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i' t I ' " ' t t lm J" 1 r
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t. n t -
Big Stock of Flour. Discovered In
Place Described As Filthy ,
, n Beyond Belier ..-
Is Same Placrjhat Child Said
Had BeertAtttntfedTefAbbiil
Twelve ij)ays' Ajjo , , m
'CfWo' SlJfihoSi-f "loort lrtrlMttl
la 'connection with the" iNf of 'when!
flcaV, anit ptm is 'described by ' ata
ri ns'"lirthy beyond 'belief'', :otf
latd charges; that led to-?ktf . closing
yesterday morning ,of the bakery,, gro
cery and retaarat. conducted by :pe
Wo on" Queen Street la the Magoe4
tenement, " The" raw 6f LewiWo;! tfue
which1 Food- Administrator Child asnert
ed hh.J been " ratterdd to ' abbot
twelv days' ago." 'Action' In fAnneV
tion with the esse, however, wai taa'
ea by Fool CooimiMribneV WilHam
berpf fire fiMid eommisiYon. with: f h
mipptrft'of the' hearts' iIe)atnenf.- tin
dividual, actloO,' CommlssloneY HOOK
sat, ha beta fOred npoti him Tyy the
inaotivitr of the other 'commissioners.
Aecofdiiig to-" the report ; given-1 by
FoOtf'A-diitHiistrator Chil.l to the 8tef-
Hullefin, 19 Wos flotfi" supply Wat
rut Off whe the ea. waa "attended
to about twelve" flay ago".
WhUrxhoy Fottrrt "
When the place wai raided Venter
day, however, by Oonrminsloner Hooga,
Dr,J.'. B. 'Pratt, president of the
benrH of health, A. VV. Hansen,' anal
yst-iof the board of health, 'aad -.be
teetivo A. E. Carter, ninety 'four sacks
ofi'fioinr "were-found sad trur only tub:
stitutes discovered for use in thtr'bak.
ery were" four bags of 'street potatoes,
ninety pOumls Of graham flour, thir.
ty-flve pounds' of Vice floui and a reek'
inr nraaa M pot rid decomposing pota-
toea that ' wort promptly eoudenined by
the health authorities. . s
In. the Wore,. the-raaa of which waa
"attended to about twelve days ago",
and whoas flour supply wa 'Vat off';
w bundle of invoice covering.) pur
chases -of a, loss thva three- hundred
und . tea- bags of flour, tnade in the
ruonttr of April were aeleed.
DeUetlTa mploy4
- The raid followed an ivet,igattOD
conducted by Detective Carter wfcdao
acuvitiaa were airecioa oy voinmia
vinaerHoogs, anil what waa found,' ac
cording t (ha riepori of the offlciala,
fully .conflrma '.Detoctive'. Carter.'a 'aa
urttnii thr Kread waif 'bhimr'Vnadd and
eoll iM-4iflwl 'MMi','Uf th
taDiiapmetft, ;ioa oetoctive aaw jn ma
preliraiDary InveatigatUh'lih had 'dl
covered that ti eoritideraUe jitHre : of
Hour, wa. cached away and that the
whole plae, waa conducted, in an un
Hanitnrv mirnneT.' ' 'j1"'1"''' '
Though the 'cane 'of' thfi particular
oitahMahrhent1 waa dtDO!ed bf 'atkfUt
twelve ilnya ago" by the 'food idrnln
irtratdl'; and its fWuraupply "htf off,
dommiMionet Hoogs brought back frort
fhe raid amontf the otheflnvOicea",oe
whkh ohowa' that Leei'Wo uiehuYd
wiity bagl of flour ApYfl .20 frottr'Waf-
(Iron aad Cdihpany lbeTd av oumbet
of other heavy purrhaaea of flour frOra
thm company and from the union
l'ecd (rratpty.,
No 8abatitutt '' ' '
It ta ,hotworthy thVt. ,uO' invoieea
were found or were preaented by Icc
WwitwvariagofNirvbaaea-.oi flour sub
stitutesthough one iris5ord,.'waa found
of .the delivery of theb' haga of corn
fccil from the Union Feed Company.
This invoice bore the enlightening
comment "three weeks' supply", The
lurk of (lour substitutes taken in con
tanc tinti with Ic W" admlsHiOn to
Vitttnmirtoner Hoo(a that 'ho used eight
biiga of" Hour daily la taken to rttean but
one thing-bv-'the offleera wo Vaided
the plarc. they charge thkt the1 Chl
xaiitun nan been making bread illegal
lv. ' '
The ninety-four ancka' Of ftour that
were bVoiight to light Wire riat vtatble
when' the omoiaia enierea me etore.
The itrelimiuary IntreatigaHoua bf l)o
tei-tive Carter, however, enabled them
to' lay hinda on it without delay. The
flour was bidden in various" : ,plaeea
A nuittber of saeki were under ooun
teraj othert were foomf iv a' nearby
vacant atore ami "the bulk of the-each
wa'a found packed in two bedrooms of
ft cottage Hi1 abort diataace away.
Shown 'PoUttoaa"
Lee' Wo several days ago waa 'given
tin opportunity- to, erplaiq how he
bnked the ('bread j he neld ' nvd 'aarved
in his restaurant, " Uj' aald then he
iiaed 1 notitloe to supply the required
twenty-five percent aubstituta. He was
nuestioued about the1 potatoes yester
day hioruiag' and 'particularly abodt
Home bad potatoes he had been ordered
to dispone of. Ha told tho -officials
he had thrown aWay,tb. bad potatoes
and had kept ouly good tubers fur use
in the bakery. When he was. 'com
pelled to show the potatoes, 'he waa
usiug the officials wora . almost over
come by' the stench that arose from
the blackened, gummy niana,
Tkuugh the "poUtoea" he exhibited
were far goue, the analyst of party,
A. W, HanaOil, eprsU tha beliyf
that they eon Id, ho Used ta bread bak
ing nnd that probably their one. would
tot bo 'detected; though - hd bolleved
the bread would not taato exactly
riht. ' .
Cbu Hem, a Well kuowa Chinoe cit
iciu who has represented, Lea W
buatTieiRi transactioaa, was present when
the raid was eonduetsd, Hei expressed
agreement with the oOlclale, saying tin
course they had followed was wholly
Refers To Quarrel
R'efrrring to the coofrovcrsy1 and
near fiat fiiflit of the food cKiumiatlon 'i
nicelma of some days ajn, t'ommis
sionrr )loga aid Inst night , it Vas
cases like that or mi wo to whttn
he hail reference at that meeting
when he charged that .rood Admin
ixtrntor Child waa withholding iufor
matiou from the commission.
nAFT IS APPRnVFri To Be Guilty
General Wlise'r Make Inspection
Of Mobilization Statiofi and'
Looks Over Preparatory
rTwo 'thVunand Ave hnndrei draft
reghitratloa wen of the Hawaiian I
hrada'Sjrr hi be handled at one time-in
thO'grotrhik of the United Htateai IsiKrl
grmtiiPtatIo, opimaite Ue Hoaoluls
franvWorks, th ground plan being ap
prevrd VeTMay by tlciitnl 9 -yy'ip
department comman.ler, fclk-
htjr a personal inspection. A tested
eamp will arise on the aire immediately
efdefa - pre received 1 from Washington
Jidthorieing' the calling of the draft
here.,;; : ,
liThe-plrlhi' hich (leiwral Wlaer ap
proved, And for which maps have bfeit
drawwi and copies ttlaced in the hands
ef uoAeefa! who will be aancated with
the swearing in of the civilian .troops,
Include not only the laving out of.tnts
la 'com p ay formation, but a anethOil by
wkieb each man is received and passed
frow- on) rrflcer to another until he Is
finally ordered tf don onifarm, or .to
'efi" hi ciriiinn nttire and pnsa
bnelfiHiO-efvil life
HsnoUnsr the Draft t ,
I. . I'her civilian drnrtee will enter lie
Imrt'.lcratiiiio en l(muie at a getevon the
AJlcn -stref t aide. nppoTfe the I'nioa
Tw4 Coironnv. Him ntme ffnd draft
iHtmbta. Will 'e checked and Uis.record
raapected. Ho pasen next Into a -tent
where he r"mnve- ln clothes, which
wil) bf tage- d. h"n passes ' jp a
bath: ten and eineni-n in a bathrobe
iwf-JiseeVa-on into a lie i irl t, and weight
Wmilng tent. If he fail to meet the
reouinements. ho pnsc off to one aide
and bock to the tent in which his
sWHian ' clothes are held, dona 4bem
agaia ssd r dim-harced. Tf aucceaafnl
hs psmera- into n tent where medical
offlrr-rs examine his eyen, enrs and nor ,
then iut another for a test of his heart
and lustra,. and then into a final teainr
tenty. From each tent- there is art exit
brick, -to the place where his civilian
elohja are.hald. . , 1
.If a ei passes finally, he enters a tent
and1 draws his uniform equipment, be-
rjtmea a soldier and is aligned to one
of-tb eompsnies. Kegulnr army non-
commissinned officer" taVe charge of
him, Jim wjll probnbiy swear Jiim into
yervloe. He then becomes a soldier of
the army of.l'ncle 8nm, nnd araehnbie
to each One of its rule and regulations.
He Is entirely and ufterlv nt the dis
position of the officers above him. He
la also on the payroll from that m-
The men may notr be held nt the
immigration camp many dava, bpt will
be aaaigned to dutv at rVhofield Bar-
rflnks Or' Ttort thafter and placed in
the" ' regular Infantry o'tranlMttiona.
MTtX'tei' rejrlrnentS'are in' need wr re
erttts wtrf be 6lfod up by the draft men
oartu men rim
:trl all prhbability the flrst. men hnnd
led nt the immigrstirn station camp will
be those from Honolulu and On'iu. Just
what method is to" be employed to brine
draftees from' the other islands is not
knorn." It was rumored reaterdav thnt
the stenmahip Manna might be cnmnuin
deered to pick up the Maui and Hawaii
draftees and land them at Honolulu
after which she would return to her run
befwech Honolulu and Pan Francisco
The agents haJ-no information to this
effect and expect to despatch the vessel
for San Francisco next Sunday morning
'' Accompanying General WIssot yester
day' morning1 were Col. R. P. Hehofield,
depaiftinrnt qiiertertnaster, Mai. Uenrv
O. Jferrisml ehief of stafT: "Maj. James
D. Donghcrty, ehief of military affa rs.
knd Capt. Frank P. Tuohy, casual offi
Major Merrinm said yeterdny that
every preparatron possible is being made
br the Hawaiian Department in ad
vance' of the actual receipt of the
WaSeiHgton order' setting the date for
the draft call, and to this end the pro
poned -r oncentratioh ramp- aite had been
vixitcd and decided upon. The i mm i
trratinn station site ia acknowledged to
be a niofet favorable one, becnuso of its
nearness to Fort Armstrong.
Just when: the Hawaiiaa Nationtil
Ciiaril will be called to service is not
yet made pobllo by the army officials,
but after the hendliag of tho civilian
draftees, the national guard will be
ordered out next, and a remainder of
Clflss A draftees planeil in its ranks to
fill out 'its numbers to Inquired BtreiiKth
Already the guard has 050 registered
men nerving in the two regiments.
There are many rumors around town
fee 'to the draft and one of these' picked
today 'or tomorrow1 as the time when
the call for the draft will be issued.
.w.. . a. -,
AH ATLANTIC PORT, May 3 fAn-soe-iated
Pr'fss) If was learned here to
day itfth the arrival of the vessel from
Kuropeah watery that a Brttihh freight
er 011 her maiden trip ramaied and sunk
a German submarine off theIriah coast.
and I urn going to find more of tlicin
right away, why it ia that the food
sOmuiiaaiou 'a executive. to whom we
are payiug a salary ' cannot find
thenif" Commianiouer' Hotjgs asked.
"I huve been 'ttiade h member of
the' commission and I am taking my
duties sejrioiiBly," hs added. "I to
gard it in a patriotic duty to carry
out the things fur which the rommis
alon wan created. The other members
may bo too busy and the food admin
istrulor can attend to things 'about
twelve days ago' nnd report the fact
to a newspaper. For my pnrL, however,
I iiiTend to rvu 'Iowti people ami con
reros 't inlating fuOif restrictions and
I am glad to say that 1 am' having the
eordial support of the health depart
ment in toe work. -
The commissioner aaid that Lm Wo
would uot be permitted io roopeu.
Ex-Senator Held
William J., Cotlho, Committed
Perjury and FOrpery In Redfeiil
Land Suit, Ruling of Circuit
Judge Ashford
Documents presented in court bT
ldrhilt''ricnator William J. Coelhd, ahl
employe of the territorial land office
Ifl suit that was filed against him by i
JTea Knhnmuhamu Kamahalo are eon-j
sidered forgeries' and evldenee that 'M
gave lit the tone ia held to be perjured ;
in roling that has been handed down,
by Cireuit Judge Ashford. j
The suit was an involved fight for I
possession of a piece of land aad in, '
giving the ruling it is with consider-!
able, hesitancy that the court holds
h.V. .... j
against Coelho.
11 1' still foci," Judge Ashford say
In hit decision, "that to rule adversely
t' the truth of Coelho ' evidence would
hi tasiamout to declaring him guilty,
nol emy ar perlory, but also or rorg
ery, ami I confess that I was, and am,
not n-miie appauva BX rae prospeei
pf tuch a inding, and of iti probable '
reaulta. I
NO Trivial Thing her present status.." ' was not posamie to contlrm this,
'It certainly is no light or trivial ."Permission might be naked to take with ,he exception of his statement
thing for a judicial officer to feel ob- her out , to Diamond Head, but how hat John 1 K. Stone, reporter on the
liged TO decide and announce that a do I know where she will go after Stnr Bi.lM.n will be his private sec
man Of the Ivpc experience and stand- she leavea the harbor ? " the collector I r"tn-v when he taken office. Colonel Mo-
u ' . '. ... - 1 1 1 t 1 . i t : I 'at rlhu has a irnin aiiii.l hs will nnl Tin I It
l&tt of Coffho hnn iwn RtuitT of as
roifrt 'xf justice But I furthor con- ner, which has been under surveillance I office. Capitol gossip, however, la fore
fess mVself utterlV unable to believe' ever i nee her keel was laid a yenr . raatg a number of changes. 1
the- tetriimonv of Coelho with reference, .ago ln the AJa Monua ship)-ar,l. Offices in which it is said ehnngea
In rarticular, to the statements testified Th collector referred to tho. lick may ,r""fnt a,,0"t t)in
bV him-eoncerning the genuineness of ' '?l't " Ijont", althbugb the retnry of the Territory, the presldeney
the' Wirported signatures of plnintitT. j
"J am therefore otiiiged ro flnd both ;
of sold purported signatures are forg-
eriet and that the evidence of Coelho
wherein he proclnima their genuine
Bias' la false and fabricated. I would
moat-gladly avnil myself to any oppor
tunity which, upoa the record, might
appear lo b open to me, to reach a con
trary conclusion; and it would gratify
me it, (in, the event of my decree be-
ing appeniea irom), ine appennte 1 no
nnal should find a way of escape for j
Coelho' frdm' the Imputations of per
jir)-y and forgery hereby placed upon
(iltn-'-'-bot 'I confess mywlf, and most
i-etui tnntly, onatde to Unit such a chan
isef'uf Tueape."
Story of Case
' 'According to the story unfolded in
tie many sensionn of the trial, Kama-
hkle), the5 plaintiff, an ignorant Hawaii-
a a Woman; In 1112 acquired from the
TeMtory s lot to be paid for in five in-'
ktatlmfnts until the sum of 5H4.I4 had
beem pald. - The lot in question is one
Containing 14,616 square feet In the Au
wniolimu tract, which with improve
ments has grentjy increased in value.
The woman twrrowed the drift pay
ment of' ,1J6.54 from David Notley,
who hod eertain other .claims against
the property. When the second pay
ment became due she went to Coelho
fof At 4 Id paylnff off 'NotleV and in
meeting, the1 second payment.
This action led to a aeries of trans
actions between the woman and Coelho
in which he jeeeived from the woman
title to tte land. He testified that be
sides meeting the aeeoird payment, when
the woman flrst approached him lie ail
vanced J79 to her, taking from her a
reeelnt which he produced ill court
Thin receint in one of tha two docu
me'iiU' hem 't' 'tie -fraudulent.
Mortgaged Property
Some time ago Co)bo mortgaged
the property to the Mutual Huilding &
Loan Society andtt Waa On foreclosure
proceedings brought' when Coelho fail
ed to live up to tire' terms or tne mon
gnge by" the building and loan eocietv
K. K. .,' - .u.
The w oman 's auit against Coelho w as
to have declared, invalid the document
by which he laimed the woman trans-
i K.IV 1 . L, 1 A ,
In h.s decision-JudgeAahfOrd direcN
that Coelho shall transfer be property
back to the woman,' but holds slao thnt
a proper
balnme shall be struck be
tween money he has expended and re
ceived and that'the mortgage against
the property shall hold good and must
be met.
. 1 . j 1 . 1 1 .w."-a.i b. i
Death came suddenly to Mrs. Heke
Kalaukela Holt on a Kaimuki strckt,
car last night at eleri o'clock as nh-;
was returning to bef. home in Kalibl
from a mission of sympathy, which had
taken hor as a. visitor to the home of a
friend where the .final-call bad come
only a few hour before.
With Mrs. Jo Francis, with whom
Mrs. Kalaukela-tJolt made her home,
and Mrs. Annie Kamakea, she bad gone
lo the home of Henry Xheldon In Kai
imik I, after the aewa of Mrs. Sheldon 's
death waa conveyed to her.
After the three women left the Hhel
don home; they had to run to catch a
street car, and it wrs exhaustion from
this effort which is believed to have
brought on sO'attack of heart failure
that took Mrs. Kalaukela Holt 'a life
a few moments later.
She wan handing her fare to the con
doctor, when the coin slipped from
her lingers, and then bent forward to
pick it up, but fell prostrnte instead
upon the street car floor. ,
A panning automobile driver offered
onMHtunce and took aboard the three
women, but before the emergency hon
pitul as reached Mrs. Kalaukela Holt
had expired.
The deceased woman was about for
ty nine years of age and well known
in Honolulu.
W. B. . . .
A rei.ort! thnt Hiirr:ntetideiit of
I'lildic liistriic.tlon Kinney had refused
to allow the school ehiidreu it 1 do Med
frown work during 'm-boot hours, wan
denied vesterdav. Mr. Kinnev 'a nnlv
! restriction L11 that such work be not
conducted in school during class hours,
or when it would interfere with class
instruction. Recesses am) manual and
.adiiir narloda are davot.! nnii i-aIu i
Bed Croaa.
1 -j j
vPflrninnni TIT !i OHice Holder
.... - . .. . T I
1 I ' ' " ! ml.) ' I
Collector.. Refuses To Grant Per
j mission For Departure of
"""""'That German Vessel"
,.' Held la port by the refnaal of Col
lector' -the Pert Maleolm Franklin
to frtntf.tus neeenrv permission' for
tier 'to 'tlvpart the unit or schooner
Dn,b TfrtnAlulu .-. ...I .. .1 If A,liilii
built, bnt suspected t belna snder the
complete control of alien eoemiea, will
have to remain in the harbor until her
ownership passes into the hands -of
America citizens of unquestioned loy
alty. . . j
60 long ss the port collector con '
tinuea to refuse her permission to sail i
the . Puck can leave the harbor only I
nt the risk of being sunk by the .
eoart srtlllery or nw guns; for bis '
orders are backed up bv the United
States-army and llav, even ia peace
tlBiskfif ' 1
Collector OaJbj Puik " German Bent"
t' Change -In ownership la the ' only
thing that caa alter his present atti
lu, lav miimur nni yesxernay,
when expressing his determination not
to allow the Puck to sail, "while in
aemntauwi npfu ! 10 expmiii m
tar tieinir un the motor arhnn-
,-o0?uftnW Vdet .inwicnn register.
consiasre wae bisk
ils ennl io legal action questioning
her registration as an America 11 vessel
was anticipated, and aduiitteil that so
far hs he anew the ipmntion of wheth
er or pot she was entitled to Such a
registration hn.l not been determined.
While the so,llei'jnr would not say
that tfeo devtaiotCto not nllow the Pock
to make soother vovni'e to Kout for
th 6mithKbnaFirewTo. and rMiipping
Company. Vas entirely on hia own ini
tiafiv; he'diil any in answer to d,tfes
tlon that it wan not the result of
Washington1 instruct mn.
If la nssuhtOil that Uic local federal
authoritiesy the Port collector and the
naval commindHnt. perhaps an vised by
the rtisryrtn0rney, fltr'ut that th
Puck ronstitatfd' nwar rink, as long
j as her rrow' werc nljrder the orders of
j Died joh Doelra up H- Jiuaack, alien
enemies, wnoinre thtC pi ii'u-IHl owners
1 of the South, Kbiia Firewood and Hhip-
ping Company, f.he operator of me lit
tie motor schooner.. These are two
of tho men Wno were responsible for
the construction, of jhe vessel, which
bks been mortc'nge'rf to the City Mill
Company'for";f t,(W), since she was
launched a.' f rv months, ago at tha Ala
Moana shipyard. ''" '' u 4
Bay South 8m TriiV Planned
I The report that the Puck won pre
I paring for a voyage to one of the
.South Rea Islands, presumnblv for a
j cargo of copra, ia thought along the
j waterfront to haie boeu ouu of the
I reason why the nuthuritien decided to
rink no louder the. cruising of the lit
I tie schooner. Thin, however, Colic, tor
I Prank li 11 refused yesterday to c.u
!''"", but answered a quent.on, 11 s to
what cauaeil the &ual decision rcnr.l
iug tho Puck, with th old proverb:
"An ounce of preveutiou is worth
a podiul of cure."
Thou added: "I am. not only goin;
to lock the doors, but bar' the wiudon
as well, when it comes to Oerinans."
"Too Much German" Captain Explains
! , e. or r rm. .., ar was u. .,
t to allow the i'urk to heave Honolulu
for Kona Wodiieatlay by "a iiihii
nainfd I'ohlmnn", and Captain t'owil.
the muster of the schooner.
"Too much German" la the reasou
Captain Covell gave yesterday bourns.
1 was not allowe-1 ' to rnnk,
I vov.gejo Koua.
1 .
I """"J v"u" v"""
Holding up of the operation of tin
I'uck conies as the result of the 11 1
teiition culled to the schooner when
she left here on her maiden voyage with
Diodricli !)oelvers, one of ller alien
enemy owners, aboard. DoClwrs w.i
prohibited by presidential procliiiiuition,
on nccount nt' Ills citizenship, from
approaching the waterfront restricted
zone, and by another from employ
incuts as un officer or member of a
crew 011 no American ship. Hut lie
was allowed to travel 011 a vessel
which he partly controlled, through 11
travel permit granted him by the dis
trict attorney.
This paradox and possible danger of
Pacific shipping and war interests, an d
the efforts made by (iapt, William
Foster, harbormaster, to prevent loel
vers from passing the waterfront conl
on, under his charge,'' Were reported
in The Ad erti.Hi-r the following morn
I in rn el 1 11 1 I v there wan a storm f
public prute-t at such a privilege being
granted an alien enemy. an4. Cnpt.
George Clark, naval 'commandant, Col
lector of the l'ort Franklin ami Tint
ed HtHtes District Attorney 8. C. flu
ber held u conference shortly after
ward tit which it wan decided to place
all Island craft under the name in
npei-tion gien transpacific craft.
Puck Made Two Trips
The Puck, after her return from hci
maiden ii.yiige to koiia'Wun allowed
to make one more voyHge. Whether
this w:n done Vfliiln she Wiis undei
nuvnl sin I'illimi e or fof sonie other
reason, in unknowu. When the collec
tor was n-iiniided yesterday that the
SihoOtier' liiol been allowed to niiike
morn than one voyage he ' profrnwed
ignorance of the fact. It was while
the collector wan a patient recent I v at
. the Kurt Shatter Jioapital that the
. I'uck left Honolulu ou the second voy
I age. - 'f .
nxmuhell Leaves Company
Diodrich 1'oi-lvers, by the advice of
Marston Campbell, tin- former pie-i
'dent of the South Koua Firewood and
Shipping Couiiauy, did not return lo
Honolulu 011 the I'uck, but 011 an 1 11
ter Island ateuuier- I'pon his return
here he was met iry a' United States
deputy mar.-hul and , subjected to u
search, " a a matter of investign
tiou", the district attomoy afterwards
expaliued. '
am Not To Be
Under New Govehior
Repots That He Might Become
' Treasurer Or President .6!
Board of Health Set At Rest
By McCarthy May Leave the
Reports that a place would be found
in ,rr,"r goxernment for Oov
ernor I'tnkham when Uovernor-to be C
J. McCarthy assumes office were set at
, v,pr,iv v... ,..,in,.i vteOarthv
y"' h Lionel kteCarthy
himself in the first word he has had
u,"'r "',' i""iion 01 oujkii.ii
The Governor will accept no place
er the territorial government when
'"V" his present office," Colonel
McCarthy said. He made the Hatei
". ne explained, to put an end to
reports that flovernor Pinkbam would
Ik. ..,i . . . .
of the health department. '!iweonuee..
lion wnn v;oionei mcv army a siaie- 1
ment another report is that Governor
---- -. -
mkharn is contemjilating leaving the
Territory 6n his retirement from olee.
-y .7 V r
about appointments until he tasee
Superintendent of public works, with
reiiain OHsible chaneir in the' office
of attorney geaeral. Harry Ijwin dis
trict mngintrate, recently named' depu
ty attony general, may become at
torney general, according to reports and
Attorney Bert Mghtfoot ia mentioned
as 1mm successor on the tiench. It ta
understood no changi" will tie made in
the office of land cotiiminsierier or nu
perintendeiit of public wrst ruction. . .
All iiidiciitions are that the "Panahi
Street faction." is YeinHiniUg- inactive
so far as the ipiestion of appointment
is concerned.
"Nearly all of the Democratic lead
ers have communicated with me and
annured me of their undivided sup
port," Colonel McCarthy naid yester
day. t' . - - w. a a, r:
. i : !- . 1 i" I
I (: ' j
.Way over In Kona there' is ,a .school
Readier whose whole heart- and sout,
and a ureat plenty of bralas, are do
voted to one thing above all: "Winning
tlie war," aaid President Heorge K
Carter of the Red Cross at hea4qnar
ters yesterday. "Her name is Taylur
and she boils from noutli or the aiasou
nnd Dixon line. In Kona she is known
as 'Bea Taylor or 'Brigadier General
Hen Taylor.' Those school of oUtli
Kona show the work she haa been do-
,n.r. There in a awing and, force to the
National Anthem as rendered by the
children. When they ataud up they
stand up. backbonea etratght mm heads
high. They are up to date 00 all cur
rent topics and generally a joy to see
and talk to.
Here ia what thev repeat em-11 ilnv
n a reminder, In addition to the reg
,,, , ,n. r,ag used in all onr
..ko.da It i taken from the stofv
fhe Man Without a Country' and em
bodies that unfortunate individual's
advice to a younger man.
" For" your country, boy; ami for that
Flag Never dream a dream but of
serving her. as she bids you, though
the service carry yon through a thou
sand hell.
"No matter what happens to you, no
matter who flatters von or who abuses
von, never look at another flag, never,
let a night nans but you pray (iml to
bless that Flag.
"Remember, boy, that behind all
these men vou hsvo to do with, behind
officers and government, the people ev
en, there ia the Country herself your
Country, nnd that you belong to her
as vou belong to your own mother.
"Stand by her, boy. as vou would
stand bv your own mother."
1 tr.'ev it : -BELIEVES-
WASHINGTON. May '(Associated
I'resn) iSenatpr Phelsq of California
today told the senate that the mines
committee1 of which lis) is a member is
of the belief that the naval Collier Cy
lops, which has been, missing for more
than a month, was blown up by a Ger
man explosive placed in the manganese
cargo which the vessel was carryiug
from Brar.il.
Montana Ringnam Consolidated Miu
iug company, incorporated under the
laws of tho nla'e of Utah. Piincipa'.
pl.-ire of business, room loin Huston
building. Suit T.ftke City, l'teh.
Notice Is he-eby givt-n tint nt 11
meeting of tho iircetiirs, held on tlie
Intli day of Maicl, litis, an i'.-o'v-oucnt
of ten cents per; share wus bn led on
the capital stork of the corporation.
payable immediately to I'.. A Vail, 1
secretary of th) company, nt the office j
ot the company, rcom lulo. Huston
building. Salt Lake Citv. I'tah.
Any stock upon which thi asness
ment may remain unpaid on W.-dnes
dnv, the tfth day of May. 11lv will bo
delinqnont and advertised foi ale nt
public auction, nnd unless pnyn I i
made before, will be mild Tued. the
.'Mil day of Miy. HUM, at I'.' o'clock
noon of said dav, to pay the delinoueut
assi-HMiient, together with cost.- of ad
rrtitiing und espouses of sale
tj. A. V All.,
Koom 1010, Postou building, Salt
l.aUa City, Utah.
(lazetle St
Statement Filed With Territorial
Treasurer Indicates One Con
cern Nets 120 Percent
Nearly As Much More Is DivTOed
Up As Salaries. According
To Figures Given In Report
Incontrovertible proof of the enor
mous profits that the fish eompaniea
of Honolulu have been nuking ia shown
In a statement filed with the territo
rial treasurer, by the Pacific Fiahing
Company in which the figures ahow
ll,at th, 7ml'uv. eapitaliaa-
r. --. -, - ' J " '
i,'Jf o'l0.p.50 after 12,
Bvas vs. i it 1 j f i;,vvv UTcicitju e uwa
381. UO had been distributed among the
Officers o( tlie company as "salaries".
IV the statement filed with the terri
torial treasurer, this latter item is
called "running expenses."
According to the above fiirurea. this
eomnanv is ntruirirlinir alonir in thesis
parlous times with a net book prof it
of only about 120 percent aad a gross
profit on the original investment, if
thene "salaries" are not included, of
more than 200 perceat. These are the
figures filed with the territorial treas
urer for the year ending December 31,
1917, only.
Further investigation of this com
pany shows that a large number Of
the at oik holders are stallmen m the
fishmarket who are reaping these juicy
dividends in "addition to the twenty
perceat profit they are allowed by the
food commission.
How Stock ij Held
' The 'Pacific Fishing Company, the
prenident of which is M. "Vsmashiro, is
cupitalired under the laws of the Ter
rltory ' for 10.000, w it h 400 shares at
tweniy five dollars a share. Tamashiro
and his relatives own 113 shares of the
capital stock. The rest of the sharesl
are divided amoug more than fifty
shareholders, a large number of which
are stallmen in the local market.
According to the returna filed at
tjie territorial treasury, the grosa pro
its for the Pacific Fishing Company for
the year ending December 31, 1917,
were, 4:13,746.014. An unexpended bal
ance of the previous year added to this
makes a total of 25,851.72.
1. Aa expenditures, the Pacific Fishing
Company charges itself with 11361.20
as "running expenses". Bad debts
for the year are eharged at 11229.70
fish In the warehouse, 4431.70 and of
finf fnraituee aV-IStW.ftO making s to
tal of 415,531.40.
The Item' of 413,561.20 for "ran
ning expenses" includes 4000 for bait
fishing rights; 4600 for auctioneering
license and the rest ia presumably puid
i rut for salaries aad office rent. Legal
r.,ttineri 6 mma believed to figure
I : ,1,:. n,j.H
Members of Staff
The staff which ia neeennarv til run
this good going concern consists of the
numagjer, M. Tamashiro, two book
K(M..ra; .one suctioneer; and an "
ifl( man": the principal dutv of
stIPr iag PBt th. B.a,ls o(T (tf filth
A1) ,ha emjJ0yea, with the exception
of tneir iegHy rapra.ontafive, are Jap-
anese, 11
1 yvhat Are "Running Expenses?"
The concern oeenpies an enrlosure at
the fishmarket which is about fifteen
feet square. ' Eliminating 4 1 21)0 a year
w hi A is paid for an auctioneer's li
cense and bait fishing rights nnd
understand just what these" i grnnnn 1
the net "running expenses" of this
concern are 411,761.20. Inasmuch as
thin firm owus uo sampans, ant no
equipment for fishing; has no other
overhead expenses than those already
onunierated, it is difficult, for those
who instituted this prone into the uf
fairs Of the Pacific Flnh Company, to
understand just what these ' ' running ex
pensi-a" really are.
Fish prices dropped materially yes
terday owisg to the investigations that
have been carried on recently and the
abolishment of tha private auctioneer
ing game which haa been carried on
there for months. Eben Low is given
credit for bringing about the drnstic
changes at the fishmarket when he
took charge of the auction block.
Fish War. Ob-'
Frank- Cooke, controlling owner in
the Hawaiiaa Fishing Company, turn
ed over' his stalls In the fishmarket
yesterday te the fishermen the men
who actually, go out and catch the
finh, exacting a charge of ten percent
of all nalaa tar rental, therehv cuttniol CnleuBiita
out the middleman's nrofit. This pro
endure spread consternation among tha
stallmen and the Pacific Fishing Com
pany and an immediate slashing - of
prices was started yesterday morning
by those who were opposed to this
innovation. Fish was Sold for almost
a song with the. Idea of driving the
bona fide fishermen out of business, la
so ins instances fish were sold at prices
which would be ruinous to anyone who
kept It up for long. This slash
ing of prices as kept up until the
Pacific Fishing Company people din
covered that the fishermen themselves
were blivihg at those bedrock prices
nnd holding the finh to be sold luter
in the day. Upon thin dinnvery,
prices went back to normal again.
. w, a. s.
Di. tiny C. Milnor, who has been as
sociated for more than two yearn with
Dr. George F. Straub, will nail on the
steamer Ventnra Tuesday enroute to
Washington, accompanied by Mrs. Mil
nor. Doctor Milnor recently passed Inn ex
aminations for a commission in the
medical corp of the National Army und
has been ordered to Washiugtou In
taku the three months ' course at the
Arm,. Medical School. He has received
a rouimisalou as firtt lieutenant.
r, : r 2 :
Ilonotalut May t, 1018.
. U.I.I ..WTO
Aki. Kaldwla
l'. Hrvwer at L'e.
l:n I'lnut. Co. .
Ilslku snsar 'a.
Ilsw Asrri fL Cn.
Ilsw. i. Co.
41 . I 0
Ilaa. Hiiic. Co j.,.
Ilnmikan ttnir.' 1, 4..
Iluuomu ttugsr Ca.....
Mntchluson Kug Plant.
Kahnka I'lenf Cn
KelcsUa Kup-. Co
p-essua eiif m. . irut 1.....
Kol.. Hiuur Cn:...1. .A. .t i.l...
Mcllriiln Kiv Cn.. I,td. .1 f
IHlhn Hill '.
..SI 30
(Nun Sti); Cn.. I. til.
IMliilll.'H fins i'n. .
S'niiiilinii Hiiic. riant
Hnir. Mill , ...
....I 5 6S.
.... 41
ru riant, .t o.
IViH-i'keo snsnr Co
1'totiH.r Mill
Hnn Carlos MtlllUf CO...
WalHlna Asntl. 'o . ..
Wntliiku Hug. Co. , , ...
Rmlait 1 Co.. Ltd. ...
1st liutis Asanas HO Pd
'.'ml Issue I'altl I'd . ..
FiircU oiM-r Mlnina L'.
Ilslku V . Co.. I id. .
Ilnlkii K. ft I' Co., Com.
Hnw. Ton lljr. V, A ...
Haw. Con. Ry. B...
Haw ('. It. Com
Hawaiian KHN-trtc Co. ..
Hhw. IMiifsnple Co. , ...
II. .11 II ft ( Co.. Ltd. .
lilt II. !! Co., IA. .....
iian 1...
11441 I...
tH 1170
1 a . . .
! H"" K T L. Co
vJ',,1',"r "!r"i'K' N
iiahn It 1, Co.
...... t
e ,
l'nhiinic Kuhtier Co
Mela inn Iiluillusn, fd. . .
hHIIIC iiifL '4 I ....
Taiijous ulsk Itubbet Co.,
ltcach Walk I. D. BV..
Iliiinnkua Hitch Co., Os '.
Ilawull n. Kjf b1c ,.
Ilnw'n Irr. Co.. On
lliiw. T. r. 4 Rrf. JStia. .
10 ,
Hnw. T. r. ', l'ul.. laps.w
Hnw. T.-r I'nb. lain. 4.i
(neliiM lniS-HM.t) . ... .,10014
Hnw. Torr l 8v, .j V4i
Ililo lias Co.. l.Kl.v 0r,. .. .1. . . . .
lloiinkna Kik. .,&, . tV4
Ibiniiliiln li is i'n.,, Oa ...ilUO
KhiiiiI Itv 1 .... Un..'. lll'l
AiniM.n I l. .iVti .1.... .ilUJ'v
I 'ryjle Hug. Co.. On .... W '
oiiim it ti h. Co., trh ..'.iimiH1
tin ini mii. t me u
Ulna Sua. Co., vu. ....... 1 f
I'n.inr liunno V. Co., 8a1(lrt
Kan Carlos HUUog, ..(104
OhIiii. :iT. 31.00; H.-'A. CO'.,' 40, 100. asm .
1'nln. ."1. IM.IMi' , '. . -
Jaanary t, IMS -W
snalrsta bruin (no advices). ' -,.!:,
l'arltf -'(' ,
00 Cut. (For Haw.t ncsrs 4-00S .
VOT ', -V .
The sale of Walatns reported oa the .
shew yrsterdar should have tonea Waiiuka.
April S3. 1018 . . ' ' j. '''
lns-nKre -. .i...TTV'i.v.'.'vn....'i.. 47.46
Now lorh .., IN naotatloa).
. ' w. tv g. ,
I . .ar nil. ii Tin
KKW YOUK. May S-( Asae4ata0, Prena)
Ki.ltowina are tbt opniii( and rlonlns;
niiotattnna .if nlwkn la the New lark Mar
ket -ter1ay.
Aiiirrli-nn Huirnr
.imiai.-aa Heet .
Asso. iMl.-d iH .
Alaska Uohl
' American l.iKtilnoftve .
Anifi-l.-ail Tut.' Tel. .
Amerlvnu Hmelter , . . .
Aiuertcnii Htwl Kdry. .
Auaeoail Copper . ...
Aiedmu Hallway . ..
Ralilwli Cwaiiudsve .
liuPtmwre (Milo . . . .
HethMicm Htmd '-R .
1 nUforuln pnrolciiiu .
Central Ieatbr . ....
lanaillsu fm-tltc
C. VI. HI. I'nul
Colo. Knel troa . ...
Criu-lliiw HlM-l
CiiNa Hiiaac 4 ami . ...
Krle i-oiiinuin -. .s
(JfMernl Klectrle
tlcnera) Moti'n t.iea
Ureal Norflo'rn I'fil. .
lutentutlopnl N-k.-l .
Iiiilimtrinl Akojul . ..
keutivcett .StiNier .
l-lilub VnlUo Hallway
New York Central . ..
I'eunnrlTsuiu . . v.
Uay Coanollaoted . . .
ItmHllaK is.iuiuon . ...
Uepulille Iron i-viiiiuou
Houthera Kncln.-
1'nlted titates Uuliber ,
Tesaa Oil .
Culon Pactflc
I lilted Htates Ktwl . ,
Weatani I'ulan .
mine ,...... I .T-i L
Hid. fcx-alrtdaad. ' 1 UMiwtad.-.
'. u rts- fl h.' a :i ta xti . . .
Quotslloas on the following NssftvYork
curb stocks, a wlreleased to The Adrar-
tliur hf Klinwhim At Co.. ara!''n.h
kewyouk; stocks: I
(O pea- I Clos. '
ln j Ut
.. 10411 I lofl
- L hi-
MW 042
.. 47 m ,
. M4 tf
... 84 I W
1 SUk&A. I UlilZ
1 s:3i
::: S3 :
. . . "B m 1 w . ,
I 'iS ,UIJr
...I 4 H "
...1. b .
:::fp fit
... I174 1W
... no 80
' 'irn ra.lA '
... tlW'2 TO
... 44 44
. .. mo4. b-H
... ate. wZ
... S3 . I Sl-ii
..? 1V'X irt,
... ti l'a
... W HI
;.iem., 04
1 ' ' : i;i daa-Vna, ,
Hilt ldge
- i '"n' '-i!'""
Harcravasi .:
111MU 4lloaNtia
Jim- Hnth-r
"iw-ik Vardo
Marsh . .. jvi .1.
jnmwnt OU. .uuuinioa 1 ..;
Mother loile ,.,
Hut tienmlim .
ItewuM Un la
Ilex Cu4 .
Xtrwert ,.
Kltrev Kins Conn.
ToiuMih Kxteunli.u .
Tuolumne ;
VMIlM-r ... ,
Kerr iMkv, ,
Um-la . V .i...v
lltHH.I Uold
a un l(iifti-t. - 1
I'elfoilloii 'flrii'
wr a. n.
.TO .W
! ; , .41
.1H M .
jut Jit
.tiT " " Ml
, .sA
.i - Hi
. ,Wi . Mi
44 .40
.m .. . .oh .
.( 1 ..w
1.00 . SMI
l.ei'i 1624
- .MI'S .Ki
4 T.t 4.76
HAM KRANrtKCAt ' Mar- 3 uWlnt
ed Prannl Kollowlus" are. .the ppaalug-aad
cloning quotations of sugar sad -other
stocks la ths Hsa Fraaclsuo awoket xse
terday: '-.
. I ln 1 lag
Haw'u Coai'l
Hawaiian H111.-11V Cn. .
Ilonokaa Hosnr
IliiU'lilunoii riumir Cn.
(uthii Hiutar c
Claa ftiiKiir. Cm
finomea Miirar (''. . .
I'uuuliau .Sugar Co. .
.... 41
Honolulu mi
r.aeln Cn
ol"u luPuTntation X'Y.'. ! foiin'.5iii
N w. a. a .)!.-,
Dr. W. D.'HaUlwin and family were
arrivals 011 the .(JtauoUns from Maui yes
terday. They are gussts at the Young

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