen yesterday morning un)1
pleaded not guilty. Bon was fixed at
5000 and Allen will be given a speedy
rial, commencing Wednesday morning
Mien's attorneys are Andrews & Pitt
nan. Attorneys William L. Whitney
ml Will T. Garden, representing tV'
igilance corps of the nationnl defense
ommittee, and Attorneys Willimn X
lawlios and A. I.. Cattle have volua
eered to assist in the defense of A lies
The indictment of Alien on a charge
f second degree murder. elimiantes tlve
oasibilities of hie being tried on a
barge which would carry the dentji
ennlty upon conviction. t is under
tood that the grand Jury arrived at
ts conclusions ta this ease on "Friday
ifternoon, but owing to the fnet thul
10 indictment had been prepared to
over murder ia the aacond degree, the
leering waa held over UDil yrsterdu;
la the very height of the Libert
.ouu drive, Hunolulans puuxed hm
'uougb ysstorday mor.uiug to rouside
he cases of four Franuh babies It v in r
lose to th great battle line in tin
'as do Calais, brought to thcii ntten
ion by The Advertiser. The
o good purpose and before ilewr
'cluck yeatprdny morning each one ol
he four babies had acquired u llouo
'ulu patron and the money was in the
Hands of Mr. A. O, Hods ins, tress
irer of the Fatherless Children of
snce Fiind in Hawaii, for the keep
' of these waifs for months to coma
The response to the speviul appeal
yas prompt, generous and in llonoluls
tyle and the committee requests The
Advertiser to ei press its t hunks.
They Will Be Taken To Gain In
formation As To Varie
ties In Hawaii
The I'. S. K.xpcriment Rttion hns re
cciv?d further arlvices from Washing
ton to the effect that the government
is still interested in the growth and
production of enstor tieans and nl
though no definite Contract has yet
been siithmiel from' Washing ion un
account of uncertainties in shipping
facilities, the V. S. K.x perl ment Hta
tion i)t continue to offer five cents a
poi nil for nil the beans that are path
ercd by scl I children nad Boy Hcouts.
It ban also made arrangements for tin
marketing at the best possible flguri
for all other commercial lot of these
beans that msy be gathered by indi
viduals or plantations throughtout the
The 1'. s. Kxperiment Station will
be glnd to receive all varieties df ess
tor beans in order that definite in
formation mny be obtained as to tin
kinds that are avuilubf here and the
location of the plants In question. It ii
noted, however, that the trade prefrrs
the smaller beans those about the ai.e
of the white navy beans rather thai
tbe turner size castor bean which i near
ly us large as the lima bean.
1 urth-r advices from Washlngtor
wil: be neccxsiiry before it ran be dc
1 rmined if it will bo practicable ti
i.iakc plantings of the castor oil benn
s is lieing done In California and eer
tain other states in the Union. A
soo i : i. definite information is received
pla in . instructions will be given out
in i e- it seems practicable to under
tul ' intingH of the castor bean oi
a I g wale.
Yiejds of from thirty to forty bushel'
per ncre have been reported from mos
if the southern stalls, but ne deflnitt
figi - re uvuiluble at the present time
or liuwaii conditions.
in the I' mted States castor' beam
nrr used in quantity only by menu
facturers of castor-oiL Tbe priacipa
ensioroil mills are located at Jersey
City, N. Y.; Buffalo, N. Y.j Toledo,
O. and tirand Rapids, Mich. In gen
eral the equipment and operation ol
a castor-oil mill rcsemblea that of
cottouseed-oil mill or . linseed-oil mill,
but secial and expensive equipment
is necessary for the proper extraction
of the oil from the castor beans. Tin
best grade of oil is obtained from the
beans by hydraulic pressure. Aa addi
tional quantity of oil of lower grade
is obtained by treating the press cak
with napthn or other volatile aolvent.
Pomace, resulting from the second ex
traoVion, is used as a fertilizer fo
tobacco, corn and other crops, but be
cause of a poisonous principnl eanno
be used for cattle feeding unless spec
ially treated. ,
Owiag to. the heavy outlay requ-r
ed, for the necessary machinery am
high coat of manufacture on a smnl
scale, it hns uot been found nrofitnhb
for the growers of castor beans to
undertake the extraction of the oil.
The castor-oil plant is now known t
be poisonous, and although the leaver
are nut relished by farm animals they
are said to be used as fodder for est
tie in India. Castor beans, however
contain a, poisonous principal, and
though harmless when handle, may
cause serious if not fatal effects wher
eaten, especially ia the case of small
children.. "Care ahould be taken to pre
vent these beaas from being accidental
ly mixed with the grain fed to animals
since many rases have been report.'. I ii
which the deuth of horses has beei
due to eating feed in which they hav,
Iwcoaue mixed.
w. i. a.
Hardly twenty four hours lia I lup.ted
since Hawaii had c lowed its second
training camp for officers when orden
were received from Wushingtou ti
entublish a new officers' training ruiii
at Schofield which will be opened oi
May 1.
Brig. Gen. John P. Wisser receive'1
the following cabled order yestcrduy
o establish the new camp:
"Make necessary arrangements to
establish another Officers' Training
School in your department tu begin
May 15. Btudauta to be selected froii
men of the line of the army, exclusive
of Coast Artillery Corps. School no'
to exceed 400 students.
"Of total number designated to at
tend uot t o exceed fifty percent, it
found qualified, will be listed as eli
ible for appointment as second lieuten
aula in the arm in which trained; such
eligible commissioned as vacancies uc
cur; un tuber of students attending ti
be two percent of tho total enlisted
strength of each organization or cla
from which recommended; also civi
linns selected by you who lime re
reived one year military instruction' at
educational Mistitutions under the su
per vial on of an officer of the ariuv
Such civilians required to enlist foi
the war.
" Kiilisted men apply to organisation
commanders who select ten percent and
forwards to board of three officers up
pointed by you, who will make lin.i
selection of men to attend.
"All men selected must be citizen
of the I'nited States, over ajje ol
twenty years and nine months. Age
limit for enlisted men forty years, fi.i
civilians thirty-two years. Iustruetin
personnel to be selected from officer
of vuiir command. Detailed instrui
t ions by mail."
. T9 g g.
John WVtt, special agent of the fed
ernl food administration, held a meet
lag on Kauai yesterday at which all
thi) gra.iers on the island cic as
xouit'lcd. The object of the meet nig
was to effect a stadnrii ef Himit prmv
which will be uniform on nil of the is
lands during tbe periud of the. war.
I It IP" "t i f 1 1 a 1 1 .
mi r i iiiiif nniu .
UVt d,IUbl lilA!
V. L Heath May Be Induced To
Remain To Pass On Ha-,
waiian Dairy Cattle
Cow Which Holds World's Record
Under His Care As
Dairy Expert
V. I,. Heath, who selected and dsj.
veli.ped the world's champion milk
cow, m a visitor in Honolulu, ami the
!l.t L a . t n. . , .
"'""" comuiinee or ise lerruonai
r'air in trying to induce him to remaia
here entil June and serve a judge at
be livesto'k show during the week
f .luue It) to 15.
Mr. Heath, who la dairy superla
endent of the State hospital at Napa,
'.. l:r i ii, ... . .
uiiiuiimh, ia mpt-'iBiij laieremeti xa
he propped four day milking contest
it the fair anil has said that if he can
irrime for the rare of his business at
home he would like to remaia la Ha-
oau lino witness mis event in panic
jlar. While he would not serve as
jmlge in the milk snd butter fat -pro-
'llction cotilcst tin ts nri.ll In I1-!. '
fornin as an authority oa livestock '
fliers II v. aad urobablv would !a will.
ng tu unike awards In the Other horse.
attic and hog classes. He served ia
limiliir capacity at the l,and Show at
-ucramento Inst rear. He also is a
writer and California representative
'or several livestock narwra sn,l mam.
-ines of nntional repute.
Herewith is shown the Holatein eow
vtiich, nnder tbe care of Mr. Heath,
stnblishrd tve new world ' record at
he Napa State hospital last month,
me for the greatest milk aud butter
'at production la a seven day period
in.l the othnt for the greatest prudue
ioii iu a thirty day period. .-,
This wonderful lloJsttia, Baphaella
phonr.a Anggie 3nl, proluad .
uunds of mUk. and jl.tt pound of out
er in tbe seven day periixL Ia th
a me month she produced, ia a periol
f thirty days, 3714.6 pounds of milk
mil 129.6 pounds of butter. This la
in average of more than fifteen gal
'ons of milk per day.
Raphaella's record Is official, ami ia
.he more remarkable because ahe waa
int forced. She is (till oa official teat
for a period of three hundred and aix
y five days, In the hope of breaking
he world's record for a' year 'a pro
luction by one row. To rio thi she
oust produce snore thaa 80,427 pound
f milk and SMUti pounds of butter.
'Phis Is the present world' record for
i year 'a protraction, held by a Cana
llan now, Xarilda Chlotilde do Kol,
IWimit hv lll t?tiaj1inn hinvliuUI
eminent. .
Dairymen of Hawaii will observe
with interest the fine point of Ha
.ihaella's high breeding, aa showa in
.ne aerompanying Illustration. Her
rreat achievement ia dae' largely 1 1
r ceiling of course, for she is the pes
lessor of a wonderful Uolsteln pedi
free and a long line of ancestors who
were held In high esteem for., their
nilk giving qualities. But much of her
icconiplishmeat ia th. resuut of ea
ter t sum and rVadini,
The Napa State hospital purchased
taphaella for $500. Under th ear
f Mr. Ueath and W. II. Smith, who
ed and milked her, she developed her
'orld record quality and the hospital
nice then has received en offer of
2.1,000 for her, whii h was refused.
" Her ration at no time haa beoa an
nual or expensive," say Heath. "It
ias consisted chiefly of logumea, graiua
inn oeeta, aii grow n on our owa farm.
'a fuct, her feed has been little, if
uy more expensive than that of a ay
verage dairy animnl in the state."
Mr. Heath haa visited a number of
he dairies around Honolulu duriag hi
isit here and dwlsres: , ,
"Your dairies on Oahu appear to
ne to have wonderful opportunities,
'or the most part, the many natural
ilvantuges seem not to have been, ap
reciatcd aa yet, but when the aica
vho are iu the buainesa are once tker-
ugniy srouseu tney should be able to
lake Hawaii famous as on of the
'rosiest dairy countries ia the world.
f course I spenk only from a auuer-
iciul knowledge ef your local coudi-.
ions, as I have ebserved them In the'
hurt time I have been here. Therd
my be obstacles I know nothing ,ef.
liut it i-ertaiuly looks as though the
lairy possibilities iu Hawaii ar sj-
noMt unlimited.
"All your dairy men ueel Is the stim-
. li... L : L .....
iimm vi sign prm in lueir ladustry.
k'our Territorial Fair shouU go long
sys toward stirring that.
" Krom uiy experience, through many
ears of State aud liveufx-k faint, I
an suy that your Territorial Fair,, If It
s maiie aa auuuul event, ahould prove
ne ol the Duest tlinujs for Island grow,
is that has aver taken place here. .'
"I want to stay and see thil first
xeruueut of yours.. It will be. aa
ye opcuer to muuy who have never
akca part lu anvthiukT of the kind
efore; ita benefit caaaut be measured
u duliara, for the greater part p( the
-ffiH't is In renewed iuterost and en-bi--iasin
on the part of growers aud
rewlers. "This iu tur will re louad
a the bciielit of the entire coaiutuni-
"There is an axiom in mmlera farm
ing, and ' livestock growiug that, it
oets uo more to keep au a it Una I fat,
r to raise the best, than to keep a
oor animal, ami feci th ruuts; there
fore greatest prprit is iu the well bred
animals. If there ur growers in tbe
Islands who have not li.id tfa'it fact
drilled into them, the fair wil srve
to drive it home most emphatically,"
w. a. a. .; .
The fame of Chumbrr'aia "a CiuaU
Remedy is world wide. It is gooj fur
in ueep sesieu cough ot the adu t or
the croup and whouping cough if th'i
children. The name bottle srvv ih
whole family., h'nr aa! bv nil deal s.
itensou, ninith & t o., uU fur Hv
wail. Advt.

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