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! f!1 NEW Y6RApnT27fA$socblci i?rcss)
or their line, tne Allies this morning are nomine a desnetate datt e to rctncvB tne dav ana Drevcnt wnai
r i
' -1' ."
be close 6 a catastiophe on tneir northern front ? v" -. ' , Av .
' ' YesterdavMbunl KemmeL one of" the commandmff heiKts in the line defending Yores, was carried
" by theGelrnans, who drove forward against the FrcT'defett(leiS, MAyemhelrnin hittnbersV' Many
thousands were mowed down but nioire 'diousanas' TOsheUane&a over ttie Corpse slr.ewn slopes "and smoth-
crcd tne gnting men attempting to noia tne run.
' r .'-" tins inuiiuiigt ai uayuiaxKf i)ic f iciicii luiiicu ttiuitKCis auu uc iiuw iigiiuii mcu war uaut uit
slopes from-wjuch'' they 'weredrnjefii' tcraary.'.s:The' '(ghHngls the tercest daripnor putj up to the
latest reports received, me'po3us'were Sialang progress, although aheaVy loss arid in the Face of great
'i-;,vrtiie,Aliies must recover Mount : Kemmel or leave
naniung ana m danger oi
days and are throwing every ounce of;their ncrjr
Field Marshal Haig, reporting on the 'situation,
et decisive, fhis report was made belore the AI -
not yet
lied bffer'wasuMchea
counter, north aria m'thaf n.'im'stltor
been successful.
j r- -! yERYpNY ;;
; ; Yesterday mornings following a fremendous as
sault with many thousands of picked1 troops, me Ger
mi gained a febtihg ; on tjife Lemroj
ing up heavy 'reinforcement! they foiighl tietr vry -up to atuj tver
the summit, the 'French guns not being able to kill them fat enough
tcr item the tide of numbera. -Fnghtful execution ma don in th
German ranks ; lanes were shot through the massed" regitnenta, jknd :
machine guns mowed them'dbwn, but,theyionld hot-b temped.
. Along Iroot of two thousand yards thair Iina was" dvance4'
for: twelve hundred yards. Akag the front from Bailleulo Holla-(
becke. a diatance of ten-miles, tha French and British foueht through-'.
. out.'thi?;'day against overwhelming numbers holding the greaUr
vf When night felT it found the German attacking strongly along
'a Una extending from la Clytte, a mile hothwest of KemmeU to the
" edge-of the Yprea-Cominea-canal. ' f1
' Thia, morning, along the sWne'lroot.' the Anglo-French took
' the initiative, the. French -directing ; their drives' against : KemmeL
the British endeavoring to dear the Germans back on the sectors
directly, menacing Ypres.
The German successes of yesterday, which cut a deep notch
into the Allied lines southwest of
driven back by counters, completely" outflank' the British oh the
northern slopes of the Messincs ridge. ,The' lines southWest to
wards BaUleul, do not yet Appear to be eeriously endAnered.v Much
warda BaUleul, do not yet Appear
depends upon the present counter
intie their Jdvanrs towerda Ynra
tinue their -advance towaraa Tpres
portion.. of the British line between YpreS And MesaineS, rolling
tip. the balance of thia section of the British front and forcing' the
r . . . ..v. tl.::U (. tnAm
evacuation of the greater part of the Bnttah position, in Flanders
. ,. f"Jim ih BAiith Blnnc h &AmrrUr. aActnr th (icrVitlnff venter
i t t i
oay wtin airongiy ui ni ui uw
ter onensivea are ocine maae in in
mane axe atill holding out at Hangard-en-Santerre, but are unable
to Ae thli tuition aa an advancing point, the Germans being un, jj ,"4",. t,.lllB,r tw ,ab
Abl to concentrate any attacking force here because of tht fact marine la he British ebannei, the dea
th tk Rrtti.h at Viller.Brettonaux: A ahort distance to the north: troyer iabtc a small raft, with one
t f aLj.' . i; -. A r a
w e-.-w W- -
Lominiu me Mirruunuinei w nincaf u. - r
M.'j Yesterday- there was vigorous
front before Amiens. A British
Auitratians, launched a magnificent counter and severely tculsdd
the 'Germans, After hours of grim fighting, made' fiercer (of the
infantry because of the inability of the' Britlah Artillery to come
into the battle for fear of doing equal damage to its own men. The
fur Of the British attack finally won the day And the German were
driven back from all the positiona they had won dominating Amiens,
Thia battle waa fought along the front southeast of Viller-Bret-tonetut,
the Germans being completely cleared dut and driven back
Vvith heavy losses.
' . This morning the Anglo-French, .Attacks , were d'rected against
the Huns holding out at Hangard and substantial progresa is being
made. " a ' "
''Paris reports that the French along the Somme front nude
gaina generally all the way from Villers-Brettoneua as far eonth
as the de Luce River. V
' ... The official wirelesa report sent put from Berlin last nlfhisAid
hat the early counters of the French And British oil tlld -Ypres front
had failed:; In yesterday's battle, Bay Berlin, aixty-fiv hundred
prisoner, were? taken, V. ;. llltl)t. t . ". y
General Raddiffe, repoirtirig on the fighting of yesterday, says
that the Allied loAse are serioua but not fatal; There la flew tea Sort
to doubt, he 'Added, that there will be still greater OermAtl drtfes
aiicmpicu m eonw pwui uviwccn
jeci pi onving a weugo uciwccn uic onuui auu riram main
roanda, which object appeara to dorfilnate1 the" whU Otrmari ttrdtegy
id this great effort on the west to ob'Um a decision. .-v'
v , . . END IS NOT YET
In A report made earlier In
Out that lit the) end the present great
haa $i4 gtfXtt tes.rvei. "The Allied reerva pn the weat front U
In the handa of General Foch, in whom the Entente haa the fullest
confidence. 1 So far he haa employed only
rescrvea'''M ')iiardipoaaL . , ; : .
Attacking tq. restore une
- "f- I
Demg rouea up, wnn me loss
Ypres, would, unless successfully
to be eeriously endangered.v Jbf UCh
'.The German plan ia to con- typified by ons deatroyara and. the fine
1 rtim the aOuthweat and Docket rw tirm wiU ,tT,, mny '
Trom ne sown west ana pocw,MU otAttati,n to duty 0f. whieh thi
wi .
raornmet' nvywrcuuj nm
F "
fighting 'along the entire Somme
w L " . '
force, composed of Enelikh Artd
ahmib aitu n,, tou uwvu-
the day, General Radcliffe points
battle will go to the Side which
es. "The Allied reserve on the west front is
amall-portion of the
Hi i I i . .. i i 0 Pan I .,!' '
I.. I . .. T
l r a v
Driven bade for hearly a tn3e in a hioit vital section
. T . .1 a " . .1
a Urge part of their northern line subject to out-
or me enure i pres saneni
ated sn-enrth into still further
says mat the losses of territory are most seri
J . 1, ! , ... . a'.,.
WAIHlirOlOlf, Atu 87 (AwocUUd Prat)ttw lndlcon of
tl nnmlMnca Of DMca batirwa BoUaod and OtfRunv and th d
Unainstttm e tb Kmria4 to nftist my Jjnatii f 1U totutnuitr to
tk and eva If sack rMirunia awat 1m4 tnt coailtry to far th has
arda of Wca,.tb tot of. Bdclam nu, mpr4 yrtrdy. TkM
uuUcsttotts (iuM In report wbk pointed t an Mrty mobUUttion of tk
army sad.
' .111 lutM ,
iftVt f (tic4 ftreoi Uit
ti9pd aad tkoM' abMot az to H
BUUtdor-UMblvtt ma fpona rroia .yea nagn. - -JMi
, embargo (Upon th 'mportaUoa-froM tha Dutch Ct Indies f
4btain wt Of stacQna iark and of tut Ua tro announced yt
MtdAjr, Wt order ta JM rardd fti stftt&aat - It 'i boUoved that
Bouaa4 la pptria toawt fett oira ti The order will affect up
pUea at th droc whkh the United States and th ATlee, alike with
9ttqr.'av tptmb ? ,1 . "" -.
''iS l;r-." ;;l,;-,, - '"
W i- 'v. . 'r '' ' k "
JM fltt) V Jt7 T'ClClJblOTTS
Upheld Says Sims
WA83IN0T0N, April M (Dffieial)
Fro Its Loedo. office the eonbiitfe
t...,, ,j -. . . , ,
v v"""' - ; I
, foUowlna e,blgr(D which It made pub-
lJ .."j,
.utorv oi our off
of the United State I
Butory Of our effort in thia war al
pntent Instance la a fine etample."' but. the commander ordered this other
The r, the-.worde. which Admiral man to swim back, which he did.
im adlreased to the eaptaia of the fc'l other members of the Parker'
VtiittA gutM dertroyer arker, tho'efew .who aned boats that rescued
'members of whose erew dired overboard ,' Others of the snrrlvors of the Olenart
durtna a wintry aale to rescue survivor 'Oeatle have been commended for Brav
oc.uw- uieeai
of.Ue- OUnart CaaUa, which had been
torpodood U vieUWon of the eolema
Hun agrMmont, if any Han agreement
a bo alU4 aolema.
a,! 1 A. -A TUV 1 1 A A a tJ
il. al.. , kau wi
in A searaya- ftHap IUO B WBSBj uerwi mw
. rammer that be beltevod he wtna
the only eurvlvor.
Thenfflcera and erew of the destroyer
were dlaeonraired by thlo report nad
in th faee of the heavy eena. detf
feilned to leave no one while hie life
waa menaced by the Han and hie atfo
Soon three other rafts appeared, lureb
Injr wildly Upon the .((teat atotta wave
( t aeb waa slinging from one to
hree men. eight la all.
Divee Ta Iteacn
. The Partes waa unable to get alone,
aide thee without eraahrne; iatn abd
breaklnf p at leant the. Aral aft. A
Urne waa thrown hot the man who f rasp
ed it wae a weak that , ho fell over
bnarit ond nnder the atern of the dee
trover wbe tke ntopellera were alewly
tuminar. This fellow. onvaraed wUhihl
arm eut and bleed ia a but he wa no
aloae. ,A Tounn riiartrrmastets -wthouf
onlr. had plunged overboard, rescued
the eVhatlsted1 man. nd wsni with Ht
Teuton Demands For More Gram
' Causing Revolt of Ukrainians
WASHINGTON, April 27 (Asaoclat
p, )i g,, uiiraiM ithe spirit
pt r,V0t ftBBd Uy tn .everity of
jtha reqursltlont far grain beta? made
by the Teutons, is blazing up flereoly..
in me 4Utriw the paxauia, enraged
Uyond further enduranm, at th drafts .
"' P rood aupphea
" opon tneir needed rood auppnea
v rbM, .' n,,,, h""iva And
nave jnane prisoners or ine leui-on aoi- J prri iciii "i inr r rirorn'i riiyiri
rtier whom. they art holding. Many , scut nut. fnmii.- npiu-sls to I bo prov
serious clashes 1 have occurred and bluo jlavo for grain.
1 ' I i ' II
ana wiin mtj way to uuu-
mcreasirig their 'import
nn ito Hvy f Holland betn
ftaUd.nodr rdors from th cm-
t the reft,' b'pM ing on to It until a
1 "'' e nl
to take them eboanL Tb rencned
dld-aboard the clestrorer an the f
gujt of rp0iare to which he had been
iukjricted and to lose of blood.
Others Commended
only man that day to riak his life, un
bidden, in the high
b"' on oveT n'
and htm others .
it waves. Anothor man
tcr the quartermaster
ery nnd for the good judgement which
they showed. They jumped upon the
rafts' and other wreckage in some I"
stances and in others they diveil over
board to pais lines around the bodie
of the seven remaining men who were
Utterly helplei, from cold; exposure and
Volnnteerc Not Asked
No volunteers hnd been asked fo
these perilous tanks but many member?
Of the crew of the Pnrker pleafled fir
the -opportunity to make the rescues o'
participate in the work of doing so.
't.ater an officer of a hoenitnl ship
fell overboard near the destroyer. Op
that occasion, a train, two blue Jacket
- lumped in and succeeded la saving hi'
Til oucstion was T"r in rwrliamen'
aboft these rescues. The sneaker quot
ed the assertion thnt our blue incket
had plunifi-d overboard because the
Parker ' could not safely stay In such
submarine infested waters. But th
destrover had halted as American bont'
habituallv do thro itch the danger cone
in ease ef necessity.
Tbla was not the flret time thnt Am
eHean soldiers distinguished themselve'
Murine: the aubmar're war. Two mem
Her Of the erew of the Fanning plunged
oVerboArd and rescued iniurnd men fror
a Gorman submarine which had just
has been shed freely.
From Rumania similar or worse con
ditions are reported, for there the
stocks of grain are reported to be ex
hausted, the condition which the
Ukrainian Masnntry ' is seeking to
I'etrntrr.'iil is fiu'ing dire distress. It
rtnlv ittiM Jhvm Nimtilv a fun I
w,r(,,,s M, ..., ,.,,- ,,,. -,.';) iM ij0q.,..
,nHi niwM i. jw-l. tefr. 11..
30, 1913. '-SEMI-WEEK LV:.
Eben Low Auction) Off Catch
' and; Public Secures' Ample.
Supply At Lower -Price
Stands For Fishermen T6 Sell
Their Own Catch Is An
T other Possibility i
Commamleetltif Of the flshlag ,sam
pana if the ish compaaieo do not meet 1
the demanda of the public and th foot
administration for a pleatlfu! supply
at reasonable , price . when - flsh are
available and th opening op of aulls
for the fishermen to aell their 'Own
ratchet if this should b found nece
snry were two promisea mado by Eben
Low yesterday morning, . He took ovei
the auctioning of fish himself and start
1) the btddin? at figure offered by thr
stall men, not at th matimom figan
set by the food administration. He go'
results. -.Tha tepfeaeaUUvea of th'
flrhiag companies face the taking ovei
of their fishing eraft by the govern
ment. At last a determination to set
that the market Id aupplied with fish
'o be sold at fair prieea baa. been ovl
deeeed, .1
Boon Low Acts
KbeU Low ' took the bull by thr
horns yesterday morning. He alar
dropped a bombnhell ia the camp of the
flshiug companies rf Honolulu whieh rr
mlted In a drop In price of tbla staple
' ommodity of nearly fifty percent. For
he first time In many months there was
li on the Blabs at the public market!
for sale np to closing time last night
md sales were heavy all day at prlcti
omewhere within the realms of re a
Maximum aTade Minlroam
. It haa been the enstom in the past
or the fish companies to have theii
own agents act aa auctioneers at' tl
Ashmnrket when the daily catches were
brought in. A maximum price is se
for the fish by the food commission
Instead of , starting at a low figure
when the sale opens, it haa been '
custom of these "auctioneers to take tke
nnxirnnm nrie.e aet for the day aod bid
dins' would start from "there. Thir
(Theme worked out beautifully for the
flsh companies and. the dear public war
left "holding the bag" and payiip
nrices for flsh which were about threi
limes as much as that pnid on the main
Tjow Works Differently
Armed with authority from Food Ad
minlxtrator Child, Eben 'Low, who V
'amlhnrly known In shipping llfclos fc
'he "Cow Boy Mariner of Hawaii..'
'rnpped in nnnnnounced Ot the daily
h auction vesterdny morning and took
charge of the auctioneer 'a atend. I.o
explained in a few short words that be
tas representing the federal- rood com
mission and that he would handle thr
notion in person. For a moment then
vas consternation among, the varlou
hends of the flsh companies and a hur
ried consultation wan held. I.OW ther
pend the snle, allowing the stall own
ere to start bidding at minimum price
and closing each individual. sole at th'
market price of the flsh aet by the foo'
omnus.4ion. In many instances thi
-riees only renched about hclf thnt ae
'iv the commixaion. The closing bid
were then set as the market orice foi
the dnv nnd so mnrked up on the blaok
board, which is set up iu the flshmarkel
this nurnose.
Where To Head In
At the dose of the auction Mr. Low
called the heuda of the fish companies,
the flnhermen and the stall owners to
gnther nnd a thorough explanation of
the meaning of the rederal rood com
missiou laws was made to them.
Low explained that if any of the fish
dealers were not satisued with the po
oedure he followed yesterday and at
tempted in . any way to destroy the
eatcjiea of flsh brought in; or have
them placed in cold storage, awaiting
hiuher prices, drastic measures would
be taken by the federal authorities. In
a straiifht-froni-the shoulder talk he
told the heads of some of the fih com
panics that if there were any aigna Df
pronteerinu by them in the future that
not only would their sampans be
seized by the federal government and
their licenses to flsh in Hawaiian wa
tera be cancelled, but the etroug aim
of the federal law would be iavoked
and a few of them would land In the.
federal wing of High Sheriff JarrettV
new prison. , ,. 1
May Conunaadear MarhA
" If these methods lo net bring about
snUsfsetory results there is one resort
left which haa prove more than a sac
cess on the mainland- and that Is for
the federal government to aeiao the
property of, the fiahmarket for the
eriod of the war; tan. full oargeAf
the comlitione there and cut the re
sults of the stalls thsre to a figure
t-omewhore within reason. I hop We
will not have to resort to tbia. drastic
iiicamire but. as sure as the son rioee
tomorrow, this will lie done if food
prices' are nut reflated at theae bub
lie markets in keeping with the spirit
of 1 ho times.
At a recent meeting of the board of
Hiipervisors, Supervisor liollinirer pre
sented figures to the board showing;
that one of the markets which origin
nil" eot r?.,ooo aom rear ego te
build cleaned np a proflt of $29,000
last year. Another niacket, which cost
origiuallv to build, $14,000, ehowed a
net profit last year of 1 0,000 ; all
of which the dear public haa paid until
the advent of Eben Low 'a drastlo ac
tion of yeaterday.
(Vablet.) . Inuggut. refund money H
. 1 . .- -i . 1
t fn.lr to cute. Th (oig.atnM.of
;. V. GUOVK ia on tub bo. Man-
U turcd by the PARIS MEDICINB
CU" 3t Ltfi. U. S. A.
Spaniard Charged With Supply-
ing Krtjpps With Designs) of -r
;Fretidh Subm;
PARIS, April 28 (AssociatedPress)
Marqul do Arquestllly, a Spaniard,
waa arrested hero Mondny On thi. charge
that Jus sold France's plant for sub
marines to riipp, acordig to- i'ttit
Parlaien. : . lj- ,
The Biarqula waa for eleven year engi
neer at the Krupn plant and ia report
ed to have mad t.OOO.ooo franss U
commissions on the aale of the subimv
rine plana. .- . -' '
At the outbreak or the" wnf lie same
to Franc and was naturalize J and to
wenty-fonr hour waa ia l&o-anny, re
elving two promotion. V ;,, .
It la abarjred . that ,. the aubmsrino
plaaa aold to Krupp'a were stolen from
he French minister or marine.
Th first -ubmarles Krupn 'a pro-
luced wore duplicates of tke , Freneh
aigrette type. .
Th marquis maintains hi Innocence.
, ,.v.m " 1 w. a. a....r -
AMSTERDAM,, April 87. (Associ
ated Preaa) Figures which ' were do-
lared to give the lonaeo of Germany
luring the war but which are received
here with incredulity as underestimat
ed were -riven, ia -the .reicVtaf yes-
erday by Geaeral Schultse. ' Despatch-
es from the. Franfurter Zeltahg tell
of his speech and the admissioaa of
loosen whieh he. iBave, :
German leaaos, since the beginn'.ng of
the war,' BchaltM ' said, have been an
sroximatelv. twoi nililomv men.. OI
ihoae - u,unr .have , noett able to ro
'.urn to service at the front. . Six hnn
Ired and twenty-nine'1 thousand be
t...' t ...
aid. hav boon retired and ia thia
auinber waa included 75,000 cripplea.
r. . n.
LOXDON, April 27 (Associated
Press) Lord Northcliffe, head of the
British Mission to the Unite I 8tatef
who maintains hie headquarters here
ha expressed his desire ta resign be
cause of ill health. After he bait
tendered his resignation he was per
suaded to withdraw It. r
. Sir William Weir haa been named
aa minister of th air forces, to auc
ceed Lord Bothmere, who la- a broth-of-Lord
Norlhelife'aad who resigned
' , - .a.,a.;.T- .
JEFFERSON CITY, M'ssouri, April
87 (Associated Freae) Champ Clvrk
prefers to retain ths speakership 0
be hone of representatives rather than
aeoept the oenatorship of Mlasonrt fo
he unexpirn4 term. 1 After, consider nj:
'he tender of the appointment made
to him by Governor Gardner, Clark son)
a message yesterday in which hr
thanked the executive for the honor
done him but expressed his preference
for hie present office.
, Following -the message from ".peakei
Clark the Governor offered the senator
ship to Walter Graves, judge of thu
Missouri supreme j'ouit.
li.n t.' ) -1 i. , e.v
WA8HINOTON. April 2ft rAeaoein
ted Presa) Secretary McAdoo an
nouneea thn-income and exeeaa pro
Its taxes will bring the government
ibout 3,000,090,000 or 500,000,dW
more than 'the officiul forecast. Thr
increase -Is largely duo to the people 't
patriotic readiness to disclose taxabl
rnootnen. McAdoo rays tho govern
ment's war'texpenses have i stressed t
1. 1100.004,000 monthly of which 00,
000,000 nrei loaned to the Allien
-'BOMEl April 27 (Aasodated Fress)
'Heavy- artillery' oogageraente were rti
norted yesterday from both tho Asia
go plBlns and the Hrenta valley. There
waa aa absence of the tnrantry ugni
inn. sw'h aa was reported on -Thurs
day but the artillery fire was greatly
1 Intensified and I u. Hunted a renewal oi
'tho heavy fighting nad ou even a Inrg
er oeals.
fightinqTabi'lity OF
W ABIII NGTON, April ! (Offlcial)
Eduord de Billy, deputy French high
loatttiiaaloner, returning from France,
SHya.that French officers after oDonrv
iii a Americana in tk trenches express
ed the highest opinion of their fighting
WAfilJtlNOTOrf, April 2d Asaociat
, d Pr)-Cualtiea reported by the
r war department today numbered aeven
tv.nv,,NlBe er khled to action, five
dim ot WOUnda aud three died of die
ease. Thirty three were seriously wound
d and tweoty-ive ollghtly Injured.
SentiinQiitW Moscow and Petru-
grad Swings Violently Anti
t German and To Allies ;
Bolshevik! Still Distrust Japan
' $omewhat But Gains Con--
;tidence In Others '
LONDON, April S7 (Aeaociated
freaaj-j-ln Buesia evea th Bolshevikl
peacO. at any price advoeatea are be
coming disillusioned by th Germane.
Where they had eonfldene ta th re
sults that were t eom from the Brest
LitovaV treaty they how hav donbt.
Their faith la . th promises of Ger
many ha be skahen and destroyed.
At the same time their eye are being
-opened to th frieodlineaa of th Allies.
While they, atill look wttn some suspi
cion o' Japan because of th landing
of a small (ore at Vladivostok, son
Id enco in tke other Atliea 1 being rap
idly reetored. .
'Trotsky is repotted from Moscow to
hav gen to Moormansk where he will
eek to. arrange, for a stronger resist
ance against further northward move
ment bv th Germaka. .
In Moscow; and in Petrograd, dea
natehes received yeaterday said, the sen
timent 1 becoming meet violently anti
German. Some euapieioa of th motives
of Japan were atill entertained but the
action of the British and th French
recently lit Inadiag marine da North
ern Russia haa had th effect of sway
ing sentiment ' ia, favor of the other
Atliea. Th feeling toward the United
4ate la apeeially friendly boeaooe no
Americans were landed at Vladivostok
and no action haa been taken by the
flatted States that eih be Interpreted
0 be la any way boat lie.
w. a. a. , .
WASHINGTON, April 27-Aaaoel-ated
Press) Orders for railroad equip
ment were placed by MoAdoo venter
lay on an extenslxe scale and at ll
Vther order of rolling stock are ex
pected, to; b placed within tho next
.Thirty thousand tool and box ears
were- .ordered. Col tk aovernnaat eon
trolled road a' yeaterday.. They ara to
.tost about 90,000,000 and will be aup
plied by the American far and rouu-
try icompnny waica win do auowen
profit of five percent on the filling
r the oruer.
It is prebabl that sn order for a
housand new laeofnativen will aoon be
w. a. m.
WASHINGTON, April 37 (Asaoci
ited PrfcseV-As yostenlay was a boll
lay no Liberty Loss totals were given
ut last nlgbti Lose than fifty million
lollars stood between subscriptions and
he two billion dollar mark on Thurs
lay night and It ie eoafldently expect
ed that, the mark has been left welt
ehind and. figures will be well in ex
es of It When given out tonight.
Yesterday Ui holiday and appropri
ate obaervansoa asked by the Presi
lent were observed here and reports
eceived indicate the observance waa
eneral throughout the eountry whh
patriotic ralliea which oiuat bavo great -y
timulated Interest in the loan.
Today Will mark the Clean of the
bird, week of the drive. '
f, a. a.
LONDON, Aprii 27 (Associated
reus) Bitterly resenting the passage
f the Man Power Law before any
lonie Rule legislation waa paaaed or
iven Introduced, Ireland Is expecting
in early enforcement of tho eoascr'p
lon -pvoviaiopa which the new law fcou
'ains. Dilblla despatches received last night
aid it waa reported there that aa or
ler in council for the enforcement Of
'onacrlption wa expected to b eigne. I
ieat week.
W. a. a.
WASHINGTON, April 27 (Asancl
itej Press) Jcrmaa II boata are again
ipernting off the roast of Africa. K
torts received yesterday told ef ah"U
ag Of the Tripoli coast by Tauten sub
aarinus. Beporta ot damage gave tew
w. a. a.
Your boy la always getting wruhk I
ir cut or bruised. Because tln-c
wounds have i"vtled all right la uo sign
they always will. Get a bottle of Cham
erlulu's I'i'ln Calm H'V e l''a oVai)
ojury is Chre.l fur liii" "s'n'Vw You
all get iio'lilnir better, end M 'od ffcis' ti
1 ton dan -''r " 11 di e n 'o r;"' '"o
ale by all denlers. Hmimiu, Hiuith H
oo.,. uyeuls for Hawaii.- M.U
;:,... 'i'.- .), '.:f, v.. . :
-V), .
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