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7 ' '
TUESDAY, APRIL 3p.'-l$18-.SEMtAyEF.Kr.V,
' 1 i 1
Houitea Msetind At .Bishoo Park
, Cejcbrateii. $uccr.s3 Di. ,111-';
i . -t - . . .
. (1 anu. uiuei ly man unve
Music of Grca Chorus Adds To
Spirit or True Americanism
. . Shown By Crowds
Honolulu ' patriotic heart wag atif
tvA, and the voic of thousand wm
raised la .ehcer and song yesterday t
the rousing Liberty Day celebration
parried oat witk program of musks
nnd a,ddreMP at Bishop Park, Thouijfc
it. bod, bean planned .t eantinpa th,
meiotiaff tor an kour only, tha throng,
carried away by thelrftrror, atayed on
and on after the announced number
of tha program had been give Vvd
continued to eall for more aonga and
more, muni. ,. T :
. Bt. -Olcna E. Hoover, who had kad
Lin atrlpeaj only a faw daya, a ka came
tk Inlonda a, avivat. ia UTaaka,
and who ia a former Seattle newspaper
man, delivered-a rinsing addreaa from
the turret of the "tank". The qual
ity of bin eloquence which held evary
hearer apellboand .illuatratea the type
of me a .ho are leaving all behind to
Kive themaelvea to the Nation.
Trained Chorus A .
By, one o'clock in the atarn oob
Blahop Htreet from King to Hotal
Mtreete a a eloae packed wltk a maaa
of humanity gathered to calibrate the
fart that Hawaii haa paaaed ita quotat
in aubaeriblng for the third Liberty'
l.oa n. One tier of bleacher erected in 1
thu park were filled with men in khaki1
of the Second Infantry, a trained
churui of atz hundred, and adjoining
them, were the Kawaiahao Seminary-'
girls, tie riamehameha eadtrta, and the
Kaou'haaaeha. crirla.
la the seat ia
tho center bleacher were ranged the
Afasona ia fuH revalta. tha. JLaUClab
and AjKillo Club. In a box below thefr-e?. i-
nUtarhera eat. Uovernor l'inkham, Oer-
rrnor to hc Charlea J. McCarthy. Lieat.l
i' ir . i it. . i . "I
n . n. riruun reiriienriDg me oay,
"ol. Robert R. Raymond representing
tlio army, and mom bora of the exetu
tive committee of the third Liberty
Loan aa followa: L." Tenuey Peak,
A. fwia Jr., Ouy H. Buttelph, I. OS.
Kpalding, J. L. Cockburn, tugather wkh
nirtmbera of the', aalea committee in
eluding Mr. H. P. Agte, Mr. tM Ten
ner leck, Mra. I. Htubba, D. E, Mooney
aii Malrolm 'MaeIntyM.1Mik,., ftI1 ,
I VWto fionored . . r
William Rbodea Hervey, grand mat
ter of the Maaona of California, wbo.i
vlnitiag the Honolulu lodge, and who
wi one of the apeakera, waa eacorhed
to the aqunre by the lodge in full ra
galiat headed by the Hawaiian ' Band.
i'h mettiag waa xned with tha aiag-j
lag or "Hail, Hail, the dang 'a All
Here", directed by Oorge Andrna and
lad by the whale gathering. The mob
ainguig that waa done through the af
ternoon 'a program win (Directed by
Ckaaluin Joseph l.ouyhran of the,
I'mirth Cnvnlry. .,.;.' .
(li) II. Biittoljili delivered the opea-'
i "U uildresa from the turret of tha
tank. ,
Kiiiiirnlin liearera Ihut the great
gntheriiitf bail cormi tugcther to cole
brate Liberty Day, the apeaker aaid he
did not beUeve any eraon preaeat.
willy appreciated the nil meaning at
our Ijberty. It ia u tiling born with
iin he aaid. a thing we have ftlwaya had,
miy loan of which wo hud never been,
(piled upon to feel.
ToL'a Meaning
The apeaker aaid lie- would nndor
tako to give iiiiiki idea of the real
nieanintr of Liberty hy sketching the
oilier aide, lie aaid Hint if we loae in
the preaent atruggle we might hear
around the corner the tramp of march
ing feet of brute who have tramplud
over humanity wherever Hir way -has
Ii. rictoring what would : happen.
HliOuld tbeir progreaa be oppoaed, ha
n 'u the man who ventured to make
nuch ' attempt wrrald Imi crneifled and
xhoiild a proteat ariae from hla wife ahei
would tie atmek down ilnta th gutter.
Khouid hla child cVy out, a aoldior af
tlie kaiaer would not heaitate. The
child ho aaid would be impaled on ra,
bayonet with which the aoldier would
march on unmoved. y i
It la to fight for Ue Ubtrty wc have
Hwaya had, he wnt on, that the Nation
i engaged in the preaeat atruggle and
the great gathering of eltir.ena, he aaid,
waa to cheer the wonderful Flag aod
the hoilor flag that had bean aont on
from Waahington. At the eloae of bi
inldrena the Star and Htripea and the
honor flag were raiaed on toe flag pole
by Mra. I Sttibba. Mr. H. P. Agee and
Mra. Ten' ev Peik.' Kargeant Hoover'
liuging uddrea followed:
Meaning of War
Tt Ik hard to rcalice the real mena
ing of the war, (he aoldier apeaker tohl1
it I m henrerx: eveu in Kn gland Hie full
rieanintr of the conflict 'had (men hand
to realixr. H.fut bHck to the early
dny'a af -tha. wWr'i aykea ke aaid in Kng
I'nd and America the word "buoinela
ih iiuhkI" waa the alogan that went'
o'it. They , had come to reaiine qniek
Iv lliet while the war waa n.
could not be aa tiaual. Nothing Cnubl
be tin irtiual,, ,A ,rl(ajiuo ;b,d come about
i' ml f friii uieunt tlint )epile had had
iiin ciL ou thein tlie cold flatt lat th
winning af the waf thei utie fill
brfrr tli i' in and that all clue could tw
rctir'ilail only ua chorea.
Two yearn ngu when he waa iu ('una
da. I lie apealter aaid, lie h4 eafll
"ion I'wnkeii to the rwal aieaniug af
tlie war when one got op l the morp-
in to aenicli tlirouuh the long'liat 4f
n.' iio for the local dead. Tbaae col
n ' c:io'ill v liata Uroiiyht honta
in i ' midsi ln't the war really meant
i' - -- ill. ':nuda became a aaiaa al-
tnl iii wprking for a aingla common
. ' then, wilti lm men gn tho battle
I ' '( p-ol ilic w (linen und children With
minble to light left carrying on
tbc war a l home.
-iTho speaker MM 4 would not gi
Into matters tone hlng on tha Liberty
Una. .fl was on of those, for whom
tha Ion a V(itiir raised. 3 he said.
110 told hi keepers. -however; that they
were being asttd to glv to do tkeir
part nf-nidlng tberiaetrrof the jk.Hesi
wneee-ntnifcgie anight Well nru the
fcy I at) da the greet Katharine.' Ha"
lore phm.m ma m weuia ot
iMMirve mni nation xoat vwouia apenn
l7",,?.''."MI, ;woid .gt
i lav
tavlahW- -that powar wUk on hand
wnue in tne other it would clutch a
niggatdly -piee of gold,
H array ftpaiker '
Tka thid wan and final addreaa of
the aftaraoait waa delivered br, Wil-
Uam Rhode. Hrev. tha v!tti. M..
OnU offlr. The apeaket paid A trib-
ute to the beauty of the Hawaiian
lalaade and declared -referring to Ha
waii' aUbacription for tha loan that
"whererer your dead In known men
will rejoice that the baaner of tie
Kaiea never can wave over the leaat
lump af eoral in the Island. Tha air
ia ton pur to be breathed by deanota.'
jprolongad , applauaa followed tha
apeaker 'a wot la when he quotad Til
bua, P. Nebit 'a "Your flif and' Wy
Flag.-'' Ha eloaed hi Jddreai by tell
ing hi hearer that tha work that eon
front the Nation has only 'begun. The
commander of -our armiea and aavy
have indicated the way ke a)d, and
w" will all gladly follow.
Aw aftermath of tha big afteraoon
wMaUnfxwM a. aarira of cowcarta wHh
abaaC ttre hundred aokller' voieea
gVvea -whan men of tha-Second Xnfaa
ty. Ued' ten army huto truck and
travelled . aver the entire city ringing
throngk the arry hour of tha avaniag.
Kouwng. toncerta were given beXor
tha 7ong. Hotl. out at. the Mown a. at
. . . - . - . r ; .
Sergeant Ackiaaon of Compaar E, Big-
nal Corpa, Witk the men of' the Sac-
IiiWn wr . .nnk ...
f .ihV qaartermaater ' eorp at Kort
BhafUr. ; '
Totals To Moon . .
Tha Territory of Hawaii naaaed ita t
Third Liberty Loan quota mf 3,614,-
000 at one-thirty 'clock last Saturday
f taraoaa nd aioce the aubacriptiona 1
Uarv eotUinuel to pour in. Thousb
conauierahle aal of bond waa made
through . tha ' Jay yeaterday report
were not turned in after tha noon
hour aa the. afternoon waa give over
to a holiday. At boon, however, he
quota kad been ovarauiiacribed. $746,-
160, a tha totl then reported had
gone to $4,217,000.
A war romance which involve one
of Hawaii 'a- daughter coliuiiinted Inst
evaming when two - member, of the
VaiteVl "State "oavyj. M enJiaU'd and
entitled to thai rating, of. yeomen, be
came engaged, the feanovneement being
marie by .Mra. Habiaa Hotehinaon, ox
Stiliek AyekUk, 1 k
-ajt hi tbe-irt-4natanee of 0 mmu
bera. of the aaine department of the
Uary t- lie married from the I'carl
Harbor Naval-Station. The bride to
kw.i the'iirat oamantt trf the navy
here to be ugajje -to a navy man,
the yeomenetta- force of the uavy
heretofore merging ita matrinionial af
fair -with the wroay. '
- kliae k!aima Mr!d KailikapoJono
Hut',hinaoii,4a . tk veomaaatte, while
William Minning Jlnnt, Chief Yeoman,
u. B. N., e the groom-to-be. .lone 18
ha boULWcleaed' for the wedding day.
Mia Hutcino.i a granddaughter
of Mr. fttMim Nakuina, the Uawaiiau
actiolar, and in alao a dencendeat of
Citain Beckle1yv tho ICngliah navigu
tor .who wainlitary -adviaer to Kanie-banu-ha
the Qrewt. Ue waa flraf com
nmii'lcr of the original. Honolulu f rt
eataliiialied about. Itttti, and ia alj cred
ited by maay iajaoxlor aa the ihvtigeer
of the Hawaiian. Hag. Mina Hutckin
aon began war clerical -aervice anon
jifter the outbreak : of tixe .war, and
later waa rated .aa a yeoman for tlio
period of the. war j .
Mr. Hunt haa been in Honolulu
aince December, and haa been with the
United Statea navy for about Ave
yearn. He waa barn iu Ht. Joseph,
-..,.. . r.aT..aV V.-
In the seven-dav drive ef the Uouo
fnlu Boy- tartrut for -the aale af Libert v
Bond, Troop IV, headed hv Hcoutmns
ter 'op" Hatton, ' landed in first
placet The troop; wh i( h number twen
ty eight apouta, diapoaed of 222 botula
of the aggregHte 'vnlaa of $2(1,0.10, it
waa atmouriced yrrarterday liv Exeetitive
jenrjnnsr Thi nake -an average of
a trifle under -eight bond and a little
over $1KI0 per -Scoot. "
-. W AH B INOTtVOApril tH ( A aac la
ted Irea) Hringiug down two Hun
tire-raft i-uuday, April 1'0, Maior
WMi!"t -Tina wv-anin man Her of the La-
fayetta Bquadran ef American avia
tara,' haa moo further, laurel. Major
Vltaar hii: already toag airing of vie
tarina aver enemy aviator tu hi
f.M'. T-T-'aJ.!-
tne. rieaaanion ad at point along thai ... , , . "
beac. Tha aingera were directed by1w".,u.' iatT? 0T rt"truction of war ma
K'ANHAS CITT, Ajril 13 Marguerite
Ciarat the wH known Ulni atar, came
to Kanaaa City yeaterday to ell Lib
erty Bond Jn.ihe big loau drive here.
Hhe left tonight for Memjihia, Tenn.,
a full fledged chief yeoman of the
flitted Htatna iiaVy. Hhe took the oath
the aerviee tkia afternoon a: th
uavy recruiting- ofHVe.
, - ,:W.
,, ,iTVn5Aa,OH, .
. Bowal oowipUlnt i aare to be pova
lent during tha fruit aaaaoo. Be aure to
keep a bottle of Chhmberlaln'a Colic
and ' Diarrhoea Remedy at hand. It
my nave Ufa. for tale by all deal
er. Beuaon, Umltu COv caent for
Ilaerkii.--Advt. .
i Alii HtmvH mm
l asr iiiiviai I aiv iittiiH
' V ', tt I
. viucy-rvr ;ijnjp. IViWCfUVy
War Material Or Utilities
8o that poaaibl affendran mny know
juat what constitute a violation o.f tk
pew war law againat aahotage, whiqh
proyidea a penalty o( thirty year i-
Po"menj. n ihi.iiihi nne. or both, !
irict. Attorney H, C. Huber haa
Qpl the text of the atatute for publica
tion, The law, which went into effeet
Immediately after receipt here, w'a
cabled. to the diatrict attorney' dftUe
yeterdv morning.
The law ia one directed expreaaly
againat the destruction or injury of
war material, which i full)- drnae1 ii
tha atatute. The making of defective
war malarial ia juat aa aeverely pas
iahabl under the law aa ia the deetrua
(loa of auch material. ;
Paaaaca of the law by onngreaa ra
aulted from a general publie demand
for aevera penaitie for all enemiaa
withlu tk Nation who attempt to im
pede America 'a preparation a againat
lh -Ciernia.ua. Aa Oaha ia one of the
important military paata of tha.Unitad
fcitate goyernmont, it waa thought n
eaaiwy in Waahiugton to aend it hear
byi cabla, while other new atatutea are
uannlly received through the mail.
Taxt of Act
..r'Mt IM ntlt Inrt An At ' Trt ,.nn..k lk
I,TT , war Prm,"'" or uhtiaa
"f " """nwt'o" with war material
aJMt for other nurpoaea,' commonly
i know Habotage Act, approve.i April
'20,1818. The act read aa follow: t
-ite it -enacted by the aeuate and
of repreaenutivea rr the United
rUi A,ll,er,ca in rougreea aaaenl
j that the ward 'war material'
hVren ahall include arma,
antum, aniuiuoiiion, nveaioea.
tore of clothing, food, foodatuffa or
taekj and ahali alao inilude auppliet,
munition and all other article of what
cva deaeription, nad any part or 1
gredihnnt thereof, intended for, adapted
to, "r'aaitable for the ux- of thd Unit
ed Htatea, or any aaaocinte fiatoa.. in
eonnertion with tlie conduct of the war.
- The werda 'war premiaea', a uinxl
tMrein,' ahall include all building,
rounda, minea, or other pliicea wherean
awek 'war material ia being preducet
aaaaafaetured, repaired, stored, mined,
extracted,- diatributcd, loaded, unload
ed, or tranaported, together with all
machinery, and appliance therein co
tained) and all forts, araennia. navy
yarda, camp, priaona, or other military
or naval etation of the United Htatea.
or any axaoriaie notion,
'.'The- word (war otilitiea', m uaod
herein..' ahall include . alt irailroadaj . rail
a-aya, electric tines, roada of whatever
deaoriptionri railroad er aairw-ava tlx
tare, (a), tanal, lork, dam, wharf, pier
dock, bridge, building, atructtire. mine,
machine, mechanical eontrivaiw, car,
vohKjle, boat, or aireeaftf or any-other
mana of tra'-poation aiiataoevor.
whereon or whereby auch war ma
terial or any troop of the United
Htatea, fr of any associate nation, are
being ar mny be tranaported eithar
within the limit of the United States
or upon the higk aeaa; aad all ilami.
rem-rvoira, uuedueta, water and pi
maim! and pi pea, atrncturea and buill
inga, whereby or in connection with
which water or gaa ia being furnished,
or oiny be furniahed. to another wa
oremiaei or to- the military or naval
f ii (ton of thu Uuited Htatea. or any aa
iKM-iwle nation, and all electric liht
and power, otcam or pneumatic pimer.
telephone aud telegraph plants, polm
wirea, and flxturea. ami wireleai nil
tioua, and the buiidinga connected with
the maintenance and operation thereef
umd to supply water, light, lieat, pow
er, or fariiitiea of eonunu nutation to
any waa. premixe. er to, the military ar
uaal force of the United St a ten, r
any aarm-iate nation.
"Tho worda f United Mtntea' alutll in
ciudo tlie X'aaal. -Zeae and nil territory
and watora, continent l and inauJnr
mbwt to the juriadjction of the Unit
ed .State...
"The worda 'uuoeiate nation '. a
umnl in tkiar art, ebiill be deeated to
mean- aAy nation at war with any na
tion with - which the United Htute ii"
at war. -
"Section Two. That when the Vuirt
ed Htatea in at war, whoaoever, with In
tent to injure, interfere with, or tib
Hi met the I'nited Mates or any aaso
einte nation in preparing for or' carry
ing on the war, or whoever, with na
aon ta believe that hla wet may in jure
interfere with, or obatmet the United
8tatea or any asaoeiate nation in pre
paring for or carryiieg oa the war
thrill w-ilfnlly injure or deatroy, er
shall attempt ta ao injure or deatroy
nv war material, war premise, or war
utilitieM, as herein detneda ahall, npon
conviction thereof, be fined not more
than $10,000 o imprisoned not more
tban thirty years, or both.
"Keetion Three. That when the
I'nited State I at war. whoever, with
iiiteut to injure, interfere with, or ob
struct the Uuited Htatea or any dmho
einte nation in preparing for or carry
in.' on the war. or whoever, with reason
to believe that hla act may injure, in
terfere i with or obstruct the United
Htatea or any asaocinte nation in pre
(H riii if for or carrying en the war, ahall
wilfully make or rauae to be made iu
a defective manner, any material, as
herein deiiaed or any tool, unpWaient
machine, utensil, or receptacle use-1 or
employed in making, producing, nianu
facturinit, or repniring any such wnr
material, aa herein defined, ahall. upon
(uvu vitioji. thereof, be Anad not more
than $10,000- or imprisoned not more
than thirty years, or both."
W. , $
WASHINGTON, April ltt-Witb the
coiupletion of the praaent wooden ahip
program the eonatruction of wooden
lita.. to tie CArMuie on account if
the ahortacn of boiler and engines.
Kxperts of the United State Hhinplng
Board have reported that the .'1500 ton
wooden Nuii is economically expensive
and that all engine and boiler are
needed for the steel ships.
Recomniends Action By. Co
A War Measure To - insure
Maximum Food Production
Fiars.Ar Expressed That legis
lature Will Oppose Unlet! Pure
poso Is, Carefully Explained
,Th paaaage of a resolution, iatro
da4 at 'special meeting' ef the di
rector of the chamber of eommer'fe jrea
btrAajr morning, recommendiag tba an-'
pension of the law which at pVcannt
reqeire ponuc innua now -used for Cultivation-
of sugar to become, aj ajaut-if
the homestead area iixa explratioa of
eiiaJtinf leoaea, ia the fire (Up-takr-a
ia. Hawaii fo continue a maklatUM pff
eHMtitoa oi food styffs in Jloe witk the
feJenal go vera me t ' poller, for' tb
period of the war.
rTh resolnfioti as oriirinaUv I Intro.
drtned ealled for cabling to Wahlg
toa the action of the chaiibar tad fur.
the chamber 'a repreaeatati'va to. an
deawov to have the request earried
throOgh eongree. OpfioaitUei'twi tola
plsai developeil In tha meeting -from
Delegate Kalnninnnple. who waa. pre
eat by invitation, and from Heaator
.k. L. Castle, resulting in a decision
to paaa tka resolution witk power to
the legislative cemmitte !eall into
oonferenee tke Delegate, Governor, dv-'
araor-elaet O. J. McCarthy, the prewl
rt of tka senate, speaker of the hoM
aad territorial and federal. food com.
miaaioa head. The committee .w
jrive power to. act.
Want Conference .. . fV
The Delegate wo in oppoaed to the
tusolutioB itself except insofar a it
called for immediately cabling ita ub
tance to Wnhingtoh'. He felt that
there ahould be a conference uooa tha
wbjeet, ta gat tho weight of the tonv
nvniy, ar public sentiment, behind, .it,'
end ht it be m understood at Waah-
in(av, Waoav a learned that Ibtead
of going to congress the request might ,
bo mqdo directly to President Wilson,
the J4egte. felt that there might tot
b need of a 'conference. . ') j
la view of the fact hewever, that
a aprcial aeasiot of the legislature ia
about to bo oalled, ; and beeaaee
the action of the chamber might
not be: i entirely underatoud, later. ep
ponUioa be ereated, It was auggeaied,
that the matter should be considered at
least bv the loaders of tha legiatatur.
I a iirief. Delegate Kalanlaaaora sua-
geatod that 'Cooperative action on the
measure; - wo easeatial and 1t would ,
preaent a aolid front Ja Washington.
Taxt oT Resolatlon v..V ''
Tho resolution a introduced, waa aJ
IllllSWS, .
" WgKRKAs) .the;rodoctiaji , of Ra
waii ' contribution to the prodnetion
of foodstuff in demand for world con
sumption is immediately impending on
account, of the expiration of lenaea of
large areas of publie lands of the Ter'
rttory of Hawaii, and the impossibility
of retaining such lands- under cultiva
tion and aa producing areas under the
provision of the present land lawa;
"Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved,
thut -thia chamber,, a a war measure,
urge appropriate legislation by the con
gress of the United Htatea to prevent
the curtailment of tha .prodnetion of
food products on the publie lands of
the Territory of Hawaii, either by ex
ecutive order withdrawing from hums
stead entry, during the period of the
nar and for such additional period
thereafter, not exceeding four yeara,
as may be neceaaary to harveat the un
matured creia thereon, .-including one
plHiit and one ratoon crop, any terri
torial publie lauda now being cultivated
for the production of '. -foodatuffa, . or
which have been so cultivated within
nix months prior to April 1, 1918, or
'.y authorizing the aeeratary of tke in
terior to permit persons. Arm or cor-'
.oia.Lioi actually producing foodatuffa
n auch public land to continue ia auch
ptoduetioa during tha war period and
for, an id additional . period thereafter
ipou auch terms aa to rentals aa in his
judgement are" wise,"
John Wuterbouse, seconded by H. K.
Vernon, moved the adoption- of the
resolution. A. Lewis, .Jr., spokesman
for thef legixlative committee, explain
ed the resolution. There Blight be lit
tle opportunity to have legislation aa
nropoaed paaaed through .tha acxt con
jress, unless Introduced In tka present
session. The committee, believed that
'he todustion of foodatuffa' ia a matter
which- haa passed the theoretical (tnge,
inn is now an, tatllsnea Tact. Lease 0ra. ' ')'" -.;..
have. expired and will aipUe-Uus jmhut,. . iu f1i it -"-r Vn' IV -taking
out of fultivaJtioBi a few thon ( td' be "naed fo aeed.' fb plant U'
sand of acrea. This is a problem which iMat half n eaihr diwtwnbfrojn amy c
lias been wrestled with for yewraTk Eak
vuituig congressional party haa tacktoB
,h" He had been given t$ nnderatand
Uit the ercretarv of the Interior had
appointed a epeciel eemmitoee to take
this under icoBoidarHtkon, n4 tke mat
re r should be approached wita etutioo.
I the meantime theaa areas are be
ing tlirown out of cultivation. "In or
der tbat Hawaii (can Jo ht part as a
war measure It is time tod advisable
m ouii euo nuvinuoia
ia be rqltivated right along,"
Lewi..v; iH'-sf .
will not dispose of the home-
these area be
said Mr
'"' tins will not dispose
steading problem. It le Anly a torn
aernry ml juatiucut. .a u)enaioii of the
laws to give temporary relief and keep
p. our food production. Ii ia a war
wax nil re. "
"Henntor Castle said ba wished niort
liaae had been given Ute member to
read over the proposed resolution. He
wished to know whether too resolution
'ailed for continuing the growing of
'runs, plan tine of caaeto go on for
four years 'after tb war? , .
Mr. Lewis said that it meaas to the
contrary, only until after the war.
Tears Legislature .vi.
Mr. Pestle called attention' to the np-
proacbiug special aeion of the legialu
ture, and ha felt tha legislature Mould
violently attack the 'resolution as it U.
Honolulu Vho(eatc : Produce ..
lammo Mtrm
otaia put ' t4AUdnrntri
Islnnd butter, lb
. .49 to .44-
. . tf in
Mggw. select, rloa. -..i
fca. Km, 1, dor. . . .
gga.ltick. doe. r . . .
Young ruostera, lb. .
i, .t&& erk4 .rVkia, Mr.
'. . ,r Ji8ve-K)JUfAi, Haw.dor..
tvenna, string, -grrcn .
Oeana. string wax
Kkmib, l.lnta in nd . . .
Ilea aa, Maui red
(lean. Carle Cwtt
nen. Hwtall White. . .
I'eaa, dry la. tat,
Heeta, loae be Ilea . .
Carrot deaea bt-hee. .
Cabbage, eat.
Cora, sweat 100 ears .
Rice, Haw. Prod cwt.
Bananas, Chinnnn, lb.
Bananas, Cooking, beli.
rigs, 1Q0 .
Oiapr-a, Isabella, lb . . .
saw J
Uattl and wkeeo ar out bedfht at
.ld for Ita dressed weight tljjtsl ! V
Reef. lb.
. . U aSMotton, lb
,..-.. . HO Klpa. lb
vw..-.. ,,I0 Goat, white
. . . . jyi . tJOT
fYL' lb.-
4tr, No. 1, tb.
Steer, No. 8, lb.
Hteef hair slip .
rw. w f tf CD
The following are price ' ieev f k Honolulu:
Barley, too . . . . i $7.50 to b00 Oats, too
Braa, ton B7JW)
Heratch Tood 8.00 -to 100 XK)
" ' ' '' '
i , ' :
lis telt the resolution ahould have too
ndoraement of the Governor and Governor-elect,
alao the eadotaoment of tbe
llrgte, legislature leaders, aad eom
merctal organisations. He felt it would
then pnss the special session of tha leg-"
talature. If it was looked apon by tho
legialnture as an attempt to evade tha
horoeattad law it would not paaa. If
It Is fir four year aa an outside time
Kaiitstjoji. it would be all. eight .
'.. Freaideot Wi. i rHlHnirhani- $ld
this matter had been dlsmised by the,
Amerienii jJerenre Society, "Wberwvtnw
sentiment prevailed' that if tBe hem
s-od ,eM, Kained from Mrmyoiw of
lft.SSft.ftl ter IdSSft Hn h1H hr lhft(lftMlft.
. , i . , i . . i . , . .
7,""' . norJ n:,a S, Mr Jn
Hons, were' . opened
we ' P"
wotua not tie square' aeai To tno'iia- v
not tie a so i
l.ind men who have enHnted'- awe 'gonei
raving "tha iVart (rbbTto tn"KS
a. tle'front whc. thretur. from tk,
ZiX l r!T?
wHh ether mentioned. -'ItowM.b
the 4amo"Ola -proposition' of Hawaii
not beiag together", bo aM.- , '
. The Delegate said a favored tne
opinion expressed by W. "Castle. It
was feotisb Hef think ar reaolttttonof
thia kort,' merely sent en-to Wsisking
ton weald be carried through by toa-
groa. - y r
the fd(t ff rri.' 2f "1
-nrnniwl. bo ' ' '"'f
.Ll f. rT,TTJ:"Tlrft! iT- " 1
would like to ! coaaeotod oritk rt m?
elf. ' That' would ba tha quieket aad
easiest 'way.' wi ' t' "'.
Alt.- LeWia wgedsl that- t leant nthe
sentiment bo etpreaaedt of i the eham
her'a opiakon. iau a'itwgiwniair. J ' Let 's
start the bnlUtaallng and not delay,"
added Mr. Lewi. ,"
The lreselnaiv aO fraally i peuaeed
witk-a-amradmeat -turning ii over to
the rrgratatlv oasamittea for a confer
ence with offlcUrhL'
Are Found for ,
tinti om On Katui
It s-Coop- for .Calino As Sweet
T kl r .' . 1
Com ,fs WeL Afc Excellent
Fcji For Stock and Fodder
- t it m ;
E. II. W. Broa4bes4 of Kanai re
lorta'vry aooraaaf ul reaoiia with the
Guam ooru, ieji be k Veen largely
laotrumaaitaX InroaWUig to. tha
faj-mer f tha Jalahda In verbal re
jMttt iut Jde.to the tf. tt Expariment
fatation he add. eoJisidoaably to the
ilota already ooUeeted-caacerniqg tnla
v oth
er- aoatM wdtick,' Win donat ylar tassel at
the' same 'time.' If thw wtkvr corn i
in the direction of tha) aw vailing winds
it will mix even at a diataoce of half
a -anile. J l'4
i Ia wOftUtloo to b4ag'W'atuale? corn
fa feV it 'Jn a Wory godariaty for
rating aa greemVeom. MiW not as
sweet aa the betei graded af sweet
com, it is very sjoJatabla aod-. excellent
retura kavo beeavreportaeT .by 'a num
ber of people who kavo produced it for
this purpose, -vTke Jaadingr aharacter
istic of that vata oorwraetaiH to be
ita ability to produce swrlitactarv crops
under all sorts of "aiaeouragsna; eon Ii
tiona. anpeclally attacks af tke corn
leaf hopper.
klr. Breadbant'a first stark of this
corn wa obtained b. kin from a Ka
paa homesteader on Kauai 4y the name
of Jsnaen w ho had formerly resided iu
Guam and had obtntbsvl first hund
knowledge a to this promising van
ety. - Jiyju'
Mr. Broadbeot mad a comparison
; between tho corn obtained from the
scrubby wnseleeted ears.ajad from the
I better grade of ear.' The result oh
tained' in the part' of 1 the field p'ant
ed with the selected) earn wa uch a
to cause a groat deal of comment bv
.thuse who inspected the two pluiitiug.tia Mill bo auj i'lKd tf usalrtu. "'
AprUL St, m
Hea, lb.
fP ft. .
M to
lb. ....ft
nska Ummr IV
...... .a
vsaartBLCi turn raosucm
M t .07 'f aawtor hp rb. .03
. J&1 to M Oveen peppere, belt .01 ta .10
........v.. 'W reen (wpperis chill ,...,..;..'. .0
M Potatewa, la. frith v. 2 .50 to $.MJ
.i,.;lM)0'.s,otoee) aweet, red, ewt. ....... I.?5
tpiit, buaeh ...;.' '".I
-, UkI fM lVV .$wt! j . v . , .'. 1 1 ', i , ;v'i -. I.M
M to. 10
vtO Orraaabera, doc.
. S.90 PtMfiklaa. Il. .
.AO Ones peas. lb.
. .fit Limes, U0 . .
1.24, nUNipple, cwt
1.0X1 ropaioa, ilb. . . .
. so ta .18
Mi Jl
.It to .19
.7 to rf
A,, i.oo
, .OSfo sOtK
.... M UMu
.-'..' i ;
. .ViJ f
W raw berries .
. Mvoj Wetfht,
They ar sUMgntaral aarl
H OWJ, tp to 150 lb.
......... ,.
.1$ to '.if
.ts to .nj
...I' .'.ft
.90 to .30
..'. . .... ef
A5.00 to W.00
, t'i . Bt fa
US to 4M
"fj.60 to u.ao
IU;r, wleat
Hay, 'Alfalfa
Bare milk ':
. The United Htatea. Experiment. 8f
.tion, is distributing tonr .beUeUM hs
oaia week. Theae Ore. aw tieeif tofv
le end any whoee names -awe not -em
the . Tegular atailinaT Hat : ana - obtain
HbeW and a HsU of , 01 WwUteatioas
pItbk,.Ir drntribo' lltb.rriwil
. ' . ... . ' r
$ pontl ord ta tka Kxperi-
rrrt Station. Honolulu, reoneetia- the
meat btation, Honolulu roqneeiiag tie
aaaaea tr - ri-.tw. .''.: j '.
ter toertntf .tWrtitT'ioilf
! MkhiM ,.mA aJIa k...-. 1.4
nta. t t is ri,,,l .i . a;il y.jLA
The next m -Extanhl'"Btrletii.',Ne,
f, KroergeaeV Snriea) Vf. Drying: a
tiotho.t f Koo4 servatten ta'Ha
wait' Vy MrO. Jokno ohelt. Oaa
of the tmadieaa of vegetable amtrratt
-pf edaetloa r the- ialahd is too daager
IL. UwirVlko.-adr1refcdir.Mt allrit
UriwHcate1aMWa' baUetl aabla
i the growWra dry the vwuaWrt
I noW'toee 4aJ.thh. oooditicn ttaall
time whew .there) lawt leaat a' taomai
demaod- for- eho-'prodact. 4 Wtfrkig
plana wnd' rtotojrrwpwr of the omw-marie-
nlf sWrr ar given in the page
of tie bwHetfw.' .V, i. r , v-.. s
rxtensioo'BuBotiit ft o. . Kmergeaev
rterict- VI,''pMta,'r?pot- Draeaa '.
W. .CarTten' pothoV)!!, kay that
i has Ka fmotul that ta arauv of tke
bean flclita of the talaadr the yield f
mrHetnie Jeir( 1 deareased-at leaat
twmtyUve 'pertewt; by tkia so-eaUod
iionn auft- -' Tha plaats become yai
low , drofi:elr leavws, pods- are bat
p rt inlly "41)4 a d nnuiy of t ke Wa
Ihemartvea- Bj-e rained "by 4ke dkteaae
spits ot canlfrrs; Thia bullotin 1 lllaa
tratert 1y a Ua eut toaetograpb f
the diaeased en. pods and .leaves.
Aa lnterowtiag teeture1 Is the figuke
showing 'tha romporative'vaise of the
pores ojr Ujttle seeds by wbjck the dm
case 1 paopagatad ka eeapre4 with
the polat of a tne needle. TUir IWim
tritlon shows i he "bond rod af these
pores eeuld' seat, on, the peedM-paint.'.
In lee .BjilJetUi Ho. S3, "Coaapar
laon and Vlgeatiuility.1 lof .-5."dljig
ShilT Urown.ia ilii,l' Ir 3C p.
Johnson, ciamlirt, mod Kl . Ak-C3i)ng.
assistant eheaHiat. ar-braiitkt dAUekbki
a Oalytee.ef alt Hawalran i eedlstf stuf a
availaalf. Ar.al.vaea are given if vtJ
o Jiuastrsa 'atiaerant aork of oadUg
uius incunouig-caossva, eaaaanust,
pigeon,, pah 'L!.orjt ' And
waste' products.
i a v '
11 -f
Island koaysy will We ooodled on cop
aigument by M Territorial kfarkVg
Oiviaioa in. tie .future,, in any quan
tities for which there is a demand. This
will be of interest to many housekeeper
who are trying to conserve so jar hy u
ing Island loney.
K. C. Bmltk.'and other hooev produc
ers if they etre to do aoj will furnish
a rauch'iofley at'thr pnbtie.aaks far
at current prteee, which at the prenrtt
time ar about forty-tve to fifty rent
a quart. '","''"..'"'
At tho present tirae only the darker
honey, called "koney dew" honev is
on tke market td Ihkt is'snod prik
rioally for irooXinx. Table honey will
not be In the market for several weeka.
I..cnl price are unusually high just
now, aa there is h great domana jor
Inland hony on the mainland, which
' make It nrca for tie kme tad.. If
an asaurtd ditnaA la worked tp local
le It is paohttib that malnlaild order
will be, cot down ta supply th honta
trade. ' 1
The marketing division will probably
baudl chiefly half galloa container
of this honvy,', but target or smaller
asaiatM sda. Jfjm Bi taaa A .iaaf aaaW '
Trvye. ,W ; profiteering
Wall EJen lob Is on the
JoVNot If He Knows It
FtfEE StAll PlAN -: ' v
tioVrcfuig ,f ieing Practised By
font! wuiietMen Vigilante Says
He Mas Secured Evidence 7
. . iaw Jubeai Lowh aoilleial .represent
ative of the -food administration .and
set h e lmnle'iW orVer, sucireated tka
f Qssibiilty of eommandocring. the fih-
iag,ampaa aikdV hegea the aoetioning
af firk told by tke Ishermen to tha stall
men last Fridaj morning, be ka demon-
atrated that there 1 a . plentiful sop-
IV of, tsk far tha Honolulu market,
and that action can get rosulta at tha
tahmarket, .aa eaaily .a wherever di
rected.. . . ' . . . -v',-
yoiawali's " sow boy mariaer' did
wot stop' with kia Urot euccess of last
Friday, but vesterday ; morning snper-
tiaed and aueUonad h. fish .sold to
tkt, tkeriea, .wik tk anapuneed, if
temiaatioa ta d ao. ka long as ia necea
aary to k eep .tka. Jaarket supplied and
the . price ,f fish taaoaable. (..;, .
vUt.-Lqw'a jprograat new includes a
plaa to make tho fiakermea aad tha stall
men sell, theik: supply of ohia several
tenl. WfJftt ,.th Ag. act
by -the food daaiaietraror. He aay lie
Wb'essaa that aoeount of tho plant l
fxil 'wpply thahcrmea can be made to
agree t-a lower prfej. ,- r
. A matter wstbsWhioh ho baa ooaeem
eej kimhf too ko last few day 1 to
OerWHt the repetition mt . condition be
Haoaowred A tha market Friday af- ,
terwooa, wken.rn.-otall saaa Waa footnl
ra the Earn, market witk no fish, on bis
Ua4 '.The ataJl ana told Low, when
-ttweesioaed, - that '.tto ". Aad ! no ah" for
eat twaaaM tho owlr awpply ia tk mar-
awe. vnsv tn the ane-of tk UawaiUn
risherie aad. that tkia eompnay would
iftHe-JtUk atnJV'-y fVoV- ' 1 .
Owwbey Bapos riskaRnaa '.-.. ' V
1 Thia'' sort br!lbu1l, had much tha
tanr effeet oh I-ow a did a obstreper-
oaa ,f e in bit yonager.. cowboy dsya.
H made n direct Tine for th massger
of the HaWaJiaa riakeriesand demnnd-
ftA ',. biM ktf( ftJ, .11 ... ...
"Tot manager fit tke fishing company,
Wkk-.l'eoatrolled by i'rank Cooke,
tai9 that he bkd -not. refnoed to aeU fish
fo ,t"be bhsupnlied staH maw. aad that
lW 'atari "man Waa tie wp -wHh the
faeiDo nalpr vosnpany nod. wrmld not,
thereora, ouy iron tlie Hawaiian Fish
eitaavv ivi. ,,' v ?::. ',
'.TlgtiHitlTely. JwrorasdV-rjotk tha
K.liftrlkft' BfttftlM ssd tlia aall
and h.erdedi.Franki.Coeke along, for
good meaaarev t -a,' f evnew af, imarket
Wkere. botk iwer well eorralled woy
fjpotn- lntrfetvre"kWhile be brnn ' to
brau4 then itk ihe aelf evident fact
Uit oaiebedy i wf f prevatrieafing..
Y tjpwi iaaib by- Low k , words.- both the
siea irqtiirmed aneasily. but stock to the
stories thry bad ftrxt told the vlgllnato
aeproaentatlve of the public, i At ' tha
coneivitlen -f tbd! tuoiiisitioti. Low or
dered tho ' Hawaiian riahkrie men .to
sell 'that etaJl , man,' and the order was
promptly' fomptied with for be' threat
eaad to t botb their licenses eaacell-
A it they did nbt d ao, " . v -..Aside,
fcoa establishing tke fact tbat
Ashing fteoajpany . competition still tm-
tedea. tie- plentiful uoplying and aeil
Vnsf of fiak . to - tha HawaHon public.
Low aa.rieooded In making fisk appear
a- iau whicb aaa oeea tne same aa
:aii vrf e V(Kl psr.infr. ,r id" na,..
Ha W'tkorootrklv 'imhreaac-d th stall
iad fishing mon witk tke Idea that ho
botlevraKli uH " rather than 'too ,
ooen palavof.' , .',', ;
ftU KrUanA of Hoaxding. .
AV (waajltanf hie two' weeka4 qoiet
aweatiptioa et the available fiah nap
uly and tke method followed- 'in well
IngV Low- to' convinced wow more than
-far jtha rmMnr ta' being ateolthlly
eorriad oau by-aomo of Abe pond mnl
Vt.'arerK He tello kow he was aa eye
wltcets of an esnnrence at a fish pond,
near Ai.Wk4.b i tory lo t k federal
oxjtt'1 fclb OioaaMef owmolenf for a
vvifrnn ns)ev rtiei faoil ronservaeion
wet,- rklo aet provide) iOia ,000 tne
.. i
jWiwrktoameot ao'uaoskraeat for
fetioli -faVeMett-trlieti wtatliaka4. "
t- t f dm fase,' a' tow oyijaiR, we oaw
I It rMwd fThviBer.ijiin . net ttoanona '
ltS Vl. .....ft. KM.ll .ftl.l.
wt:th wtnlleti nooaatoaany; fcew-
nvst.'.t miiTtel wauM-to WtaMaibt. wrbich
PjieHMiaid knoo'wwsnwery oayefnl tw throw
oac a into taaisoll.ir a"i croeotinneil
.'be AalTermaji aa to why be did not keep '
aa aaattet tH aend them to tka mar
ell.. ir' ui . iwf. ttnj ' .V mjia .
';'Oav they are too small," was tha
answer. a. v, -.- X 'v '
"Aa armatta afi fat!"-Ir snvs.
'rfteesnllet thoaww onek Iwtevtbr. p.nd
af Alee: wort rrally two or three kaehea
htintterkeu Sam1''- 'ttwa ere
fcerng robrt tka Hnoolttlw market."
atys'tbax benauao the inkier mul
let 'Wftpbt Hay i the middletof the
BonA.. only-the amaller one rooming to
h gate,' wkare he saw- sons eaufjlit,
ko1a Mre(. tin-re are plenty of big
mallet ia the peml. " V.. v .
Street Mrkt Pirn MrtoriJlig
Jt Low Is atlH onvlneod tha his pro
posed public marketing f (th at the.
market front tables l,-ed tn the aide.
walks a in ihm atpeet la -TnaBlt,!., mnA
i .endeavoring to secure, eupport for kia
plan. 'which tie know is working sue
Oessfully irt Washington, p. C, Heikttle,
and otha places. ?
-Low's, plan, for Honolulu,., I tn bar
.'KtkaoHkOAf'tr.ett ac
I to all animal and, me-tn
tua market,
or vehiel ns.
and to place tables In tho streets where
th AsbarnAia would ba given the f n
privilege of tomlag to 'Mill thil catch
daily. ;', -t:-. V .

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