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Wilkcr, Wio lnsDlted Aiacnctn Fla W$ innciflt
Mofdcr (i May'Be Returned Todly "
-r a .aw ., j . il .1, t "t --'... i 4 , -..
Whea Captain Henry A Ilea that td ront'j made a willing witness aad what
killed R. J. Walker two weeks i( after . ' obviously had full weight with !
Walker had Inso.ted a. Am.rU.. flag
lying over Ayea's root beer etaad at
Aala Park, ke was acting it self da-
fense, according to testimony that waa
given ystrdsy la Judge William H
Heen' division of the circuit ooart
white Allen Is on trial oa a sbargs
of murder In the eeeond degree. ' Tbs
taking of testimony will be completed
this morning, aa but two mere witness
es, Chief of Detectives Arthur MoDuffi
and the Accused man, are to be beard
and If fllA tniirlt AamlAmm a ...-.I....
the eaee Into the afternoon to present
argument of eounael to the jury, it la
. .... . "
proD&Die mat a verdict In the ease will
be reached before the day ia over.
After the prosecution had presented
testimony reviewing the event I. con
nection with the tragedy, all of which
are admitted by the defense, Attorney
Lorrin Andre we, who with Attorney
Will Carden and William Rawlins re
appearing for Captain Allen, outlined
tq the jury what the defenae intended
to prove. , , ;
Derma Outlined
.. Attorney Andrew eaid he would
show that Captain Allen had long been
a renwte1 arid law abiiHag eitiaen,
who had come, to Honolulu after ha
had wen a loan and honorable period
of'aervire in the United State .aavy.
It would be shown, he aaid,. that the
. aeeused men bad been intensely patri
ot i- and for year had . engaged in
patriotie work of various kind, nd in
particular had done faithful -aervioe a
aa in struct or and worker with tb Boy
flouts and similar erganiaationa.
t would be shown also, the attarney
said, that Walker bore the reputation
of being a dangerous man, who on a
nomber of oeeaaion had expressed ord
iterman sympatnie. ue said also that
testimony would be introduced to prove :
that Walker habitually carried an open
ciesp nnire in ni poeket and that Just
before the shooting near Cantaia. Al
len V stand occurred, talker waa ad
vancing oa Captaia AlUn-whila th
Jatter wa retrentlnc
In hia atatement the attorney promt-
et to snow that only a, oaotooeaaio
iwrnre tne snoounr aaO) vr.lfeoBf give,
evidence of disloyalty in hi intereonrao
wun captain Alien and thja waa
when lie made a slurring reference
to an American flag and walked awev.
On that occasion, the attorney aaid, Al
io had started out of his stand and
hnd been seised with a fit of dizziness,
When he recovered tho attorney said,
he doubted that he had heard Walker
nright and so had not taken up the
matter with him.
Two witnesses would show, the at
torney went on, that on tho night of
the shooting they had gone to AJlen
end had told him to have a talk with
Walker. Both had heard Walker nslng
disloyal language, the attorney aald
end after they had talked to Allen
about it. he promised reluctantly to
take Walker to task. These talks pro
ceded the shooting by only a short time.
All of what Attorney Andrews said
vould be proved by the defense, save
hi statement that Walker waa known
ns a dangerous character who carried
nn open knife, had been proved by
dozen witnesses wPden the trial was ad
journed at noon. It is expected that
the remaining links In the ehaia of de
fense will be supplied this morning
when the testimony of Chief of De
tectives McDufHe and that of the accus
ed man is given.
TeU of Tragedy
. After his statement to the jury in
which he said he wonld show that th
crime of which Captain Allen i ac
cused had been committed fn the man
ner set forth in the indictment, City
Attorney A. M. Brown, who is conduct
ing the prosecution, called Patrolman
Abel Kia as the first witness.
Pntrolman Kia told of having eome
to the King Street corner of Aala Park
on the Sunday nicbt.of the tragedy
where be fonnd Walker lying in the
street seriously wounded. H. had as
certained from Captain Alien himself
how the shootiag had occurred and bad
arrested Allen and arranged to have
the wounded man removed to the emer
gency hosnital, he said.
B. A. Wntson, proprietor of . soft
drink stand across the street from that
conducted by Captain Allen, who had
gone to. the assistance of tbo wounded
man after the shooting, waa the next
"itnesa. He told of1 having found
Wnlker proa in the street at tha end
of the bridg and still eonSaioul,
"I've been shot by a dirtv coward,''
Walker - told him, he testified, and a
little later the wounded man again
"I'm shot and I'm going to glory,"
)" had said then, the witness testified.
Walk or
then lapsed into unconscious
ness, he snid.
Kiure of 'Wound
rr. R. O. Aver was the next witnes
'r the prosecution and be told of haV-
attended Walker in the emergency
i tr j : I j . i
hospital. He described the nstnre of
the t-o " oiuida. one in tke abdomen '
nd Mie o'her thcnuifh On side Of the I
man's bmlv. Nahulti. a trusty a the
., jii .. k ... ii.. i ,.u
y jum, - ii r. iniin, i
liH'i"8 removed the body of Walker
to Hie rnorffue.
Tom 'ni th si vteen-vesf-old Ch-p-e
hov who is 9h sdopted son of
P"iitB'n Alien. n l who wss in the rvt
) .fund v lion the shootlnrr oceiaed.
,V.,H fi,c next witness, and it is on what
I-" "niil o" cros exarinstio thst the
,'-fi..ne wl'l bf its chief effort to "!
freedom for the accused man. .The
T?. -
.,WB1, .-WB th. ik
j tragedy be aid he waat work ia the i
' toud B1 nt the Mme time waa study-j
tag -nie ifnvai,
H had heard of few word of the
soatrovers? between Cantnia Alias and
Walker, juat before the ehoottng, but
ka did not kaow what It waa they were
talking about. It wai too boy, who
of all the wit seises had the eloeeet
flew , Of the- .hooting, who aald that
when hi attention was distracts from
hi school book by the controversy and
Jl?" ked out of the stand Just
r,t ,not w" 'Ifwrt Captain
I ilM. n mat at i j sar.it
a i ... . '
Ii...7Jr . r"r""," tM
K!?ri? t0 .r4 him- Th ""
Li7 nT 7JY ,M
-" " mwr HBIU f DBJ .WBre
boot three . teet apart. Later qur
tioned .boot this discrepancy he aaid
Jloth of the men were moving and that
after the first shot he saw W.Ike
stagger. After the aneoad shot, ha aald,
Walker moved ta the end of the bridg.
.boot forty .feet from the stand had
sank to tho ground. T
After the shooting the boy aald Cap-taln-Allen
vhlmself had given the In
duction to call the police. I. oto
dieaeovto thie the boy aaid ho had
blown tho police whistle.
Why So Bad Gun
.How oCaptara Allen happened to have
. loaded 38-e.liber revolver in hht
poeket' wa also explained by the boy
nd by other Inter witnesses. If de
veloped la the course of the testimony
that aoaio time before the ihooting an
attack kad been made on a daughter
of Theodore Richards, treasurer of the
Hawaiian Board Of Mission, at the
Richard' homo when the miscreant had
oee ingntened aw.y. After this hap
fremng uapian Allen bad. taken over
dty of guarding tht Rirhard
homo. The boy aald he was about tt
ieve to take up thla duty of guarding
tha home and had the loaded revolver'
With him. Jost before the ihooting.
'Ol- J. A. Anger of Company (5,
Second Infantry, who wa In Aala Parlr
at Jtbo time of th shooting, with a
aiftuber of other aoldlera ws tho next
witnes He went to Walker', amlst-
no and hit testimony followed close
O. B. Basle, another of the soldiers
who had rtin to the scene of the shoot
lag, told of having received the re
volver from Captain Allen 'a hand.
Allen told him . he had shot Germs,
Basle testified. In connection with this
testimony the weapon, n nlekelled 88
e.llber revolver with two exploded car
tridges and three unexploded, wa pre
sented in evidence. With the testi
mony of this witness the prosecution
closed Its rase.
Witness For Daf sum
Father Valentin was the first witness
called for the defense. Wblle hi first
replies to question seemed of a nature
harmful to the defendant, additional
maiemenis probably gave them a par
ticular value ia bis favor. Father
Valentin said he had known Allen for
years and said he had first met Allen
in prison. Captain Allen, the priest
said, had been imprisoned ntttnber of
time in years pnat for drunkenness.
Ts this testimony the witness ndded,
however, that all of five years agt
Captain Allen had Wholly reformed and
had then Ongagod ia rescue work In the
very prison whers he himself ! iwu
held. He bad always bnen litai.
otic ad after his reformation he be
came an active churuh worker and "a
very straight man", tho witness said.
Another ('Inrrrmsn. It v.- AkaikA
Akaua, waa the next witness called.
He said he knew of rOacns work la the
prises Captaia Allen had performed
and this wituess also told of the de
femlant's activity in forwarding the
work of the Youag People's league.
Testimony of toe same kind setting
forth Captain Allan's good character
was given by the neat witness, Frank
Bcudder, a missionary,
Theodore Biuhards, whose house Cap
tain Allea waa to have guarded the
night of the shooting, then told of his
long acquaintance with Captain Allen.
They had been partner in an enter
prise, the wituess said, referring to the
work ot reforming "inwn .7
that' ClrptaU Allen had undertaken. At
one iimo, ins witness sl,l 'k,..in
Allan had between fty nnd sixty men
"on hi booka", giving .id to them.
Character WltMss . -
William A. Bowen, . prominent fig
ure In commercial and religious sir
elee, gave emphatic testimony in favor
of jthe defendant. Ho aald he hud
knowu Captain Allen n -number of
years and Besetted he had been an ac
tive worker and a "fores for good in
wio name or esus unrMt r.
Alonto Oartley, an Annapolis man,
'ho had seen erVic en number of
United States warships over a period
of rears, when ealleil i.i k. k..i
known Captaia Allen several years and
recalled that Captain Allen had served
under him on the Pensacola when. he
was an officer on that vessel Cantaiu
in.. i. ..1 l. .j , vp"iu
miwu, uo mm, nau uuen active nere iu
IV- mat r H. A Watana Tu I., k. l " " V "uju anill
nndeHaken to give aid to tho wonnded I Coast bound transports
ma. and had heard bis statem.-t. t. '"7 ia meeosaary foodstuff.
i tha laa4I. - Wi.11 c t 1M actio WS tbO result Of B Joint
organizing the naval reserves.
John Uulld, of Alexander ft Baldwin,
an active worker for the Boy Scouts,
Harrv Hayward, executive officer of
the Boy Scouts organisation, and W.
1L Huttou, liquor iuspostpi and scost
master of two troops of Boy Scouts,
all testified iu glowing terms of the
patriotic work Captaiu Alleu had done
for the Boy Scouts.
a ' 4'. n - A i f ' r v f
Forced Attentions On Wife of
; Fellow Countryman and Paid
' " Penalty Police Say
Beaae ke tried to force hi atten
tion upon Mrs. Ah Wing, wife of .
storekeeper at Wahiawa, Ma Bam, a
Chinese bookkeeper for the Tee Wo
Company, at Wahiawa, wa shot and
fatally, wouadad Sunday night by
Ah Wing, the hntband of the woman
attacked, according to the police. Ma
Bam died in the post hospital at Pcho
Had Barracks last night at half paet
eloveft o'clock, and Ah Wing, who did
th shooting, i under arrest at Waia
mo, .
. Police Officer William Kanahikaua,
who- made the arrest, raid last night
that the Ihooting Sunday night Waa
bum ivbvii. v 'vug svrirs 01 onnoxi
oua attentions that Ma Ham hail been
paying to the wife of Ah Wine. Ac
cording to the police officer, Ah Wing
maae complaint to the previous era
plofers of Ma Ham and the latter was
dismissed nfid left Wnhiaw for a
position la Honolulu. He remained
.way from Wahiawa for about three
months but returned lately, having se
cored . posttion with the Yee Wo Co.
Ma Bam again renewed his attentions
and on Bnnday night, according to tha
police officer, he attacked Mrs. Ah
Wra In the back room of her hua
band,', store. She criod for help, whleh
.bronght Ah Wing to her s.i.tnce nnd
tr brief tunsle. Ah Wing .hot hi.
wife' assailant. Ma fnm. with a bul
let In hi back, stnggered out of the
door' when. Ah Wing, it is alleged,'
hot hiss aisln.
Officer Kauahiksua telephoned to
IMrtOf Wood at Waialun, who arrived
n th scene of the shooting shortly
afterward .ltd had the wonnded mart
taken to the post hospital at Hchofleld
!)'.,(! : ""'. w. a. a.
FlporFor Hawaii
Hay Be Brought
Byay of Manila
Federal (Government Is Asked To
i"Grant "Space1 On Transports
From PWHDplne Port Food
CommJisidn Acts'
Following the reading of a letter ail
dressed to- th . territorial food rommis
slon by tke jGevernor, ia .which he said
that if prompt aetioa was taken by the
foadj lOontmbtsion. in 'conjunction with
th Military aathorltioa, 5,000. bags of
nour,eouia m shipper,.. jiere monthly
trorrf Anstralia, thereby improving the
food, conditions her. 'greatly,.- a cable
conference yesterday of the members of
the territorial food commission and Al
bert Horser representing the wsr in
dustries boanlf J., A- Kennedy, repre
seating the .hipping .board and Col. R.
McA. Schafleld of t bo , qaartermaster '
In hia letter to tho food commission, the
Governor ouoted -a letter from J. C.
Hedding of J4ew Zealand, who said that
there worn 'amnio supplies of flour,
wheat, eats and other foodstuffs await
ing shipment in both New Zealand and
Aastralla if skipping apace could tie
fouad for. It, The Governor, aceording
to his letter, is of tke belief that if
prompt action ia taken here and the
food, commission cooperates with the
military authorities, hare .in urging the
authorities io Washington to allow
transports to carry those much needed
staples, food conditions will be mate
rially helped,' .
This freight would necessarily have
to be shipped to Manila .ml there
transhipped to a eoaat bound transport.
Colonel Sshofisld sent the cable ycoter
day .requesting jiornilssion from Wssh
ington to have tnese shipments made in
the meaner outlined aaaoeu as possible.
The Governor had a personal confer
ence with Mr. Spedding when he was
here about year ago. and the feasi
bility of this plan of shipping Austra
lian and New Zealand products to Ho
nolulu waa looked into thoroughly.
r-; w. a., a
AMSTERDAM, April '(Associated
Press) -Ia prep.ratlov for . more is
tense bonibnrdmsot of Paris, or per
haps for sonsa Other long range use,
three new long range rifles, made at
the factory at DuessluVorf, have passed
through Belgium.
w. a. a
WASKINOTOKl.'Abrll ( Aisocist
d Pre) Teday' raaualty list from
Europe contain 150, moat of them
cases of wounds.
Eighteen were killed in action, six
died of wound, two of accident, 13 of
disease, one of other rsuses. The
wsumled are U5 severely and 87 alight
ly, with four missing.
it ' it l .1 t ; ' .
NEW YORK, April 14 (Associated
Press) British nnd French air raids
oa Bavarian cities are Increasing stead
ily and the damage to property rapeci
ally In the Palatinate is very exten
sive, say German newspapers.
This faot waa bronyht to the atten
w. a. a.
TOKIO AdhI 2ft AMMl.t.,i p...-. '
i "Prii &u (Associated 1 rexsl
Sft&sg miu-
later wa omelally wads today.
.. .. . .. v r-" i i i i ir ii iii it i-i t -
1 1
Driftage (Maker Rescue Voyage
" ' 1VHMfll Lonfler Than. ,
Ffrit Expected"4"
On , hsndred and fifty mils far
ther from Honoluls thin wha nfas
sent out r eaB for asvistaseo lalt
Thnrsdny mormnc. the blsY.-sllS.Mai
tramvPacific steamer, helplessly drift
aincn, jbsi . rveunesnay noon, has bsaa
rescaod. by the Matson Iinv Manoa.
Th big rtesmer wa left at tho Mtcy
ot Weather condition on last Wedae
day when her propeller dropped, ofl,
nnd It was, ascertained that 11 was
ImnOsMbls to, msk repairs at so.'
The Manoa rsaehed tho - disabled
stenmor flnnday evsning, had -Captaia
Soule wirelessed yesterday that tio
was headed for Honolsln with ths oth
sr steamer la tow. No troanls wa
sxpariaasod in gntttng a Una frsat too
Maaoa ta. th disabled ship, it -wa M
portad, . ( ..,-..' .
Ths Manoa leU here on her rn
voyage tnat Thursilay evening and was
expected to reach the other steamer
by r?undy morning, but drlftago' de
layed , tho arrival for twalva hours
longer." Tb disabled ship was .bout
800 mile from Honolulu when ' she
wirelessed to Honolulu for tho aid
another vosseU: v
t Beesose of tne distance which has
to be covered oh ths rtnra voyngs,
aad tbs s pec ted delay e aassd by tow1
Ing sack a big Vessel, it is sot be
lieved ths Manoa will get back ;to
Honoluln nnti Tnursday night. or Pat
day morning, i ,r...v'
Work of Fleet Off Coast of
France ts Found Good : ! -
KEW TOBK, April 8fr-(6flielall
James Kcrney representative ia. France
of tha American ..committee on public
information, baa neat .from Franco ia
description of tho operations of the
American navy in defending tho French
coast 'from httaek of enemy aUbroi-4
rine aad f tn protection against at
tack from those, menaces of . tho vaa
el which art carrying troops or sup
plies to troops already ia Franca. On
this subject hS-Sliidt - ' i .i i
" A French vies admiral told mo that
no tonnage pf 'this character was last
In . period of throe month beeans of
ths sreat skill Bbd eoODeratlon dis
played by and on th part of h Ani-'i
nenn oavy.-.i - a . ,;. . . .. j ,
''The depth bomb , UstetliBg device
and hydroplane have ooaqusrsdV; ;
"I recently cyiaitad a isargeeonVoy
which had JuSt'-avrtoad with a Vumtuir
oi aestroryera. i' ii lonmt mo men Jowlal
end that condition war exoelleoL '
' ' Troops -a nd t supply snips .to now
coming in fast." ,vn .-),
. W. a. .;-r
SAN FRAHTC18CO, April o(Ofll
rial) -Tommeritiag on tho ruptare of
diplomatie rslatiocs " botWeea Uruguay
and Oermany th OhroaloU ssySt
"The rupture of 1 th' halations be
tween Uruguay and Gernsnsy snows the
futility of German propaganda among
the Sonth Amerlea BeorilsSi. . . Latin
America has ths habit of remembering
insults and injuriea til tk tints names
for a suitable retort OJos Observers
have newer feared that Chrrinna: politl
ciil influence would ; SOT eoeti on the
southern continent... .-
. w. a. a-
ST. LOUIS," April '(laoclater
I'reBs) X. P. WilfleJ, flection sor
missioner and a reaulsOt bf this eity
has accepted the senaUrshin left va
cant by the death of ths late Senator
Stone. i,. ,
The senatorship waa offered to Mr.
Wilfley after it bad been, declined by
Champ Clark, speaker of th house. and
Judge Graves of the ' Stats' ' supreme
court. Judge Graves declined the) boner
yesterday and it waa Immediately of
fered to and accepted by lfn Wllfrey.
v. a. a, i "Mw--
WASHINOTOX, April' (Aaaocla
ted Press) Following a tollUioa at
sea, two American transports ' today
safely reached an' Atlantis ' port. No
one was injured on either transport .nd
slthough the damage a wsportod
slight it was deemed advisable that
both vessels should return to, port for
Such repair a may be fouad neeei
sury. - ,' '
w. a. a.
COPENHAGEN, April 2iul(Asaoeia
ted Press) Denunciation by tho new
est Petrograd government of ih Bol
sheviki Centrul Power treaty negoti
ated at Brest I.ito.vk is report d in (ke
Aftonblmlt, It says i aW,troVty Is
demanded, one that Will lost Etthpnla
under the control of Slissis). - v
' W. Bi .. mi .. ,
NEVf YORK, Atrli-80 Associated
I 'rem) News was received today thst
rne Ainerican steamer westerly, rseent-
lv liuilt l.v tli.. k' nittrirahid 11.. I
. L v i . i-
ration hm I. .ikii antilt la jaIH.Ia. ,.tt I
Lwirai re:
. sthbiib
i mini i tl'.
ported. 1 ,
'". . '.
1918, . -SEMlWERLV .
Members Determine To Reconsider Case So As To Bring
M iW RtoSs Tof Effirtto Obtain Loier
' 'fkatSoii;- f orafe of AI Draftees Would le pe-;
stroyed If Justice Is Not Done, Pond Says"
If th district board of the selective
draft stands fast in its refusal to vote
la favor of deferred classification la
tho aasa of Belwyn Aubrey Robinson,
registrant of Kaaai and son of Aubrey
Robinson, wealthy planter of that 11
ahd, a way ha been found to go over
ths head of the board and secure ex
emption from the President of tho Unl
tod States. Such was the report re
ceived St a session of the district bosrd
last night, a report that spurred tho
beard to immediate and determined
- Tho board Immediately decided to
determine whether or not this reported
counter has tangible quality by eabling
direct to the provost marshal general
Of ' the army at WfrshinRton, thresgu
thfl Governor of Hawaii, and this mes
sage will go forward today.
Ths board further decided thst in
order, to smoke out sll reason for tks
annsaal efort to secure ths exemption
from Classes 1 and 2 of the draft, and
t determine what influence, If any, in
Washington is being: brought to bear
npon tho President, the case of Belwyn
Robinson will be reconsidered and all
persons connected with the matter sub
poenaed before the board sometim
next week.
Would Destroy Moral
"TH entire morale of the draft-age
man Of the Territory of Hawaii will
be destroyed if justice is not done in
this ease," commented Percy M. Pond
a member of the board. '
-i The, reconsideration of the case is
merely to secure the widest ssd most
searching information bearing upon tho
saas that it is possible to obtain from
tho Robinson brothers, their father,
Aubrey Robinson, Francis Gay, who
carried fh appeal of Aylmer Robinson
t. Wailhlngtoa, and Attorneys Clarence
(Wsen and. Charles Chillingworth, these
nam being mentioned among those to
be "SSbpoenaed by Chairman J. A.
Bakh. .
' After fpll consideration of the mo
tion for reconsideration filed on behalf
of Selwya Robinson by Anbrey Robin
ssnt, Ja. pnd moved that the stair
man and secretary (-C. R. Hemenw.y)
f appointed a committee to take up
thls tnatterp to arrange for hearings,
procure . tk proper witnesses and e-
, cure information xrom the provost mar
shal general, Concerning the statement
'that tee district board's unanimous de
cisions bav been overruled. The mo
tirtn was adopted unanimously.
Will Do Tun Justice
"'We want to do full justice in this
;as as .wo hava given in all other
rases," said Chairman Batch.
The board felt that tinder all circum
stances oniy ths most complete record
should be compiled before the esse is
forwarded to Washington.- The report
ed statement that eves! though the
board waa anaairaons in, denying the
motion for reconsideration, a way
would be fonnd to "get around the
board's decision" wws discussed nt
'seme length, and because of this state
ment which had reached more than one
member of the board, the provost mar
shal will he reqseatod to wire if there
is any single instance where the selec
tive draft ktw haa bee a evaded by
powerful influence setting aside a unnn
imoos deeiavon f a district board. Un
til this information is received no uto
for the hearing will be set.
Frme! Oay, it is understood, will
srrive hero aext week, and if a meet
ing ia set for tha early part of tha
week, ha will be summoned by radio to
appear before the-board.
Motion Ta Roconsldar
Ths motion "for, reconsideration, cov
ering 'three or four typewritten pn(es
and signed lyr Aubrey Robinson, father
of Aylmer and - Selwyn Bobiniou, iu
substanoa, was a follows:
"Tie undersigned, Aubrey Robinson,
moves the board for a reoonsiderntion
of the said board, denying the claim
for deferred classification of Belwvn
Aubrsy Robinson, registrant, of Ma
kaweii, Kauai, -whose serial number is
40, and order number -29, . which said
decision was made on January 20. The
motion Is based upon the report in the
matter of the Claim for deferred clas
sification of aaid Salwvn Robinson, and
upon the further affidavit of John
Rennie, Edward Kahele and Aubrey
Kobinson, and also upon the decision
of the President of the United8tstc
in the matter of the classification of
Aylmer F. Kobinson, registrant of Ka
uai. "In support of this motion, the un
dersigned submits that the said deci
sion of the President of the Hnited
Ktotes in the matter of Ayhner Kobin
son is a precedent showinc that tho
said Selwyn Kobinson Is entitled to
deferred classification for the follow
ing reeaoss:
The said Aylmer Kobluson wim
classified In Class 20 by the President
f the UnTted ntstcs by reason of his
licine the manager of Makaweli Hunch
on Kauai; the said Makaweli Ram-h
maintains a herd of 1000 head and mar
kets upward of 200 kend of beef rat
tie for local consumption on Kuiiiii.
annually ;
"The said Helwrn Kobinson. is tl.c
manager of the Kiihau Bunch, islun l-of
Niihsu, which is almost entirely mm
Knglish speaking. It has a herd of
over 600 beef cattle, and many of the
nnest beef is tbo Territory of Hawaii.
and a herd of over 20,000 sheep, and
markets anout lOti head of cattle for
. ... . .
dci consumption in Honolulu, ami the
i i 1.... .i . .....'.
pth Vtos Hono,r:.rr
.hot for mutton purpose, as weU a tho
', ,' ' . ; . i' .: . - . i
wool clipped from said herd of sheep
vi luuui iiHi.uim pounds per annua ia
ths market of the mainland of the
United State.
Hard to Get Manager
"It is therefore clear that ths Nil
hsu Ranch is larger snd prodnee tbs
grenter amount of food products than
ths Maksweli Ranch.
"On ncrount of the isolatioa of tbs
Island of Nlihau it is obvioos that
there would )ie greater difficulty
io obtaining and retaining another
manager than in the ease of ths Maka
well Ranch, and on account of tha
Boa-English speaking employes of tho
Niihsu Ranch. Thers would bo ths
additional difficulty of obtaining aa
other manager who would combine tho
ability of managing such a ranch with
the ability to speak the Hawaiian lair
guage the language of tks NilhaS
Ranch employes.
"While the ssid Aylmer Robinson
has been engaged as a ranch manshror
for a longer period of tims thantn
said Belwyn Kobinson, nevertheless tbs
said Belwyn Robinson Is clearly ec
potent and expert la ranching affairs,
oy reason oi tae fact that si ace boy
hood he has practically every year de
voted considerable time in nnd .boot
ths Nlihau Ranch, and befor boeosa
ing employed as manager or assiataat
manager, nail become thoroughly Con
versant with the said ranch nnd thO
bosiness of conducting such a rancku
In addition he speak th Hawaiian
"As shown in the record ia tbo CSS
of Ssiwyn Robinson, the latter is also
assistant manager of the sugar plan
tation of Gsy and Robinson on Heuai,
and a such is necessary to tha suc
cessful conduct of said sngar planta
tion. ' .
Precedent Established
'"It is submitted that this honor
able board ha already established prec
edent entitling said Belwyn Rob i a son
to deferred claaaifieatioa by reason of
his position and occupation as said
aeaietant manager.' '
. "During ths last two months tha
manager of said sugar plantation Bia
elaic Robinson, hns been incapacitated
from attending to tbs manageMent of
said Makaweli plantation oa aeeonnt
sf sppendicltis nnd an .operation there
for, and that, in consequence, the, en
tire management haa fallen upon Bel
wyn Robinson. ... .
"The undersigned farther prays that
upon the reconsideration of said -dsci-sion
by this board the claim for OS'
ferred classification of said Belwyn.
Kobinson be allowed." ' " '-
Mr. Hemenway said that tbo only
course the board had to pursue was
to gsther from every source available
all the material facta upon which' It
could proreod with a rehearing.
An Unusual Case . ' .
Mr.' Pond Said be felt this was mors
thnu an average case. : If it was- da
cided in a certaiaway, it would be
certain to arouse a fooling ot bitter
iiv and of injustice.' The board, h
laid, should proceed thoroughly into
the case Snd exercise, the greatest
lure. He also aaid that he felt ths
granting of low classification i to all
th reo sons of Aubrey Robinson would
seriously impair tbs morale of the regi
iHtered men classed as .variable for
draft service. Hs referred tovaa iar
t ii nee of a man who married in J91C,
a year before the draft law Went Into
effect. Hs has a .'chrld, yet hs was
placed in Class 1. Tft Kauai board,
he 'had heard, made this classification
on the grouad that tJkS Wife eon hi
revert- to her . for rher occupation of
teaching school. In ths ease of the
Robinsons, they were unmarried, with
out ilepeodeste nnd. yet appeals bad
been mads on their behalf for low
i Is'-Hifli atlons.
Mr. Hemea way's suggestion that the
provost marshal' general bo requested
to in fur in tho board -whether tho se
lective draft lawr baa bee a changed
or amended to permit unanimous de
cisions of the- board to be appealed
over the decision waa adopted. Mr.
Crabbe raised the queition a to wheth
er there was e possibility of "strong,
powerful seuatora" bwiagiag such a
matter before th President.
"I don't think tbs President wiU
act asius tne law," said Mr. tiemen-.:
"l don't think tho Preaident would
tnke it up under a unanimous vote of
the board; I don't think Provost kiar-
; shal General Crowder would send such
a ruse to the President at all,'
Mr. i;rabbe.
w. a. a.
i .... ,
New directors were yesterday elected
at tho adjourned, annual meeting of
tlir Htiikholdrs of th Pacific Guaao
ft Frrtilixcr Company. At th anasal
nit'ctiii); t lio board had not been filled
nut tin Hum' of the ownership of a con
sidernlilc amount of tho stack by en
rniv iilirns and a desire to await aa
rx pri'ssiun of the wishes of the tusto
diiin of enemy property.
Following tho election of directors
the iii w Inmrd met aad elected orhcsr.
iiie nrw personnsl ia a follows:
(leorge N. Wilcox, president; J. M.
lowmtt, first vice-president; 0ors
Hherinan, second vice-president; Bich
ard H. Trent, treasurer; J. V. C Hag
ens, sec.retaryi O. P. Wilcox, director;
J. W. Waldron, director.
HD"i5LlTiJj. stock 0cha.:e
sleasthut, AatU ' isia. -
I ,11 U ,1
AV- A.ttaJdwlBf 'U4, .,
flws irumtettaa a. 7 ...
Ilsika itosu i o
hs. Aktctl. Co
Hsw. v. a a xo.
ilsw. hns. Co
Hoaekaa Unas , . ,
lionorss Jngar
flntcMosse af . Float.
Kshoka Plant. Co
Kesaaa a. Co, . ......
i osltsaaa
rie -
fvoio puaar Co
McBryS Su. Co
iHtna nussr t .
Olsa Sn Co.. Ltd.
UiiuaM w. Co
Paanhas Mng, Plant. Co.
parts "so- Mill
fala Plaal. Co ,
Posevkeo flnswr Co
rtoneer Mill ('
. Carloe MllHag Co....'
VValslus AarrtL ....
, t
Bndas tier. c.. Uij . . .
t 1st issue A Meaa m. P4.
i so '
' s
- sna jssao rata vs '. ...
pngels Cepper--Mining Co.
hulks r. P. C ftA. .
Ksiss r. r, Kwf com.
sw. Con. Rr. W A- ..
Hsw. Con. Br. 0 B...
Haw. C. B. Com
Hawaiian Blectrte Co. ..
jlaw. i'lnesple Co. ,
Hob. H. . fa. Co.
lln amm "- f .A
s .
vw- WW. ......
Boo. I T. t L Co. ......
lawr-wiina n. aj. . . .
Mot. Tel. Co
Oeha.hsllwar a L. Co. .
Pshanc Hubber Co. ' . ...
sVlama-IrtnrtiBss. PS. ...
Ram (80 pd.).
Taejeng Ulak Kabbor Co.
Beach Walk . D.' ..
UasMksa bitch Co. ? .
Hawsl) Cos. Ry 5
Baw'a Irr. Co., s.
ilsw. Ter. , Ref. 1S0S..
tut ,
Haw. Ter. Psb.. Imps
IUw. Te.V5b. Imsy i
iwwi ji2-ivis;
Raw. Terr'l 1
HUe Qaa Co,, Lt" a..,.
H",,k,f Co- "
Hoaolalu Oas Co.,., Be ...
Kaaal Ry. C:. oa...V.'....
Msea Imp. Wist.,
- - - - . v .. w . v r.t wa ....
Matoal Tetebhon Ce OS..
Oaha ft. 4 L. Co.. i ...
ruryor nun. CO.. OS
Oata. Hag. Ce Sri ,
o e
IX ano
nan Cnrles Milling. ..
BarrwnN boabm .
Otss. 5. 8TB Pioneer, 00, .; Oaha, a,
H. C. a 8. Co., SO, St.OS; Bwn, J8, t8.Su.
aueAB cs)TATioa ,
. ' Jllllrl m. IMS
analysis best Jae eavisos).
So Cant. (For Hw) tuigar ....
w. a. a.
f ;iaW.:YClR STCO 1
WRW TORK, April 80 (Aaoclale4
rrosarrollowtBg are tb etMalaa and
clesuig qaotations of Utck U the Mew
York Ilarket.yaateroAy.-. f ,. -'. .'
imectcao Jlatwr
AeierlcaO Tieet'. ".i.. .......
JUseekited Hl ..'
LAlasta OolO
America tfoeomotire
Atusrivas TeU tL
AoMHcaii Hteel Fdry. .
Aaaoada Ceat- . , . i
Airblsoa.Ilalrwar .
BaMwia 'Lvromottv . .....
BalHuwr Uhl. .
OsKforsla. Prtroteeat
C. M. Bt. Paul .
Colo, fwM-Jt tea
Crastble Mta ,
fub sassr Cane . .....
Krle rommon , " . .
(esaetal K.levtrfe'i ......
Osaerai Motsrs taewl .
Orvst Wort hers pfd. . . . .
latfraMVasl Mlrbct . ..
Iudnstrlal Alcohol ....
Leb'igTalhiTwaV ' J
New vera CenVal :
Pranartvsal v -
asr Cetmolldatea v i. . .
Hwaiaa. wnasa
Kebnbllc Iroa nsan
II? Ir
rS I
Ktiulebaker j,
IMned Wsblsr Robber .
Texas, Oil I ....,,
l'BlUd Mates Bteel . . .
tTtsa ' . A .).. . .av.'j. .
Wastera t'aloa .
, BJttt . , Fs4lvMen4. tVi
. - . ni w. b. a.
SAirrRAf,mCO tllftJTATIOMll
d Pes) -o(towlna are the aetata aad
closlog qaotatlooa of so tar and lmmt
sierka In the aasl Trancbraa nisi net. rsa-
tarda 1
ifhw'e''fem'l i ..........
Hawallaa Haswr Co. . . . .
Honnkaa ssr..
Hat-eilasoa. HuJk Co. .
Oahn Hutrse I'rt
Ulas Busjar Ce
nm mejar ww y.
Oaomea Hnsr Co. . . . . .
raaunaa suaar c.
H.molulu Oil
spper Co.
Hwuulsla .
Xxmvt or aHftTinftMtKt .
Montana Btnghats Oonsolidatsd Min
ing eosapaay, laaovporStod nnder tho
law of the; state of Utah. Principal
place of business, room 1010 Boston
building, Halt Lake City, Utah. " .
Hoties. is SMfreby gfvea that at a
nesting ot the. dircctsrs, hold on tha
18th day of Uatrb. 1918. SB assessment
s '
. aoos ',
. 4T.48 '
INOQOOtattea). ,
T .'i'-.V.V- i ' .
rat -a-
. z
0V . AVS.
. M 40
. 14 M
. 3. SO S.5
. t.m t
. .S3 .03
ot tea sentt per share was levied on."' 'k .
ion lapiwinocs or tne corporation, t
payable tmmodiately .to E. A. Vail,' ,' 'A i
secretary q th company,' at the ofBeO t Vv -1'
of the esnpany, reora., WW, vBpaton" Vv;, V '
building, Salt, Uks Caty, Utah. v i y
Any ptock qpoa which this assess- V ','
ment msy romsin unpaid oa Wednes-. .. .- '
day, the (Kb dap of May, 118, will bs
dnliaqncnt and advertised for sahs at
public auction, snd unless payment is
made bofore, will be sold Tsesdsy, the
'JAth day of Msy, H1B, at IS o'clock
Soon of ssid day, te pay tbs dollnqnont
assessment, together .with Costa ojf ad' '
vertisisg Sad espeasos of ealau- .'
- .,.... YAW -l
Room 1010, Boston building "fealt
Lake City, Utah. v,
. . '. - .-' I'Oaaatlia-sl'
. ..-
.1 ;
'.1. ) '
"I '.
I VI. '

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