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a. ,ir ., tA WAIT AN i GAZETTE, I -FRIDAY, ATRILf 1918.. -SMI-WH ER tY
" - i,
t I I 1 i 1 I I I 111 U HHB.HBHH V W I
l U i h" V - ' Iwi ; U Government Considers Fixindl I III I MIL 1111 U :.1LJ ,
MW ll UVl Tt Woi.ol Woolen, Cotton . UllLLU I Ull I ILL. I I I I
sawn . -.-& sanm ' av ,aw r m ' hLai ici uuiiij.'v it . nruwiir i
new j m m ,-mrw. . .,. , i . . .. t i
"'AV Tt TT T. TTI T7v ..
lVl l wH ri JvJ
Tkvrn' ; 1 " uf"J government tnking
Tv'Tf IIA t'rtw woblNaMs in wsrohon.'
"'A ot islandis pianUtionl the industriaf rnn. rn nr.,!
partkularjythe ,crtjr ctf , Honolulu! yert.'givert cornbfng unequalled '
Kh!torjr pf thf; Territory' yjesteay anJ last night in the drive!
w"Mf'-vMiuiii3 which wap openea witn uncxctcd fcudcleii
ne by compantts oi. armed, guard. an4, special oflu;cr. . U had
teen estimated tlat .there ;f0U4r.J,uidrefi,in -the. Territory, who
had not completed their, reeislraiioita
niht it wi -seen- that thi numtionwilk be greatly exceeded bv the tov,rnme,,t "' 't kv an
Wilrt thpsqwbo baye taJctrr alt tFeouircd ste,,, to registeVl. 'tt" l
uicc, -it m .9vunaifa'inarTne iftiniher vf out and OiU 1 1" ,"'Pn'' i''i'
- SJlSJ or th0! who fi,ed r,jr;ti:relstr' wiu k wMictote orthi;'.
htldrea..., v ..... . t : 1 r Iftjl PDilt 'riii. lettor K,
:i(Ju, the. islaad cl -Kauai alon,' according to a mcssare. receivea ' u '"'port
ight. three hundred Fihpino 'wj"e .louod who haf not regj-
nil the coming dip, it iN planning to
pncM for wcx.l..n cot ton mid lpnthnr
KOH -dl.- mnn U-ni'mxl froii
lowil nhi'ipoi' of whol VeMerUy. lr
liapR oim relief from flip high i oxt of
livloK in de.nntly .lotli.'il ami ht4
rondition my nftnr all in MiKlit. ,
Hojrrnnniitnl action relative to th
tKina of the Wool of the I'i,it-,l Rt...
(llittiOt cme in a complete Buri.rine to
nmwnimn wool ?nii.er. I liev ha. I pr-
dWiunts..whicK ap opened with uncxctcd. VSSttZ: Zl
the wool biiverli hmf been nofilleil at
th pending plnnn. One i.JieM letter
was neen yextenlay, written Romp time
prior the final ileterminntion of the
outline of
ii like the
norteil in
urilishe.l yeHter.liiv nioin
tneiitinn the price but
lie BgreeiuciitM.
Kvr otlier newi which
intnortntit anil Iiiih hml no
v aellmte incption in preon ileapntchon.
Thfr'woot hdnMe wrote that the govern
innt w xerimmlv considering the fix
ing bf pleex for all woolen, ccTtton and
leather goodx, recoK"i.in the extent te
vhleh prices had rinen and hclievin
-that . undue profits were bring exacted
by: mantifaeturerx of clothing and of
8ffl far an llnwnli in com. cine. I fherp
H little or no wool imi linn. I nt the prn
ent timq. The territory exported Jaxt
year raw wool of the viilue of f,m2
and. the Parker Rum h khh the Inrgest
khinper. The clip will now be coming
lin In the ronrxe of a month or two nnit
tMV clip will be, it in expected, tnken
OX'er by the government to injure an
adequate supply of clothing fur men
in toe service.
Wool For Knitting
"How about Wool for our knitting?"
This is the ipietion that xcveral thou
sand women and girls who are devoted
ly working to furnixh i wen tern nod
sock and other garment for the moI
dlers through the He. I (Von an- linking.
They are doing what they can to help
Win the war ami they want to keep on
with the work through the summer ami
on flifo the fall ami the winter. The"
answer has not yet come from the main-
unn mil 11 is ex pec tea mat proviHion
last nt
a - 1 . .
icrea u ,Ajk ,1 joaavDeien determined to imprison all. found who
had not registered, but the exptmse involved in following this plan
Case of jthe Jhfee hundred, on Kauiai and the blow the res
mo.val.o ucl. a .number wqul4 eal. plantationH there led the
di-aftofficials to decide on. another; touVseV The three liundred will
be.jjeroilttcd tp' remain 'on Kauai, but" ail are to Uc registered and
examined at onctW-,. , . . ! ir.t4 irtn n
Another message that was revived irorai Maui stated that about
a hundred and -fifty delinquents had been found there. Through the
day large numbers were sent in to the city from plantations on the
island ,of, Oahu.. . . 4aj
.j In the outlying districts.'in: the, industrial concerns and nn. the
llantatiops the drive opened at sjxYo'plfH yesterday morning. Emr!
r.uy ui an ine, oig inQustriai,conicrnft.:were examined when they
reported ior work by special draft officers. Not many were found
aniong the industrial workers Vvhp Jjad .failed to,cqtnj)lete their regi
tratipn.Qn, the plantations thrqughoiifc the Territory in accordance
with a prearranged plan all the laborers were lined up at six o'clock
VI tji? njrning a4, ejr. ?xaajpations were conducted at that.time.
It va4iv,the4;OMJ5s pf tAMrsfeeijcarBinations that the men sent in to
the city in several truckloads were' found,
The city of Honolulu caine.n for its share, of the rakinif and!" b n,8,,e bv the trovemment f
combing in the evening beginning at seven o'clock. 'With two hat
lalions of the national guard it, is estimated that the work of the
drive was carried on here by something more than a thousand-off
ficers. . - , . . . . 0
. . Ncer before has the, city witnessed, scenes Jike tho.se of lat
night and it must be said that victim . and workers alike seemed
to take the whole thing wjth smiling good nature. Noylisnnlcr or
trouble, was. reported from any, quartetJ While on the other hand
amusing situations of all kinds evelope44 ltf: :
.;; ., . TENEMENTS YI?JTJ!?D "! ; ;.
ln thp. course of the. evening vft Konoluli's tenement
horises were visited and their male occupants, of draft. age examined
(.nie, by one. Automobiles and street cars were stopped; the crowds
at all of. the theaters of the. city (were, oornbed-as. the. theaters emp
tied, stores and business establishments were, entered and many
hwirics were also visited by the special officers, who were accom
panied by armed guardsmen... . t . i. , ,
In dealing, with the tenemeats and living quavers in the con
frttcd4i6trict the. course iollowd,wav U, throwt eordon .of guards
men -a found the place visited and then,Hhe work of investigation
'Ppan, . F rom floor, tq floor and from room, to roont in: the tenements
the draft o(ftcfa sjarched out men of draft age who were asked
to produce their cards. . . .
. Nfl place ir fte cityi'vyHere a suspect might be in hiding, was
nvcrlppked.with the result tha,t the draft ixiards worked practicallv
all night at the armory to which the 9Utpeet were brought bv the
tctwklqad in auto trppks provided, for the. purple. Capt. II. Goud
ini? Field was in charge of the work arthe armory: '
Walter Dillingham, bno of the me'ii'
beri of the defonse committee, who was1
etiVe . 4w- rhe work of the drive, mode
ctwtiien1 -art tnlilnight' styMig' W
hart been bnmgllt Tn by the speeiaJ ofllJ
cenr And guarrlshiea- n 150 4tine to
uudeor'Ardera' from draft headquarters.
" Kvrtry detail of the plans of the !!
waitaa- National Wuard to establish ti
erdon of guards around the eeinjeste.?
section 'of the city, interlockiag 'from'
the waterfront to the street above
School Street and along the Punx hlMiwI,
wlh.'i! extra- wave carried out into
tlie more eliatant districts, was carriel
out-to at-wleety. No secrion was over-'
kooked, and even if in- the irst- instaliet'
each' -aection was not combed, it was1
given a thorough search rng by aqiads
relieved from other aectious.
At' wtactlyi hK "paafr aeveir o'clock
the fruclka with' fotdiera loaded Jio, all
standing op, Wer-eBt -our'to 'ttreius
Iv (lestgHatad roesfiona artd (jonefntrk
tlnn .lepota established to which all
person caug1it"'ln' the1- fltaue'f we're
sfnt, and thereafter forwarded to head
Oor4ou Thrown Out
Squails Stretched oiit until a cordou
wns completely established tliroujjhout
the Aala and Palama aecUDiis, wh'le
nj ou Pqnchhow?, the central station
was established at School and Lilaitana
Ht.reets, and small squads sent bito the
nllevs and "back street.
Kseu out in Kallhl an far as the Ka
niehamcha IV road - guards were en
cotintorod by pedestrianji and auto
Following tho first streUJiisg of the
cordon,' the guard was brought down to
a settled matter of stopping every per
miii at all important street corners.
Within half an hour after the guards
men left the Armory In trucks, men
were being detained, asaethbled at cor
ners, then seut under guard t the coil
ceutratiun depots ami dually forwarded
to the Armory.
It was an evidence that the guard,
with augmented numbers could est at
lish in aa emergency a coinploto, stool
kh).C;Ii cordou around tho city in large
circles, thou smaller ones, with iuuer
iuterl.M'kiag utiits.
(her in Knneaho the poll He Urnsi
I cnly Hve unregistered men, and' will
-end tli cm tn Honolulu for disposition
In I lie .1 ni ft buurd.
i.-liJl'U.H I
Mucker youpdnrsj ;were ttot confined
to Hoiiolulp ysaterday for C. N. Arnold,
county supervisor 'and also an oBieer
in the Hawaiian-National Uuard, made
a roundup of deJinnueaU at Honolulu
plantatioa' yosfe'rIy Utorpiog,' and by
nine oM'k had ll'O men liped up who
were found 'to be without final
fieatioa. arU. . .
''H' xeeted A draft ofliner to reurli
tie pldqtatlon at'tlat time- to' Investi
gate the cases of fhe delinquents but
no one came and the men, after their
names wert) -recorded, were allowed to
return to their eaipua,
Arnold, however', decided that there
were' a" lot of tweti,,oti the' estate who
had not eveir registered; and 'ab fcegan
fc"ond roiindup.' ' Hhoftly' after urton
he' quiitlohexttwt Or three of the
blfKt motor troekl oflhe plantation,
buntiled the- sluakera1 -in and brought
them' to town. -linini ttem Mn -w th
fetfrrtdot ' 0 MhV-'Wrefeutlve ' building,
wurre mey were loosen ovor by Captain
Field, '"- i n.-.; t ci.v. ..
In'trrlngtng' the1 men' in Arnold was
aUslhtetl' bf V "Firrplno' Hamrt Bruno.
w"marnalled f the- 'men, " who were
mostly Tinpinos, " In Inllitarv stvle.
BnirW'wMltf' insula 'ISarly thirties, has
adequate snpply for this purpose.
-The wool ii taken over, despatches
said, for the purpose of supplying
ciotning roe me eoi.llers ami the nail'
ors. The knitting helps U -.ui.t.lv that
erothiag. It is probably inclmle.i in the
plana that this will be continued and
the Supply famished through the Red
Cross, indications of this are found in
the commissioning of A. L. Castle, the
field director of the Red Cross here,
anil the announcement that this was
done tor coordinate the Red C'roas Work
with' : the 'quartermaster 's department.
It appears likely the' Red Cross will
draw its supply of wooleu yarn from the
quHrxermasrer -g department ami in turn
supply it to the willing workers,
m x v
Has Oversubscribed Her Quota of
Liberty Bonds. Chairman of
Committee Wires Honolulu
Maui exceeded her Liberty Bond
quota ou Wednesday evening and amid
cheers and much enthusiasm the Val
ley Isle's Liberty Hond Honor Mag
was hoisted at Wailuku. C. 1), I.ufkin,
chairman of the Maui Liberty Loan
committee, wired th$ good news yes
terday morning to the ceutral commit
tee here. ..-
Main lias siibaeribed 184, 4(H) and ex
ceeded lier quota by t22,400.
Rr....., hes w ie made' at Wailuku at
a rally meeting by Chairman Lufkin,
Mrs. 1-inton, Attorney Burr, Kepresen
tati e Crockett, anil Richard L. lialsey,
I'nited States I mmigYatioii inspector
for Hawaii.
The bunks of Honolulu wish it under
stood that all persoiiS who signed pledge
blanks with Boy Scouts must deposit
their pledge money with the banks to
day. At noon tomorrow the lists close
at the bunks.
Persons who fail to back up their
signatures will deprive the Hoy Scouts
Ot their credits, and their own names
will not appear on the Liberty Loan
Hond purchasers' honor roll.
The cliuirman of the Lilferty Loan
committee in' Man Francisco wired to
the local committee a few days ago ask
ing for figures of Hawaii's Hiibscrip
Hons, and thHt whenever Hawaii was
ready to mail the applications for bonds
to the Reserve bank there.
Secretary Ruttolph wired to Him
Krniicisco yestflrday that from odliifil
returns just tabulated there have been
received hv the batiks of the Territorv
subscript ions for t4,.130,0O0, thereby ex
ee.linir Hawaii's iiiioIh bv 7M(i IMIII
irrpysoiT seen more actual military life I This messuge was sent at noon
men most men on Uahu. As a Tiov of Today will
eleven he"3otned tho Ybrcetf of the men
conducting the "original Aguinaldo out
Dreir,n fhBlawrtwb feflrt offtie fhll
ippUe "ilrsUTteHtlon. art.l 'ervd' ulider
many c ommkader." Intlading1 Pib a'ilur.
Later he entered the Philippines Scouts
and' thrtf -jh' Cotfttabiftiiry.
: 'Most1 of the' ineii Vlajmid they were
ignorant at thit selMive draft require
meiits; that there have been so many
Instructions and so much official reil
tape 'to cut that they didn't know what
to do'. .
Wireless messages received at head
quarter yesterday announced that the
police and! draft officials have located
25 unregistered men. and1 asked what
disposition they all bull t make of tnem.
IiiMtrmliiins w ere 'Tetnmed to register
them and give them all a physical ex
aiiiination and complete the registration
if possible.
ill practically wiml-uii the
entire campaigu in the Islands, l.ut sub
scriptions will continue to be tuken uu
til tomorrow.
- W. I. a.
Arthur Kahauwiiiui. a veteran 1-itnk
man of Honolulu, was urrosiel 1 v t'ie
police yesterday and will l.e turned
over to the federal authorities for a
violation of the presidential "liy"
Oalu prociiimatioii. When arrested,
KbliaiiM inui had two soldiers in lis
hnck Mho had a quantity of beer in
their possession. When hailed bv the
police, he jettisoned his cargo of beer.
The bottles were broken but tit'- necks
with tlie corks intact are coiihi.lcrcd
hum. i. nt evidence and will !o mcd
vv In-ii the case euuies to I rial.
Watson. Vessel Manoa Hurriedly
Despatched To Assistance ,
Propeller Drops Off Leaving Ship
At Mercy of Wind and Wave
Until Aid Arrives
Totally disabled through loss of her
single propeller last Wedneada-woon,
, targe" transpacific steamehlp"ia at
the mntey, of weather condition Over
ROO mile from Honolulu. Th Mat soil
steamw Manoa was despatched at BVe
o'clock yestefdnv evening, under or
dera to ' reach the distressed ship as
soon aa possible.
lODsorah-ip restrictions prohibiT the
giving of the ft a me of the disabled vea
sel or her position, ns it is not definite
ly known her condition is not the resort
of a German plot, and because she
would-be a helpless prize for a boarding
party of the enemy.
The disabled steamer left Honolulu
less than' a week ago, after securing
bunker here. She has no passengers
aboard, but ja loaded with a very valu
able cargo. '
tollowlog-receipt of a call for help
froin this ahlpj a conference of govern
ment officials and Honolulu shipping
nxii was bold. At first it was deter
nane.1 to send the Vnion oil tanker
Iaasing, Which la now at Hilo, to the
aid "of tut0 "vessel. Hf a lateV con
ferehjrif' iten-ided that she e'ould ' ie
readied sooner by the Mat son steamer,
whih 'at first the government - WHS
backward about diverting from her
schedule, as she is a mail and passen
ger carrier, and badly n led at this
tline to tnk out a sugar cargo.
la Totally Disabled
In the wireless rll from the damaged
ship, h special request was made that
the Ksitlon and name of the steamer
be not gtveri to the public, although no
details were given as to the cause' of
fhe 'accident. ' The only tiring specified
regarding her1 condition was that she
was totally, disabled.
Aa estimate ifde by shipping men
is that the Manoa will ie able to -reach
the big, helpless steamer within less
than three days, and that she may be
able to return here with the wreck in
tow in aix or aeven days.
OnA a ..... . . ;U.AV1:H.
lr-'ia aendirxc tb Manoa on the rescue
Voyage,' (natead, Of the tanker Laniriiig,
is that tbftrMatson steamer can make;
fa-stct time'U'bfttr" equipped wtth
heavy' towinj'machiriery, knd Honolulu
is nearar th drsaUed vessel than Hilo!
Besides the, lansingr might have had to
?ome to- herft' for 'fuel lie fore leaving!
. Shipping ieh Uffeir. ,'in tTielf predict
Ions a to hpther'th ilhma'sfb to'tie
disable4 vessel Ih f dosign'-'dr ictldeht.
From the wording Sf the biessagfe call
ing for help It is believed the Steamer's
propeller is entirely 'gone, or "dropped
off," as they put it.' If rliis in true,
they argue, the tail .diaft of the . s. !
must have broken off.
Sabotage Suspected
Some argue' that the damage to the
vessel has been caused by ther war ene
mies of the. iiounty ' who "have assured
the temporary tieing tin of two vessels
bv cunning sabotage. ' 'Others Contend
thru It is merely another" ''neVtflent' of
the sea, which has rendered' thevescl
helpless so far from aay1 port. 1
Salvhge of the- steamy fromtotol
loss depends upon the 'eotttinuifron of
the present good 'Weather c6feditious,
the shipping men say. 'If there- should
be a storm they fear' the ' vessel' might
liiumler, as there would be nd' wiy of
keeping her out of the trough" of the
sea. This is because 'the steamer has
only "stumps" for marts. Besides her
wireless polen, and it would be Impossi
ble to get up sufficient sail l give her
heudway before a stwrn, it 'is ;xplaiued.
Kw p In lit SII toll I n
Haiku Mianr 1 ..
li Ar. fl. ( .. .
Haw. ( k s r.
,-Msw. Kimsr en' . . .
llonokss Siik. I-... .
Moaomn KiiKar 1 o
liiil. bins. .11 .sug I ' 1,1 , , 1
Kshnkii I'hini. ('... ,
K.-xalia Has. 1
Kotna Hugsr .1 . .
M. II rule Hiik '.. . 1,1.1
Onlj 11 Siik (1.
01BM ll CO.. I.t.t. .
On.iinea .-.lirnr t'.
I'Siiolinii Mn ir. I ' lit ti 1 ,
('! U' (nii Mill .
fsia 1'Uiu. In
IVliMctceo iiiKitr i'.i . . .
I'lon.H-r Mill ('. .
Heu i'srlo MiIIIiik (1, .
Wslslun Aun t I -i.
V nuiih 11 rng. t 'u .
Endus !:. ( I.I.I
1st Issue Ass.Sis SO I'll
Xllll Ishiii- I'al.l I'll .
Knirels Cupiier Mlnlnir i n
tlsisii I'. I'. 1 11 . I nl
lulkn K. 1'. (1... i .1111
Hw. Cm. It '; a
tiaw. Con Ity ! ;, II
MW. I . It "111 .
Hawaiian i:ic. tr. i ,,.
tiaw. Ilneaiili' i n .
II01I. II. M. Co . I. id
lion. I'lls Co.. 1.1.1. ...
.. It Y I. c.i
Inter IhIiiiu) S. N Co
Milt. Tel. Co.
Onhli II. A I. Co
rsliitnir IIiiIiIi.t Co
'.ninn IUiiilhii:s. I'd.
Same (M0 IM. 1 ...
TsiiJoiiu I link Itiililn r 1 o
Heach Walk I H. OS';
Jlainnkua lillcli Co . lis
Hawaii Con Ity r ;
Ilaw'u Irr. C... iw
Hsw. Ter l-i, lt.-r I'.hxv
Haw. Ter. 4',; I'titi. 1ui.s
Haw. Ter. I'uh. Iuii
twrles IDKii . .
Haw Terr'f Il'r
I II m (las Co.. 1. 1. 1., iv ,
Hoiiflksa Miik. Co. iv', .
lion. tns Co . I. III..
Ksnnl It r - Co . iw
Manoii 1 111 1 . lilsi . .V ,. ,
Mellryile Sng Co.. .
Mnfuul Tek-plioui' Co. .V
) lull 11 It. & 1.. Co.. .V ,
tlshu Kwgar Co.. w, .
Olna Kiib. I'l... itrT
Pacillc (inaiio A K. Co .
rtaa Carlo Milling. 6 ;
,I0 j
jsu, ..'s ami
I.... I'SI
11 11
-HW i :ui 1
o'l I
1 "to 1 :
, 1
I 1'4
??o ':::::!:::::
Il'-J: U , U'i
:,!', :it :it 'V
: .vv 'W.i
t-'S 41 I
II, 1 I
10 N
-.4 '.'s ; '.'si
, IK '
ctv snv,
-'.i 1 U.i
1 j j
T; ":"?" I
, 1
' i
2 J 1
'-'- 1
4:ii-j, in'.,!
MSt VI 1 i:i4
'M 1
lsi '
ix'y 1
II'. 14.1 l.'sj
1'n 1 IS
I"" I
I" I
-I" ,
' xti-i ::::: :::::
i TO
1'T j 1
' IKV...... I
t.si 1 nsi',
1'" I i
tnl '-j KSI
Ifi I I
list '
t.KI'.j ll'j
I OS 1 1 IB j 1
11 IUI 1 '
Short T-alks Witrit
Honoliilq people
C11I0 k
I!. It
A . ....
B NEEDHAM, 1(1.15
ailing for years finds
.est remedy for kid
ney tioiiU,' an, 1 idood purifying.
slum i. io'inl rundown condition'
mi. I , In, nn,. illaesa for vears. fiavs
" iv . 1- a marvelous meilieine.
MRS KAAI OHELO, Iwilel. All.
ing to. vciir. right side helpless.
I'sed H. H. I '. seven weeks; ppw
doing her ,,u liiiiisewnrk.
CS, Kahiu. Ailing long time rhen
maiisin Snvs IV H. C. Cured him.'"
Ailing 7 vears, lame bark and gen
eral ill li.nltli. Now restored to
health, ha. I. all right and feeling
tel St.
lp.-;,-.x ,,',' a.i ,"' --"j
Cm 10.",
. 101
tialiu. 10.
Jack Doyle Thought Victim of
Thug's Bullet
Jack I'ovle, well known to Honolulu
s, 01 ting men because of a visit made
here about eighteen months ago, is be
llcfd to be the proprietor qf Hie saloon
in which a bloody battle with 'three
him. lils occurred at Verhon,' California,
yesterday moriilug, as' tefiorted by an
Associated Press deapateh.
The news despatch said the bandits
killed the bartender, while the citv
marshal who was summoned bv the
shooting accounted for one of the three
robbers, but not until after the pro
prietor of the saloou was probably fu
tally K'ouii.le,!. The two other robbers
11 jo. , I in an iiutoinoiiiie.
While the despatch did not give the
name of I lie saloon keeper,' friends here
I... lie ve il was .fuck Dovle. as he was
the owner of the only saloon in Vernon.
Henides conducting the only lu-etlsed
mi loon in Vernon, Doyle Ik' the owner
of the Vernon Arena, famous for the
hauiiiinnsliip prize fights 'which hae
been staged there in the psjit.
- - - - w. a. a. " . ,. -
SA.V JACIN'TO, April, glV-Associ
iited I'.essi Two earthquake shocks
were felt tulav hut no doRinge was
loin. '
W. s i.--i '-IX.
Dur'iig Hie summer inoqt)i ihildreii
are subject tn disorders of the bowels
ami should receive the most careful ut
teutiou. As soon as any unnatural
looseness of ihc bowels is noticed Chum
l.erluin's Colo and Diarrhoea itei Iv
should he given. For sale hv all deni
ers. liens. in, Smith & Co., agents for
lluwuii.- Ad t.
LV I ST 1 -t . Wiiliiluii. '.72.
.. -n r. n.uieer. 10. -jx.-frt.
, Kiigcls. -jo. I. si 1... . i;a to. 2s.;.t.
January 2. 1!UH
88 analr'ls liwts (u.i ailiV-es).
' BO Cent. Fat Haw.) Sngars COUO
" Apr is V.ils.
Hlngapore 40.01
New lork 1 No ijuotalloli).
W. 8 8.
P. Hi 1 "F ! r- : i
SBW VOllK. April 1(1 - (Associated
rrcxHirKollowlna; aia the opening sad
closing quotations of storks in the New
York Market yesterday.
Klpen- I Clos-
I In
' 1" ' .j
.".I N
I .
i::t 1 .
1 1 1
Aiiierl.-su Suaar
Amerl.su lleet
Assix laleil Oil
Alaska liohl
American Locouiottve
American Tel. Tel. .
American Hinelier
American Ste K.lr. . .
Anu.-omla l'opii.r
Atrhlsou Ksllway
ftal.twln Locomotive . .
Iialttnioru ft 0J1I0
Kelhleheiu Hteel "11"
California I'd mien 111 .
Ceutral Leather
Caua.llsn PaclMi
C. M. K. I'm. I
Colo fuel It Iron
crurlt.le, Kteel
Cutis Nuirar Cane
l.rle ciiniiifiii . ........
'1. 'Hera I Klm-trlc
(lenvrai Motor tu.-wi
Ureal Northern l'l'.l. . .
Inteviiatloiiul Nickel . .
In.iusi.lul Al.-oliol . .
Iveniiis-.itl Ciiier . . .
Lililu-h nllev Hallway
N'ew York Ceiilrtil
ta.v i .iiis.iII.IiiI.hI
UcaiUuu ciiuiuiiiii
Ucputdli- Iron .-.111H11011 .
SoulLrru l'a.inc .
Si llileliHkel'
I lillwl Slates lllltilier .
Tux as I Ml
I 111. Hi I'm IHc
I iillc.l Males Sleel .
1 I II It .
Western I11I.111 . ., . , , U4 'h
W.-Sllliulll'llsc 40'',. 10
Bid. t li dlvl.leuil t Cnuiiuio.
w. a. a. -
SVN FUANCIHCO. Anrll W 1 As-... 0,1
cil 1'ri-ss) Kollowlog are Hie opcllilli; an.',
closbtitr iiuotatlons of sui?sr anil oMkt
Ht.H-ks In the Han Praiiciavo nmrk.-i -
lenlny :
1 1 r
1 1
. - 04 W
(IT. 1,
, l.'lM-i
. :IT S
; 411' .,
1 'JO
, 14
- 41
' :i
1 w
A'lmg for years, bark ache
and nencmic condition. Tsed B. B.
C. weeks with great results.
near School nt. For yesrs ailing
with g ml III health. Now well.
I'sed H. H c. j weeks.
Kaimuki. Ailing; stomach trouble
and gen.'.al ill liealth. Hays B. B.
C. wondcrt'iil uiediciiie.
Corkscrew Lane. Stevedore, Mat
son Wharf. Sac, ,1 bottles of B. B.
C. fixed ii, Ins kidneys and stomach,
although he had been ailing long
MRS. LOE PEKA, Chalice Bt
near lh.hr, ,11 Ave. Ailing long time;
nervous ami stomach trouble. Pay
B. H. C. reslored her health.
loiliili; with Allen ft Ribinson
Lumber Yard. Ailing; genersl run
down condition. Have B. B. (!. is
-marvelous system builder.
MR. O. MALANI, Kawaihal, Ha
waii. Suys H. H. C. ,ured him of
kidnev trouble. ' .
08, Makaweo St. Worker at Water
Wks. Pumping Sta. 12 years. Says
H. H. C. has no equal as a stomach
li Ranch. Says H. B. C. fine rtom
ach medicine and blorxl purifier ' "
MR. J. F. ECKARDT, flr.l Wia
kamilo St , Falama. Clerk Matson
Wharf. Ailing K years with back
ache ami kidnev. Now restored to
health bv H. It' C.
MB. JCHN AVEIRO. 1:128 Lnai
tana fit. Repair man at car barn.
Says B. H. C. is a great tonic and
stomach medicine.
. .MB. DAVID ALO, K.i merchsnt,
Tish Market, highly recommends B.
B. 0.
1'uufhbowl Drive. Ailing 20 vears.
Cured by B. B. C.
Fertilizer Co. KHeuinatism for
years. I'sed crutches. Now cared bv
B. B. O. , '
land Lfc -Ailing fot years; stom
ach trouble. Says B. B. C. is tho
only medicine' that helps Jmu.-
BEN BRTJNg, whose B B. 0.
medicine has made all Ilonolulo
talk, says: "We have thousands of
cure on the mainland but we seldom
us their names heie. We prefer to
give you the names of peopleAyou
know, who live here and whorsj you
meet every day, to there ran be uo
doubt as to their genuineuess and
truth." J
lUMl N. Hi hool 43t., reports great re
sults from using B. H. C. ' , .
fVttlemeni , siiys B. B. C saved him
from ail opeinf ion. 1
MR. J. F. TREITAJ, Kapshulu,
Holm Ave. Suffered wish body
tiains a long time. B. B. C. cured
dm. '.
MRS. A. H. FLINT, 8030 Eyo Bt,
Sacramento. ' Paralysed 2 years,
now well. Says B. B. C. Medicine
and rubhing with B. B. C. Liniment
cured me. ' . .' V .
The B. B. O. Maa has scores of
other testimonials from the best peo
ple in Honolulu, testifying to the
great eflicaey of B. B. C. in eases of
stomach, nerve and kidney trouble,
rheumatism, sick headache, sleep
less ui ghts, bladder- disorders, bil
ioilness, ennatipatioj, lame backs
and liver ailments.' Bv B, C is pure
ly herbal and contains no alcohol,
no poteoiiona drugs, and its action
is such that it.trenrthsnS and puts
the iron force of health and vitality
into the system, enabling it to throw
off sickness and ' disease, even in
rases of vears' standing. B. B. C.
is a medicine sensation and has
made more cures than anything that
has ever been ' .introduced here.
The B. B. 0. Man, ,Jn at 161 Kin
St., w aids, rrery wsek day from
7 a. m. to p.- nu, U explain the
B. B. O. Medkina. No raises in
price $1.00 per bottle) don't 'pay
more, ft bottles for 3.00. Special
this week, bottles for 5.O0.
AU druggists (Dealers and Plan
tation Stores sow -have B., B. p. on
aaie,,or sepd luonny order to me and
IUI .uhlisi.ta. ypu., - I,,py shipping
charges, on ral .orders of 3.00 and
overj . Addxoss Hon Druos, Honolulu.
Huo Buzzard No
Longer Dpfiles
iPfDniTv DtniiiDtn
1 1 1
1 1-1
i (li.cn
lluw'll Coiii'I (Il';
lli.vii.ltan Suirar Co X
llumiltati Suaar o'j
1 uli liinson Sueur o I .V.I
daliii Hmrar Co :i'.,
..linn Suiiiii- Co ."i'.
i in ..l.i.'ii Suuar Co 4u
I'lllMlllllU Siiu'iir Co n
llol.ollllll Ull .",.4.1
Kneels Co.ii.i'r C.i ."..00
1 1 1 f ft 1 11 1 II I'lllllllltl.iu Til
M.iutanu Biugu.im Consolidate, I Mm
nig cuiipaiiv. i eciirpoi ated mid. i Ihc
lns of the sta'e of I'tuli. I'ni,,: ,'
plllce of ,!isi.c:s. l'O.im 1110 to-toll
building. Salt Lake City. I trh.
Notice is he .'bv given licit at :l
meeting of tile .lirectnrs, held on I1"
I Nt II dav of Mllll'll, liHS. an CSSO-ltl. nt
of ten cents per sl.-,"e w a . levied .
the capital st u k of the . ,,i a ' i, ;,
pavuble inline, llnt.'lv to I. ail
vc'H'tsrv of fh' couipanv. at t!,.- ,,'h. ,
ol the ciiuipitnv, i.'om I'll", I;,, !,,,
Iiinldiiig Salt I ii I e Citv, I'l.-h
V n v -to. k . ii " I vv h i. h I h i- . , - .
uu , I iiiiiv iciiirlin ollpnid in, ' "
dav , I In- - h da v of Mi, ':I- . '
di I io lien I ri ii I i d vert iscl I'm -;. ,
, III, lie !lll'! i'l. -Hid iitil.-H- .iuii ,'
made I. .-loic. vv ,'l he sold 'l'n,--,l ' '.
:'Ntl! ,lnv of M v . IIMS, at I- ,, '. , '
noon of said dav, 'to pnv the ,h hi 'i,-,,'
iis-cssinenl , lo Ihei wiih eo-ts ,-l . I
l i e last, lingering trace of kaiaerism
iis erased from the new Americanized
lit m of H. Hackfeld A Co. yesterday
v hen workmen removed the Hun coat
of arms from the archway over the
entrance to the Hackfeld building.
ior many months, even while (ieorg
Ko.hek, confessed conspirator, was one
oi ihe bright and ahining lights of the
1 1 no, the German coat of arms w as
carefully hidden beneath a thick eoat of
,,,ii,iete. The concrete was applied
"hen public opinion was expressed as
being nauseated by the sight of the
Hi-igniii of cruelty and treachery that
li-grace.l the building.
But the burying of the German bur.
.ard hcneatii a eoat of concrete was not
enough for the American executive coin
mittee that is now directing the alliuirs
of tHe erstwhile German company. They
Knew that the coat of arms was there
and that was enough for them; tuoj
ordered it removed, and yesterday
work men chopped from the building the
o Mending reminder that Hon plots were
mice hatched in the structure.
The canvas behind which may be
seen ill the picture one of the work
no -ii who did the job, was stretched to
pievent the fragments of Hun buzzard
from falling on the heads of passers by,
as it was realized that anything" roll
ii , ted with the kaiser is liable to cuuse
Ml that remains now to remind Ho
noliilii that the firm was once Clermau
i- the inline and that, it is expected,
will he changed to a good American
iiainc as soon ax necessary arrangements
an he made.
-itising and cup.
h'oolll iHlll.
I al.e Citv, I tu
s ot -
V Ml
e.-l el :
ston Imii'.I,
( a,11,
he a special n tine ,,f
- of the Honolulu Young
-I. ,u Association at twelve
a. in Cooke Hull. A men, I
I , i-t it ut ion and hv la vvs
a pievious recul.i, called
II be a, ted upon lodav The
lent I'. .
illcl hv I'
d that lh,
, v , i. ,i i n h 1 I lie s
a '(, lilted
i , - o 1 1 1 1 ion
I' I illingham w ill l.e
li.i- coin lint lee i
v. i hi-i ton , , Inn i man
by the
,-l colli
dlleetoif. (o
Itive of the
ei, led
..Ull MIM' I III
lien. C. I'ot
l; .id,
Ii. Audcrsou.
By TWJWeihpd.'Fjbod Admfnis-
s.Mi iii.i.u riu n.:.. r-.
ii attiir sjyuifj ia iiivc rwi
Hawaiian Product
Growers ef paddy ricil nre now reqnlr-
... - - - . I . ''M . I 1
pa iu -iiTr prymii rrora ine ii'rn
tuiial representative of the food ad
ministrator bW'or they can have their
rico RnHle.r. Tn this way It It ox pee ted
lift K.' nnilhlft . 4a ham . 1, ,.2m -'
Ilnuaiian grOwn rlee. , Three permi'i
wero irsue.f yesterday afternoon.
Flee millers rs under license an
can tm f ontyolbsJebut there is no gov.
ernraiental control over tho grower. T
tiring llns'HbOut the food administra
tion las 'arranged with the mi Dors to
refuse to miM. the paddy r'ce cicept
when, there' is produced a porm'.i ftom
thr ford administration. Snrh permit
will not be1 granted unless the grow
er, oi te person who takes the rico tr
tiie mil), shall agree to sell at n certain
rtpt-ri Red price, at this : time 4x.1 ' at
from 8 to Thus is brought about
tho desired price, control for without
a permit tlie rice cannot) he milled and
wi t hoot1 the required promise as to
price the permit; will not be granted.
The price determined upon is said to
be satisfactory to most of the growers
and is' ron'tidernbly less thsn the cost
of .Tupsuevc or. California rice,- thes
costing 410..VI to if 11 laid down here.
Viirehnsers of paddy rice who refuse
to have it milled and to market It come
under governmental coutrol for they
can be reached for "food hoarding''.
The locsl food a.lmlnistration denies
there ars plestitfulsupplies of paddy
(i. e. There is paddy rice over on tho
other side of the Island bnt roads are
ho bad as to mnke transportation dif
ficult nn.t costly. Otherwise bs has
found little imjieution e hoarding. He
says there is n6w available enough
laiWy 'rice fo hSnko about 8000 baga.
Prospect of Relief
Three prospects of relief, none of
them imhiedlnte, are presented by ths
food administrator, who says he' has
foreseen tho-preeut condition. One of
these Is thjP Jaxperted arrival from
.Ta(n -rly ' nxt 'month of a supply
adequate' for two months;' a new Ha
vvaiinn crop In lhre or four weeks and
meantime (fie milling of as much of the
riiml sacks-of Wnl grown riee aa pos
sible. Meantime he 'asks that present
household fuppljcs be eouccrved as far
us possible for he tMnVs there it a
'apply sufficient to tide over with such
conservation. 1
A meeting of the fair price commit
tee was held yesterday afternoon and
the executive ''of- trie ''food commission
told the members of his plans relative
to rice and of other plans relutive.to
prices of commodities.

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