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, , Total sulisi riln cl to last nifcht, April 20
Hawaiian Islands' quota
, "Oversithscrilx-il for the Territory....
Oallll qitot.l
Oalill crlil'si r 1 1 1
Hawaii. W -ils( rihors S 17d.7(X)
"'"Jlfaui. X42 si,,s,Til.cTs 10y,.X)
;.Kauai. W.V. miIiscHImts 251700
T Oalni. -W.I00 snliM-rihers 3.295.900
i .'. At liuif i-t 1
flag, authorize.l to I
had Hubn-rilxMi in i
waa hoisted o t tin
Pt-Agee, lion. I of t h-
i '. l.-k yesterday afternoon the Liberty Loan Bond honor
i' iitlionilly Mown ovei the Islun.lx when Hawaii's population
inn- tlm'ti a.C 2.l5o iii lion. Is of the Thir.t Liberty Loan,
. .itol I. nil. lin, directly under Old (Horv. Mm. Hamilton
w.niinn'n department of the Liberty Loan committee, pnlle.l
tA VnM. tthifh cnrr.c.1 the cnsiirn to the
Thin wan the Han re,l bonier, white fiel.l, an. I thro bars of blue
Vertically eroding the field, which i Kent to Honolulu from Washington. It
WM attache. I to the liiilynrds immediately below the Stars and Stripe ami, on
i reaching the tiptop of the pole, both ensigns swung stiffly to the tra.le win. I.
'. '.-..Ia the party which otood upon the top of the highest cupola on the. eapitol
buildinir. iu addition to Mrs. Agee, were liovemor L. K. I'inkham, Territorial
Trekmirer ('baric J. McCarthy, the President', iioininee for Oovernor; Our But
. tolph, manager of the Liberty Loan Com in it tee. Mnlcoliu Maclutyre, of the sale
committee ami Jay Klmnnt, the ' dollnr n vca r ' ' man serving on the Liberty
Loaa eonimittee us ofticiul "office boy."
When Oovernor I'inkham wu aske.l to participate in the ceremonies an. I
to Bibunt the tortuous stairway ami ladder up through the roof ami the cupola
he .willingly complied. His aacent was i oinpleted ilespite the steepness of two
of 4ne ladders. Hm performance was greete.l with applause for few hail tie
lieved the Oovernor woul.l tackle the ascent ntul coiuiilete it.
. Ihm reaiiy acquiescence or airs. Agee
was" else pleasing to the committee,
kilo Mht emerged upon the railless roof
of tnVeiipola anil stood there nhaolutely
naalratu. mere were a rew wno stun
edtfor the top who decided that terra
firms was far mora comfortable anil lie
eirable as a footing.
Ons TUf Up
ijjst prior to the raising of the tcr
ritosy's honor flag, that for the islnn.l
of itahu wns hung out in frout of Lib
ertJJ' Loan heailipiarters on Merchant
Hardly had this been .lone thun a
. wireieoa message was received irom me
loaa' committee of Kauai announcing
'that their flag was also hoisted at Li-
hue. Nothing had been heard from Ha
wail ami Maui, but as more figures will
Arrive from those islands today and to
morrow the local committee felt t tin
. the honor flag had aluo been rnie.
at Hilo and Wailuku.
Workeri Are Jubilant
t It was a jnbilant committee which
begun to cast up tne ioibih in uie iieim
Quarters office. It came with a ud-
. away, for on Friday afternoon the total
- A.A.,t L1JJ !.L .I.... Allllll
PUSJI1 1 .C'V Willi ..,.. . . " f
000 etill to be subscribed.
'", About noontime came the announce
'muit friwn the Itnnk of Hawaii that
heavy subscript ions amounting to
r'Vrrju puuiirni iiiuumut'i "
etip recorUed, anil with some general
aubaariutions at other bnnk. and
e contributions made direct Iv at
quarters, about, one o'clock it was
' kUflwu that Hawaii's subscriptions hud
goim "over th top," that the ; I !
$:fcM4,0U0 had been achieved and wn-
theft completely left bi liud wiili 1IT.
' 600 to the good.
.' -..Even then the Hoy Scouts' campaign
bad not been repurte I and it - uu
rleTatOod that several thousand dollars
more would come from these little snlc
men, who tackled everybody and nailed
maay Jown to placing then na mi
" thoir miWriptiou dedge.
Bow TtvUOng Helps
V. Maleolm Maclutyrc entered head
quarters traileil by .1. N. s W ins. of
)' Davles k Co., ami Ocorge nt..n. in-ill
ger of Ewa plantation. O-.er n the
' Paerfle Club they had been discussing
'Liberty Bonds, compared -.d.s. npt ion
it' was decided that tl.ev had not
i gone far enough. All agreed sigi
Henry Holmes "Half Mill.-n Uul.''
rubm-ription list and went ! hen I pi.ir
ten to aigu the blanks uu-1 turn in their
'eheeks. Mr. Williams si-l..-ulie-l lor
',$2,5)0, (ieorge Keuton J,''i" and Mr
; Maelntyre, l,D(Mi, making Tii.i")n just
S a result of a little talk iii a i r
or uie riuu.
""-'I'm sorrv we have not honor llau1-
'lO T)e sent to tons," -ai-i Manager
.Guy Buttolph, "for certainl thc an
entitled to them, but we lec.ivcl l.iii
'"ertV Loau honor Hags only fm islands."
'. Ewa plantation is still engage 1 m "
..aatlipaigu of its owu and already has
to its treilit as subscribers t non among
employes there more than -.-ju immi
'"I want to thauk every subscriber
to this loau right now," said Mr Hut
4elpll. "Our people here are o be
? TU California Rtmtdy
A Boon to
System Builder
Mild Liver Tonic and Laxative
Fine KWney and Bladder Kenjedy
liomarkf.ble Hlood ( '.r- .nr
Csr KhrufQMBm sud M Jdal AOmnm
More. II .. .Vs. .M.;
: KekJiulb e ami si .
-4 1
$ 3.822.650
.$ .?,os7.ono
ton of the tlHtfstnff.
. ongratulnted but we want to keep
ight on nnd subscribe a maximum fig
ore. We've still a week to go."
Lewis Issues Statement
' The Territory of Hawaii is to be
'onuratulnted on subscribing its quota
u good season," said A. Lewla, treas
urer of the Liberty Loan Committee,
yesterday afternoon. "Everybody
helped, the press, the workers and the
.'iitirc community. The buyers of bond
ii small denominations, and subscrib
crs in moderate amounts, responded
splendidly. Some of the larger inter
ests milily, loyally and with full meas
re answered the call as thev always
. .
CIXCINNATI, April lo With the
dosing of this school year in June the
study of Herman will he eliminated
from the elementnry schools in Cinein
nuti. With only one dissenting vote
the board of education decided on thif
step at its last meeting. The action
follows agitation for and against Ger
man instruction that has extended
over a number of months. In reeom
mending the elimination of German,
Rnndnll J. Condon, superintendent of
schools, indicated that lie believed that
lie parents of school children had
diown their desire to have the German
ii elementary schools discontinued.
Previous efforts to have the board of
-.location adopt the ruling 1ia. failed
Vcause of a deadlock in opinion. Thf
resent members of the board are:
President .1. M. Withrow, Samuel Aeh.
Malcolm McAvoy, Louis Schwab, Chris
ian Krhnrdt. Hugo ; Kisenlohr and
lames G. Fisk. The latter was the
inlv "nay" vote.
W. 8 8
What proved In he a most plensan'
j K-rtision lo those ho attended wa
-i swimming meet pulled olT at flu
Alexander House 'lyinnasiuiii tank, las
Saturday, says last Krnlay 's Maui New?
of Wailuku. Cliiience Lane, Kealoha
and Clark were the chief swimmeri
nmniiu the Kiiim boys and gave an ex
ell.'lll pet f "IIIUII pee together with t hi
cal talent of WniluUti. Clarenc
I.' lie was easily the liest. .Tohtl Wil
i ;;t"H iinnie next I. est time ill th
shimming. A If i id .1.. Keen's fancy
diving outshone the others. Before
the swimming meet two teams were
i.ieked from the Kainehnmeha boys and
the luclil basketballers arid these op
I osing each other in a game of basket
I'lill, the gnuie going to the visitors
The score was twenlv tour to fourteen
W, 1 g.
i Tie W'ii ilul ti ' '' team overenm.
i the Kahului 'M''' t.ani i u a game o
bus! ..(bull :a.t Mituidiiv . score of 2!
to l:i. sav.. lasl I i . ' a - '. Maui Nev
of W-nliA ii It w-.s ,i hind fought 1 ii '
tie nil the way t! g'. Huth tenir
si I ii ... 1 i-leiity ..f i .'i' 'I'lie ixidtemeu
niri'd the audit n . i.. surge oil thi
floor at times. Tin game was playe.'
' '' ' ' asinin. " II '
earns fnuii both Kahului and Wuilukr
nil! meet in u game id basketball nt
... l,v....er II.. is. ( i v in nasi um Fri
dav evening.
' l,'" IH A. .1,1 i William Kellv.
Id ii, who went to the Pittsburg Na
. mils several veins ag,, Ml the famous
i oi Mnitv o 'Toole, hns signed a
ri I to i. lav with the St. Louis
Americana this season.
Prosperity Is Seen ; ;
and Disorder
Takes Its' Departure ;
One Week Under Presidential
"Dry Oahu. Proclamation Re
duces Work of Police and In
creases That of Smaller Mer
chants "
But one drunk waa registered oa tha
police blotter last night whieh makes
the fourth arrest for droukenneaa in
Honolulu during Its Drat "bona dry"
week. For the week ending March 90
there were nineteen arrests for drunk
enness and disorderly conduct, which
does not include those locked up for
safe keeping and then allowed to go
when they had recovered from their
potations and sent on their way with
n reprimand and a warning to offend
no more. During the week .ending Ap
ril 20, 1917, there wera twenty-four
arrests for drunkenness, just eight
times as many, arrests for this offense,
is there were for, the corresponding
week of this year.
The presidential order for a "dry
Onhu" has made a material difference
in affairs around the police station.
The riotous aad drunken riff-raff that
(II hi! the cells on Haturday nights are
no more. Women with blackened eyes
and with hungry children trailing at
their skirts, no longer line up before
tbe receiving sergeant, tell tales of
ruelty aad abuse and ask that a bi
cycle policeman escort them home and
try and straighten out their family af
fairs. It was no uncommon thing ia
the past for laboring men to be brought
to the police station, reeling with
liquor; their weeks wages all gone and
holding tinder their arms, packages of
meat and fish for the weeks family
supply to be left in the police station
to rot, while the drunken heed of the
family languished in a cell until Mon
day morning.
All Offenses Decrease
While there has been a material fall
ing off in drunkenness cases, there ht
also been a material falling off in as
tault and battery eases. Yesterday's
police blotter up to midnight last night
showed less than half doaen cases
of all kinds and the majority of these
wore for violations of the traffic ordi
The small merchants, soda water
vendors and the lower priced restaur
ants all did a flourishing business yes-
erday. On lower Hotel street, Kiver
Street, and in the aeetion of the city
near the Nuuanu Htreajn, where the
to boring r.lass generally congregate;
there was au air of prosperity that was
strikingly noticeable last night. New
"iats on both men and women were as
common as on an Kaater parade in
other parts of the country. Laborers,
with new suits of clothes, loaded down
rith bundles and with their whole
,'amilies in tow Were in evidence every
Trowda art Larger
The various moving picture houses
ast night did a land office business
and the usual crowd that throngs the
Young Hotel rool garden every Hatur-
lav night showed evidence of its being
larger than it usually has been. Dances,
ot h private aad public, held in van
us halls about the city were well
natronizad and the usual presence of
lohn Barleycorn was not missed, if the
jollity and merriment of tbe dancers
s any criterion.
Apparently the only ones who have
elt any bad effects from the new order
f things under a "dry" regime are
he " night hawking " automobile driv
ra, who made the nights hideous in
he past with their loads of drunken
oysterers who disturbed the wee
una' hours of the morning with maud
In singing.
Honolulu's first "dry" week has
been a success from every standpoint.
' W. I. t.
Soldier Must Serve Not Less
Than Twenty Years In Pen
A sentence of from twenty to thirty
fears imprisonment at hard labor wa
eeaterday given James Walker, tbe
loldier of the Twenty fifth Infantry
ho was tried and convicted by a jury
in t ircuit .liulge William Ileen s court
Walker stabbed and killed K. V. Me
"tail, a navy bluejacket. The assault
vas made one night a few weeks aga,
vhen, apparently without any just
irovocntion, Wulkcr thrust the knife
hrough Wet 'all's eve the blade pene
trating the .skull and emerging at the
W. 8 8
(Associated Press) A substantial
addition to the already external ve
mtsJ- hospital at Pearl Harbor,
Ofthu, is to be erected and equip
ped within the next few months,
provision to that effect having
bean Included In the Naval Bill
which passed tbe house yesterday
and which is expected to bo
adopted without material change
In the senate.
The Item for the Pearl Harbor
hospital carries an appropriation
Of 1150,000.
The Naval BUI aa it passed In
the house carries a total appro
priation of $10,205,000 for the
construct lou of naval hospitals in
the United 8tutcs and abroad, a
million dollars being designated
for krapltrls oversea'!, including
the one in Hawaii
Year, and a Day In Penitentiary
Is Sentence Meted Out To
Sacramento Fireman
Penalty May Not Be Considered
Maximum f By Offenders
Caught In Future
One year aii'tp'oBe day's imprison
ment was the sentence imposed upon
Victor Johnson, a former fireman of
the steamer Haeramento, by .Indge
Horace Vaughaa yesterday morning
when .lohnsoB pleaded guilty of utter
ing a seditloua remark in a local
saloon several weeks ago.
This is the first sentence ever given
ia Hawaii ia punish men t for a seditious
utterance since the passage of the Ks
pionsge Law,' which ro,ake it a very
serious offense for any person to com
mit an act or to say anything which
might affect tbe military forces of the
I'mted States. But jt cannot he taken
wholly as imllcatioa of the extent of
tbe punishment which will be given for
similar offeneea in the future, as boore
was held as some extenuation for the
remarks of the Haeramento fireman, it
is said.
How Crime .Committed .
Johnson was accused of predicting ir
extremely vulgar, but expressive lan
gunge, whfit he thought was to be the
fate of America at the hands of anotbe
nation, "after, Germany bad got
thrnngh with har".' '
The Sacramento fireman was heard
to make his disloyal remark whib
drinking in a saloon, by several sol
diers detailed 0a secret "service work
and was apprehended. Since then be
has been confined ia jail here. Aftei
Johnson was indicted by the federa'
grand jury. Judge Vaughan appointed
Attorney Joseph light foot to defem'
him. ,
Pleads for Lanlency
1 Attorney-JJghffoot made a plea foi
the light sentence in court yesterday
after Johnson had pleaded guilty. He
attributed the offense to liquor, aftei
lie had given nn outline of Johnson '
ast life.
The fireman, who is aout twenty
icven years of , age, is a native of
Sweden aud came first to Canada as a
vouhg boy. There he remained fot
en years, the attorney said.
In answer to questions, Johnson said
ic bad never attempted to become
itiren of either the l nited Mtates 01
ireat Britain.
No attempt was made in the federal
otirt to connect JohnsorTwith the plo'
a-hinh caused the wrecking of the en
gine machinery of the Haeramento or
her maiden voyage to Honolulu, al
though it may have been the aurveil
lance of the Sacramento crew in Hono
lulu that led to his arrest on the other
Because of tbe wrecking of tne Baera
meuto engine machinery, she had to br
held here for a month while repain
were made. Mince her return to Bat
Francisco. John I.ind, another -fireman
on the vessel, has been arrested on r
charge of having been one of thooc
responsible for the damage to and tb'
delay of the steamer.
While Johnson is tbe only one wn
has been sentenced here for seditiou
remarks, several others were arrestee
ibout the same time be was taken int(
iistody ou the same charge. In oni
if these xflscs the defendant was giver
lis liberty us there was not sufficient
jvide&ce to hold him, another was no
ndicted by the grand jury, and til"
Uiother was turned over to the federa'
nthorities for prosecution.
Johnson will serve his sentence in the
)ahu prison.
w. a. a.
NKW VllkK. Auril 7 - lames M
rieck, former assistant I'nitel "states
vttortiey general, declared in un ad
Ireaa here tonight that he was viola
ing no pledge in stating that the Brit
iah casualties in the battles of tin
last year numbered 500,000 and that
he French 240. 0(X) killed at Verdun.
"the field east of Albert, wheie
they are buttling now, is probably the
greatest graveyard in all the world,"
he continued, "and never before in the
history of warfare has heroism reached
such heights as in this year of 1918."
w. a. a.
Medeiros Handball
Champion of
Hawaiian Islands
Honolulu Player Defeats Bill
Bibee In Three Straight
Sets At Y. M. C. A.
Joseph Medeiros defeated Bill Hi
bee last night at the "YM In the
sainpiouship handbag match played
H-taeeu them. Medeiros won the
Hitch in three struight sets, 21 11,
il 13, 21 H.
, Medeiros,' victory was the more
ileusing for it was tbe ease of an
Viiii. I boy agiiinst a mainland ex-
I 'i'. Hii earned off the hon
ors. Tbe winner wis ia exceptionally
fine form and went into tbe match
with confidence and a determination
o keep honors at home.
Bill Bibee. who Is rated one of
he foremost handball players In the
Pacific Coast, will leave some time
this week for Kan Francisco. I
1 1 11 ' ',,
ef Uf- t.
Sacramento Club Wins Five of
II M v . She a I
Its Seven Games Played .
witn Oakland
Haeramento , ., ., .
(salt Lake .......
Ha a Fraaeiaeo . . .
los Angeles
Ysftarday't Kosulta
At Bait Lake Halt Lake 8, I.os An
geles S. '
At OaklandOakland 5, Paeramrato
S (morniag game)-; Baoramento 5, Oak
land u ( afternoon game).
At Vernon 8aa Fraaeiaeo 3. Ver
non 1 (morning game); Baa Francisco
0. Vernon 1 (afternoon game).
No gamea today, clubs traveling.
Two double-header and a
were staged yesterday ia the Pa rid.1,
Coast Ijcague, the result of the five
games played falling to alter the pon-
tiou or iii teams in the standing, al
though Bill Bod ger s' Boloni erept a
few decimals nearer the first place
now held by Vernon.
Playing at Vernon Graham's Reals
took terrible revenge on the Tigers for
wbat the latter had been dologtu Haa
Francisco during the week. Bill Es
sick's Tigers lost both the morning
and afternoon games to Ban (raneiseo.
The Heals Woa the before-luneh battle
i.y . uw seorr--can xrnnc-sro o v ey-
nun x, mil in tne sutrsoos in rwi.
1 U U n mj . U K-BltJ UIVH I1VIS , 1. .
home team, score Ban Francisco 9,
Vernon 1.
Oaks and BoLons Break Even
I a Oakland tbe Oaks and Solon,
broke even in their double-header. Tbe
home boys won the morning game by a
fairly close score Oakland 6, Baera
tn"tito 2, but in the afternoon Bacrn
mento romped away in easy fashion
from the Del Howard crew aad sbi.t
the latter out, score Bacrameato Ii,
Oaklaad 0.
Playing, at home the Walter Mc-
Credie Bees defeated the Angels by
close score Bait Lake 6, Los Angeles
.1. There was only one game in Bait
l-ake yesterday.
The third week of the Coast League
ame to a close yesterdav. During
their engagement at Oakland the Hae
ramento ttolons pulled off better than
any other team in the league, winniug
Ave and losing two of the seven games
played with Oakland. Bait Xake won
four and loat two and Los Angeles woa
two and lost four; Baa Francisco won
four and lost three, and Vernon won
three and lost four. ,.
McOredls vs. Bodgers
The fourth week of the 1018 pen
nant race will open tomorrow, with
sacramento going from Oakland to
felt Lake, Los Angeles from Bait Lake
o Ban Francisco, and Oakland leaving
mine for Verson. There wil be no
;ames today, as the visiting teams will
e traveling.
It will be interesting to Honolulu
fans to watch this week's aeries be
tween Haeramento and Bait Lake, as
he rival managers were in Honolulu
little over a vear ago with the Port
'and Beavers. " Walter II. McCredie,
who was then manager of the Beavers,
is now managing Bait Lake, while Bill
Bodgers, who was at the time captain
if the Beavers, is now manager of tbe
lacramento club. '
w. a a.
LTTLE BOCK, Arkansas, March SO
rictures taken of the crowd attending
the ball game at the Little Rock club's
Sunday park adjoining Camp Pike, play
ed last Hunday between the Red Box
ind -Brooklyn Dodgers, are likely to
prove a boomerang to the opponents of
Hundny ball. The pictures were taken
o be used as evideuce of violation of
the law. They show the game was
... I...1 1... itlOA ...1.11.... run
the camp and onlv about :HO0 civilians.'
PrAst.lunt Rohsrt (i A lien of the Little I
Ruck Bouthern league club was arrest
ed after the game. He will use the
fiictures of the crowd at the game in
lis defense when his case comes to trial.
The game was between the second teams
of the Red Box and Dodgers. The first
teams were to have played Saturday,
bat it rained and they had to go to Hot
Bprings to keep their date for Bun
day. w- a. i.
BATTLE CREEK, Michigan, April 8
The dismissal of Charlie White of
Chicago as boxing instructor at Camp
Custer has stirred up a controversy in
official circles at the cantonment and
several officers have written to the war
recreation board" at Washington, re
'piestinu that White be reiastated.
Floyd Rowe, director of athletics at
the cantonment and representative of
the recreation board, seemingly has
been the storm center of the trouble.
Major General Kennedy, commander of
the cantonment, said he had not been
consulted by Rowe before the latter rec
oiumcD.leil that White he removed.
White began his boxing with siuull
classes and at the time of his discharge
the boxiug system hud snread throuvh
out the cantonment. Boxing shows also
were regular features and it is under
stood that one of Rowe's charges wj
thnt the shows were not property man
seed. Home of White's army friend
fharfed that Rowe took the tv;ttio--that
White was receiving too much per
sonsl credit for athletic work at the
White has applied to Washington fo
a review of his case. He declared that
he did not care to return to Camp Cus
ter, but that he wanted the stain of dis
missal removed..
Three Senior and As Many Junior
Teams To Constitute Val
ley Island League
Haui will see some good baseball
this season according to all indlea-
-tons, says last Friday's Maui News of
Wailuku. The first gamea of the sea-
son will be played on the Wailuku
iXKm0A two from next flunday
- '
At a meeting of the baseball
I tee of the Maui County Fair A Eaclng
Association held on Monday night, final
I details for the eoming season wera
worked out, and the members of th
committee feel that an unusually Inter
esting and successful aeaaoa is assur
ed to lovers of the great American
game on Mkui.
: There will be six teams In the league
j tlris year three senior and three Junior
I aireregntiona. The seniors will renr-
"'n Wailuku, Puunene and Pnla; While
Htlf..l-.. fit . ... a. . . . .
Mouuau win snppiy two or the junior
teams and Paia one.
The managers of the teams this year
will be Foster Robinson, Pala( M. O.
Paschoal, Iutinenet and Joe Medeiros,
Wailuku. Tbe three senior teams will
contest for the famous Raymond cup,,
whieh has been hanging as a trophy
for the past fourteen years. The juniors
will probably play for a cup to be of
fered by Theo. H. Davies Co.
Opens on May 5
The first game will be between Paia
and Puunene seniors on May S, while oa
thf following Hunday Walluku'and Puu
nBne wl fro bat(1 The fnU heAat
wil) bB mtifie up Iatef wU, mUo tfcat
for tbe junlbrs,
Bam Alo and Raymond Rosario will
each manage a Wailuku junior team.
I but just who will handle the Paia juniors
Has not been definitely decided.
At the meeting Monday night Wil
liam MieGerrow, of Puunene, was ap
pointed official scorer for the season,
while George Cummins waa named as
It is lelieved that the teams that
year will be unusually well matched.
It was decided to permit Puunene to
draw on Lahaina for players, and as
a result K. T. Metier, of the wireless
station force will be one of Puunene 's
crack twirlers. Maui boys who are
away at school, will be allowed to take
i. laces on any of the teams immediate
ly on their return home, but no other
outside plnvers will be permitted to
sign up within less than two weeks.
Monday night's meeting was presided
over by Chairman R. A. Wladsworth the
other members of the committee present
being J. Meineeke and George Cum
mings. The meeting was held; at the
Grand Hotel. ' "
Twice As Many Paces As Trot
ters On Hand
BAN FRANCIHCO, April 20 (Aaso
dated Press) The following classes
were recommended aud adopted at a re
cent meeting of the board of director!.
of the California Fair and Racing Cir
euit to prevail during the coming sea
For Trotters One mile track Free
for all. 2:12, 2:18, 2:24. Half mile track
Free for all. 2:15, 2:20, 2:25.
For Pacers One Mile Track: Free
for all, 2:08, 2:12, 2:20. Half Mile
Track Free for all, 2:12, 2:16, 2:20.
The meeting of the board, which was
held in Woodland recently developed an
Interesting question which was answer
ed in a manner surprising to a number
of the horsemen present. According to
these men the numbers of pacers on
the tracks was believed to be twice as
many as trotters. A thorough canvass
of the horses showed the actual figures
,n '"' 0Dy
six to five iii favor of the
Secretary Waddell Pleased
The figures were compiled br Joseph
Waddell, secretary of the organixatinn.
who also recommended the classes which
were adopted as ahove. In commenting
on the matter Mr. Waddell aaid: .
"It costs about twice as much in
time and trouble to develop a trotter
as it does s iiacer. A pacer which is
taken in hand early in the spring may
bo expected to be performing in good
shape by ,fall whereas, tn the ease bf
tbe trotter, it will not be until the
next season that any results of conse
quence may be expected. This natural
Iv led to the conclusion that the pacer
would have much the beat of a census
"In order to be recorded a horse
must be the winner of a race so that
record holders during a season are com
mtrstlvelv few. In spite of this, how
eve-, we have umiroximatelv 100 horses
in California with records which is an
"iiiinallv good showing and speaks well
for the quality of our circuit.
' Thinirs nre well lined up for th
11)18 sesson and the showing of the
horses in the earlv season tralnini!
sii'-ers eell for some excellent perform
ances this summer. I look for the best
year we have ever had."
w. a. s. .
DE VOINEM, Iowa. April fl Solly
H.ii-ps of K-mi Fraii. i-co won a newsnn
per decision over Johnny Rose of Mil-i-
.i-.'-tM m ti. c've ro'.n.i bout her" Inst
llnrpM mis c-eiieH with hivi'iij
the better "f everv round except the
second which nns n draw.
w. s, . .
Scores of French hills are being level
ed to make baseball grounds for the
American soldiers to use with equip
ment furnished by the Y. M. C. A,
HT. PATTL, aiiaaesotn, April 20 -'
(Associated Press)-" It was offivlally
intimated lasf ntgU that, the heavy-'
weight liapioBshipA light scheduleit
to take place at Minneapolis oa July -'
4 between Jean Willard, title holder,
and Frederick 0. Fultoii, challenger, '
' will not be allowed to take place
if publle opinion oppose -it. Cer
tain church and .pther elvte anthort-tloa-are
nom very active In attempt
ing to crystal)! poblio" watnioa
against the holding of the fight.
WORCEBTEB, Massafhusetta, April
Corporal Homer J. Wheatoa, formerly
sport editor of the Worcester Qesette,
who was reported kUlad faa( action ia
Frsaee, February 27, gate, his lle to
save his commaader, according to a
letter received from. Lieutenant George
A. Corbin ot Wheatoa 'a rea-is-eat. Lieu
tenant Corbin said that Wheutoa picked
up a German bomb thrown into na Am
erican trench aad was about to hurl
it bask, when it exploded ia his aaada,
killing him instantly, wneeton home
was in Byraeuaa, New York.
Ew i riantaxloa Compa.v f
Wailuku Agricultural Co, Ltd.
Apokaa Sugar Co., Ltd.
Kohala Sugar Company .
Wahiaww Water Compaay, Ltd.
Fulton Iron Works, of Bt. Lewis
Babcock k Wilcox Company
Green's Fuel Economises Com a
('has. C. Moore A Co, Engine, ra
Don't spend all you earn. th
road to riches lies in spending
less than you earn, and inci
dentally you do your Country
a service. Start a savings ac
count with us and make your
ntony earnr - V; ,,,(.
Corner Fort and Merchant St
from Montreal to Liverpool,
London and Glasgow via the
and St. Lawrence Route
By the popular "Prlneeas"
(steamers from - Vancouver.
. Vieteria or Seattle.
For full information apply to
Theo. ii Davies & Co. Ltd
Oenl Agents, Canadian Facine By. Co.
Commission Merchants '
Sugar factors
Ewa Plantation Co.
Walalua Agricultural Co., Ltd.
Apokaa Sugar Co., Ltd.
Fulton Iron Works of St. Louis
Blake Steam Pomps
Western Centrifugals
Babcock k Wilcox Boilers
Greea 's Fuel Economiser
Marsh Steam Pumps
Mataon Navigation Co.
Planters' Line Shipping Co.
Kohala Sugar Co.
chinery of every description mads te
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