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rji?n ni A'Tvio m ncirin
(feily Position of Iffigpff
iliiiice Is Setiled In Hard Ply's
V VTfcAV YORK. April 25 ( Assik "in-.l Press,
sumption of the German drive fur the I liannel ports came
-"' jstefday morning, with the German- laum liinK a new offensive
' ' ' r along the entire British front from Yprcs to south of the Somim
' ami against the FrancosAmerkan front fn-m its junction with thi
, .British south to Moreuil.
" ; preceded ly a burnbardrnent which lcgan early in the night
and continued until morning, the German legions were thrown at
' ihAsclccted points of . the .Allijed lines, with desperate efforts mack
: 'between the Luce and the. S.pmme Rivers on the south and along
the Valley of the Lawe River in Flanders.
At only one point were the Ger-
.' ; mans able to make any . notable
' : ' jjfogrcss whatever, this being
gains the ' British at Viller
' IVttoneux.' on the Chaulnes
Amtcna railroad. Here the Bri
v tish were forced back a short dis
tance fter m"st desperate re
s,istance. At every other point the
Germans were held and reyulsed.
: lotting moi heavily in their fu
(. tile attack-.
v which "describes the front on the
vjrivrp jonfh of the fnmmt, as the
Frauco-Amcrican line, definitely
Mf tlle VUo held by the!art.llcrv (,
XWV t.neral 1 ershmg fur! nks throughout the day. inflict-
the firM tunc. It i now permit- i l-i -n
: 41 1 . T iing terrific losses. , 'while Tlie nj
"-led to state that the-o Americans . . .
i lantrv met each (jerman chargi
have been on this section since1 . ' . , ., , . . .. .
w , I it h -withering blasts of bullets
April 6. j ric iul, t)jicnsivc here was a
j.Thi ctK. w very hcav.lv -I
bombard and wav the scene y , 'FRENCH REPORTS
,,Win)e of the hcrecst uuantry liyht
hg of the .lav. the Germans driv- ,,c rH'rt.s of the fighting op
ting for the possessu.n of the xij- 1,10 ''rc,Kh fr,,,,, issuel hY ,ht
' Ulge -langard - en - Sa.iterre. I Wiir oB,ce al laris Iaf,t Kht.
r.liiak Ug itwigiwlVaot progre and "f heav-v ,B throughout the
tufcring extremcK heavy casual-1 ,vht a,11 (:iy- Wlth t,,e tlermap
'fp 'it " j attack continuing. The fiermatys
l; " .tV-cre v, ere numerous ' Vpcc.4 a lMmbarlment with their
' , battles along the sivtv mile front. , rf!!t1" l Portly
.-the greater part of the lighting! W midnight, directing aSiurrj
v'.iva of a minor nature . -. inpared j cai,.c fire aRa,n l,,c 1'rc,Kh 1
.'to that mii the main p..i.ts of Ger-! AmeHcan Iinc ,r"m i1k" S',mme
: nun attack, t,,c Avrc rui rs' a fr ,nt -f
TJie 1 k'l'inan nil'-n-t-e mi tin
north was lamn lu- l .it il iwu ex
pected point-, on tin- v.tilli side
, ; of the Arineni u -n
'..the; Riibecq front.
.. ';' Jert sector. In
-alitnt. a!'n
and mi the Al-
additioii. drives
'.. ; are being made on the
r'tif the -Arineiitiere- -al
north side
heiit, iiiirtti
fif Bailleul. and avjam-t the nneii
front, south of the S-inline. v !iei,
the British and French lines
The initial assault against the.
-'t. British south of the Somine vv;s
-thrown back at all points, tlvr
Germans losing heavily, keturi)-
ing to the attack, the heaviest
German efforts were
against the town of Villers-Bret
toneux, on the ( haulnes-Amien
railroad line, which place changt-fl
hands repeatedly in the previous
. (rt JJriv for Amiens I he I luns k,l !
- their infantry with three tankr.i
i enab1ing them to enter the east-
- mm trinie i f t rir t . :ir.' vv u-ri. lur
" e- 1 - r
.'sfioum they were held, the tijrht
" jug beiiifj inten-e. Fattle- rafjin;
: " around single house- and from
one ide of a ruined street to au-
. The Gerrnan forces at this
ji point, provad too many for the
V. British, yvho were gradually baek-
.cd OUt of the town, ii capture
'by tlie (iertnans bciuj; oliieially
. "I r(PHrtI .by hit I I Marshal llai
' "Iat night. 'I his va the single
yuv'ees .fcf the day for the (ler-
mans south of the Soinini- on the
British front, and 1 .ui here ti e
, - (jJrniaii.H failed to u-ain he
1 lie rxct'tcl re
ground lost liy them in the recent
Britisli counters, fojlowing the
subsidence of the drie for
On the south side of the Ar
mentiercs salient the (iernian at
tacked heavily on both sides ot
the River I. awe. their attempted
advance being on a front from
Givenchy to Kobccq. Throughout
the day the battle seethed, the
liriusn and tnc recently arrived
French reinforcements staudinc
:.. i- ..f 1
i in iii ti;aiiisi eat n ui mc suite-
sive onslaughts,. Ksom the high
croiiml held hv thr Allirp theit
, aiH'Ut twenty miles 1 he Allicfl
aitillerv replied, the bitr euns
along the Nov c riv er heights
shelling the German . . mccntra
tions after the infautri attack de-
V doped.
At 1 langard t n Saiilerre. which
has witnessed some of the fierc
est fighting of the war. the Ger-
, uiatii? pushed the French. -.linens
' slightly hack, advancing along the
j southern bajik of ihe dc I.uce
stream arid gaining a foothold in
a WihxIs to the north of the vi
llage, rroni here thev launched
la desperate charge that gave
them possession ot the eastern
outskirts of the to.vu. where hand
to hand tie-lit in-' of ihe wildest
t . .
' ktiu) took place, the dermans
being unable to advance further.
At Moreuil at Mill I'.ighty-t wo,
at Uailes :. id at enccat wik.c! the
Germans launched other charges
,)cing thmwn M a, eadl
JerHn makes n)lU. une 8,igln
rt.fcrenc ty t!lc . resumption of
.1 ir . . . ,
; me oneiisive on tne west in its
otlic'ial despatt heh cnt out by
wlrtles.s. Hiis reference deals
wjth the smallest part of the
fighting, the minor drive directed
against the north side of the
Armcntieies salient, the Germans
claiming to have successfully at-
1 tacked and captured YWuglhoek
hill, northea-t of 1 1 ; 1 1 1 1 e 11 1 .
The (ieriuau report announces
a success in the I'kraine, German
forces lunula reached Sjmlc'o
jxil. This indn ates that the main
railroad connecting Selstopol
with mainland Uus.-,ia haa bein
cut and ihat the lerriians have
. gained foothold on the Crimea.
' 'i V HA WAtA K tJAZFTTR. r. FRIT) AY,1 ' APRIL' 26,
IS ik'jSflEO
Acrlaj Observers, Rcpprt That Re
suits Put Subfnarftie Bases
In Bad Shape
T.ONWVV, - AprlF 15 'i- A.fiiio.l
IVmkI BrpnV Tverid t hr n
mirHlty rfrdlng the riH-omn of the
imvuI rule! Mnint th ehtfunren of , the
itnii.-r ciirI on Tupwlny, nhich l.nv
l.i f-n chrekWt-' op' hy mril TThmrripi k
anrf -lr ()hntfrniphl.--vkow thnt moxt
m.-vtrrlal 1nmjr' ' m nrrnmplinhpil.
romplptly juHtifyipn tlie bol( enti-r
prili.' ' ' . ' ' '('''
The rrw.of the unbrnari-nr which n
Irivpii ti(f'n,t Zfrbrupgv molr
r'formeil lirt -'l(iii torpmio, nr
rivPil .TPtpnlo.r morning at Dover, cv
err ' munrtM- of the erew laving been
nftr Ihey left thir ewl in
Kitiull boat after be&dinp her mraiint
lrt target. ; TUrj report hnving been
Ume enrtuh It th moment of ei
Toulon 1 know that their work ha1
tt-en nueeemful and that the needi'
leu of the great pier had lino dr
Thin report In verified hr Britili
avl air abttervem, who flew over (H
em and Zeebrnggoiyenterday. l'hoto
Krapha take by theee oheervem nhow
'hat a Reetion of the grmi pier, aiity
feet wide, hml been eompletel.r blown
Other observer at Oa'end report that
moet of the harbor ehannel hna been
hloeked bv the mnTken -ersiaern.
BKHMXv Aprtl ' M Aaforint...l
Prew The Britiah raid atfaint the
Bmgea rana) waa not aueeean. Thi
raidem damaged th Zeebrnpge mole
nod nli,.htljr damaged a (Jermnn d
utroyer: ThU waa the total of the re
ulti aeeompliiihed. The harlOr work
and the roast batteriea were not in
w. a.
German Boasts Are
Gas Masks, Tanks, Are All Supe
rior To Anything the Entente
Or Americans Have, Speaker
AMNTKRDAM, April 2:. --( Anna
i-iatnl l'n'M. (iermaii loast" wen'
louillv viureil in the n-irhula by
von Ktetn veaerdnr Hiiil are told
in report ri-caived here last nipht.
"Tim eiieiiiv Iium not yet over
taken us in t il-voioiment a
weapon," said lh MWker. "We
are now iiiiinufnrturiii); a jthh that
in ; , 1 1 1 inviailile inn I fur that
r-riiiiii is iiiiiili more rffertivc Ihun
uii t bin wliiili they use. Our
masks mi- an absolute protection
while ihe niaxkH ther uk nre un
aatiifai-tor.v. No rountrv would re
noiinie the use of ;as 11 ml mi it i
nereeury lor us to keep ahead.
"While the Mritish used tanks
Hr-t, we hav e i.ut-t ripped them
with this wenpnii. Our tanks ure
far superior to thore of the enemy,
especially in regard to apeed.
"We Iihvi- receive! no proKnuilN
from the enemy to rentrict erld (
attacks nil m our raids will hitvA
10 continue. '
w. s. a. .
Division of Military Aeronautics
and Motor Transport Service
Are Two Changes ,
W.VHHlNiiTUX. A,ol J.T 'Aism-iat--d
JVeiH 1 In aniiouiii i'i the noatinfk-
inn of .lohri l. Kvan of New York an
director of the aircraft producing board
fscrietiiry of War Maker 11 11 nouiiced the
creation of 11 new IdhihIi in the war
department, (kit of the diviHioM of mill
tary aeronautics.
Thia divisiuu will he under the di
rectinn of Kiiy lien. William I,. Kenly
Maj. len. (lenre (). Sipiier will adinip
ister the .in:il Ihmui h exclusively. The
ircraft nund 11 iiiuued in an ad
visory eapacitv. Mr. Kvan will head
the Ixiaril and Mr. Coftiu remaiiia on
the board a a ineiul.cr.
Another cliauye in (he conduct of
the affairn of ihe war department whih
s tuiiidumcl I. v the ipartmHt y
terday ' the creation of motor
trniiKportntion nervice t4 repbHce the
motor ilivisinn ,,f (I,,, ipinrtermuatpr'a
department. '("! in depart ment has Voai
uletely nitcroMi the fin-iliticii which
it formerlv demanded. Tun vast in
crease in the aimv, ihr movement 6f
the A nn.ri. 11 1. lump, from tuiininv
r.ainiw to the f ij-ht in front, have rre'it
ed the need ,,f ( u i,ii t mytor trana
portatiou s. ni,,. h,, , die new depart
mellt h ill condui t
1 - waa j
SAN I K l M O. ir, S;. (0ffl
ii'l' '''id lfnl.n l lii.lfar ha irlven
.W.nmi for il,,. Yfmnji Mimi'h Chriitian
Association I. ml, hut; :,t W11. hun, ( 'hina.
w s a - 1
The fan
Keniedv i
f 1 lininl.cr'ain ' I'inmli
I I id. It ih ifood of
the deep ;,t, ,1
"iiih of the adirlt or
the croup ml v )!.),; ti K ch of th"
nil-lreti I I ,nle serves tin
Whole In. 1.,1, I .., ... ,. 1. ,11 ,i,
Men :.,,,,. , , , .
waii. - vi r . .
if'ii 1 np f nit 1 i r'n ni i tr r Vu
Wireless From Germany Says
American Aviators Seek Red
Cross Flag As Shelter Denied
As Fabrication of Hun .SUff , '
...In r.i V-. ?-l ,
LONDON, -April fin--(A3SOtlt-d
Fraao) AurtlotU that airplane
are carried oa Amrlca Htxpltal
ships, eTldent!y' a carofnlly prt). '
p ,cd exens for tateadad daklttca
and attacki If th opportunity of -ftra,
are contained la a German
ulrelea metsaito, the text of wM :h
tba admiralty haa rclTd,
Pap-r found a American pria
o icrs, th wirlM aaya. Dhow that
American attoton troaaed on hoe
pita'. ihip thu) aeaared of tiie
aafoty of their arrlral under the
Red Croes fla;.
No American and no British hos
pital rMp haa rw carried any avi
ators except thof that were la
Ta'ldcd home, th Admiralty a
Krti. It inflate, th itory 1 a de
liberate fabrication of th -Oerman
tall. ' '
Weekly repjrte of kntmartie Iom
m bare been dlecontlautd. Hence
forth cn'.y monthly rrfiarU are t
be lssncd. Thaea will be gl en out
on th Thursday following tie
twenty flrst day of each niosth.
ve;w,. a. a.
Speeding Up Is Considered Time
ly In - Connection With
Sealing Up of Bases
WAHHIXOTON, Aprfl 24 (Official 1
Charlca M. 8ehwh, new hend of ahip
huililinjf for the I'-niUd 8tato, will
booh make a trip to the I'aciSc Coaa:
to look over the ship vards there, e
pi-( ia!l; tbe van) at which recently 'a
new record la ship construction w
mailo when a Inrgo ticl vpmel wan
.nunc hod rifty-nve dnye nrter the iny
1 nil of the kec!.
Miip production last vvcrV. consisted
in part of the launching from ffnvern
incut operated vards r.f ti,.HK) tons ot
aiiippinK in which were included six
steel veaacla, 'each of more than KOOl
tons dead weiglit and two large woode:
I In- rapidly incit-amnK xecii in Mtip
prodiK-tion is fonnidcrp.l ns in timely
harmony with the t'cat of the British
navy in nt tuck ing (irrinun submarine
Iiiimch for the purpose of lilockiiiK th
channel entrances. - ho rainiai(ii
against the uqdersea craft is declared
to be atlainina hiph state of, elfective
nrai with Admiral SjniK destroyer fleet
aetleefy participating and conducting r
steadily jfrowTug Fmportant part.
Charlea .. Mitchell, president of
the Nntinnn! City' of New York,
in a recent interview in that city, naid
that he a "informed from a reliable
source that a new American invention
has just 1'i'i'M t r i . I out against the
enemy submarines and Mint more Muir
a doxen undersea craft had been cup
tared bv meifiiM of it."
H'AMHINC.TDX. Apiil "4 CAasocia
ted I'les-iV -I'.outractH have been award
ed to San Kraiicinco, Wilmington and
North Carolina shipyards for the con
(fraction of twenty-two large, ateel
fieifiiit steamers " hich win have a to
tul toniieve of -.'(l 1,000 ton.
Subataiitial increuiu'S in the alii)
building p-oram for lf!l ov-r thi
J"0flr ure announced by the ahippiriji
hourd with still fmther iacressea foj
I .'() over ltl!i. 'I he shipine; hoard find
the industry is now jnoiintiiiK toward
the ilesired utajje of effirionry which
will enalile a keeping lip with the p-o
itrnni for this yenr aad an expansion
before the year ends.
W. I. a. ien ... -j ., ,
Representative Kahr F a v o r f
Army Greater Than Was
Ever Before Considered
WASHIN'iT'lN. April 24 (Offiriui .
Conyressii.nnl leaders are more and
piore aHki riii'H to the poesible nereH
sity of the I'nited Urates sending to
fCuxope an army many times larger
than was considered in the early days
of the vvnr and alipninx themselves in
favor of nieetinK the needs ha they may
ore nr. One of the ftrongesl statements
in this line yi-t to le made is-that of
Representative Kahil of (""Mlif 6rnia
ranking liopulilicun member of the
house coirinittee on military affairs
In his stiiti'iiieiit Iih advocate rti ruis
iiijX of n Amirreuii hrniv 'of sevn 0
i ilht million men and - the aondi'iiir to
Kurope, if iiueds lie. of ail million.
hecretsrv of War Paki'r- was before
the commit lee today arid told the mem
Ih-ts of hi observations and the coudi
tiuUK which he noted while on hit recent
trip to Kurope. Appropriations fa
the army are to be lmied-lTKly prti
the rec.'iinieeoiialions ot th -see retain
relative to the needs foea whiU
overseas 11s well its those that have
been developed at home. '
-r- w. r '
IH'HI.IV. April 2t Associate"
I'ressi 'I he tor i niyvor of Olihlin l
aske.l I'M. -it n He.-relary Hill foil r fi
l .illoMion li 1 111 to go 10 vvasi,
191 8. SEM 1 - WF.r.K W. k ' r
..... t
Tojja 4 Offctod Tp.Saker But
... m Frippdscjiivfi He-:-!4
' . Will tint aivrsni;' U k X
k ---..-- wolf y, rt aW1 aatHVlFVlH
ed V,tr"""fk,t'eakel'o l(e
7. J k "wl c" sinn. long tne
polftfeat idol of a largo 1m4nt ia tlie
Dcmoeratle party hna beea offered the
senatorial togAi r! OoWtrnW QflM)6t
Mieaourk yesterday offered him the ap
pointment to Blf thd tfneipired terjn
occasioned, by th death f Benntor
sf on. ',' w -wcnif ! a.
Althoaph the speaker ad mitedr tl.
otTer had teen made1 to him ha dr1lnd
to fltaeas tb ffe or ttfaay whtbr
he la inclined to gfv it faverabla eea
ide,ratlon,; tUn frjepdli. -tlriwer. ek
resa the belief thai' h .'ailV not e
opt the eeaatorielshlp' hui -wflKfrefer
o remain th aeknowJedgM leader of
his farty tn the, house. . , - ' -i
Champ Clark- ha beea 'a K-tk)n)t (Ijr
are In Waehlnptoh aad Irrae-tWirial ay
fair much of the time incelftfi.l when
e waa first '"aeat ' tH lie
erved in th fifty third, eenirteta and
hna since served ia every eonrrreaa liat
"e. He- war MlnrrHty-r leafier' If) tbe
arttad aenion Cff jh ctftieth o-nVet
and in the sixty first. r I wita envtetl
speak1 of th alxty aecdnd etniKTea?
and thia position h has ever- ainee
held. ... . ...
In the rVmoeratie' rtatlonaT eonven
Ion lBl0t2 he'led for the yreaidentil
lomiuatioa oa t-wetty seven ballpta and
nine bnlMa Jipif a Vlear majority
of the delegate, --but nnatly' the, tid
swnne- to WooHjw Wilaoa,- It waa the
opposition of -Bryan that defeated him.
- w. a. a. 1 . . i-'a",'y i '
Fifty Who. Have Seed, Service Er
Route Home McAdQO Gives
WASBIN0TON, April 24 (Asaoeiaf
ed I'rese) Fifty -non commissioned of
(leers and enlisted mea are. aow en
-olite home from the front for the pur
mice of aiding in tbe 'speeding up of
the r losing hours of the Liberty Loan
Irive. They will apeak in as many
md as widely separated cities as tht
'ime between their return aud the close
of subscription will permit.
Totals as announced br the Liberty
'.oan eentral romrtiittre tixluv were
nore than 1,700,000 (KM).
Better speed from the twelfth fed
ral reserve district is reported froir
an FVanriseo. More than 4t),000,00(
ins been subw-ribed in the eity, abon
eighty perreut of ita quot. Otbei
oarts of the distrirt are reportod t
be doipjj eorrsjspoadiBiily . welL (
mpnipninjf -the southwest In' thr
interests of the third liberty Ioan
Secretary of Treasury MVAitoo-' spok'
at (iallup. New Mexico, yeeterdnr anr1
lelivered a eeech that -was full of
vitrintism and -of confidence.
Be Seal Patriots
Meeretary MrAdoo ur'ed his hearerr
to fie to the country 's caus"tu th(
maxiniuin of their ability. " Hon 't bi
1 twenty five relit patriot when yqt
are ubKe to be a 5lVK) patriof J ' -
Within a short time, VeAdoo srtid
the I'nited States will hnve an armV
,f imiu.iKii) under nrnis overseas. T'
nave t're-e men, to pay tbe-n.'-, VM
hem fed .and 'Hirhod ' tj supply then
-ith the animuiiitinn ther WiiHt teqiilf.
'ho people of home must ltnd "frhti
heir plenty as f-eely ns the soldier
re pi injl their all.
WANFII.VdTON. April 84 (Omiial
f.iberry l.onit workers will trslel o
l;h spfd for the ' lmlsn"e of tbi
eek wi1 the oinilinutn reached di
'ridny, Liberty Hay, It is expected
'hen, iu aecordj'ine with the proela
itioM of the I'resiilent and of th'.
oldidav proclnmations of the 'goVei
ors f the variniiM States, there) wil
e held inllies and meetinirs that kr
-T pee ted to roll the total up rabidh
to figures second onlv to those of th
Irst day of the present (treat drNre.
Heveral States and two of the t'
national districts report they wave al
ready exceeded their minimum quote
About 10,000 separate rommliaiblea af
claiming honor flag for having nt
tained or exceeded minimum quota.
w. a. a.
UO.MK, April X'5 fAsitoelnted' Pres;
--r'riim the Asiago Basin the heavies
HKhtiug in ninnV days Is reported! "Th
enemy has attacked several posit ioa
in force but the assaults were Hot o
'he uiunitude of a gfrnt drive.'
Through the AsLugo sector the fijh
n as severe.
Kust of lirenta the enemy Biade sev
-ral assaults but nil were repulsed an
1 considerable loss was indicted.
W. .
LONIWIN. April 3 lAssoi-late,
'ressi Heavy tosses were lnrl(i-ted''uf
'ii the enemy '4 n!r forces ' yesterday
"Iim rritih 'air fleet renota havtn
downed eighteen of- the Ifuu' fcwtt!
pluues and to have suffered the loss r
onlv' ne.' ' " "
PAZO CINTMBNT i arantd to
cur blind, bleeding,' itching or pro
triKlinK FILES in 6 to U 4iiyi 01
uunry ictunded Manufactut tj by
ie ' AklS Ml.llCINUCi.,Sl.Lut.la.
0 .-. A.
h 'c-v .' ffY i r i'4- "f" ' i- i. ' fc '',
, mm tv$M www-
Carrfrag IVar UuniHons
. . -WASHINGTON.1 April (Awo rm):'
break''tweerj Jjerrany ajn4H
mment. WMetmngw known bffiqally. even of the
presenthpn or Uie uerman ultiniaiurn, it is pecoming
very:plali that HoUand infeiids to ii$ti& firmly upon
her nshts as a neutral and will refuse to permit ber
many to open a road tmpughv t(te
lporjatipii of Tateriajs of war for fte west front
j Despatches from Amsarn auole th'e1 Htvblk, a
leading newspaper, as announcing that the Ijerman
hfc receiyecl, Hquand s refusal to agree, to the terms or
ie ,Germar)atum, while the Dut mimster at
Berlin has been recallea. .
Officials! Key e appear t accept this report as cor
rect arid believe that it indicates an bnmeo5ate tliplo-
as statine that the
Lnitchanq ermap diplomats have come, to an end,
while the press correspondents atf Th? Hague agree in
their reports thai Holland is determined to observe
rrrnly ,he jutrkty despite the threats from Berlin.
Threatened withdrawal of the ofterof me United
States' to furnish ships and grain for Holland unless
ererbe; ,a jchange, o : tope in lUutcJjji, re4ejajhryc
to th 'ismi of tfe'WtAbpi that
was, hegrd yesterday. It is ppssbe -ttfuh pn
might be taken because of the signiheant bearing it
rnignt nave upon qipiomauc anairs. '
LONIKJN, April .'4 (Associates!
I'r.css) Two powder 'factories in, Ann
tria have been destroyed 'by tni-endiur
oS, It is reporteil in Zurich papers
htrh have just reached here. The fee
ortes were located at (llii.enbnch. 13ii
oiles sonthest of Vienna nnd the re
siting explosions caused a heavy los
f"life and in-eat dama-'e to property:
These explosions, following fifes whirth .
vere admittedly of ai Incendiary nn
ore, i-learfv U" to show the oxtent I
if the Industrial iinrevf In Austrin J
Heports of the popular dlssutisfHetinn
fhich prevails, to 11 ifreat extent In
Austria' nre constantly nppoaiin in
nitc of the effort" of censors to pre
vent knowlodxe of the actual condi
tions reaching the world.
;' -w. (.a. -.
WA-HHINtVroW, April ( Asaocia--ed
Ireijii)-r-Ttiday'a easoalty list iveii
iut by the war department contains
'orty-three names. Hix were killed in
icfion, three died of wounds, eleven of
jiseaae, tea were severely wounded and
LIJ -I'. .-I. 1
. . LIWAi XhiQ, APC'1. 2t Associated Press) Three- fires
which broke but simultanequsly last night half already de
Strpyed a large part of the shops of the Lake Erie and West
era Railway shppjl and the fire is still raoing and only partly
controlled with great dar.flpr of a furthpiu spread-. There
can be little doubt the fires were of incendiary origin and a
part of a carefully laid plot
Whftn the engines arrived upon, the. turning in of a gen
eral alarm It was discoyered the Water s.upply-had been
turned off, thui, al.'pw)nfl the fires secure stilf greater
headway. Lqter the boe fronv somc of the engines was
cut. One suspect has been arrested1. - v .
... Three, firemen are mlss'ng and U i? bslirvctl ti u.iw
been cnught by tbf flames and. WJIedv n, - n.-vfr
A dozen locomotives and a troop train have ben l-m iiod.
s 4 .i ' ' 1 , . .k. " .1 .
negotiations between the
WA.HIl TNiiTON,' AprH S.V-( Arfso.-i-nted
I'ress ) 'Warning was issoed by
Attorney General Gregory j-esterdnv
that the Kibotkge' law Is'now effective
and that it covers destruction of or
::ininring with property in any way
iiKnble in tlie war mol is of very wide
rope. ' - '
The, levurtiiient of justice will, he
sa.Vs. take severe action and deal with
out merry ngninft ".v uu'' u" "Bend
era uudrr Ilia law.
'- w. a. s.
April- 3fi CAsOA-iote.1 I'ress) !ousid
eruble increase ui the artillery fire of
the fenemy 6rer"Ttteday waa to bo
noted yeaterday hnt it "Vfl 8til lciow
flic normal. ere uo iuf"trJ'
attacks hut tie'lne-ree in the bf gun
fir hal le-t t he belief that further
attacks are planned.
' : f ' .:
." '' ' ,
'' I

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