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Way 2, : 1yt Lent twenty
four honrs' rslnfsll .00
Temperature : Mi, 67;, Max.
tik weather, UiW,, a; - ,
44 ( iThAw"
- Expected OfkbciycsDpvNpt Develop and
Barrage Are Not FoIlDwed; By. Usual ,
v Vayes of iGr ey CB Infantry
French . Make Reconabiteriag Raids and Take
Prisoners; BritislAinscnlJo Deadly
' WprkBack of Eiiem Lines
E YUKK, .May. kV( Associated "rrei) Mile the lull in
the' (Jennan offensive continues the Allies arc seizing the
opIHjrtunity to make all preparations to meet the fresh enemy efforts
which are expected to be launched. The weather has improved which!
will enable the la to expedite the arrival of iresh trxps and more
puns which it is bellevl they have awaited before ushering in the
next phase of their offensive. "" That further strong offensives are
planned is indicated by .the intense artillery barrage which con
tinued throughout yesterday.'), .-'',. -i
The expected German attacks upon .the Amiens and Ypres sec
tors did no develop yesterday-and no assaults of any importance
were launched in either sector. ' Wild 'artillery bombardments pre-
ailed occasionally such as have,
but 'such attacks in each instance
observers assein tne icawns mu
c.r defeat and that their, attempt to break through to the ( hannel
ports and to crush the British havejatled.
Yesterday raofning the Qermans directed a heavy bombardment.
using both gas and explosive shells.'against the West Merry s area;
of the Villers-prettoneux. sector. A. heavy assault was expected
U follovv this barrage but PO Attack' Wis launched. !
North '&'AVehd'rt
thrusts j)iit tney were, witnimt toe
, west of . Khettrs-?Vratternpted.t
and fell- befort , "the, French artillery
Reconnotterlnfir raids were make by the French against Lemon-
chel, Coucy , and-Ppnta Mouson in the course of which a number
of German' prisoners was taken. '
British airmen were much in evidence yesterday and did some
deadly work over the enemy positions and back of the line was the
official report,from London. In k raid' on Thionville a, ton of ex-
idosives was dropped and bursts
r .t.. .-n -a
iroui vnc u.i, LiiiLfliu Baiw,, ..u a.u...K. ... "'tjvw restrictions he ulaee.1 upon its
in the Carkshutte ..works and. it was notfeed that tue balloon shcdai.e. ue Kaid aueh limitation would
vas badly damaged.
Immediate Offensive Against
Southern Rebels Planned and
Forces Concentrate
AMOY, China, May 8 (Associated I
1'rexn) An immediate offensive against ,
the southern rebels, breaking the dead- ;
loi-k that l.n existed for more than a
venr. in about to be launched bv the 1
'vernn,e,.t if the heavv movement of i
Hoops towards the Fukien and Kwang
turg borders means what oflieials and
others believe. i
Large reinfprcemeuts are arriving
for the government armies, which are
i-unceutruting at Tunftshan and Cbaoan.
South China has been acting lnde-
peiidi ntly of Peking for some time,
maintaining an army la re. neia ana
defying the power of the central gov
ernment. Many efforts towards effect
iiij; a reconciliation have been attempt
ed from Peking, each resulting in fail-
OMAHA, Nebraska, May 3 (.Asso
ciated Press) Two men were burned
hevoml recognition and elghteeu others
were burned painfully,' though not fa
tally, by su explosion followed by a
tire here yesterday in. an eaveloe fac
tory. Tin cxplosiun was caused by static
electric sparks which were created
through friction.
. W. S.
OMAHA, May S (Associated Press)
- captive balloon of -the CacUot
tvpe exploded in its Shed at the Flor
ence aviation field bore yesterday,
reck injf the building. It Is report
e.l I hat several men were killed as a
result of the explosion.
usually presaged the Hun attacks .
tailed to materialize. .Military
uuack aaui smm or siMmwicugci
Vtf"'.tlfemrr the only
of flames were observed to rise
J a K.t,
' r i; I
San Francisco German Officials
Decide It Best To Take
Their Medicine
HAN FRANCISCO, , May 3 (Asso
eiated Press) .Frani Bopp, former Ger
man consul at Ban Francisco and K. II.
vop Hchack, his aide and the German
vice-consul, both convicted of cnu
the nentraUty of the
I United States iu the Hindu Revolt Con
I spiracy Case, who were sentenced on
m i . . . .
j i uenuny iv mu jvutu iinjiriwiiiimiii anu
to par a flue of 10,000 each, from
which sentences they anuouneed tbey
would take an appeal, today withdrew
their notices of appeal through their
They will leave for the penitentiary
to commence the service of their sen
teucea on Saturday,
it was announced
bv Federal officials.
W. 4
WASHLNGTON, May 8 (Associated
Press)-!--An investigation of the army
aviation service and conduct of the
aviation preparations, with a view to
criminal prosecution, was urged in the
senate today, when allegations were
made of gross extVavagauce and mis
use of appropriations.
w. a. s
WASHINGTON, May 3 (Assoeiat
ed . PressJ-It is planned to enlarge !
the membership of the senate commit
tee on military affairs. Senator Hoke
Smith of Georgia and Senator P. C.
Knox of Pennsylvania are prominently
mentioned as tke two to be added to
the committee, giving It a total mem
bership of nloeteen.
. 1 ' ii ' I irwYvt . mra. t h ea awillalt -'- nf .-M4MirFaifr tJ nf .UJUA k ...
memv-attacie also met. witit aisaster vf- rr.i"Tv ' t"' "7 -.t w w.u
' i - -kjr :.' I "r mtw tMTy wunil ne BinwHriHi iir iu uvjr yau kwiu vi ww uuapwv,
... . I 11 . II.L.. XL, , . . . 1 1 I M m . k j . k . - .
-anu nne lire.' ,.- I for thjc KnuM nminiLto nn militnrv had twice DODsed nn and had then
President of German Council of
Ministers -and- Chancellor
Seem$TO Have Made Prom
') IsbfcHe Will Bt Unable To Keep
.LONDON, May . 3 (Associated
. 'Press) u' AJ Exchange Telegraph
; despatch "Trodi Berlin t1 The
,Hgne ladlcatet i kt th tenure
of office of Prtddent von Hert
' Unt of the fcouncU of mlaiateri li
fnMrUs lt ond. .Tk despatch ex
'. preasea Use fear tkat the Pnualan
diet m;y reject the plan before
; It for the reforwof the electoral
'ratent of Prnasta, to which ron
Hertllnf haul pledged himself. If
' hl rejectloa comet, the KaUer la
expected U eUaeohre the diet and
cMl fof the teslnations of ron
Ilertllnj and the ruembore of the
nunUUT o tien all of whom he
;appoliita.,v ;.:.;,
Vo Hertll te: ii Imperial chan
eellor of tb 0vman Empire and
head ' of the aatretariea of atate
of t'i Umpire, 'M well aa being
heed '- ef thet Prussian ministry.
rPrna" la a ktiifdom, of which
; VAlhea fa king, nd U part of the
German Empire, of which Wllhelm
. !. firof t. WHer the rs,,nj--tlm
of von HeVUlnr as head of
' the PruaaUk ttttaistxy lnrolTes hi
rf sijmatlo M imperial chancellor
; of Xtm Empire la not plain, but it
may be Inferred that It does.
' w.a.a.-
gak f Daniels Agreed Large
- NrflrwZ-Ohippt i
Yr ntillZZ
HC"fr0n8 !
wARJtlxOTOJI, Iffai AH, it. ,i i
Priw fowr to rjfiim an army thronh
I i esieniay a diji wsja iflionufni nv
the chairmaa of this (osimtttre whu-b
would limit 'tie number of draftees to
4,0U0,0(K) and the entire arpsy to 5,(XK),
(KiO. While tuoh an armyYniigut prove
sufHeieot, even more than may be re
quire-1 under certain rircumetaiu'ex,
there may be ot-1-anion for a lar
Army and Baker asks that no legt
be, in hinopluloa, extremely Ul ad vised.
voKt Marrthal-oetieral Crowder today
conf erred 6a pUuis for a greatly in
i-reaoed armv at an early date. Sec
retary Baker said afterward that ."the
I only point now is the limit of our abili
ty to equip and transport men."
' Rerretary of the Navy Daniels, speak
ing in Philadelphia said that America
I Hhould scad to the. front as many mil
Hoiik of men as are needed to win the
war, raising the draft limitations, if
iieceHHury, to inelude men up to 50.
w. m. m.
HAN FRANCWCO, May 2 (Official)
Transpacific passengors arriving here
state that their 'steamer picked up a
German wireless message in midocean
claiming reat victories in France and
purporting to describe "a huge British
cemetery of Handera."
The paitsengers learned the real sit
nation through official United States
radios which wtfre con finned by offi
cial despatches to the newspapers.
They eagerly read today 'a despatches
telling of the success of American
troops in die first participation of the
great battle east of Amiens, where
many Germans were slain, wounded nud
captured in hand to hand lighting.
yr. a. av
Noeinted Press) Survivors of the
wrecked steamer City of Athens, which
collided off the Delaware coast yester
day morning with a "French dasteoyer,
arrived here today with muck praise
for the rescue work of the destroyer's
crew. They sgree that the rapidity
with which the steamer sank was re
j sponsible for the loss of tho sixty-six
vthu perished.
W. S. S.
HOME, May 3 (Assocluted Press)
The pope has nominated Rt. Rev. Pat
rick Haves, auxiliary New York Bishop
to act as Bishop of the' church with the
Aniericau Army at the front.
tUiiLni nuiiiLu i uiul
I - I a. . at. t !!.- .at a.1. - ' I
n vt . li,. ri i.i
EIVESTROYE fleet do patrol
J. to the, ona' which so qulcldy
American1 transports loaded with
T:H?h coNyoY but jspnyssiANiaNG SEEN
WASHINGTON, May 3 (Offlclal) To be veritably smothered by a
barrage of depth charges was the fate that was laat week visited upon the '
first Teuttw submarine) that has succeeded In getting Inside of the formation
of a TXnMeeV States, troops convoy. This la -told In a cable message which
was yesterday., received from London by the committee on public Informa
tion. . The convoy -was guarding troopenrps which were bound for France
and more than a do? en depth bombs were dropped en the back of tke attack'
lng X7 Boat She waa.unable te Are a torpedo. , : ,, v ; . . ;
Leaded transport! and store ships were trader eonvoT of this destwe -
fleet' One of the transports enddenly
The first destroyer to pass over
depth charges, the second supported her with another string of similar, ex. -plosives,
aa did the third, and then the rest More were launched by the
destroyer patrolling behind the rest to note the results.
These results were not positive owing to the great disturbance of the
water which was much discolored and streaked with oil which may have
come In part from the destroyers. i
The attempted attack, however, nad been completely nullified and frus
trated and the troops that were aboard the threatened transports are now.
all safely In France.
Committee Decides To Accept
Application Cities Are Told
They Fall Behind
WASHINGTON. May 3 (Associated !
Press)--Liberty Bonds to the amount
it' lOO.llliil will hp taken by the Shah i
of l'crnia. Ilix subscription has been j
accepted by the cummittee.
Ciill upon tlic linger, cities to emulate !
the example of ilic rural communities
and exceed their nliotruenta of Liberty !
Bonds with subscriptions was sounded
bv Secretin v of Treasury MAdoo. He
... . 1
uruised the splendid patriotism Sliown
by the rural (list nets in the prompt
responses tnnt lno) so generally com
from such communities and said the
fanner had left the city dweller of the
larger cities behind.
Totals for the loun us announced to
day were $2,0-1 1 ,0(10,000 leaving the
loan u I. ilium short of the high water
murk which the com in i 1 1 (MS has asked.
WASHINGTON, May -(Official)
President Wilson has started the
"Buy Another Bond" movement by
the purchase nf n ."0 bond. The sub
scribers to the third Liberty Loan now
number more tliun 1 2,000,000 as com
pared with !i,l.ro,ooo for the second
loan, and far cm I the number of sub
scribe li Iu any (ierinau loan, but it is
hoped to ct more than 15,000,000 sub
scribers to America's loun by the end
of this week, besides exceeding the
three billion dollars set as the min
i ni ii in
M S 8. ' -
WASHINGTON, Mv 2 (Associated i
Press i - lie. o-iuiiio the patriotic part!
which the neni-papers of the country
are playing nud how essential to the
success of the iHfimis Liberty Loau
campaigns then publicity, freely given
in the news columns, has been, mem
bers of confess are planning to in-
troduce n bill to mnend the Postage
Zone Law which would throw a great
burden of added expense on the papers.
I'ulesa amended this bill will go luto
effect on July 1.
work a well at convoying transports. Here is a fleet, similar
ended the career of a German submarine that sought to attack
soldiers. , lCHifj - t '
signalled ''rabnsatlne slthted." from(
t the tnopshtreoeoed Are tovtmrt. " ' V
dTharged almaitaneously for the sportt?? II! 3.aT--XM Wf ef theixiAg
going abreast and at full speed ahead. U
she signalled again that the pertsoopeV'i
disappeared. ' '''--,.',
these positions dropped a string of -'
One of Women Believed To Have
Been Murdered By Helmut h
Schmidt Is Unearthed
HKTROIT, May 3 (Associated
Press) One of the missing "wives"
of Melmuth Schmidt bss ; been found.
Her body, wrapped in canvas, was ex
liuined yesterday from beneath the con
i-rcte floor of the basement of the bouse
kI'" u Schmidt had made his home.
tl,e bov ot Irm PaUatinus,
" '" disappeared two years ago, after
1 ..... i .in i .1 i. lliu U1a 1.9 ih. ntun t.um....
" "I'.v.
I of a series of woman murders.
Schmidt has passed beyond human
punishment. Tan days ago, when he
is arrested ana put in confinement
nhile mi investigation into the fate of
I at least three women he is kuown to
have married was under way, he coni
! nutted suicide In his cell.
I Search for the bodies of- possible
I utlicr victims whom he may have buri!
j under his bouse or in his yard is being i
kept up. I
I w. s. a I
WASHINGTON, May 2 (Associated
i. . T1. s, i..Jl
i 1 1 mb i iuu ewnaia juuiciary eumamiea
today apiiroved the text of legislation
I which would place the I. W. W. and
i s i in i In r organizations under the ban of ,
government. i
w. s. s.
I FoRT WORTH, Texas, May 2--(As
i so. ialed Press) Cadet Paul Ilerriott
, of California fell to bis death while
- naming for the aviation service today,
I Ilerriott was at one time a well
' known newspaper maa in California
and held the position as elty editor
, for the Associated Press at San Fran
ris.-o. That position he gave up to be
come the private secretary for Governor
I " !
i f
.V ' j
Put Military Rule Over Kiev and
Would Remove King of Ru
maniaWeak Excuses
LONDON, May 3 (Associated
I'ress) flrmas' plans for a complete
1'rsssiaa flemiuation of both the Uk
raine' and Bomenia were made plain
yesterday by the establishment of sajli-tary-rola
atlKUvaad th week ea
cuses n hirh" were offered for., the
ef the Kiev government iff' German
military and the arrest of a rmmberof
nrembers of the' Tkralnlaa rada, eharg
lng that the government was too woak
to maintain order.
Last night rt was reported from Am
sterdam that Bertie messages said the
I'kraine rada had been overthrown and
was succeeded by a new government
which was heartily in favor of the ob
servance of the terms of the Brest
I.iovsk treaty. , .'
The Mail also published the report
thai the Central Powers have deter
mined to dethrone the king of Rumania
nnd to install in his place a man of
their own choice. . ...
Berlin despatches of last night told
of the entering of (Sebastopol 'by the
Germnns who met with no renixtance
and were not compelled to do any fighting-
W. a. at
SAN FKANCIKCO, May 2 (Official)
Leslie ( omvn, whose shipyard built
the first concrete ship, the Faith, re
turned today from Wasbiugton for the
Faith's trial trip Saturday and to con
fer with government officials planning
ii new concrete ship plant. This plant
nill be one of several for which con
giess is considering a $50,OOO,00o ap
propria) ion. Comyn 's firm is ready Iu
build four more concrete ships larger
than the Faith.
The (Irst keel of ten steel ships of
H.'iiili tuns each has been laid in n new
I'aiilic Coast yard covering -17 acres,
which was constructed since .lunuury li.
The construction speed is declared to
set a new record for a plant of such
w. a. s.
.IOHK, May 2 (Associated
The "Kntithts of Liberty",
Press i
, ..... ,....:": i,
I .... ,..i,, ' ..
charoed with sedit lousuens and ft 1 1 r a
tiuil at midiiiht on the highway gave
him a coat of tar and feathers. He wus
......riilv ).iut.,n iliirintr lh Htriiirirle til
w. s. a.
WASHINGTON, May 3--( Associated
'Piess) Following tho placing of an
order for more than a thousand new
locomotives, to cost sixty millions, the
announcement was made, yesterday that
the railroad administration has just
placed orders for seventy thousand
more freight ears, the contracts total
uig upwards of three hundred millions.
At An Altitude of 'Fifteen Thou
sand Feet Mfeissner Sets Fire
To Enemy Plane Which Falls
Like Blazing Meteor
Lieutenant Makes Landing Be
hind His Own Line's In Spite of
Fact Lower Wings of Plane
Are Badly Torn In Battle
( A ssociated ' Press)-rOoc
nf the most spectacular air bat-1
ties that has occurred over, the
Toul sector was fought yesterday
and the fourth German airplane
to ro down to defeat was sent
crashing to the earth," a njass of
flames, poing to the credit of
Lieutenant James A. Meissner of.
Brooklyn. " ' " 'T-'-T'
This battle opened at a height ,
of 15,000 feet. Ueutenaht Meiss
ner's machine chased tht6ugh the '
enemy's tailspin In the; collision
the enemy craft tor,vjthe lower
wings of the American's plane
but Meissner succeeded iri setting;
flame's to the ' (German Jtir '?ra Ft.
, ( "V-, , r "
Careehintr and blaxincrTike a m-
WsWljie neniy'--aircraft shot
hind the German lines, V "; I ;;' i '
. ; , .- .' v.. 1 ...
In spite . of the damage to his .
own machine the American avia-,
tor succeeded in reaching his own
lines and made his' landing n
safety.- -. : " . ".'
Reports received here from the
IMcardy front tell of the death of -
Lieut. Richard Griffiths, , corrj
manding a battalion of infantry
who was killed by the explosion,
of a shell just as he stepped from
the dugout he had been occupy
ing. Lieutenant Griffiths had served
as a major in the Philippine con
stabulary before the war.
w. s. s.
Casualty List Will Give Means of
WASHINGTON, MSy 8 (Asaoelated
Press) Today 'a casualty list a umber
ed 1)2, with 11 killed in action, twe
died of wounds, three of accidents, sev
en of disease, three otherwise, seven
severely and 56 slightly wounded, with
Ihree missing;. . ..
President Wilson today decided to .
resume giving out for publication the
addresses of the nion mentioned in the
casualty lists, thus eadinr a eontro
veisy iu which war qtV-lala -nr(ed (bat f'.lT i T
the sddresses might 44 Ir.ertV 'fereret' M
(ierninn agents might be able to ideuf
ify regiments and divisions through
wutc.blng the lists. Others urged that
the addresses be given out la order to)
avoid causing needless anxiety la eas
of duplication of names.
W. S. S.
WASHINGTON, May 2 (Associated
Press) The shipping board has au
thorized contracts for 200 additional
wood ships about 4500 tons each and
also 25 large sea going tugs. The Wood
ships now completed or planned under
government auspices number 5R0.
I.AWTON, Oklahoma, May 3 (As
sociated Press) Lieut. W. D. Thomp
son was killed anil Lieut. Foster Bailey
was seriously injured here yesterday
when tbo airplane in which they were
flying crashed to the ground.
1 1
A. ...

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