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V?'. !-
tt. H. tVKATHEft HUB E ATI.!
April .1, I 111 ft Last tweofT
fur bonraV ralafall ' .00.
Tra par turn, Mia. . n,lt llax.
18, . Weather, Clondy. ' . j
, - --..
On Whaatleaa and eft MtatiW MaL
xit. no.' 3V. :
Second Day cf -Tit:aic
Germans Gain One Town and British Re
Another 6it Are Compelled
To Yield Slightly At Points
NEW; YORK, April 26 (Associated Tresn)- Night came on the
second day of the fresh Oerman offensive with the struggling
jtnViea holding practleally the same ground as the hour of the initial
attack. -fn far the Germans have been held and thrown hack with
t remendous losses.
The struggle has developed into a titanic battle, however, with
the Germans throwing- more and
issue still hangs in thejbalancc.
On the northern side of the Armentierea salient, where the Huns
have thrown (our and possibly six division' against the British on
a seven-mile front, the British
their position slightly, ;
Further to the south, on' the Amiens sectors, the British have
evened this score by regaining the town of Villers-Brettuneux.
throwing the Germans back to
of many prisoners.
On the Amiens front, from Albert south to Moreuil, along which
twenty-mile front the Germans have been ceaselessly attacking since
Wednesday morning, they have made only one gain, that of the
town of Ilangard,' which gam has advanced their line less than a
nle. At all other points they have been thrown hack, with the
British and French artillery smashing up their attacks one alter
the other.
On the north th Germans have concentrated their attack along
the severirmile front from Meteren tc BaHleul Jto Wytschaete, bring-:
ing a iorce estimated as high ai.l$0,QPQnieri in ta t hi 'battle. Be-
iiXltbt eerieA-of, vfciou,iattae.ks AeUlkkkM
Marshal 1 lairrinnffanfiKlitly 'baclC.to stfopKec pbsitioni The
resistariec and 4fe jHifferine heavily without securing any adeouate
On this front a particularly desperate effort is being made to
capture Mount Kemmel. a prominent eminence four miles directly
west of the Wytschaete hill. Against the British positions here
the Germans have sent a great force of men. especially trained in
mountain fighting. The Tommies are holding on stubbornly, tak
ing. a frightful toll of the attackers and throwing back their succes
; ii; efforts to advance up the slopes. ,
It is now obvious that the Germans on this front are directing
their attacks principally so as to gain possession of the chain of
hills which dominate the positions now held by the Germans and
from which, in turn, they could dominate the British ositions be
tween the present front and Ypres. The drives are centering against
Wytschaete. Kemmel, Scherpenberg, Mont Rouge, Vidaigne and
Mont des Cats.
From Albert to Castel, with the one exception of Hangard, the
Allies met the German massed assaults with equal vigor and hurled
them back repeatedly inflicting immense losses by the withering
fire thrown into the massed ranks that flowed forward wave upon
wave. Although compelled to fall back from Hangard the Allies
diil not retire fire and may be expected to resume the conflict for,
its possession today. This point, in the previous engagement on.
this sector changed hands repeatedly and is suffering a similar fate
in the present engagement. Along this front the. Allies have the j
advantage of holding higher ground and from these positions they I
are holding the enemy well in check. They are strongly posted and
in yesterday's fighting clearly had the advantage.
It was reported early yesterday afternoon that Kemmel had
liecn captured but no confirmation of this report was received,
jt Keuter's despatches reported that the British had regained prac
ilicnlty the entire line east of Villers-Brettoneux and that on .he
;seVen-mile front of the Meteren, Bailleul, Wytschaete line the Ger
!;ujns were using from four to seven divisions in a tremendous attack.
. Yesterday's attacks by the Germans on the British front opened
early as two o'clock with a terrific barrage which lasted two hours
"and Just before the break of day the infantry attack was launched,
,dvauciug to the attack in great waves. It was this early attack
which caused the British to give some ground against the vastly
superior numbers.
Last night Haig reported that between Bailleul and Wytschaete
the Allies had been forced to. withdraw to new positions at some
points but that elsewhere the line had held steadily and repulsed
all attacks.
At Hangard it is believed American troops are engaged with
the French and were compelled with them to fall back a little way
loin the towu and this belief is given further weight by the report
that 128 American wounded had reached the rear from the battle
liont in Picardy.
WASHINGTON, Avril 25 (Oflu-ial) K.r the lirnt time an official Mate
lent from the war department baa ileflnitoly (lix-loxed the lucutiuu of American
h.ic-i's in the great battle. They are to the south of the Homme and on the
.Vvre Rjver where they are partieipatiag with the Krenoli In the heavy coo
Mii't whirh in raging In that aeetor.
The number of Americaun who are thun e0(ja((,'1 in tboiie sectors and how
lutit; they have been oeeupyiug the poHitiun which they hold have not been
.liai'ltMect by tho war ilopartmeut..
In the Toul vector there ha been no activity other than by artillery nince
I'm recapture of the village of Baiaheprey by the Americana.
- Lccii.
Strcgle Ends With
:rcnt For Any
more men into the irnv, and the!
have been compelled to withdraw!
their original lines, with the loss'
'-Foch, th Allied uprme. cpnvMnder, with' hU staff, taken recently on the French front
rht troops beme reviewed are'
th German drive.
American Aviators
Down Forty
Hostile Machines
This Is Record For Two Months;
Honors Lie With Allies In
Air Battles
WASHINGTON, April 26 (Am
oriatel Preae) In the aerial war
fare Miicceaa la with the Allied
force. Yesterday, according to an
(illirial drupatch from London laxt
niljlit British aircraft drnppeil five
Ioiim nf bomba upon the enemy.
In the air fighting two hotile
plane were dropped in combat and
one wan hot down by the infantry.
The Hritish Iokbl'H were two.
New xucceaaes for American avi
ator are reported from Paris. Ou
Tuesday J.ufbury downed his eigh
teenth German machine and Baer
brought hia fifth to earth. An un
(illicial count reports that Ameri
can aviators have downod forty
enemy machines in the last two
month. 1
Complete severance from the ig
mil corp of the air craft services
is freely furecaat as a reVult of re
cent announcements of chauge.
loss iFkilledaT
seicheprey small
WASHINGTON, April 2r ( Anaoclnt
eil I'reKN) Lea than a dozen Ameri
caiii were lolled in the battle of Beiche
prey April 20 in the Toul sector. Twon
ty were womideil. Thi would appear
to bear nut the German claims that
IH.l Ainenriin were taken prisoner, ns
hin. e the last previous official state
iiient the Ameeican casualties are ad
milted 10 be L'00.
W. . a.
WASHINGTON, April 2rt (Assooi
ated Press) Secretary of Treasury
McAdoo estimates that the returns
from income and excess profits or war
taxes will exceed three billions of dollars.
a :
4' ' . : . , ;. -
' " . ! i ,tW '
,:.V i 'v ,, . -" IS
t. ' - A'
' ! - - ' ' - '
. . ! ' '.J - ' ' ' U
" , ;.T ... .- .. --f.-:.. ,V ,'ifi
; I Mr'-' ' r
'( -iri si f la
! ' l ' J i . lYFi'v " -
i, .( . . .V , -
... 4 . 1 , '' i i - . " rV vitHfzr T . . .
r, :-T ?.v ' . -'.O
... InmPftT ta riAnrn
French noilus on .their wiv to'th
m i . i
Rallies Throughout the Country
Will Swell Fund
WASHINGTON, April 2- ( Aociat
e.l I'rcMs) On tho eve of Liberty Day
which is exiiectcd to be the climax of
(the present Liberty Loan drive, the
j total drew up to 1,837,000,000 accord
I inn to the report issued by the central
) committee yestprdav.
j Confidence wa expressed last night
that the two billion dollar mark will he
! reached and left well behind when the j
' remits of the many rallies throughout !
, the countrv todav have been compiled. I
i " : i
WASHINGTON, April 25 (Official) j
.Certainly two and probably three of i
the Nation's twelve federal reserve j
banking district have exceeded the
minimum of their Liberty Loan allot i
nient. Hie tunning and other nirtil
district are especially responding
Many states. in accordance with !
proclamation by their governora issued I
on request of Secretnry McAdoo and
in accordance with the wishes of the '
President ns expresaed in hia recent
proclamation relative to Liberty Day, i
will observe holidays or harf holidays
tomorrow and in various communities
e,rent rallies have been planned. In j
some of those states and in many of the i
cities and touns the committees are
planning to run totals up to or over
their quota before the day is over. ,
The campaign will formally and of
flcinlly end on May I when the subscrip
tions will close.
W S. 8.
WASHINGTON. April 2 (Assooi
ated Press 1- Speaker Champ Clark will
decide today whether or not he will
accept the senatorsbip of Illinois which
has been offered him by Governor
Gardner. He told reporters lust night j
that he had not reached a decision as :
yet but that be ukpucted to do so
today. 1
. I
Germans Outnumber
the BattlcFront
Deputy High Commissioner From
France Urges This Country To
Hurry Men To Aid
WASHINGTON, April 26 (As
sociated -Press) Another call for
haste on the part of America in
aiding the Allies mora effectually
in the great struggle on the West
ern front has coma from France.
Thi time it is voiced by Kdouard
lc Billy, deputy high comniiiurioa
er from France to the United
State who reached this country
on Wednesday aud arrived here
s ,-Hterday.
' Your duty is to see that Amer
ica innkes haste iu all possible
ways. Your country has done much
lor us but it is fighting men we
need now. The Germans great
ly outnumber the Allies in the
great engagement that is now
progressing. Let me urge upon
you that thi Is the vital point, the
critical period in our struggle."
sN F11.YN CISCO. April 25 (Orli
cial' California is. preparing to do its
lull purl in wheat conservation so that
: s near as may be the entire wheat
lioMiiifs of the state can be shipped
inerscus. Wheat broad was today
.ihinlarily banished from the tables
.it all of the hotels and restaurants in
tin state until the next harvest.
w. a. a.
LONDON, April 25 (Associated !
Press 1 General Malum, commanding I
the troops in Ireland, has issued an or
In forbidding the carrying or posses- ,
si if arms, ammunition or explosives
in eleven Irish counties, and in the
.ities of Cork and Limerick, uuless
tin 1 e is express authorization for such
1 ui rymg.
Steamer St. Paul
Rolls Over
Beside Her Pier
American Liner Had Left Dry
dock With Many Workmen;
Aboard But Only Three Are'
Lost Cause of Accident Is1
ATLANTIC POUT, April 2rl (Asso
ciated Press) .lust off the drydork, th
treat American liner St. Paul, 5824 tons
suddenly, and tot reasons that are as
yet line Jplni rid. turned turtle today.
She was returning from the dry dock to
the pier wiien the accident occurred.
Aboard of her a a large force of
Workmen, between five hundred and
six hundred ami for a time it was fear
ed there would be groat loss of life.
There were rumors heard the loss wa
large but the figures were reduced and'
last night it wn said that probably not!
more than three are dead.
. Immediately after the accident a cor !
don of soldier wa thrown about the
ler at which the steamer was beinu !
rthed when she turned over and I
around the surrounding waterfront. I
Thns no one was allowed to approach
the scene except these who ' were ne
cessary to the work of rescuing tho
hand red who were imprisoned in the1
great overturned hull. I
She lay party on her sides with her
bow deep down and her stern high out
f water. The fire under her boilers
were quickly extinguinheiT and the work I
of rescue w ent ahead. Rescuers board-j
ed the hull and cut their way through, j
An investigation of the accident was1
immediately started but as yet no re-,
suits have been announced. Rumors,
were Immediately hesrd that it wa thai
work of enemv spies. j
w a a. . . i. i
' vV I-',,? .. . . .'
House - Passes Legislation But
-With This Amendment 1
WASHINGTON, April 26 (Associat
ed Preaa) .With an amendment which '
pnnian issi .svaea ,moy are swgisrerea i
under the scleotive draft law those who
f1iva t attaiaed the ar vl rent-OD
rears Vira-thn nMAitf, (,J
usu ur uoiwai or ine.
iisi in iuo vanous wass-1 to which
they may be assigned, the aew draft
legislation passed the house of repre
sentatirea yesterday. The measure is
in different form from the one which
was passed by the senate aad will now,
go 10 a eonrerence committee.
When this legislation fiually is agreed
upon and is approved by the President
the call for the second draft is expected
to quickly follow.
By putting the new registrants buck in
classifications it will enable the call to
go ahead faster and avoid the necessity
of delay until .all of them shall have
been registered aud classified.
' w. a. a.
HAN KBANCIBCO, April 25 (Asm,
Mated Press) Department of justice
Ucnt today broke up a public meeting
while the principal sjieaker, Mr. Man
nah Sheehy Skefflngtpu, au Irish wo
man, was speaking against conscription
in Ireland.
The department's agents forcibly re
:uoved Mrs. 8kefHngton from the plat
form. The audience showed much re
sviituieiit and assumed a menacing atti
tude and the police sent in a riot call
iiihI brought out reserves to disperse the
knot of angry men aud women. Heat
(red groups nung about the scene,
threatening to rescue the woman.
The chairman of the meeting, Wil
liatu Short, waa arrested and held but
.Mrs. Hkelliugton was later released.
w. a. a.
I.ON1HIN, April 25 (Associated
Press 1 Winston Churchill, minister of
munitions, announced in the house of
commons today that all the losses of
the British army la guns and ammuni
tion during the three weeks of the pres
ent battle in Prance have already been
uiailc j;tod.
The British lost approximately a
thousand guns and four or five tiiou
sum) uiacliiiie gups as well as cousidcr
a'.ile ammunition.
W. . a.
WASHINGTON, April 25 (A ssoc in
ted Press 1 Today.'s casualty list from
Kuiope contains 9 names. "Two were
killed in action, six died of wounds,
four by accident, seven of diseases, one
of other causes, five were severely und
24 (lightly wounded.
Hun Submarines Will Have To !k)
Use Ostend Entrance For Sev N
eral Weeks. At Least ,
Kaiser Visits Scene In Haste and?
Views Wreck American Ma- ;
rmes Are Lost
( " I ) April 26 (Associ-' ,
s-i men 1 rcssj complete 8HO
ot-ss attt tili the attempts against
th llutt -nKmarine bases at Zee-liruKm-.
tin- Assnciatetl Press cor
rcspntuli'iit lias learned from a
hi'h na;il authority. Later ob
servatkni.s made by air scouts t
have revealed the fact that the
damage dune to the enemy porta ?
was more extensive even than
was itulieatert by the earlier ff
pirts. I'liat portals practically
blix-ked hoth to ingress''; .'tod';
egress. ' ' .V;.r
A a revirtf rtt lj wnrlc 'rf lli
naval fleet ers subrna- ,
nne flotilla ofuhe enemy will have
to abandon Zeebrugge as a base 1 -and,
wilbe compelled to resortv :
to', titc Ostend rdnte when out 'i'--.'
;i t'"g to sea. j Later observation ("
JioWvWfthrAliaBn cct-, 4
I Vl'. f I v"'lTll'r-il InLt n t
s J sv-sj rwaessi - j - a,aaja njiAlllg ,'V "-r
the cement ' loaded ' ships ;iin4 ;' ;
the derma n dredger Was destroy-;
ed in the attack the result most
be a speedy fillingup .wih .silt.'
Even -with new. dredgers puto
work it wiirtake the enemy sev
eral weeks, at least, to clear jbe
channel so that it may again" bo
available for the submarines.
Then only a passageway can be
A Reuter's despatch to Amster
dam from Berlin says that the
Kaiser hastened to Zeebrugge to
ascertain the damage that had
neen done by the Tuesday coup.
He went on the mole and 'con
vinced, himself that the damage
to the railroad bridge had been
temporarily repaired.
The Kaiser got hold of a cap
tured marine whom tie happened
to pass and had him explain the
battle to him.
Washington was informed last
iiiubt that American losses at
Zeebrugge were 278 marines"" of
whom twenty-two enlisted men,
two captains and six lieutenants
are numbered as dead. '
The populace is thrilled at, the
incident in connection with the
Bruges raid of the rescue work
't two American-built motor
launches which took off 200 of
the crews of two of the cruisers
used to block the channel. The
rescue was effected under heavy
w. a. s.
I MxTKKDAM, April 25- (Asaoeia
1 ted Press) Newa Has been received
hen' of food uprising in the Ukraine.
Peasant armed with machine guna and
mine throwers, supported by returned
-..Idiers, nre demanding food aad, re
ccutly annihilated three squadrons of
the tifth Polish regiment of Uhlaus ia,
t :
1 t .
... .
1 - '1 ; . i

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