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')'.' '.
i . . ' ' r i , ii
; Vigor and
' .
IN from the Flanders front last.
Inff? were messages from London which indicated how .acnoktscM
'Wghly ctktcal is the aiUiatioh along th.Yre iron, Thvne mewages
Indicate, fear fh loss of the Channel PvrUv-SmU other reiHrts
shotted, a slate of growing alarm and ervousjoe in Germany.,-, -
Rwitnptipi of, offensive. ftf a day, jent i recaper-
tion and bringing up new divisions. of: .fresh troops. ;, Ib rt. thi
offensivawa direqbad In the txpectad direction uppa the hills to the
est el Mosnt Ketnmel which the Brih forte now hold. At the
same time a terrific thrust was sen djrealy. toiward. Yprcs, Thei
was general and scvre fighting from Vora?;ek. two miles outh
of. Yprcs and directly commanding, the , approach tft the cky, ad
Laort, a village at the foot of the hills.w.rt"5 vest.of Mount Kernel
Dotfv of these, towa changed hand reptatedly. during the day and
the engagement was largely fought atope cpaarteri
7'he Allied Hne generally held Rrmly. Jast, sight's reptrtK lna
' the front showed. AB asaaalts upon,.th Vqormwele sector, wne
in tha and finally repulsed aod on that; salient there was no change
.in the opposing lioe. At Lucre t he, Hna have gained a foothold,
w farther djrivinfc.th wedge thaj. threatens th Allies', tenure ,of
the Ypres salient f Locraia two mihjs, went of Movyit Kernel and di
. rtly-at the foot of the hills which are the present enemy first objective..-.
.. , v .- ..;. . v'tV 1 1" -f!-,-1
r, In, Us. .official communique last, cveuing, Rerli .aaid : 'South of
XPgejriark the enemy, has withdrawn tp th pokioai !the-. held hi
1 Octqber. 1914, and in some instances 'still further back. We now
occupy H ill Sixty." v . , KiR SHS M '
Alaming messages came fron Lndpn , sayiag that, the hoc
papers appeared to b preparing tM,juUic.,oss rf, the .Channel
I'ort?. The London jimeswas qued a sayjng.;, "There is na.de-;
' nying that the loss of Mount Kernmel t u i a considerable tackal
success for the enemy. It will be H.for, us t prepare for other
v. dittagrceable news. We may be compelled to evacuate the Ypres
. aaUent. - While this would- sot mean ineyiubly that we must abanr
,fbHMhe Channel Ports of X)kirk piUai a.ud Boulogne m wU
lortt to j(Senembe( that. these consequences might result and be pre-
pard to mmhtnt;'. . : - ,v - rsT-m'r
I 9E.RMANX SERIOUS piSTrURfiEp , , x ,
,'. MugJi pefturbativn is felt in Gerraajywrding to. report whic,b
have reached London, because of
pierce the AH'cd lines. Nervousness and depression is. being gene
rally manifested because of the greatjlpsse. which have been jiupcred.
. .Confirmation of this report .tfattie to Amsterdam in a.'.eytfte
despatch which said: Extraorifiaiy nervmisness and deptMiii
prevails throughout Germany 0Pg;to the stupendnus los,.fbjJ
have, been suffer el on the-Western front. Thi is revealed in an
article -of remarlcalde fraukneas by, aptain on Salman which is
published in the ossiche- 2eitng which said the pivernmeot , was
endeavoring.' to resjre-kist confidence by emphasizing the impoi;t
auoe of, ihoMouiU. Kru.nyeV victory. He quoted the minister of war
,as saying iu the .rpichstag "that it.jvas inevitable and obvious,, Uiat
Jarge, losses wpmld be sustained unauch a strunle and thaterraan
losses on one front had been very heavy." '
r v
Has Sufficient To Furnish Needs
of United States If Ships
Are Furnished
r HAN .fc'JUNCteOO.AApall BS-nOf-4Utialj-r-.BuKwia.ihas
ample . supplies of
tiq-irhisb she null gladly furnish to, tb
United Htstcs and to the Allies if ships
are sent to entry it. This is told by
' Victor Xanax Beye the Sutiviaa aa
basaador t Japmav wb 4 itw here an
rounte to his post at Tokio. He brought
H fh poiiat i MWiaentUia,'t Che re
port tliat lloiUnd una piaeed aa ; (
Iiargo on an exports Tram the lutea
Wist Indies.' ' ' ". ; (-,: r.,'
J Htuwt Reyes is taking the' graetrngs
f Bolivia; tbeflrst fcouth Ameriesvn na
Mws to dWUr was agalaat C-essnay to
JaeSA, Ma avted thawed whle th
United Htates had for the tin front that
iMteb Bast InJles and ceatmeated vn
tk'pojanbiHty ef aeeuriag anpjliaa
where', in that connection bringing oS
the poiut of the ability of Bolivia to
furaUdu larg quantities. ' ' r
. ! v4 praduMM aOH aof thai
finest tin yearly, Hr. Bsyea aal'rf, toftba? araate it I'inkhsis were appointed
trowHaned: " heoe tba Unite Btataa
m aead hhlpe gwt lt, I hot, ass.
slbly-Jaasa oa4d dfvan toi a ita
eanag rr "that wnrae 'wlfNi' he
aMps r ok Vetava voyages, faoas Ve
r1t'to the-OriMt. 'Wlleia eouia aop
'plyttte rnited Htates wit all taw tia
it needs." " -
8ATT TBAWCWrX), -traril 2H (Ofa
eial) Rutli Tsrnam, who was lung
'held "is fJefWa bv the- ttertaaafe after
1 Hlre3trv atartad, "aa's told th 'Btoy
?af eAan to Taoa jKsrtaaS t-tha
aeigiberlMoa in a hVKes f ateetiaga
at which aha hat . -'
Mrs. Paksnt's' peraanar observations
of the oitrages npon this little nation
, ly Ciermany -hara deeply ' stirred the
' sympathies of the'peopfe of tbs Pacific
Cuast. . ,-' . , '
' , . r .hi-
Wht , syere. '.tnur atwouragui
the msbifctv of the Teio to
Could Not
&ys Oaha Senator
Rumor That Governor Might Be
Nominaled For .Treasurer
Scouted; Senate Would Not
Stand For Him, Is Assertion
.r Publication yesterday of the per
sistrui rumor that when C. J. Mc
Carthy nxHiimPK the it-ins of novi rninent
as Governor, I.nciiu K. 'Pinkbam will
be appointed tmmtrer aroused an im
mediate protest from some of the Ho
aohlla seimtoj. ,
. ' There not u chance in the world,"
said one aemitor bist night. ' I'inkhast
Could never in the world be confirmed
llis annate MouMu't stand for hiiu for
a minute. I nn 't imagine that Col
owl McCarthy would thiuk oi uomipat
ig for tfce tieaaurershln. He
wotlld certainly reitiize that the aeui
aatnta wiiia t be rouarsssd. I am
sure there oxiKt be some uiit:ake about
it. - 1 kw that I woaid resign from
sfoat af the predict lmia as to "eahi
et -uomiawlioiis are mers gueamng in
tk dark. Hvweer, it is taken for
graatod that some of the iacumbeots
like Bertram (i. Hiveiiburgh, land -coin
miyiansT, and Uejiry Walsworth Kin
ney, sperMitnieiil irf pubiie -instruc
tisea, will-reataia in their ptvaent posi
tiaaa, wnieaii. fMvkaa, 1 Kivoahur JL
haul, I,- snuve iiMtairs to the eltitie of
Wearatarr the lermuiry. Also, it is
nrnrrtiealljr oeanaiied 'that-Jwibe Harry
irwtS, fast ajiited ftrat deputy nt
torney genemi. will uMasteiy bnrrime
th -head af that detssrtaiowt, aad that
Jaajr Helbert t. Uotsger, af Uilo. Vill
be'osTerea snme posMMS, ' eithr. the
tseaaareak ip or. mere pmtxihly, the
headship of the departaient of public
works. 0
The latter position teems to $ tuyts
in Judge Wetruer's line, as he is an
engineer and is knowa to have had a
hsakanng la tbs past lor tbs pomtica.
uuuLu v i iLvu,,tFK0?.l-AUSTRIA
President Wants All California To
"Learn Wny,Na,tion Is -
Now fifihtitio
.ANFBANCtNCO, April SS (Off 1
ril) in a telegram, ia which he urge
genera! 'participation la California V
war wnfmitMi which are to he held
slmultapeonsly In taerameato and l.o
TlWgefeSJI iTrtOWfejSl, f5 nivijffStO(vresV
d;W4ronrv'ewi' oar" yor
s t w ,w1 tl nrt ss tw partuimy
raiy;fVrWbei e.hragWant the
WtMew wiiimt tkat'w 411 "gating
Ml W'VttltMl mM foe justice, hM
hve 'wmtritaa-aa.t fir-,. 'M
inr aaionir tao people ot tne
hratna fvHV4l1iis wtM mIW
hnM Urn; xffrrtr tbeh- viMn th
Hrrtl -nre' -aUf --wb
diors1 ar MM ,frM bt W U work
mlt i t ft -with
ttiNS'wk -bMlMr,thera hi a pl f
tt Mtr ewbataat'' mi-iif rrtrra
Tkrir tM in VatetO l
m saotuMf aoMaaary aa itfc work
--. a-Ae
nors fie y fryr(i a . fktf
fiecocnua Pcac Pact ' ' '
Wnrt fmtpWM' mt SUM 4ra
thik VltckMV U t M aa ft pr
, Wo MclaiMtlM. psm
Vn Bwwt jvfci.
f jtMtaatit7t TWy thst-iKlit
fWa t tkM iMMt'CMM Via
.tiitu .-trksiSKtA'tnuiapartathm v r
4 vl !, sH fttwacrVKra 'WMfwndna
f iw. to tk earrtat distarbaaeea is,
KaiMai' W . ,i-;-,t
v tVw kM Urw-t tehratthie
tutwatuBieatlnnin M(m aua ann
ffliatnNd-.-JKataaiaaa H-wem -4
mp ttaa'thM wk wl -at tepoaat
bie tm wtvusnim? ri laaniiawiatoa af
fawartathw t'Ptrtgrdl wbac H 4
id ty ,
Unofficial List Includes Even
Ti ruwi
"", . ."""Seadsfll air' the reSaDliitntion or oei-
More As Golden flood Pours . JgMMi tu,' aad htn cutting oir of
In Steadily
WAHH INUTON, April S-Oi!Veiarl)
Siatecn steles have rxneadwd. aheir al
lot incuts of Liberty Bonds according
to the official reports and several others
re to have done so in unofficial
reports. Sfibseritiniw, bawevar;are oy
n menus tnbulited to tba erea (late
wing tn 1he apldndid; gtildea' -ejut- i
lu-ink- tnnt resultwd from Ua Liberty
l)u di nionslrattons laat Fradayu '
There rug be as aaubt that ha full
thne billions will have bewn sabacjibed.
be for.' the eml af tha nnmpaign vw May
4 brtt tlte real nueation is bawfar-the
people of the eountry desire the sub
seiiAitioos to this less to'KBsnd 'fthaee
wf S,.- Herman to their last loans When
:t.4f,l .WHt.lKM) WHssfTered. ;' -.
A reMni kalde fentaVe f tba yaVavnt
drive hn bees the wide, 'aapatarr re
ponse. It has come rron tar(mnry,
workers ami the furniB" KlKf 1 frass-aae
stnttller trmtesnien in a greater degree
tlun in either of the twni "ptavroMs
low hi Jt is belie vsd the .auiubar o,.
individual ubscribers alneady' eSaaeds
lf,lM)0,()Oi. the number who subscribed
to the second lonn, - which was" mors
than donhle the .number of subscribers
to the nrst loan.
elated Press) -Tlftv American soldiers,
most of whom were wounded arara still
suffering from the effeeta of rai t
tacks, iirrived here yeaterdayi. They
have rumc home in Sreordmnfle with, ha
order issued by the President and will
participate in the closing days ef "the
campaign for the success of the Liberty
Loan. Include, 1 in the party iS B'yoong
eorooiui who is said to have area tne
first shell on the American froat lastj
October. , .
WAHHISfiTOV. AnrM 8-fOflrclaJ
Burgeon (ieneral Oorgas JraS'' 'aiaita
pubiie figures which Shaw" that A the
present nrmv hospital construction will
provi.tr keftuo ImiIs. Further .aatanaioa
is posMbie wtthunt fwther aew eqn
struct inn. There is' also a sufficient
auinber of mediiwl sttenilaiits.
w. a a in.
If yon want a deaf haad and good ili
ijesSioH v must uat kat-'70u buwaks
become 'ioKged Weth aksoaoua waste
fpim tbe bs.ir, -always the ass
when yn ImMiie esesUpartsd froper
ood, an atiiiDdniK-e ot asatar and plenty
of ouMi.nr exercise should ksap your
bowels ieNulsr. Wbea tt fail "VOU
should lake ( bsmberUun's . Tshi.
They , juh,. uuile moremsiii-.af the
l.owuis Hiui urn easy and fdeM)nt to
take. Kor sale bv all dealers. Benson,
Smith A Co., agents for Uswsii. Aivt'tollcet the iapers for this purpono.
Marh? Antoinette Blamed In Con
nection With Letter of Emperor
Charles ; Promising Justice To
' France find Belgium .
" TASJB, ' April .89 (AMOclatad
Pre) PriOcs HKvla Antoinette,
mother of Empress Zlta au ta
Mmrd 'htvn Aatrta within
Waaty ifoa krtf and Is farotdden
return durtnf ttoa aartod af th
i -u rapottatl in' meaaagei
tottlca' vera fncalvad tnm Oaaava
Ua nigh bTM. U aaaftanaatlt
atha nbUeaUo by "aba Tranch
rarcrnknant'ar tka aatograpk ' let
la ef Ewprot Kart to Trlrtoa 8x
aa Bmiraoa and tadlestas thstttaa
Maea af hiattaaras U still Yelt
a&srla4BiMgaf7 and Qt-ata-aa-'WaU.tft-
T'lt-ts 'aan;aar thavro-Oeman
:'IVtiaktaj Aasttla kflda Baipreas
tit unreir itan"'! fr 'tha
tarttim r -ttd tiattw r ' OaarlM.
ta tlua laetara frmaiaad a use
tuatnnaaaea itk bis ally as aatura
a -atnrtoratiaa af. Alsaea-Lotralna,
' adWttad . tb -4 aattoa -af lYanch
tins Dalao yrautaad "bo aaert
ait teluamea ta ahalf of Belgium.
-frtacaaa Mart r Antalnatta is
MMWnd la "this -etmaaOtlM and u
asurirad wltvaaalat 'aafrtad her
, taXtiunea . apaa and . through her
' daugatar.- w . - .
WaflQrdtJSecuwfrgctioly AH
- ' They AsJtjijNvtrauiy is
; ' Destroyed
'LaiNOlOKaAprS.- 2fl.-n'(Aserinted
lrM41ioUnnd" has gisren ' Germany
prnefUoliy. all that it dealeed'and has
keiaed to the demands ef- the w lorda
iavtMMiiW abjee. rniimeea.. I Beyond
ahatilWiiwcita -Stand, on the sabiect of'
Mnstama sd i allowtttg to the Oarmans
a MVr ttn Uimbtirg raUraM tbat
wajn'essaadad'te Netherlands gov-
ataasatjha agreed to ferm.it the mov
iSg, f gravel amA sand through Hoi
land aswtanUvelgiunl. This ie told
la MagUi"" despatch Which is publish
ad w rtaDilr Mall.
'VA4l.thafcNetbertands has retained,
TmtFT2 fV'r?T
ahtnaea r .
amaaMta.den ttft, Belgium. In
haJAt atber reapeaU
Berlin ia aecurert '
pmetxally 'Alt tk
that it.
Haihsad witWrcw -pnrtnir-sioa- for the
transportation off;inve1 and sandato
Belgium owing to the demands of the
Allies .aho iMfsted. these were war ma
tefiate hudwere beiag used for the pur
pose f making strong fortifications to
be' uitod- as a defense against the Allies.
Ta JTetUpti claim wjm that they were
lands government to bar the movement
of surh materials." ,
l'erhaKS the most eerioua torivileges
granted to flermany la the use of the
Limburg ruiiway. .
It is extiected that the conrse of Hel
Jand will bring strong jirotcst from the
ITnited Htates as well as from ureni
Britain and that retaliatory measures
triii be rewirted to.
Ptisbueta BsroAt ,
When reports of the German ultimat
um reached the internment ramps there
aa he ureatest consternation and
those interned in the eumps could uot
be restrained in all instances. Iu
Vapenvald tle receipt of the Hewn led
J -1. a. . . J ika u I
4-ejtters escaped but most of these have
now been brought bach.
w. a., a.
HTOCKHOI.M. April 11 It Is re
ported here thar the Russian dowager
empress, who is tiving in ine vnmna.
ia destitute and actually m neea or
money and provisions. ' At the request
pf the highest, elreles, Miaieter Morris
ia endeavoring to tend the empress
awney through tha American r. jh. .
A. agencies ia Bussia.
Tbe empress is living on the estate
of ber'sldsst daughter near Yalta. The
town, formwriv the an oat faehionabbi
hssthing resert on the Slack 8ea, has a
TMtftulatrna of S,UO. .' ner ram
llies,:orraerly well to do, are therebut
ao is receiving more than 75 a
month. . -
w. a. a--,
NEW YORK, Afiril 2IM-( Associated
Press) -Madame- Iarre de Victories,
who (a herieVed to "have been one of the
most active Oermnn agents who have
Worked In this country, una neen tunna
Into custody by secret service agents,
llie arrest was made at a fashionable
hotel where sbt had been stopping for
severar week, apparently well supplied
with funds. "'" -
Khe.le being hld dnngeroua
enemy alien. ' ' ' ' '
, .1 . . . . v
t TUfcl MAGI K, Apeii -M (AswH iated
I'resaJ-r-Owiug to the iieeeastty of con
eerviog'lhe.surpliei of straw in (ler
.Nv?oldtwa'. mattresses are honce
urth to. be staffed' With old uewspapers
Hchool children are being orgnuised to
rs f,r-r Tft
Viy . ?v- S- 'sf ' .
More i Than Fifteen,, Hundred
Gather In Great Patriotic Mass
Meeting At Aala, Parle ; i
Every Phae ef War Endeavor
Touched on BylQrators. Who .
Explain Need ot Sacrifice
More than fifteen hundred Hawaii
an people, men and ' women, domon
'fttrated their unfaltering' loyalty when
they gathered at, Aala Park yeiterday
around a atandand bearing the Mtari
and Btripea and' heard , aa inspiring
program of ddrtMa, all bat one of
which, were delirered la the Hawaiian
tongue by Hawaiiaa orators. In con
nection -with the program of epeechea
the Hawaiian Band atatioaed in the
grandatand gave a number of patriotic
i. Mayer Joseph J. Fera presided at
Ut meeting and introduced the speak
ers, who , touched on every pliaie of
pntrlotie. endeavor, "the topie of
Mayer Fern 's Town Meeting of a week
ago the needs of an interment ramp
Ut the Territory where alien enemies
and taone guilty of disloyalty may be
restrain ed-T-wai again dwelt upon with
aaw empbaeis.
i scant handred yards away from the
speakers Captain Henry Allen, who
tw. weeks ago shot and killed H. J.
Walker when Walker insulted an Amer
ican Flag, and who goes to trial in the
eireuit court today oa a charge of murder,-
served drinks St his little soft
drink standi . Heveral of those who
spoke referred .'to the naval emblem
flung to the breese over the itand and
Spoka of the tragedy that took place
there. -."
Need for Action
"It was pointed out by those who aooko
that unless action ta taken without de
lay to place sharp restraint on those
of German sympathies, who have been
permitted up to now almost as much
freedom aa any loyal citir.en, the prob
ability exists itljst more like Captain
Allen will come forward to take the
law into their own hands.
The ancient martial pirit of the Hn
waiians, the spirit that inspired the
warriors of Kamchamcha when they
followed their lender in the march up
through Nuuanu Valley, was lighted
anew bv the stirring descriptions of
.,;,. . lli, .!. Rriti.t. ..
French, the Belgians and the Porto-
before the Oermaa onslaught whiitf h
. . , , , t d rf,-,.
... ...... . . ,..ti..; .,-.
I the vanguard of which bas already
nx'Ked with the foe in r ranee.
Duty of the People
- -With our young manhood going over
seas the duty of all left . behind in giv
ing their full support by making every
sacrifice was pointed out by the speak
ers. While the young men of tha Na
tion are shedding their bulod and lay
ing down their lives to insure our safe
ty here.nt home, it wus pointed how
recreant to every sepse of duty those
left behind would be if they failed to
do their parts. v
The duty of those left behind is
plain, the speakers pointed out, and
ijt consisted of Hiving without stiut of
their resources nn, of lending .to the
government every cent possible through
the purchase of War Havings Stamps
and subscribing for Liberty Bonds.
The nerd of other aaeriflres waa also
pointed out. Food with which to feed
tbe armies in the field and the voal
forces in training in the great can
tonments scattered through 'the states
a iid the soldiers here in the Terri
tory is the thing the Nation needs.
It is to be able to provide this nceile.l
food, it was explained, that the peo
ple of the Nation have been called
tii, on to do without wheat and without
meat on the srheatlees ami meatjea
days. Kvery failure to observe the re
quirements of the food administration
means a blow struck for trie rvajaer
aud the raiiunou enemy of mankind, Vt
declared. v
Eben Low Speaker
Kben 1-ow was one of the list or
speakers who spoke briefly in Mig-
nsn uerore luuiiciiiug iuvv .
waiian tongue. As a member of the
food commission he dwelt on tbe ques
tion ef rising prices, suylng that high
er - priera nt the present eriais were
iuevitablo. He told of the work of the
food administration ami of the local
food comniiHsieaf saying that were it
Sat for the rules and sesUictiojM of
the commission conditions hers would
be vastly worse than they arsi now.
To those who complained of the high
price of fish he said were it not for the
food administration, instead of being
able to buy fish at the present, price
there would be no Hah, or H It .were
obtainable a all, it might be a .dollar
or a dollar nud a half a pound.. Brief
ly he referred to the fact that he has
two sous serving with the eolors, oue
-the aleditorrsasau. Beside these
sous, a daughter, he said, it alout to
go Into the service as a Bed Cross
nurse. ,
Although he was not scheduled as oue
of the speakers, Dr.. J., Chris O'Day,
who was in the aadiouce, waa asked
by Mayor Peru to nisuut, the platform
a ad deliver au addroa. He did this,
expressing appreciation of the spirit of
loyalty that had been made so evident
in tne course or me program.
Among the others who delivered ad
dresses were: P. P. Woods, Q. K, Kea
welaku, Hheriff V. M. Rose, 3. Cluihi,
J. C. I-ane, A. Akana, William Sheldou
anil Hubert Ahuna.
i ' . . ? w" f TTT"
l,OMi(), April 29 (Associated
Press) Totul casualties iu the receut
plembd naval coup beforo'-the Teu-
ton subumriiw bases at llstep.i ami
-......... ... ....,.. .i l,u .. ..l.nir.
alty a 088. Of thee J88 wore killed.
Bullet i Fremw, Unknown , Source
- Strikes Japanese M.He Sits,
, on Bench Jn Park;
tij'ej '. a, . ,i' ti'
A mystery k which '.Ik wrplesfag' the
police ahd;atectivs .bureau- surrounds
the1 hCMtirrR---vnkawerWns .yiet
terday afternoo f Hashaiehl, Teisyaw.i,
a nlaeteta-xear old JspaaesS, aa ha sat
oa a bench with two Japanese eompan
kotis ia Kapiolasd rark. . "t
' The bullet struck the Japanese Just
above- tha left y, passed downward
and penstfated tho skull, but ot
sufBiicrrlly ! to makath.j'ound fi.'al,
unless acme untxpestel 'djvat jpfn.'mts
occur. 4 , ',.-
Policemen specially detsiVd to the
ease yefterday, afternon ere unable
to get even scant clue as to who fired
the shot, or-even eertali1 to os'nbllsh
the dlrejtloa frota-. which is same The
only thing oosfcii 4)y ow U that the
shot iras t long distance one nod that
there were no eye witness -t tie
firing of the Son In rhn ftark. Th"
bullet waieh lodgad ia ToWrawy' herd
was a tweaty tw ealibra rifle bullet
and it is probable that he ow e his' l'fe
to the small ness af the proi'Vtilo.
Toiyaws, N naiater, -with- his two
companions, was sitting oa a ovaeh- just
mauka of the Aquarium and was foeing
towards Diamond Head when -he' was
hit. This makes it fairly saro that the
btillet came from the direction of bird
cages diagonally, across the park all
of a quarter. , of a mil away.
No Shot Board v' - - , ? ,
The two witheses of the shooting.
Aaaic.hi Bnoda and Nuebi. Kaiehi, did
not hear the report of a gun and could
see na one. within their rasge'of visioa
immediately attar tha- shooting, ' at-,
though they began ' looking for the
shooter as soon as they'realised their
companion was wounded, . .,- H
Because of these facts sad "the' ad
ditional one that Tolsyawa knows of no
one who might try to murder him, it
was asserted by the police after an
inveatigatinn was made that the shoot
ing waa accidental. The police do aat
believe, tbe reeo-i..ripons'blo for tho
wounding of tfc.i .Tapa.H'H ev.-n knows
of the injury caused by his shot, as
they think it came from such a long
distance away. ,
Theory of - Police
The theo'v iji explanation .,f the
shooting generally ' aeeewted by the
polio is that some parson from 500
yards to a half mile away, probably
In the vie,inv of the' old-Pav.nht huk
dance hall back of -the park, '-fired a
rifle shot at a bird high in the air and
that in falling it hit the Japanese. :
It ia said that with-the gun pointed
nt an angle of forty-fire degree sv't he
bullet would have- carriod to .arberc the
Japanese .was seated from a spot somA
where maaiV the' SjlA raHT4iiltriThO
bench upon whir hT6Uyaw was sitting
was on a direct line' with the old dance
bolt. ! -. -
Toisyaa'n wis given mcOi-'al nten
tion at the emergency hospital, 'after
he was removed herein the city, ambu
lance. He waa kept in the hospital as
a patient last night, but may be fble
to return to his home this moral ng.
1'nless the bullet is later-discovered to
be pressing upon his brain,., it likely
will not be removed from his head, it
is said.
I'AUIH, April (aoci,tad Press)
Hittincs of the Inter-Allied Naval
Council have been concluded. While
nothing of the action of the ceuneil
has been umde pubiie, pending a re
port -to the home oountries of tbe rep
resentatives, it is understood that some
highly important steps were determuisd
upon with a view to a closer coordi
nation of the navies of the Allies and
the co-belligerent a'l intensifying
thuir efforts through .ouit action.
, W S.
iAaR His tmrT IT1Y
WAll!N(i1N, April 13 Haly'i
war expendieiirea up to March IU aggre
guted aiM.roximatoly S7,000,0U0,000. ac
cording to an official diapatch from
Home. The sum- includes Italy's ten
months neutrality and thirty-throe
months of wnr.
'We" Sps Mean
"Blue," woVriod, alf eick . people
should find, out the causa of their trow
bios, Oftea it 1 merely faulty, kidawy
action, -which Uowa tha bloodrta ot
loaded up with poison tbat Irritate the
nerves. Backache, headacbea, disslness
and annoying' Uaibler troables' are
added proofs that t ho ' kidneys nsed
kelp. Use Doaa'a Backache . KUney
Pills. Thousands' thank them for relief
from just such trouble; 1 -
"When Your Buck is IUupo Beiuara
ber the Name." (Don't simply ask for
a kidney remedyask distinctly for
Doan Backache Kidney Pi Ha and take
no other). Doan's Baokacba Kidney
Pills are sold hr all druggist and store
keepers, or wUI b mailed on recoipt pf
.1 . ' .... i . . . . . . n .
i in y om ym,j. .i ..bii it-. m.
. Benson Hmith 4 Co.. agents for the
HawaUan Island. -.
, (Advertisement)
t nnn
Country Practically Turned Over
To vNippon Asserts , Shanghai
Gazette and. Gives Purported
' Ternis of Agreement
r- -. . ' .
. -i. " A" . . ' '
Will Reorganized, police tontrol
Arsenals, Docks and Ship
yards Work Mines and Have
Further Powers
S HANGHAI. April 28 (As
sociated Press) ,--7 Complete
yielding by Chirra to hc demands
of Japan which is said to mean
a practical surrender of the coun
try was for the first time told
in the .Wednesday issue of the
Shanghai Gazette. This article
says the government has agreed
to grants the new demands that
were made by Japan and that
those demands are of such nature
that .the country is practically
turned over to Japan.
The Gazette asserts that it has
been informed by a high official
that the Japanese demands, were
far more serious and farther
reaching than were those of 1915.
Continuing it says:, , .
"Notwithstanding the fact that
the utmost secrecy has been
maintained during the considera
tion and on the closing of these
terms, their purport Jias been
learned. Among the demands are
included an agreement that if an
expeditionary iorce is sent by
Ctiin'aMntOj Siberia isMhall bee(ln- ,
der the command of a Japanese
general and staff. Another pro
vision arranges for the reorgani
zation of the police under Japan
ese officers.
"Japan is to control all of
China's docks and yards and all
of its arsenals. It is to have the
privilege of working tltt niiilcs in
all parts of China. Special priv
ileges are given to the Japanese
iu inner Mongolia and all of
The Japanese demands referrul
to in this message and in the arti
cle quoted from the Gazette were
mentioned in a Peking despatch
under date of April 4, which said
that new ajid drastic demands
had been made upon C hina by the
Japanese government.
W. 8 8.
.L1HBON, April 11 . (Associated
Press) Dr. Hi'louiu l'aes, who has been
tiug as provisional prcsidfiit of Por
tugal' will eontiuue at the head of the
government but is now the duly accred
ited ui,l ducted chief executive of the
Ooctor Paea was elei'ted by the di
vert vote of the people and universal
suffrage was permitted at the election.
WASHINGTON, April BuV (Assoc iat
ed Press) Burned to the waters edge
ttc great Prints Kitel Frederick has
foae to the bottom of? Puerto, Colora
biu. Utiport of the loss o'f the vessel
has reached here from Hegota. De
tails of the Are and consequent sinking
are withheld,
.This great transatlantic liner as
badly dainnjed wheu she lay at her
pier at the rime of the severanro of
diplomatic reltttiousf ith Geranaify but
was towed to Newport News and was
there repaired and put into Kouth Am
erican trade. ,
. w. a. ,
VAHUlNUTON, April !ll -( Aaswift
ted Press! Walter P. Kimip of Honu
lulv has lieeu graduated as second lieu
Ivnuut in .the ptitrv from the train
ing school at Camp Zmliary Taylor, at
I.ouivillu, Kentucky.

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