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P r 1 1 o n e r Transferred From
l "Reef" , To Fine Structure
Just Completed In Kalihi
- Governor Makes Speech Hopes
;J,lfe Wifl Be Bright For Them
In Their New Residence
" v;. ' ' ' ...,v
Men 4onl ' of fen cheer on enter! ng
' 'V' ptisan, but two hundred aad eighty
";.' "iKt territorial and federal prisoner
. . . . itave thrVe hearty cheers sad a ttgr
' yesterday a thev marched Into tha new
quarter' ! a million dollar prison at
" Itulibi and took up their residence for
..longer or shorter period.
' -Nat thnt they were so exuberantly
' plltd to be within prison valla, even
flios within nhich High Hheriff Wil-
' liajn P. Jarrett exemplifies his "gold-,
ewmle" system nf running a penal ia
' -1 ' atMtrtlon. Hut they were unqualifled
ly"" glaif to exchange the musty,
, ; . ouV-of-date old "Keef" for the new
and -U-to-datc structure withla-which
' the Territory i henceforth to house ita
' High Hheriff .Tsrrett nan all amllea
as the prisoner entered the walled en
T. " erasure. Home directly from the old pris-
bnMhe "Keef". a it ha beea known
klnee the latter part of the Aft lea of last
eeatury and some front their work ia
' thapsrrie and in different parti of
IM elt. Smiting, too, waa Warden,
, :,'tfOy" Wood, he of former prise
' ring, fame, the trainer of "Jim". Cor
. bt; and Captain Needham.
'" 7. It. waa a relief to leave the old,
": ; iliujjy, niedivval prison eloae to the bar-
' bar a prison with musty walla and
".meatier floor, with iti nondescript ad
' riifToas and old fashioned ianitary and
hvjjipic srrsngement, and move into
' this, aplendid new priaoa structure, de-
eigwed after that at Leavenworth, with.
it,eatral atrueture la the form of a
. .,' irrtift X. i
TisA pinner Ready
i a a perfect Honolulu day for
kotnte asoving. In the morning toe re-
mnfndar of the oftire furniture waa
', packed and made ready itr the van.
; The priaonen' rlothlng and little odd
' annV enda were collected and prepared
- far' wagon travel. . The men went out
on 'thiflf regular taaka. Up t flva
v. a'Wk wagona and trueka tranafeired
' the office and prison material U the
new Btrueture and when the mv re
tarhed from work, dinner waa ail pre
. ' pared, by the ehef and eorpa of priaon
' anaiHtanU: the eella were in readineaa
and thing were in ahip-ahape.
' X" Governor arrived at the priaon
'','- ehortly before Ave and waa taken over
- he office building, in whieh are the of
Area o( the high ahariff and deputy, the
warden and aaaiatanta; the hospital for
';. ) aad hoepital forv women; rurgical
and operating room; aection devoted to
I homing of women prisoner; dormitory
' for the trVtLei; the axeeation room;
( ' Ititrhena; looker room, atorerooma. On
' the, roof of this building are super
atrueturea, comprising the home of the
bight aharinT and deputy, complete ia
every detail a though it were a house
; W upon the ground.
;:, froai thin building the Oovernor went
'' iTr o the prisoner ' building. J
tXiVuildinft ia two ateriei, aad rontaiiai
. "mikrog dining room and kitchen, the
; "aocend atory room above being ah eraer
, ' gency mess hall. Another wing coa
:( Ulna, cell, in two atories, with room
'. tu ach, for two prisoners, each cell
equipped with lavatory appliance.
' ..Anather wing comprise two et of
dormitories for federal prisoner, and
''.t there la etill another reserve wing. The
' ' dark cell have been constructed under
. governor Talks
-The Ooveraor stood in the doorway
' , and1 talked to the prisoners. He said
- Jie hoped that life would be even brigh
ter, under the eircnmitam-es, than in
their old habitation. He referred! to
'the method of administration and hoped
'V'. that the life there would make better
auen of them. He poka of the siren
' . noo time in which the world was liv
i ' Ing nd of their owe "strenuous" live
but said that the future held forth
j aod promises for all.
'Then came " kaukau ", one of the
- pleaiantest words that fall u;ou pri
eners' ear.
i " Komi three line haole line, poi
fine, rice line, shouted Captain Need
' . - nam. Instantly there was an uuscram
.'. bliljg and three long line stretched out
. ' ; toward the wall. This meant that there
are three different menu, so to speak,
,.' aervd at the new "Kalihi Hotel".
't'f 'J, Last night dinner consisted of a
. ; 4ate of beef stew mixed with potatoea,
' i nerved to every maa, while the haole
line received bread and crackers a
. ! aide line with their coffee; the Jupa
. ; , . aaaa and Chinese generally formed the
, wire line and received plutes of rice,
" while the Hawaiian and Wn many
1i1b's), took poi as a side disb.
1 J Knlvaa aad Forks
, '..'f, "1JJJ mnwaurgrised, kowever,
i "'
" t
. "
' , I ' '
ABoonto rmym
Stomach l
DCAnatnict4iM A
System Builder
Mild Lhrw Tonic and Laxathrs
Fins kidney end Bladder Reasdy
Remarkabla Blood Cleanser
Cm Rh.nii sd MsUrkl Ajssa
jt .00 jw trt 0 at ).00
a. V.
Alt Ihi'ukki"I uu'i riuuimli.u
Mlonm. HKX ll..iiNH. Akuui
Mkaolike and Ktaa Hte.
Commodity Is Plenty But Scarce:
Too High and Not ' High
Enough Public Understands
Rice is plenty but scarce. The price
la satisfactory but too high and not
high enough. There la paddy rice on
Ihe other side of the i aland bnt there
ia no ri.-c in the storehonaea and none
being hoarded. There ia ao rice famine
but there will be no rice until the
next crop. There are big Importations
but no rire on haad. Thla ia about the
way M. Pooler might explain the pres
ent situation to hi frtead Henneasy
were he in Honolulu and if the Island
of Oahu wejte not dry.
Food Commissioner Roog says there
are large quantities of rice on the 11
.md of Oahu that have not yet been
marketed and lias given figures to
prote his assertion. He haa also given
fijiurrs to prove the price at which
the rice has been held allowed an un
due profit.
What the executive or tae food com
miseion thinks aboot Commiaaioner
Hoogs he told ao recently that it is
still fresh ia publia memory.
Other member of the commission are
said to have full confidence in the exe-
Utive. ,
However, the price of rioe baa ad
vanced further aad that commodity i
becoming a scarce aa ia fish at the
market on a meatless day since the
price wa "satisfactorily adjusted." It
i even said that reatanraata are taking
rice off their menu because or lta scare
ty and mounting cost a Retailer are
'aid to be raiaing the price close to a
'ifteen cent figure and are not aaxiou
n make sale of bag lots.
Public la "oat"
Is there a shortage of rice and must
here be such a ahortage until the next
rop i inf This ia what the consumer
want to know. Mr. Hoogs haa said
here wa plenty of paddy rice if it can
be brought ia and marketed. C. H
Dnrfee, county agent of the food com
nission. is reported to have said br
ia visited most of the warehouses on
ahu and has found no rice being hoard
ed. Ia his opinion there is7 no rire
''here are large number of eitizen
vho believe Mr. Hoogs had made the
nveotigation be said he had and with
'he result that were publUhed an'
ook upon the "rice famine" in much
'he same light aa they do the "fish
famine." .-. -t ..
It was suggested yesterday after noor
that possibly the food commission mlzV
appoint a committee to Investigate the
assertions of Mr. Hooge that- there i
naddy rice in plenty aad that the ntr
entire should not be a member of th'
committee. If there is paddy rice or
the other aide of the laland this commit
tee might devise waya and mean t
Tet it to market.
when in addition to a big spoon he wai
allowed to pick up a knife and fork
These are luxuries, never before known
in prisoh life here. Some of the old
timers looked at the utensils in aston
ishment. Some handed them bark.
Thev were all nice, new and shiny.
It is all a part of High Hheriff "Bill's"
golden rule method.
After dinner the men went out inte
the yard and remained there until
eva 'clock, employing themselves at
recreatieo aa they saw fit, and then en
tared their aew calls for the first time.
Everybody talked while they wen
forming in line, a they entered the
dining, room and chaffed as they ate
There are no restriction on talk. Th
old, woraout regulation of "Silence"
haa no meauing in "Rill" Jarrett'
method of conducting a prison.
The prisoners have unusual libertie
rhey wander around n they choose,
rhey play their baseball games outside
be prison walls murderers, cutthroats,
burglars and all and the only guard
ire prisoner guard, elected to those
oid t ion among themselves.
Home evenings they have concerts,
and other eveniug city folks come
lown and entertain tliem. Then they
have motion pictures now and then.
They have their own picture machine,
'iciug paid for little by little by the
risoner. and the nlun arc whatever
happen to be loaned to them.
"This opens a mid chance for liber
il minded persons to sec that we hav
HI ins loaned to us", said the high
Prisoner Not Hulled
The prisoner were far from being a
ullen lot. Mauy or thnn are priaon
officials. That i. they arc all owed
to elect their administrative commit
tee and thi committee appoint u sort
of chief of police, or sheriff uud de
puties, aad so on.
The election campaigns in town are
tame beside those I'oiidurted in the
prison. They have their "soapbox"
orators; they split up into factions and
enter into rontrocrsies just as the
election candidates do. They get up
slides for the motion picture machine
extolling the virtues of this and thai
candidate. They do Imttouholing, and
marshal their forces and then have all
the fun out of tbe ballot box.
These are the men who are obeved
down In the prison The "olbciaU"
are jealous of their power and in being
obeyed, and a prisoner doesn 't snt
to get in "bud" with the "official",
(or he loses his credits and hia open
recreation. It means he stays in a cell
while the other Wlusn have a good
The grounds within the prisou en
closure have not been leveled off, but
with plenty of labor mi hand now, the
lawn will be planted and beautified
Benches have already been received.
Raise Their Vegetable
Outside the walls in the farm. All
he prison vegetables uie being grown
in this tine soil. Turn is not et grown
but will be. Tin prison has its own
irlren eor "n I nlde chicken fan
eier to attend to the poultry.
"This i goin to lie a fine home f"i
ill the people lin arc sent to me,"
aid the high ihentl. "We arc not u II
Inisbed yst. Then- m lot of eleariiif
p to be done but we're going to have
a fine place and crr b,dy i going to
be satisfied. ' '
Dying Boy Says All
His Money Used 4
By Agent of Poolas
Letters Received By Family of
wiinam Manners, Who Died On
Coast, , Tell - Pathetic Story;
John Wise Leaves To Search
For Charles Holoua
Before dying of pneumonia in Man
Francisco, William Manners, a Hawaii
an youth who had Wa a musician in
the eastern states, and whose ashes
were interred In Paaoa Cemetery ye-
trruay aiierauon, said that all bis
money had been used bv Charles Ho
loua, the agent of the hiea) stevedore'
union. Letters were received by hi
family here from the boy containing
thi information, and confirmed hv
Joseph Kubey.
Holoua i said to have left Han Fran
cisco recently and gone to Alaska. It
ia believed this is the reason why John
Wise, a former political bos, who left
here Tuesday pu the steamahip Makura
went to ancouver, in order to go
northward from that port, instead of
tarting from San Francisco. Wise
wa deputised by fh atevedore' or
gsnixation to search for Holoua, and
ascertain why he had not reported
back to the union on hia mission, and
why he had not returned to the Island.
Holoua having been liberally supplied
out of tbe local chest with fund to
mnke hia trip.
No Doctor Called
Wfhen young Manners - who waa but
nineteen years of age, arrived in 8an
Francisco on his way to Honolulu, he
wa erioualy ill. Among the Hawaii
an he mat there was Holoua. Accord
ing to Joseph Kubey, who returned
from Han Francisco on the Manoa. sad
who wa Instrumental In getting the
boy sent to the county hospital in San
Frsm isco, Holoua had told the boy he
would take ears of him and "cure his
cold". The boy waa taken to a cheap
hotel and placed in a email room. As
far a Kubey eoulri lenrn, Holoun
never called ia a doctor. The room nas
in a deplorable condition when Kuber
called on Manners.
The boy, so Kubey says, told him
that Holoua bad used nearly all hi
avingi, which amounted to $150. Ho
loua, he said, had also borrowed his
jewelry, and as far a learned this had
not been returned, or could not he
found among the boy 'a effect.
Hawaiian Colony Helps
Kubey made tha rounds of members
of tbe Hawaiian eolony in San Fran
Cisco and raised funds to have the boy
given medical attention. Among those
who aided waa Mrs. Elisabeth Knight
who gave fifty dollars and told Kubey
to call ror more anouiu it do neeuea.
Additional funds were contributed by
others. The boy died s short time be
fore the Msnoa sailed. The body was
remated and the ashes brought here.
Holoua waa sent to Seattle by the
longshoremen 'a union to represent them
in a icrie of conference with mainland
locals, with the general view of ecur-
iag a raise in the rate of pay or toe
Honolulu poolas. The local union plac
ed in hia hand several hundred dol
lars a expense money before he depart
ed. But they have not heard a word
form him since the steamer sailed
away from Honolulu. Repeated me
ages sent to him to know what he waa
doing have remained unanswered.
Foolas Nervous
For ome time the poolas hnve been
getting nervou. Several week ago
they held a meeting lit nlnrli Holoua
long silence was painfully discussed.
The result a that the lunghorenun
resolved to send .loll n Wise to look for
him. To that end they raised another
xpense futul of several numirea aoi-
lars, and in addition promised Wise
they would provide for his lurge fumtly
during hi absence.
If Holoua has (.'one to AlnsKa, as
Kubev savs he has. it is not at all prob
able that Wise will ever catch up with
OMAHA, Nebraska, April i Manag
er "Bill" Jackson of the Omaha West
era League team annoum-cd today that
he haa signed Harry Dotiiia :u third
baseman. Dnuica played last year with
he Richmond Central League team.
a a -
ner of Philadelphia was floored for the
ount of nine in the tirst round by Phil
Bloom of Brooklyn in a six rounl boir
hers lsst night. He regained his feet
(aad finished, but was badly defente.l.
MILWAUKEE, April ti Kit-hie Mil
chell, Milwaukee lightweight boxer
aeored a technical knockout over Clonic
Tait, champion of Canada, when, in th.
eighth session of a ten round bout, h
floored the Canadian twice. The ref
eree stopped the bout to save the Cana
dlan further punishment.
DfJaCdlis Browne's
act like a Charm Is
Ov$) onl 8pcifiC In
The on.y e.lll.tl.e Ir. NBUNAUtU, OOUT, MSjaTia.
K, i i,, n i iw-ul
Ft. . . - .UuJ lH. m, IO.
piiav or Anni icurn l..
Dl lilLLtutoLAiUnL
Some of the Law-Makers Con
tend That; Results Are Not
l Commensurate With Cost
'appropriation, IS
Measures. Proposed For Consid
eration of Special . Session
Continue To Grow In Number
( '(intending thnt 111 territorinl fond
cimiiniion created by act of the legis
Istme t the HH7 Session tins proved
to bo H tremendously -expensive insti
tiitio'i i lint saouv e'll, "be ia need of
fund- in addition to the 1 25 htrfl atipro
printed for lt( and that little or no re
turn liii been given for the money ex
pendrd. s move I being considered by
member of the legialature to boliah
the commission at the forthcoming
special session by repealing the act of
tin- i'.M7 session.
The report published in The Adver
tin" yesterday showing that one of
the markets Operating in the city
.denied up ia it first year 2S,0(lO,
I-. nr:n the eutire onflay for cstah
lih,!V it, and that another market
that had cost 1.0K) realized a net
protit of Slfl.OOO in it lirst year of
opeisMon, coupled with the fact that
fund price have eoatiuued to eliml
steadily wrte .' factor that were dis
disced yesterday by legislator. ,
Big Outlay Mads
of it 23,(KMJ appropriated, the foo'
commission yesterday had just S(lfi.
left on 'band and what result hn
bet ii nchieved by the big expendituri
is :i question that legislators intcrester'
hnve been asking. In the uieantim
food prices are climbing onward am'
upward, though the act creating the
commission clothea it with ample powe
to Like action of the most drastic sort
One of those interested in the que
tiou soid yesterday that the commis
-ioi it s If wns the first to question the
. 'ms'itutionllity of the act that
briii' : ht It into 1eing. It was doubted
thnt the commission could exercise tht
power the legislature had given it
m d thi was given as one reason whj
ii more drastic program has not been
r'ood Commissioner J. F. Child, it
pointed oat, has on n number of
m i asions contended that as federal
food administrator he did not have
power to tlx prices when the need fot
nrtioH along price fixing lines was
ured. A executive ofheer of the food
i iirumision, it is held that he might
ise neted, aa the commission ha full
powers to fix prices. It doubted that
hn legislative act would hold, however,
it wa sutd, and so wks unwilling to
act. "!
Autos Big Item ''
Records of the auditor's office dis
close that ii considerable proportion of
the food commission' expenditure
went for automobile and automobile
repairs. This item amount to $2430
eon-ring n long list of items.
L'p to July, 1B17, the conimissioi
had expended 44497 and the monthly
ripenditurvs from that time have beei
aa follows:
July, 1917, .-:i7.4fl; August, S691.94
September, 2:tr.l)3 ; October, 27:14.91
November, ().'. 02; December, (1810.
79; .lanuarv, 1918, 11.11.57; February
$.170.94; larcli, 9:i.H3; to and in
eluding April LM, $96.1.68.
Pay Boll
Tbe commission's pay roll fron
month to mouth has been as follows:
August, 1!M7, 427.46; September
4.10.70; October, :(41; November
r41; December, $583.50; January
191M, 47."); Kebruarv, .r81; March
It is on the charge that no tangible
results appear from these expenditure!
that the move to end the commission 'r
existence is to lie undertaken.
Shift Appropriation
One measure of importance urged
and recommended yesterday at a brief
meeting of the harbor board was tha
the legislature should shift a $100,000
appropriation for a wharf at Lahaina,
Island of Muui, to be used for the
I'onstruction of the proposed new wharf
at Hilo in Kuhio Bav for which an
appropriation of $150,000 now exists.
With 250,000 that would be proviu
ed bv this change the harbor board
could proceed to build a 600-foot wharf
at Hilo nt once instead of building a
part now and completing it later.
Attornev Lorrin Andrews, represen
atlve from the Fourth district, ha
said he will offer a bill at the special
icssiou providing for the licenaing of
chiropractor in the Territory.
Cbsoks and arrests
) The Cast J.taoy knows for
asthma, bronchitis.
I s. J tnf-snicCf. ;
I ). T. DvST, Ul.,
"e-sa-sjt, .
Giants Insist On Winning and
Brooklyn Refuses To Leave
. the qeliar,
t. W. L. Pet.
New York .
. .. ft
Cincinnati .
Chicngo . . .
St. I .mi is . . ,
..wo ;
.ooo i
Pittsburgh .
Huston .
Brooklyn . .
Yesterday's Results I
At Brooklyn New York , Brooklyn i
At Chicago Chicago S, 8t. Iiiis o.
At Boston-Philadelphia 4. Boston I.
At Tittaburgh Cincinnati vs. Pitts
burgh, no game scheduled.
They caa't stop the New York Giants.
for the MrOraw crew yesterday non
their seventh straight game of the sea
son. The New York Nationals have
iot yet Inst a bsttle this year.
This gsme was played at Brooklyn,'
here the Uiants sre visiting. Tho Hu
merus were defeated in rather eay
lashion; aeore New , ..York nx
Brooklyn ii. .The Brooks kav iotev
,'ii straight and have failml so far in
v inning a game.
Playing at Chicago the Cubs wrested
t close game from the Cardinals, the
utter being shut out; scors Chicago
., Ht. Louis 0. '
In the only other 'game of the Na '
ional League played yesterday, the
i billies won out handily from the
trave at Boston; score Philadelphia
I, Boston 1. .
There was no game at Pittsburgh be-1
ween tha Red and Pirates, none be-'
ng scheduled for the day. Cincinnati I
ind Pittsburgh are scheduled to play I
today, tomorrow and Haturday at Pitt-!
jurgh, however.
Jubs Climb a Littis
Yesterday's gsme did not change the.
danding of the first three teams, but
hicago went over Nt. Louis irom nits
nto fourth plsce, the Cub thus ex-
hnnging berths with the Cardinals,
'ittsbnrgh and Boston remain in sixth
ind seventh place respectively, while
Brooklyn refuses to be dislodged from
he depths of the cellar.
Tbe following National 1-eague notes
ire culled from recent mainland papers: j
They talk 'about 'Walter Johnson be
ng the strikeout king, but bow sbout
he truckout kingf The struekout em-1
iierpor of baseball last season was Leslie!
Texas League first basetnaa who ran-'
led no fewer' than 116 times during
he campaign about once in every four
ime he went ,0 bat. Yet, o far'
'rom Mr. Islie' being considered a'
oke, the Cuba signed him for a trvouti
u the fastest company. (
?at Moraa'l Kind Heart
Philadelphians who can distlngnlsb
etween a baseball bat and a knittingl
eedle understand that Pat Moran, the
enial generalissimo who guides the des
inies of tbe Phillies, i a 100 percent
ihilanthropist, but von can't convince
he choolbeys of St. Petersburg
Horida. that such is tbe case.
It happened that the Phillies were
cheduled to meet tho Ht. Petersburg
oungsters in s practise game. Pst
as a couple of tots himself, and Out
f the goodness of his heart he n
Iressed the high school captain thusly:
"Now, sonny, we are going to play
ball game, and in order to preserve
he health of your infielders and make
'. contest of the thing I am going to
'oan you Krskine Mayer, the great
nnjor league piti-her of whom you
ve often read. ' '
The youth politely thanked Pat, and
(nyer forthwith stepped to the pitch
ng peak. There he lingered for four
ainful innings, permitting a mere fif
ecu runs and more hits than the ex
ert scorer could record in their little
d book. Then Krskine went right
iway from there, and Pat promptly of
ered to loan the boy another li(."
enifue pitcher.
"Thank vou, sir," wa the reply,
"but I think, Mr. Moran. that I
vi II do the pitching myself. "
NEW YORK. April ft 8. Ifoward
Vorshell successfully defended bis title
a national indoor tennis champion,
winning tho final match of the chain
piouship tournament here todav from
the international tnr, Frederick B.
Meiander, liv a S'ore of 7-5, 6-2. Md.
vVhn the tournament started Vor
shell sent word from a western army
'raining camp thnt he would defend hi
itle. The day utter the play started
ie arrived in New York and appeared
it the Seventh regiment armory and
'vith pructieully no training since the
oiirnument of lust ve-ir. when he won
he crown, he vanquished every oppo
nent until tonight he stands the un
iiiestioned champion of the United
All of his battles were close and in
ilmost all cases he lost one set, uu
ally the first one. Then he steadied
down nnd played a brnqd of tennis
vhicb invnriablv curried him to v'c
nry. Wielding liis racquet with hi left
'irtnd he introduced a style of icrving
'urii'B ihe toumnment here ' today
'hieli alone mnde it possible for hlni
'o compter the veteran international
fleorge ('rlton Shnfer and King
Smith raptured the doubles honors of
the tmirnuinciit, wlnniti" the title for
merly held by Alexander and Doctor
Hose ii Via u in. Thev defeated Will's'"
Tilden. Jr., of Philadelphia, and Cecil
Donaldson of South Orange, New Jer
sey, in two straight sets, 6 1, 0-4.
Bees Defeat Solons Again, and
Acorns Turn Tables On
Vernon Tigers
P. W. L. Pet.
. . 22 1.1 .81
.22 12 10 .MS
..21 11 10 .324
.20 10 10 .500
.21 10 11 .47.
.22 R II .Mi
Bait Lake .
Haeramento . .
Han Francisco . .
I.o Angeles . .
Yesterday's Results
At Snlt Lake Salt Lake 7, Sacra
mento ,1.
At Vernon Oakland Vernon 0.
At San Francisce SanVrancisnft 22,
I. os Angeles 0.
Once in a while Pacific Coat League
teams piny the bushieat of bush ball.
There was such a game staged yester
day in San Francisco when the Seals
piled up the mere bagatelle of twenty
tno runs count them on your finger
nnd shut the Angels out completely
fro (he scoreboard.
The result of the battle it wasn't
basgbnll must have been pleasing to
Saa. Franciscans, for the day before
the Angels opened the week 'a series by
defeating the Senls seven to one. The
cotne back yesterday was one with
more thnn a vengeance on the part of
San Francisco, for it has been rather
a long 'day since any Const team wa
tronnced-'a badly us Lo Angeles ws
McCredis Wins Again
Plsying at home, MeCredie's Bee
repeated and won from Rodger' Solon
by exactly the snnie score of the day
before. Heore-a It Lake 7, Sacra
mento .1.
The Acorns of Oakland, who struck
a losing strenk some time ago after
beginning the 1B18 pennant race like
real winners, stirred themeve some
what yesterday and won from the
Tigers, who have been for some time
the league leader and still remain at
the top by one whole game. Score
Onklnnd 4. Vernon 0. It wa the ec
ond shutout oT the day but by far s
better game than the awful Seals-Angels
fiasco in San Francisco. On Tues
day the Tigers won by tbe close score
of two to one. The team re playing
at verr.on.
Sacramento Drops
Yeterdny ' games resulted in many
rhanges in the standing of the six
team of the league. .Wjliile Vernon
remained nt'the head of thing. Sacra
mento dropped from second to fourth
place and Onklnnd and Salt Lake went
up over the Solous into second and
third plncc respectively. San Fran
cisco remit in fifth, but the Heal have
increased their percentage somewhat
Los Angeles remains in the cellar and
seems disinclined to get out. for yea
terday they went deeper into it.
REd sWefeated
Washington Goes Into the Cellar:
Tigers Win From Cleve
land Indians
P. W. L. Pet
Boston 0 7 1 .77R
f!)eveland ii 4 2 .IW17
Detroit .1 i 1 .l17
New York ! 4 .1 .444
Philadelphia 7 .1 4 .42'.!
Chicago .'! J 2 ..'l.'i'l
St. Uuis ii 2 t .:u::
Washington 7 2 !5 .2l
Yesterday's Results
t Detroit--Detroit 5, Cleveland 2
Vt Pliilndi Iphin Pliilndelpliia
Hostoii 0.
At Ni'w Yoik New York !), Wash
iugton 4.
At St. l.ouis Chicago vs. St. Louis,
ruin; no giuiie.
Three t,aiues were played in the Am
erican l.engiie yesterday. Ruin forced
the postponement of the scheduled game
between the White Sox and Cardinal
lit St Louis.
The Ked Sm lost their second game
; of the yenr i ei-terdny, the Athletics
plnviug at lionie. defeating the present
Viiieriinn League leaders. Score
'hilinleli.hiH 1. Huston II. This takes
the Athletics nut of the quadruple re
. lur tie and pinion them in fifth place
' in the leujiie standing, with the Sen
ators us the new tenants of the cellar
I There m no change in the standing
of the (list four clubs, Boston. leve
land, Detroit uud New York. St. I.oui
went down with Chicago into a tie in
sixth plui-e. an.! Washington into the
cellar, and Philadelphia went up into
fifth place.
I In villi' ut Detroit, the Tigers de
fen: ed the Indians in a fnirlv good
giiliie: neon - Detroit f. Clevelund 2
At New York, the Yankee barely
nuned out the Senators in a close game
neore -New Yoik 5, W'usbington 4.
Borne Mainland Notes
' The following items on American
League mutters are from recent main
land papers.
ST. I (1 is, April 13 Kenneth Wil
liuina. uiitllelder with the St. I.oui Am
eiicinif, iet't tnduv for (liant's Pua
Oregon, his home, where on April 2C
he will answer a call for the army
drnft. W'illiniiis iiinie from the Pacific
Coast League at the ilosu of Inst sen
SCMONTON, Pennsylvania, April 4
Welterweight i liaiiipinn Ted Lewis was
; inptche I to meet. Jack Britton here on
.May I, it was announced today. This
will lie their fil'teeutli meeting iu the
u i it rlivrngrvt 1 .,n H '. . Tfc
8nn . Fraaclsce -. Bay ysehting sense
will open, on April 17. ' This detlsioa
was maae rreunesaay mgai sr nm
nnsl meeting of the Pseifis Inter-Club
Yacht Association, in tht Merchants'
Exchange building. Delegates freat the
Saa Franelsca, Corlmblsn,'-Aeolian,
r;neinai, nansanro ana Lssauiiiu; )iui
wets present to assist In snapping oat
plans for the season.' .'''.
TK nii.nlnn ZmIIvIIIm Mi ill SAnatat
"I Si " 1
of an Inter-club , eroise ta sqnsdron
1 .1 . . . . . C, KIu.aIuM
MOIig ine wiiTrnrgn; ox nu r rnni"f i
warting at tha Yaeht Harhof, Oatalda i
nf the annual tegatta, set for August
jn, unuer srmirary nsunicap sou ibj
&.I .M.r,lino- a tk sntplss of the boata.
the season's events , were. left In the
hands of the regatta commtttea, Whfen
...111 im namAit UU kv Prniitsit Phil
lips. There was some Alseussion, how-
1 - .... . . a . m I
ever, lor holding ins iipion i repay
r"e ine nrs mn oi xnar.
l n tKlllit.a n Stan Vraaelaeo
dub was elected president of the asso
ciation. Other officers were named as
follow: B. F. Paul, Eneiaal Club, rice
president! R.
G, Adams, Oakland Club,
secretary; Larry Knight, Aeolian piub,
treasurer. .
The delegates Voted to-psrehiias a
k hmuiaImI th vaekt.
men of rat rrtneisco (to J4eV "M.
Mecdonnugh, svho sas lonsre.i pnaes
'or tne peel iweniy years.
.cjoab iloToiu, sinriNa AND
i plantation Cotnpai. "' !9
Vsilrtkii Apricultarst-Cssi Ltd.
Ajk kaa Sngar Co., Ltdi .
Knhsl Rugss CotnpsSr
Wablawa Water Company, Ltd.
Fnlton Iron Vorks, af Ht. Louis
Rabeork a Wilcox: Company
(lren'a Fuel Economise? Cola tas
Chas. G. Moors A Co Fngiseers
Don' spend all yru earn, the
road to riches lies in spentlfct
less than you earn, and inci
dentally you do your Country
n service. Start a savings ac
count with us and make your
nullify earn
Corner Fort and Mercktrtt St.
front .Montreal t Liverpool,
Loudon and Glasgow via tha
and 8t LJiwreuca Kouts
By tho popular " Princess"
Hteamer from Vancouver.
Victoria or Seattle.
Por full information apply to
Theo. H. Davies& Co. Ltd
(Jen 'I Agents, Canadian-Pacific By. Co
Commission Mercbti5
Sugar Factori
Kwa Plautation Co.
Waialua Agricultural Co.. Ltd.
Apokaa Sugar Co., Lid.
Fultou Iron Works of Ht. Louis
Blake Steam Pumps .
Western Centrifugals
Babcock t Wilcox Boiler
Qreen' Fuel Eeonomlaer
Marsh Steam Pump , ' '
Matson Navigation tV1
Planters' Line Shipping Co
Kohala Sugar Co.
rhinery of every description mado tw
Issued Tussdsys and Fridays
yfr '
i Kntercd at the PaetuSitfS.of Honululu,
T. H., as eafAnd-slas matt, r i
Par Year Su.Ou
Per Year (foreign) ... . 100
Paysble Invariably 1C IS' 'ace.
OBARLES S tTSAmi t t MaiMgas
Castle &Gole
' ' ' ' ':.''. t.l' 1 ( lly t'l
,"'vi' (
SIM.' W 1-
T '''''.'vV-r'.'
.' r- t 1 - '
t, . vl '.

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