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Holjpnfs Plight
.the most ominous note that has
. 'becb stfndei recently' from Europe is struck
V demanae4 t'w right se ,the Uutcfl raiiroaas
"-'and canal for tfie transportation of war supplies
y iftib","B1jfeinnv,'Th4.iilt!jlnatiwn Hon a par with that
; .fianded to 'Be1giom.it the beginning of the war,
..! 'th ti1timt that, produced the "scrap of paper"
-' frav tlriwfirt'rtffirAtifft to the world of the
wff of savagery that, had come,.
; Holland is in a most precarious situation, ir
' t i IjA.' iii-kla.' J I -U l. ........
Bne uare reiuse nz utrmsn cmuu sue ucwun.--1
at once a partner of Belgium, subject to the - hoc
i miserv of invasion and with her territory certain
. I.1' a,
f became, tne scenes, ol more
he aere'ei to ttie Use 6lTier railroad and interial
1 waterways by the German military machin. nhe
violates her neutrality as against the Entente and
subjects her own coast to blockade. Should mat
l. ter drive her over the edge into alliance with the
Germans, she will be stripped instantly of her
- great colonial possessions and bet coast will lie
i open to bombardment by the Entente fleets and
r invasion by the British and American armies.
, VI VI IllttllJ IHU31 IIIV31 VIVO J'-
M&itllitT W Holland. f The Dutch
: Vhrtv'r rtrf rtieah'tlrbDortions.
'jiried. with entanglements and covered by elabor
Ate'jtefenaf systefniShould she be forced into
v 'war, fit ibi 'pseryaoa's, of her sovereign rights,
' her territory ,w.aujd oner tne fc.n
; UTTIBdlt lliu IKI tumi'wuuiu
. ikhmeijj 4y the British of naval
Hms and Heligoland.
.patches," demands the' right to
Mcnnrt from Holland sand and travel. The Dutch
' -have recently; under 'pressure from the British,
: prohibited such "export as being material of war,
the materials bemg'desired by the Germans for
thje construction of 'concrete defenses in Belgium.
..- The, real essence of -the German design comes in
' ' ihf putch railroads and canals
' v tion of militant supst
' $hould' Hpilind gwnt this it would transform
' their, country from the Khine south into a tem-
' . nany to 'establish a submaVine base at Antwerp
ant urntild irnfrvrhi the heldt intn a flerman
; harbor, and this thevEntente would not tolerate.
V' . Undoubtedly "Germany has claimed the right to
'' use the Dutch- faHroads and .waterways on the
' grounds' that Great Britaia and, the United States
nave cizcu ana uikcu pycr or war use uic greater
part, tot; the Dutch ' merchant marine. ; Specious
.' argument wjlt attempt draw a parallel between
what the jEntente.has' done, undef iastifiOlS6A'.bf
. iomj csiaoiisjiea ana ,recognizea
. and nat. the Germans are now
vufiiik iivwiivii vi lutvi uoiiviisi ion miu n tm , ' '
further excuse tnan "military necessity", the same
.: excuse that was used-against Belgium and in ev
, try subsequent Hun atrocity and outrage.
No emm To stack
N England able-bodied men between the ages of
eighteen "and fiftv veara are takine ut arms
t . t r 1 : . tl , i
. sgainsi.ine .nuijs. ine capaoie
Una -na mat mciuaes me Digger pan oi ine pop
datiou of Erin-are to be cohscrjpted which is
. onlv richt. for England can't well cet alone with-
. IrlnnA'e Violh anrl it uniilil
land, home rule or no home
it'Certnany is pressing into service
P carry a gun, regardless of age
1 -i t i 'i.. it .u:..
pt-IICIltc. 11 1UU as II Litis 19 w
fifiish. The hbertv of the whole
ine Allies win not give up and oermany is a siuo
lorn mule that will have to be beaten half to death
before she will be willing to work
the rest 6f the world.
' Before the struggle is over the
ers of America may find themselves without a lee
to stand on, figuratively if not literally. It's going
to be a case of "your money or your life" and
orooaoiv oom. ine true American sianus rcauy
to give both, while the slacker will, sooner or later,
be compelled to give either his money or his ser
vices. There's no wav out of .it. Los Aneeles
s.' limes. -
w. s. s.
After we have rounded un the
, there no way whereby the
; could also be rounded up and
rockpile? A raid on the local
corncrs'and other places 16r loiterers would yield
a fine collection of tinhorns, crap-shooters, .cadets,
mmjIaW Miltu thinirufl . 1 ntkiir r , . 1 L" C 'I'll n
city would be well rid of a couple
its habitual loafer-crooks and the plantations could
use that many to advantage at the end of hoe
handles. Many a mainland community just now is
recruiting its farm labor supply from the city loaf
ing places, to the benefit of all concerned.
-iVThe? situation in the Emerald Isle is not at all
peculiar ; it Is only Irish. For instance, the right
of Ireland to detach itself from the British is
datmed.'but the right of Ulster to detach itself
from Ireland is denied. That's pure Hibernian
logic. Likewise the Irish refuse to be sent away
to fight and will fight rather than do it. And in
the enL Ireland will do what is right and get what
it coming to her and everything will be beautifully
set for another row.
APRIL 20, 1918.'
and on masses
hy low flying
c ...I.. It
diooov oaine. u
Machine guns,
have a compact ! slaughter of unprepared England at his leisure
Their borders are And then none
of the "pigs of Americans .
The Allies will hold the line.
rente a roaa into
itiuiii lire csiavu-
bases close to the
purchase in and
for the transporta-
lniemaiionai taw
demanding, in
r t r T
nguicrs ui nc-
V hard for Ire
rule, to get along
every man able
or military ex-
i . l.
uc a mai iu mv.
world is at stake.
in harness with
would-be slack
draft slackers is
industrial slackers
given their choice
pool - rooms, street
' German soldiers
shout down the
and bread.
What's the
fish? I lie old
Our Counter Stroke
THE German drive, crashing forward by re
peated thrupts of the Kaiser's hordes regard
less of the slaughter each drive costs him, is not
the annihilating blow the Kaiser planned.
Foch says "Wait a bit, wait a bit". ..,,-,,; ,
As the Americans waited for the "whites of their
eyes" at Bunker Hill, Foch Is patiently waiting
with his reserves to smash home" the one punch
needed to crack the German armor.
Shells by the million have been dropped on the
close-massed Boche ranks as they herd up to the
line. Hundreds of tons of high explosives have
been dropped on German troop and supply trains
of German troops watting to attack
Allied airplanes.
rifles, trench mortars have spat
bullets and bombs until their red heat refused
longer to spare the gunners' hands. v
The French have held the Boche. He has thrown
his millions against the British lines, revealing
the true motive of his battles. He coveted French
territory. He hates British blood. Had the Bri
ton not heeded the "scrap of paper", the Hun
would h?"e finished off the French, and then sat
iated his all-consuming hatred of the British by
could have stopped his conquest
It is your bonds that provide the shells, the bul
lets, the airplanes, the machine guns and the bay
cnets that make that line.
Buy bonds. Buy more bonds.
w. s. s. ;
Raise a War Garden
the food administration in this Ter-
W ritory was greatly assisted by the success
last season of war gardens. Again the people of
Hawaii are asked to raise a war garden. They
are urged to try and raise enough food to supply
household needs .for a year. War gardeners are
urged to make an estimate of what they are likely
to require in the way of food and then make an
effort to make the soil produce it.
The hoe has become a weapon of war. The food
situation was never more serious than now. Sav
ing food is one solution of the world shortage;
substitution, is another, but equally important is
the spring-edict from the department of agricul
ture and the federal food administration that the
country 'must plant and produce more food this
year than ever before.
Mr. Hoover says that this demand must be ap
preciated and acted upon promptly by every home
in America. Every householder with eVen a little
land1 to 'spare should buy a hoe.' The hoe should
te.cpffi the symbol -of a self-ustaining, household
I ' 1' A f'J' J ' T7 1 t J.'.fi..
as jegarus garucn 1000s. every uag ui awcci
toe or taro and every pound of beans brought in
Irom the back yard releases that much more for
the current market and saves that much to ship
w. s. s.
Meeting the Hun Ante
GERMANY'S total indebtedness is $31,000,
000,000 which means that each one of her
(iR.000,000 inhabitants, men and women and chil
dren, will be in debt $456. Here in America, with
a population of 110.000,000 our total indebtedness,
is only $6,000,000,000, or a per capita indebtedness
of only one-eighth of that of the German citizen,
a matter of $57 each. We can run our Liberty
Bond flotations up to $50,000,000,000 before each
one of us owes as much as each German acres
the Rhine.
In other words, we can run this war at our
present rate of expenditures for eight years before
we are as badly off as the Germans are today.
Don't be frightened at the money we are spend
ing. We are not "breaking" ourselves. We are
spending very little of our national wealth. If
this war lasts for eight years Germany will be so
badly "broke" it can never be put together again.
w. s. s.
Oahu has been casting rather a dubious eve
over at Kauai during the past few months and that
light little isle comes right back in a way that
should make Oahu and each of the other islands
buck up and hustle. The Garden Islanders have
subscribed their Liberty Loan quota and then
turned around and subscribed it over again. That's
Kauai's answer to the challenge to her loyalty. It
is a mighty substantial reply, too.
The presence of many Hungarian troops in
France and Flanders as reinforcement for the Ger
mans is probably because the I'an-( iermans feel
that the farther the Hungarians are taken away
from home the less chance is there f a big Hun-
will be stationed in Hungary to
civilians who are demanding peace
current excuse for the high price of
gag about had weather has out
worn is usefulness and the bait explanation goes
no more. What is the latest excuse, anyhow?
It was "Ilobson's choice" with the British navy
yesterday morning and live Hobsons came for
ward to bottle up the Hun submarines as Hobson
attempted to bottle up Cevera's fleet at Santiago.
Where was Georg Rodiek when the bullets were
flying in the Hindu conspiracy trial vesterdav?
flamotl I) freet returned from.
hort botlne trip to Hawaii yeater
day on the Mnana Ktm.
I Honoluld Brewing Company announ
ced yceterdny reduction ; of dividend
to twenty ront a , eharo from forty
rents a ihare a month ago.
Charged with the seduction of a
young girl, whore. Identity the poliee
decline to diaelosa. 1Y I). Ilawkinn n
Jartt-Hteit yeeterdny morning and i held
at the pnlieo station.
N. -Kojre, a Japanese arretted by
Chief WDttflfo.oM Monday, while try
inn t disposa.vf a number of indecent
picture, waa Aaed 100 In the pollea
court yeiterday morniog.
Mheriff RoM has leaned a warning to
all automobJUat woo hare not secured
their 1918 lleanaa that they will be
pieced under arrest if the law is not
complied with after May 1.
Charged wltfc , having stolen gooSt
in his possession,' which, eonsisted of a
qnnntity of eOppef wire, Frank Thomas
wa flnrd fifteen dollars and cots in
the police eourt yesterday morning.
Army, ordara Jseuei Decently require
Rob rt Joha Cart Kaesnler and mil
Liidket, alien enemies, who were re
mit It taken Into enstody by the fede
ral authorities, ta be sent to Fort Doug
le, Hult Lake City, Utah, for intern
Rev. J. H. BodeL, of the Episcopal
Church at Hilo, may become chaplain
of the Second Regiment, Hawaiian Na
t i ,m it 1 Guard, bis nana having been
prt'ocnted to the adjutant general fnl
lowing the resignation of Rev. J. H.
l.;ui(.'hton, who is leaving Hilo for the
William Rhodes Hanrey, .13' Hon., of j
the Valley of Los Angeles, Orient of
Ciilifurnia, who is also Grand Master
of Masons of the Rtate of California,
will he Uoeat of Honor this evening at
the Temple, Honolulu, 7:30 p. m. The
14' will be 'conferred by Honolulu
Lodge of Perfeetion.
R. Ranker was given a thirteen
months' suspended sentence in the
police court yesterday morning for
heedless driving. According to the
police, Bunker was driving a motor
cycle at a furious rate of speed and
nearly climbed into the back of the
patrol wagon with his machine.
Kev. Htephen Desha, of Hilo, has
been designated to be temporary pas
tor of (Cawafahao Church, to replace
Kev. Henry H. Parker, whose resigna
tion wn accepted on January 31, 1918.
M't. Deaha spoke at the church on Bun
dny, and it i aa'id that he will remain
temporarily in the pulpit until a per
manent minister la (elected.
II. Ogawa, an employe of the West
rrn Lift Insurance Co. who waa arrest
ed Tuesday and charged with having
embezzled $111 from his employers,
was given hearing in the1 police court
yesterday morning. Ogawa pleaded not
guilty. Hi ease is continued until
next Mond'y.
Delegate Kuhio snys that before leav
ing Washington he had a talk with the
attorney-general and urged the appoint
ment of a Bepublicau ta succeed Jus
tice B. P. Quarle upon .the supreme
bench of the Territory. The bar asso
ciation recommended then appointment
pf former Circuit Judgo Jehu Matthew
aar the place. He., was formerly
judge t Kailua, Hawaiiq,
Commodore D. H. Mahan, IT. 8. &.,
censor at Honolulu, willi be the noon
day speaker for the Liberty Loan cam
paign at the meeting tomorrow at King
and Kort Streets. Peter Tosh, a motor
man of the Rapid Transit company,
gave a splendid address yesterday, his
audience being large and demonstrative.
Tbe Hawaiian Hand will give pub
lic concert at seven-thirty this evening
at Kalihi kai School.
Boseline Luke a part Hawaiian wo
man and Akwai, a Chinese, who were
arrested Tuesday night and charged
with a statutory offense, were given a
bearing in the police court yesterday
morning. The Luke woman pleaded
guilty and Akwai entered a plea of not
guilty. He will be given a further
bearing before Judge Irwin tomorrow
According to testimony given by a
witness yesterday in the circuit eourt
before Judge William H. Heen in tbe
rase of William Kekipi, who is eharg
cd with selling liquor without a license,
the accused man maintained a guard
around his house instructed to whistle
a few bars of the aong, "Over There,"
whenever danger threatened in the1
shape of police officer. The trial will
be resumed this morning.
Owen T. Webber, a candidate at the
recent Reserve Oflicers' Training Camp
at Hchofleld Barracks, who baa not yet
become a citizen of the United Ktate.
may not receive hi commission for
two yenrs, or until his citizenship is
completed. The department of labor,
at Washington, in a letter received
yesterday at the federal elerk ' offiee
indicated that this would be tbe pro
w. b. s.
Instruction)" received by Unrted
Htuten District Attorney Huber from
Wiihliiiiftoii yesterday stated that all
alien enemy women in the Territory,
both (ii-rinuii and Austrian would come
under the jurisdiction' Of the euetny
alien act, beginning yterday.
There are two exception made in
this new order, however, and that is
that alien eiuiiny women will not have
to be registered nor will they have to
have thumb prints taken and other
marks of identification made. Thia is
evidently a modification of the original
procrumation, which ealled for the fore
gitipg procedure. '
Because of It toale and Uxatlve efsct.
better tbaa ordinary Qurala. Doe o cans
oervouwMss. nor rinsing ia th bead.
oirmbct. .here ia only ene "Broao OuiJia-'
Th ilKa-"t of K. V. Gto". U e.ir' '
T17T crvrvf r:W&
C Wright? of HUC ' it ii
at wt. lenng notei,' , V, y 1 ;
Delegate Kilanlanaol'e arrived ea
the Maaoa yesterday. ( ;t ', V
' Judge, and Mr.;W. B. nervey of to
Angeles kra gust at ta Moans HotaJ
Mr. and, Mrs. B. ft. Hubbard of Ban
Franriaeo ar , guesta at ; to Moana
Hotel. . . - i, y .:..:.'
Mr. sad Mrs, Ocorge P. CastU were
returning passenger yesterday on the
C. H. Norton returned fro a short
business trirj U' HIM' terday the
w" 'V..,'0."l;;..Kt;5, f
Joha F. Aadrou, a - baaiaoeataaa
from Baa Fraaeiseo, if rglvtfrad' at
th Ttfnng Hotel.
O. J.' Waller,' Jr., ' waa V MttrralBg
pwescnger ' the Mauna Kea yster
day from Hawaii. I i-. ; ;J j. ,;rp r ,
Calvin Barker, Ba Jnsaraaea maa of
Toledo, Ohio, 1 a recent arrival at Ba
lekulanf Hotel, WaikUl, r - , :.'S:
Ml Myrtle Bartlett Bad Mis E. L.
Bigg, tourlat from Lo Angela, are
gueau at th Moana Hotel. .
darL ! HamUtoa and . Whitney C.
Lewi, tourists who arrived hart oa tbe
Sonoma,, aro guest at th Moan Hotel.
Following an extended four -of th
mainland, Hoscoe Ptrkin wa a re
turning passenger oa the Manoa yes
terday. , ... r , .
P. N. Ynill, a Baa Franclaed bud
neasma n, 1 a gueet at tha Touag Ho
tel. Mr. Tulll arrived yesterday an
the Maaoa., '. 'i:;?;.'?''mvA.,
- Eoaeoa-' PerWnr who 'retnraed oa tb
Manoa baa taken o bis ramdenee in
one of the - banlowa HalckulBslJ
an, vrasningtoa, arnvert yesterday on
the Manoa. Mr. Dnerfeld la registered
at the Young Hotel.''
Mr.' and Mr. H. H. Bentoa, of Ko
bala, who retnraed yeaterday on the
Manoa from Baa Francisco, are guests
at the Young Hotel. 1
Mr. and Mr, Joha T. Moir, Jr., Of
Hilo, were returain? passengers yester
day on the Manoa. They are register
ed at the Young Hotel.
' Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Kennedy, who
have been (pending aeveral months on
the mainland, retarned to Honolulu
on the Maaoa yesterday.
Mr. and Mirs. Carlsmlta, ef Hilo, are
guest at tbe '. Young Hotel. Mrs.
Carhtmith returned from a Visit to the
mainland yesterday oa the Manoa.
Mrs. Albert Mason, of Kohnla, re
turned yesterday on tbe Maaoa after
an extended visit to the mainland.
Mrs. Ms so la a guest at the ; Young
Hotel. . , '
Miaa Carey Hervey, aa arrival oa
the Manoa from Lo Angeles, ia mak
ing a tour of tbe various Islands of the
Hawaiian group. Miss Hervey ia a
guest at the Moana Hotel.
Dr. Harry 8. Pearse and family, who
arrived here from New York oa th
Sonoma last Monday, are guests at the
Moana Hotel. ' Doctor Pear, who is
making bia second visit to Hawaii, will
remain here six months.
Mr. and Mr. Carlton McCarthy, ar
rivals on tbe Maaoa from Dubuque,
Iowa, are guest at the Moana Hotel,
Mr. McCarthy" la president and, treasure
r of the Pyramid Xnmber Co. of Dji
buqae. . ' ' ';" '"'
' L. C. Mallgardt, an architect of Baa
Francisco, - who has drawn plana for
the new Davie building, waa aa ar
rival yesterday on the Maaoa from Bait
Francisco. Mr. Mallgardt is a guest
at the Young Hotel.
Dr. W. MeDonald of Sydney, Austra
lia, ia B guest at tbe Moana Hotel.
Doctor McDonald haa reeeatly seen ac
tive service at the French front. Ac,
eompanied by Mr. MeDonald, he i
here to enjoy a brief rest and will later
return to France. They are guests at
the Moana Hotel.
Joseph Dunn, representing the engi
neering firm of C. C. Moore and Co. of
Ban Francisco, was an arrival yeater
day on the Manoa. Mr. Dunn will su
perintend the construction of several
buildings for the firm that be repre
sents, which will be erected at Pearl
Harbor - shortly. Mr. Dunn la a guest
at the Youag Hotel. -
named for pershing
LONDON, April 14 (Associated
Press) The feature of this year' ex
hibition of the British horticultural so
ciety is a new orchid, with manve pet
als and rich purple lip, which ba been
named the "General Pershing.'.'
V. g. .
Br sir. Msuns from Bsn Francisco,
April 2X-J. F. Anderson. Mrs. B. Ales
snder, Mrs. J. Andrsile and two eolldren.
K. U. Mint. Mm. W. A. Brown, Mrs. Anna
f arlnon snd child. O. P. Csstla, Mrs. O.
1. Castle. Mrs. Carl Csrlsmlth. J. Dunn,
H. O. Huerfeldt. Miss O. M. Glad.- MlM
Clulre K. Glover. W. H. Hindi. Mrs. W.
II. Htndle. Miss Helen Hsnna, Mrs. Frank
K. Hsrrla, James Kennedy, Mnt.-t4ams
Kennedy. Hon. J. Ksianlanaol. Msa. Rob
ert Llnbman, Joseph Macarlo, A. 8. .Math
er, Mrs. A. 8. Mather. J. T.' Mole,- Mrs.
J. T. Moir, L. C. Mallgardt and on, Carl
ton McCarthy, Mrs. A. Mason. Mr. H.
McCance. Master Henry - McCsBce, Mr.
M. A. Newell, J. Prtnale, Hoscoe Perkins,
Mrs. H. H. Renton. V' N. Kmlta. Mrs.
Ileben-s Hinlth. Mlas Vlrrlnls Bwlth. Ma
ter Paul Hraltb. Charles J. Krhrnvdei, Mrs.
J. E. Know and child. Miss Ilasnl Trus
lw, II. U. Woolten. Mlsa May Woodman,
Pates' N. l ull!. Wilson Bmltb, Minnie (,.
My atr. Msuna Kea, April 2:
From Hawaii -W. H. Johnson, L. W.
de Vts Nortou, James U. Rath, C. H. Nor
ton. Mrs. MrKetislr snd two children,
MUs Helen Medcalf, MUa C. Freoler, C. K.
Wright. W. 1 Hiker. C. H. Carlsmith, John
HobeHHoo. H. P. Murray. H. Psban, T. K.
teo. Father James Belssrl, Rev. and Mrs.
F. N. Cullen. . Kutsunsl. MUs A. John
son. Mlsa K. Cbrlatopherson, Mrs. Ka
pahaa sad child. Nakamura, P. Uesaum,
Mm. M. l)eHuui, John le!or. W. II. Bmltb,
J. M. Warrloer. M. H. Blsmore. Mrs. J.
M. Mohuudru, Mfsa Juiip. Miss L. J. But
ler. Kev. J. K. Hodel. Mr. and Mrs. J.
Gait. Miss Ada Rlahnn. Mlaa I.. Hand-
vsil. Mlaa T. M. Kltatuaer. Bam de Freest,
i ai. j. reierson. T. H. Uiader. r. TXm
berlake C. J. Walker Jr., Charles K.
King. J. t). Lewis Jr.. Miss IE. Isbibosbl,
Mr. and Mrs. M. Terskawa.
From Maul I). It. Walaon. Mat. W. H.
Hal. 1.. K Italler. F. D. BostwVk, Mr.
snd Mrs. John Ksmeoka and Infaat, III
aahl Guold. H. Halto. Robert White, A.
1 Hllva, Mra. A. J. Darl. sad child, H.
K. Fernando. William Waroua. Joba h.
Brooks. A. Coekett.
By sir. Makura from Bydney, April SB
ii. iminim. rraneia urnoxee, x. uiusai
en. H. Whitrombe. W. MacUoanall. Mrs.
V. K. HoHtlngK Mtas H. Anderimn. T.
Klkuonl. C. MeKnellr. C. Holano. W. Mil
dren. R. Jericena, J. Ruasel, A. W. Wyoa-Wllllsuis.
I 1 1 i i i
Vessels lo Psfcilic -If
So Thinks James A. Kennedy of
Inter-lsland Afte r ; Studying
Shipping Conditions On Main
Jand For Two Months V
am by withdrawal to the Atlantic
of whet few larg and fast sUamer $.tf
bow eonMag to. Hawaii' and th re
placing of them by amaUer and alower
vMMLi ,U shipping ehang ' which
Jam; A., Keanedy, president of th
Intr-Iland Navigatioa; Company, x
peets as, a' eult of what he' learned
daring a tw moath' basiness trip to
9aa Francisco, tVashlngioB and New
lofk. ue returned to Honolulu with
Mr. Kennedy yesterday morning on
th Maaoa.
While he aay the seisore of th
Dutch TeaseUby the United Btat ger-
ernmant Bad th eontinnoa eharteriag
of Norwegian and Swedish ship and
th aid of Japaa have don mueh
to solve lha war ahlpplag problem oa
the Atlantic, there ia still creat eon
gestlon of freight intended for Europe
an vJelirery. He was in New York
when the Holland steamer were taken
over and Bay there were many inch
eeaaola vp th Hudson at the time the
seiaure order was Issued.'
? Shortage of Seamen
Anotner promem over which be is
doubtful, bet hot vert communicative.
ta to' the available aupply of offleer
ana eeamea ror the abip takea from
the Holland owner, a BU have to b
applied with crews of American
or Allied citiaenahip. He aay, however,
tnat the venous navigation school are
doing mueh to supply the need for of
fleer and seamen, but qualifies thia
wiia tn assertion: .
"Of course, too mueh cannot be ex
pected from men who have had only a
raw week or months training."
Of the present shipping condition,
both on the Atlantic and the Pacific,
he eaysi "It ia cramped," bnt adds,
that th Uaited Statea Shipping Board
"ia, doing its level beat."
tagar Carrtera Needed
He Bays that while the Baa Francisco
representatives of tbe shipping board
are noe ceding la - getting sufficient
freight to the Island, the movement
of adgar to tbe mainland 1 below that
required by the refideriea. especially In
the East. More sugar than is arriving
I also needed at the Pacific Coast re
fineries, he thinks.
Discussing the predicted ehange in
the kind of shipping which he thinks
will eventually serve Hawaii during the
war, he aaya:
"Aa email vessels are available the
big steamers may be expected to leave
the Pacific, for it appears to be tire
plaa to use smaller vessel for the coast
wise trade, after they are launched."
, . ' w. a. a. .
Following thlB withdrawal by tbe
Oovernor of Kahoolawe Island from
the Kahoolawe forest reserve and Its
transfer to th land department, it I
intended by tbe administration to lease
the island under a number of restric
tions, chief , of which is that all of
the goats on it be exterminated.
Jn making the chance it was an
nounced that the purpose of the lease
to be given will be to develop the is
land rather than to obtain a high
rental for it, which might force ex
ploitation. It Is intended that one of the pro
vision of the lease will be that not
more than 800 head of beef cattle be
paatured on the island though this
number may be iuoreaaed in the dis
cretion of the land commissioner. It
is also intended to pasture a number
of horses with th purpose ef spread
ing tbe growth of kiawe treea. Bigid
rule are to be put ia force to guard
against danger from fire and some
system of supplying water for a lessee
is also to be derided upon.
w. a. b.
In common with head of depart
ments and probably with members of
all territorial commissions, it is under
stood that tbe -member of the food
commission will submit tbsir resigna
tion ss soon as tbe nomination of Col.
C J. McCarthy ia confirmed.
In the case of tha food commission
this will enable tbe new. Oovernor to
effect a re organization which ia deem
ed necessary following tbe ruction of
Monday when Food Commissioner Child
ealled Commissioner Hoogs a liar and
a general rough and tumble was barely
averted. One member of the commis
sion said yesterday hi resignation
would be ready as soou as Colonel Mc
Carthy assumed office and he felt that
th resignations of the others would be
presented at the same time,
WASHINGTON, April 24 (Associa
ted Press) A national lubor adminis
trator is to bo named aoon. it was an
nounced here yesterday. He will co
operate with the national labor board
and in addition will perform various
duties in connection with the labor
bureaus and with war production.
Improvements . and' Extension
; To 2t Made This vYear
; Run To 5280,000; ; '
V ,.' '( i AM- -V.,: 'a; ' i ' ' r'i V'J'" i i
Concrete Structure Largest Ever
r Undertaken In the
Imprevement I and extensions thai
ultimately In tbe present year will no
to over 280,000 are being made by the
Hawaiian Pineapple company at lta
plant .In lwilei in order that the com
pany can comply with requirement, of
the . government in transporting it
pnek of fruit which, ha, bA Jiurchas-.
ed by the government.''
The first part; of th big work of
improvement, all of 'which la being
don by the Pacific Engineering Com-
fiany, i a huge concrete warehouse, the
argeet concrete atrnetnr every under
taken in the Territory. It I rapidly
Hearing completion. This with a huge
concrete loading platform will coat ia
tbe neighborhood ef $150,000. It waa
started aa a rush order January 1 and
It la to be' finished by May iS.
Another .Unit . (
Every modern appliance for the stor
age and efficient handling of the com
pany' pack of pineapple has been in
corporated la the new structure- whose
two floor each Tiave an area of 30,000
feet. Roughly Jhe new structure 1 rec
tangular in shape and the present plan
provide -far an ertenslotf f' it whtfh
will doable, -,Us, iae. ,, Tbe additional
construction Is (o be started juat as
soon as the unit now eing completed
is turned over to the company by the.
Incidental to the building of the new
warehouse. J a new, plant. to be erected
on tbe roof of the structure. Here will
be maaufaetured candled pineapple,
a new' industry here.
Home idea of the sire of the struc
ture may be gained by the statement
that apprOjXuuateW 100,0,00 baga of ce
ment and about ZOO ton's of steel re
inforcing were used in building it.
'-. the n amount of materials
wlH be need in the additional structure
that will be added to tbe present one.
uub Vibttorm
Th roncrt loading platform haa
an area of 20,000 square feet and In
mrporated into it is an oil taak elev
en feet deep and fifty feet In diameter.
Thia tank, which furnishes fuel for the
i... - . oann
of oil.
The first floor of the new structure
is to be used or.lhcostorage of tbe com
pany 'a canned product and on the sec
ond floor the empty cans that are made
on the premise are stored. What stor
age space for empty cans is required Is
shown by the fact that the August
pack, when the, plant's output reaches
it peak, ia 390,000 eases. Two eleva
a"r deepy-be-ietors!f the aUtBi
These go to the roof 'where the can
died pineapple plant ia located. '
A fact that may uot be generally
known is that the American Can com
pany, which supplies the Pines company
with tin cans has its own plant on the
premises as part of the plant. It baa
been found that this arrangement is'
more economical than paying a royalty
to the can company for permission to
operate a can making plant.
A detail of tbe new construction is
a concrete stark, the first tJ b built
in Honolulu, and the fourth in the Ter
ritory. This is eighty-five feet high
and six feet in diameter.
trial, judge rules
Demurrers to charges of conspiracy
made in indictments against " Princess"
Theresa Wilcox Belli veau, "Kev."
8am Kamakaia and James Kealoha in
connection with the fraudulent will
that came to light when the ostate of
the lute Queen Liliuokalaai was brought
into court, were overruled yesterday
by Circuit Judge William H. Heen. As
n result of the action the three will
have to stand trial on the conspiracy
rli!ie niid nn the chnrge of forgery
made against them in a separate In
dlctment. The cases cannot go to
trinl before next week, as a number of
other criminal cases- precede them on
the court calendar.
No ban i to be placed on the ship
ment of bananas from Hawaii to the
mainland under the recently anuounced
federal quarantine - which is directed
against the shipment of banana plants
and not against the fruit. The quar
itntine against the import of plants
into the (States from Hawaii and I'orto
Rico was imposed due to weevils.
Prof. D. L. Crawford of the College of
Hawaii haa .received a copy of the
quarantiue order, which lo no way af
fects shipments of the fruit.
OREAT LAKE, Illinois, April It
Buddie Wlallen and Perry McOilliv
rav left last ni(ht for California,
where they will represent the naval
station in the 100 and 220 National A.
A. V. events nt I .(is Angeles nnd Ala
meda this month.
-- - W.-B. B.
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, or rut or bruised. Hocausr tliuso
j wounds have healed ull right is no sign
j they alwava will.. Get a bottle of Cham
berlain's l'ain Balm and see that every
injury is csred for immediately. You
can get nothing better, and blood poison
I is too i In ii tr-roils a d mease to rink. For
I sale by all dealers. Benson, Bniith it
Co., agents for Hawaii. Advt.

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