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, HAWAIIAN GAZETtk ,!fopAV: ArRl lV 26, 191ft. SEMI-WEEKLY.
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"Vliili Most 'Ut tyslaha.
. if fpfirlsllfil Oirttf J ffemarta He
Will Find Acreage Smarter than
'""Last 'Vear "ahdBehoWn
Need of Ehdbufaomelit
Ot about much UierMt to Hawaii
l to Ixtafiriaa 1 tb recant visit of
Gtforge M. Bolph, bead of the sugar
rtortauplon J-pui"- , ateresl
IuUiana in eagar pneee 8a almont
idenrteal with tnat of HawaH aiid the
Loniaiaha planter have,bea ateadfast
It working, and doing it eoneertedly,
for a kigher price for rawa. .hua next
to a visit to tula Territory, the yinit
'to the 'other domeatie augar district i
; f the utmoit, importance, ,
Belati to tne iit Of Mr. Kolj.h
Vie ! Lottiafana PlantCT adr date of
:.MM W.i ..... .
ytalta Vartooa Pariah ea i
'' ? IWIph ia kere. He reaehed New Or
loan oa Monday., aad .wm "t by a
.committee of augar produeera. Since
then he haa held aeteral ebnferences
. i-Mth the. yarioua augar, latereate, .an.t,
'jta.Wedneaday. he felt for the town of
Ulaqoemiae, in Iberillo Pariah, for a ,
tokr.bf the printlpaJ augar parishes
atartwg from that poinC .
He baa never specifically expressed
BaMelf aritk tegard M.vuiat me regu
Jataoaa'jrelatite to Louisiana, augar next
seaaoo will be, bat na spoken very
favorably, in genefalitiea. t..
Bo. a Impfeaaed. all -with the idea
that he "will increase the price Of I.ouii
n, Ogr ao aa ta tpenpit the pro
"ceti of thia State to make some
'money bia 'year. He bas ia no way
Jjplpesaed anyene that it la the inten
, ,jjoa. of the international augar commit
' tee, 'of Vefiaera, to put an end to the
jUnorieaa ..domeatie. adgar industry.
,.Vhat Jbe haa aaid since he reached
' 'ra baa all been very much to the lik
' , those Who heard him talk, but
v ; what he aayt her 1 only of ordinary
iaUrt, What 1 wilt do when he geta
' bt 4o Waahingtea ia the jnain idea.
. Tboaa ,who, ,r not. easily waye4 by
' promisee are watching things with a
' oet ilttektiveyo- They da not peet
,4if o .any aaytking real while he is
.leroy .
v iCkaibM&ig lift
' C r4Qqf iTriday-V held eohferencea with
; , ubcopinutteea, representing all of the
department of the industry. He is
: : Bthetingnlala v Louisiana to enable
.. VJnjr. Jo ake the proper regulations
with regard to Louisiana. That ia what
h Mkya. ..Before leaving he will be the
-guest at a dinner tendered in hia honor
' b)r nm's Of the members of 'the Ameri
eaa Can Qrowers' Association. His
visit followed fast upon the visit ofj
President Babst of the American or 8u
iarJrvat who, wa here lunt week and
.lefjt laat Saturday.
Optlmlatle ,
t)Tbei,w.ather seems to be smiling up
on tha,Xouislana sagar plantations this
year. When tbey wanteil dry weather
-they got,it, s,nd now when a iittU rain
Waa wanted they hsve got it. Heavy
rain were bad all over the sugar dis
trict h' treek. On Von. lay very heavy
downpours were reported from every
place ok Bayda Lafourche and in Terre
bonne. Heavy rains were also had
louj( the river ami iu the western pa
rishes. Tne crop wMom ever before
looked 'better in early April, than it
does) now. There isu 't a pessimistic soul
in the Lohiataria sugar business so far
as we have hear. I. Optimism is ex
tant and there ia talk of the largest
Vrdp per aere In the history of the
Smaller Acreac
awver, a large number of reporta
red from twenty-two parishes ia
.tha, Louisiana augar district indicate
distinctly fhat there will be a decrease
thia year in the amount of land put
into eane. This decrease runs as high
as 28 oereelSt in Ranidek Parish. 25 per-
eeiat fa Vermilion, 18 percent in Lafa
yetto, 15. percept in Avoyellea, 10 per
cent in St. Martin, and in 'other to a
leaser ' flflgtee. Some few paiiihea, on
tho, contrary, show a alight increase
Vn 'acreage, ut the average of all re
peVta at baad, and we have been able!
t Obtaia, a aiiffieiunt number to give
M every reliable data, show a net do-'
Crease on an average of S percent in
eDt acreage this year.
The reason for the decrease is vari
ously ascribed, but the inability to get
enough money for cane and the belief
that other (,erop pffer a fairer compeiv
ationl n)s to be the principal mo
tive actuating those , who havn d'esjert
ted cane for other crops. The decrease
, St moat JBAtied in pariahe iu the north
e'rij aji.1 Western par of the sugar dis
Tttc ,PB,r ondijios are uch a to
"mats the cultivation of other crops, for
instance, cotton and rice, easily possi
ble. From all information at hand we
judge that the total acreage ia eane
'b1 yf in Louisiana will be in the
tielgfjbortiood of two hundred and eignty
Thoukind iefes. Last year it was about
te kw'aared Ind, ninety-five thousand
"fterelj --' s ' ,
. 'TbeWel t'dwards the more extnsivl
- feannaclure of white sugar continue
strong and' last week at least four
largo houses place.) orders for . planta
tion granulated equipment. For some
. jreaaoa or other neither tbey nor the
- . - - .
HAWAIIAN COMMERCIAL 4 SUGAR COMPANY it bn of it rnwt jprogrilve in the
Islands. ' Last'yearlt exrended more thann)If rniliion dolla'ra in tmpfovementa and contem
plated imrirovemeiita. thiY yeajr will cost more thai ;$300,000. The Upper picture, ihowt the com
pany's big Punnerre mill ; the second picture ia th-j molasiea burning plan at Makaweli producing
potash for fertilizer, and the lower picture ahovn-jtra (ot handliTrf motor trucks and plantation
automobilei ah Makaweli. - It is equipped wkh apparatus foe chargint storage bntteriefc ilta output
ahia year t cbniettively eatimate4-;it!iior'thtt.$J,000 ton apd ttaiy.irh 60,000. ' t'ti ' M
. . i - ( f ,i ,1. i.ini'.i.;. .uiv.inVn,. i.i ii ii'r p"Wi,'K;iv '
.f--v. -jr"' r ' :
H-vi--------' " . ri i
" i
. a. j 'i is:- : 1 ,. 1 . I
i . -.-;.-'..' :
H i,; ". ' .,v '-:
V . , , '.
' .1 1 i if- f Ji aliaji.,,-.,, l,-JJLaW I m l 1- LJl "M ill i I " " " '
' 1 1 ?'
. t"'' 1!1't V.t;.'"'--''
fill T M,v',. .x- J
1fJk.'1 '
f--tsTi-T'.,kiJ2-- ; -'fA:
-i" f Ju:- ilt-s3..5-5('f.;4..t.--j.
t -r . ..
I .r.H'ri
OGDEIf, I'tah, April l-A better re
spuuse on the purt of growers to the
appeal of itlie Amulgamated Hugar
pompany to husteu the signing of beet
contracts has been recorded during
the past week, with the result that
about 7000 ut the 11,000 acrea which
it is desired to obtain in W)eber County
this season have now been signed. The
average for several years past in this
district has been 10,000 acres.
Field Huperintendent Joseph Qui n
ney reports' that the acreage being ob
tained for the Brigham, Logan, Lew
is tun, and Smithfield factories is now
very satisfactory. The next week is
expected to Wing further heavy con
tracting, as the planting aeaaon is rap
idly approaching und the farmers will
be obliged to make their final decisions
as to the crops which they wlil put in.
w. a. a.
Hwedon's sugar beet crop, for the
1917 season amounted to 1,090,020 or
dinary tons, u ilerreaae of about 181,
000 tons from that of the previous
year, according to a report transmitted
to the Department of Commerce by
Consular Agent K. C. Harter, at Malnio.
The province of Scania, which com
prises the extrriua southern part of
Hwe.len, produced M7 percent of the
etdp. The average yield of beets is
13 tons to the Here.
artles selling the maehinery were will-
U to divulue the names of the four
factories. It seems that all of this
silence is i-rented by an awful fear of
what the International Sugar Commit
tee, of refiners, might do to them for
being so progressive.
- M "V ' . 11 . . Ill
Owners Hold On To Investments
Even Though. Dividends' Are
Expected To Be Smaller .
Those who have formed aa impres
sion that thu prices of sugar stock
have t.een steadily sagging off since thf
first of the year an. I in the expectation
that dividends would be reduce can
correct their ideas by comparing price
of the present with those of the wheat
which was issued bv the stock exchange
6u December :tl. There are few stocks
that are selling even f ractidnally loaf
er now than then and there are Some
that are selling even higher.
There is no inclination to frirtker dis
count the probability, the certainty pf
suiuller earnings anil lower dividends,
The unsw.-r to what in most Jnee
and at most times would be a peculiar
state of nrTairs is that holders of the
I local xto.-ks have determined to bold
on to what thev have for tbs 'earn
ings which they may expect to -get lat
er. Thev know of iin othur investment
so stable lhat will pay as well as th
stocks they mm hold. They hav mad
up their minds to expect a Smaller
percentage of return from their in
vest mcntH.
Few sto.'ks of the Hawaiian eor
poratKins nre rxpeeted to pay more
th.in tw.hr iM-nent dividends durini'
the prvM4.it yeur in regular dividends
m J I.. ' , rttimM at. - I. St
though ther may, be ' soms extra div
idends deelsred toward ths and of the
v eSr. One percent a ' month "seems to
be the basis that is ' being generally
Incomes are to be smaller thia year,
and investors hav a reconciled them
selves to this. The larger Investors
will have high Income taxes to psy
la any event and with n smaller in
come tuey will not have so large taxes
so that in a way 'conditions balance
each other in part. : Vbere Investments
previously netted ten or twelve or even
a larger percent they will bow be
two or three perjCebt smaller at least.
Another year ut priee 6f sugar will
probalrly be higher and in tbs final re
sult the shares of Hawaiian angar com
panies promise 'iriore And better than
do securities of srnjeb local people nave
hearsay information. Instead of a first
kai.,1 mwtA .tiwita ' knnwli1irA.
I i . : a. a. , , , 1 timated that there is on band at least
A memorial service la memory of the '60,000 tons. Thia estimate may be con
late Beniamia'Fi Dillingham and James aidered as conservative for in March
Bicknell Castle, was held at Punahou
Academy on Wniinesd.y. Judge San
fdrd B. Dole was the principal speaker.
President A.. F Griffiths of the school
wss also a speaker. Among trustees
preseut were W. B. Castle, W. V. Dil
iingham, A. P..Jodd, F. O, Atherton,
Wk W- OhamberUlsu-, ' . .
tnoWs tbs oanae. L Used th world oet
to curs I cold fit oWs ds'y. Tbs signa
ture jf E. W. CROVB is on each box.
Manufactured by tbs TARIS MEDI
CINE CO., 81- iUuis, U. 8. A.
:: High as the price of bags kan risen,
iugar producer are facing still higher
prices ror A abor'.age . of bags ha
now. become acute. Producers bore have
in mny Instances rncogniaed the 1m
lendlriff 0 inner let this but .soon thev
Will, all fee, jettlirjitfl it far war demands
Jhave .x'ut veryi deeply Into the supply.
t On, the ,an,bject of ! the shortage of
bags for tbej,hiprant .of sugar, Facts ,
'Abopjt ugr saya U its lau of April
At nii tlm
me ince me outnreak or tne 1
Kurnpoan war . hav th domestic and
.yubai-.ftigar producers fsced such un
fa vprnble , prospects . relative to their
i gnf bag supply as is the, ease at prea-
A ent. Not only has th. price of bngs
hosred.. to a ..reoord high mark, spproxi
jpately baw,83H cents for Cuban bags,
lilitv exists of Drodn.
Western Hemisphere failing to obtain
.bag. Supplies., anywhere apurouchina
Jheir, .requirements for 1919.
BituiUoij Now Acute
iu Survey, condaeted by Fncts About
rugar thia "week , among : the leading
J"Jll dealers in the jute and sugar hag
trade . eWrly Indicates that the bag
aituaticp (n so far, ss the supply for
jl is concerned is most acute. It
also shows that, the sugar producers
generally are well, aware of the difTi
.eqlfle they, face, aa the bag trade re
ports that Jhere.. has, been aa nctive
.demand for bB for aa early deli -cry
'11819 as ran. bo obtained.
r On, the .other hand, ,tis survqy shows
that it is practically impossible to placo
iy; fargevr vb'unra of orders m this
market., for bags for future l ! very,
inasra'.icn .aa local dealers can not i-e-cpr.o-
.fjr'ii, acceptances from -lulcutta
to crver thtt business sooght. A prom
inent bag, dealer who was interviewed
tMe wck five the following ophirr.
liott.of; Condition in the Calcutta
,i-nrket. He- said: .
Eevy Demand for War Use
Owing to: the heavy requisitions
made by the british government on
thc Irldinn jute erop during 1P1 7, and
ao far in 1U1K, to meet military re
quirements in bar; and , Other jute
products, fully fifty percent , of the
crop is being annually absorbed by thia
demand. , This continued heavy govern
ment rbsofption of ,th crop has driv
"en iJthn, JHcea of jute aad bags stead
ily Vpwai in the pnat.onr years, and
the P&)cutta harkot hfta become a high
ly speculative, one. -The trade there is
dliineJined, therefore to deal in any fu
ture business and it is almost impos
sible for American dealers, to obts:n
s Arm offer by csble for either burlap
At. bags p'trchnsed for delivery at try
time ffir In the future.
"In eddition, there are disturbing
rcmplirntions relative to exchange and
the ujii-ertainty of shipping, powdbili
tits thot make it very difficult to- o
enre has at the present time for u-e
in thu 1919 crop seasons of the vari
ous producing countries Even . with
the high freight rates prevailing, such
as the rate quoted at present of 1100
a ton fi t sugar bags from Calcutta to
th. I ni itlc Const, it is almost impossi
ble t ) get apaee for ling shipments, und
Some rrtiijn will Imve to be taken by
both the British mid American govern
ments if the necessary shipping space
is to lie provided to move the bags
needed for next year's crop.
"It has been reported
from the
I'nited Klni'doin during the past
weeks that there is a possibility of the
British government taking over the
jute and burlup market in Calcutti
during the present yenr in order that
the speculative element now in con
trol may be eliminated. If such prove s
to be tht cubm it muy mean a loWer
.rice for bags for 1!M!, and very like
y will meuii also that provisions will
be mde to siimdv the producers of
the Western lfemisphere with bng-t.
Whether or not, in that case, after the
pevernment has taken the portion of
Now' Estimated At Sixty Thou
sands of Tons and Will Be
More By First of Month
- i . "
Sugar is piling up in the storehouses
and there is little or no relief in sight.
Official figure will not be available
until after the first of the month when
the various agencies will report to the
shipping board the amounts their plan
tations have ou hand awaiting ship
ineut but prominent men ia the ship-
j ping circles of Honolulu yesterday es
the stocks awaiting shipment increased
from 33.000 to 47,000 tos and there
was a considerably larger tonnage of
freight space available in March than
.there has been in April,, although
April has been better than bad beeu
Tbe estimates of sugar on hand al
lows for whut brts beeu loaded aboard
the (ieorge Washington and. the Point
Arena. The forjuer waa expected , to
sail from ililo last night auu the lat
ter is to leave within a day or two.
The George Washington takes a big
cargo, about 11,000 'tons and the Point
Are; mi takes about 200, the combined
cargoes amounting to about 14,000 tons,
Cougestiou will be aggravated by
as, compare to pre-war prices ranging ; '"" lu" " in enipneu. ue
ffoni,, thirteen to eighteen cents, but B should be returned to producers
du ty. a scarcity of shipping a strong ! nj' circulation as long as pos
Waildlitv ' Tt.t if nrrwluAon in h ' sible. This prnctlse, if followed out
the crop needed for ' miUtarv . nses.
ere Will txl nnntrK ' Knrlan tn
provide a plentiful supply of hgt next
year, is fiot,bblly ,cJer it thia tlme,i
ror tno reason that present indications
point to the sallltarr demand belna
heavier than ever beore and. the crop
oeing smaller, it suck proves to be
the ease it is very safe to say,tkat
bag will not be plentifat,' and- even If
the government does sontrol the mar
ket they are not likely to bo ekeaper.
"Now is the time for tk sunar in-
dnatry to practise soniervation , rela
tive to Sugar bags, aad, this can beat be
aceompliahed by a wide use of second
hand bags at this time. Bags origi
nally used for the transportation of raw
sugar should be. kebt for this service
and not utilised for any other purpose
for the balanee, of this year and close
ly adhered tq next year, wilt In a great
measure serve to relieve a 'situation
that beats every earmark of being
serious sad troublesome test year."
Hecona-uaaos a&ors vssa
Local sugar men, commenting on the
... - - , ,
that tha use of suck . bags U becoming
more general every day and that by the
l use of them many Cuban and Porto carry three hundred thousand tons Of
Bkan producers wko :.wero short of sugar from the West ladiea during the
bns have been able, to make up the d-I month of April, Including additional
ficiency. On the other, hand, there hal)up h steamers,
been aome eomplalat by the refiners aa J Canning Supplies
I to the use of second-hand bsgs by. the I It is pointed out that ths food ad
producers on the international sugar ; ministration r is most desirous to pro
eommittee, on receiving a complaint r- j vide supplies for the forthcoming prs
eently from the refiners Ss to tbs un'Mrvlng and csnnlng season and heneo
satisfactory condition., of . bags, ruled . everyShing will be done to , facilitate
, that where bags were nsed which prov-' ths accumulation of invisible aad vi4
! ed to be la bad condition when recelv-1 ble stocks of sugar. There is a good de
1 ed an allowance should be made for . mand from the conntrv but it Is task
leakage and the lessened, ynlua .of the
bngs when empty, of not less than fif-
teen eents per bag. This -ruling is un-
derstood to cover sugar. bags rom all
prod using countries. ... ,5
It is unquestionably true that the aM
ui Hvr.unu-uHuu uufi wuuiu bt 1.0 us
subject to some agreement between
sellers and the refiners lhat would safe
guard the interests ot both-, If, a. wide,
use of these old bsgs Were made there
is no question that sueh an agreement
could be readily reaoh4 br (wbiek the
orodueer would be expected to' out .the
old bags in as good condition-aa poaat -
ble bor hasvjj-seii.aivl J, W,hL;k
buyers woufrj "be "pTotsctedt foViny loss
mas migni do susiaiuea tnrougu iuo use
of these- bags.
A prominent member of the sugar'
trade, discussing the bag aituation this
week, said:
"I believe this matter of bags to be
a mostimportaut on, and,, a subject ring rawa on praotically last years oasis
which should be given csrefuf eonsid- J though the Atlantic per are almoet
eration by the, American refine -s. The two hundred seventy -five thousand tons
present practise of the. refiners of using , behind 1917. It is significant In thia
sugar bags for container for their fin- i respect that Atlantic ports figure four
iahed products or in selling th bags to thousand tons smaller than last Week
second-hand dealers is one that might and meltings are reduced eleven thou
wiselv h altered at thia time. It is sand tons.
apparent to any one familiar .with eon
ditlons in the bag market that the. pro
ducers will have great difficulty in ob
taining new baga daring, 4919. , It ia
very likely, of course, that they will re
ceive r percentage of their require
ments,' but how large a percentage, it
will be no one can tell. In any. event
a shortaire of serious nrooortions is
faced. Would it not therefore be wise
for the refiners to act in concert, and
n"reo to return tha suetr bans to the
'I believe SMch a pan is practicable
and 1 believe it sh-v.' ' be 'eted upon
at un early date. Th( ' ig " " f ded
to carry raw sufr fi the finer ao
thnt nn nntntc- -'ipi'. r raw
sugars ran be assured them. To utilize
these bags for any other purpose is
fvlne business practise under exlatlng
condition. By agreeing to return the
! bags the producers would be helped and
I tht rifliiAra mrnnld h hulninir himself
iii turn."
the delaying of th departure of the
Manoa which yesterdty afternoon left
to go to the aid of a Steamer in dis
tress some eight hundred miles away.
This will mean a, delay . of probably. a
week at least In the departure of tbs
Manou, which Waa scheduled, to sail
os Tuesday and means hat little or
no sugar will, get away between the
sailings of the George Washington, the
Point Arena and the first of th month.
It will therefor not b ..unexpected if
the next report as to sugsr awaiting
shipment will run as high Ss 70,000
i . . it lJI t Jl
Fire in a building In the rear of
the Rycroft sods, works on Sheridan
Street off King Street called but tbe
fire department shortly before half -past
i Que
o'clock this .morning. . The, build
ing and Its contents were destroyed
but the department prevented a fur
ther spread of the flames.
The building which , was. destroyed
was s frame ani) metal affair which
quickly collapsed. Wltln U there were
aaid to have been four horses, all be
lieved io have been bufhed, and a
large auto truck which was badly dam
"(fed. . , , j
The adjacent building to this stable
garage was concrete and beyond th,l
were a u umber of Wooden jteoemsnts to
the saving of which the effort of the
firemen were largely directed and lu
which they were aucceaaful.
1 r
Demand For
is i f
Is .Gjveo Attention
New rYork Receipts Are Not
Large ' But Dutch Ships May
a Bring IrEriough to' UttX'tx
pec ted Increasing Require-
; rrtfehts - r'-'f
NEW TOBK, April ft Hales of Sugar
to th international eominisaion for the
week amounted to 119,000 tons of Cu
ba and 22,500 Porto Rico all for
Aprils Arrivsls.at Atlantic porta were
comparatively small, eausing a decrease
In meltings to 49,000 tons snd reducing
raw stocks '22,729. 'ot the first four
day of the month sates to th com
mission ' w'ereT 824,000 ' bags of Cuban,
121,500 Porto tticrjs end 51,400 Santo
I)omingo, aa 'was reported by Willett
Q'y- '
Another well known sugar suthority
in commenting on the . situation Mysi
The augar sitnation here puts some
refiners here in better shape to take
ordera for granulated sugar, thanks to
the arrival of linlarerl raws. Others
are atill offering bat little to the trade.
.niivm i in. .1 uj muwv ruivauii lit-
I f lined upon the promise of the shipping
.authorities to furnish ample tonnage to
argent since buyers possess sufficient
. supplies for daily needs,
j Borne manufacturers snd jobbers are
, receiving full proportional . allotment
and others complain of .discrimination.
f This is inevitable tinder the present
. maaesniTi meinois ox tne aieiriDnnpn
and the food administration Is working
out a scheme designed to eliminate in
equality and inequity. ' r
Carton Sugar
..The press is commenting on the Am
erican's policy to push carton sugar,
tnutead 'of bulk arranulated. to the rs-
tuil trade despite the eqoeet bf the
I food administration , that such method
be dropped. lt is pointed, ont that
j itaost a comjmny, wun rony prc
J allocation of sugar imports has a dis
tinct advantage over otner sugar re
fine ra.
Local interests are still complaining
lhat New Orleans is favored la recelv-
Stocks pmncisnt
There Is a movement placing orders
for twenty million pounds to various
refiners and also some export Tjusiness
to .Scandinavia is expected during the
next two months, bttt indieations point
to sufficient stocks for domestic con
sumers. The decreased receipts and exports
of Cuba the past week ar not ,tikel,
though it is atill hoped that ths crop
' or three million nve nuntiren toousami
ions may materiallJirovlded improve
ment In weather conditions continue.
The toternatiouai , Committee is atill
buying April Cuban, Porto Rico and
Am Doitiingos at fixed basis. Java
cables of lifeless market and old erop
whit augar sailing, at equal to 2.66
cents, f. o. b, March shipment.
w. a. a.
And so the sugar hoarders of Canton,
Ohio, were caught the other day right
in their own homes. Tha food admluis
trntios got wind of things that per
sistent rumor goaded them In to put
their nosca into closets, eellara, garrets
and the confiscated, augar sold to the
pwttie at large and only five pounds al
lowed to eack home. The firm selling
sugsr were also given a carpet walk
and they will have their keajrlag later.
Sears, Roebuck A Co., tbe great mall
order house of Chicago, is before tk
Federal Trade Commission for adver
tising sugar at three and four Cents a
pound , with other . groceries snd tha
charge against the firm is that of un
fair methods of competition in busi
ness. Officials claim that ths practiae
waa discontinued last June.
Vr. a. a.
NKW ORCeXS. Louisiana, April
1 A lengthy meeting of the execu
tive committee of the American Cane
growers' Assoc iatipn waa held In the
looal office of tbe association oa Thurs
day, March 28. The session started at
.10 a. m,. and recessed, fom p. m. un
til about, 3, when it was resumsd until
late in the evening. Secretary Joe B.
Chaffe would not aay what waa under
discussion, but it is generally believ
ed that the meeting was lu connection
with the proposed Louisiana augar
standards. .
w. a. a.
Bowel complaint is' sure to b preva
lent during the fruit season. Be ur to
kep a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic
Snd Diarrhoea Remedy at hand. It
may save a life. For ssle by all deal
ers. Benson, Smith & Co, gaeuta for
Hawaii. Advt. ,

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