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Of Retirement
lT EW YORK, April 30 (Associated Preis) Thrown back at
all points, with nothing to show tor a day of intense effort
except fresh heaps of dead and wounded graycoats, the Germans in
Flanders yesterday suffered defeat in their desperate onslaughts.
French, British and Belgians shared in the honor of smashing back
oh of the heaviest onslaughts of the great western drive.
Opening the day with an intense bombardment of the Franco
British lines south. pLYpreV along the front from Metern to Zille-
lcke, the Germans attacked in heavy force, "sendingwave after wave 1 T-i- itZT V rim '
I , -tV ,Th.Priti$h.lhiiood intact during the MZ J
J'l'-:4,tr,i :ittttaclte,;ith ; ieaiVet . and reiuaio;. .to ,vSS?,
'A t ... , ill -V 1 : r ' ' : arted Preaal AV tb AteAW-ietii Ukix ,. .
; mans ; obtained a foothold in . their lines. '. Frertrh keinbvremArtt MntraiVoumaM rtf..i ..kl:s t
countered and- thte figniihg was
description, with he Germans
r ii u , 1 , 7 J ... ,.tll
night fell they had lost the greater part of the ground they had ,
wn me x ser Kiver, to the north
an attack along a wide front against the Belgian positions. Here
they met an iron resistance and the attack broke down at all points
with heavy German losses.
The attack made on the north side of the Armenticres salient
was. launched with the hope that it would be the final blow leading "" ""og lrgr total than did Ger
to the evacuation of Ypres by the British. This was the statement oinnVJSlSZ0'1 ' ,R" loaB
made by prisoners captured by the Tommies early in the day I . Thf rrivd ln New York yeter
These prisoners stated that the Germans, along the fifteen mile Mrta
front of the battle, has sent in the whole fourth army, attempting th? downtown and financial section and
to make a master stroke. i lB,er "Ptown on Fifth Avenue and
During the. night the German artillery was busy on the front "iTt They Were Ven " "plen',id
itween tne scarpe Kiver and
Nieppe, but neither bombardment was followed up by infanf.y.
At Festubert, in a night attack, the British recaptured an outpost,
with its German garrison.
On three sides. of Ypres the Germans assaulted Allied positions
which held like a granite wall, reports received at an early hour
this morning said. Wave upon wave swept against them and even
attack was thrown back. The slaughter was enormous. It was
evident Ypres was the objective but in their tremendous effort
as to reach it they were signally defeated. There was little or
nothing to indicate any immediate
i a l a . a m
nc Ames ana tne tanure ot the enmy assaults indicates that they
can hardly hope to outflank Ypres.
rv . ..1, n' , , . ,
On the south there were powerful infantry attacks uoon the
salient from LaBassee to Houtholdt Wood, but here the assaults ' Amerin ,,iertio,a of Labor was aud
were equally fruitlts. and-costly From Lens to Vimy there
an incessant roar bf big guns, the violent" artillery fire indicating hote nd medical aid was sum
hat this salient maV have ttMfcee the brunt of the attack today 1 n";",'',
i nc early morning despatches
yesterday s fighting kas the bitterest that has been seen since the 1
hunching of the Germans great offensive. The Hun general, von
Vrnini threw enormous masses of troops against the -Allies from '
Zillebeeke to Bailleul all day long with th hills to the eas't of' Mount
Aemmel as his objective.( Heavy German casualties were the only
result. ( , .
Simultaneously with this attack another thrust wis made
against the line held by the Belgians to the north of Ypres and on
Ms front temporary successes were gained but the Belgians later
countered so savagely as to recover all ground that had been lost
and to completely negative the earlier Teuton success. This morn-
ng the Alliedaline is still intact along its entire length and the enemy
has nothing but casualties to show for the day's fighting.
Last night's official report to Berlin said: "The booty which
ve have secured since the storming of Mount Kemmel has been
increased to more than 7100 prisoners, fifty-three field guns and 233
machine guns.
On the Somme front, where are large numbers of American
forces, the day was one of comparative quiet.
OF -gljfflfE
dried As
hand - to - hand and of the 'bloodiest
hM'nr lnwW -fm-n xtri.-
of Ypres, the Germans launched
Lens and between (nvenchy and
withdrawal from this front by I
from the British front described
W.jijsHINdTON, April 2 (A.
Mc(tad, Pru)Oeinand upon
Bu4i kv. 0rmny for an ex
ehDK 'of iioneni aesompaninl
by th) thM that unlM thn do
Bandf cf Oennany aball be grant
ed thai eyuntry will proceed upon
Ptrorrad,vtiavp come to the at
tentUavof th l'nlte.1 8tateg de
partment oi atate.
lavttwi- demanda the apirit of
OertaaK fatmeaa ia made beauti
fully : nanif eat for the Teatona
demabil that the Ruaaiana tend
tftn 'anekQernana only, aa are
phyaiaalljr St and capable of army
aervloe. 9tmaia ia to retain, doe-
. tor tad ftf auch priaonera aa are
In acbng Germany agreea to
Bend back 4Kme aucb Buaaian pria
onara ai anay be ill or otherwise
physically incapacitated but will
retain in $rmany aor.k Rnaaiana
aa may b yhyalcally it and would
ba of use-fa their owa country if
rctn'raad.v'' 1 r
tioM '
f' Pl' Ht" tolden flood .till
p()Uring in. ,
Com.nunitiea which have already
I -eeled thair allotaaanta ara still work
ing vigorously to swell their totala
vviiile in tkoe ntittMm mAA .iiiM k
ar behind their allotmenta re
doubled energy ia bains exerted
reach and to paaa their quota.
No doubt ia felt by the committee
of the aueeeaa of the. loan and the
memhera are eonfiiient it will be over-
aubwribed but they, are .insistent on
the necessity, for Its nnnl t
A" of theae men had been wounded
some of them aa many aa eight times.
They have come for the purpose of
helping the auoceaa of the loan drive.
w. a. a.
Labor Leader Taken III While
Addressing Meeting
MONTREAL, April 30 (Associated
Frees) While SDeaklnir to
or labor union members here last
night Hamuel Compere, head of the
r - -
wheo he mouil tb pUtform
w. a. a.
STOCKHOLM, April 30 (Associat
ed Press) To atand or to fall on the
platform of franchise reform is the
tromise von Hertling has made to the
abor Party, press despatches from
Berlin announce. He aaid the Emper
or supports this)olie.
LONDON, April SO (Associated
Press) Kdward Short, member of the
bouse or commons for Newcastle on
Tyne has been appointed chief see-1
retary for Ireland.
He is a liberal. I
. M..M (i,
continue tq mount-
i r v ,y, : , - ,Si
BRINGING UL BRITISH; RESERVES The retreat and rear attack of British troop., before
the German Sorime offensive was so carried out as to cost the Germans more than four to
one in men and Was) halted flit Arraa Thia picture shows freah British reserves going forward
to relieve, those in tlfe front line Similar scenes are being enacted in Flanders today.
Action On Measure In Preference
To Chamberlain Bid Victory
For Adrr.l.iistration
WAHHINQTON, April 30 (jtssociat
I'reBS) By the decisive vote of eiaty
inrri- 10 iniricro me senate vesieranv
jihuhciI the Overman bill, thereby acor I
ni( another victory for the administra
lion. Thar? is no doubt entertained of
Its pasHafre by the house by a propor
tionate vote at least. w
Senator Overman introduced this bill
directly after Senator Chamberlain, on
behalf of the senate committee on mil
Itary affairs introduced his bill for the
creation of a special department which
should have supervision and control of
government purchases for war purposes.
This measure was particularly diataate
ful to the President and the Overman
bill was the administration 'a aubatitute
and was, in a sense, a compromise.
. I'nder the bill which, the senate has
passed- the scope of' the power and au
thority of the President ia greatly in
creased. Its purpose is coordination
for the promotion of efficiency in prac
tically all branches, of the government
war service and since the introduction
of the bill a number of administration
changes, especially those dealing with
army supplies contracts and the meth
ods for handling, ship construction and
changes in the air program and meth
ods of its handling are along the lines
which are provided by the bill.
w. a. a. -
I.ONDON, April 29 With their out
fits lout and practically aa destitute
as if they were refugees, fifty-seven
Y. M. C. A. workers arrived here to
day and their immediate needs were
I Tne ship upon which these workers'
were triLvcliiiK was torpedoed and sunk
on Sunday and the survivors were pick
ed up and brought to a British port.
Three members of the erew of the
steamer lost their Uvea.
WASHINGTON, April 80 (Aaaociat
ed Press) Swimming is to be a part
if the training of the men In thn train.
,jng oamps and cantonments next aum
mer. , It will be compulsory aud special
instructors will be furnished to each
' ! .
:-a w ' --.,'
Would Have Social Revolt In
Western Europe and Form
Soviet Republic
MOSCOW, April 30 (Asso.iat.-l
l'ress) War prisoners taken from the I
f'.nl,.l Pnward Kr U ....... ;M
enirai rowers ov KUHsia are in mativ
instances not anxious to return to their
homes but prefer to remain where thev
are for the time' being and until tlirv
are able to formulate their plans for a
lirr-nt soviet republic, along the hm-s
of the one which Russia has undertaken.
At a congress bf war prisoners all of
the nationalities of the Central powers '
were represented. It was made ulain i
tiiui (ne aim or me conference or con
vention was to Drlng about a
vention was t6 bring
to le
revolution in Western Kurope
roiiowtm uy tne setting up of a
. . . . . , ... i
lie of Soviets.
w. a. a.
Switzerland and Sweden Under
take Work In This Country
WASHINGTON, April 30 (Awmei
ated Press) Belief work among in
digcnt German and Auatro Hungarian
has been undertaken by the Swisx hu.I
4 he Swedish legations.1 'The Swiss le
gation will look after indigent tier
mans while the Swedish legation will
care for the Austro-Hungarians. The
1' nited Statex government approve
thin plan and is directly cooperating
with the legation in giving direct to
the families of interned enemy nln.ii
funds to meet thair needs.
A committee of Americaus is to I'.'
nrgauiied which will give aid to peace
ful and law abiding enemy alien nlm
are sufferiug because of thuir enemy
stutus. The work of this 'column t . e
will be supervised fron the legal ion.
China WiFSendOver
Forty Thousand Men
I Associated Press) Captain, Ting
t nia cnen, military counsellor of
the Chinese president arrived here
yesterday from Trance. He said
that China will have forty thou
sand soldiers in France early in
the summer.
-anrt m - naa "n -c,-a-
Conference At Prague Is Mani
festation bf Demand For
LONDON. Ai.ril 30 (Associated
Presa. All of the Caech leaders of
L . L ? ,; . I ... ... , i
Kit h parliaments and diets attended
meeting recently in Prague, according
to a Router's despatch whifh was re
ceived last night. It was held to pro
text agaiuat Czernin 'a policies and his
. on rue in stepping aside after the prom
i-cs which he had previously given. De
nunciation by all of these Caech leaders
were bitter in the extreme.
Deputy Htanek, president of the Bo
Iiemian Union declared the assemblage
was a manifestation of the desire of the
j Czechs aad the Slavs for aolf govern
ment. J 'espatehes from Amsterdam last
mglit said:
1 Dr. Alexander Wekerle, chosen by
l.iiiperor Charles some months ago to
I I'orin a war cabinet for Hungary, baa
, now been selected to succeed Count
, C.ernin as head of the Imperial cabinet
I of A ustro Hungary and haa accepted
i nc task or rorimng a ministry.
he tells his people
AMSTt:KAM, April 29 (Associated,
ii-wr m uivwkh nuiou ue ns ;
. Hcnt to von .Hertling the kaiser desire
I to have his appreciation for the finan
I cial support being extended by his peo
ple expressed to all publicly. Ia part
1 his message says: "The relchsbank
1 report for the year 1W17 show the
I splendid statv of the money market at
i Inline The strength of resistance and
j the power to economise which our peo
; le are showing fills ame with a pro
. found joy nd increaaes my confidence.
1 I hIiouI.I like to have you express my
' deep 11 1 1 1 eriiitiou of their splendid ef
j forts to nil concerned.
' "The unpuralleleil success whjch wc
I have achieved we certainly owe to the
victories which the Divine Orace has
ticHtiiwe.t upon our leaders and tbo
fighters of our army and our fleet.
"We are surely conquering in a mili
tHiy sense and economically we have
before ii?" though not an easy victory at
least a strong future."
On the twenty-fifth the kaiser was
in an advanced position toward the
Mount Kemmel front and closely fol
lowed every stage of the battle during
the entire day.
Abandoning of Ypres Salient
Would Not Necessitate Greater )
Retirement Than To New Line
of Defense. Is Claimed
American Reserves Moved. Up j ;
Into Amiens Sector and Help
To Bar Way To Paris Against
Further German Advance - v
WASHINGTON, Aprii 30 '
(Associated Preis)-'Th
military critic here and the offi
cials do not share' the opinion ex- ' . ;
pressed in London that ttie'abaa- ' .
donment of the Ypres salient
necessarily means a large .with'
drawal, leaving all Belgium 'in '
German hands with the import- . -ant
French channel ports. In the
opinion of leaders here the battle, ' v
of Ypres is only , an incident in '
the greater battle of the German ,;
offensive. '' ' : '
Even should this ; battle go
agajnst. the Allies, It is pointed
out, it would mean only a retire-' ' , .
ment to a new line some rniles'Ia';, ' , .
the reair of the present positions, . i
fUlrom- Wn,c.h the German tflvr)ce?4. t
V 'i?emi''it eooiteVte4. iricK 1y inch. '-:
" The Ypres safient, while sentK? , .
mentally important "as'.'iqarkin f '
the scenes of a number of the Bri-, ;
tish and Belgian triumphs over -. ' ) v
the enemy, is not of such strate- ' 1
gic importance that its loss would
force any general retirement, and '
it would be weeks, even if they
should be successful in theircon- .
tinued ; advance, before the Gef " ..
mans could threaten tlie Channel V"
As seen from here it is evident . ; ' ;
that the strain of the offensive is
becoming heavier upon the Ger- :
mans and correspondingly less
upon the Allies.
Military men here are watching '
eagerly for some sign to indicate
what the counter offensive plans, Sf
of General Foch may be, but as
yet there is nothing whatever to i
indicate them. , 5 '
Yesterday the American re
serves were moved up into the V1
battle line at a point near the
junction of the French and Hth ,;
tish armies, on the Somme front,,
before Amiens. Here the line is , ..
barring the Gernun path to Pari, "V
and to the Amiens railroad. ji'.
Reports from the Toul front
told of a considerable increase in" ,. k'
the volume of the enemy's artil-
ery fire the.pvidejJt purpose be- ,'.
ing to keep the American fprces
t i u .1 . . . ,
wiui 11 iiuib i nit twenty inues' oi
front from being withdrawn to,
reinforce the British in thfc north.
WARHINOTON, April 29 (Offlalal)
Following several boura of bombard.
ment the Oermana attempted aa. tttao.lt
upon the Americans In the Toul aeotor.
The accurate Ire of the America ar
tillery stopped the enemy attacker
before they were able to reach th
first line of tranche.
The war department Confirms the re
port that Amarican forces are now oo
(upying a poaition in the battle cen
ter, cast of Amiens.
W. S. S.
WASHINGTON, April 2-(AaaoeU.
ted Press) Stafford L. Austin haa
been graduated a a seeoad lieutenant
from the officers' reaerve trailing
camp at Camp Sherman. ,
.1 v

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