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? nAWATTAN nAF.TTT.. FRIDAY -MAY 3, 19iy. -SEMr.WgF.KLY. - ''.2 vA ! -y''Ci
'. ;; r . v; ;,'".
nun riora!er Is Weakeoing
Under- Bloody Defeats
of PastTwo
L()DOX'fayrT-i-(A8sdc,tated Press) Following wh
ports from Flanders agree wan a disastrous defeat
on Monday -with fresh onslaughts by reinforcements yesterday the
German forces under General von Arnim have been aain rolled
back and smashed, with heavy losses.
Last night, following a day of heavy battling, the Germans drew
back, beaten, with the Franco-British lines everywhere intact and
with a number of bits of territory regalued from the Germans dur
ing the day. There was no infantry fighting when the day closed,
reports General Haig, except local clashes between small detach
ments over disputed outposts.
The Allies are Everywhere holding; with the German morale
weakening under the terrific losses of the past week and the parti
cularly bloody defeats administered on the Yprcs front on Monday
and yesterday. This weakening morale was shown yesterday when
thirty fresh reserve divisions were marched on to the battlefield
to strengthen the Huns and when this new force was routed by a
smaller body of the Entente fprces which had already undergone
any hours of battle.
Early in the day the Allies took the initiative, following up their
victory of the day before when the German fourth army was swept
back in its attacks. The French advanced at Locre. sweeping back
the remnants of the German force occupying that position, while the
British moved forward and took up a new, advanced line between
la Uytte and Kemmel.
The German repulse of the day before had been with extremely
heavy losses to the attackers, the evidence of this being on every
hand in the territory Over which .the Allies advanced. German dead
were strewn thick on the field, with mapy German wounded which
the Huns had abandoned in their final check against Ypres.
Following the Franco-German advance to a new line, the Ger
man onslaughts were renewed,' von Arnim bringing up reinforce
ments. The attack was directed mainly against the Entente's flanks,
endeavoring to drive between the French and British armies astride
the la Clytte-Kemmel highway and to regain Locre. Both attempts
were bloodily repulsed, the enemy making particularly heavy sacri
fices before the French positions at Locre.
AH -day the Oerrrtan titUcki came, each being thrown back and
with each German withdrawal the French and British edged for
ward, regaining and holding several pieces of territory.
At nightfall the Germans withdrew and there was a compara
tive calm.
On the south the Entente made several gains, the British line
being advanced still further east of Villers-Brettoneux and the
French repulsing a heavy attack on their positions on the N'oyon
front. Here the Germans, after a heavy bombardment during the
night against the lines north and south of the Avre and along the
Oise, thrust with their infantry, gaining possession of a section of
the French front line. The French countered and threw the enemy
During the afternoon and last night a violent bombardment of
the Entente positions before Jjangard was commenced.
Planning Counter Blow
At Supreme War Council
NKW VOBK, May 1 (Aaeociated
" r ruunru or me LDimn, now ib hmioo in farm, w
lion the plana to be outlined by General
on the West tront, following the recent aevere reverses sustained by von lliu
denburjj. The fact that the Allies appear to have brought the German ad
vance to a halt all along the front, with the Germans gaining do ground what
ever on the Bomnie in their renewed offensive and failing to reach any of their
main objectives on the Flemish front, with the additional information that the
German attacks are weakening very perceptibly in their fury, leads to the im
pression here that the hour has about arrived for the offensive strategy of
the supreme commander to manifest itself.
It was officially reported, to Washington yesterday that the German high
command has promised the army extravagant German terms in the peace treaty.
A catechism has been distributed among the troops, outlining what Germany
ih to secure from the victory- they are expected to win against the French,
liritish and Americans. These gains, described as "the fruits of a true Ger
man peace", include the domination of the coast of Flanders, the colonization
of Lithuania, Courland and a portion of Poland and the possession of, the
miues of France and Russia.
Yesterday Premier Orlando of Italy reached Paris to attend the seKiou
dI the war council.
Turks North of Bagdad Defeated
Losing a Thousand Prisoners
LONDON, May 1 (Associated Press) General Marshall, commanding the
Auglo-Indian forces in Mesopotamia, officially reports another victory over the
Turks north of Bagdad, in which the Ottomans were routed with the loss of
rearlv nine hundred prisoners.
Pui-hing forward along the road to Mosul the British carried the Turkish
ili-fenses prepare. 1 before the town of Tuznurmatli, the Turks fleeing and leav
ing more than a hundred dead behind them. The British pursued, cutting off
i nd taking prisouer five hundred and thirty -eight men.
Following this suecess, the British pressed forward and occupied the towu,
ii'Uliug three hundred more prisoners to their bag.
WASHINGTON, April 30 (Associ
nted Press) The American steamer .
C'hiucha, according to a report at the '
navy department, on March 21 beat !
.irnnarva.. Mini iiinm ntii.wMt-
.... ......., s .....
it ....... . .UV uvv suicn
three of the steamer's crew.
hat all rc-
wan a disastrous defeat for them
It is expected that the supreme
ill take up for connidera
Foch for the Entente's counter stroke
Stafford L. Austin, who waa recently
commissioned a second lieutenant of
infsntrv at Gamp Sherman, Chilli
eothe, Ohio, is a son of Mr. and Mrs.
Herbert I, Austin of Kohala, Hawaii,
and a irrandson of tha lain Pir,,!
Judge Stafford L. Austin of Hilo, af
ter whom the young Hawaiian officer
was named.
Lieutenant Austin is a
........ i.
r.., i uiiuuou, aim me i;onego
01 iiawau. ami was a star atnieta in
his school days.
i;r in onirriHu DUAKU.SJAPc YcSTcRDnYt K Vr UN HAWAII i 73 7 AJmm?TrjrtKm;
Washington, My i-(Aiw..tod
dealing with overwai trnnporttlon
.. " 1
naa craaiea a Terminal and Harbor Ira-
provoment Oommiiiaioa for the pnrpoie
f expediting ihipmentn. Edward F.t
tarry, director of cvperatlonii of thtf
.ahipping board, heads the new eommia-i
; Hon, wlta J. H. BoMiter and Oeorge
WASHINGTON, April 30 (Offleial)
The' United States ship construction
figures are steadily rising. Launching!
during the past week totaled 41,105
tons. Completed ships delivered to the
government amount to nearly 50,000
tons. Since the building program has
bees under way, 1.403,000 tons hare
been launched. A shipbuilding firm in
California ie already employing 15,000
Bel and announces that ground has
keen ' purchased and plans completed
for the construction of another great
shipyard on the California coast to em
ploy 8000 men at the start. Huge
drydoeks will also be provided.
WASHINGTON, Mny 1 Associated
Iress) According to despriti'ties to the
state department from P nris, the much
reported monarchist revolution in Rus
sia, the object of which is snid to be
the restoration of the RomnnofTs with
the former Cxarewitz as the ruler, is
only a story originating in Berlin and
sent out through Finland. It is a part
of the Oermnn propaganda to keep the
Bolsheviki and the Kntente divided.
w. a. 8.
WASHINGTON, April 30 (Associa
ted Press) United States food admin
istration officials arriving here said
that America had reduced the wheat
consumption by half, ns Herbert Hoov
er had asked, to meet the needs of the
soldiers and the Allies overseas. The
Nation's garbage cans prove that the
food-waste has been eliminated. Com
panies which formerly extracted grease
from the garbage have cancelled their
contracts to purchase garbage, as being
w. a. a.
WASHINGTON, April 26 (Associa
ted Press) One of the long distance
rifles with which the Hans are ruthless
ly bombarding the non-combatants in
Paris from positions in the St. Gobain
woods has been destroyed, according to
ft despatch received today from Paris.
Two of these great guns are still in
commission, it continued.
Here it is taken that this merely
confirms the report of some time since
tlist one of the three long range rifles
liml exploded but that there were still
two of them left in position and with
these the bombardment was being con
tinued. w. a. a.
WASHINGTON, May 1 ( Associated
Press) The search for the long over
due naval collier Cyclops, which dis
appeured more than a month ago while
cn route from the West Indies with a
cargo of mangaueae ore, has now en
tered upon its final stages. The naval
nuthoritiea are now interviewing the
West Indian fishermen and ao far there
has been no report of any wreckage
found which might determine the end
of the collier. It is expected that the
official announcement of the loss of the
collier and the striking of her name
off the lint of ships of the Navy will
soon be made.
W. ..-
Will J. Cooper is again editor of the
Maui News, of Wailuku. He gave up
the editorship last fall when he entered
the First Reserve Officers' Training
Camp at Hchofield Barracks. Following
this period of training he returned to
Maui and resumed farming in the
Haiku district. He was reualled to the
Maui News this week and is now in
Honolulu nn business connected with
the publication. He will return to the
Valley Isle today.
. w. a. a.
This disease is so dangerous and so
rapid in its development that every
mother of young children should be pre
pared for it. It is very risky to wait
until the nttack of croup appears and
then send for medicine and let the child
suffer uutil it can be obtained. Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy is oromut and
I effectual aud has never been known to
fail in any case. Always have a bottle
. . . .
in tne nome. ror sale Dv all dealers, j
Heimon Mnntn at o. i.tii.. .,
Hawaii. Advt.
Reporli Totalled At Treatury
tions At Rate of More Than
Seven Million Dollars ' Every
Hour of the Day
(Associated Press) As
the end of the campaign for
th flotation of the Third
Liberty Loan nears the sub
scriptions grow heavier and
yesterday waa the record
day so far of the loan. The
total sales officially reported
for the twenty-four hours
were $174,500,000.
This brings the Liberty
Loan total to date to $2,457,
500,000. w. s. a.
Will Enforce Military Training To
Secure An Army To "
Meet the Huns
MOSCOW, May I (Associated
Press) With the Germans steadily ad
vancing into Russia, tic Finnish White
Guards defeating and slaughtering the
Finnish Bolsheviki with Herman as
sistance and with a new rebellion
among the Cossacks to deal with, the
Council of Soviets continues to grope
for some solution out of its uathernfl
Yesterday, on the urging of Foreign
Minister Trotsky that Russia must have
compulsory military service to secure
an army and that " facing destruction
wo most have an army", the central
executive committee of the council
adopted a resolution that military
training is to be compulsory hereafteT
for all workmen who nre unemployed
and for all boys between the sites of sut
teen and eighteen years. This train
ing is to be given for twelve hours
weekly until the soldiers thus enrolled
shall have each had eight weeks of
It was provided that this army might
be increased by volunteers and that
women are eligible.
Protests Exchanged
A protest was received by the coun
cil from Berlin against the permission
flven by the Russians for the Allies
to hind a force a Moarmansk, while the
Finnish Bolsheviki, thtough the coun
cil, have forwarded a protest to
American Minister Francis at Vologda
-lgainst the participation of Germans
in the fighting in Finland as reinforce
ments for the Finnish White Ouard.
The fighting in Finland is being enr
ried on with ferocity. On Monday the
Whites and Germans captured Viborg,
slaughtering the groat er part of the
.rarrison of six thousand Reds who sur
rendered. The White followed this
victory by pushing on to Terioki, where
a battle has taken place. Trainloads
of wounded Reds are now arriving at
The German advance into Russia
from the south is continuing and the
invaders are now npproaehing Kursk.
The forces of the Soviet have hsd n
battle with rebellious Cossacks at Dot
off. the government troops taking the
W. 8. 8.
WAHHINCTON. April 30 ( Associat
ed Press) The Pacific Aero Club lis.
announced that it has secured the site
if the former exposition grounds on
the Hnu Francisco waterfront for the
terminus of u propposud Woodrow Wil
ou Pour ThoiiNiiuil Mile Aerial highway
from New York. The trip will be made
in thirtv houri, lurryiug mail. Data
in landings, winds and maps will soon
e ready. Club officials say that ma
hines using the new Liberty motor
upoble of iittuiiiing a speed of 141)
niles an hour ure available.
W. 8. 8. . ,
Airil .'(0 ( Associate
i in-n, womeu and chil
Press i-
dren were killed liy Villistas at Hantu
Cruz a ml vicinit last Friday as the re
sult of a refusal of demands made by
Villa that three young girls be turned
over to him and Ins followers.
LOH ANGKLKH, May 1 ( Associated
Press) Another heavy earthquake!
shock was recorded yesterday in South-
l ..r: -...- ws. ......... st - . y . . ... - , 1 il . I
Jem California, centering at F.l Centrojtce in session here yesterday adopted
but felt throughout many neighboring i
. w . i ,,,., ,i... x u ...
blor has been reported.
Return. From Tou: flf Bifl
Enthusiastic Over Pros
pects For Red Cross
,"Well sir!" said George R. Carter,
'fit was a wonderful trip, sqd every
thing is lovely."
.President of Hawaii Chapter, Amer
ican Red Cross and director of the com
ing drive, Mr. Carter returned frwm
Hawaii yesterday where he waa me
eessful in arranging details of the drive
on the Big Island.
"At Hilo Hunday sfternoen," 'con
tinued Mr. Carter, "I spoke before an
audience tlmt fairly overflowed the
Gaity Theater. . H. P. Patten, captain
for Hawaii, had arranged everything.
Seldom have I seen such an enthusi
astic audieuce as thst of Monday after
noon and it encouraged me mightily.
"Leaving Hilo early Monday morn
Ing in company with Doctor Laughton
we found a crowd awaiting us at Pa
lials. Jsms Campaie, captain for that
district, had rounded up everyone who
fould be spared from his labors. Anola.
er biir group awaited us at Naalehn.
Oeorge Olbbs is In charge of this ae
Mon. On to Routh Kons end a rousing
ig evening meeting. Col. L. McFar
sne had announced our coming and
'he movie theater was packed.
"Tuesday we visited six schools anc'
found the children right up to date on
nvery topic, notwithstnnding Kona'f
olntinn. The spirit of these childrer
ittid the atmosphere of the school her
t want to add, ii delightful.
"Heven hundred people greeted n
n North Konn Tuesday evening. The
talks were enthusiastically reeelvad
tnd were translated into Japanese and
'lawaiian for the benefit of those whr
had no English.
"Wednesday uight we spoke ia Ko
hnla where George Ross is in charge
V widely cosmopolitan audience gath
red from miles around, coming la by
foot, horse, jackass and opulent look
ing autos. Thursday nt Waimea there
lathered in the N. G. H. cavalry bar
racks a hundred cowboys and Parkei
Ranch employes whom Hupt. A. W.
Carter had assembled for the occasion
Going on to Honokaa we showed our
moving pictures and talked to as many
people as the hall would hold. A. I-id
?ate presided nnd F. P Fraser ar
ranged the meeting.
"We ran back from Hilo to Haka
lun Friday where J. M. Ross had gath
red the people to henr us. John Mov
er is in charge of that district. Sat
arday night we dined with C. T. Eclt
hart at Olaa and addressed fully a
thousand people crowded into a hall
that might be designed for seven hun
dred. We showed the pictures here also
Hunday night at Hilo, I spoke to the
combined Young Peoples Societies
brought together through the courtesy
of Doctor Laughton.
"I want to say that Dr. George
Laughton 's cooperation was invaluable
He ia a brilliant speaker and a e harm
lag gentleman.- I Want "to" stat ftrr
ther, for the benefit of some who are
concerned about the expense for auto
hire on fhese trips through different
islands, that so far there has been no
expense whatever: everything has been
donated as needed and I cannot praise
the enthusiastic patriotism of the peo
pie, wherever I went, too highly."
PORTLAND, Oregon, April 15 Sen
ator George Chamberlain of Oregon lui
ieen threatened with death within a
month, according to advices received
iicre from Washington today. A letter
mailed in Baltimore, Sunday night, and
eeeived by the senator this niorumg
iintnined the threat and has been turn
ed over to federal officers for investiga
; ion.
The lotter which was typewritten
aud unsigned, said:
"For your refusal to lot out of draft
men who become thirty-one years o;
ige, you will receive Oriental dentl
uiuisliiiient. You will lie dead within
a month."
in war bill vote
WASHINGTON, April 30 (Official;
The action of the senate in pawing
the hill centering the war authority in
the President aends the measure to th
house of representatives where earli
action is expected. Party lines went
to smash in the senate, vote, as only
twelve Republicans opposed the me is
ure. The measure authorises the Pres
ident to reorganize and consolidate
government departments during th
war and until aix months after the
war ends.
WASHINGTON, April 'aO ( Associ
Press) The day's casualty list num
hers fifty-eight with two. killed in ac
tion, two died of accidents, six of dis
ease, five severely and forty-two alight
ly injured, with one missing.
DKNVER, May 1 (Associated
Press)--The Republican state commit
a resolution addressed to the Ciiitei
.. ...i. j....i: .l.
sion vf Senator LaFollette of Winc.ousin.
get prison m
Bopp and von Schack Sentenced
To Two Years Others Get Off
With Lighter Sentences
SAN FRANCISCO, April 30 (Awe
elated Press) Fran x Bonn, former Gar-
maa consul general here, and E. H. voa
Schack, aide and vice consul, gailty- of
complicity in the Hindu plnf taae, wer
today sentenced o serve twa'vaars ia
jail and to pay a flae f $10,000 each.
iPP pleaded with the eourt .tlat
Henry Kauffman, chancellor af the eee,
snlate, and Lieut, .Waltaf .Rafiesteck,
former officer of (he Graita eruiser
Oeier, interned in Honolulu" sad : Who
waa charged with parol tH-caklng? 8id
not participate in the activities of
which the government complains la it
prosecution, nnd asked that this.be
ZXZtr fo"r ptainTVinte ! ' 3 H
Eelbo and Edwin Peinat, commander thc formation of A JugO-SUy lOb
ef Oerman refugee and interned vee- federacy headed by Kin' Peter 4t
els in Hswsiian water, also indicted c , . ' V' ! "V?T
for conspiracy. He also pleaded fer :cr,,a -ws
leniency for Kobert Capelle, former The Archbishop of Camiola is
agent for the North Oermsa Lloyd In'. ,. -.iTTr
Ran Francisco; Harry J. Hart, 8aa heading the movement, which h
Francisco shipping man; Luis T. Heag gained strengthand his activities
etler,lSe.a Francisco lawyer; Charles , i -t. . . . ..
Uttandorff, alleged agent M ' tU fer j havC lc(1 the Auatro-Hunfcrian
man, consulate here; and Joseph L. government formally to lay" a
Bley, Ban Francisco shipping broW - PMMn,.;nt .:.. M- .fc-
mougn pleas for lenieaey bad feeea
made, Judge Van Fleet Imposed sriaoa
wereT. fVow.7 "7 " '
niiueimn von rjrinmen, lormer aniUi
tary attache of the German consulate,
who had pleaded guilty, twenty two
months and 1000 line.
Lieutenant Sauerbeck, twelve months
and $1000.
Henry Kauffman. six months Sad
- Robert Capelle, fifteen months and
Joseph L. Kiev, fifteen months' sad
500 ( ...
J. C. Hizer, former city attorney pf
Coronado, California, twelve months
and S5000. - ,.
Hart, six months and fSOOO.1 'j,. .
.Hsmard Manning, mgt.Ajft thir jjfl
lea government in the Mavrrlsl tyan
actions, nine months and SiOOO.
Lbali T. Hengstler, 6000 Jaet" -':'
Oaptaio Eelbo, six months and 1000..
Captain Deinat, ten '' mtntbs . and
1506. ,i v,v -vJt'A
Tarakaath Das, alleged head" of the
Persia Chinese Japanese military -plot
junta, twenty two months' Jmprjioi
ment . , '. , v i-
Df. Chandr: fc Chakravarty, Hindu
ageat of the German government l& g
New York aad Washington, 'tkirty V
days and 5000 fine.
ays and $5000 fine.
Judge Van Fleet in passing sentene.
irlifit tha Hlnilna no v IA
their propaganda after their release
from prison, this indicating that there
will be no deportation of these aliens
ifter the serving of sentences.
Judge Van Fleet ia sentencing
and von Hehack gaxe. them the mati
raum possible ander the hw, but re
erettea that, he oould . not impose a
heavier penalty.- "The' punishment is
wholly inadequate, he declared ia
LONDON, April 14 (Associated
Press) The new air force uniform
uhnrllv In Wa til U . 1
The cap is of navy shape with a black
peak, a khaki tkp and black bond.
The khaki tunic has a belt of the same
material similar
to that on a Norfolk
-in u. .1....1.1..
jacket. There
straps, no collar badge or Bam Brown
belt. The indication of rank will be
found on the sleeves in naval stripes. -Officers
above the- rank of captain
will hav oak leaves en, the. visor of
the eap similar to the" Army and Navy.
The badge haa a bird with outstretched
wings instead of the anchor.
Hardto Shake Off
That Backache
The daily grind U made tea times
worse when afflicted with lame back,
sharp, darting pains, headaches, dizii
ness and annoying kidney difficulties
If you want to shake it on before
there's danger of gravel, dropsy, or
Bright 's disease use Doan's Backache
Kidney .Pills. They are praised the
world over by thousand, who have had
relief from those exact troubles.
"When Your Back is Lan.e-Bemem '
ber the Name." (Don't simply ask for
idneV-nedyk' Sti; fr
n 's Backache Kidnev Pills and t-.ke
a k
no other). Doan 's Backache Kidnev
Pills are sold by all druggists and store
keepers, or will be mailed On receipt of
price by the Hollister Drug Co, or
Benson - Smith i Co.. agents for the
Hawaiian Island. (Advertiaeuieitt',
. . i
Croats, Serbs janA
S hvencs W6uld h
Form Kihgorn1
LONDON. May 1 ( Assot
ted Pre8)e-Reu!ters ' leants .
through Serbian sources' of, un
mistakable signa of ah approach
ing revolution in Aiistro-Hun-gary.
The Serb, Croats and Sib-'
vine's nave been, caffyirijf' btf "ti " '
nlcbiscite and fh vaaf maYmtt '
P,Cmst,le an? - .r-
"rC expressing thetXleve ta
Vatican. It is reported from
Y'nna tna the Papal Nlincir) has
already started i disciplinary, fiv
su7 aKaifisi inc, atrcnoisnpp on
t Via fl rrr rt iwJU . . '
as. tfBr1. VI lllU, ( .r.t(
The Cat hoi i v JtrterrtAtional u i
Press Agency. 6f. Stockholm-has r-
issued a repbri'Uiat EtrnSr -V, ,:
QiArles 6f Austro-tlurigary' U "7
making fresh 'ace 'pffeVs jto '-.t
Italy, appeatitii;. :
o consider its own interesU, and y
ot depend upon" the peace Jreity -
tat will be jriade by th otmtel ,
.' r',v,-4
f .Tba movement f 0r Jogohjjr,king- . :
dots, fcaa long bMB, t eaaaa it gt- , .
Utioa tarpuffhout' th alkaiia aad Um' ' '
(Wans and;81oviie Uiatr-nm-".
fury. - It took de&Brte forsa after ii ;
retreaf. of the (Wbiani 'Worv t'im . !-' ?
Mek-naen,'heW lmle'PaliltcK ' -
v.m. iniiTiii iumuiici'i ae
Jago-Slav eoBtltte-sfgaey doeument
anown - a "ciaraUOU Of -Cc- .-
IU,T.' ia waieh the JUnU ,af ta duiu. S'
Bi. . . i ' 1
filava utUaft.and ,,)thi pla
adopteil . ai . ta v goal .,towTwaie)i
thejr should ' work.r- The Mf aid,' ttsj
fcaragrapha': pf .. thla document, diui
JulyW, im, 'aral? v ,
ttopwbA CrOTanmeat WH ',t
' -Hif-.-Jkm 8Utd of tU 0r GtaAk,
kni" BJovraea,' wha are aleo kaowa hy
tk. frame' if 8ouikera alava of Jitto
lavs.' will U a Ireo aad tadependwot
UgdoBif ,Wt ia ' ladlvisiWa tetritort
and unity of power. TkU Bute trill
bo : k tonstltutioBaL ' democVatiek 'and
parliamentary monarchy, with tha Ka
ra Georgevltch daaaty, whlck haa al
ways itiM Ui ideals aad feelings of
the nation ia plaeiag abova evrythiug
else the aaUonoi. fiberty an Vil,tat.
its head. . ,; (i-
"13. The Coastltutior to W oeUbr
lished after the eonelnsietLOf peace try
the Constttneat Assembly lecUd ' by
universal, airact, ana , see ret suffrage
" UV7 " J 1 fdr!
6. BUt- iJ,,ri.4 'WS"ortgU a4
u.tt!mt" w . U JHrwora and, all
'H bo regulated. 1 The' ConsUtntfo
w... i in pnpn tne -vpportUJlUV
Of exercising Ita particslar fraergiea iia
local autoBoatiea, jegulntid fcyaatnraL
social, aad economic' eondtt'pM. 'The
Constitution mast bo adeptod ia iu
tlrety by a aumerlesH ssajorrty of true
Constituent Asnombly, aad. ail, other
laws paased 'by.tha tJonstittteat1 a
sembly will not eomO1 injw force. .luitU
they have been actioned .by t;tha
Bighi an4 Ubaxty
"Thus the united nation Ul Berr
bians, Croatian, aqd Sloveaians. vrijl
form a Bute of 18,000,000 inhabftaSta.' '
This Sute wiU be a guarantee of their
national ladepeadeaee ;ad . f . their
general national progreaa aad elvilixa
tion, and a powerful rampart against
the pressure ef Ue Germans, and: aa
inseparable all of U eivUised PfOple
and Butaa. Having iproelaimej - the
principle of right' and liberty' aad of
international justice 1t will form a
worthy part of the new society of aa
(ions. ' '
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DUBLIN, May I (Associated Press)
TThe " directorate of the IrUk
'"ip" Wi :VOm
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""unu- . l"
ed a resolution oledirina? the . Wraa
aint --'Ptio. in Ires.ad. V'
T73l . . . IT". 21 .. '
LONDON, April,' (MlseeUtd
Pi es) New has been received kere
that the Berlia Vorwaerta ears that
there are serioua food riots in Cracow.
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