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, ...... TT ..'--...! 1 -r-r, l1 . . '. . t 1 i i.Y .i mi.!. . ..
. .. -. 'V- H V .y .w.'- '..-a ! - .
tiiilM otio
A -.,.''''" 4
1 " . f .
'BKiiiBoo;l6r:lilid$e of Passage
. . : .,, . v , , Jhroogtii bcfete Averts
. f . i : ' '- 0 v i
'aS '. - ' J
W " i a
Bocauso congress Is wiving -wir laaTUlfttjlon. the right of way, matters
or tUl Interest to pawaii art being held in abeyant s.
1 Thert la Mason to boliovs UtMonmaa will act to make tha Island
t aha tli greatest fortvaat and, naval baaa of tha AmorKan Nat.on.
' The XatlousJ anard of Hawaii ia to b held aa a home defense guard;
it will not bo, gtvaw. m opportunfty to fight tn prance as a militia unit.
v-.-Tht XMpM haa a bill pending inyccjijrreae giving tha aecretarj of
r powe an4 money to keep repaired territorial roads which ara being
u ji ProhiQitaoa for- Hawaii will anactad at thla uninn r
4 1 p, i Vwa-4rr meMura, ( It my bo.aoToraL months before the me Mure
I is conaidered on tha loor of lthefr ,oao ;i'ho b.ll has been left la
J ; aood haada. dttrtBa- tha ahaeiwa at tlit.nalMiU
' ; Tha Delegata considers the BresldentlalJ dry order for Hawaii unfair
in that it yormlti men with money and friends to get all the Uauor they
.- There to lltU prospect of the Kauai harbor projoct passing at this
aealoa of ongrasa, it is not a kai meaaura; Hawaii will hay to stand
, aaide la this matter and be patridtlc. , M . ,
-. Tho eommlUoo on woman auffl-age promisee' that it will favorably re-
port at thU session the bill glTini the territorial legislature the right to
grant tho women of Hawaii the ballot. . , c i
' J-Tbwvelegto has' started ajflght to hare the federal government
tnUA and maintain a Has hatcher and experimental laboratory at or near
HOOOlulaV , ,v, j
Mt -Tho passport order, Insofar M j'ftppiT'CoHawali, has been resclud-
d, trarelera iaarlng the mainland for theso Islands being required Instead
to obtala permits from the immiiratlon authorities.
v . i;hobiU introduced by tho Delegate, for, relief of bomesteadora
Whoso titles to their homesteads bye been f ouod defective wiu be favor-
ably reported by .the, committee on terxlofiea and the measure will be-
coJaw at thla session of congrkw.,,, . .
-Too Visit to Washington of jy. H. Hindis relative to bring tog into
-Hawaii a limited number of Chinees Jaborsrs has produced very satlsfac
; torr roentto hnt Una! decision h. been postponed, until a later data in
tb sosaion, :. ,, i -,7 . . i,
.' ThDelegato does not look upon tho object of tho proposed $50,000
tvurie averasmg inno, as ,a lean Die. ,or reasons Die proposition at thLi
time when the government needs, htfilTton f shipping that Is available.
All legislative matters affecting Ha
wail are U food, shape; la eongress, m
corning io vara. xrougni some oy
gate stuijro when he returned from ihe
SETiSL 1 1 . Jk . AA, ' r " BvV7 American citiz. n i the Ter-aSS--lrel&i
Phlb,tl0n ritiry; pbysienllv able, should l,e train
tS'?!!?'" 1 Pa" .0,,8I?, M " oWJor: ' The time may come
X'Tjy' H'rJ;,W" When every AmerSean will be ne.-ded
.,kve rV?,..w" WfcHlodofond. Hawaii for or Nation and
Ti'y . l" u. . X'K
in go4 bands U the national ca;
, if -ip. is. eaUedUun, 4uxing hii
. r 4- "
' - - - ' V vi-.aL-' 1
r.al article, provldi.g for absolute f,o-
atbltloiu vKirola,. So says, it diaa
iSsSlJ'Sr rf
fail fnthat it allow, the man win
money or IHends to. get ll ha wsnt. ,. '" ,T""V ""ry a..
to'4rfak while the boor man Lt lo .,ho1'' roBl1" that the any dea.re, n
wunout. ... .. ...
In a general summary of the aituatfon
at Washington, the Delegate aaid:
..ICongTOsaii giving a Clear right of'
way tojigJslationfor war needs. Thefe-
fori matters that are 6t vital intere.t
to the Territory, but are not intimately
aseeofa'ted with the Wttr machinery, are
boini'MdJi abeyance until the legis-
l.Wv. deck, are cleared of all "sr ,
jjj ' I
. f' Washington thene davi is a war
thne city. There they realize mdru
than in any Other place in the nation
that we are in a death strugx'" with
tho. moat, jpowerfol military nation , in
the" world's hlstrtrv. I.ant Hummer, on
returning to Honolulu from WaHhinton,
I predicted that the war would l(nt
,4. r-m .-J n.l . 1. ...... I..
HiniL Art... .aI,ii.. Tr"e'l "I"'" furnish anv
rear see. the end of the conflict
i,til k..,. 4,1. i.,L ..t
most tvUendou. leak, and rememl.er.l
w Will Sot tease nntil victory for Vr'
CniUdiWt. admitted by O.rmaiyl
JL. "j.Ji.": 4 J 3
t?T; w. M .
"WnllOin Washington my f. rat con-
sideratton was the inauguration of a
campaign to mpress upon official Wash
l?5t,01rrtiLUA,'a. onKrM n,d he
Offlclatt tt the admltllrtratlon-the
r I 5 Tt 1 lH am, 0(
Oahn tna greatest iortres. and nayal
!.f.. .wTm Z IV ""'
perative that this be done. There. ia
.m- rti. -in I..J T
i . TuJ i. IiV., .
!wni ! ETk?' PPTb,tlM and PV
eibilJUe. hat the climax may come in
the Pae1..,TWs view i. echoed l.y
many army and iiaval strategists. When
....... .. "
the army and navy, supply bills are Out
of the way I have every reason to be
lieve that .congress, wijl adopt mv pro
gram to make Mhu( Impregnable. , I
want tq see Oahu, so strongly fortified
that It can withstand 4he rush of fhe
most powerful enemy navy and I want
to see Pearl Harbor a naval baae that
... .qu.ppeu lo meet any emer
MlHtl- Home Defenee
..V.,'.' We ,U Hawaii I am Informed hv
J,0 deoartment ere to be held a
home defense guards a second line of
defense to the reirulhr when the emer-1
I, l - : . ; . . ......
lefense to the reirular alhen the emer-1
rVT arises. I do not belVave that the
i"i'tfa P( fhe TrrrltoTT wtp ever be j
rIVen e oriuo'tunlv to fltfht in rra"e,
. a "I'ltU nl " the Territory. The
Tmr ij'iwrvmrui, f iruai, win aaont nv , m tne upper bodv. desires that the
s,.psMort "nd ermit men with le . house take first action bpcause if there
pendent".' who were divorced from jhe' a'e anv differences in the bills passintr
e--e g rar a.n,.'to return. The-i, l'e t-o houses, there will be longer de
rhen te "s-d is rehabilitated, it Is' W due to the necessary conferences
j.-eeW.r'. id hv me that it e given 1 hnve reouMtel Ooneressman Frank
-eHstelv -n Intensive training that P.--i.. of Nebraska, to sneak for me
! 'i-f t le't three m"h. (len- should the measure he called while I
n-l f'art chief of,tne (ullit.a bure- u I he-n. He has Hudlv consented to do
th-t he la r.e-ti)v la een.M.! sn,l T I nn.y I could not leave the
with this program, and he is usino- his nu-i.ir,. fr ,H muse of prohibition
influence to have the Army War College in better hands.
and the
secretary of war adont It in
order that he may put it into opera-
.EVery Han Should Train
I .for -oar families. If fl,e men are train
edf through bome, guard pr other volnn
teer iortfnlWons,. they 1U, be ready
v r'"t"y i vaasi WVS li uun ,
and ' effetlive ; when called upon. The
TZn0 T-H ih I
! '1.''' r,'' RM'I1 ' 'i''
; h" vTVerth":;'1,, :
, P'- K' to jn.no.u- m.l.t.r,
J purely matters of defeime onr
i , :r .r: . .
',"vr" "Km ior a lepsmnve
prolan, to make Oahu a real fortr. H,
)' h"wv": y stretches f
'7 "r,n' TY iroaA J'""'
H,iaf,,r (to, hofield wh h ore K n
nm,,.!,v 'ot m.i.tary .
"the nrt""" "
, ' ,H, 'ath 7;'' the s.-nte
1,v Spn",or Sn",tl'- of Maryland, h l,
Kives Jhe seoretnry of war the poe-
nn.i ine money in r.'pn.r and kei'p
Dnired the Htate and territorial roa.l-
which are being damaged by pinch
mi'itnrv traffic.
" I'nless congress haiV, change, I tin
Draft Act and permitted the war l
nnrtnient to call m " now reiristeri'd ii
Cbiaa 1 instead of issuing n mil bam-.i
on population, Hawaii would not 1m
" '
draft men
. T, ' ," ,nfi ''V""'"
"imoiiai irmv. llawnn has xev
ouad erd,ta still which
've" men baaed ... ,hM...!
','nrv , man ""' "f '" ''''
r.tory who h diluted in the armv o
nBVV or haH h'en eommiasione.! in .-
erHit. .Th(n tht BBt,on n, fr
neary two thouaand credit, it
No Take Prohibition
.-Prohibition, I predict, will ! en
tedat thiHeion ofcngreS. Then
, u0 pretenHe or make believe in n.v
'hlbitton Bill. T U a bone dry men
,,r Ami i.a.
.IT.na lac ,vry man. woman ami
child in the Territory on an eounl foot
biiiiu in me .erritorv on
i"K. It will he straight o
for the period of the wa
w4r it OV(,r the , , of
tll0n ,.. vote . ' v .
out prohibiten
war. VVheu the
the Territory
thon can vote and aay whether prohibi
tion is to continue or not, that i, pro
vided, of course, the e.ointitutiona'
amendment for nation wide prohibition
ha "t been raticio-t hv te Htatet.
"While my prohibition hill has been
favorably reported by both the Benate
and bonne ceminittees, it mav be aev
e'al montha before it is considered on
M.e fb.or of either body. I trust th
1 wil1 ," n,,'e " return to Washington
before it is considered, but if the op
portunity pnesent itself, during my
absence. Chairman Houston, of the Ter
ritori.'s committee, who is piloting the
measure, will call it un at the earliest
measure, will call it un st the earliest
date. The senate is delaying action in
order to pass the bill jUMt as it goes
throMirh the house. Senator 8heppar,l
.of, Texas, who is in charge of the bil'
J( -VjufV a word fciohfe th military OT-
uiti io uina a military ary snue.
Th President's order wns taken on
the advise of tha military authorities
in Honolulu, the order to my mind U
anything but Just and fair. It per
mitt men with friends and money to
f all the llmtnr tha - VTw (J..
JLL'.n'." .."l r!'S "".Loud Request Comes'from Gar
elasse, all creeds should be placed on
me same rooting, in all laws or regula
tions there should be no exceptions. In
the long run such laws or governmental
orders are harmful to the public general
ly for when special privileges arc ex
tended to pcIb1 elasses it (rive's the
People just cause to suspect the motives
or tnose responsible for their govern
"Before leaving I discussed the pro
hibition measure with Doctor WadmUn.
Chairman Houston and other Interested
members. It Was decided that Jnijge
nuuHion snoiiid see a rule for tne eon
aideration of the bill, but .Tudire Hous
ton has assured Leader Kitchin that he
will make no effort to pet the ruin nr
have It enforced until all of the war
emergency measures are out of the
way. Leaders in congress have decjd-
A .list aO.I.H . . . ' L- , t L'
- . j n,mn muni Klve way o
,nP ... WRr niPSHures. Hefore I left
Washington the house unanimously
nessed a rule giving the military af
fn'r -omt"ittee ri"ht of wav over ev
erything else for their war bills. There
Is a speeding up of all var legislation
and all measures not vital'v associated
with the development of our army
and navy and their maintenance have
been temporarily aide tracked.
Hawaii's Interests Many
"Hawaii has mmv matters of dcicfi
Interest to the Territory pending in
'on-ss. Them is the harbor project
for Knnai. The rivers -nd harbors
ommittee, reporting n bill thla yejaf
fla a war measure, would not incorpir
Hc Kniei pvoject. "hnirman
Pmnll told me that the Kauai proieet.
was in excellent shape and the coram) t
oe had been impressed with i. Sot ow
ing to the war there y. ere to be ro to
'eet authorir.e.l bv th-' hoiiie a; this
.rt.un- trp.if .Vi'son took hold
of the bill while it wns in committee.
He had the amount -ut in Inlf of what
It was laBt year and mule it k wir
i.ieUHore. pure and ainmlc. 1 h:ve nd
var.red the claims of Ks.. il t tho sen
ui, but if thnt body xMc.ca to th.- rile
that President Wilson nsKed th I..Ty.e
to follow and refuse o Incorporate
anything unless it is vitally ussociated
with the immediate prosecution of tjie
war. -we in Hawaii will have to atiiii-1
aside in thia matter and '. patriotic.
The argument useil for nuking tpe
Uiver and Hurbor Hill a wiu- measure
' that the government must conserve
all of it. financial resources for 'war
purpose.. Then, too, there is such' a
pressing demand for engineer officers
hat the war department cannot readily
spare any trained men to handle niw
river and harbor projects at this time.
Women's Suffrage Oontlng
"Judge Kakcr, chairman of the com
mittee on women suffrage, assures mo
that hla committee will favorably re
port my bill at this session giving to
tl.fl territorial legislature the right to
grant the women of the Territory the
ballot. t
"Cooperating wifh Representative
lowers, of West Virginia, who was for
ears the I'nited Htate. fish commis
sioner and who is now a member 0f the
feominitteo on merchant marine and
fisheries, I have started a fight to have
the federal government build and
maintain a fish hatchery and experi
mental laboratory at or near Honolu
lu. The people must look to the sea
more than ever now for food and there
is every reason to believe that congress
:nay see the wisdom of this move ajid
give Hawaii the benefit of a fish hatch
ery and luboratory. It will be neces
sary for the territorial legialnture to
create fish wardens before the federal
government will start a hatchery ami
:his matter will be brought up at the
next session of the territorial regisla
Thrt Travel r-ermlt Rule
"There hss been a great deal of (lis
usi in n'muit ihe pasxport order of the
e' l.-'l govermi.etit that was in force
or n-veial months. Following ray (jn
en me with Secretary of, Htate I.an
in;;, early, in February, I advised the
inil-inl in Honolulu that the govern
ncit had ro intention of interfering
i'h pussenger or tourist travel to Hi.
vaii. Hot I did advise them that the
.Mn-rnment was anxioys to knuwvliy
nnnv peonle traveled und that teiuY(r
,-irilv passports were being deii.anilld
The passport order, in so far as it ap
a- o '.lawaii. ioito Kieo mid the
Virgin Inlands, haa been rescinded alul
passengers leaving the niainht)nl
or these places have to get a traV.el
r's permit ' from the ' immigration an
lioritieg. The government cannot be
no strict in keeping truck of people
who trave) amj in the.se war times it
dmuld know and intends to know jast
lio trnvol. over(the aeas and why.
N'o one is permitted to go into Mexico
r Cunada without a passport and cwn
rniy oiTicers, going unattached to Eu
otie, cannot lenvo without a passport
'Ionmtead legislation
"The ,dny I left, Washington I had
meeting in my office with Juile
Watson, of Virginia, and Congressman
Dowell, of Iowa; both member, of the
Territory committee, and ' both desig
nated to form a subcommittee to con
sider the bill for tho relief of the
homesteaders whose titles to their
homesteads have been found to be de
fective. Thi. matter has been delayed
somewhat by the illness of Judge
Watson. The subcommittee has decid
ed to recommend favorably the pfcs
sage of my bill for tho relief of these
homesteaders and the full committee
ill act favorably on the subcommit
'ee's recommendation. I can predict
hat this mensure will be enacted into
nw nt this session of congress and re
ief will be given to these homestead
Dhinese Immigration
"In relation to my resolution for
the admission of Chinese as rice fann
ers tn Hawaii, W. H. Kindle, represent
ing the I'nited Chinese Hoeiety nVi.l
the Chinese Mcrchauts' Association
of Honolulu, has appeared before the
iiiitnigiali"!! and naturalization coin
mittee of the house of representatives
and this commtitee has evinced great
intficst in the matter, very satisfactory
results being derived from the four
hearing, given Mr. lHndle, the only
.iiipoxitioii being the labor party anil
li,.- I'alifoniia members oil the coin
mil lee. The liual decision has been
. den Island For Second Lib
erty Loan Honor Frafj
liberty Loan OveTsubocrlytion. ,
1 i
Total subscription, to Ave ' !
p. m. April 23 t.4.flO4,0SA I
Testerdsy's subscriptions 107. 1!W j
Original quota for Island. .V4.0W) J
Oversubscribed . . .. . Hon nisi
; 9
A loud and cnthnslnstie request fo
a aecond Liberty Loan honor flap
npnttered over trc wireless from Kauai
yesterday nfternoon, accompanied by
the statement that the Garden Island
er. h.d .nbscribi .1 ilooble their quots
''aitoT'then some" as the despstcl
rTaunl V.s no., s..l,vrribed a littb
over iMO.nno. n,.- ,,. W.M , n 0n'
Doubling this males it aSO.nflO r
l .he has evi i.-r'ri tie doubt
amount -by more thnii " 000. T'
Katinians on flahu subw ribed tW 0?
wMch'wfi. placed to the credit' of f
Harden Island.
A., the United Ktntes treasury dt
nnrtmert sent . nlv sufficient hono
1a. for enrh of the large islands nn'
ne for the Tenltoiy .i peneral, Out
Buttolph. executive secretary of th
Liberty I'ivi commltiee was at a lo.
t to ',n wi,,, Kauai's request
until he remembereii he hud a sample
hohoT flsj in hi orliee. One was htir
riec'iv handled up and sent over t.
Kpurl tq yesterday 's boat.
Mr. r.nttolph sngKcsted that as th
first honor flu? had been flown In T.I
fhne, the second one be raised at Wai
mea, and doubtless this will be dom
this morning.
The Liberty Loin central committee
called upon the Governor yesterday
with reference to President Wilson
eqiie.t npon the xovernors of .tate
fnd territories to declare next Frida)
a holiday In I onor of it. being the
final day for turning in subscription.
The OoveCnor deii'ed to proelniir
a half holiday na Friday the after
noon Ihe Liberty Loan committer
('eer'ng thi. sufficient, In consideration
of the generou. response which all the
business honses and merchant, gener
ally have already made during thi
campaign. .
While "one of the committee wa
prophesying yesterday as to what the
total, of subscriptions throughodt the
Territory might reach, it wa. felt tea
t5 000.000 la not altogether too large r
l.ure to reach. Yesterday', total wai
over 4,000,000, and there are .til'
three daya left for the campaign, Ft!
Iny to be the windup.
On Friday afternoon there will be
irand rally in Bishop I'ark, but thi
detail, have not ,yet been planned
There will be speakers, patriotic music
nd the committee will call upon nl'
resident., bnyers and those who havi
lot bought, Vo remain doVn town am
attend this ' meeting.
I'eter Tosh, a motorman of the Rap.
il Transit Company, will be the Lib
erty Bond noonday speaker today a'
Fort and King Streets. Mr. Tosl
spoke on the subject Of Libertv Hm-'
at the Y. fcf. C. A. last Sunday in
made a stirring appeal.
w. s. a
LONDON', April 2.1 (Associated
I'ressj- A despatch from China an.v
that an American named Love ha
been captured by Chinese bandits. The
American minister has augge.'ed ti
the Chin cue government the necee-dM
f suppressing the bandits and of res
cuing the captives they have taken
among the foreigners.
postponed until n later date in the ses
ion, uk Senator Gallinger, of New
lampshi-e. and Representative Hnell
.if New York, have also presented re.o
lutions which have ' been' referred to
ommittee, for the admission of Chi
nese fanners to the ITnJtcd States dur
ing the peri'id of war.' Other resolu
ions of a like nature will shortly be
presented from Ohio, Iowa, WushiDg
ton, Oregon and California and tin
postponement of the Hawaiian mens
ire was agreed on, in order to see what
lisposition these variou. resolutions
might have.
"The first resolution for the adinis
inn of Chinese us farmer, to be placed
Vforc congress and acted upon is from
Hawaii. Great credit Js due Mr. Htu
die for his untiring efforts and loyal
persistency, which would be an actnal
Senefit not only to the rice planters
Sut also the Territory of Hawaii, in
bringing this matter not ouly before
the members of the immigration com
nittee of the house of representa
'ives, but also many members of the
'ioiiso and senate whom he flhs sue
eeded in getting favorably interest
il and their endorsement and support
,.hen the resolution reaches the housa.
frown, on Tourist Work
' 1 1 .ook ing over the files of the II ono
' n In papers I noticed that a fund of
fiJ0,(MHI is in project for the purpose of
advertising with a view of encourug
ng I'lii'Mi travel to the Islands. 1 am
at all times heartily in sympathy with
any matter beneficial to Hawaii and
.specially when officially advised, al
ways use my best endeavors fur mat
ters of benefit to the Territory. How
ver 1 must say that the object of this
fund is nut a feasible or reasonable
imposition at thi. time, when the gov
ernment needs every top of shipping
'lint is available either now or in the
near future for transportation of
troops, food and munition, of war. The
Administration is striving by everv
means ill the conservation of food;
therefore eveu if transportation wns
available between the mainland and
the Islands, furnishing of food supplies
would be a serious question and one
not in conformity with the desire of
the gov el nun-ill.
1918. -SEMI-WtF.ktY. .
Bill For MiAiicipat toatjeet ivlBe
iniroaoceti-r-AnoiTier Restoring
Governor's Coding vttt ,Flind
leides providing emergency' f inds
wl:h which '.he Is an. I of Hawaii can
repair damage done by the recent
storm, the legislative program 6f the
r.pn..ll 1,1 Mir irglSlH , l TfJ, .FIC I
tatively set to open Tue dnv, .lav 14,
i"iii ,,.), i., i . . I
' ri , i i,i r-ainu I r-w
Among those ttint have beVn , KVhugh ,
ivinni'i in coniereoces or aou.C lean
ers wivtr administrative orn'cers are 'one
restoring n cont!ns;e.it fdnit 'fo be'
pended under the .lir"cflon of th;
Oovernor; another .lesirtod lo e.Hao
If.h a free territoiinl nm'ket: ano'lie
enabling counties u, ,lo thefr c?wn lil(h
way repair work; one, an in I deditifili
bill, alme'd ht i-h.-MVig dilfdVariy
' Ither to Amptica or her allies; ' Str
ain fool meallirps not Vf- detartrrtued
on and, in the ev ent 'that Washing
on does not establish n inte'rnrn'ont
sinp, a bill that will e'tutMbh 'a'rimji
tnder territorial sTntule. '' "'
)o:itffigeat n.-d
I'nlil the legisla'ive session of Iftl'
r legislatures had always made
IB Sill, nil, natinni nt kfUl IHlO
.hat' were terms.) ihn (..mvm'nr'm Ar.
uat were terms.! the (joevrnor'a cdn
ingeni iuno. ine.e appropriation.
rovlded that ' einen.lituraa onl,l Wlv
t.e ma. le Trom this fund with tne
.pproval of the OoveTnOrrid 'only'fii
urgent needs for which no specific rip
nrrtnrlstlon Ivail tiamn m,.li - -
e tiinilA from hiB Ctn.l wt,k
1 "I ...... ia.,c.
As the result of a fight made 'by
-.jimser 01 mo House n. L,. ilol.'e n,
ms jiarucuiur spiiropriaiion was rraoi'i
i t i . .... . T - i ,
l in a new way w.iii h tortk It out Wit
inn Tliaa sl A k 1(l17 K.A
w. s uv s1 ui s-uv- i i f pnidiuii 1.1
ided that expenditure ffom the fnhd
;tuni uiuj up inane ny me ireasnre
if the Territory and new limitation
were plueed on expenditures ff dm the
fund which was to be devoted Only,
o case, "where the public health 'or
public safety are imperiled. r'
It is held thnt the light that flneak
er Holstein conducted at the 1917 aes
.ion to alter the method and. terfcis
if the appropriation has tufnei into
x boomerang, for under the. old orijer
t is said the pre.eut emergency on
he Islnnd of Hawaii might have been
met with the fund with the result thjnl
special session would not have been
.ecessary.. The fight w.Lmade Be
auBe it was charged dbvemor Pink
ham had made improper mie-of. the
bulk of the previous Contingent und.
The fund placed by the lSlT.'sessibn
4nder the direction of the treasurer i.
now being expended iq' paving Jjrnar'ds
uu ijio iraiciiruiu msi. Bllllllur Hliri
To Make Change
'een advanced at couferencea tha fpr
ner method placing the contingent
fund under the direction of the Gov
ernor is to be restored and limitation
that permit expenditures for onjy
'public health or public safety" will
e removed. It is held this will give
he new Governor fund, with which
o meet emergencies like ihe present
me on the Island of Hawaii.'
.free Market,
Th,propo.al to establish a free ter
"itorial market was brought forward
y Senator M. . Pacheco, who gave
he first public utterance on the sub
ject last night at the meeting of tlie
board of supervisors In the course of (in
ii I dress. 1
Senator Pacheco told the supervisdrs
hat if the Purpose met with their ai
iroval and had their support ho wo.il.l
ntroduce a bill at the coming special
ession providing that a free territorial
oarket be established.
Supervisor Ben Hollinger gave im
-nedlate support to the suggestion and
he Offered some startling figures of
iroflta and earnings Of two 6f the mar
kets. One of these, le said, had leie
istablished at an initial cost of $L'r,oii
mil it. iot profits from the first yeurV
peratioiia were exactly what it had
ost. Another, he Said, did even bet
'er, for the f6st 6f establishing it wa
14,000 and it. net profit, in the flfs
year of oeratlon Vent to ilS.Ono.
T"he result of the dikcii.sion on tli.
uestio.i Wa. 'that l'e" sHlpervisors in
a resolution uuanimou.ly endorseil th
plan of Senator Pacheco to introduc
i bill for a free territorial market,
ao ad work Measure
The measure to enable counties to
lo their owu repair work on highway
;s hel.l to bo necessary, for in a mi in
ber of ii)stanees Hie counties have
found themselves in the position 'nt
having workjjig plants with which ti
lo road work, lUut nkleail oJ Using
Uein, under the" present ' 'sHittta they
have lieen obliged to Ssk for lii'ds
whenever tti enat nf nrV fr, I... .l,.v.,..
exceedeil ilOOO, 'thus tuiiing over to
private contractors Wort the coutitim
were well able f An 44iMiim1vah nn.l
often more cheaply tha contractors.
l'eiaus or oiaer legislation that n
to be proposed-ire bfeing worked out
by leaders and members of the two
Estimate IiKUe -
According to the estimate of A. C,
WheMer, t county engineer , of lluwaii
he legislature 1st' the Special session
vil) have to provide' $176,020 to te
air the storm dams (re, to tiridges or
Ilfiwnii. Ha ivtvAa - 4l,ra' 'ai,Pn .. ki.
n.-, ,.
estimate of the extent of the iramnge
a letter to uol. U. J. McCanhv
from Wheeler aavS thnt It h sa tintn
fouud necessary to close one bridge
nisi nun peen namagea nut aot
washed out. His estimates are 14,
400 six Hilo Hiln l.rltlaal I'll Olio
Halawa, $11,350 for Puaiole, ;.rui foi
waisane, ftuilMI for two bridges ii
North nilo,, and $21,816 for two h
Hamakoa. Other bridges, fcto.tiiHi.
KfTorts are being made by the s.l
ministration to hold the hj.ee! a I session
soiiowhere besides io the Capitol build
ins Wislatlve room, so as ni.i to ,li
turb the Red Cross workers who sn
using the chamber of the house of rep
resolutives or the draft officials win,
are using the senate ehamVr.
One plan that has fieen ..Ivnuced i
for the house to meet In the auditorium
of the library and the senate, it is be
lieved, cau hold its session in the office
of the secretary of the Territory. No
definite arrangement, have vet be, r
completed, however, about the place
where sessious will be held.
10 riVilFnttilTOVi'iUiK
National Cuard To
1 hoiisatidlnd Rotainea 'In.'rsIanfJs For
Information of weighty slgniennj.e ed. The selective draft began to speed
brought to Honolulu by IMegate J. k. ,,p in the completion of th" HatTtf
K.lanianaolc indicate, dearly that tb registration. kn5 the rowd up of d.lia
admimstration nt Wa.hlngton belief nUent and ala.kera wVs forced al.
tt pOMible that the war may yen U . 2nd is now r!tt, u:,-..lr! 1
,"'',d into the Pacific Ocean, as' a
I rCSUH or the HO shevikl ilKhanla mnA
the word that the Dnlofrsr KrtHtta !
,u" "r" 'nat tne delegare brings is
"" war uepartment la anticlp$t
: ing all emergencies and I. aHVii
I sratOrv stctia a 'ihm an u - :
a rat or v steps to meet any situation
my arise ro far as the TVrrltoYy
uf Hawaii is concerned,
Whnt H,., ...LiamI. L, 1 .i.
. ...... v,v taimj tie UI Ulfl
I "is nn crisis remains in donbt, but
I r e . sj mto the Pnciflc is opened
i" "cm anv, action that the war de
u..u . .
pari', enf is now takih 1 deslned to
...an - hi jne lerritory will have to
sss.iiT- urirnnr.
To Expand Guard
ituipir ueiense
Yesterday Delegate Kuhlo gave out
he w, that it had fbeen decided at
s hihgton thiit the National OuaW
of Hawaii will not be called away' frdra
the Islands, even if bf ealled into
federal service. !0 ennnectloa 'mixh
hi, a message that Delegate Kuhio
'eeeived In San Francle,o jtiet before
he .ailed for homo brdufttt the neWs
that general Carter, chief of the mill
tin bureau at Washington,' W direetiBd
a communication to be eommaader bf
the Hawaiian department, planning Jo
expand the Hawaiian National Guard
on Oahu to a strength of more than
five thousand men. , This action fol
lows the recent executive ordef open
ing tho draft lists to the national
guard. ' ,
The Present full memberlilrlp ojf tne
nhtidnal guard is around 32QO men and
it it acceDterl thnt th
i , , i ' ""r"f"",fu, spiral i
-Mned, together w)h otlier steps that
ro peing uiKcn, can mean only thnt
the government is planning td JfcJvel the
Territory as strong a home ausrd as
The Message
The me.saire Tlclutr.t.
celved In Saa Francisco in, reference
iu ine unr.oraj guard sayst .
"Tha ens'ra.Hnn' ta 'tnmA e.".1"-' L.
try brigade 6f at least : five thrm.1
1 v mm uj
-mvtjt V 4.1.;...., 1 1 . . .'
uOTwes coast aruuery UOltt;
montM. trililng aach yar at ' aneh
Mine as vroasa mterjero least With fn
dmrtrial work. , Tho ,wr depijtmoat,
through tha adjutant ,' general, haa
area aviaket ka.4V.a4a. a. . i . - a ' ,
V"s a.umurji.y w enufx in in Ha-
lUa gu7ar4 ,iioriitlx -daJJeaaenta.1-
Thot tip plano strengthen the home
Tefene of the Terr.tory and greatlv
unlarna Mi H-l!. I , I ' . '
"U'ft, , uuiiuuai t'uru iia. peen
inder consideration at Washington for
mine time wns riiaolnu.l ul,., iu
'"f '"' "ivea . oy , jieiegate B-elno in
an Francisco wa. rend to Maj. Henrv
erram. U. S. A., chief of staff
if the Hawaiian department. .
new t- Plins
He said, tlint the commanding gen ,
ml of the department had received
communteatroa from Ma nr (ieacrnl
for flu ottinidai
ml suggestions with reference to the
'luw.iia.a National Ouard. although
he ofhVinl communication did not fol
' iw- caetly the line, of the message to
. he Delegate. ,
M.ior Merrinm sid thnt a portion
f the commanding general's reply
ontained tlie recommendation th- t v
rv male citien capable of acquiring
military knowledge or able to perform
military duty should do so to be pre
pared for any emergency. It was held,
' said, that all male residents here
should be capable of acting in a mili
try cii'iii.uy, ror there may come a
time when everv mnn hei-n mnv Kuv, I
- - j
to fight for hi. own akin.
It was recommended also bv the
ommandiuj veneral. Maior Merrinm
suid, that the guard be used a. a re
serve, or to replace regulars called
away from the Island.. In the event
of the regulara being called away,
there would be a necessity, he said, for
the guard to take their places at vari
ous posts. This would meau naturally
that the guard would have to be en
larired considerably to cover tho field.
It would not mean merely putting in i
so manv men in at tn till not v. I
tinned, it would mean niittino in men
qualified for aervice.
"It is correct" Major Merrinm con
tinned, "that the guard has been per
mi t ted under orders to recruit its
strength by bringing in men with de
pendents, and it haa the privilege of
taking in a. many men a. needed frbni
the .draft lists.
No Date Fixed
"Nothing was contained in the let
ter received as to anv date when tho
I I'T.
(!""! a reserve might lie callnt.
Nor have I anvthino in this r,. .,, ,.l
with respect to the calling of a draft
"General Carter's letter, while of
course official, was really more in the
nature of a personal letter to the de
partment commander, ami th rnl
. . . '
ma. largely ,n the nature of . personal
letter, irivinir tha ffanuml'a
the line. o.tM.nA " " n. ' " ' .i
letter s,l o n fZimT Z...
letter, and coutaining ccrtniu recoin
The Hawaiian Nationul Guard, how
ever, has more or less been the sub
ject of close consideration in lo,..,
army circles. The authority to reciuit
the t;uard from the draft lifts en me
suddenly. Authority to e?o icto the
diutt lints as far as necessary follow
'? ,V 7 '
Be JncftasediTo Five
The army ha assembled supplies for '
draft troops and the national guard ia
preparation fqr any demands made no- ;
dtl the quartermaster department. -Building,
and all other equipment for
a draft ramp are practically ready ,
whenever required. -.
In brief, tW' regular amy, the aa-,"'
tlonal guard and the Selective draft
bureau are la readiness for any orders
i.mv rosy no sen i, rrom Washington, :.
WABHINQTON, April 23 (Aasoela
tel Pre.) News i eomea that ', tha
French steamer Proveaea haa bee
torpedoed while ia the port' of Palamoe,
Catalonia, Spain (da the- Meditrraaaa
Hea). Tho vessel, la badly damaged.
The Spanish press la incensed that tho
neutrality of Spanish waters has beea
violated .In i Order, that the fsteantot
might be attached.
a. W. tT.'- a, . . . ,-'
WASHINGTON, April ' 23-(A.soc.
ated Pre.) An eflcial -French des
patch received , by ha embassy here
says that food riote have brokea out
it a number of town tn Oalicia.vv i
as Taeow taa not .were to aerere
that ho troops were cilled out to
that the troona
-1-- . v . f. , . . . -.--T. -w
""rgo xn exeiteo crowns and disperse
Civilian casualties were ssmana.. .
OA r JACINTO, valifomla. April 13
At-ted. Pressi nM,'
lMc'M Preaa) , Threw mora
er9"o-Wka were felt hist aight
Bd mrv , ut they were tun, ,
P"!! ,liht nd damaga
tIJVLTT V t a w n V'
ouumrrn isuiornia .
of tho ruiaed business districts of
Uemet and Ban, Jacinto i. already an-.
der way.
TOKIO, April 23 (Special to Ha- '
waii,. Shinpo) The rearrangement oi?
hia nalkti. , . i i . l ,
", -.-cwuiaiaii mjt ipS real ir.
n,ttnn nf v,fc, ... a.
I - v i vi,,,, u am aec
nAi,.l.l..l - n I. t .
....p.r.v.i nj i reoiier iouni Terau
ehi. Baron Goto.' who haa hmom a,h,i,.
ter of home affairs, succeed. Motbno
With the foreign office portfolio, hia
Vdaee being filled fty thi promotion of.
K. MikiiDO, formerly vice mlni.ter ia
the home office. The elevation of Z.
Nakamura, from the Vice ministry ia
the department of communications to
the office of' president of tha railroad
nusru i. siso announced.
l :
WA8HbfatON-.V AorH i.Wflwmel.
ated .Preaa-f-The war dep-rtment'o
I re1 t T" " - - sr s rasa v as. S
fasiialty list toitav contains furiv'.thraai
Two ara listed a kine.,1 In
one died of wounds, four of disease,
uiue are $everely wonnded and twenty,
seven slightly wounded.
.: w. a a. . ; '; ;
. jiiu ui a ciear nean aa.l trorvl ill.
.tion you must not let you, wela
I ' . ... . ; . nwni
If you want a clear head and goo.) di.
m , "' W,l. P?'on0U. S.tO
wneu you necome constipated. Proper
' - - . t (WM v.,
of outdoor exercise should keep your
bowels regular. When that fails vou
should take Chamberlain's Taldeta.
They cause a gentle movement, of tha
bowels and are easy and pleasant ta
take, for sale by all dealera. Benson,
rJiuitb & 'u., agents for Hawaii. Advt,
moo, an snunoane or wer-r nncl plenty
f . r TiT . -' WDM I
... !'
1 w. a. s. -
E - ... . .
I ' ' .Wil'-,
'.' ..." 1
t. ' .

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